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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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about the results of this particular action, but the fact that we were even able to conduct this air strike is some indication that we are serious about applying pressure to isil leaders, and to, you know, using that intelligence to do that. again in the case of mr. emwazi, an isil lead erleader, and some was involved in the online and radicalization efforts, and that made him a target worth going after. >> and as you mentioned earlier, this individual had a role in the deaths of some western hostage, and i'm wondering if the white house has reached out today or yesterday to the families of those hostages, and if you could describe, i guess, what kind of outreach was done for them regarding this? >> yes. roberta, i can confirm that a
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number of families, of hostages who have been killed in syria were contacted in advance of public reports to let them know that the operation had taken place, and that is simple, because once these operations take place, it once again elevates the media attention around their loved one. so hearing from us firsthand about that is something that we try to do. this was something that was done consistent with the process that was plish e -- was established the task force that the president announced earlier today, earlier this year over to the summer to talk about how the united states will handle the cases of american hostages being held around the world. one of the goals can of the new structure was to streamline and improve our communication with the hostage families.
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or the families of hos tanl, and this is one example of how the system is more efficient that was put in place. >> and also, on the bipartisan meeting that you are having, how concerned is the white house and the president that ttp is becoming a target of the bipartisan criticism in the campaign with both democrats and republicans who are running attacks from both side? >> not particularly, and p primarily, because this is when congress was working to advance the trade promotion authority over the summer -- we will monitor the white house briefing. that is josh aernest asked ab t about -- josh earnest that he was asked about the killing of mohammed emwazi, jihadi john,
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and that they say he is certain that he is dead. and also, families of the hostages that jihadi john had killed were know notified before. and we are following news around the world. kurdish troops have said that they have chased out ter isis from sinjar, and also once again, another big story, it is reasonably certain a that the jihadi john who is the masked man seen in many videos beheading hostages is now dead. one called him the manifestation of evil, and one called him grotesque, and fond of sadistic torture techniques and now his reign has come to an end. and now, mohammed emwazi is the
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masked man that we saw in the videos being the mouth piece of isis. it is reasonably certain, says the government, that mohammed emwazi, jihadi john, is dead. >> we are reasonably certain that we killed the man that we wanted to kill, jihadi john. this man is a human animal, and killing him is probably making the world a better place. >> we go to the pentagon correspondent barbara starr. have you learned more details about the strike, and what can you tell us? >> wolf, what we now know is that the military and the intelligence community had been tracking jihadi john mohammed emwazi for several days. they had picked up his trail and discovered that he was making his way to raqqah, and began to follow him. they had three drones overhead equipped with missiles, and they
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were keeping constant eyes on him, because that is the basically the way that the missions go. you have to keep eyes on the target, and you have to know that it is the person that you going after, and that civilians will not be killed in the area that you are taking every precaution against the civili civilians. so it was yesterday when they saw him exit a building in raqqah and get into a vehicle. that is when two missiles were fired from three drones overhead. they believe absolutely that they did get him, and do they have 11 is 00% surety, no. because there are no american personnel on the ground, so they will try to verse fi it, but they do believe they have the man they were going after. >> yes, they are saying they are reasonably certain that he is now dead. thank you, barbara. i want to go into the other war against isis, and kurdish forces are saying they have won the battle of sinjar, and they havic taen that city from iraqi terrorists.
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it followed a two-day coalition-backed firing. we go nick paton walsh, and you were there, and the kurds were moving quickly and got the u.s. air strike assistance, and so where does it go from here? >> the question is, i think, is this a new momentum on behalf of the peshmerga working in coordination with other group, but the remarkable as e set of the coalition air power and so persistent and effective over the last two days, to ush her in the extraordinarily quick victory for the peshmerga. is this new momentum doing to point them into the west of sinjar, raqqah, the capital of the self-declared caliphate or off to the east, and mosul is
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the next target, and that the peshmerga leader announced the liberation of sinjar, he said that they would assist in the operation against mosul, and it is vital, because it is sitting from buy yee ji, baiji to baghdad. the picture we got today is not june ver s-- the picture we got today is not universal, and the building everywhere is damaged, and everywhere you look, roadside bombs and booby traps, and some bombs hiding in barrel, and there was a fear that some isis had been disguising as peshmerga and firing from the tunnels. today, we had bullets going by our head, and two of the guys
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had been hit by the sniper, and they believe they potentially got him. and pockets of certainty there, but the speed of the victory is remarkable, and everybody saying that the coalition air power made it happen. the peshmerga there in huge n b number, but the suicide bombers were impossible because the air strikes made it impossible. >> thank you, nick paton walsh, be careful over there. and the mill gant group isis has claimed responsibility for killing the downed plane over the sinai killing all 224 people aboard. there the was a pair of suicide bo bombs in beirut that killed at least 43 people, and injured more than 200 other, and today,
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look at this in baghdad. a suicide attack during a funeral that killed 17 people in the iraqi capital, but with the news that a coalition strike may have killed jihadi john, there is progress from the u.s. and the coalition perspective in in war against isis. let's discuss this with congressman peter king who is a member of the ohmland security committee, and also the homeland committee. and now, jihadi john, he was a low-level guy, and he got a lot of publicity there for the videos, but way a number of jihadists who are above him and very much alive and well. >> well, wolf, there are a number of them above him, and i want to give the u.s. military credit for this thi, because he
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a a major face of isis and out there carrying out the horrific executions. the cutting off of the heads is just absolutely horrible, and so it is important symbolically and psychologically, and going to hurt isis in the short run as far as recruiting and takes away the image of themming being invincible, and so it is significant and i give the military a lot of credit, because we have very little if any intelligence on the ground from syria, and for them to find him and track him and kill him, if that is the case, it is an extraordinary achievement. >> and the coalition air strikes led by the u.s., and back up the kurdish and peshmerga operation, it seems that things are moving in the right direction, based on the nick paton walsh report that you saw. is the united states taking a more aggressive approach not only on the ground, but in the air, and some special forces were near sinjar call manage the air strikes? >> wolf, i hope. so i hope that the president
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maintains it, because isis is a difficult enemy to defeat, because it is difficult to get them to one area, and you do need intelligence and people on the ground, and sustained attack, and so the killing of jihad john, and the taking back of sinjar by the peshmerga and all of that is a significant step. again, eye is is also still making inroads themselves, so and so we have to keep it up, and maintain it, and realize, this is a long struggle. but if we keep going like this, we are going in the right direction. it is a long haul, and long time, and we have been fighting really almost one hand behind our back by not having forces on the ground for intelligence purposes, and if it is correct, we are going in the right way, and the president needs to s sustain it. >> and now, this is what is going on right now in the war against isis as commented on
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from the president. listen to this. >> the fact is they are not growing in strength, and they is not gained any ground in iraq, and in syria, it, they will come in, and they will leave. but, you don't see the systemic march by isil across the terrain. >> doing you agree with that assessment? >> no, the president is too detached and isis has gained over the last year, and any intelligence analyst will tell you that isis is stronger today than it was 14 months ago. and to the president to say that, again, that is making me nervous that the president wants to declare a quick victory again and get out, but the fact is that if we have begun to turn the tide at all, we have to sustain it, and keep going, because isis is going to keep going. and ten days ago we believed they were responsible for bringing down the russian airliner. so othis is not a movement that is receding, they are actually
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expanding the scope. we know that back in july, they attempted to launch attacks here in the united states over the fourth of july. so no, they are not reseeding. we have scored some victories over the last few days, but these are victories in a lang war, so i am hoping that the president is not planning to say, we won and get out, because it is going to be one long tough fight. >> and one more question, the intelligence committee, that you are a member of, the presidential candidate ben carson says that he knows that china is directly involved in syria, and he says he going to be releasing details this weekend. based on what you know, is there any evidence that chinese are actively involved in syria. >> wolf, i have no evidence of that at all, and nothing implying it. when i heard that, i was struck
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by it, and i thought that i missed something, but from everybody i have spoke to and heard, there nothing to back it up at all. i will be interested to see what he has the to show. and if he does not have to show it, it is a real reflection that you can't make some allegations like that on the world stage. china is a major power and there is enough to accuse them of with evidenc evidence, and we can't just be accusing them. >> yes, and josh earnest just ridiculed the statement, and susan rice, who has all of her intelligence sources says she does not know all about it, and we will see what evidence he do does, if he releases something over to the weekend to back up the assertion that china is directly involved in syria as well. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> wolf, thank you very much. appreciate it. and also, coming up is donald trump doubling down on a stunning attack ips gat ben carson, and the newest claim, and plus dar carson's comments. and a new report that the republican establishment is
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. just when you thought that you had heard donald trump's most stunning comment, he goes on the 95-minute tirade and trump unloading on hillary clinton and as well as his republican presidential rivals. he unleashed as his most ing a gres ive attacks so far on dr. ben carson. at one point in the campaign rally last night, trump mocked his narrative about the violent past. >> he took a knife, and he went after a friend, and he lunged, he lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend, but low and behold! it hit the belt. it hit the belt, and the knife
10:20 am
broke. gimme a break. gimme a break. give me a break. the knife broke. let me tell you, i'm pretty good at this stuff. so, i have a belt. right. somebody hits me, it is going to go in, because the belt moves this way, and it moves this way. and it moves that way [ laughter ] and he hit the belt buckle, and anybody have a nice and want to try it on me? [ laughter ] what do you think? it ain't going to work to be successful, but he took the knife like this and he plunged it into the belt. amazingly the belt stayed totally flat, and the knife broke. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? earlier trump sat down with cnn's erin burnett, and he was
10:21 am
skeptical of the dr. carson's stabbing story, and he took the criticism further comparing the temperament of carson to child molesters. >> when he said that he stabbed somebody with a knife and hit a belt buckle, and i know a lot about knives and belt buckles, a and they are going to be twisting and turning, and especially if you have a couple of extra pounds on there, and there is movement. and the chances of somebody going like that, and hitting a belt buckle where it does not slide off -- >> you are not satisfied yet? >> when somebody says he is pathological and i have not seen it, but they say sit is in the book, and he has a pathological temper or temperament, that is a problem, because you don't cure that. they'd say that you don't, as an example child molester, and you don't care these people. you don't cure a child molester. there is no cure for et. pathological, there is is no
10:22 am
cure for that. trump also reponded to the crit ijs of his immigration plan. and erin burnett pressed him on how he would deport 11 million illegal ill grants? >> well, how would you do it? >> i would build a wall that is powerful, and people are not going up or over or around or anything else. and we are going to be getting rid of the bad ones, and you know that, gang members in l.a., and looking at the gangs, they are 100% illegal immigrant, and they are gone, and gone fast, and not in the prisons for us to take care of them. and our prisons are bursting with illegals right now. bursting. >> and what about the law abiding majority. >> and now, you have people come in illegally and they are illegal immigrant, and they have to go, and they have to come back e legally, and otherwise, we don't have a country. >> in response to trump's comments, dr. carson tried to
10:23 am
take the high road, and this is what he said in a news conference a little while ago. >> now that he has completed the gratuitous attack, and why don't we press on and deal with the real issues. the reason i'm in the race is because there are some real profound issues that affect the trajectory of the country right now. that is what the people of america are concerned about, and not so much politics as usual, and politics of personal destruction, and that is what people are sick and tired of. i hope at some point we reach a level of maturity to actually deal with the issues that are facing us right now, and stop getting into the mud, and doinging things that really don't matter. >> as for trump's comparing dr. carson's self-described pathological temper as a teenager to a child molester, carson said this. >> it is not the kind of
10:24 am
dialogue that i would ever engage in. i am hopeful that maybe his advisers will help him to understand the word pathological. and recognize that it does not denote incurable. it is not the same. it is simply an adjective that describes something that is highly abnormal. something that fortunately i have been able to be delivered from for a half a century now. >> and earlier now, carson's business manager called trump's comments immature and embarrassing and actually said that dr. carson was praying for donald trump. how are the democrats reacting to what is going on with the republicans? joining us from des moines, iowa, the chair of the dnc debbie wassermann schultz. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. i know you are getting ready or
10:25 am
the the presidential debate there tomorrow night. >> yes. >> and what do you make of trump's statements against dr. ben carson, and how likely to affect the republican race seen from your perspective? >> you know, i mean the food fight that has become the republican primary continues, and they really have focused on the politics of personal destruction which now they have trained on one another. the raging battle that exists in the republican party today between the tea party extremists and so many of the republican field, they have all become beholden to the extreme right, and what it has caused is not a focus on issues that matter to americans who are going to be deciding the election, but on the personal, nasty, back-biting politics that, you know, has made it their primary a soap
10:26 am
opera. >> and you know, donald trump, he is severely criticized over to the plan to deport 11 million undocumented americans, and as you know, some latino groups have criticized president obama from deporting well over 2 million people in his first seven years in office. listen to exchange that president obama had with jorge ramos on univision in 2014. >> why did you deport 2.4 million. >> jorge, we are not going to -- >> and you have done it for many years, and deporter in chief. >> you called me the deporter in chief. >> and that is what -- >> maybe. but let me say this, jorge. >> and you could have stopped the deportation. >> that is not true. we spent that entire time trying to get a comprehensive immigration reform bill done that would solve the problem for all of the people. >> so you understand, congresswoman, why so many
10:27 am
latinos are so frustrated that the president has deported millions of people from the united states as well. >> wolf, the of whelming majority of hispanic ms. this country are supportive of the democratic party's agenda, and they appreciate that president obama established the deferred action program to allow the nation's dreamers who know no other country but this one, and they are, as american as any american citizen is, and just one away to be able to make sure they can make a way, better way of life for themselves as their parents intended, and that republicans who are running for president, including marco rubio to add insult to injury would repeal that piece of mind that deferred action has created for the dreamer, and much worse. donald trump has spent the last several days of the debate to talk about a poll it is, if god forbid where he were elected
10:28 am
president to round up imgrants, and create an immigration police, and the police state that donald trump has suggested that he would create if he were to become president is the most un-american thing that i can think of. >> and quick question on hillary clinton the democratic frontrunner in the debate there obviously in iowa where you are already tomorrow night, and she has brought up now several times including recently, this assertion that back in 1995 when she was a yale law school grad and married to bill clinton in little rock, arkansas, and she had wanted to toed to be enlise u.s. marine corps, and was refused. what happened there? >> this is not the first time that hillary clinton has shared the personal anecdote to from her life. she shared it when she was first lady in the 1990s, and it is a
10:29 am
story that she uses to illustrate where women were back then, and just how far we have come, and how long we have to go, just like all candidates use our personal stories and anecdotes from our lives as jumping off point, and it is nothing more than that, and the american people are really getting tired of the obsession over personal anecdotes of people's lives that are nothing more than that. they want us to focus as our candidates have focused on the on the issues important to them, whether they can get a good job that pays them well, and whether they can get education they can afford, and access to health care and roof over their head and secure retirement, and any one of the candidates are fighting for that to helpp the people reach the middle-class, and all of the republicans want to dial the clock back to the failed policies that got us into the worst economic depression since the depression. >> and congresswoman, thank you very much for joining us.
10:30 am
>> always a pleasure, wolf. thank you so much. >> thank you. the programming note for the viewers. tomorrow night, after that democratic debate at # 1 is -- at 11:00, we will have have a full and is sis of whalysis of democrats had to say. that is tomorrow night at 1111 is:00 eastern -- that is 11 1: p.m. eastern. we will have more on the gop hopefuls coming up. od turkey sa. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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donald trump is not backing down clearly of the criticism of dr. carson yesterday. today, he is out with a new instagram video questioning his personal narrative of the violent past as a teenager. watch this. >> i had a large camping knife
10:35 am
and i tried to stab him in the abdomen. >> what? does it fit with the guy that you knew? >> no. >> let's bring in the cnn political commentator s.e. cup, and amanda carpenter, and that 90-minute speech by donald trump was by all indications, i guess over to the top shall we say. >> well, what is striking me more about donald trump recently is a that he is so specific in the attacks against the other candidates, he is so specific, but when it comes to his policy, it appears he should be more specific about policies. and that ad is so dark that i x
10:36 am
expect a call this number with information after it. >> and the main challenger in iowa according to the polls in iowa, does that kind of attack work? >> no. trump has not been able to find the strike zone gaiagainst ben carson. >> it worked with jeb bush. >> yes, and with ben carson, nothing is sticking. went after the temperament, and called him an okay-doctor, and challenged the seventh day adventi adventist, and believe in iowa, people are familiar, and nothing is sticking. and now, going after his biography, and other people are as well, especially some of us in the media, but it is not working. and what trump doesn't understand is that the people coming to see trump are not there because they don't like ben carson, they are there because they don't trust the establishment candidates, and so you can see that the eyes were glazed over through the performance of the belt buckle, and they were not into it, and they didn't know where it was going, and they are not with him on this anti-ben carson train. >> and the point when donald
10:37 am
trump attacked ben carson's autobig ra autobiography, that is almost like attacking his faith h. this is a catalyst for him becoming a man of god, and so when donald trump questions that story, he is questioning ben carson's faith, and that not going to be playing well in iowa. >> he says that he doesn't know anything about seventh day a adventist, and he is not challenging it, but he just raised the point that he is a seventh day adventist. >> well, it is a religion of 18 million people, and it is not a couple of guys in the church basement, and in iowa, plenty of people are aware of what a seventh day adventist is. and so trump has not read ben carson and he has not figured it out yet, and not to say he won't, but he has not figured it out yet. >> and in the rally last night, this is donald trump on how he would defeat isis. sflt someone on one of the show,
10:38 am
i said, look, isis is making a tremendous amount of money, because they have certain oil ca cap, and certain areas of oil they took a way, and some in syria, and some in iraq, and i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> that is the major source of isis' cache, the oilfields they have taken over. >> and set aside this is not presidential talk, and not looking good coming from the white house, but what works for donald trump is that he has a clear direct way of communicating to people's feelings, and that played well in the audience and they clap and cheered. presidential? no, but does it speak to the feeling that people have, yes. >> and how does that play in new hampshire, and south carolina, and florida and nevada. >> and when trump says he is going to the bomb the s-out of them, or when ben carson says that we are going to be shooting a russian plane out of the sky, that is going to sell to not just a segment of the population, but certain segments
10:39 am
of the country at large. it is not substantive and not the whole story, and very complicated situation over there, and i think that if you started to, you know, scratch beneath is surface with trump or carson with their foreign policy plans, you would find out quickly ta they don't have enough knowledge to make the calls, but certainly that no-nonsense, and straight forward is working. it is why they have so much support. >> and also, this is why the trump likes the rallies, because he can say the bombastic things unchallenged, but in a debate where he is pressed on the substance, he is quiet. >> and yes, secretary of state john kerry said at the institute of peace say that isis is selling some of the oil to the are regime of bashar al assad, a and so that oil is a important issue. >> and up next, isis is claiming responsibility for two separate deadly suicide bombings. we will have a live report
10:40 am
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isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb attack earlier today in baghdad. at least 17 people were killed and dozens more injured. it happen ed ed in the funeral procession of a pro government shiite muslim fighter. and they say that the shiite muslims are against several military operations in iraq. and meanwhile, isis is claiming responsibility for two deadly suicide bombings in beirut. more than 200 people were injured and 20 people killed. we are joined by our correspondent in beirut. what is it like today, clarissa,
10:45 am
to t he reaction of the horrendous double bombings yesterday? >> well, wolf, today, prime minister said that today is a day of mourn, and the tensions are very high in lebanon. it has been more than a year sips a large attack of this nature, and people are concerned that we will see more of the same. we spent most of the day at the scene of that blast. we saw still the roads covered in broken glass and in blood. and isis is claim iing responsibility por this attack saying that it happened in a southern suburb of beirut, and it is a shiite huz limb enclave. people there are very much loyal to hez plau, and you will see the yellow flags which is the hezbollah flag, and of course, hezbollah has been fighting alongside the syrian regime of bashar al assad.
10:46 am
so they are saying that they are fighting alongside the bashar al assad regime. but, wolf, this is a cafes and shops and many of those who were killed were indeed civilians. >> how concerned are the lebanese that the war next door in syria is going to be spilling over now in a major way in lebanon? >> well, wolf, is a real concern, because this is the first time that isis is striding forward to claim attack on an attack of this nature. it is not just here in lebanon, but across the region to sow the seeds of discord among the sectarian parties and fan the flame of that hatred. >> and more than 11 million syrian refugees have come into lebanon in the past few years. be careful over there, clarissa.
10:47 am
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. let's return to the developments we're following in the war against isis. the masked men may now be dead. the pentagon is still trying to determine if a drone strike took jihady john out. in iraq a victory for kurdish forces backed by u.s. air power. they forced militants out of sinjar. joining us to discuss this is colonel rick francona and
10:52 am
democratic congresswoman and president of the woodrow wilson international center sfr scholars jayne harmon. the kill iing of jihady john, t victory in sinjar, those are significant developments, but i don't think we have to go overboard and say it's turning the tide. >> i agree, it's too early to put the banner that says mission accomplished on top of the aircraft carrier. and in sinjar they have to hold it. they with respearen't the domin fighters. it was the peshmerga that won the battle with our air cover. i don't know where this goes. we still have to get raqqa, ramadi and continue the raids. >> there's a lot of other stuff going on. sinjar is important because it's on that road from raqqa, the so-called capital of the islamic state. which they still control the second largest city in iraq.
10:53 am
they have now controlled it for a couple years. no indications of the iraqi military stepping up to the plate to retake that city. there's still a long battle ahead, right? >> i think so. this would probably be one of the first steps. it's very important. and i think this was important that they cut the supply line. now as the congresswoman says, isis will probably try to retake sinjar because that route 47 that runs all the way from raqqa into mosul is their key supply line. replicating that is going to be difficult. we're going to see more fighting there. the city is not clear yet. although isis has pulled back, there's still a lot of clearing they will have to do. the city suffered tremendous damage from the allied air bombing. >> we'll see if they can hold on to sinjar. they are getting no support from the iraqi military at all. they got other issues with them as well. how significant is the current
10:54 am
killing of jihady john seen in the videos beheading americans and hostages? >> big deal. it's not confirmed. i think the cia wants to make sure we don't know what the sources and methods were of finding him, so they are reluctant to put out proof. but i don't think they would be advertising this if it weren't fairly certain. >> it's a big deal because he killed americans and could kill more. so stopping him personally matters, but it sends a signal we're out looking for these guys. >> there were plenty of others out there, rick, beyond jihady john. he spoke english well and had a flare, but there are a lot of others who could come in and fill that gap. >> he was the face of isis. he was that brutal face we saw
10:55 am
in the videos. he wasn't that important. so taking him out won't really change the battle on the ground, but it sure sends a message. it brings justice to the families and does put a lot of the isis leaders on notice that we will not only have the capability to come get you, but we have the willingness to do so. >> you see a more assertive u.s. military posture unfolding now, including more boots on the ground. >> and i love it. but woor not going to win this militarily. we're going to win it diplomatically. what i like even better is the meeting in vienna of the relevant parties including the saudis and others will continue this weekend. there has to be a diplomatic solution. and i'm betting even though there are some arguments against it that russia and egypt will redouble efforts after their huge embarrassment in sinai. >> thank you very much. that's it for me.
10:56 am
i'll be back at 5:00 eastern. the news will continue on cnn, right after this quick break. re with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. ♪ there's more than one route to the top. the 2016 lexus ls and the new lx. each offering leading-edge comfort, safety and performance technologies. the ultimate in refinement meets the ultimate in capability. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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here we go, great to be with you on this friday, i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. two huge potential victories in it the u.s.-led war on isis. number one, this u.s. airstrike said to have killed this man, jihady john. it's the voice of isis, the masked beheader who took the lives of three americans on camera. the u.s. saying it is confident that a reaper drone armed with missiles took the right shot just over syria blowing up the car the british citizen was apparently traveling in. >> wir