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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  November 14, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> live from atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. >> and i'm amara walker, great to have you with us. breaking news coverage right now, the terror attacks in france. it is 9:00 a.m. where there is a national state of emergency after the highly coordinated series of attacks. >> at least 153 people were killed in six different
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locations rocked by suicide bombings. now we'll take you to the site of the bataclan concert hall. at least 112 people were killed there, many more wounded. right now the french president is meeting with the defense council. >> right now authorities say seven attackers are dead, they blew themselves up. some of the attackers were armed with ak-47s, and some of them had explosive belts on. it is still not clear as how many were involved in total. >> three explosions were heard outside the stade de france. at least one source says it appeared to be a suicide bombing. >> parisians are asked to stay
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indoors, president hollande says they will be swift in their response and praised first responders. we want to go now to live pictures if we can get that up. as we said the defense counsel is meeting with the french president. here is a look at the palace in paris where again, mr. hollande is holding a council meeting this hour, it just convened. the president has vowed a ruthless response to the attacks which he described to be an abominati abominati abomination. >> and our senior correspondent, frederik pleitgen is standing by for us. they're trying to make some kind of sense, if any, what happened. the investigation is happening as we speak. what more do we know about the investigation and the headlines that people are reading this day? >> reporter: well, the headlines certainly are something that people here are waking up to. and the headlines certainly are quite grim this morning.
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in fact we were looking at the morning papers, one that stood out, it said, this time it is war. and that of course, referring to the fact to these attacks took place. that there was so much carnage in these attacks. but also the way they were conducted. to you had multiple attacks that seemed pretty clearly to be coordinated. the fact that some heavy weapons were used in the attacks. assault rifles, the fact that eight of these attackers were killed. and some of them wearing suicide vests. all of it points to many of the publications here in paris, saying there is a new quality that came here. that is indeed frightening. the government here has told people that it would probably are better for them if they stayed inside to only venture out if they had to. judging from the scenes on the streets not everybody is adhe
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adhering to them. many of course are trying to make a statement, saying they're not going to be intimidated by terrorists. but also many people are concerned that at this point in time, george, it's not clear whether the eight attackers who were killed were really the only ones involved in this attack or whether or not there may be others still at large. so all of these things certainly are weighing on paris on this saturday morning, reflected in the newspapers. reflected in the mood of the people. and at the same time as you said there is the defense counsel meeting going on as the french president has vowed that there will be a strong response to this. >> and fred, you point out that there certainly is concerned. you know, the number of wounded. we say wounded but people may have been seriously hurt in that. there is concern that the number of casualties could rise at the same time. it is not clear how many shooters, how many people might have been involved in this
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situation. can you tell us, what is the latest we know from the french prosecutor. we understand there is a news conference set for later this day. >> yeah, there is a news conference by the french prosecutor that is set to happen later today where we do expect to find out more about what is going with the investigation. more about how they planned to move forward with this investigation and also what they know at the point in time. there are certain facts that the prosecutor has already put out late on friday. that is in part the fact that it was eight attackers that were killed by the authorities here. four of them in the area behind me in that theater where that rock concert was going on. three of those sniets that theater did manage to deatonate their suicide vests. there were others while the match between the french and the germans was going on.
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in total there were six locations that were hit by terror attacks. but again, at this point in time it is not clear who is behind all of this. certainly that is something the authorities hope to find out in the coming hours and days as this investigation moves forward. it is certainly something where the authorities have told us it is obviously something that is very pressing to them to find out whether or not there was some sort of larger possibly more sophisticated network behind all of this, george. >> 9:06 a.m. in paris where people are just waking up to this news and learning about what happened overnight. frederik pleitgen there for us, fred, thank you so much for your reporting. >> and the attackers struck six locations in the capital and the suburb. and we want to show you a map where the attacks took place, including a busy concert area, and restaurants. football fans were scared after
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three blasts were heard nearby. this shows them rushing out in panic. >> espn reports that fans are were told to avoid certain stadium exits due to quote, events outside. but they were not told just how terrifying the violence was in the city. one eyewitness says he was in awe. >> reporter: there was confusion. we heard two explosions. but at the beginning i thought that they were agriculture bombs. and there had been lots of rumors in the stadium. we were at gate e that exploded nearby. it is true that it was noisy, but i thought they were only agricultural bombs. but then there were rumors. it was a lot of confusion in the stadium. a very frightening crush happened with people on the ground. >> and as we mentioned earlier,
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french president hollande was at the stadium with soccer fans. quickly evacuated. but again, amara, people who were there and didn't quite understand the extend of what was happening until they did later file out and they did understand how intense the situation was. >> yeah, my husband and i were actually watching the football game live on german tv and we heard the announcer say we just heard an explosion and we understand the president of france has been escorted out. so even as a viewer we understood something serious was going on. >> a paris journalist inside the bataclan concert hall described it as ten horrible moments as the gunmen opened fire. concertgoers were watching an american rock band perform when the terrorists stormed the building. the journalists said that the two attackers were calm and fired randomly, killing at least
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112 people before the siege came to an end. >> now, four attackers died when the police raided the theater. s.w.a.t. teams saved 100 hostages. another man that was inside during the ambush explains what he saw. but instead of going to that we want to take you live to german chancellor angela merkel. she is responding to these paris attacks. let's listen to her. >> reporter: i would like to tell all the french people, we, the german friends, we are so close to you. we cry for you. we will fight battle against terror. in my thoughts -- in my thoughts, there were 160 people whose lives have been taken. and their families.
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germany -- germany is feeling for you and is there for you with your sadness. the people that we are saddened for in the restaurants, in the concert hall, are in the open street. they wanted to live a free life in the city, which is free. but instead of that they found murder. and these people hate freedom. this attack on freedom is not -- is not hating paris. we have to give the answer to that together. the german government is in tight contact with the french
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government. and we offer our -- our cooperation. we will help to lead the fight against these terrorists. today, i will -- i will see the further development of the situation in france. this is our clear answer of the situation. we leave from the -- we leave from the friendship, love, next -- and have the respect of other people and tolerance for other people. we know that our free life is stronger than any terror. let them -- let them give the
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terrorists our reply. these values are for all of the europe. and this is more than ever. thank you very much. >> and you were just listening to the german chancellor, angela merkel, really just expressing her shock about what happened on friday. and also pledging her solidarity with france. she said that this was an attack on freedom. and she also pledged that germany would help in the fight against the terrorists. and she said that germany was standing with france and feeling for the country as it really is in deep shock and mourning and this a lot of fear. and of course, as we are just mentioning a few moments ago that germany was for the middle of a soccer match with france at the stadium when that explosion happened outside. so obviously this is something hitting close to home. again, you heard ms. merkel expressing her solidarity with
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the country in this really difficult time and tough times that are ahead. >> as we've heard from germany we've heard also from the united states and russia. and we'll hear more from leaders of course, given what happened there in paris. >> we'll take a short break, when we come back, the paris attacks have shocked the world. coming up, what u.s. cities are doing to step up security. plus, we mentioned messages of support. they are coming from around the world. what we're hearing from some of france's closest allies.
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arenas, concert halls and restaurants. >> one source said the president has convened the defense counsel to discuss the attacks and how many in total. one witness at the epicenter of the attack spoke to radio france about the moment the gunmen entered the bataclan arena. >> he said they entered the hall and shouted allahu akbar. which means god is great. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> just heartbreaking, you can definitely hear the fear in his voice there. well, with authorities still at this time unsure if there are more attackers at large.
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the country has stepped up security from its national borders to its ground presence inside the capital. will gettes is the director of the international security firm joining us now from london. great to have you on the program. as we mentioned, the defense counsel is meeting with president hollande right now. and this is a country under a state of emergency. there is a curfew implemented, which is quite extraordinary along with the fact that the borders of france have been closed. i'm curious to know what has been discussed with the defense counsel, and what this ruthless response may be by france. >> well, certainly in terms of the french position, i think they are trying to gather as much intelligence as they possibly can, trying to determine whether there were any indicators of this attack, materializing, certainly in terms of its planning or the advanced chatter.
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certainly, through social media or other means of communicationings. this seems to have taken them by surprise, i think francois hollande's actions by cuttiputt the country in a state of emergency, closing off the borders, would say to there are potential terrorist attacks that could materialize in france, not just in paris alone. so it's very concerning. david cameron will hold a meeting today. and again, president obama, all of them will get together to try and share as much intelligence as they can, to determine what is going on. >> as you say this is an attack that caught a lot of people by surprise. but given this is a country that has gone through some major terror attacks just this year, including charlie hebdo, and of course you can't forget that thwarted attack on the train that was heading to paris. do you think france was not
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expecting this type of possible terror attack? >> well, no, i think they have been preparing for it. and certainly i know from a number of the government agencies and a number of the units that i have contact with, they have been working on the terrorist plan, which is a plan to deal with these types of situations. now, it's in many respects more a response plan than it is necessarily a prevention plan. very, very difficult to prevent these types of attacks. there has been considerable planning behind this attack last night. these operations can certainly be implemented very, very quickly by the terrorists. all they need to do is designate their targets, have a quick decision. they are going to be look at the signatures of the construction of the suicide vests, looking at the weapons and where they could have potentially originated, again, it's really interesting in terms of looking at how the
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french are certainly responding to this, in a slightly far better way in some respects than they did to charlie hebdo, because i don't think they were really prepared for that. >> do you think this will be a game changer in how the country deals with this type thing? and some suggest that france may turn to really draconian security measures. >> i think we'll see that across europe. unfortunately, there are a number of different contributing factors. we have this massive migrant issue as well. and i think many on the continent are considering we have a number of factors to bear in mind here. over and above the migrants, we have this terrorist issue and the ability to move from country to country with very little restriction will present its own issues. it will be interesting to see how it rolls out in france as to
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whether or not they actually exclude themselves and close up their borders and make far stronger border control issues. >> and you think that is definitely a possibility, permanently close borders, you know, despite the agreement. i mean, what kind of security measures do you foresee here? >> well, i see closing all of them of course obviously they can't do. but they will start to create initiatives to certainly making the border points certainly far more robust. and there will be a requirement to actually show evidence of id and certainly to be able to enter france, i think there is a concern. especially with the successive attacks that france has had in the last year they realize as they continue to work alongside the united states in targeting isis, certainly the airstrikes, that this problem is not going to go away any time soon. this is a problem that will
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continue. >> and you know, on that note because i would imagine a lot of the french people are quite -- frightened right now considering the fact that it's unclear if there are more attackers on the loose. you talked about intelligence officials, what they may be doing right now looking at a communications on line. and some of that chatter, i mean, what do you think intelligence officials are doing right now to you know make sure that there are not more attackers out there. or that there are. >> well, you know, the french intelligence agencies are very, very good. you know, they have had a long history of dealing with these issues. and they have some very good capabilities and resources. they will certainly look at all the communications chatter that is going on right now. there were reports obviously of isis supporters, hash tagging, paris in flames, last night. so they're going to be flagging any new sources that may emerge
12:24 am
on social media. they will try to join those dots and see if anybody is actually making a specific reference to these attacks with intelligence or information. that could be more than just simply passing comment. there will be no doubt, looking into the communications traffic and they will also look respectively what communications traffic may be in these particular districts where the attacks materialized to see whether there was any kind of notification between the cells. and again, this is a very long and lengthy process to obviously analyze. >> and just the beginning of a long and lengthy process. will geddes, manager at the corporation for protection. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> and the u.s. president barack obama he spoke with the french president francois hollande after the attacks. >> and mr. obama said the u.s. will give france our quote, oldest ally and friend,
12:25 am
steadfast unwavering support. >> we stand ready to give assistance and whatever the people and the government of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. and we want to be very clear that we stand with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty -- pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of
12:26 am
liberte, and e galite are value that the french people not only care about, but values that we share. >> people are feeling it in the united states, many other places around the world this fight against terrorism and at the same time you find these cases where the terrorists target these soft targets, kill innocent people. you know, and your heart bleeds for them. you can't help it. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> well, our cnn breaking news coverage continues on the attacks in paris. coming up, we take a closer look at the places targeted during these attacks. plus, the people of paris are waking up to devastating headlines of six terror attacks in one night. the latest from paris when we return.
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fraternite, fraterni hello, everyone, welcome to our viewers around the world, i'm amara walker. and i'm george howell. in france, it was pure panic there. now they face a state of emergency after a series of highly coordinated attacks rocked the city. at least 153 people were killed in six different locations, including the national stadium. >> now the concert was at the bataclan hall, where 112 lives were brutally taken. witnesses say the gunmen entered the concert hall and shot at them for at least 15 minutes. paris officials say eight attackers are dead, several of them in suicide blasts.
12:31 am
no group claimed responsibility. but french president hollande vows france will be ruthless in its response. we want to give you a sense of where this happened in paris. and cnn's tom foreman has an overview. >> the attacks took place north of the traditional tourist areas in paris, along the champs-elysees. and we talk about the bataclan, this is an area of the bataclan theater that holds about a thousand people, maybe a little bit more. it was a structure that would be considered a medium sized venue. shortly before the concert, the base player from the band, this american band from california tweeted out this photograph. you get a little sense of what it was like. from the street level you can see that most buildings around it are a little bit taller than the theater itself. you can see the view itself
12:32 am
where many of the victims came out as they played to flee, and then later they tried to triage people who had been hurt. as we moved a short place away, this was a popular restaurantiny the area. this was in some tourist guidebooks, more of a local site. but it would be very crowded because it's very popular with young people there, cambodian food there. and also a tenth area, the tenth arrondissement, or neighborhood as they would call it. and to the stadium you are getting to a much, much bigger crowd. it's a modern stadium, had had an event under way. the soccer match, 80,000 people at this stadium. this is where we know there was a suicide bomber according to authorities. why that suicide bomber did not
12:33 am
find the opportunity to strike more people we don't know. it is a good thing they did not. that will be one of the many things they try to sort out as we go over the geography, where the attackers came from, how they wound out being where they did. >> and within the same window of time investigators are certainly looking into this. this is not something a couple of guys came up with over the internet. seems like it was coordinated and planned. >> we do have a story that was a bit more on a positive note and one witness to the attacks says, his cell phone actually saved his life. >> that man, who is going by the name sylvester said that his phone blocked shrapnel as he crossed the street to the stade de france. >> the time it took to hang up, i crossed the feet and boom, it exploded right in front of me.
12:34 am
everything was blown to bits and i felt stuff flying around. i left and fell and got back up. that is when you guys saw me. you were already there. so this is a cell phone that took the hit. it's what saved me. otherwise my head would have been blown to bits. >> paris journalist julian pierce was inside the concert hall during the attack. >> and he spoke to anderson cooper about what he saw. >> the show was about to end, the band, eagles of death metal was playing for about an hour. and suddenly we heard gunshots coming behind us. and when i -- i looked back, i saw -- i saw at least two men, maybe there were three. the confusion -- i couldn't tell you exactly. but they were holding assault rifles, ak-47s. i'm sure about it.
12:35 am
the clakalashnikovs. and they were firing randomly at the crowd. and obviously, we all -- lay down on the floor to not get hurt. and it was a huge panic. and the terrorists -- sorry, shot at us for like ten to 15 minutes. it was like -- it was a blood bath. and they shot at us and they reloaded again, several times, multiple times. and it's actually -- what i escaped, because they reloaded. basically. i just waited for the time they reloaded, to run, to climb -- the scene and to hide behind it.
12:36 am
and i tried to help people around me, and it was -- it was shocking. i mean, it was panicking, huge panic. and so -- shot at us for ten to 15 minutes. it was long, was very, very long. and the bataclan is not a huge concert room. it's about a thousand people can gather in it. but it was overcrowded. i mean, there were no empty rooms. it was sold out basically. so -- it was easy for them. >> so -- so two to three men and cnn has now confirmed that two gunmen were killed. and again, this is the earliest report. but we are being told that two gunmen were killed inside the theater. you're saying you saw two, possibly three gunmen with ak-47-style long rifles shooting
12:37 am
into the crowd and this went on for ten to 15 minutes. were they standing and shooting? were they moving around? >> they were not moving actually. they were just standing at the back of the scene. at the back of the crowd. and they were just shooting on the floor. because everybody was on the floor. and i had seen one of the guys, very young, actually. he was like -- 18 years old. 19 years old, 20 maximum. and he was executing people on the floor. and the person around him -- he was holding his assault rifles towards them. shooting at people. so they were not moving, actually, they were just standing at the back of the concert room. and shooting at us, like as if we were birds. >> were they saying anything?
12:38 am
>> i didn't hear anything about them -- i haven't heard allahu akbar, anything like that. i have some friends who heard them talking about iraq and syria. but i'm not quite sure about it. but i haven't heard anything -- such as the screaming of the people. >> the gunmen, do you remember what they were wearing? did they have -- heavy clothing? i mean, there have been some concern about possible suicide vests or anything like that. did you see anything that would indicate -- >> not that i could see, they were wearing -- black stuff. i mean, they were all wearing black. but no tactical vests. nothing like this. they were just holding ak-47s. that is all. i haven't seen grenades or
12:39 am
bombs, or whatever. it happened so fast, we were just trying to hide and save our lives. so i looked to one guy, and the one i described to you, very young. and he was not wearing tactical stuff. he was just a random guy, i mean, i could have met him two minutes before and never thought he was a terrorist. >> i know you said your friends said they heard some people speaking. do you know what language they were speaking, were they speaking french? >> i believe so. i believe so. because -- the friends i talked to, we were talking between them. i believe they were speaking french. i don't know if they were french but they were speaking french. >> julien, when you went to the
12:40 am
concert was there metal detectors? were you searched by police? >> nothing, nothing, we haven't been searched, nothing, i just showed my ticket and they flashed it. that is it. they didn't look at my bag or look at nothing. security was very poor, honestly. >> and so -- basically, i mean, the scene you're describing is one where basically everybody was laying down on the floor and in the course of ten or 15 minutes, these people were just going around shooting people, executing them point blank? >> yeah, that is what happened. and hopefully, i was in the front -- i was by the front of the scene, so i was some kind of protected by the bullets. but everybody was panicking, everybody was trying to escape. so everybody was walking on bodies, trying to climb on the
12:41 am
scene to get protection. and -- so i said to the people around me just to stay down and hi hide, play dead basically. and we waited for the time they reloaded the gun to climb the scene and to hide in a small room off the right of the scene. but unfortunately there was no escape. that room was just a closed room. and we were trapped. so we waited for five minutes. they started shooting. and they reloaded again, and we ran on the scene to find an exit. and it is when i found an exit that i discovered the body of a young girl. was shot twice. in the bleeding very badly and
12:42 am
i grabbed her and i put her on my back and we ran together into the streets, for 200 or 300 meters. and i found a cab and started the cab and i said to the taxi driver, well, go to the hospital with her. but she was -- she was bleeding so badly, i don't know if she made it. i don't know if she is still alive. >> he doesn't know if she is alive. >> a harrowing account of a very narrow escape, and also tried to save a life in this process. >> he didn't know if she is alive. this situation at the bataclan, we heard about the suicide bombings. but in this case the gunman went into the building. there were no masks. experts indicate that there was a sign they had no intention of leaving the situation lavealive.
12:43 am
so that is certainly part of the investigation. >> we'll be right back with more information on the paris attacks. r everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long.
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deadly coordinated and unprecedented. shootings and suicide blasts in and around paris have shocked the world, killing at least 153 people. here is what we mknow at this hour, french authorities say twists targeted at least six locations, including restaurants and a sports location. all soft targets. you're looking at a concert hall where at least 100 people were killed. >> the paris prosecutor said eight attackers are dead, some of them in suicide bomb blasts. police shot and killed another attacker. for more information let's go to cnn correspondent frederik pleitg pleitgen. and fred, if you can tell us what the people are feeling. i imagine there is a sense of
12:47 am
vulnerability, people are not sure if there are more attackers out there. >> reporter: the vulnerability a concern, fear, sadness as well. it is actually asking because one of the people who was inside the building as the siege was taking place, as the hostagetakers was in there, was here. i managed to speak with him. he said that when all of this happened he was actually dancing at this rock concert going on, amara. and all of a sudden he heard the shots, and they were there for several hours before this all ended. he described the fear that he had, of course that many other people felt as all of this was going on. h he said he didn't hear anything, but there were people inside the theater. that was a traumatizing thing, not only for the people who had
12:48 am
to go through this but also to the city as a whole. as you said, it's not clear whether or not all the attackers who were involved in all of this, all of them have actually been killed. or whether or not there are some of them at large or whether or not there is a larger network behind all of this. as you said, so far we know eight attackers have been killed. four of them killed at the theater where the rock concert was going on. and then of course there were also the suicide attacks that happened near the stadium. in st. denis. so they are looking at a complex coordinated operation. they want to know whether or not some of the people behind this operation are in fact still at large, amara. and the big question is what happens next on the security front and its reaction to this. you have the french president hollande meeting with the defense counsel right now as we speak. what is the sense that you're getting in terms of what comes
12:49 am
in the next few days and weeks ahead? >> reporter: well, the french president says there will be a forceful response, with the investigation continuing as well. we heard from the french prosecutor who is in charge of all of this saying they're moving forward with their investigation, saying they know there were six sites targeted by these attackers. we also know they do plan to hold a press conference later today where we hope to learn more about how this investigation is progressing. and whether or not we have more information as to who may be behind all of this. at the same time there is a response as far as security is concerned. security has been beefed up. all around paris, of course at vulnerable points like airports, specifically. and also army units deployed here. the units that are patrolling the streets as well. so on the one hand you want to give confidence back to the
12:50 am
people here, the forces that are in command of the situation. you want to create an environment where people are willing and comfortable with going out. but at the same time of course, the investigation is something that does have a top priority. and francois hollande did say in his speech yesterday in his remarks to the nation that there would be a very forceful response once the french find out who is behind this. >> yes, some very challenging times ahead. frederik pleitgen, thank you so much, fred. and the day after the attacks in france, the country is grieving. >> we'll show you special coverage after the break.
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welcome back, everyone, france is waking up to unprecedented horror, the french president right now evaluating what to do next after honor than 150 people were killed in a series of coordinated attacks. >> an attack at a concert venue,
12:54 am
starting like this image you see here with the band performing, it ended in a terrible bloodbath, gunmen killing at least 112 people. some of the people were held as hostages for hours. >> and there you see the unnerved football fans, you can see it here. four people were killed outside the venue. >> that was not all. at least four other people were attacked. seven of the attackers are dead, they had blown themselves up. no one has claimed responsibility. and among the headlines in france, carnage in paris, and war in the center of paris. >> the word "horror" is at least on three papers. and one cover reads, this time, it's war. >> and looking at our twitter heat map you can see that the prayers are coming in from every
12:55 am
continent, about 4,000 tweets a minute are using the hash tag. maybe s-- many say they are heartbroken for france and their people. and this message, pray for paris, with the eiffel tower in the center. >> many people are posting photos of landmarks around the world lit up in the french colors. this person writes, when the lights of a city are turned off the other cities turn on their lights for support. and it's not just pray for paris, that is a common sentiment. there is also "cry for paris". >> well, social media is also helping family and friends connect after the attacks. people around the city are able to let their loved ones know they are okay through facebook's safety check. the tool was launched in 2014 to help users connect during
12:56 am
disasters. >> and if you're looking for a status or loved one who may be still in paris, just check on the safety page. for friends who last checked in the city and gives a running tally as who is marked as safe. we thank you for watching us this hour. our continuing coverage on the terror attacks. will be back after the break. >> i'm amara walker, thank you for watching.
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hello, and welcome to our continuing coverage to the breaking news out of paris. i'm amber walker in atlanta. >> i'm george howell. it is 10:00 a.m. in france right now. that country is under a national state of emergency. this after friday night's highly coordinated and unprecedented terror attacks. >> threes 153 are dead from six shooting and bomb attacks. you are looking at the heavy security presence outside the concert hall which saw the most carnage. >> authorities say eight attackers are dead, seven blew themselves up. some were armed with ak-47s, and some reportedly had explosive belts. it's still unclear how many attackers were involved in total. [ explosion


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