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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 12, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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cups. accusations that coffee giant was grinching christmas. now dunkin doughnuts in the fray. it unveiled the holiday cup. every year it is like this. social media blows up. people praising this design. praising dunkin' donuts. saying dunkin' donuts is embracing christmas. starbucks says it has the red space so you can have your own christmas designs. >> if they were completely denying the existence of the holiday, they would have white cups. horrible. "early start" continues right now. breaking news this morning. a major moment in the battle against isis. a new offensive launched trying to take back a crucial town from the terror group.
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we are live near the frontlines. a new fight in the race for president. which candidates are going toe-to-toe for the conservative votes. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 5:00 a.m. in the east. it is a major development in the battle against isis. new military offensive launched. kurdish peshmerga forces looking to recapture the town of sinjar. this is called operation free sinjar. the town is at the foot of the mountain. a key link between two halves of the isis caliphate. the city of mosul and the lands that isis holds in syria. our correspondent nick paton walsh is with the peshmerga forces outside sinjar. he joins us live. 7,500 militia troops moving. this is a major operation, nick.
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>> reporter: and they appear to be attacking sinjar from three areas. one from the north near sinjar mountain where you saw the terrifying pictures of people fleeing for their lives in brutality of isis. today, we understand the offensive started at 9:00 last night. intensification of coalition air strikes. we saw it throughout the sky in the dark. from where we are, toward the west of the city itself, we are seeing intense fighting around. you cannot see it in the distance behind me, but this is the chief objective. that is the many highway that runs through sinjar. it goes through mosul in iraq to raqqah in syria and the caliphate and self declared capital. the hope is from pentagon officials, you sever this road and you prevent isis from trading oil from outside world or resupplying people inside
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mosul. we heard intense explosions in the past 20 minutes or so. it is seemingly from further away from behind us. isis trying to move toward sinjar and fight again for the main highway. we are also seeing many explosions in the distance from coalition air strikes. a lot of movement here. another blast in the distance just now. the offense at dawn is diffusing slightly. the traps and roadside bombs and mines may slow them down. there will be a more intense fight in the hours ahead to try to reclaim that road. whoever is in control of it now, both sides like to claim they are. it is vital as is potentially the symbolic victory of retaking sinjar back from isis. john. >> nick, what is the u.s. role? we know the united states involved in the air strikes. there are special forces
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involved as well? >> reporter: we know anecdotally there are special forces involved. certainly in the region. most likely the offensive. the drones and aircraft in the skies above us dropping the air strikes. there is a substantial coalition presence in making this happen. they are not involved in the messy fighting around us with the chaotic movements of the peshmerga. it is about gaining momentum and cutting off raqqah and mosul. john. >> must begin the process of taking back the territory that has been held by isis now for well over 18 months. nick right near the frontlines in the new major offensive against isis. thanks, nick. this morning, the energy ick fight for conservative votes ted cruz and marco rubio campaigning in primary states. new hampshire and south carolina. each trying to carve out an
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appeal for conservative votes. mainly on immigration. cruz has been highlighting the one-time support of immigration reform helping author a bill in the senate before he backed off. >> if republicans nominate for president, a candidate who supports amnesty, we will have given up one of the major distinctions with hillary clinton and we will lose the general election. >> rubio avoided being drawn into the discussion in tuesday's debate. now he says he would allow undocumented immigrants in the u.s. longer than ten years to get a work permit if they learn english and pay a fine. cnn's sunlen serfaty is with rubio in south carolina with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. marco rubio trying to keep the momentum going after the debate hitting two key states.
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iowa and south carolina. here in columbia, he opened up his first office in the first in the south primary state and talked about the importance of this state with his road ahead. >> we plan to be here often. we want to do very well here. we want to be successful. this election could very well be decided, the nomination could be decided in this state. >> reporter: the poll out in south carolina shows that marco rubio and ted cruz are running neck and neck for third place in south carolina. that is behind donald trump and ben carson. cruz told cnn it is a plausible outcome that it could be down to he and marco rubio. he is telegraphing a few lines of attack that he is ready to wage against marco rubio in that debate on tuesday night. certainly this potentially sets up a big battle between the two ahead. john and christine. >> thanks, sunlen.
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>> joining us to talk about this, jeremy diamond. we heard her talking about it. six minutes after 5:00 a.m. the narrative today seems to be the battle between ted cruz and marco rubio. a battle in some ways has already started. the dividing line is on the issue of immigration. you see ted cruz starting to inch closer to directly confronting senator rubio on his past support for immigration reform. let me play you a bit of sound that highlights this. listen. >> it is not complicated that on the fight over amnesty in congress, the gang of eight bill that was the brainchild of chuck schumer and president obama would have granted amnesty to 12 million people here illegally. that i stood with the american people and led the fight to defeat it in the united states
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congress. >> it is not complicated he said where i stood. also not complicated who did not stand there. he is speaking directly about marco rubio, jeremy. >> of course. this is classic ted cruz where he highlight what is he has done without talking about opponents. he is clearly drawing a contrast here. if you know as the narrative currently pointing to maybe we could see a fight with marco rubio and ted cruz for the nomination, the issue of immigration is probably going to be central to that debate. that's largely a factor of the fact that immigration has become so central in the republican nomination process. largely because of donald trump. he has brought this issue to the floor. it would have been a big issue, but he magmatized it.
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>> let's be clear. donald trump wants to build a wall. he goes over and over and over again on the stump and interviews. he was on with o'reilly last night. listen to this. >> that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back. the stuff they did was brutal. it could never happen today. >> i heard it both ways. i heard reports. we would do it in a very humane way. >> talking about something called operation wetback. >> the actual name. >> the eisenhower administration where people deported back deep into mexico. some of those people were sent without food, without water, without money or anywhere to go. they were dropped in the desert. people died. you have bill o'reilly from fox news holding him to task for that. >> not only was it inhumane
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largely the way it was done, but catching people crossing in as they were going through the southwest into arizona and california. you know, it was not rounding people up who live in new york or the midwest cities as where undocumented immigrants live today. donald trump is coming under scrutiny. i don't want to jinx it, but we may be entering the phase of the campaign where policy and specifics matter more. donald trump is going to continue to face questions over his immigration plan. he has talked about deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. that is a mammoth undertaking. he is explaining how he would do it or he needs to given that other candidates are starting to criticize him and question him and so is the media. >> he is happy to have this discussion.
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he is happy to have this controversy. he did inject the eisenhower policies in the debate in the more public debate than before. this is intentional. this is a dividing line. forget what the nation thinks. this is a matter of winning the republican primary. >> absolutely. it is almost a litmus test in the immigration stance. that is why jeb bush has taken a lot of flack for not being conservative enough because of his support for a path to legal status. he supports a path to citizenship for the dreamers. the people who were brought here as children illegally. and that's why you have seen marco rubio really stepping back from his past support for comprehensive immigration reform. he was a member of the gang of eight. he was negotiating the top negotiators on this issue and he since stepped away from that.
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he real you now the way he has addressed and some others addressed it, we first need to address border security. we will deal with illegal and undocumented immigrants living in the country later on. >> only too eager the other night. jeremy diamond, thank you. two men apprehended and accused of posting racial threats online targeting the university of missouri campus. the latest developments next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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police in missouri apprehended two people for
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making threats on social media against african-american students. one suspect, hunter park, charged with making threats against university of missouri students using yik yak. the other student a freshman at northwest missouri state has not been charged. the turmoil is sparking protest on campuses across the country. one in ithaca college. about 600 people took part in the protest. the students expressing anger by the administration's response to the racism allegations. nba champ steph curry is picking up where he left off. he can't miss. andy scholes has the details in the bleacher report coming up next. jessica alba's honest
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company made headlines when people complained the sunscreen was not effective. despite the bad press, she recently launched a beauty line. we talked to her about her success and her company. >> you can attach a celebrity to any company. at the end of the day, it is the quality of the product. >> reporter: jessica alba used to sell fantasies to men. now selling diapers to detergent to tampons. >> how do you do something graphic that represents the importance. >> reporter: feminine care is the latest. the home brand marketing what it calls the safe and non toxic products. honest is not the first company to market itself as safe and pure, the company gets a lot of attention and financial backing because of the star power.
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all right. this past nba off season, jordan decided to sign with the mavericks and then changed his mind. last night, the dallas fans got to voice their displeasure. >> and andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> right now, deandre jordan at the top of the list. last night, fans let him have it. >> number 60, deandre jordan. >> the boos raining down the game. fans had creative signs in the stands. jordan had 9 points and 11 rebounds. dirk banks home the three late in the fourth. he had 31 in the game.
2:25 am
mavericks win, 118-108. the tweet after the game, poking fun at the jordan twitter war from over the summer. good game. have a safe trip home. will anybody beat the golden state warriors? steph curry is ridiculous. he hits a running three pointing while falling down. later in the quarter, curry, the steal, and he will beat the buzzer from nearly half-court. he may be the best player ever. curry with 28 in the game. 100-84. they are 9-0. greg hardy took to twitter to proclaim his innocence and proclaim he is a victim of discrimination. for a brief time, hardy changed his twitter profile to say innocent until proven guilty. lack of knowledge and information is ignorance.
2:26 am
the treatment of different categories of people is discrimination. how hardy changed his name to perfection. hardy was convicted of domestic violence in 2014, but after a trial by jury, the case was thrown out when his accuser stopped cooperator. patriots head coach bill belichick is the king of saying nothing at press conferences. he was asked yesterday by a reporter about mid season grades for his team. belichick wasn't having any of it. >> some mid season report card. who cares? what difference does it make? it doesn't matter. >> berman, your patriots are 8-0. what grade? >> whatever he says goes. give him an "f" or "c." >> he wants to worship and celebrate.
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>> andy scholes, thanks. we have major breaking news. a new offensive launched against isis. a major development in the battle. troops on the move. we have a reporter near the frontlines. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ♪ just look at those two. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting.
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breaking news this morning. a new u.s. backed operation to cut a key isis supply line. we are there live. the battle for conservative voters. now candidates train eyes on marco rubio. the immigration discussion and how he has so far avoided moments of tension. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. 31 minutes past the hour. plenty of tension here. breaking news. a new military offensive launched against isis. kurdish peshmerga forces aimed to recapture the town of sinjar.
2:32 am
it is being called operation free sinjar. the mountain is a key link between who halves of the isis so-called self described caliphate. the city of mosul and the lands isis holds in syria. senior correspondent nick paton walsh joins us by phone outside sinjar. this is a new strategy here. what's the latest? >> reporter: at this stage, we are hear extraordinary blasts in the last 20 minutes. the direction of the town of sinjar is creating a strain. this is the main route. now, there appears to have been
2:33 am
some advantage here. we cannot say exactly where we are because of the conditions as we agreed to be with the peshmerga forces as they advance. we have seen intense fighting along the main road. we see the peshmerga has put themselves upon it. at one particular point to the west and in control to some degree in that area. there have been enormous amounts of air power dropped on a town further to the west which we suspect is where isis has their position. intense fighting along the area here. the peshmerga in large numbers, 7,500 forces here. they are able to corroborate that with the idea. sinjar is important because of the fate of the yizidis held there. also because of the main route. the goal is to take the road and
2:34 am
cut off mosul from isis. the hope of this operation is to show peshmerga with the coalition to have momentum to retake territory. >> nick paton walsh on the phone. we are not saying where he is for security concerns. be careful. thanks, nick. very interesting development. this morning, the fight for conservative votes heating up if the primaries. t ted cruz and marco rubio campaigning today. mainly on immigration. cruz has been highlighting rubio's one time support for immigration reform helping author a bill in the senate advocate amnesty before backing off. >> if republicans nominate for president a candidate who
2:35 am
supports amnesty, we will have given up one of the major distinctions with hillary clinton and we will lose the general election. >> rubio avoided being drawn into the immigration discuss on tuesday's debates. now he says he would allow undocumented immigrants in the u.s. longer than ten years to get a work permit if they learn english and pay a fine. cnn's sunlen serfaty is with rubio in south carolina with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. marco rubio trying to keep the momentum going after the debate hitting two key states. iowa and south carolina. here in columbia, he opened up his first office in the first in the south primary state. he talked about the importance of this state in his road ahead. >> we plan to be here often. maybe not in the office every day, but in the state. we want to do well here. we want to be successful. this election could very well be
2:36 am
decided. the nomination could be decided in the state. >> reporter: a poll out in south carolina this week shows that marco rubio and ted cruz are running neck and neck for third place here in south carolina. that's behind donald trump and ben carson. now ted cruz recently told cnn that it is a plausible outcome. it could come down to he and marco rubio. he has been telegraphing a few lines of attack. he is ready to wage war against marco rubio. certainly this sets up a big battle between the two ahead. >> thanks for that. joining us to breakdown the action is jeremy diamond. good morning. so much is about cruz and rubio defining positions. rubio trying not to define his position on immigration. all of this is because donald trump has really dominated the immigration conversation until
2:37 am
now. even in the debate, he talked about an eisenhower plan and movement called operation wetback. where they sent more than 1 million people back into mexico which was criticized at the same and very inhumane. donald trump holding that up as an example about how he could send people out of this country. bill o'reilly on fox last night challenged him on that. listen. >> that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back. the stuff they did was brutal. it could never happen today. >> i heard it both ways. i heard good reports. i heard bad reports. >> we heard him promise that. we really don't have the plans. it is true that donald trump has certainly with conversations like this, he keeps pushing the other candidates to the right. >> absolutely.
2:38 am
you know, donald trump has set the tone for this debate over immigration. he started off talking about it at his june campaign launch when he jumped into the race. mainly because it was controversial in the way he talked about it. the comments of immigrants being rapists and killers. he pushed through that. now of course that has an effect on the other candidates with pushing other candidates like marco rubio to the right on immigration. marco rubio recently saying that he would repeal president obama's executive action on the dreamer kids to allow them to remain in the country legally. that's something that rubio in the past said he would not repeal and without some plausible alternative. he is letting that go all together. when it comes to the issue of legal status, he is simply saying we will deal with that
2:39 am
later. we want to deal with securing the border. that is the message that resonates with the conservative voters in the party. it will set him up for a challenging primary fight if he does go to the final two or three candidates as senator ted cruz for example and other conservatives will question his record on this issue. >> you brought up ted cruz. one of the things that every major political reporting outlet has done a story of the possibility of ted cruz and marco rubio going head-to-head. where are the dividing lines with these two candidates? they both have cuban parents. it is interesting to see. >> absolutely. they have a lot in common beyond their background. they rocketed to the senate in the tea party wave. so both of them have credentials
2:40 am
with that tea party hard line conservative base. ted cruz made a name by being that hard line conservative. he is the unflinching that doesn't move to bring democrats and republicans closer together. he led the fight that shutdown the government. that is one of his most famous moments and the filibuster of reading "green eggs and ham" on the senate floor. marco rubio has conservative ratings from the conservative groups that look at voting records and positions on abortion. he is not in favor of exceptions for that some candidates are in favor of. on the issue of immigration, he was one of the republican leaders in the discussion with the democrats with chuck schumer and harry reid to address comprehensive immigration
2:41 am
reform. those efforts failed and marco rubio quickly stepped back and tried to distance himself from it. now it is coming to bite him. >> ted cruz will talk about this as much as he can over the next several weeks. it will be interesting to see if a confrontation on the debate stage. the cnn debate stage one month from now. jeremy, thank you. racial tensions rising on college campuses across the country. new threats of violence and protests. we will tell you about it next. ok, we're here.
2:42 am
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police in missouri apprehended two people for making threats on social media to african-american students. one hunter park on yik yak. racial tensions still simmering on the university of missouri campus after the forced resignation of the president and
2:46 am
chancellor. a freshman at northwestern university state has not been charged. >> one at ithaca college in up state new york. students held a solidarity walk calling for the president to resign. 600 students and faculty took part in the protest. students angered over the administration response to racism. breaking overnight. three people charged with pointing lasers at tv helicopters near the airports in new york and new jersey. crews from wnbc and wabc and wcbs were targeted. the wnbc crews helped the two captured in brooklyn. police in san francisco shot and killed a man aiming a rifle
2:47 am
at a nearby hospital and at officers. officials say the unidentified suspect got the firearms from a sports good store a mile away. and you can see stocks barely moving this morning. angi, angie's list in a possible hostile takeover. the deal could combine two sites in a hostile bid. fascinating information about millennials. a record share of young women are living at home. according to a new study from pew, 36.4% of women ages 18 to 34 lived at home with their families last year. that tops the peak set in 1940. philadelphia story was in theaters in 1940.
2:48 am
have not seen this many young women living at home since cary grant. jimmy stewart. young men are living at home longer. the culture shift like people marrying later and high levels of student debt. if you have a lot of debt, live at home. >> you don't want your kids to move out. you try to mask this economic advice. let's take a look -- >> christine romans, you don't want those baby boys to leave. it's okay. >> michaela pereira. >> we will have a lot more on this major operation launched overnight to take a key iraqi town from the grip of isis. peshmerga forces are leading the charge and getting help from the coalition forces in the sky. can the key supply route be lifted? we will have a live report in iraq. and we are watching this case emerging from virginia. a man tased at least 20 times by
2:49 am
police. that man died a short time later. police say the force was necessary. the family of the man, they believe otherwise. we will have all of the details and let you decide. we have a busy show. >> can't wait. oh, joy. more controversy brewing over your coffee cup. first starbucks and now dunkin' donuts now finds itself in the fray. that's next. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000.
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a leaked russian plan to end the crisis in syria not gaining traction.
2:54 am
the proposal for an 18 month reform period and early presidential elections. it does not rule out the possibility of bashar al assad running for re-election. this is sparking criticism from arab and western nations. secretary of state john kerry will talk about the efforts to end the syrian civil war. he will meet with other leaders in vienna this weekend. senior correspondent frederik pleitgen watching these developments live from london. the plan leaked, but fred, going nowhere. >> reporter: going nowhere apparently at this point. criticism is putting it lightly. russians are back tracking saying this was a working proposal. an exchange of ideas, if you will. of course, especially the syrian opposition is saying any plan that would allow bashar al assad to run in an election is not something they want to latch on
2:55 am
to. the u.s. has a position in the middle. secretary of state kerry saying maybe bashara could stay on for a while, but it is clear he would go at some point in time. john, this is all very important as the international community and the u.s. gears up for the meeting in vienna. it is the most diplomatic push during the civil war in syria and the fate of bashar al assad is the one dividing factor between all sides. they agree on many things that could lead to some sort of cease-fire in syria, but the fate of assad is the one things that the russians and iranians cannot agree on. it is hard to see how the talks move forward if that is not an issue resolved. >> how far are the russians willing to go to back assad? fred, thanks. syria is not the only mess on vladimir putin's plate. the russian president ordering an investigation into the allegations of widespread state
2:56 am
sponsored doping involving his country's top athletes. putin says russian officials will cooperate with the anti-doping organizations who are calling for track and field athletes in russia to be banned from the next year's olympics in rio. growing concerns among aviation experts in the flight of 9268 that the evidence is compromised. the egyptian led investigation is so bogged down in secrecy, clues could remain scattered across the desert. and also the trouble of the autopsy findings on the victims. and let's get early start on your money. stocks lower yesterday's among oil prices. and a jump in foreclosures last month. the top states for the new
2:57 am
foreclosures are maryland, new jersey, florida, nevada and illinois. the foreclosure process can take years. banks are trying to start these before the holidays. ho ho ho. joe's crab shack is ditching tips. >> i hear nothing anymore. >> the southern fried -- they could expand the policy nationwide. servers make $12 to $14 an hour instead of below minimum wage and rely on tips to make above minimum wage. menu prices increase 12% to 15%. diners will pay less. their bill will be less. joe's expects the higher wages to increase worker retention and reduce labor costs. the holiday coffee cup controversy brews. first the plain red cups from starbucks and the coffee giant is grinching christmas.
2:58 am
now dunkin' donuts unveiled cups with the word joy. same as always. social media users are praising dunkin' donuts for embracing christmas unlike starbucks. >> i'm glad. i'm glad we can finally have this debate. >> it is an important business story that matters to no one. a new operation taking a key iraqi town back from isis. a major development in the battle of isis. "new day" picks it up now. >> kurdish peshmerga kurdish peshmerga forces in for sinjar. >> isis has had a year now. taking sinjar will really be an important step. this started out with the police going to help a man. >> an hour later, he's dead. >> force was add quilt at that time. once they got his leg shackled, it should have stopped. it was intentional.
2:59 am
>> there's no accident here. people want borders, we don't have a border, we don't have a country. >> with the border, you can't build a wall. i don't care what donald trump says. >> after ten years, i'm personally open. >> i'm in favor of securing our borders and this is not a difficult thing to do. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning. 6:00. u.s. involved in major fighting in iraq. this is called a major offensive in the cross roads on the war on isis. thousands of peshmerga fighters supported by u.s. power are doing battle. >> objective is to cut off major jihadist supply lines from syria and drive the terrorists out. let's get the latest from cnn senior international correspondent nick paton walsh. he's outside of sinjar this morning. good morning, nick.
3:00 am
>> reporter: local time last night, that's when it began. the night sky lit up by a series of explosions part of days of efforts by coalition aircraft to soften up the town of sinjar isis defenders. it's symbolic because of what happened last year to the yazidis that live there. forced into the mountains. what's clear today, as the fighting continues, it's about the highway that runs a distance behind me here. highway 47. it goes from raqqa in syria, the caliphate self-secured hold in isis to iraq. they feel if they can get that, they can secure isis around the region. what we're hearing is intense explosions behind us. it clearly shows the aircraft come to get support of what may have been isis counterattacks and moving back down the highway. the kurds are clear. they need to cut the roadway


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