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tv   CNN Democratic Debate Special  CNN  November 14, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and all of the tools at our disposal, not just military force which should be used as a last resort, but our diplomacy. our development aid, law enforcement, sharing of intelligence in a much more open and cooperative way. >> senator bernie sanders was also asked about the terror threat which he's previously tied at least the major terror threat to the united states to climate change. >> senator sanders, you said you want to rid the planet of isis. in the previous debate you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. do you still believe that? >> absolutely. in fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say, you're going to see countries all over the world. this is what the cia says. they're going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops. you're going to see all kinds of international conflict. >> we have a very strong team of political experts with us tonight to review exactly what happened during the democratic
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presidential debate. let's go to david axelrod first. you're a former senior adviser to president obama. what do you think -- did hillary clinton, some pundits are suggesting, did she miss an opportunity tonight to stand out given her experience as a secretary of state? >> you know, it was interesting to me, normally she's being attacked for being too political. i think in this moment she was really thinking like a person who might become president of the united states. she was very tempered in her answers because of that. it may have been in the short run not to her political benefit, but it may be to her credit in the long run that she took that posture. >> she was a member of this administrati administration, as you know. she was walking a fine line trying to distance herself to a certain degree from president obama saying that, using the line that isis cannot be contained. it must be defeated. that's a direct reference to the president. saying that isis was contained. and also pointing out that early on in syria she said we needed
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to -- she said, "i said we needed to train and equip the moderates." so distancing herself a bit. i think it was difficult for her. i would call her subdued in a way in which i expected her to be more assertive. >> malika henderson, was bernie sanders' statement that climate change represents the major national security threat, given what's going on in paris the past 24, 48 hours, was that a mistake? >> well, you know, he was essentially reiterating what he said in the previous debate. it is a different time now. paris obviously hanging very heavily over this debate tonight. and you imagine that most americans when they think about isis and when they think about threats to the homeland and to their families, they're not necessarily thinking about climate change. but in that instance, i do think he was kind of showing that when it comes to foreign policy and the kind of hawkish tone that some want to hear even from democrats, that he's not necessarily going to give that to democrats.
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>> did he feel comfortable from your perspective, jeff zeleny, bernie sanders, going toe to toe if you will with hillary clinton on national security foreign policy? >> there's no question that that is not his wheelhouse. that's not why bernie sanders is in this presidential race. the interesting thing about presidential campaigns, often they end on topics different from the ones that they begin with. we saw it in the 2008 campaign. so you have to be comfortable with everything. i thought he was comfortable enough. he's able to say that he voted against the iraq war. but it's clear that he has not spent nearly as much time thinking about that as some of the financial things. on the wall street area, that's where he shined a little bit more. that is why he's running. you know, that's not the central challenge right ahead of us at this moment as we've seen in the last 24 hours in paris. >> she got into an extensive exchange with bernie sanders on the whole issue of wall street, the funding she's received over the years from big wall street bankers among others. listen to this exchange she had
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with the senator. >> this campaign contribution will not influence me. i'm going to be independent. but why do they make millions of dollars of campaign contributions? they expect to get something, everybody knows that. once again, i am running a campaign differently than any other candidate. we are relaying on small campaign donors, 750,000, $30 apiece. that's why i'm indebted -- >> john, wait a minute. wait a minute. [ applause ] >> person of privilege, john. [ all talking at once ] >> he used his answer to impugn my integrity. let's be frank here. >> no -- >> wait a minute, senator. you know, not only do i have hundreds of thousands of donors, most of them small, and i'm very proud that for the first time a majority of my donors are women -- 60% -- [ cheers ] >> so i represented new york, and i represented new york on 9/11. when we were attacked, where were we attacked?
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we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. that was good for new york, it was good for the economy. and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country. [ applause ] >> paul, you work, you support a pro-hillary clinton super pac. you obviously want hillary clinton to be the democratic nominee and the next president of the united states. she's already getting criticism here, as well, for invoking 9/11 to justify her support for some certain wall street bankers. >> there wasn't any -- senator sanders needs close the loop. he says, you got donations, he doesn't point to a vote. he doesn't say here's one of the things you did wrong. president obama pointed at the iraq war vote. specific vote. he didn't allege it was because of campaign contributions, he said it was wrong. senator sanders doesn't have the punch after the setup. he's like, well, you took wall street money. she's like, yeah, what did i do? i helped them recover after the war, i -- i also have a proposal
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which she claims rightly that paul krugman, the nobel prize winning columnist for "the new york times" praised. he's got to have something there from the left. he can't say wall street is bad and you represented new york, therefore, well, what? >> s.e. culpp, do you agree? >> that was a strange pivot. she's getting flack for invoking 9/11. even if you follow the bread crumbs wherever she was going, it was a strange thing to bring up. i will say, however, that i think at large and especially in the room, i think she won the debate on banking which is shocking. she came into this night with the natural advantage on foreign policy. she was really expected to look presidential next to bernie sanders. what she didn't expect was that o'malley would swing at her from the right on foreign policy. putting her between bernie on the left, martin on the right. she was really in a defensive crouch for that entire foreign
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policy conversation. i actually thought she looked best when she was talking about banking, that one moment notwithstanding. >> was that her best moment, peter? >> yeah, i thought she also did well on gun control. i think this answer on 9/11 is going to -- one that's going to resonate. i would be surprised if she repeats it. i think it plays into the stereotypes, the negative stereotypes people have. it was a canned political answer. and it reminds democrat of just what they don't like about republicans which is bringing up 9/11 in order to justify thing that can't be justified in other ways. >> patty, you're a former hillary clinton campaign manager. was that a rehearsed statement? do you think she came in to this debate tonight knowing bernie sanders was going to go after her on her contacts, her connections to wall street, and she had this answer ready? >> i agree with s.e. oddly enough. i think she won the debate on beeg. i think the 9/11 -- on banking. i think the nevin reference was better used when she was talking about terrorism. she was senator when the 9/11 attacks happened.
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she was the senator when we needed to rebuild that city. it would have been more powerful talking about terrorism. >> i think we have a clip about bernie sanders. he got lively tonight going after hillary clinton on several issues including her vote back at the end of 2002 in favor of going war against saddam hussein in iraq. listen to this. >> let me have one area of disagreement with the secretary. i think she said something like the bulk of the responsibility is not ours. well, in fact, i would argue that the disastrous invasion of iraq, something that i strongly oppose, has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of al qaeda and to isis. >> david actionle r lle axle -- axelrod, he's blaming that vote for all the trouble of isis today. >> there's a case to be made that the war in iraq has led to
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disastrous consequences. i thought she was prepared for that answer by pointing out that 9/11 happened before the war in iraq. a lot of terrorism happened -- attacks on us happened before 9/11. and so to make that connection is not a good answer to the threat of today. so i -- i just want to agree with what peter said on the earlier point about the 9/11 answer as a way of justifying support for wall street. i thought that was her one really false note in this whole debate. i said earlier, sometimes she's accused of being too political. that is an example of her being too -- >> did it sound overy rehearsed? >> no doubt. she knew about the banking and was prepared for it. that clearly was part that she had prepared. that was a fault note that shouldn't have been included. >> i think that was something someone came one for her, and she used it. it fell flat. when you talk about someone wanting to be authentic -- it
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didn't sound -- >> which bernie sanders is, by the way. >> he is. >> he had a gate for his supporters -- a good night for his supporters. he is authentic. >> she's authentically watching video of the worst terror attack in years. of course it's on her mind. i completely disagree. i'm not privy. i don't coordinate with her campaign. i completely disagree. >> paul, why did she -- >> why did she use -- >> because of the relationship to terrorism, it would have made sense. >> i understand that, but -- >> using it as a way to justify -- look, she has a traditional alliance with wall street. maybe it's because she was senator of new york, her husband also had good support from wall street. and you know, so it just seemed like an unnecessary point -- hold on for a moment. >> bernie sanders then came back and said, well, you're right. we all appreciate what you did for new york on 9/11. i mean, it was a little manipulative. >> this is -- >> our senior correspondent, briana keilar, is in des moines in the so-called spin room there where all the activists come to
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explain why their respective candidates won. are they do something cleanup now, the hillary clinton campaign o this specific issue? her use of 9/11 to justify the support she's apparently given, if you listen to bernie sanders, to wall street? >> reporter: they are, wolf. her communications director, jen pa palmieri, working the room behind me. this is the shiese's tackling. the campaign was aware this was the weak spot for her. palmieri saying that hillary clinton was trying to explain why she's had some favor from wall street. and basically just that she was proud to stand with the wall street community following 9/11. of course, that's not exactly how it came out of hillary clinton's mouth when she was explaining this. and i think there's an awareness by the campaign that there was some awkwardness on that. certainly as we see some of the criticism following what she said. of course, one of the other issues i think that is getting a lot of buzz has to do with her
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comment about being from the '60s and it being a long time ago. this was something that made a lot of eyebrows in des moines raise. if she is to run in the general election, assuming she is the nominee against, say, a younger republican, the expectation all along is that they would run a generational argument against her. certainly that is a campaign ad in the making, something people were zeroing in on. cleanup on the comment on 9/11 and realization that it did not go over as she intended. it didn't go over well. >> the three presidential candidates, are they in the spin room? are they talking to reporters? are they making their case, or have they gone home? >> reporter: you know, from what i see, i don't think we have any of the candidates in the room. i can't tell you exactly. i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see martin o'malley here. i'm not sure that we're going to
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see bernie sanders. i expect that we won't. of course, that's possible, that can change. we saw in the debate in las vegas. i think there was an expectation he might not come in. then he did come in. i don't think we're expecting hillary clinton here if past is prologue. she probably won't come into the spin room. >> we'll get back to you. you'll stay in close touch with us. i want to, meantime, play another excerpt. here's senator bernie sanders continuing to go after hillary clinton on this whole issue of wall street. >> so i want to look at the whole problem, and that's why my proposal is much more comprehensive than anything else that ben put forth. >> you've said that the donations to secretary clinton are compromising. what but think of her answer? >> not good enough. [ applause ] >> not good enough. almost sounds like larry david over there. >> it is becoming sort of comical there. look, that is why this
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democratic populous base, all the energy in the party is behind him for issues like this. they love it when he's like -- he is authentic. i thought this was a strong moment for him there. at the end of theday, you know, i think just events over last 24 hours in paris, other things. democrats are also looking at who is the sort of leader on the big picture here. i'm still not sure that bernie sanders has filled in all those gaps here. the democrats who were watching that, it was iowa democrats who start this in less than three months, those new hampshire primary voters. bernie sanders still has at least 1/3 to 40% of the party with him, no question. >> peter, go ahead. >> i think -- i say this as a liberal. i would be concerned as a democrat about the entire terrorism part of this debate. the republican line, whatever you think about it, is very clear. it's that we left iraq, the terrorists filled the vacuum. we've retreated from the world. now they're going after us. i would be darned to listen to all three candidates and discern a clear democratic line of how
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you're going to fight terrorism. they were very vague, very nonspecific. and i think they have a lot of work to do. if terrorism is going to be a major issue in this election, the polls show people trust republicans on it, they're going to have to do better. >> and there was a good five, eight-minute section where the three of them sort of parsed words over words. what they would call the threat. was it radical jihadism, was it islamic extremism. no one really came out. i think if you're a voter at home, this is very frightening to see three democrats not even sure of what to call it. if you're just sitting at home, you want someone up there whose who's presidential, who's not afraid to say the unpopular thing, and is going to be tougher on terrorism than they are afraid of political correctness. [ all talking at once ] >> doesn't necessarily mean saying the popular thing. i thought this was a good moment for hillary when she explained that if you want to have influence in the region and work with countries in the region,
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you have to be mindful of the language that you use. that's how presidents have to think. candidates don't have to think that way. certainly the republican candidates aren't thinking that way. >> i don't think voters understand that nuance, though, david. >> no. but that -- you're talking about elections and saying she's not being presidential. i'm saying she's being presidential even at the cost perhaps of some -- scoring -- >> gloria, like president obama, the three democratic presidential candidates, they don't use the phrase "islamic terrorism." >> they don't. and so it was jihadism, radical jihadism, and it went around and around on it. also what we didn't hear tonight is a debate you hear within the republican party on immigration and on syrian refugee, for example. there was no questioning aside from hillary clinton saying you have to vet refugee, et cetera, et cetera. this is going to be a big issue now among republicans. the question of letting in syrians into this country, particularly given what's going on in -- >> the working assumption, jeff zeleny, you've covered these
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races, that the more the national security threat goes up, the better it potentially is for republicans. >> not necessarily because who is the republican nominee going to be here? that is the big question here. there's no question that hillary -- that -- since she was a part of this administration, she own the obama administration's legacy on foreign affairs. it does not look nearly as good as it looked when bin laden was killed. she said that was one of her moment. that seems like so long ago. the new current threats, she is going to have to own those in a general election setting. elections are comparative things. who is she running against? if she's running against a marco rubio, for example, he does not have as much experience as her. if she's running against a jeb bush, he has -- some more experience, so she's still the more experienced one. i do think think republicans necessarily -- i do not think republicans necessarily have the upper hand. the obama administration is leaving in a much different place than they thought they would be. >> because of the chaos throughout middle east, north africa, south asia.
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you work ted white house, david axelrod. it wasn't supposed to be like this, was it? >> this hasn't been a smooth line from the beginning. we've had a tumultuous situation from the time that we arrived there. obviously, emergence of isis was not what was anticipated. it is going to be an issue in the election. on gloria's point, all of the democratic candidate hes held t the notion that we should still accept refugees. i think this will be a flare point with candidates. even before paris, ted cruz was going after marco rubio on immigration because he said it was opening the door to terrorist to come into the country. i think it's a -- a false argument, but -- or an overblown argument. but it's one that's going to be resonant, more resonant after paris. >> let me bring patty into this. patty, on thursday, the president gave an interview to george stephanopoulos of abc news in which he said isis has been contained in iraq and
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syria. they're not gaining any more ground. they've actually lost some ground. within a day, we saw what happened in paris. this certainly doesn't look like isis has been contained globally if you will. especially given the attack on the russian airliner, killing 224 people. the twin suicide bombings in beirut killing more than 40 people. and now what's happened in paris now. how much of a problem is that going to be? when hillary clinton says you can't contain isis, you got to defeat isis? n a sense differentiating herself from the position the president has taken to contain and eventually destroy? >> i think it's going to be more of a problem in the general lenses than it is in the primary. -- general election than it is in the primary. the bar is different for hillary clinton than the rest of the democrats. hillary clinton was a u.s. senator. hillary clinton was on the armed services committee. hillary clinton was secretary of state. she is presidential. she is a commander in chief. she can be a commander in chief. bernie sanders and martin o'malley don't reach that
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threshold with the voters now. so she can afford -- she is going to be with barack obama -- >> the president says the goal is to contain and eventually destroy isis. hillary clinton has a different new an which she expressed tonight. listen to this. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained. it must be defeated. >> see, here she's moving beyond what the president has said. >> yeah. and that's smart in light of recent events. but no wound that stage -- they all talked about this being a threat and serious problem. no one really talked about how far they would go to defeat isis. what strategically they would do. it's politically perilous. they're in a very tough spot tonight of all nights to have a debate about the politics of war as france, paris, is still cleaning bodies out of the street. knowing that they have war-weary
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citizens back home and prague relatives who don't want them -- progressives who don't want them to give an inch. it's a very tough spot. i think they were only as forthcoming as they were prodded to be by the pod rarity. -- by the moderator. >> in the united states, they've told all the field offices, don't go away, stay on alert. there's heightened security at nfl football games tomorrow all over the united states. cities like new york, here in washington, los angeles. they're telling their law enforcement, the police be on the lookout. there's concern here and people are nervous looking at what happened in paris. >> this is another example of how hillary clinton's support for the war in iraq makes this harder for her. you can see what bernie sanders would say. he would say the real reason we have isis there, the bigger mistake was not the obama administration's decision to withdraw troops. it was the fact that we invaded in the first place. >> the answer is, look what happened on 9/11 before the u.s. invaded iraq. >> the point is she having supported the iraq war can't actually then turn around and blame it on the bush
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administration. i think the, look, she's -- >> she did. >> right. i think it's not going to be that credible. she has -- she's going to have to run the campaign being linked to the iraq war and the libya war. both wars that have turned out very badly. i think that's going to be tough. >> and obama's foreign policy -- >> let paul -- paul, i want to remind viewers, you support a pro-hillary clinton super pac. >> i'm for -- i'd be for hillary if nobody paid me. okay? i'm for hillary. i love her. i think she'd be a terrific president. with the debate will go in the general, peter, is the next iraq war. a lot of republicans want, as they say, boots on the ground. martin o'malley had a good moment where he talked about a mom of a soldier saying don't call my kid a pair of boots on the ground. that's the phrase republicans like. they want to reinvade iraq. the general election debate could well be on national security. a much -- a much bigger debate about should the united states invade iraq yet again. seems insane to me, but i think that's where it's going to go. she's comfortable i think on that turf. >> hopefully it won't happen -- if there are similar events in
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the united states to what happened in paris, the pressure to do something may be go ahead and use a lot of so-called boots on the ground. that will multiply. >> to do something. but to put boots on the ground, to use the phrase "war weary," we are. i think this country -- how did it work out the last time? i don't think this country wants to invade iraq again. >> hold your thoughts. we're continuing. much more on tonight's democratic presidential debate ahead. did bernie sanders do hillary clinton another favor when it came to her e-mail sdmefcontrov? plus the attacks on republican rivals. >> they are putting forth alarming plans. all of us support funding planned parenthood. all of us believe climate change is real. all of us want equal pay for equal work. they don't believe in any of that. ♪
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sharp exchanges, point ed disagreements. the democratic candidates debated tonight in des moines, iowa. watch this. >> we need to have a resolve that will bring the world together, to root out the kind of radical jihadist ideology that motivates organizations
8:28 pm
like isis, a barbaric, ruthless, violent, jihadist terrorist group. >> together leading the world, this country will rid our planet of this barbarous organization isis. >> i was with a mom of two service members who served in iraq. she said, please, when you're with your candidates and colleagues on stage, please don't use the term "boots on the ground." please don't use the term boots on the ground. my son is not a pair of boots on the ground. >> i think we need major reform in the military, making it more cost effective, but also focusing on the real crisis that phase up. the cold war is is over -- that faces us. the cold war is over. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained. it must be defeated.
8:29 pm
>> let's say it in our debate. you'll never hear this from the immigrant-bashing, carnival barker, donald trump. the truth of the matter is -- [ applause ] >> it truth of the matter is net immigration from mexico last year was zero. >> why do -- why over her political career has wall street been a major -- the major campaign contributor to hillary clinton? maybe they're dumb and they don't know what they're going to get, but i don't think so. >> i represented new york, and i represented new york 9/11 when we were attacked. where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. that was good for new york. it was good for the economy. and it was a way to rebuke the terrorist. >> i was sick and tired of hillary clinton's e-mail. i am still sick and tired of hillary clinton's e-mail. i didn't know i had so much
8:30 pm
power. after i said that, we're not hearing much about hillary clinton's emails. >> i couldn't have said it better myself. they are putting forth alarming plans. i mean, all of us support funding planned parenthood. all of us believe climate change is real. all of us want equal pay for equal work. they don't believe in any of that. so let's focus on what this election is really going to be about. [ applause ] >> let's go back to our expert political commentators. peter, who won in debate? >> i don't think there was a clear winner. hillary clinton won by not losing. she's clearly ahead. bernie -- bernie sanders needed to change the dynamic, and he didn't. he didn't have a moment where he really went for the jugular. and it will stick in people's minds, i think. >> you know, s.e., republicans will point out these democratic challengers to hillary clinton, they don't even want to talk to her about her e-mail controversy which, of course, the fbi is actually even investigating. >> yeah. i don't know how long senator sanders or governor o'malley can
8:31 pm
go without really getting personal with hillary clinton. i mean, there seems to be this whole terrain that they don't want to go into which is actually -- where she's vulnerable with the american people on her trust worthiness and her sort of being in touch with regular people. you saw senator sanders many times, i thought conciliatory during this debate to say with all due respect, secretary clinton, even when he would disagree, that's very lovely. she has proven over time many times that she is not afraid to get nasty with the other candidates. she has had her surrogates attacking bernie sanders for not caring about the hispanic population, for being weak on guns. i mean, they're going to have to get aggressive if they want to make a dent. >> david, did bernie sanders make a mistake by not going after her, at least raising questions about the e-mail controversy? >> it's important to note, s.e. citing a general election kind of polling. democrats really like hillary clinton. she's quite popular.
8:32 pm
and i think you go after her in a very personal way at your own peril if you're a primary candidate. i will say, too, that i think the benghazi committee continues to be the gift that keeps on giving to hillary clinton. one of her best lines tonight was when john dickerson asked her are there other shoes to drop. she said, well, after 11 hours, i don't think so. >> some people thought that 11-hour hearing was in-kind contribution to her campaign. i know you believe that. >> i do. >> hillary clinton, i think she's got 85% favorable. something like that in the democratic party. and last week i talked with bernie sanders about this. and he seemed to attack her a lid on the emails. then he -- little on the emails. then he immediately backed off because he understands her popularity. where he did attack her and she went back at him was on the wall street issue and the corrupt political system and all of that. and she turned it into a personal issue. she said, you're a challenge -- you're challenging my integrity, and then he backed off.
8:33 pm
so she made it personal. i think bernie sanders tried to attack her on the corrupt political system and the fact that she's had support from wall street for her entire career. she took it personally on purpose. >> yeah. i think that's right. i think she wants to draw bernie sanders into a fight. he doesn't seem to know what he wants to do, go after her or not. i thought there were a couple of lines, when she talked about her plan, her economic plan, not taxing the middle class. bernie sander said that maybe the middle class would get a hit under her -- under his program. also when she talked about someone needing to defend obamacare. we know bernie sanders has sort a different idea about what to do about obamacare. she wants to draw him out, but he doesn't bite all the time. >> at the rallies, one thing i am struck by city to city, they love bernie sanders and what he stands for. it is difficult to find someone who is sharply critical of hillary clinton or on the emails.
8:34 pm
bernie sanders knows exactly what he's doing by not going hard after her on emails. i'm not sure if it's the smartest political move or not, but his supporters do not want to see him tear her down. >> but they should concede them by this logic. >> no, they want him to draw on issues on income in, quality, wall street -- >> bernie's figured out his strategy. he's gone from nothing to like 30%. attack wall street. that's his thing. he doesn't have a link yet. he doesn't have a vote. he doesn't -- o'malley hinted, began to suggest maybe he's got a game, go after trump. he had one line, a great line. he called mr. trump an immigrant bashing carnival barker. if you can't attack hillary because she has 85% favorable, go after the guy who has 80% negative. i think martin o'malley ought to do more of that. >> lots of people have made a dent in the hillary clinton campaign in the primary, significant enough to mount a challenge. i'm going to tell you you're
8:35 pm
lying to my face. >> the martin o'malley clip where he -- the former governor of maryland -- not doing that great in the polls. he had a strong line. i'll play the extended excerpt of what he said -- >> the remix? >> watch this. >> if more border security and these -- more and more deportations were going to bring our republican brothers and sisters to the table, it would have happened long ago. the fact of the matter is -- let's say it in our debate because you'll never hear this from that immigrant-bashing carnival barker, donald trump -- [ applause ] >> the truth of the matter is, net immigration from mexico last year was zero. fact check me. go ahead, check it out. >> we have been fact checking. we'll have our fact check -- that's coming up. i think you'll be interested in
8:36 pm
that. go ahead. >> here's what surprises me about martin o'malley. he's standsing on the stage with two candidates. one is 68 years old, the other is 74 years old. he never makes the generational argument which seems to me the strongest case for him to make. i find it bewildering. >> he makes it occasionally. he made it in the opening statement, i think in the closing statement when he talked about a new, fresh approach. he took a direct shot at hillary clinton when he said we don't need to return to polarizing figures from our past. >> he doesn't drive it consistently or offer himself as a new generation candidate. >> that's right. i think he doesn't really know who his -- his political identity yet. he doesn't know if he sort of likes sanders, if he's a mix between sanders and clinton. he doesn't -- he's not fully formed. >> bernie is winning the youth vote. that's why. >> right. >> i think the young guy is not winning among young guys and gals. the oldest person in the race is doing the best -- >> he's impressive. >> he conceded territory to him. >> the only real opening was to
8:37 pm
hillary clinton's left because of the way the democratic base has been moving left especially on economic issues. once bernie sander sealed that up, i think there wasn't a place. >> i'll play a clip. the questioner asked senator sanders who says he wants to raise taxes on the richer americans. now the top income bracket, 39.6%. he was asked how high would you raise the rate if you were president, if you had your way. listen to what he said. >> we pay for this by demanding that the largest people and corporations who have gotten away with murder for areas start paying their fair share. >> get specific. how high would you go? you said you'd go above 50%. how high? >> we haven't come up with an exact number, but tell not be as high as the number under dwight d. eisenhower which was 90%. but it will be -- i'm not that much of a socialist compared to
8:38 pm
eisenhower. [ applause ] >> jeff zeleny, that was start to recall the 90% tax rate? he says he's going to raise it above 50 from 39%. he's not saying how high he'll go. only saying not 90%. >> i guess we have a range. i think that was a smart answer of him. he's trying to say i'm not the scariest person who's ever run for president. i'm okay. i think it was the first time the audience laughed. this is a heavy debate at the beginning given the gravity of earling that's going on in -- the gravity of everything that's going on in the world around us. i thought that was a smart answer. of course he's not going get half of the country. >> recall that the highest tax rate was 70% under eisenhower at least at one point. >> you have the democrats debating whether you want a 90% rate on wealthy americans or a 70% rate? >> keep going. keep going. >> every night -- >> this will make you happy. it's like you're living in parallel universe here. you watch a republican debate,
8:39 pm
it's completely -- >> although everybody seems to cite ike. >> stand by, guys. just ahead, we'll will have that reality check on what senator bernie sanders said about iraq, about afghanistan, war veterans with ptsd. stay with us.
8:40 pm
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welcome back. the presidential democratic debate, the subject of minimum wage came up. i want to play this clip. >> the next few years we've got to move the minimum wage to living wage, $15 an hour. i apologize to everybody -- >> what alan krueger said in the piece you're referring to is that if we went to $15, there are no international comparisons. that is why i support a $12 national federal minimum wage. that is what the democrats in the senate have put forward as a proposal. but i do believe that is a minimum. >> it should always be good up. i mean -- with all due respect to secretary clinton -- >> it's a median wage. of course, you would index it. i take -- >> i think we need to stop taking our advice from a commonness on wall street. [ all talking at once ] [ applause ]
8:44 pm
>> hillary clinton's campaign manager, that debate over raising the nation's minimum wage, bernie sanders says it's got to be $15 an hour nationwide. hillary clinton says $12. >> right. bernie sanders's supporters love him for that. the rest of the democratic party feel that alan krueger has a lot of sway. and has the best policy. so i think she did quite well and won the exchange. >> that was heated because progressives are mad at her for not joining bernie sanders and asking for and demanding a $15 minimum wage. she would not have been as definitive as she was if most of your party felt the $12 was sufficient. >> it's about $7.50 right now -- >> it is. you could see when governor o'malley -- maybe senator sanders was attacking alan krueger -- all of a sudden he's -- chairman of president obama's council of economic advisers. never worked on wall street.
8:45 pm
not that that's qualifying to know something it market. alan never did. and you see hillary clinton get annoyed by that. this is where -- getting back to david's point about jihad, there's something in the back of her saying i might win. i better not support a policy that could hurt. >> if he was going win the debate, he should have won the debate big. most democrats agree with him. another example of him not really closing. he didn't really go for the squug lar on that. >> our reality checks is look ig at the facts behind the claims. tom? >> hillary clinton was being attacked newsroom times over this idea that she voted for the iraq war. she now says it's a mistake. bernie sanders did not want to let her off so easily. he said there are long-term consequences to decisions like that. listen. >> when talk about the long-term consequences of war, let's talk about the men and women who came home from war. the 500,000 who came home with
8:46 pm
ptsd and traumatic brain injury. >> is that really possible? that's a massive number out there. but the truth is, the veterans affairs group looked at this and said their independent study, is it true that this many people who were in iraq and afghanistan may have had some level of some sort of traumatic injury or brain injury or something like this. and in fact they concluded it was true. you match it up to the math, the people who have been there, a couple million or more, and we have to say that actually what bernie sanders had to say about this and when he con frofronted, yeah, 500,000 combat troops came home with ptsd. that is true. >> bernie sanders is former chairman of the veterans affairs committee. he obviously knows the subject. next, sharp exchanges as the democratic presidential candidates talk about guns. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
8:47 pm
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the truth of the matter is net immigration from mexico last year was zero. fact check me. go ahead, check it out. >> we decided to take a look, check it out. tom foreman, what did you find? >> i love it when they say "fact check me." he was in safe territory here. bottom line is the pew research center found that in 2012, the number of people coming in from make and the number going back to mexico had already zeroed out. there was no real immigration problem. people coming into the country illegally by 2012. it's actually dropped lower than that. you can argue that he's incorrect and the problem doesn't exist now. the bottom line, wolf, what he said is true. >> thank you very much, tom. patty solis, a lot of latinos have been upset at the obama administration, president obama, for deporting more than two million people since taking office. he's even been called by some latino leaders as deporter in chief. how do you deal with that problem going forward? >> well, look, he's also used
8:52 pm
executive action to keep people here, keep the dreamers here, i know it was overturned. i think he has a very good record on immigration. i think hillary agrees with that and is going to go prosecutor to it. and compared to everybody on the republican side, it's fantastic. so i think hispanics will vote democratic. >> another key issue, guns. there was this exchange -- watch this. >> secretary clinton, you've been on three sides of this. when you ran in 2000, you said that we needed federal, robust regulations. then in 2008, you were portraying yourself as annie oakley and saying we don't need regulations on the federal level. >> oh -- >> now you're coming back around here. so john, there's a big difference between leading by polls and leading with principle. we got it done in my state blieding with principle. that's what we -- by leading with principle. that's what we need to do for
8:53 pm
comprehensive gun safety. [ applause ] >> all due respect, i think it's fair to say that baltimore is not one of the safest cities in america. the issue is -- >> it's saved a lot of lives along the way, senator. >> i believe and believe this honeach -- i don't know that there's much difference on guns between us. i believe coming from a state that has virtually no gun control, i believe that i am in a position to reach out to the 60% or 70% of the american people who agree with us on those issues. problem is people. all over this country, not you, secretary clinton, are shouting at each other. what we need to do is bring people together to work on the agreement where there is broad consensus. >> but wait -- wait i want to say this, senator, there is broad consensus. 92% in the most recent poll of americans -- polls, americans want safety measures.
8:54 pm
we've got consensus, what we're lacking is political leadership. >> gloria, you spent time with bernie sanders last week s. this an area where he potentially for democrats and liberals is vulnerable special. >> he is in a democratic primary. and i just love -- i must say listening to candidates talk about polling as if that's what makes them decide what to believe. you know, o'malley was right about hillary clinton and annie oakley. remember that? you remember that? okay. the democratic party has now shifted on guns. and because the polling has shifted on guns, and they're all falling over each other to support more robust gun control. it wasn't always that way. >> i thought it was -- i thought it was amazing that hillary clinton was scolding bernie sanders for not having political courage on guns when bernie sanders, as he said, lost an election because of some of the not-popular positions he has taken on guns over the course of
8:55 pm
his very long career. meanwhile, no one in congress has been able to get anything done on guns. i am certainly on a different side of the argument. for the past decade. i think her anger was misplaced. i actually think bernie sanders made a good case for why he is -- >> let's be clear. this is a vulnerability for him among democrats. yes, he lost the election. as she'd in '88 base -- as he said in '88 based on that. and when he went against the gun safety position on some of those -- >> for his constituents -- >> and she knows this is a vulnerability and is driving it. >> the debate tonight going to make -- >> no difference. in my view, the race is the same today as it will be tomorrow. and there's very little change as a result of what we saw tonight. >> no real damage to hillary clinton? >> no. i don't think so. >> thank you very much. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. our live coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues with
8:56 pm
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hello, everybody. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm john vause. >> you're watching special coverage from "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. >> authorities in france and belgium have made a number of arrest and have conducted raid after islamic terrorists brought life in paris to a standstill. a source says at least one raid near brussels is connected to the paris attacks. the video we're about to show you is graphic. take a look. it shows the sheer terror of the situation outside the theater on friday night.


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