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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  November 13, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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syria. there is a u.s. presence on the ground in syria. i think this is going to push us in that direction. unlike the aftermath of the jordanian pilot situation where they were going to unleash their fury, the french can do it. the live coverage continues with john voss and isha sesay. >> hello and welcome to our continuing live coverage of the people dead in six locations.
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there is fear that more may be at large. no one knows at this time just how many attackers were involved or if the threat is over. >> the terrorists, some armed with ak-47s and others with explosive belts attacked sites across paris and at a stadium where the french president was watching a soccer match. >> three explosions were heard at the stade de france and at least one appears to be a suicide bombing. at least four people died at the stadium and president francois hollande was evacuated during halftime. >> but the worst of the carnage was at the bataclan concert hall. witnesses describe it as a blood bath saying that the gunmen shot at them for at least ten long minutes. [ speaking in french ].
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>> a short time later gunfire could be heard as the police stormed the theater to rescue the hostages. and just a short time the security forces present to intervene and the terrorists in a place near here, i also want
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to express my admiration to all these services, the doctors, firefighters, all those people who have come to assistance, their acade their admirable work. amongst those who have seen these atrocities, the terrorists who are pitiless and france which is determined and united and which will not be stopped in regards to this tragedy of the population. thank you. >> defiant words from the french president there. isis has praised the attacks on twitter. but there has been deployed thrs i. paris had already beefed up short.
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barack obama who is expected to attend offered his condolences. >> this is an attack, not just on paris. it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. >> we're starting to get some accounts of what happened. >> there's some horrific accounts of what actually happened inside. >> absolutely. a reporter we've been speaking to was inside the bataclan concert hall when it was under attack. he described what happened in horrifying detail. >> the show was about to end. the band eagles of death metal was playing for almost an hour. and suddenly we heard gunshots
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coming behind us. i saw two men holding assault rifles, ak-47s, i'm sure of it. they were firing randomly into the crowd. obviously all lied down on the floor to not get hurt. and it was a huge panic. and the terrorist shot at us for, like, 10, 15 minutes. it was a bloodbath. and they shot at us and they reloaded the guns several times,
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multiple times. and it's actually what i escaped because they reloaded basically. i just waited for the time they reloaded to run, to climb the scene and hide behind it. i helped people around me. and it was shocking. i mean, it was panicking, huge panic. they shot at us for 10 to 15 minutes. it was long, it was very, very long. >> julian pierce e speaking with anderson cooper about the details as they unfolded inside the theatre. it has a capacity crowd of about 1,500 people. and we're told by members of the band that it was, in fact, even oversold. so there could have been more than the 1,500 people inside at the time of the shooting. our senior international
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correspondent in paris is jim bitterman. he joins us with more. we are hearing from the french prosecutor that seven of the eight terrorists were, in fact, suicide bombers who blew themselves up. what more do we know about the gunmen who were out there. is that the total number in this attack. who more are they looking for right now? >> in the last hour or so, we heard from the prosecutor's office, they can't confirm that all the gunmen have been accounted for. they have said that they killed eight of them, that seven had suicide belts on. but, in fact, they can't confirm they've got everybody. that's got the city and the nation on edge. the president ordered the border shut and in a state of national security.
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it's amazing sort of mood this evening. now we're going on to saturday morning after the friday the 13th attacks. i think a lot of people are dumbfounded about what exactly has happened with all the details and where this may be going. after all, john, in just 17 days. france is supposed to welcome up to 90 heads of state and government here for the climate change conference. you have to wonder if they can't keep paris together, how they can keep it safe for all those leaders. >> they're uncertain if they a ended everyone involved. set the scene on the streets of paris right now.
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is it clearly evident, the heightened security presence? >> totally. there are police everywhere, army everywhere. i've seen overnight here, i've seen several cars sort of turned away from the scene here very aggressively. about 100 yards away from the theatre where the concert hall is. where the worst shooting took place. and there will be cars approaching the barriers and some drivers apparently unknowing what they were doing. at least in one case, i saw a young shoulder point his weapon straight at the driver and say turn around. the driver moved quickly to do so. and nothing happened. but it's quite an amazing thing to see on the streets of paris, this sort of thing going on.
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that there's a concern there could be somebody else out there with a gun that could try to keep this terror attack going. as with charlie hebdo, in fact, things didn't stop after the first attack on charlie hebdo. it went on for three days. >> and jim, the french cabinet met hours after this attack. what sort of security powers has been enacted as far as the cabinet is concerned. well, declaring a state of emergency as the president announced tonight is a pretty serious thing. it's never been seen here, except perhaps during the algerian war. but sealing the borders has never taken place. and i think the president also said that after that meeting that, in fact, they would be sealing off areas of paris, that they would be stopping and searching people at random.
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the mayor's office announced that she was going to order all schools closed today. saturday. i take it by that she means the larnl superstock markets, not the corner store. but nonetheless, any place where anybody would gather, swims pools, that sort of thing have all been closed for the day today. so it's quite exceptional. >> jim, we turn our attention to the victims of this horrific event. what are we hearing in terms of survivor, in terms of injuries. are we getting any kind of update from authorities? >> we're not getting much of an update. the numbers you've got there are the numbers we have for the moment.
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one guy was grazed a slight wound in his leg. in chaos society. cold bloodedly attacked groups of people of shooting them.
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e barrier collapsed and people were on top of each other and saying when he escaped, he walked over bodies. he wasn't sure if he was walking over living or dead bodies. >> when he says he's absolutely seen nothing like that, you know that absolutely means something. >> jim, thank you. >> when you hear these roorts of the scenes inside the bataclan, people climbing over each other. >> lot of people gout ott when the gunmen paused to reloet.
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>> the place had a capacity of 1,500 peep. we know it was overcrowded. we don't know how many people were injured and the nature of those injuries we continue to ask questions about that. >> sk o, injuries sustained by automatic weapons can be horrific. how did these events unfold at the epicenter of the terrorist attacks. >> these assault rifles, these ak-47s are also shouting allah akbar, which means god is great.
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>> an intelligence and security analyst from irving, california. all that is unfolding there in paris. what do you make of the fact that today there's still no claim of responsibility for these attacks. trying to claim credit, it has all the hallmarks, mass casualties, coordinated dimension of syria. there's no playbook. i wouldn't say these are spontaneous, but they're lone wolf groups that wouldn't necessarily think about the
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propaganda other than the attack itself. i think what we're seeing in the islamic state is a lot of small franchises, even the attack on the russian airplane was a franchise. i don't think we should make too much of it. they all share the same objective, which is to attack the west. for the reprisal in syria. it is far flung and it's very difficult. there's no beheading this movement. we could take raqqa today, and what i could predict, there would be more violence from groups like this. suicide vets, automatic weapon, you don't learn that on line, do you?
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>> i used to run these groups. i used to run lethal operations for the cia in getting seven disparate group, unconnected, coordinated attacking at the same time in that operational window. >> you're right, you don't get this on the internet. has to people knew what they were doing. >> they got train, you're talk about multiple individuals coming together for a coordinated attack. you have to wonder how it is that it wasn't detected. is it that they were criminal master minds? or does this point to gaps in the security system, the counterterrorism system there in france?
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i spent several years working for the french police. it's not about the french word keeping the french at the helm. no way. peer to peer communication, they're using an app called what's app. if you get off the phone, you stop texting your colleagues then you can slip under the radar. what are they doing to try to
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track down what had to be some kind of support network there in paris and france. they're going through there, they see they're prepaid. any markings on the weapons any kind of ammunition. they're going to take a look at what kind of explosives. if it's military explosives, these guys were making their best vests out. that's a real problem. if it's tatp, hydrogen per red sox side. they can start to piece together who these people are and see a signature. they'll see if they can connect this group to iraq or syria or yemen.
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>> some important analysis. we very much appreciate it. thank you. there are still concern there are other gunmen, other terrorists out there right now, which is why there is an unprecedented level of security. >> we ask you to stay with us throughout the night here in the united states. we'll stay on top of the story. we're live for you in los angeles for the next couple of hours and we'll bring you the very latest on the situation there in paris. coming up, france wants to know what or who motivated this night of horrors. many are looking at isis and the group has not been completely quiet on line. that's next.
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>> welcome back, everyone france is waking up to unprecedented horror. at least 153 people killed in a series of attacks. and under a state of emergency right now. >> the french president was at a soccer stadium last night when three blasts exploded nearby. >> concertgoers just wanted to see a band, and now at least 100 of them are now dead. they were held hostage until s.w.a.t. units stormed the theatre. >> and it was not over. at least four other locations were attacked in paris. eight of the attackers are dead. seven died carrying out suicide bombings.
9:25 pm
they're grieve they're waiting for answers. >> multiple locations for these attacks. we want to give you a sense of where all of this happened in paris. >> all of this is spread over a radius of a few miles and tom foreman had a few of that. >> all of the attacks took place north of the traditional tourist areas in paris along the champs elysees notre dame. the bataclan theatre attack quite a short distance from the charlie hebdo offices, as you can see. the theatre holds about 1,000 people, maybe a little more. it's a structure that would be considered a medium sized venue. and shortly before the concert began, the bass player for the band, the american band, tweeted
9:26 pm
out this picture. from the street level, you can see most of the buildings around it are a little bit taller than the theatre itself. and you can see some of the view there on the street where, of course, many of the victims came out as they tried to flee. and then later on as they tried to triage people and see who was hurt and who had been killed. not a bad walk. you get to this restaurant, this is a popular restaurant in the area. it is in some tourist guide books. it's not really a tourist site very much. more of a local site. but it would be very crowded, because it's very popular with young people there, cambodian food being offered here. and also a very densely populated neighborhood here in the tenth aroundesment, or neighborhood as they would call it. you're getting further north and to a much, much bigger crowd. it's a modern stadium, had an event under way, this soccer
9:27 pm
match. 80,000 people at this stadium. and this is where we know there was a suicide bomber, according to the authorities. why that suicide bomber did not find the opportunity to strike more people we don't know. it is a good thing they did not. but that will be one of the many things they try to sort out as authorities go over the geography of where the attackers came from, how they wound up where they did and how they staged these attacks. >> thanks to tom foreman for that report. no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, at least not yet. earlier cnn spoke with mayor blum. >> she described what she has found on some terror propaganda websites. >> we've been looking even in arabic on some of the isis sites and they've said not yet, be patient, patience is a virtue. so they're deliberately not taking any credit. and so my interpretation of this
9:28 pm
could be that they're unwilling to say anything because there may still be some of the their individuals that are out and about. they don't want to reveal anything that might contribute to the large e network being captured. >> in january, charlie hebdo was attacked and recent b venues had extra security added. the consensus is they may have been expecting some sort of attack or gotten word of some sort of attack. >> social media encourages people to act and make the streets of paris run with blood. so this is how it's been on isis in social media to make people very concerned about what might be sort of in the works.
9:29 pm
>> when we come back, we'll hear from one of the accusers evacuated from the bataclan concert hall. inside, he described a scene which looked like a war zone. >> we'll also hear from one man inside the stadium. after the break, he describes the moment when the crowd first heard the explosives detonate. do stay with us. ♪ is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪
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. >> it's just past 9:30 here in los angeles. and fear is running high on the streets of paris. military and police officers are out in droves. the latest death toll is 153 with more suspected wounded. eight attacks are dead, seven died in suicide blasts. six locations were targeted. >> here's the breakdown of a casualties according to french officials. 1 12 people were killed at the bataclan concert hall. at least 14 were killed at a petit cambodge restaurant. 19 were killed at labellel labellele equipe and four killed at avenue de la repuplique.
9:34 pm
>> we spoke to don lemon about the emergency response during the rescue mission. >> it's a war zone, a central paris very known district with a lot of young people going out. and it was turned into a war zone for a few hours. armored vehicles about 200, 300 police. every few minutes or so, we could hear shouts, screams, horrified screams coming from inside the theatre. and then as the hostages were evacuated from outside the theatre. >> so talk to us about the hostages who were brought out. what are their conditions? i would say they were in a state of -- they were horrified.
9:35 pm
by what they had just seen. some of them were holding their heads. some of them were completely disoriented. some of them were just being held by police, accompanied oit of the nightclub. just trying to get a grip, really. >> you said they were holding their heads. were they saying anything? >> i couldn't hear any words because i wasn't that close. i could hear screams, though. i could hear a few quite horrifying screams. >> this theatre holds about 1,500 people. that's a big crowd. >> a lot of people, thankfully, thank to the work of the police forces, a lot of people managed to get out. the first assaults just through
9:36 pm
the front gates of the nightclub, an hour after the beginning of the nightclub, a few hundred hostages were evacuated at this point. and then later, about 20 minutes later, 20 or so, and then 50 or so. >> our cnn producer speaking to us. fans were cheering along at a football match between germany and france until this. >> that was two of the three blasts which exploded near the stadium. one of those explosions appears
9:37 pm
to have been a suicide bombing. many of the fans just simply tried to get out. many stayed to watch the rest of the game which was actually played until completion. which was quite surprising. many people had no idea of what was happening around them. he said he didn't give those blasts much thought. >> we had a couple of loud explosions. you hear explosions during a game in france. but as loud as we heard tonight are very rare. they're unheard of. so that immediately put everybody on edge. then about halftime, it started to filter through, a couple of incidentings in paris, the bombing outside of stad
9:38 pm
stade de france. then it's ka lated to rumors that grenades were thrown in the close vicinity of sta stade de france. and then the shooting and hostage taking in paris started getting everybody's attention on social media. >> paris is starting to wake there. a few hours before sunrise. this is the first time there's been a nighttime curfew since world war ii. these are extraordinary security measures which are in place right now. >> you can hear his voice quivering as he announced the security measures. i think authorities were overwhelmed by the size of this attack. it's something that they had
9:39 pm
talked about. they've always said that there would be this kind of an attack, or could be the kind of attack because of the french young people who have gone off to syria to be drained by isis and al qaeda was great and numbered in the hundreds. and there was always this concern that some could come back and perpetrate this kind of thing. but i think this was beyond what anyone had imagined. i think the coordination of these six attacks in different locations clearly there was a lot of planning that went in behind this. and just to follow up on something your guest earlier on mentioned, in fact, there was some stepped up security at some of the more sensitive locations around town. where there are expatriates and mourners and things like this ahead of this.
9:40 pm
i don't think anyone ever imagined the kind of attack that happened overnight here. >> jim, isha here again. i wonder if we're getting any kind of insight into police efforts right now, into the investigation. what are we hearing from authorities? >> well, nothing. i think we won't hear anything. i think we're expecting prosecutors news conference this afternoon. i think that's probably when we'll hear the best breakdown in the past with charlie hebdo and other, it was the terrorism prosecutor who came out and gave the detailed account of what happened that we real found out the most information. i think that's probably what we'll have to wait for. we do know that the scene behind me here, forensic experts and medical examiners are going through the theatre where this
9:41 pm
attack took place, where the worst attack took place. i think they'll try to find out as much information as they can about the attackers, why they did it and also how they did it. and how they did it without being detected. >> jim, is there any indication that francois hollande may have been a target of the bombing at the stadium? or was that just simply a coincidence? >> well, i don't know that anything is too much of a coincidence anymore. it was friday the 13th. these attacks here are not very far away from charlie hebdo. i don't think there's much coincidental going on here. i don't think there was a lot of advanced notice that he was going to be attending.
9:42 pm
it's difficult to say. >> france already a country still trying too -- still reel, if you will, from events ten months ago, the charlie hebdo attacks. a country as a nation, you have to wonder how the country is going to recover from this. what's your sense? you've lived in france for such a long time. talk to us about the impact of all of this. >> i think we're going to see draconian security measures. there could be searches and things that citizens should expect that there would be a really heightened sense of security around. but more than that, within of the things they have to worry about going forward is just in 17 days' time, the climate
9:43 pm
change conference begins here. and there is something like 80 heads of state that have may come -- maybe some will cancel their plans. but 80 heads of state over here, and they're going to have to protect all those people. how they'll be able to protect the people and keep a sense of isolation from the -- from this event remains to be seen. i think it's going to be a very difficult job for the authorities. isha, john? >> very, very difficult. a long road ahead. jim bitterman joining us there from paris. we appreciate the reporting. >> yeah, some long hours today, obviously covering a very important story for us. we do appreciate that. it's interesting, you brought up charlie hebdo because we saw that massive show of unity. politicians left and right, all around the world taking to the street in a show of defiance against terrorism. it will be interesting to see if it happens again this time. >> some worry saying they don't believe it will. they feel that there will be --
9:44 pm
people exploit the divisions in paris. it will be a very different response and that maybe far right groups like the national front will benefit from this moment. >> and if you're just looking in sheer death toll numbers, this is ten times worse than what happened earlier this year. >> yeah. >> stay with us. more for live continuing coverage of the terror attacks in paris. we will be right back after this very quick break.
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9:48 pm
at least 153 people were killed in shootings and suicide bombings at six locations across the industry. >> the most devastating, an ambush at a concert hall filled with fans. police later stormed the building and brought out about 100 hostages. paris prosecutors say eight terrorists are dead. but more may have been involved. >> leaders from around the world have been expressing an outpouring of the people of france. >> barack obama said it's not just an attack on paris or the people of france, but on all of humanity, and the universal values we share. >> this is a heart breaking situation and obviously those of us in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these episodes ourselves. whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us.
9:49 pm
they have an extraordinary counterterrorism department. and we will be with them in that same fashion. >> government officials say there's no credible or official threat to the united states, but some big u.s. cities are setting up security in an abundance of caution. the new york police officer is sending armed authorities to places linked with france in the city. >> nightclubs, theatres and museums in manhattan over the weekend. and right here in los angeles where police say they've beefed up security in airports and other high profile locations. >> other world leaders condemned the attacks. british prime minister david cam tweeted this, i'm shocked by events in paris tonight. our thoughts and prayers are with the french people. we will do whatever we can to help pl u.s. vice president joe biden said, our hearts are with
9:50 pm
paris tonight. as we learn many more about these tragic attacks, we will stand together. we will never bow, we will never break. >> chancellor merkel, deeply shocked by attacks in paris have conveyed our sympathy bus solidari solidarity. hillary clinton said this, reports are harrowing, praying for the city and families of the victims. and nato secretary general also released a statement saying i am deeply shocked by the horrific terrorist attacks across paris tonight. we stand strong and united in the fight against terrorism. terrorism will never defeat democracy. >> and the russian president vladimir putin has also offered assistance into the investigation. >> when we come back, the people of paris once again waking to the devastating headline. the lights are out at the eiffel tower. six terror attacks in one night. the very latest from paris. the future belongs to the fast.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we're live from los angeles. a blood path bath, that's how one concertgoer described a scene in paris when a gunman storm stormed a theatre in paris. it has left people around the world in shock. >> at least 153 people are dead and many more are wounded. this is the worst attack in france since world war ii. the french president has declared a state of emergency. the paris prosecutor said eight attackers are dead, seven of them in suicide blasts. >> there is, of course, only one story on every front page of every french daily newspaper this saturday morning. among the headlines, carnage in paris, and war in the center of
9:55 pm
paris. >> the word horror is on at least three of the papers. and this time it's war. social media is playing an important role in the aftermath of the paris attacks. people around the city have been able to let friends and family know they're okay through facebook's safety check. it was launched back in 2014. >> it's sadly getting a lot of use lately. if you're looking for the status of a loved one who may just be in paris, head to the safety check page on your facebook account. it has a running tally of who is marked safe temperature. this is the one good thing, you know, for facebook in moments like this. >> yeah. >> there was a sad symbolic site in the french capital, also known as the city of light.
9:56 pm
>> the eiffel tower went dark to honor the victims of the terror attack. one by one, each section faded to black. the eiffel tower also went dark after the charlie hebdo attacks in january. >> worth reminding our viewers, those attacks just ten months ago. the country still reeling. thank you for watching cnn news room live from los angeles. i'm isha sesay. we will continue our live coverage of the terror attacks across paris after a very short break. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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>> hello and welcome to our continuing coverage of the breaking news out of paris. i'm isha seay out of los angeles. >> and i'm john vause. in france, there's a national state of emergency after friday night's unprecedented and highly coordinated attacks which killed 153 feel in paris and its suburbs. >> it is still unclear as to how many attackers were involved in total. >> some of the gunmen were armed with ak-47s. others reportedly had explosive belts. three explosions were heard at the stade d de france where the french president was watching a soccer match. and at least one appears to have been a suicide bombing. at least four people died at that stadium. >> but the worst of the carnage was at the bataclan concert hall where at least 112 people were killed. witnesses described it as a bloodbath, saying the


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