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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 5, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. breaking overnight. new information on the crash of a russian jet in the sinai peninsula. several u.s. officials tell cnn that the plane most likely was brought down by a bomb planted by isis or one of its affiliates. one u.s. official tells cnn the bomber may have had assistance from inside the airport itself. the possibility of a bomb that brought down flight 9268 is creating concern in the united kingdom where sharm el sheikh is a popular tourist destination. britain and ireland suspended all flights there stranding residents. that decision was driven by a report from officials who found problems with the security at
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the sharm el sheikh airport. let's get the latest from max foster in london. >> reporter: that is based on the activity that is all around. they are not telling us the intelligence which caused the decision to cancel flights between u.k. and sharm el sheikh. we know the british team on the ground there is focusing at the airport on security. we heard from british ministers suggesting they are not yet happy with the security and screening process. they are happy to get to a point possibly by tomorrow where they know what is going on with proper screenings. this is an issue of what luggage got on the plane yesterday. they got this intelligence. it comes at the awkward time because the egyptians made it clear they believe the brits were premature on this and should are waited for the formal
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investigation report. the prime minister said they could not wait for that. they had to act on the information they had. a huge amount of travellers every day from sharm el sheikh. their holidays has been disrupted. while flights may start again tomorrow, thomas cook, the biggest operator in the u.k. will not start flights for another week. john. >> having to see the competing interests at work. thank you, max. egypt insists that sharm el sheikh airport is safe this morning. let's bring in cnn's ben wedeman. you lived in cairo a long time and you have flown out of sharm el sheikh many times. describe the security there. >> reporter: i would describe it as relaxed under normal conditions. i think we can assume that given all the attention on that airport now, security must be
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very high. certainly on calmer times, you did not get the feeling that security was particularly tight. it's a very popular tourist destination and so it doesn't have the feel for instance of some airports in the region where you are questioned and your bags are looked at. in sharm el sheikh, it is a very easy going atmosphere. many of the flights are domestic coming from cairo or alexandra and security is basically minim minimal. i cannot speak to what goes on behind the scenes in the bowels of the airplane. i was never impressed with the level of security there. john. >> interesting. ben wedeman, thank you. joining us to put this in perspective is the retired u.s.
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colonel. we are hearing the same language from the american officials and u.k. officials and source in the middle east. what do you think we know how solid this intelligence is? >> christine, i would say this is pretty solid. you have two nations coming together and saying specifically there was something that happened at the airport which facilitated the movement of a potential explosive device to the aircraft. this metrojet airliner was subject to the same security to airlines at sharm el sheikh and any other airport. something happened that allowed for a device to get on board that aircraft. that is what we are seeing here. we are seeing the coming together of the intelligence sources out there and agreement by great britain and the united states that that was the problem. >> describe to me the level of militant activity on the sinai peninsula. who is there? the isis affiliate. how much power do they have and
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ability do they have? >> john, it is a pretty significant group operating there. you have the sinai peninsula with the isis in the sinai as they are called and basically what they have is an insurgency attacking egyptian military outposts and potentially the u.s. and other nations that are part of the u.n. peacekeeping mission in the sinai. there are other groups as well. hamas, which is active in gaza, has operations in the sinai. there are also other groups interested in providing more autonomy for the sinai. a group of bedoins that is interested for the autonomy for their region of egypt. the most virl virulent is hamas and others that feed off that. >> a few years after complete
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change of authority in egypt. you know, its institutions have been stressed and strained. how trust worthy are the egyptians in following through on the investigation here and tightening up the security? >> that is an interesting question. they have great institutions. the egyptian intelligence service is a good partner of many western intelligence services. they have a very good reputation. the question is how are the police and how are the law enforcement officials charged with securing the airport going to respond to anything that happens as a result of the investigation. so we can probably rely on some elements of the egyptian intelligence service, but we
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have to be careful of the implementation of the recommend implementations that come out of the investigation that says sharm el sheikh is not a good place from the security standpoint. >> it is interesting. when the story first broke and plane went down, there was focus on whether it was a result of a surface-to-air ground missile. it seems it was flying too high. it is still possible to get a bomb, some kind of explosive device, on a plane at an airport. what are the different types and level of sophistication right now of explosives produced by groups like isis on airplanes? we know aqp has been trying to get bombs on planes, but this is a new tactic for isis. >> john, there are people that belong to isis that have a lot of experience with explosives and bombmaking. some people come from saddam hussein's old regime.
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because of that, that skill set is something taught within isis right now. so what they are looking at is they are looking at miniature bombs and putting them in suitcases and doing things that will actually allow for the devices to be placed on board an aircraft without them being detected. that is really what we're seeing here. basically undetected or a subversion of the security system. the device gets on the plane, probably, and the explosion happens and at a pre-determined altitude. it sounds like at 30,000 feet, it sounds like a barometric pressure that resulted in altitude measurement that resulted in the bomb being detonated at that level. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> you bet, john. dick cheney and donald
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began. he used the occasion to go after marco rubio on rubio's personal finances. rubio is moving up in the polls. let's get more from dana bash in new hampshire. >> reporter: john and christine, it is always busy in new hampshire this time of year. especially right now because it is filing time for these candidates to actually get on the ballot for the first in the nation primary. later today, marco rubio is going to sign his name and make sure he will be there. yesterday, it was donald trump. as he tends to do, he came with a lot of fanfare. it was a big event. he signed it, but then he also took a couple of shots at marco rubio. speaking of money, that is where trump decided to hit him the hardest on questions about
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finances from way back when marco rubio was in the statehouse with the credit card that he used. here is what donald trump said about that. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit card. when you check his credit cards, take a look at what he has done with the republican party when he had access and what he had to put back in and whether or not something should have happened. >> reporter: as for rubio, he insists this is a non issue. he will release the credit card statements from back when he was in the statehouse to prove he did not use the republican party's credit card or money. he paid everything that he spent on his personal expenses himself. he had this to say to me in response to donald trump. >> that is donald being donald. whenever there is a bad poll, he gets weird and does these things. he doesn't know what he is talking about. people need to understand this is an american express card.
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if there were personal expenses on there, i paid them directly to american express. >> reporter: there is a good reason for donald trump to set his sights on marco rubio. particularly here in new hampshire. rubio is climbing in the polls here. he went from just 2% a couple months ago to 11% which puts him third. new hampshire is such a key place for so many of these players. trump really wants to remain on top and continues to try to push the others down. it is still a long three and four months until the first in the nation primary here. john and christine. thank you. former president george h.w. bush is blasting key figures in his son's administration. rumsfeld and cheney. according to the new york times, the elder bush says cheney asserted his own influence in
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the white house. and as for rumsfeld, he was arrogant and served the president badly. the author asked both cheney and rumsfeld for comment. time for an early start on your money. shanghai shares soared 2% today. that puts china up. in the u.s., a morning after the bombshell from janet yellen who said an interest rate hike is a live possibility. concerns about the global economy is an issue. her comments make tomorrow's jobs report more important. john, the three big stories i'm watches, the fed liftoff. facebook shares soaring on mobile and whole food shares tumbling. that stock down. watch it this morning.
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it had a tough quarter. >> organic comes at a price. are you ready for johnny football? johnny manziel gets the start against the undefeated bengals. coy wire has the bleacher report. a drawn out legal fight with the former ceo. cnn's money talks to the new woman in charge of american apparel. >> reporter: the appeal has always been sex. porn stars selling sweatshirts. that was the vision of ceo dove charney when he was running the show. he was dethroned and disgraced for allegations of sexual misconduct and now he is under a restraining order from the very company he founded. enter paula schneider. she was brought in to right the
2:18 am
ship. >> this was a company with a wild west infrastructure. >> reporter: it wasn't just the image. charney almost ran the business into the ground. >> we are counting down our style by 30%. you follow that through the line and you needless people and you have to right size your business force. that's where we are now. >> reporter: she is the antidote. working at brands like bcbq and swim wear group. now she has her work cut out for her in american apparel. the most visible change is advertising. which includes moms in its campai campaigns. >> we are not stopping with sexy. the millennial consumer is not just about one thing. we are inclusive.
2:19 am
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2:23 am
luke's team went to denver to support his family yesterday. his father david spoke of his son's fighting spirit. >> he approached sports with that same passion and giving your all like luke always had. you take on risk. we are glad our children don't hold back, but put themselves out fully. life without risk is no life at all. >> luke schemm was 17 years old. to the nfl. johnny manziel will be at the helm for the browns. manziel gets the second start of the season. he led cleveland to the win in week two, but tonight, it is welcome to the jungle. the bengals are tough at home. i know. they are 7-0 on the season. in the nba, clippers and warriors in the battle of undefeated.
2:24 am
steph curry getting it done. knocking down clutch threes and finishing with a total of 31. golden state pulls away late. warriors win, 112-108. how about lebron and the cavaliers. not a fan of the short sleeves. he looks like john berman after the patriots score a touchdown. he goes all hulk on the sleeves. in the fourth quarter, cleveland wins, 96-86. berman knows what it feels like. he is busting out of his suit. >> i know how he feels. lebron james can wear his shirt however he wants. he is lebron james. the nba cannot tell him how to do it. >> he is out dressing for purpose. that is the fifth uniform in as many games. crazy. >> coy wire, so nice to see you. 25 minutes past the hour. u.s. intelligence now believes isis may have planted a bomb on
2:25 am
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did terrorists bring down a russian plane with 224 people on board? new u.s. intelligence suggests isis could be behind this tragedy. team coverage breaking down what we are learning new this morning begins right now. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 29 minutes past the hour. breaking overnight.
2:29 am
new information on the crash of the russian jet in the sinai peninsula. it took off from sharm el sheikh headed for st. petersburg. several officials tell cnn intelligence suggests the plane was brought down by a bomb planted by isis or one of its affilia affiliates. one u.s. official said the bombers may have had assistance from inside the airport itself. the possibility that a bomb brought down the plane is causing concern in britain where sharm el sheikh is a tourist destination. ireland and britain suspended all flights to and from the airport there which strands all of the people who may want to get out. let's bring in the latest with max foster live in london. this is a series of high stakes meetings in london today. >> reporter: tension is rising. here at 10 downing street,
2:30 am
egyptian officials and demonstrators are here blocking off the entrance here. they cleared that now. the president coming here to downing street today. a long planned visit, but it will be tense. tourism is important to the egyptian economy and this lifeline of british tourists has been cut off by downing street and the prime minister's decision to stop the flights. and what is at the bottom of all this? some intn tell intelligence tha british lives are at risk at sharm el sheikh. a british team on the ground and going through the security screening measure there is. they feel as if things are improving, but they have not gottgo gotten to the believe where the tourists can travel through the particular airport.
2:31 am
if you listen to what the ministers are saying today, the language they are using, the concern is about making sure anything that gets on to the flights coming from sharm el sheikh to the u.k. is properly screened. it gives an indication of the concerns of the plane crash which is something to do with the airport and luggage getting on board. it lends to the theory that a bomb was snuck on the plane somehow through sharm el sheikh airport. christine. >> max, thanks for that. joining us now is cnn military analyst and former air force colonel cedric leighton. isis immediately claimed responsibility, but not the isis claim that is raising the concerns and interests of intelligence community. it is the internal communications they have been monitoring inside isis and also
2:32 am
infrared imagery from satellites that show this was most likely a bomb on board, not a missile strike. >> that is right, christine. what we have is a confluence of sources coming together here. on the one hand you have the intelligence related to the internal chatter you described within isis itself. you also have the external technical means we have via satellite to detect intrared events. that can be a number of things. when there is an explosion on the surface of the earth, it is possible to detect it, but we don't know what caused the explosion. >> we talk about this being an isis affiliate likely behind this attack in the sinai peninsula. who are the militants operating in that region? >> john, you basically have a
2:33 am
group known as isis in the sinai. isis in the sinai's goal is to have the control of the egypt area. and one group, hamas, they run a lot of smuggling routes in and out of the sinai peninsula. they have a vested interest in maintaining the smuggling routes for economic reasons. then some bedoin groups interested. those are the three major groups out there. isis in the sinai being the most dangerous and most likely to have done something like this at this juncture. >> the very, very early read on intelligence, i should say. the early read is there could have been inside help inside the
2:34 am
airport to get that bomb on that plane. what do we know about that? what are your experiences in the next step to confirm that? >> christine, one of the things you have do in a case like this is question airport personnel. it becomes a law enforcement issue like the fbi does here in the united states. egyptian security services will have to go through and question all of the employees that came into proximity of the metrojet airplane. when you look at what they are able to do and what they are able to find out, they have to determine things like are these people doing things for others? are they on other's payroll? are they doing things not part of the security protocol? are those security measures sufficient by themselves to prevent something like this from happening? the initial answer is no, they are not. we really have to look at that
2:35 am
and examine whether or not that was the way the path that was taken in this case. >> and quickly, what is the egyptian interest here? how much can the united states and international community trust intelligence services to investigate this thoroughly? >> the egyptian intelligence service is a very good intelligen intelligence service. they work in concert with western agencies to provide information not only in what is going in egypt, but the middle east. so there are elements of the egyptian intelligence service that can be trusted, but other elements working for someone else. >> colonel, thank you. >> the security enhanced at sharm el sheikh airport, but what now at this hour are officials saying about the terrorism accusations? we are live with that right after this break.
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breaking overnight. egypt is insisting that sharm el sheikh airport is still safe although britain and ireland have suspended all flights to an from that airport. i want to bring in cnn's ben wedeman live in cairo. ben, you spent a lot of time in egypt. you have spent a lot of time at sharm el sheikh. what is security like? >> reporter: i would say it is a
2:40 am
light touch. if you look at the spectrum of security you have in the middle east, on the one hand, you have the international airport in tel aviv where security is tight. you are asked multiple questions by a variety of people. in sharm el sheikh, my experience is you are met with a smile, perhaps sometimes a question. do you have anything for me? we received a statement from the egyptian minister of civil aviation responding to the allegations that a bomb may have been placed on the metrojet airliner. he said regarding the hypothesis of bringing down the plane through external explosion, there is no evidence or data that would confirm this hypothesis. egyptian officials remain cautious about the suggestions
2:41 am
about the explosive device on board. they insist they are cooperating with british and american federal aviation authority officials to make sure security measures at sharm el sheikh are up to international levels. >> top officials from egypt in london for a three-day state meeting already. clearly those conversations will happen. thank you, ben. donald trump back on top in a new poll, but lashing out at one competitor who is rising fast. that's next. more "stay" per roll.
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a stunning twist in the shooting death of the veteran illinois police officer. when the body of charles gliniewicz was found in september, there was a huge manhunt ledged for his fikiller. now it appears he pulled off a staged suicide. let's get more from rosa flores. >> reporter: john and christine, illinois investigators making a shocking revelation saying that lieutenant gliniewicz was not a hero. he was a con artist that lived a secret life. he made his suicide look like a homicide to investigators to distract them.
2:46 am
so how did he do that? investigators believe he planted evidence on the scene to distract them. things like leaving pepper spray and a few feet away, dropping a baton and other objects. the distraction did work. it took authorities two months to determine this was a suicide. >> there are no winners here. gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and enforcement community. his actions prove he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed. >> reporter: so what was the motive here? investigators believe that authorities were zeroing in on gliniewicz for alleged criminal activity that spanned seven years and that gliniewicz was using the explorers program, which is a mentorship program for teens, to launder money.
2:47 am
now those monies, according to authorities, were in the thousands of dollars and were used to pay his mortgage, to access adult web sites and among other things. now, as for his family, they are asking for privacy and as you know, there was a pouring of support not only emotionally, but financially for the family. cnn has learned one organization that gave the family $15,000 is asking for the money back. john, christine. rosa, thank you for that. the white house says iran's guard has been on a hacking spree in recent weeks. the military force targeting e-mails and social media accounts of journalists and academics have been hit. this is all believed to be associated with the businessman
2:48 am
who was arrested earlier in tehran. president obama could take executive action trying to shutdown the military prison in guantanamo bay. right now, the white house is finalizing a plan to transfer the detainees to other nations and some facilities in the united states. the white house at this point is sending a plan to congress in the next few days. the white house says it is not expecting much support or action to be taken on capitol hill. let's look at what is coming up on "new day." michaela pereira joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. we are following the breaking news in the mystery surrounding the crash of the russian plane. u.s. and u.k. officials are suggesting that a bomb could have been put on this plane. now is that an indication that isis or an affiliate is getting more advanced or sophisticated? the question is how will this effect security at airports around the globe? we have our terror experts. we will ask them to break it
2:49 am
down. and gop candidate talks about this in his auto biography. there is on lot in his claim especially by those who knew him back in the day. the reporters are digging into dr. ben carson's past. we will tell you what they found out coming up on "new day." >> michaela, thank you for that. if you are a homeowner, you and me, listen up. home prices and home values are up. can it continue? where your home value is headed next. yothat's lactaid®.k! right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. these are my dogs dusty and cooper. i am the butler. these dogs shed like crazy. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean.
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candidates both republican and democrat converging on new hampshire to file for the state's crucial first in the nation primary. donald trump was first in line when the filing period began wednesday. trump used the occasion to go after rival marco rubio on his personal finances. rubio moving up in the polls, is returning fire. we get more from cnn's dana bash in new hampshire. >> reporter: john and christine,
2:54 am
it is always busy here in new hampshire this time of year in an electileelection year. especially now because it is filing time to get on the ballot in the primary. later today, marco rubio will sign his name and make sure he will be there. yesterday, it was donald trump. of course, as he tends to do, came with a lot of fanfare. it was a big event. he signed it, but he also took a couple of shots at some of the opponents who seem to be giving him more and more a run for his money. marco rubio is one of them. speaking of money, that is where trump decided to hit him the hardest on questions about finances from way back when marco rubio was in a statehouse with the credit card that he used. here is what donald trump said about that. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit
2:55 am
cards. when you check his credit card, take a look at what he has done with the republican party when he had access. what he had to put back in and whether or not something should have happened. >> reporter: rubio says this is a non issue. he will release the statements from back when he was in the statehouse to prove he did not use the republican party's credit card or money. he paid everything that he spent on his personal expenses himself. he had this to say to me in response. >> that's donald being donald. when there is a bad poll, he gets weird. he doesn't know what he's talking about. bottom line, you need to understand this is an american express card. if there were personal expenses, i paid them directly to american express at the time. >> reporter: and a good reason for donald trump to be setting his sights on marco rubio more than he has in the past. particularly here in new hampshire because rubio is climbing big in the polls here.
2:56 am
he went from just 2% a couple of months ago to 11% which puts him third. new hampshire is such a key place for so many of these players. donald trump wants to remain on top and continues to push the others down. it is still a long three or four months until the first in the nation primary. john and christine. >> dana, thank you. let's get an early start on your money. janet yellen told congress the december interest rate hike is still very much alive. it's the fed's final chance to raise rates this year. for the first time in almost a decade. concerns of the economy still linger, but yellen sees impro improvements in the job market and cheap oil prices are temporary. the details of the trans pacific partnership, tpp, are out.
2:57 am
the big question is will it actually boost american exports and jobs? the u.s. reached a deal with 11 other countries. critics complained about the secrecy. the white house says this will increase exports and protect workers. opponents say it is bad for business and workers. home sellers in the third quarter saw an average gain of almost $41,000. that's their appreciated gain. a 17% gain. the lowest share of all cash sales fell to the lowest level since 2008. more first time home buyers are getting into the game. three years now we had steady home price appreciation. it is starting to slow a bit. higher mortgage rates are coming. there is no industry where women earn as much as men. according to pay scale. married men with children earn the highest. single moms have the lowest. men's salaries tend to rise
2:58 am
until age 50 to 55. women's salaries plateau earlier. more education doesn't necessarily mean more equality. ph.d. holders have the biggest pay gap between men and women. really interesting. 58 minutes past hour. did isis bomb a russian plane killing 224 people on board? what new intelligence is saying? "new day" picks that up now. >> intelligence suggests it was a bomb. >> it was a feeling it was an explosive device planted in the luggage. >> suspending all flights to sharm el sheikh. >> are american airports safe? i would go after people with rocks and baseball bats. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. >> you need to understand this is an american express card. if there were personal expenses,
2:59 am
i paid them. >> marco rubio doing better. what do you say to that? >> all i know is i'm number one. blasted by george h.w. bush. >> after 9/11, i saw my role to be carried out with the president's policy. >> announcer: this is cnn good morning. welcome to "new day." there's a major twist in the russian plane crash investigation. bone the u.s. and uk now saying, it was likely a bomb. wane isis, likely behind it. we're parsing the words because that's the way to do this right now because the kremlin is pushing back calling it, quote, under speculation. and the egyptians also say there's no evidence of a bomb. >> all right. let's go through what we know because there was a dramatic turn of the events that unfolded. it started with british prime
3:00 am
minister david cameron announcing that the plane may well have been, quote, downed by an explosive device. three hours officials agree telling cnn it's likely that a bomb brought down the plane. and it was possibly planted by isis or an affiliate. two hours after that, a middle east source confirms that a bomb source is likely. shortly after that, a u.s. official even pointed the finger inside of sharm el sheikh airport suggesting someone there helped get a bomb on the plane. cnn is covering this around the world starting with diplomatic editor nic robertson in russia. with the kremlin issuing the word about the crash. what do you know, snic? >> reporter: well, alisyn, it's very interesting because they're refusing to bring down the possibility that the plane was brought down by terrorism. but however, going as far as they can to say that all of this


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