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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does? >> that is dr. ben carson who just moments ago with megyn kelly. it's a stunning moment. a presidential front-runner insisting it's a smear campaign when we report that people who grew up with carson question whether he ever actually had the violent temper he describes. this is also the man who believes that the pyramids were nothing but giant grain silos. a man who yes, it's true, now has a rap ad. >> freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. everyone of us must fight for it because we're fighting for our
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children and the next generation. also tonight, donald trump's "saturday night live's" gig in just 48 hours from now. and a whole lot going on but let's begin with dr. ben carson. joining me is christopher harris, executive director of unhyphenated america and also maeve reston, matt lewis, author of "too dumb to fail" and democratic strategist angela rye. lots of moving parts. maeve, to you first. on the campaign trail, he says he's a calm guy. he says he tried to stab his friend at 14 which was portrayed in a made-for-tv movie. take a look at this scene.
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[ screaming ] >> so maeve, have you tried to track down anyone who saw or heard about that incident? what's the story here? >> well, not just that incident but a number of incidents that dr. carson has talked about in his past. this sort of violent episode when he was a teenager where he said he was unable to control his anger. and it was a really pivotal moment in his life where he said he prayed to god right after that stabbing incident and there was divine intervention and after that there was no more angry outbursts. we did what we always do, talk to people who knew him during that period, talk to them about
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that turbulent time in his life. we spoke to many classmates, those who knew him in detroit as well as neighbors, friends, who people who knew him at all different ages. none of them could recall any of these violent episodes. and so what we're looking for is for others to come forward and corroborate these stories that he's told which are a key part of his biography and why he's connected with evangelicals on the campaign trail. >> here's his response tonight on fox. >> this is simply an attempt to smear and to deflect the argument to something else. something that we've seen many, many times before. and i never use the true names of people in books to protect the innocent. that's something that people have done for decades, for centuries. it's something that is commonly done. you know, the person that i
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tried to stab, you know, i talked to today. would they want to be revealed? they were not anxious to be revealed. and it was a close relative of mine and i didn't want to put their lives under the spotlight. this is something that i've decided to do. none of those people decided that they wanted to do this and the media is ruthless. so, you know, i would say to the people of america, do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does? >> that's a really strong denial, maeve. >> i'd like to correct dr. carson. no one said he was a path logical story. if you read our story at, it make it is clear that the people that we talked to did not say that they didn't think that these stories had happened. they just said they had no knowledge of them, that it was very out of character for dr.
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carson. some of them said that, you know, these kinds of things may have have happened behind closed doors. but you have to think about the fact also that dr. carson has talked about going around and hitting people with rocks and bricks and baseball bats and the idea that no one in the neighborhood or his school would ever hear about these things is puzzling to us. i would also just like to say that we did approach, of course, the carson campaign some time ago asking them to connect us to jerry and bob who he named in his book, some of the victims, as well as other people who knew about these incidents at the time and could talk about them with us. the campaign refused to cooperate, called it a witch hunt. we went back to them with our findings yesterday you. this is the first time that we're hearing from dr. carson that these were fictitious
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names. there's no notations in the book that indicates that they were fictitious names. >> let me get this straight. he did not respond to the initial inquiry. you contacted the campaign and there was no response, correct? >> we contacted them and laid out the people that we were trying to talk to. the campaign said that they were not willing to cooperate with our report. >> yeah. you're not saying that he's a pathlogical liar. >> certainly not. >> but you can't corroborate -- >> we're still looking for these people and hoping others will come forward and talk to us about this part of his life so we can vet it as we would any other presidential candidate. >> got it. christopher, you support dr. carson. what do you think of his response tonight? >> i think dr. carson is correct to call it out as it is. we're talking about media bias, don. the idea of covering dr. carson in his background something that happened 50 years ago, the man
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is 64 years old. you're talking about wanting to find out whether he actually had a temper when he was 14 or 15 years old. but what about the relevant topics of, let's say, hillary clinton. she said she was taking sniper fire when she was in bosnia but we have video of her coming off the helicopter. if you're going to start asking these questions, let's go ahead and be fair and balanced. >> here's what i want to say to that not in defense of hillary clinton, but that's been litigated and it's been shown that that was not true. that has been talked about. this is something that's new. when you're running for president, isn't everything fair game? >> we'd like to think so but i think, don, we all have to be honest and say that everything is not fair game, that every party is not -- each party is not treated the exact same in terms of investigative journalism. there's a lot of things that are questions. ted cruz brought up the issue in the cnbc debates that, look at
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the type of questions that are asked of republican candidates as opposed to the type of questions of democratic candidates. ben carson's credentials are rock solid. he's been an evangelical christian for how many decades now? >> his credentials as a surgeon, those are rock solid but his credentials as a politician -- >> what does being 14 have to do with his presidential credentials? >> temperament. >> go ahead, maeve. >> it has to do with temperament. from hillary clinton to bernie sanders, you know, to jeb bush, to marco rubio, questions about a candidate's temperament are things that should be important to voters. you can't anticipate what decisions they are going to make as president so you want to know everything that you can about a person's background and how they are going to make the decisions that they do. >> so you say he was angry when
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he was 14 but he's not an angry person anymore now. he has a temperament to operate on a child in a womb. he has a temperament to separate co-joined twins. >> i'm sorry. but -- >> that's not the same thing as being able to run a country. listen, you have to give him his props. he's a very accomplished surgeon. no one is taking that away from him but that's a different skill than running -- being the leader of -- >> why is the question being asked about whether or not he had an anger issue when he was 14 years old? >> because he's raising that. he's raising that. the reason his testimony mmperas is an issue he continues to raise in very public places. people can regift his hands and read his book but this guy is it talking about himself and how god delivered him, how god was very involved in at least four encounters of his life. your candidate put this issue front and center and now folks
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are vetting it. no one is saying that he's a liar but they have every right to fact check it like they do with the statements made in debates and just like they do with statements made on the stump. >> this is what donald trump tweeted about this tonight. "the carson story is either a total fabrication or, if true, trying to hit mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing a friend." go ahead, matt. >> ben carson is in first place in some of these polls and i think if you're in first place, you have deserved the right to be vetted by the media. look, i have no reason to doubt that dr. carson, that what he says happened, happened. but what if he did fabricate it? i think the republicans are much better served to have the media find out now than to have somebody run against hillary clinton and then it turns out that their entire biography, the premise of this sort of history,
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which is really like a resurrection sort of story about a guy who was down and out, you know, changed his life and ended up going to become this brilliant surgeon, what if that is all a myth? i don't think it is. but if it is, i think it might be a good idea to find out now rather than find out a year from now. >> it has been a somewhat interesting day in the ben carson campaign where he talks about the pyramids, he thinks it was to store grains instead of an internment for people. and he's come out with a new radio ad and it's not the type of ad we're used to hearing. >> i'm very hopeful that i'm not the only one who is willing to pick up the baton of freedom because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. every one of us might fight for it because we're fighting for our children and the next generation. ♪ we've got to vote ben carson
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as a matter of fact ♪ ♪ go out and vote >> angela, you said on that cnn with don lemon talking about the end of ben at 10:00 because the rap ad was so sad, he's way too greedy for 2016. >> see, here's the things. since then, i've had a little time and i've got a ghost writer so i'm more prepared now. that was a freestyle. i have something for you. listen to this. so here it is. >> oh, gosh, here we go. >> if you want to young vote, you should have asked me. i charge for my services and i would have comped you for free. now you're 16 on a track acting like you're 13. do you keep it 8 more than 92, your wife is a whack and so is the guy on the track with you and i highly doubt there's a white house for you. boom. [ laughter ] >> christopher, you want to respond to that? she dropped the mike but christopher, you're not
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laughing. you're not smiling. >> you know, i think if you studied business and look at the way that people have tended to market towards the urban market, if you will, look at the way mcdonald's and the way that every other company tries to market to that market, they use the same thing. >> no, they do not. >> they use the same type of music. >> that's not the same thing. that wasn't even a rap. it didn't even rhyme. they used urban beat with -- it had -- >> so no other hip-hop has used a flute? >> that was not a cool rap. >> it doesn't matter whether or not it's cool. >> does somebody have some popcorn? guys, geez. >> you know what the appeal of ben carson is? >> no. >> he's not a politician. >> you wouldn't understand. but he does things differently than the way everyone else does. >> you're right. you know what, you won on that point. >> angela, thank you. that's it, christopher.
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>> i think that's a first. >> i'm waiting for donald trump's rap next. >> yes. donald trump would do better. he'd do a real rap. >> you may see that on "saturday night live." thank you all. appreciate it. when we come right back, the man who calls dick cheney an iron ass, donald trump arrogant and -- excuse me. donald rumsfeld. not donald trump. arrogant. michael dukakis, a midget nerd. plus, donald trump is ready for "saturday night live." but is "snl" ready for him? oh, hi, donald trump. nice to meet you.
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former president george h.w. bush doesn't hold back in a new biography criticizing top aides who served in his administration. joining me is david gergen, senior political analyst who was an adviser to presidents nixon, ford, reagan and clinton. that's a lot of presidents.
7:19 pm
and matt lewis is with us and promises he might give us a little rap before this segment is over as well. let's rap with jamie first. you spoke with him and he has a new biography coming out on george h.w. bush. it's a look at his son's presidency. >> first of all, bush 41 said to him, here are my diaries, no strings attached, they are yours. this book is the tip of the iceberg. there's a lot more to come. but in this one we hear about everyone from hillary clinton to bill clinton and then for the very first time he criticizes his son. let's listen. >> never heard him criticize his son before as president. why do you think he went public now? >> i think with the distance of history, he believes so strongly
7:20 pm
in the fact that force and diplomacy have to be complementary, not competitive that i think he wanted to put on the record that he doesn't think presidents accomplish very much by swaggering. they should be strong but they don't need to be needlessly provocative. >> even his own son? >> even his own son. >> so i asked john if there is a father/son thing going on here. he says there's always a father/son thing going on. but you know, it's very interesting, this was not about the policy. it was about the rhetoric and jon pointed out, george w. bush is texas. his father is connecticut and texas. different style. >> once you get to be a certain age, you get to the point where you say, i might as well say it now. you say what is on your mind. i know that as someone who is creeping up there. he knocks dick cheney and donald
7:21 pm
rumsfeld. >> i'm convinced we're doing this because we all want to say "iron ass " on tv. he said donald rumsfeld is an arrogant fellow. they never got along, by the way, bush 41 and rumsfeld. but i think his point was that he field there was undue influence on his son which is tricky, though, because then he says the buck stops here with my son. so in the end, he took the advice of these two men. >> isn't it true, the buck stops with any president will tell you that, the buck stops. >> absolutely. >> david gergen, this is for you. bush 41 put out a statement saying, i am proud to have served with dick cheney and don rumsfeld. i'm grateful to both men for their good advice and service to our country and friendship. donald rumsfeld wasn't as polite. he said, bush 41 is getting up
7:22 pm
and misjudges bush 43. there are hundreds of memos on that represent advice d.o.d. gave the president. is this dirty laundry? why do you think this is being aired? >> i think we have to take off the table that he said this and this is being released now because it has anything to do with jeb's troubles in the campaign. he had to have had this conversation with jon meacham weeks if not months ago so he could send the book to the printer. he wrote a terrific biography. another great book about church ill and fdr. he's a very good man. i think he wanted to get some things off his chest. he wanted to settle some scores, frankly. i think it only illustrates because he's so restrained about
7:23 pm
criticizing the others. he so infrequently does it that he must have been going through deep agony that we didn't really understand at the time of his son's presidency. i also think there's another factor here. and that is, presidents before this go and leave the stage entirely like to leave something for history. they want to be understood for better or for worse and i think that george h.w. bush gave jon meacham total access to diaries. it's an unbelievable treasure trove for jon meacham. he wanted to do that so he could speak to history. every president since fdr has done that. >> when he said he's getting up there, was that a slam that he's feeble or not all there? >> i'm not sure that's to me but, yes. he doesn't really quite understand. look, i think it's really important to understand about george h.w. did not let his son
7:24 pm
off the hook. he takes responsibility as commander in chief for going into iraq, he should take responsibility for forming the circle of people around him. cheney and rumsfeld were there at his invitation, et cetera. what he does argue is that basically what bush is arguing is that cheney and rumsfeld helped drive him towards a cliff and he made the decision going over it by going to iraq. >> matt has been standing by patiently. you heard david gergen say this book went to the printer a long time ago. but i still wonder what the impact is on jeb bush's campaign. >> yeah. i think this has an impact on the race right now. on one hand, i think the lesson is, it's why we have to vet candidates. be careful if you nominate or elect a candidate who doesn't have a lot of experience, who might be -- you know, the notion that he's going to have great advisers, be careful about that. because you don't want those advisers to have undue influence. in the case of jeb bush, there
7:25 pm
is an interesting angle here which is to say, the bushes don't necessarily think a like. george w. bush's presidency was different than bush 41's presidency. obviously because there's a disagreement about it. maybe jeb bush will be more like bush. anytime they bring up the dynasty thing, the bush thing, it's bad news for them. >> jamie, there's much more to your interview. i'm looking forward to seeing the full thing. he also mentioning the clintons and talks about the reagans as well. appreciate it. thank you very much. a programming note. dr. ben carson is going to be on cnn's "new day" tomorrow morning at 7:00 responding to our reporting and comments that he made tonight as well. coming up, donald trump hosts "saturday night live" in two days and he's not going to
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live from new york, it's
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donald trump. he's hosting "saturday night live" this weekend. millions are sure to tune in. millions. others are angry because of his remarks about immigrants. joining me now is comedian and actor and senior correspondent for cnn espanol and a former navy s.e.a.l. and trump supporter. you are 48 hours away from donald trump taking the stage at "snl." is this the case the louder the protests the bigger the audience is going to be? >> well, they are in the ratings game. who knows. no one has ever hosted "saturday night live" has ever gone on to be president. that's one way to look at it if you're a supporter or not a supporter. president obama made an appearance but he was not a host. it's really a shame that it's
7:31 pm
come to this. it's so encompassing. we don't need mexico to export rapists. we have good rapists here in america. there are some things that we are first in. but i'm going to be watching. he's been a bonazazs for comedians. >> listen to this. >> if he had said those things about any other ethnic group, he would not be on "snl." i find it really insulting. i find it hurtful and insulting and you're celebrating somebody who said some horrible things. i mean, i find it unacceptable. i will not watch "snl" anymore.
7:32 pm
>> so was not carlos lopez, is he right, if trump had defended another group, would nbc have not taken this action? >> i think confusion comes from what nbc did when donald trump made these remarks. he then said we in the media -- no, they are there on tape. nbc distanced himself away from trump for the miss universe pageant and distanced themselves from "the apprentice" and that was quick. this time around, it's not happening that way. a colleague was saying, well, maybe the latino cast members of "snl" are up in arms. >> so, you know, donald trump always says, latinos love me. the immigrants love me. do you think he's going to have the authority he thinks he has when it's time for people to go vote? >> absolutely. as some of the guests have said, they are talking about this, donald trump has won. we are sitting here talking about this. we're giving him more publicity. it is fantastic. the trump train is hot right
7:33 pm
now. people want to hear what he has to say and that's why so many people are tuning in to his "snl" thing. all of those people are going to be protesting outside. this is great for "snl." great job. >> go ahead. >> i've been mexican for a long time. i've not met one who likes him, much less loves him. >> you saw the lady on the stage. >> she's something else. >> it's one. >> they all love trump. they were like, look, i spent a lot of time to get here legally. they are going to have to earn their citizenship. they are all for that. >> watch this. this is 2004, the last time he hosted. >> great to be here at ""saturday night live,"" but i'll be completely honest, it's even better for "saturday night live" that i am here.
7:34 pm
>> nobody is bigger than me. nobody is better than me. i'm a ratings machine. >> paul, nothing has changed. that's 2004. >> the sad thing about it, he wasn't trying to be funny. that's who he is. you know, the man is out there as a ego mananical. it's scary people will continue to look at him. if it weren't for the meanness and the things he says, a lot of latinos are naturally conservatives who believe in a lot of conservative views. reagan said that hispanics were republican, we just weren't aware of that. i agree, had he insulteded african-americans, don, we both know he wouldn't have had a shot. jesse jackson would be all over him. had he assaulted gays and
7:35 pm
lesbian, i don't think he'd have a shot. he picks on latinos and they are an easy target. >> the thing is, i think people have a platform to protest and get their issues out there. that's going to have to be the last word. thank you, guys. appreciate all of you. new york's top cop has a message for quentin tarantino. that's next. .. ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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quentin tarantino doubling down on the criticism that police had of his upcoming film. it all started with police brutality in new york. >> what am i doing here? i'm doing here because i'm a human being with a conscience and when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> well, that did not sit well with a lot of people. joining me now on the phone is commissioner william bratton of the new york city police department. commissioner, i really appreciate you joining us. you know, after that rally, you said there are no words to describe the contempt i have for him and his comments.
7:40 pm
last night, quentin tarantino spoke to msnbc and said his police critics are just trying to silence him. take a listen and then we'll talk. >> i was under the impression i was an american and that i had first amendment rights. we want justice but stop shooting unarmed people. but they don't want to deal with that. they would rather start arguments with celebrities than exam the concerns put before then by a citizenry who has lost trust in them. >> so commissioner, he clarified some of what he said but -- >> it doesn't sound like a clarification. he's dug himself deep near a hole. >> he said he was talking about specific cases of violence. not all police. still today, the head of the order of police, he said that his group was planning some secret retaliation against tarantino and here's what he said. "something is in the works but the element of surprise is most
7:41 pm
important. the most important element. something could happen anytime between now and the premier. the right time and place will come up and we'll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him and that is economically." so he clarified and said he didn't mean any physical harm. the movie premiers at christmastime. do you still think this is going to be an ongoing controversy even then? >> well, it's the only beginning of november and everybody is still commenting on it. i would not be surprised that when the movie opens that it opens on christmas day that the fraternal order of the police will protest, if you will, and protest against this and encourage a boycott of the movie. we'll have to wait and see. people can speak their mind but when you speak your mind, expect
7:42 pm
others are going to speak theirs, also. so what we have is two different views about an issue of police use of force. and to align yourself as mr. tarantino did with a lot of cop haters, a lot of people who in some instances are anarchists, he's made his bed and he's going to have to lie in it so that's his problem. >> i want to tell you about something that broke our hearts. you were angry at his comments because it same close on the heels of the deaths of your officers, officer holder who was murdered in harlem and four days earlier you gave a remarkable tribute to him at his funeral. this is how it ended. take a listen. >> detective randolph holder, you are relieved of your duty as
7:43 pm
a new york city police officer, guardian of the gates of new york city. and we send you on your way to your new assignment to be a guardian heaven at the gates of heaven. [ applause ] >> gives you goosebumps to hear that. last night, quentin tarantino said this. >> the timing was very unfortunate and that officer's death is a tragedy. i acknowledge that 100% and my heart goes out to him and goes out to his loved ones. however, the point of the rally was to bring these families -- we had over 40 families. not 40 people but 40 different families that this has happened to, come out and tell their stories and say their loved one's name and that's what's not being told or talked about. and so what, because that happened, we're going to say, no, don't tell your story?
7:44 pm
i know we flew you out here, we'll do it another time, it's just not convenient. >> do you agree with his point, commissioner, should he and those people protesting had been more aware of -- >> well, what i would suggest is that he and you and the media take a close look at those 40 stories. he is inferring and those that conducted that rally, that in all 40 of those instances, police officers murdered those individuals. i have personal familiarity with some of those cases and that might be the perspective of the family but in courts of law, it has been determined that the officers were within their lawful duties. so irrespectful of what the families might feel, you need to look at those 40 incidents. >> commissioner, before i let you go, i want to talk more about that, about the nuance and
7:45 pm
context. you are a great public servant and i know you must have given a whole lot of thought to this. what is the right way to have a public dialogue between the police and their critics? because both sides have rights. as you have said, throughout this interview. >> language matters. and so when you hold a rally that basically contextually talks about murderers when in many cases that has not been the case and it's been bore out in the courts of law, well, then you set yourself up for some of the criticism that mr. tarantino is receiving. you have to be very careful about your words and your references. in any event, this issue, as anybody is entitled to their opinion are, i have mine, he has his. we'll just have to see how it plays out in the days and weeks ahead. my expectation is that everybody
7:46 pm
individually is going to have to make up their mind whether they want to see the movie or not. that's, once again, their right, also. >> commissioner bratton, thank you. >> have a good night. my pleasure being on with you. when we come right back, some gop candidates are calling for changes to the debate rules. glenn beck may have a solution. to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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. as the republicans go led to head over changing the rules for the next debate, my next guest has offered to host a brand-new one. that's glenn beck. he's a founder of the blaze and author of "the immortal nicolas." how are you? >> how are you? foo i'm great. why would you make a better debate host on the blaze than the other people have done so far. >> i thought anderson cooper did an unbelievable job. it was one of the best debates i've seen when he did the democratic debates. i thought he was fair and hard hitting. i thought the cnbc debates where is extraordinarily cheap, petty ridiculous, how much time do we have to spend with picking fights with one another and asking silly questions about fantasy football. the people who are voting for the republicans, this is a
7:51 pm
primary. so the people who are voting for these guys want to note real issues. they want to know the answers to the real issues. and what makes these guys different from one another. >> but some people would say it's kind of whiny. even in the gop, the fight to reform this, there's a fight to reform the debate process. but chris christie, john kasich, carly fiorina, they say stop complaining. >> so does ted cruz and bobby jindal. >> should it be a different format? >> nobody's complaining about the questions are too hard. just the opposite. i was recommending we do a debate where the questions are very, very focused. i would be a moderator, but i would not be asking all of the questions per se. i think people like elon musk should ask questions on the future of the economy. i think thomas soul should ask questions about the economy. we should get robbiy george from princeton to talk about faith and the constitution.
7:52 pm
and ask very difficult, hard-hitting questions that we can actually educate ourselves and see what the difference is. nobody's complaining. in fact, we're suggesting a much more difficult debate into how many people, do you think there are too many people up there? how can you in a matter of two hours and they want it to be shorter, how can you really get substance from? >> we are looking at the blaze. we have a footprint of 50 million people between all of our properties. we have dotcom radio, internet radio, podcasting. we have an opportunity to change it. our view is the debate on the blaze would be much different. everyone would get a chance to answer every single question but most of it would be categorized. later you would get those questions as soon as they walk off stage, everyone be able to answer each question that everyone was asked. >> glenn, carson in the headlines today for a commencement speech he made 17 years ago where he said it was his personal belief that the pyramids were built as store houses for grain and not as
7:53 pm
archaeologists say for the internment of dead pharaohs. >> it's a possible explanation. it's a personal belief because i happen to believe a lot of things that you might not believe because i believe in the bible. >> first of all, it's his personal opinion. so i think that's important to point out. and maybe his faith, you know, has some information or believes some things that i don't understand. but not being a scholar on exodus but the granaries, the grain cities were petome and ramses if i'm not mistaken and nothing about giza. i don't know where he's getting that. but with that being said, does it matter? >> that's what i'm asking you, does it? >> i don't think it does. i think he's wrong. but i don't think it does. >> let's talk about jeb bush. nbc news obtained audio from a call he made to donors.
7:54 pm
here it is. >> back home doing preparation on the debate. i promise you i'll do better. all the nervous anyies on the call, chill out. we're going to do better, i promise you. this is going to be a fun campaign. >> okay. so chill out. should his donors chill out? >> no, if i were a donor of his, i would be asking for my money back. i don't think that there's -- i don't think there's a shot that jeb is going to be the nominee at this point. could be wrong, but i don't see it. he is the guy who expected a coronation. he is -- he's the right hillary clinton. a guy who you know has been brought up in the ranks and everybody is like, i don't really like him but i guess until we happen to have a lot of other people on the right that we can choose from. and as soon as you put a lot of people up there we can choose from, you're like i don't really like that guy. i kond contend if you had 16 really qualified candidates or
7:55 pm
nine qualified candidates who were running against hillary clinton, clinton wouldn't get it either. >> so behind you i see the snow falling. it looks like you're living in. >> it's dallas. crazy cold here. >> i can't believe it. but i want to know why, your new book is called "the immortal nicolas." why should people buy it this holiday season? >> i wrote this four years ago, started to write it for my kids because i was tired of my kids just talking about santa and not about the real reason behind christmas. so this is a total redo on the santa character. it starts with him as the guy who was gathering the franken sense for the first gift. is he radically different than anything that you might think of santa claus. it's a story that spans over 1,000 years and answers the question, how did he become immortal. >> okay. i have a question for you before i let you go. are you going to watch "saturday night live" this weekend?
7:56 pm
>> i don't know. i mean, is nbc going to release any more video that they shouldn't release? i love this with nbc, they release the wrong promos. and somehow or another, they blame that on incompetence but we should trust them with the debate. come on, nbc. >> glenn, are you going to watch the darn show or no? >> probably, yeah. >> i knew it. how could you miss it. thank you. >> i mean, why not. >> stay warm there in dallas. it's cold it looks like. >> freezing. >> thanks. we'll be right back. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. we begin tonight with two pieces of breaking news, first and foremost, something that could affect anyone who travels here at home. we're learning the tsa is weighing changes to u.s. airport securi i


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