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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to our continuing coverage of the breaking news out of paris. i'm isha seay out of los angeles. >> and i'm john vause. in france, there's a national state of emergency after friday night's unprecedented and highly coordinated attacks which killed 153 feel in paris and its suburbs. >> it is still unclear as to how many attackers were involved in total. >> some of the gunmen were armed with ak-47s. others reportedly had explosive belts. three explosions were heard at the stade d de france where the french president was watching a soccer match. and at least one appears to have been a suicide bombing. at least four people died at that stadium. >> but the worst of the carnage was at the bataclan concert hall where at least 112 people were killed. witnesses described it as a bloodbath, saying the gunmen
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entered the crowded theatre during a concert and shot at them for at least ten minutes. [ gun fire ] >> gun fire could be heard as the police stormed the theatre to rescue hostages. president francois hollande said france will be ruthless in its response and praised first reresponders. >> i also want to express my admiration to all these services, the doctors, firefighters, all those people who come to assistance. their admiral work, they're shocked by what they have seen and they're there mochks those who have seen these atrocities, these terrorists who pitiless, and france is determined and united in which will not be
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stopped with this emotion with regards to this drama and this tragedy of the population. >> the french president with a note of defiance there. isis has deplauded the attacks on twitter. although there has been no official claim of responsibility. >> security tied right now in paris. an extra 1,500 soldiers are being deployed throughout the city. these attacks underscore the challenges authorities are facing. paris had already beefed up security ahead of an upcoming global climate change summit. >> well, at france's national stadium outside paris, fans were cheering along at a football match between germany and france last night and then they heard this. >>. [ explosion ] [ explosion ] >> and that. that was the sound of two of the three blasts that went off near the stadium.
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>> that match continued to full time. they played it out not knowing exactly what was happening around them. the french president was there among the soccer fans. he was evacuated at safety at halftime. authorities told cnn at least up with of the blasts appear to have been a suicide bombing. and one witness said he was simply in awe. >> translator: there was confusion. we heard two explosions, but at the beginning i thought that there were act cultural bombs. and there had been lots of rumors inside the stadium. we were at gate e. it exploded just nearby. it's true that it was noisy. but i thought that it was only agricultural bombs. but then there were rumors. we heard about a shooting. there was a lot of confusion inside the stadium. a very frightening crowd crush happened with people on the ground. >> and customers at a cambodia
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city took cover behind each other as gun fire came through the windows. >> one woman went to the floor only to discover she was shot in the chest. a journalist inside the bataclan concert hall was inside when the attack started. he said two attackers were calm, determined and firing randomly. they killed at least 112 people before the siege came do tan end. >> four attackers died when police raided a concert hall. in all, authorities say about 100 hostages. another man inside the bataclan during the ambush explain what is he saw. >> reporter: the concert started for half an hour when we heard the noise like firecrackers. we turned around and saw two young guys. they were pretty far away, but
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there were two guys with rifles and they were shouting at the crowd. they all laid down on the floor. there was panic, there was screams. they kept shouting again and again. over on the right side of the stage, one door was open an we all tried to rush in. it was a staircase. we got stuck between five to ten minutes and then up there, we saw some doors that people tried to force open, but those doors just entered into some dressing rooms. someone managed to finally open the access for the roof and we all rushed to the roof where we were waiting. and then a man who had his apartment facing the roof opened his window and he let us all crawl through. and we stayed in there, in the dark, waiting for things to pass. but we could keep on hearing the noise of explosions, shout, guns and screams without really knowing what was going on. >> let's go live now for the very latest in the streets of paris. fred, what's the very latest we're hearing about the gunman
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and the terrorists. eight have been killed, seven of them suicide bombers. but the possibility that there may be more people involved and they are still out there? >> that's the thing that's out there. it's still not clear whether or not the eight people killed in these rids, whether or not that's all the attackers in these various locations where all this took place. we know there were attacks in six locations here in paris. most of them here in central paris, one of them, of course, inform saint denis with the suicide attacks going on there. but certainly, you can feel there is still a huge presence of law enforcement on the streets. there's also a huge presence of law enforcement inside the bataclan theatre that you see in the backdrop behind me. . you can literally feel the nervousness on the streets. i would say the fear here on the streets as people are not sure whether or not there might be gunmen at large.
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there's a state of emergency in place for the entire country. it's unclear whether or not there are people still at large and quite frankly also where all of this came from. whether or not this was some sort of plot by some sort of islamist organization. there are so many unanswered questions as we get into the early morning hours of saturday morning. it's a very different feeling we had in january when the charlie hebdo attack happened. there were people going out, showing their soler darety. right now it's a much more subdued mood as people are opting to stay inside to try to stay off streets, john? >> people will be asking, especially in light of the stepped up security post the charlie hebdo attacks if there's any kind of advanced warn, anything missed by french
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counterterrorism officials? >> yeah, that certainly is going to be one of the big questions coming up. one of the things you guys were saying which is absolutely true. security in this city was beefed up anyway. because, of course, you do have the cop-21 to happen here soon. there certainly was beefed up security to begin with. the big question is, were there any leads, was there any intelligence that could have indicated something like this might be in the works. and if you look at what happened here, you look at the sophistication, the apparent sophistication of the plot that unfolded here with several attacker, with coordinated, or it seems like coordinate aid tacks. with these attackers also wearing explosive vests or some sort of explosive deviens their bodies, that's going to be the big question, whether or not there was some sort of warning out there. whether or not perhaps there was some sort of cell that might have been under observation. whether or not it was clear whether a plot was forming or whether it might be what many in
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the intelligence community called chatter that would lead them to conclude there might be a specific plot under way. so big questions that, of course, are being asked. and it is going to be the next couple of i das, the next couple of weeks where surely we'll be able to tell what degree of coordination there was, what degree of sophistication there was in thf plot that unfolded here today. >> what are officials saying about the possibility of a second wave of attacks? anything like that could be imminent? or is that just one of many concerns they have right now? >> well, yeah, it's certainly one of many concerns. it certainly is rumors that are out here that sometimes that could happen, simply because it is at this point not clear whether or not all of the attackers are at large -- or if any or at large or not all of the eight who were killed were, in fact, are the ones who participated in all of this. if you recall back to the charlie hebdo killings at the
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beginning of the year, that was also something where it unfolded in waves. you had the official attack there on the charlie hebdo headquarters. then you have the attack on the jewish supermarket. a couple of days later. certainly that is something that's a concern. this city is s in absolute shock at this point. something much more tragic ands much bigger has happened. there's people at this point in time, how this is going to be, john. >> given the fear of a second wave of attacks, what are we hearing about train stations and airports and border areas. what do we know?
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>> all of that has been beefed up. the security forces have been beefed up considerably. you have a lot more visible police on the street thans you normally do. but you also have a large deployment of the military that's on the ground here as well. 1,500 extra personnel from the military that are on the ground, patrolling and they are very, very visible to give that sense of security that they are protected. of course, on one hand, there is a real fear there might be people at large. but on the other hand of course, it eels to calm people down a little bit. to take the fear of going outside. >> 11 minutes past 1:00 eastern time here in the united states. we did hear from the french president saying the border was closed. that is not the case. but certainly security is a lot tougher than it was. planes are landing, people are getting in. it's not sealed off, but it is a
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lot harder to get in and a lot more security checks koing in at this point in time. >> very important point to emphasize for our viewers. one person who made it out of the bataclan concert hall told radio france the shooters shouted allah akbar, air big for god is great. >> well, let's discuss this further with steven moore and david ross. steven is a former superadvisory agent. >> and a senior fellow at the -
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that does not seem to be everyone involved in the attacks. you look at the damage, amount of people killed in all of this. would you say there are more gunmen out there? >> there are potentially more gunmen. but you know that eight people didn't do all of this damage themselves. they had to get to the locations, they had to case the locations. there may be dozens of people -- >> that's the support network? >> there could be other shooters out there. the first thing they'll want to do is sift out from the victims terrorists that want to blend back into the group. you may find here, they already shoutd this is for syria. they didn't shout it in arabic because people wouldn't have understood it.
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they eke speak french, look french, sound french. and they ceasily blend into the. >> the profile of these attacker, another point at least at the batacla neater attack, they were not wearing masks we're being told. what do you make of that not wearing masks? we're told young and seemingly calm in how they carried this out. >> the fact that at least some of them were wearing masks. it suggests those attackers were on a suicide mission. obviously if you intend to keep on fighting, it makes a lot more sense to go ahead and put a mask on so you can slip into the crowd as steven had just said. they're young, which tends to fit part of the profile from
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attackers. they tend to be -- for attacks like this, they tend to be males within a certain kind of age range. the calmness is interesting and something that is a little bit different toe engage from eyewitness attacks. they appeared calm to the eyewitnesses. but to what extent do these guys receive training? to what extent were they self-trained or self-starters? this speaks to that point. though the professionalism of the attacks and the fact that they were able to avoid surveillance is much more significant in that regard. >> you don't learn this level of coordination by log on to the internet. >> these tactics were very well practiced and executed. people frf france might go over
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and fight for a while with isis on the battlefield. come back with combat skills and use them back in paris. that's why you see authorities being so severely careful with people who have gone over to terrorist training camps or terrorist groups and then come back. >> there's no claim in responsibility in this. it's either isis or al qaeda. pick your poison, which one? >> if it were my gut, i would go with kiisis, but we really don' know at this point in time. there's no claim of responsibility. that's fairly typical because we're not even 24 hours from the attack. the reason i would lean isis is so carry out a major attack means isis would be shifting the attention.
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i think they kind of like waiting out this assault on isis, which is losing more and more ground in syria and iraq. they just lost sinjar. so to me it doesn't make as much sense. given al qaeda's strategy. but that being said, if you look at a lot of recent attacks, ranging from charlie hebdo to the attack in bardeaux to the norway attack, the initial asufrpgs were wrong in all of those. i'm really hesitant to weigh in strongly. >> i believe it's isis. i worked out al qaeda for several years with the bureau. to me, al qaeda is looking for bigger hits than this. and they always seem reticent to do this -- this isn't small to us, but to them -- >> small compared to 9/11. >> this would seem small to them and might not give them enough
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credibility with their donors. >> daveed, let me ask you that in terms of the choice of target here. your read on the sites. the more important thing than the specific sites is the technique being used. it's an urban warfare style of attack. in terms of sites that were chosen. a prolonged attack for an eck tended period, they took hostages rather than keeping them for a while, started executing them. which is interesting and atypical. it doesn't match, for example, what happened at the westgate mall in kenya. but there are attacks that are very much -- not just on tourists but on france itself and designed to maximize casualties, maximize fear and attention.
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thanks for being with us. we hope you're going to stick around and talk to us. >> a bit more to discuss. >> thank you. in the meantime, we'll take a short break. we talk about the targets that came under attack earlier this evening in paris. we'll take a closer look at which venues were hit by these terrorists, who died, the numbers who were killed there and just why maybe they were targeted. if you don't think beat con mewhen you think aarp, you don't know "aarp." the aarp fraud watch network helps everyone protect themselves and their families against scams and identity theft. find more real possibilities at
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>> france is now waking up to a country wide state of emergency. at least 153 people were killed in six different locations including one of the country's main sports stadiums. >> the deadliest assault was at the bataclan concert hall where 112 lives were brutally taken. the paris prosecutor said eight attackers are dead, seven of them in suicide blasts. but there is fear that other suspects may be at large. no one has yet taken responsibility, but president francois hollande vows france will be ruthless in its response. we want to give you a sense of exactly where all of this happened in paris. we're talking about multiple attacks, different locations. >> at this point in time there does not seem to be any particular reason why these locations are targeted. but they were relatively close to each other within a few miles. most of them anyway, and cnn's tom foreman has this overview. >> all of these attacks took place north of the traditional
10:24 pm
touri tourist areas. we talk about the bataclan theatre attack. these are close to the charlie hebdo offices. it's a structure that can be seen as a medium-sized venue. shortly before the concert began, the base player for the band, this american band in california tweeted out this photograph of the venue inside there. so you get a little sense of what it was like. in the street level, you can see that most of the buildings around it are a little bit taller than the theatre itself. and you can see some of the view there on the street where, of course, many of the victims came out as they tried to flee and then later on as they tried to triage people, see who was hurt and who had been killed.
10:25 pm
not a bad walk. you get to this restaurant, this is a popular restaurant in the area. it is in some tourist guide books. it's not really a tourist site very much. more of a local site. but it would be very crowded, because it's very popular with young people there, cambodian food being offered here. and also a very densely populated neighborhood here in the tenth arroundsment or neighborhood as they would call it. you're getting further north and to a much, much bigger crowd. it's a modern stadium, had an event under way, this soccer match. 80,000 people at this stadium. and this is where we know there was a suicide bomber, according to the authorities. why that suicide bomber did not find the opportunity to strike more people we don't know. it is a good thing they did not. but that will be one of the many things they try to sort out as authorities go over the geography of where the attackers came from, how they wound up where they did and how they staged these attacks.
10:26 pm
>> tom foreman with that overview of exactly where all of this happened. and leaders from around the world have been expressing an outpouring of support for france. the u.s. president barack obama says it's not just an attack on paris or the people of france, it's an attack on humanity and the values that we all share. >> those of us in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these kinds of em soeds ourselves. and whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we've been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner. and we intend to bear with them in that same fashion. >> well, it is 10:26 p.m. here on the west coast. we're live in los angeles. our breaking news coverage of the paris terror attacks continue after a short break. we'll have a live report from the shaken city as we learn more
10:27 pm
of this unprecedented tragedy. we will be right back opinion. they think that it's sad. i think it's important for everyone to know that there is so much more to memory support than the stigmas you hearabout. that these residents still have lives and their lives still matter and that they are still living their lives. that they're not locked away and that they still have a lot to live for, you know, that they have people that care about them and they have people that love them and i love them, so their lives still matter. that is what i do this for. we all know that directv's better at this whole tv thing. so, to beat them, we're gonna get bigger. we're gonna merge with cableworld. (exec 1) cableworld? i can't stand those guys. (exec 2) they're the worst. (exec 3) they're totally incompetent. (exec 4) that company stinks and i mean they smell. i used to work there. i had to breathe through my mouth the whole time. (cole) shh, shh, shh, they're here. (newhart) this is gonna be fun, firing everyone.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's just after 7:30 in the morning in paris. >> at least 153 people were
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killed friday night in highly coordinated attacks in the french capital and one of its suburbs. right now, there's a national state of emergency. france has tightened security at its borders and residents of paris are being asked to stay indoors. >> welsh the friday night attacks were unlike anything the city has seen before. terrorists, some armed with ak-47s and possibly explosive belts attacked six locations including a restaurant, a stadium where the president was watching a football match and a concert hall packed with people. >> at least 112 people in an attack there. random people were shot for up to 15 minutes.
10:32 pm
whoo will the people of paris notice when they weak wake up in the next several hours and go out on the streets. >> there will be lots of more law enforcement on the streets. you will have the old shoulder patrolling. now that has really increased a lot. just going through the streets here, you can see the amount of police vehicles on the streets. the military patrol on the streets. >> 105 sold jr.s have been mobilized. the interesting thing we're seeing as as we go around the city. many people are opting to stay indoors. just like the president has asked him to do. a lot of supermarkets are open. there are more people on the
10:33 pm
streets than many people would have thought. so it does seem though many people here are very afraid, asking whether or not this is actually over, or whether or not some of these attackers actually might still be at large, they're already sending the message that paris will not be intimidated by this, at least not in the medium term. john? >> fred, it's isha here. at this stage, what do we know of this investigation into all of this. how it's being coordinated. who's leading it. >> there was eight attackers that were killed anticipate seven of those attackers were wearing suicide vets. that's something we've gotten from that. it was six locations that were struck. of course, most of those locations here in tenth and 11th
10:34 pm
districts of paris and another one, or the other two attacks at the stadium. they don't know whether or not they have all the information and whether the suspects have been killed by the police or whether or not some might still be at large. those are answers that authorities here have yet to give. we are expecting the prosecutor's office to hold a press conference here at some point today to give more information. these attacks have rocked this nation and frightened so many here in paris. >> and the french president, francois hollande was meant to
10:35 pm
leave on a trip to turkey for the g-20. he's obviously staying. he seemed visibly shaken up on television. >> one thing we'll have to keep in mind, he was on hand at least part of these attacks took place inside the stade de france. he had to be evacuated. the theatre that's behind me right now, the bataclan theatre, so many people were killed, you had that hostage siege, something that very visibly shook him. you could feel that in the remarks that he made later last evening where on the one hand, of course, he said that this nation was in mourning. this nation was shaken. the merciless response to what has happened here.
10:36 pm
>> french president francois hollande calls the attacks unprecedented but they're not the only attacks of terrorism. 16 people were killed when islamic extremists attacked the satirical magazine charlie hebdo and a kosher grocery store. a police officer was also killed during a traffic stop. >> two soldiers were stabbed in nice. >> in april, authorities undiscovered weapons and ammunition of plans to target churches under the direction of someone in syria. >> two months after that, a delivery employee who had been on a terror watch list drove a
10:37 pm
van into a factory setting up a a blast. a severed head was found hanging from a fence. >> then in august, two members of u.s. military and a french national overpowered a gunman aboard a high speed train. he had reportedly met twice with french isis fighters in cur tee. the wave broke out in paris over the past 24 hours. it's still unclear who was behind the attacks. just helping us sort through all of this, i want to get to the issue of the sites, the targets. >> terrorist attacks are very risk adverse. and by risk, meaning their attack isn't successful. they don't care if they die or not, they want to make sure it's a successful attack.
10:38 pm
they would love to hit the eiffel tower, they would love to hit places like. they're balancing the target with the chance of success and a high body count. so that's what you're going to see. >> with that in mind, we've had the attack at the bataclan concert hall. 1,500 inside and 100 dead. >> when you get to a small enclosed place with 1,500 people and they can't get out quickly and you start murdering them. in school shootings you know one person dies a minute. you can multiply that by several times. >> at the football stadium, we had the president. so could there have been increased security there.
10:39 pm
could there be bag checks and metal dedetectors? >> they might not have known the president was there. >> sure, there would have been standard security measures. >> it's not easy to get your hands on this kind of weaponry in europe. >> it's extremely hard to get in afghanistan. we're going to take a support network. that's where we're going to start looking. who supported this. they're going to find cars possibly in the vicinity of the attacks that aren't picked up by anybody. and they're going to start finding the trail for these people. >> seven out of eight died as suicide bombers.
10:40 pm
i remember my time in the middle east, the suicide vest i looked at were detonated with two wires. they run in, they would yell and then they would cross the wires and the vest would explode. not all vests are the same, though. >> no. those are very, very crude vests. you might see them in the palestinian cause years ago. now they've got to the point where they have dead man switches where the switch is held down and the minute you let it go, then it goes off. so shooting them does nothing except detonate the bomb. >> with that in mind, though, will the way the vest is made tell you who is behind this? >> absolutely. when i was in pakistan, we would x-ray the bodies of victims to try and get parts of the bombs from them.
10:41 pm
they said four people were shooting in the theatre. well, if four people were there, that leaves four for five other sites. they also said that seven were wearing suicide vests. well, the four in the bataclan were not wearing suicide vests. so there are -- the numbers aren't adding up. >> let me ask you this, clearly, the fbi has a great amount of experience in this kind of thing. the fbi, american intelligence. help me understand what assistance will be given at a time like this certainly on the intelligence level, helping the french sort through this. >> this is going to be a huge matrix. the french really are as good as anybody else in the intelligence business. so it's really not going to be -- we're going to come in and help them. we might have a key piece of a jigsaw puzzle that they don't have. so what you're going to go in and do is sit down and put a lot of minds around a table, saying
10:42 pm
what do you know about this, what do you know about this, getting flowchart going and see if you have any connectivity between what you're investigating and what they're investigating. >> we're out of time, but when we talk next time i want to talk about french intelligence. people keep telling me these guys are good, they know what they're doing. there em soos to be things that were missed. >> a short break here, when we come back, at least 153 people dead, many more wounded in the worst attack to hit france since world war ii. we'll have reaction from a witness in just a moment. think you know t-mobile's lte coverage? think again. our new extended range lte signal reaches twice as far... ...and is four times better in buildings. see for yourself at
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hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> hello, everyone. a bloodbath. that's how one concertgoer described the scene in paris when gunmen stormed an auditorium. the french capital have left people right around the world shocked. >> the worst attack since world war ii. the french president declared a state of emergency and heightened security. eight attackers are dead seven in suicide blasts. >> our next guest spoke to
10:45 pm
anderson earlier today about what he witnessed. >> we were listening to the band eagles of death metal. we heard gunshots behind us. when i looked back, i saw at least two men, unmasked men. maybe there were three, but the confusion, i can't tell you exactly. but they were holding assault rifles. ak-47s. i'm sure about it. and they were firing randomly into the crowd. so obviously we all lied down on the floor to not get hurt. there was panic, there was
10:46 pm
terrorists shot at us for like 10, 15 minutes. it was a bloodbath. and they shot at us and they reloaded again several times, multiple times. and that's actual ly -- i escapd because they reloaded basically. i just waited for the time they reload reloaded to climb the scene and to hide behind it. and i tried to help people around me. and it was shocking. it was panic, huge panic.shot a minutes. it was long, very, very long. the bataclan is not a huge room. it's about 1,000 people can gather in it.
10:47 pm
but it was overcrowded. it was easy for them. >> so two to three men -- and cnn is now saying two gunmen were killed. and again, this is the earliest report. but we are told two gunmen were killed inside the theatre. you're saying you saw two, possibly three gunmen with ak-47-style long rifles shooting into the crowd. this went on for 10 to 15 min e minutes. were they standing shooting? were they moving around? >> they weren't moving. they were at the back of the scene, back of the crowd. and they were just flooting at the floor because everyone was on the floor. i've seen one of the guy, very young, actually. he was like 18 years old, 19
10:48 pm
years old. maximum 20, maximum. and he was executing people on the floor. he was holding his rifle down and he was shooting on people. shooting. >> did you hear them said anything? >> i didn't hear anything from them. we're talking about iraq. but i haven't heard anything but the screaming of the people.
10:49 pm
>> do you know what they were wearing? did they have heavy clothing. there have been some concern about possible suicide vests or anything like that. did you see anything that would indicate. >> they were all wearing black. nothing like this. i haven't seen grenades, i haven't seen bombs or whatever. but it happen so fast. we were just trying to hide. i looked to one guy for a few times. the one i deescribed to you, very young. and he wasn't wearing tactical stuff. cy met a few minutes before, and never thought he was a terrorist.
10:50 pm
>> i know you said your friends said they heard some people speak, do you know what language they were speaking? were they speaking french? >> i believe so. i believe so. i believe so. >> when you went in, were there metal detectors? were you searched by security? >> nothing, nothing. i just showed my ticket. they flashed it and that's it. they didn't look to my bag or anything. honestly. >> so basically the scene you're describing is of one where
10:51 pm
you're basically describing everyone was laying down on the floor. in the course of 10 or 15 minutes, they were going around shooting people, executing. point blank. >> yeah, that's what happened. hopefully i was in the front of the -- i was at the front of the scene. i was protected by the bullet. and everybody was panicking, everybody was trying to escape. we waited for the time for they to reload the gun to climb the scene and to hide out there in a small room.
10:52 pm
we were trapped. we waited for five minutes. they stopped shooting. and they reloaded again. and we were on the scene to find an exit. and it's when i found the body of a young girl was shot twice in the legs. she was bleeding very badly. and i grabbed her. and i put her on my back and we ran. we ran together in the streets for 300 meters. and i found a cab and i start the cab and i said go to the hospital with her. but she was bleeding so badly i don't know if she makes it. i don't know if she's still alive.
10:53 pm
>> a very gripping account of exactly what happened inside that theatre. speaking with anderson cooper a few hours ago. the detail of what happened in that theeter is astounding. >> it really is. and this is the thing. the injuries and the point you have made as well from this kind of weaponry, these ak-47s, it's brutal. it's so severe. we know of 153 people who lost their lives. but the numbers that are injuried. >> and the word wounded makes it sounds like it's less severe. but these will be horrific injuries. >> we will take a short break. we'll look at the tributes from around the world as many show their support for the people of france.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
>> the worst attack was at the b bataclan theatre. eight suspected attackers are dead, but it's unclear if more may have been involved. as the full horror of the past 24 hours comes into view, there's a visible display of support around the world. as the eiffel tower goes dark, other landmarks around the world are being lit up to show solidarity with the capital. >> many buildings all over the world show lit up in parse's colors of red, white and blue. thank you for joining us. i'm john vause. >> i'm isha sesay. more on the terror attacks after the break. comes to helping you reach your financial goals, taking small, manageable steps can be an effective...
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>> hello and welcome to our continues lye coverage of the breaking news out of paris. i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> i'm j


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