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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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brutal isis execution videos. the pentagon says it is still assessing the results of the air strike that targeted him. u.s. official tells cnn authorities are confident that strike killed emwazi. for the very latest, let's turn to nic robertson in london. >> reporter: at the moment, we have very few precise details about the strike. jihadi john, mohammed emwazi, we are told was in a vehicle when it was struck as a result of persistent surveillance. we heard a lot about that how drones will maintain surveillance over a particular area for a period of time. the strike took place in the town of raqqah. this is isis headquarters. jihadi john, of course, we know him because he came to prominence with the beheadings of james foley and james sotloff and a u.s. aid worker and others
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beheaded in a brutal fashion. threats to the united states and threats to the united kingdom. it was the beheadings that put the united states on track to given air strikes or coalition air strikes, if you will, inside syria. but from the details that we are learning at the moment are preliminary. the pentagon says they may provide more details as that becomes necessary. the british prime minister's office here, david cameron's office at 10 downing street, say they, like the united states, won't be providing comment at this stage. what this means for isis, they lost a prominent figure head. having said that, jihadi john had been very much out of the headlines for many, many months now. what this will mean to the tactic cally on the ground means very little. nic robertson, cnn, london.
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we have another issue on isis. kurdish peshmerga forces fighting to retake the city of sinjar from isis. they entered the city from all directions and up to 7,500 troops reclaimed 60 square miles of territory with the help of some 650 air strikes by the u.s.-led coalition in recent days. commanders are going up against 600 isis fighters in sinjar. they are dug in behind land mines and booby traps. our senior don't nick paton walsh is embedded with the forces outside of sinjar. nick, be careful. set the scene for us right now. >> reporter: john, you joined me an hour after we returned from inside the city. in a distance behind me, a key
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develop. me ment development. now you see the grain silo. some kurdish flags flying near bit. a vital change. we saw that happen and it started earlier today with kurdish peshmerga walking in large numbers converging to the center. we heard heavy clashes. remember the scenes in kobani where isis tried to hold a similar town. that went on for months. here, intense fighting for a short period. the peshmerga began to move eastward across into isis held territory. that town is now silent. when we were inside the scale of the challenge ahead was evident. there could be pockets of isis fighters inside, but the town is littered with booby traps. you get a warning of what could or could not be a device left behind by isis. the infrastructure of the town lay in waste to rubble. massive devastation to the buildings all around. the key now is the level of
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resistance hiding in the town and if this is a complete victory for peshmerga in sinjar. i likely heard one blast behind me there. they have taken the town very quickly. it is symbolic. it reverses the retaliation on the yizidi population. you can never take back the scars, but you could give them back their town. it is also strategic. we know the town runs on a main highway between raqqah and syria and mosul in iraq. it is now in peshmerga hands. peshmerga is digging trenches and layering it with earth berms. we have to see this is the beginning of the momentum for the peshmerga and coalition forces who played a huge role in the skies. if this is beginning momentum for raqqah and mosul. >> nick, you said the collisiu
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played a huge role in the air. give us a sense of the u.s. role in the operation. >> reporter: predominately in the skies without a doubt. one canadian volunteer i spoke to fighting alongside the peshmerga as a medic, jason said if it wasn't for them, the air strikes, this would not have happen. he has seen soldiers die in front of them. he was fighting religious fascism. there are military advisers on the ground here. that is admitted by the pentagon. they are helping calling the air strikes and assisting with tactics. a swift victory here. some may say that is a victory for the obama administration in an advisory role in the fight against isis or it may be the
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peshmerga had finally the numbers to do the job. >> nick paton walsh on the outskirts of sinjar, nick, thank you. the kurdish region counsel tweeting isil on the run. a lot of defensive positions and some concerns that there could be isis elements waiting to counter attack. joining us now from washington to break down the latest in the battle for sinjar is senior analyst is mr. lleyton. we see the flag rising above the silo. what is your response here? your initial reaction? >> christine, good morning. absolutely a positive development and the fact they are coming in and doing this so quickly is a huge deal.
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however, now that i said that it is a huge deal, we have to be careful not only what nick paton walsh said, but the forces have the ability to melt back into the countryside. they are good at doing that. a traditional form of warfare in this part of the world. we have to be careful they don't do that and we don't have to do another sinjar in the future. >> colonel, the moment of the supplies and air power into the region and overnight, the news of a drone attack targeting jihadi john, mohammed emwazi. the man seen in the execution videos. the fact that the united states could target this man at all, does this indicate to you that
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the u.s. has new intelligence assets inside isis with increased visibility? >> i think what it indicates to me, john, is that we are using the means at our disposal in a more effective fashion. so we use a lot of what we call technical means to collect intelligence. you know, we are seeing that in the provision of the drone strikes, if they did actually get mohammed emwazi, jihadi john, that would show them to go after individual people, but what they call high profile targets. although we have been told the top position in isis where jihadi john was was a propaganda tool for isis. intelligence is being used to great effect. the fact that this is being used is also critical because you are coordinating with ground forces and the fact you are coordinating that way shows a combined operation in the
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classic sense. with the twist going into unconventional warfare in an effective fashion. >> we know drone surveillance. what about the chatter and what about the ears on the ground? you have a middle ages philosophy against the new tech world. can we assume they are watching everything we are writing and we know where it is coming from? >> well, there is always a risk in intelligence that you get the information, but you don't know what that information means. so what you are dealing with is lots of chatter. it is foreign pull tis importan salient features out of the intin chatter. in going after jihadi john, it appears to have been very effective. >> we are also getting word of
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new air strikes of isis oil structures in eastern syria. trying to cut off a revenue source. how significant is that? >> it is very significant. like any organization, isis has to finance their operation. they are doing that through oil and smuggling of other goods through turkey, iraq and syria. to go after the supply lines is very significant because when you cut that off, you are cutting off their economic life blood. there are also reports out there of an increase of hunger in mosul, the second largest city under isis control. if that is true, then it also shows that the noose is tightening around isis. we can get them from a military standpoint and political standpoint as well. >> colonel cedric leighton,
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just about anywhere you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® big political news overnight. donald trump unplugged on his current biggest rival. in an interview with cnn's erin burnett, trump compared ben cars carson's self described pathological temper to a child molester. >> i have seen it in the book. he has a pathological temper.
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that is a big problem. you don't cure that. they say you don't as an example, cure a child molester. you don't cure these people. you don't cure a child molester. >> the stunning statements overnight at a 95-minute rambling rally in iowa. trump asked if anyone in the crowd had a knife to demonstrate why he doubts carson's story. more now from cnn's athena jones in iowa. >> reporter: good morning, christine and john. one of the first thing trump said here at ft. dodge is the gloves are off. that is true with ben carson. he spent several minutes raising doubts over the stories carson has told about his violent past. >> he took a knife and he went
2:17 am
after him and he lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend. lo and behold, it hit the belt. it hit the belt. and the knife broke. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? >> reporter: some of the toughest and animated remarks we heard from donald trump over his rival, ben carson. he slammed other rivals inside and outside of his party. jeb bush and marco rubio. saying of hillary clinton the only thing she has going for her is the woman card. >> athena, thank you for that. the carson campaign responded to the trump rambling. mr. trump has resentment when he
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all eyes on rex ryan during last night's afc east showdown with the bills and jets. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning. rex ryan said last night's game will likely get dumped by a girl
2:23 am
you like. you just move on. and they are donning the christmas uniforms from nike. the jets fumble and duke williams takes it in for a touchdown. the bills were up 22-3, but the jets rally and late in the fourth on fourth down, davis never looks for fitzpatrick's pass. rex ryan gets revenge and the bills 22-17 win. the cowboys locker room is not a happy place right now. the team has lost six in a row. while jason witten was speaking with reporter, dez bryant went on a tirade with the media. >> [ bleep ] and i'll let you know why i do this. i'll let it be known why i do it. >> all of this was over a story
2:24 am
over dez apparently unhappy with. dez later tweeted if you are going to tell something, tell the whole thing. i'm done with the situation. i hope everyone is having a great day. for the second straight morning i ask will anyone ever beat the golden state warriors? steph curry put up 21 points in the first quarter alone. he scored 20 points in a quarter four times this season. the rest of the nba combined has done that twice. curry ended the game with 46 points as the warriors win, 129-116. warriors on pace to go 82-0 this season. and huge fight in melbourne, australia. ronda rousey puts her title on the line. in speaking with cnn world sports, she intends rousey talks about what makes her different
2:25 am
than her opponent. >> i work harder than she does. i want it more than she does. it is no big secret. i'm willing to die in there. she is there for a paycheck. that's the difference. >> guys, i give holmes zero chance of winning. >> you may set a high mark. andy scholes, we will start the steph curry is underrated. i have never seen a shooter do what he is doing. >> he is the best shooter ever to play the game of basketball. incredible. >> you hear it. thanks, andy. 25 minutes past the hour. u.s. air strikes targetting jihadi john, the isis executioner. what we are learning new this morning about that operation next.
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breaking news this morning. the u.s. launching new attacks on isis in iraq and syria. drone strikes targeting the isis executioner jihadi john. this as isis launches a new deadly attack. we have a statement from the british prime minister. the gloves are off in the race for president. donald trump launching stunning insults. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. breaking news. the united states targeting one of the most notorious terrorists. a drone strike with this man in the cross-hair. he is known as jihadi john. a british citizen. his real name is mohammed emwazi. he appeared in a series of brutal isis execution videos. the pentagon is assessing the results of the strike, but they are confident the air strike did kill emwazi.
2:31 am
let's turn to nic robertson. actually, let's go to david cameron making a statement on the drone strike. >> good morning. last night, the united states carried out an air strike in raqqah, syria, targeting jihadi john or his name is mohammed emwazi. we cannot verify this is successful, but let me be clear, i always said we would do everything to track down emwazi and stop him taking the lives of others. we have been working with the united states literally around the clock to track him down. this was a combined effort and contribution of both our countries was essential. emwazi is a barbaric murderer. he was shown in the videos of the beheading of the british aid
2:32 am
workers. he was isil's lead executioner and let us never forget that he killed many, many muslims too. he was intent on murdering many more people. so this was an act of self defense. it was the right thing to do. today, i want to thank the united states, the united kingdom has no better friend or ally. i want to pay tribute to all those professionals in our own security and intelligence agencies and armed forces for the extraordinary work they do on behalf of our country. on this as so often, they have been working hand in glove with their american colleagues. we are proud of them. if the air strike is successful and we still await confirmation of that, it will be a strike at
2:33 am
the heart of isil. it will demonstrate to those who do britain, our people and allies harm. we have a long reach and unwaiveriu unwaving determination. britain and allies will not rest until we defeated this terrorist death cult and poisonous ideology on which it feeds. today, my thoughts and thoughts of the country are with the families of those who are brutally murdered. japanese citizens, american journalists, steven sotloff and james foley among others. of course, our citizens, david haines. nothing will bring back david and allen.
2:34 am
their courage and selflessness stand in stark contrast to the empty castors of their murderers. their friends and families should be proud of them as we are. they were the best of british and they will be remembered long after the murderers of isil are forgotten. thank you. >> a remarkable statement from the british prime minister david cameron. extremely pointed right there. he called the strike against jihadi john, mohammed emwazi, that executioner seen in so many isis videos. he called this a strike at the heart of isis. he said we cannot sure if this did in fact kill mohammed emwazi, but he did say this does show the remarkable coordination in the intelligence communications with the united states and united kingdom. >> the u.s. and u.k. working around the clock with security
2:35 am
and intelligence forces to track jihadi john and track people like him. he called it an act of self defense. you look at jihadi john, mohammed emwazi, and others like him who have killed muslims and killed americans and brits and people from many other nations. he said going after them and striking them is job one. >> he called it proof of the long arm, he said, of british resilience and american resilience. >> had killed jihadi john in the air strike. >> he indicated he has must degree of confidence that the strike did kill mohammed emwazi, jihadi john, the man you see in the picture. >> dramatic moment there is on the mohammed emwazi story. also, more breaking news. another front on the battle
2:36 am
against isis. kurdish peshmerga forces declare victory in the fight to retake sinjar. kurdish leaders announcing they have defeated isis and on the run on the second day of the offensive. still unknown is how many isis fighters are hidden in the city. how many land mines and booby traps they have left behind. we have nick paton walsh embedded in the peshmerga forces in sinjar. here's latest. >> reporter: john and christine, behind me in the distance, you can see the grain silo of sinjar was formerly at the change of hands. it is now clearly in the hands of the kurds. we have seen some of them on the roof a few moments ago. we have been down in the city in the past few hours. it is desolate rubble. littered with roadside bombs and booby traps.
2:37 am
as you pointed heavy gun fire could be heard. earlier today, large columns of peshmerga troops came in on foot converging on the center. clashes on the pockets of isis. we don't know the numbers inside the city. there appear to be significantly less. it has combatively been quiet. for instance, what will they face with the booby traps. how much of a victory has this been? they moved in within 48 hours with peshmerga with the assistance of the air strikes of the coalition. now they have control of sinjar, a town torn from yazidi from isis last year and strategically sat on the vital highway between two major isis towns. iraq and mosul. now sinjar it seems to peshmerga
2:38 am
hands. john and christine. remarkable reporting. this morning, united states and allies stepping up air strikes on oil fields controlled by isis. this is according to the new york times. the goal is to choke off the main source of revenue. there is information about two deadly suicide bombings that killed 40 people and wounded 200 in southern beirut. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. we want to go live to beirut and bring in clarissa ward. >> reporter: that is right, john. we are here at the scene of the second suicide bomber who blew himself up. 40 people killed and more than 200 people injured. this neighborhood is a largely shi'ite muslim neighborhood. people here supportive of hezbollah. i don't know if you can see the
2:39 am
yellow flag in the background behind me. those are the flags of hezbollah. that is the reason isis said it decided to strike this area. from what we know, there were two suicide bombers successfully detonated their explosive vests. we know also there was a third suicide bomber who did not manage to detonate his vest, but also killed in the ensuing blast. sorry, it is a chaotic scene here as you can imagine. john, lebanon is no stranger to violence and the spillover from the civil war. this is certainly the bloodiest event we have seen in years here. many people very concerned with isis now vowing to ratchet up attacks on shi'ite neighborhoods like this one. one final thing i would like to add, john, the neighborhood that supports hezbollah, but this a civilian area and people out last night after work buying groceries for dinner, they are not political activists in the
2:40 am
war. john. >> clarissa ward for us in beirut. thank you. trump unleashing a rant 95 minutes. what he had to say about his closest competitor in the race for president next. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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donald trump says the pathological temper ben carson has as a youth is incurable. he calls it an incurable sickness like a child molester. we have more this morning from athena jones in iowa. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. one of the first things trump said when he took the stage in ft. dodge was the gloves are off. that was more than true when it comes to ben carson. he spent several minutes hitting ben carson raising doubts of the
2:45 am
stories carson has told about his violent past. take a listen. >> he took the knife and he went after a friend and he lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend. lo and behold, it hit the belt. it hit the belt. and the knife broke. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap. >> reporter: some of the toughest and animated remarks we heard from trump over ben carson. he also spent time slamming other rivals. inside and outside of his party. jeb bush and marco rubio and saying of hillary clinton the only thing she has going for her is the woman card. the audience seemed to eat it up. john and christine. thank you. the carson campaign responded and called the comments
2:46 am
rambling. top aide of carson said mr. trump has resentment when he sees dr. carson rise. >> i want to break down the developments. i want to bring in our digital reporter live from washington. in addition to what we heard with the 95-minute rant in iowa, he did an interview with erin burnett where he compared the pathology of ben carson to that of a child molester. listen. >> he said he is pathological. somebody said he has pathological disease. other people said he said in the book and i have not seen it and it is in the book, he has a pathological temper or temperament. that is a problem. you don't cure that. that is like i say, they say as an example, cure a child molester. you don't cure these people.
2:47 am
you don't cure a child molester. there's no cure for it. pathological, there's no cure for that. >> so, i guess the question is, the bar is high at this point to say that statement is outrageous because he made so many statements that people think are controversial. why this? why now? >> it is almost like donald trump is getting a taste of his own medicine. it is remarkable. for months some candidates have been thinking how could i be losing to this guy? now donald trump is not at top of the polls. he is thinking how could i be losing to this guy or losing ground. unlike other politicians, donald trump says whatever is on his mind. we see that frustration bubble up. with the unguarded donald trump, we see what is going on in his head. >> he is unscripted. 95 minutes last night. he went after ben carson where he really talked off the top of
2:48 am
his head for 95 minutes. you know, this morning, we are seeing all of these reports of advances against isis. coalition against isis this morning. trump has a different take on what he would do. listen to trump. >> i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. i would just bomb those suckers and that's right. i would blow up the pipes. i would blow up the refineries. i would blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> you can see the crowd loved it when he talks like that. >> absolutely. it is very easy to write off donald trump as an entertainer. that is not the case. he has an incredible base of
2:49 am
support in the republican party. you cannot deny that support is sustained. clearly he has been speaking to what people are really looking for. he is the anti-barack obama. always has been nuanced. and how he approaches the difficult questions of foreign policy. donald trump is making it simple and clear. he said we will go after these guys. he uses colloquial language that we all understand. there is an appetite for that within the republican party that people are receiving. >> there is a "washington post" story out this morning that has people buzzing. it says the establishment is panicked that trump or carson could actually win this thing. some say mitt romney has to jump back into the race. that is what you hear every two or three months. what do you make of this story? >> this is quite interesting.
2:50 am
yes, a lot of people out there totally expected the trial balloon of donald trump and ben carson to burst right now. they expected people want politicia politicians. they would try donald trump and ben carson on for size and move on. that is not happening yet. that is not to say it won't. one of the interesting things about the way our primary system works is even if a candidate wins iowa or new hampshire or south carolina, you have to start to build momentum across several states. it is not clear that necessarily these candidates still polling down 30% or 25% in the polls, that's enough to win a primary, but not enough to win a full election. as numbers start to shake out, it is not clear if the number two is going to pick up all of the support of the numbers three through eight so people feel they have another option. there is a long way to go. it is clear the republican establishment expected a flameout that has not occurred. >> thank you for being with us.
2:51 am
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a pregnant wife of an indianapolis pastor shot and killed in a home invasion. 28-year-old amanda blackburn's body was found by her husband. she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. her 1-year-old son was left unharmed in his crib. hours earlier, a neighbor's home was burglarized. police have no suspects or solid leads. police want jared fogle to spend 12 1/2 years behind bars and a lifetime probation. he has agreed to plead guilty to child pornography and traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor. defending a shooting from a
2:56 am
police officer of a 12-year-old. timothy lohman had no choice but to shoot the boy carrying a pellet gun that looked to the responding officers like it was real. the report calls the shooting objectively reasonable. it was released by prosecutors thursday while the grand jury is deciding if criminal charges should be filed against the officer. let's get an early start on your money. the past week, the foundation for investors has changed. the single most important factor in stocks is not if the fed will raise rates this year, but how much and how quickly then after that. that realization slammed the dow down 250 points yesterday. turned the s&p negative for the year. fed president william dudley says we are ready for a rate hike. walmart workers plan to fast
2:57 am
in the 15 days leading up to black friday. the significance they say, walmart wages are too low to feed themselves and families. earlier this year, walmart raised minimum wage to $9 an hour. it will raise it again to $10 an hour next year. the wage increases will hurt profit. the stock is down 44% for the year. if you work at zillow, being a parent is easier. new moms will get 16 weeks paid leave and $1,000 amazon gift card. new dads get eight weeks of paid leave. >> no gift card? >> they used to get none. this is part of the growing trend in talent wars in tech. amazon and netflix and microsoft have increased parental leave benefits. you see it. unemployment rate is 5% and
2:58 am
falling. ceos have to keep their best people and they need better parental leave. >> it is interesting. you see it in tech. not some other places. isis executioner jihadi john targeted in a new u.s. air strike. "new day" picks that up now. >> u.s. drone strikes targeting jihadi john. authorities are confident the strike killed emwazi. >> the message to isis is you can run, you can't hide. >> peshmerga forces fight to retake the iraqi city of sinjar. >> the effort to target the critical supply line with raqqah and mosul. donald trump releasing the most aggressive attacks yet. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> she is playing the woman card. >> the belt moves this way. it moves this way. it moves that way. >> i have no idea where mr. trump thinks the money's going
2:59 am
to come from. >> they say $600 billion. bigger than the department of defense budget. >> the question is whether you can round up and deport 11 million people. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. jihadi john, that masked isis murderer with the british accent targeted in a u.s. air strike. we are waiting for confirmation whether the man was actually killed. one u.s. officials tells cnn they are confident they got their man. meanwhile, the u.s. stepping up its war on isis, providing air cover to kurdish forces, trying to liberate the iraqi town of sinjar. the terrorists not backing down. they're issuing new threats against russia and claiming responsibility for two deadly suicide bomb innings beirut. cnn is covering all these
3:00 am
developments for you starting with frederik pleitgen in london. >> the british prime minister david cameron went in front of cameras here in london and once again confirmed the air strike had taken place. it wasn't clear at this point whether or not the air strike was a success. he called this an act of self-defense. because, he said, it's certain that jihadi john would have continued to kill people. let's have a look. breaking overnight, the pentagon confirming u.s. forces launch an air strike targeting the masked isis executioner known as jihadi john. a senior u.s. official says after track him for days, authorities are, quote, confident that the drone strike killed the kuwaiti born citizen identified as mohammed emwazi. >> it's a victory for the united states, the coalition and our partners. it does bring closure to those families. >> a


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