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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  November 14, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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comment. he boarded in silence. he, of course, has condemned the horrific attacks here in paris. there is a rally being held in new york to honor the victims of the paris attacks. and as blood was spilling into the streets here under the name of isis, at least as we understand now. the war against isis was stepping up. u.s. air strikes moving beyond the borders of syria and iraq now into libya. we are now learning tonight that u.s. war planes have taken out top isis leader there. for more on that, i want to bring in our senior international correspondent in irbil, iraq. yesterday, as these were happening, the same day that the united states said isis was contained. they said that one of the senior leaders of isis in iraq and syria was killed. now they're saying the libyan leader of isis was killed. >> sent from iraq to libya and
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according to the white house special adviser, just tweeting now, was said to be establishing a base for isis. we have quite a presence. establishing a base inside of libya. pe another stronghold. he was killed, in libya by an air strike. now, he's said potentially to be involved in mass executions, maybe to the one back in february. not first time the u.s. has struck what they consider terrorists in libya with the first time they've gone with isis. libya is long known to be a stronghold for isis. last year, some of their propagandas to put killers on boats on their route through turkey and greece.
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but a sign of the extent of their reach and it comes, too, i think, because france is coming to terms with the scale of the problem faced for over a year now, at least. almost a year ago precisely to the day there was an isis propaganda video released that showed french citizens themselves burning their passports and appealing to french at home who couldn't perhaps join them to do it at home. it's called what are you waiting for is the title. the notion being, if you're upset at french prohibitions, quote, there are cars and weapons available to you. you can take the fight to them inside your own country. this has been a long-term issue for france here. no doubt. multiple videos like the one you're seeing now available for those who wanted to be inspired by them. and the real question is now. you can't really stop isis
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inside syria and iraq without a massive military intervention even if that would work. struggle, potentially, to seal the borders and prevent the passage of those who use the flow to get in. or whatever chance they have to get in those countries. they don't know how they got to france in this particular case. so is it a surveillance the french have to condition template what can be done to remove this? that's what france surely contemplating now. erin? >> thank you very much. live in irbil, iraq. tonight, i want to go to jim. and on this point that nick was just talking about, you know, what is france going to do? it's not just what is france going to do. you've had 400 plus people murdered by isis in less than two weeks. a russian airliner brought down, beirut attack, and an attack here in paris. an attack in baghdad. and france says it's war. what does -- what does that mean? it seems to me that cannot just mean a few more air strikes. >> well, clearly there has to be
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a rethinking of the u.s. and the coalition and the european strategy against isis. because it's not working. and the thing is, you can talk about stopping them from coming in, right? but when we look at this attack, we already know that there was both a local and a foreign element. you see a syrian and egyptian passport and we know that one of them was french north of paris who was known to authorities. so you have this home grown upsurge as well as the influx. so you can't just close the doors and the problem's gone. so it's about the ideology, it's about the radicalization, you know, two fronts in effect in that war. but then, when you think bigger picture about the strategy, you had in the last 24 hours, 48 hours two successes. you had jihadi john killed. another senior al qaeda formally, but now isis leader. those are successes, but this is one, a group that courts death, right? all of the guys in this attack
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wanted to die. and two, you killed the leaders, but it's an organization so you can have seven, it appears, kids, right? the early reports that some of these were teenagers, come here with a local and foreign element and carry out an attack and kill so many people. you can't -- and there are many fronts to this war. >> right. >> i think what makes this so certifying is let's talk about this city. this city that just had an attack, a country known for having some of the best intelligence in the world that was prepared and expectant of something like this. it's not just one attack. coordinated attacks with an international element requiring a lot of communication. and they have no idea that it was coming on a day that the united states, which had said it would degrade and destroy isis said that isis was contained, which was admitting failure, but they tried to present that as success. all of that, i think people say how could it happen? >> yes. ten months ago, i was standing down the street here. the charlie hebdo offices are a
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five-minute walk. horrible attack, 20 people killed. now we have seven times that number, perhaps eight times that number killed here in the span of just one year. it is a big deal as we know and popping up in a number of countries. we get to the u.s. strategy. you have what can be an unfortunate timing saying that friday morning isis is contained. i spoke to the white house, again, today. he did say to be fair. he was talking about in iraq and syria it is contained they stop their advances there. and it is true, you have those kurdish forces moving to sinjar recently. but the fact is, it's only contained except in the areas it's not con inthatted, right? >> it's not contained in lebanon and so on. and the white house said to me, listen, we'll have good days and bad days. but when you compare those two. yes, two successful decapitation operations. but in the last week, you had three very deadly isis attacks beyond their borders. >> but in the least to refer to what happened here. >> well, i did say tell me what
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your good days were. i don't see very maryland good days in this recent span in the last couple of weeks. >> thank you very much. jim, of course, as he's not on camera is on the phone. he's going to be back in a few moments. we'll also talk live with the french terror expert about the sophistication of these attacks. we are learning more, for example, about the explosive devices they had strapped to their bodies. this is something the pope has called the third world war. the president of france has called a war. we'll be right back live from paris. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing.
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not the other way around. back in paris. i'm joined now from our paris bureau by jean charles broussard, a terrorism expert. and author of ""zaquari." the world is trying to understand what happened here. how could something like this have happened? you know, i think people are trying to grasp a city that was faced such brutal slaughter where intelligence officials were aware of at least one of these attackers. they were expecting something like this. and still, this was impossible to prevent.
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>> well, we had the attacks in january. and since then, and even before that date, we foiled a lot of plots, terrorist plots involving a lot of individuals. sympathizers from france or individuals that were coming back from syria or iraq. something coordinated, exactly the kind of attack that we've experience experienced france was involved in the fight in the war against the i-- because a lot of individuals, french, nationals have traveled to syria and iraq. involved in these networks,
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whether in france or syria. individuals able to carry out by themselves. being inspired by isis to carry out such attacks. or others on the field. >> yeah. >> able to be directed. >> some of the latest attacks in terms of the coordination. they were obviously armed with automatic weapons. every systems, suicide sort of belt or vest they may have had on were identical. that speaks to some sort of a level of coordination of supply, of depth of the network. suggests a few people, doesn't it? >> exactly. i can tell you it takes several months to mount such an operation to acquire the expertise, to build up the
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explosive belts. to recognize the targets. to build up the team, or so, to carry out the attacks and coordinate. and the time of preparation of planning involves probably several months. >> several months. all right. jean charles, stay with me. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be back live here from paris in a moment.
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back live from paris. in the united states and around the world. covering the horrific scene, attack and carnage here in paris. just 24 hours ago. counterterror expert is with me just across town in paris.
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how many people have been involved that they have not yet found or don't yet know. do you have confidence they'll be able to do that? when obviously with all of the resources they had dedicated to trying to stop some sort of a coordinated attack. >> yes, but now the they'll have some kind of technical data on the attackers. many belongings have been recovered. including telephone devices, et cetera. arrests have been made, in germany, an investigation has been opened in belgian involving a french residence who aparentally provided a car to
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some of the attackers. this was the beginning. won't take long. i can tell you until we uncovered the full network of those responsible. and those behind them. >> and i want to talk about an issue that i think is going to be getting a lot of conversation. we don't yet know if the attacker who had the syrian passport, a passport that we now know is linked to someone who had just come through greece as a syrian refugee in the past weeks. we don't know if that is truly the attacker's passport or fe he took it from someone else. if it turns out that is the case, that's the passport, if that's who that was, what does that do to the conversation here in europe where you have hundreds of thousands coming in. many are unable to determine who they are and what their intentions are.
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>> that would be a big issue. as you said, this could be a fake passport, a stolen passport. or he could be also one of them could be older. if he's the one that is the immigrant, this will raise a real question in terms of border checks, it is already the case for terrorism cases where countries like france and others are raising the issue of border control to improve the border controls of the external borders of space. this will probably add to the current issue and crisis inside the eu regarding the immigrants, obviously. obviously. >> all right, jean charles, thank you very much. i know you're going to be staying with us. and for those just joining us, we're talking about the borders.
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a lot of people allowed to move from country to country in europe without having to show a passport or going through any kind of border control. a crucial part of what defines europe. right now. and next, much more on our breaking news coverage. raids underway at this hour after a discovery of a rental car linked to some of the attackers. we are learning more about that at this moment. we're talking to people who were inside the stadium. when one of those explosions went off near them. and just in at this moment, we are getting breaking news from the nfl about what security preparations the league is taking for the games in america tomorrow. this is cnn special live coverage, we'll be right back from paris.
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live in paris, and i want to welcome all of you watching in the united states and around the world tonight. this is cnn's live coverage of the coordinated terror attacks
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across this city of paris. we are just about now 24 hours since a horrific and tightly organized series of attacks that the president of france calls an act of war and isis calls merely the first of the storm. i am standing here in paris, but right behind me, right behind me, you can see the bataclan, the club where we now as of the latest count, 89 people lost their lives last night in a bloody point-blank shootout inside. the death toll, we now understand for all of the attacks is 129. a number that will go higher. one of them was an american college student from california. more than 350 people are hurt and 99 of them are critically injured right now. this was a coordinated series of bomb blasts, shootings outside of stadium, a concert hall, and several cafes, many of which were in this area. o


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