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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  November 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sometimes it's only art that can fill the void and make us whole again. thanks for watching our show this week. i'll see you next week. don't forget on tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern, you can watch my special report blind sided, how isis shook the world right here on cnn. good morning to our viewers watching in the united states and the watching around the world as well. i'm anderson cooper. thank you for joining us. we're live coming no you from paris where all day long people have been gathering. thousands of people have been coming. some silently standing. some wanting to be here and bay their respects. others breaking into song.
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you hear that from people throughout the city of pa risz and throughout france. seven people have been arrested after multiple raids in a district of brussels belgium. belgium authorities are telling cnn that two cars involved in the attacks had been rented in brussels. two of the attackers were french nationals. we also know the identity of the suicide bomber who blew himself up. he smuggled himself in with a group of refugees. he landed on october 3rd. he passed through the countries you see on the map using emergency syrian passport with a
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false name. he's born in paris also known as a petty criminal. right now six of his relatives are in custody which is a common practice here in france. i want to bring in senior international correspondent. where are you right now and what have you learned about these raids? >> reporter: we're at the site of the arrest just further down this road from me is where police overnight surrounded a dark gray volkswagen which is very similar to the description that eyewitnesss gave of one of the cars that was involved in the attack. we do know from eyewitnesss the car was surroundsed by bomb disposal experts and taken away. the operation, the mayor says
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continues. they are still searching for more who could be part of this broader terror network that's been involved in these attacks. as she pointed out, there are a lot of people here that are going about their business. they are attempting to live normal lives. there's also many who have repeatedly been involved in this network that seems to lead time and time again between back to paris. >> the paris attackers were known to belgium intelligence. what else did belgium officials say? >> reporter: we now understand that one of them had a brother who is still fighting in syria with isis. this was also known to belgium intelligence. that goes to the heart of the issue here. both in belgium and in france of those who are able to get into syria to fight and then come
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back again or continue their communication, continue their radicalization and continue to build support networks. the belgium interior minister pretty extraordinarily for a figure of authority in this time of crisis has come out and stai this is unacceptable. the fact that belgium has been unable to get a handle on this despite so many of these people known to belgium authorities is unacceptable. he said he will be personally taking on this dossier. we understand the operation is ongoing and will continue in the days ahead. >> appreciate the updates. a counter terrorism source says there are suspect who is were directly involved who are still at large. i want to bring in terrorism analyst. in terms of suspects still at large there could be people not
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only helped with the planning but also people who took part in this. there was the vehicle found in a suburb in paris that's believed to have been the vehicle involved in the number of the shootings at the restaurant and the idea that somebody drove the vehicle away and was able to escape. >> presumably abandoned the vehicle and presumably escaped. they'll be looking very hard for that person, for those individuals that there may be more people who were involved in this attack. when you're looking at an attack on this scale, coordinated like this, you're looking at a logistical support network. there's three times as big. somebody making the bomb, somebody helping facilitate them from different parts to come and launch this attack. you're looking at a sort of significant network behind this. as we learn more i think we're learning a lot of this network was based in belgium, a district
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in northern brus ssels. the city has a lot of social problems. a lot of young men have gone off to fight in syria and iraq. the recruits had come back to launch an attack. they had acquired all the components necessary to make tatp which is the same explosive that these bombers used in paris. all roads seem to go back. that was a very major plot in belgium and involved bombs. this may be a sort of part two of that plot.
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they weren't at all confident they arrested whole of that cell. >> it's important to kind of step back. the number of attacks, it was confusing in the early hours. what we now know it's believed that one group attacked four restaurants and four separate restaurants. there were three that attacked outside the stadium, only killing one civilian. they all lost their lives as well. there was the attack involving four terrorists inside there. again the actual number we still don't know. >> we still don't know. one scenario is that some of the gunmen attacked multiple locations. some very close. >> the restaurants, the four restaurant bar areas. it's believed that was probably the same group of gunmen driving the vehicle. the vehicle which has now been found. >> exactly right. >> in terms of coordination between french intelligence and belgium intelligence, is there enough coordination.
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has it been working? >> there is coordination between the two. i speak to belgium counter terrorism officials, i speak to french officials. there's quite a bit of frustration about the sort of intelligence going back and forth. intelligence agencies don't like sharing sources and methods. the most sense tifr information. it's difficult for the other intelligence service to evaluate the information coming. is it reliable? how serious is it? europe doesn't have an fbi. there's all these different police services, intelligence services. they try to coordinate but it's often difficult and things go through the cracks and unfortunately that sometimes leads to miss signs and attacks. >> appreciate it. this is a fast moving investigation with many different parts in many different countries. i want to bring in cnn international correspondent. explain where you are and what you have been looking at.
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>> reporter: there's so many people coming here to visit. this is where most of the casualty ies occurred. he was somebody who while a petty criminal for things like petty theft and so forth, wasn't really somebody that the authorities were closely watching. he hasn't been convicted of any other terror offenses. he really wasn't in their targets.
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we do know about the suicide bombers. we have identified them. this is according to the french authorities by passports. one was carrying a syrian p passport. the other two carrying false turkey passports. that is deeply concerning authorities to think somebody involved in the attack exploited the refugee system to carry it out. >> those who arrive, is the vehicle they arrived in, has that been located? >> reporter: that has been located. it has belgium plates. this is what led to the arrests. they started with cars that they saw had belgium plates.
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they found out they were rented in belgium. this led them to the two suspects, two french nationals living in belgium. that's how the belgium connection really began there. now, of course, we have a second car that they are look at on the out skirts of paris. who drove the car. it's believed it was driven afterthe attack. it's believed there's someone who has not been brought in yet. >> right. that's a critical point. the vehicle likely involved in the multiple attacks of the various restaurants over several minutes, seems like there would have been one driver of the
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welcome back. i'm and er serson cooper. we're standing here in paris. extraordinary scene where people have been coming all day. >> now it's at maximum capacity. it was much less earlier today. they' they'regator i gathering. >> there's a real sense of defiance. >> also trauma and really depressed. how could this happen less than a year after what happened in "charlie hebdo" when we were all here a year ago. >> many people have said it's important to be here and show they're not afraid. >> let's talk the latest on the
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investigati investigation. >> it is quite dramatic what we've been told by a french senator. being brief bid the interior ministry in charge of the investigation. the headline from her and the ministry is they believe this is very unfortunately and politically very, very difficult to stomach. the worse nightmare coming true and that is, it's a first manifestation of what isis threatened and that is we will send our fighters to you, to your towns and cities with the refugees. they believe that the first suicide bomber at stadium on friday night was in possession of a stolen identity but a real syrian passport. there he was given extra paper work by the greeks. this is what we're being told.
8:18 am
extra paper work which is emergency, refugee status paper work. >> afghanistan they consider a war zone too. we will even suspend the normal rules that say you have to be processed in your first port of call. you can come to germany and elsewhere without first getting your asylum papers processed if greece. they took advantage of that. >> what's stunning about that is many of the people in united states has not been following this closely, they will come into europe from syria, from afghanistan, numbers are extraordinary. >> the numbers are staggering. this is something that european ministries, the intelligence
8:19 am
ministries, security agencies have been very worried about and politicians who use immigration as a populist tool will be seizing this and going with it. the fact of the matter is, if this is the case which the french believe and they believe the other two bombers at the stadium, there were three stadium bombers. first is this person using a false syrian identity but a real passport given on ward papers by the greek and the other two forced turkish passports. dwoents know much about the others. there's a lot more in the investigation. this could have large ramifications throughout europe or the hundreds of thousands of refugees that have already come. >> which is the nightmare for the refugees. they say don't you see we're fleeing this terror. they are terrified this is going
8:20 am
to slow down the influx of refugees and the ability for them to seek safety. it is a terrible tipping point moment. >> appreciate you reporting. thank you very much. new developments out of g-20 summit today in turkey. president obama and russian president vladmir putin along with susan rice huddling in what appears to be a serious discussion. this happened a short time ago during a working lunch for leaders at the summit. jim acosta reporting they spoke for about 30 minutes. what do we know about this meeting and what else went on at the g-20? >> reporter: rm this was a pretty startling image that the world got a glimpse of just a little while ago when president obama and russian president vladmir putin were huddling
8:21 am
there. what's very interesting about this conversation, a couple of things. for weeks now the white house had been pretty putin insisting the russians would -- president obama noted that vladmir putin that the russians thad been taking strikes against isis in jar. not really making that accusation that russia is trying to prop up assad. the other thing coming out of white house is these two leaders, president obama and putin agreed on a syrian lead transition away from asad. that's notable as well because the white house has maintained for a long time and been sharply criminal that putin is in syria to help out his buddy assad.
8:22 am
there's some diplomatic language that suggests maybe the president and putin may be putting aside some of their differences over ukraine. there's this motion and we've been kicking it around the white house and that is could russia and the u.s. work together to go after isis. after these paris attacks, president putin said in a message that the world should unite in going after isis. the language here between the u.s. and russia is sort of becoming li becomi becoming aligned in way we have not seen before. we should point out that outside of this g-20 summit we did indicate the u.s. is not considering a major ramping up, a major shake up of the isis strategy. the president said he will redouble to go after isis.
8:23 am
he said they're not going to put combat boots on the ground. they don't see u.s. troops as being part of the solution. we're not getting an indication that they will shake up the strategy for dealing with isis. the read out coming out of that meeting was very interesting because of the diplomatic language suggested that perhaps these two leaders will start working together to take on isis. anderson. >> that would be a huge shift. we'll continue to follow that. appreciate you reporting. she said she was lucky to make it out alive. coming up, i'll talk to an eyewitness about some of those moments she witnessed and what she did to survive. ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the
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welcome back for continuing live coverage of the attacks here in paris. you're looking at pictures of the one of the many memorials that have sprung up throughout this city. this scene is outside of one of the restaurants that was attacked. there were attacks in multiple restaurant locations crowded with people on a busy evening. all day long, hundreds, if not thousands of people have been coming by bringing flowers, holding signs, singing songs. some singing, others crying. many want to be here. i want you to meet chloe, she was an eyewitness to the
8:29 am
shooting near the cafe. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you were in car when you heard shots. what wdid you see? >> we were pulling up right behind where we are now and our uber stopped at the red light right across from the attacks that happened. we started seeing smoke and thought it was fireworks. our uber driver pulled out his phone and wanted to film it. as soon as i say an individual across the street get gunned down and blood being splattered all over the place we all screamed in the car. me and my husband and our friend told the driver to stop, duck down in the car. at that point -- >> you actually saw terrorists. you saw the again men? >> we saw one individual in gray hoodie. he definitely had a hood on in
8:30 am
car. >> he was still in the vehicle when she wa when he was shooting? >> one got out an there was individual driving the car. the panic and the fear started kicking in. we just all ducked down in the car which we felt something hit our car which ended up being a bullet on the passenger side that went in the car out of car and just over my husband's head. >> oh, my gosh. >> you told the uber driver to reverse. >> i grabbed him and told him to reverse. he was in shell shock of what we had just seen. we were scared to get up. it was just so terrifying. we didn't know what was going on. at that point we got into reverse and spun the car around. he spun the car around. we fled the car and started warning people getting out of the metro.
8:31 am
>> i want to go back to exactly what you saw. this is important. they have found this vehicle most likely the vehicle you saw. >> i don't know if that's vehicle. >> it's the vehicle was involved in the shootings and the restaurants which they believe is the same group. you believe you saw one gunman actually outside the vehicle firing? >> we saw one gunman outside firing. i believe that it was the driver in the car. >> that's the big question for authorities right now who was driving that vehicle and where is he now. obviously, that vehicle was driven away from the scene. it's believed, and it's very early on, it's believed the terrorist who was shooting detonated an explosive device later on killi ining himself bue driver got away. as far as you know you didn't see more than one gunman? >> i didn't. there could have been more. there was so much smoke and noise and people screaming.
8:32 am
we couldn't get a better look. >> you've lived here a long time. >> 13 years. >> "charlie hebdo" earlier this year. what do you think when you see these people out here tonight? >> mixed emotions. i'm half french so i'm proud to call myself a french citizen. we're very proud people. seeing everybody out here tonight is amazing in showing support and paying their respects to all the people that lost their lives and the injured on friday night. but at the same time, we don't know. it's great to show that we're fearless and we won't back down and that we won't give in to this kind of terrorism and brutality but what's next? what's happening next? today was the first day i came out of my house.
8:33 am
i was honestly scared to leave yesterday. we were having lunch and looking out the window and wondering what's going to happen. why is that car driving by? i don't know what's going to happen next. that's something that everybody's questioning right now is what's happening next. what are we doing? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> chloe martin. we'll be talking to more people who survived the attacked and piece together what was seen. this is fast moving investigation which is occurring right now not just here in france but also in belgium. the investigation has moved into belgium with a series of raids and arrests that have taken place. we're finding out some of the specifics that police have found. we'll have that when we come back.
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tduring red lobster'sg ultimate seafood celebration i want to bring you france's interior minister in a live press conference. let's listen. >> as for combatting terrorism and other matters, which we are very concerned about, migration
8:37 am
in particular, it takes too long to take decisions and when the decision is taken it takes far too long to implement them. it's really urgent. we need to move quickly. we need to be effective. that is why i ask the president of the group responsible for terrori terrorism, prime minister of luxinberg and we'll hold a meeting to daily with very precise questions. the following points, combatting the traffic and weapons. we need these decisions to be taken. we need to dismantle and prevent the arms traffickers.
8:38 am
they are one of the almosts we have to combat if we are to be effective at fighting terrorism. that's the first point i'd like to stress and i have taken some measures and between some other min istries to combat the arms trade and we need a european dimension for this. secondly, for some months now we have held these authorities. that's at pnr. we don't want unnatural one. we want an arrangement which will enable us to combat terrorism to take into account
8:39 am
flights within europe and to do this with all the resolve and determination that's the second point which i ask you just council to decide. the third point is that france asked a number of occasions that doesn't have to be changed, we need czechs -- >> france's interior minister. i want to bring you the breaking details in the paris terror attack, the latest information we have. the bottom line, the biggest headline suspects may still be at large. a french counter terrorism source close to the investigation tells cnn there are potential suspect who is were directly involved that are still at large. in particular, vehicle was found in a french suburb.
8:40 am
it's believed whoever drove that vehicle got away. that's the vehicle believed to have been involved in a number of the attacks at several of the restaurants. we noknow seven people have bee arrested in a neighborhood in brussels belgium. our source says it's unclear whether they include the occupant or occupants found abandoned in that suburb. up with of those raids was directly connected to the attacks itself. two of cars involved in the shootings had belgium license plates. one of the vehicles found was found inside the theater and also the other vehicle found. that vehicle i talked about in the paris suburb. question know two of the attackers have french citizens who live in belgium. one attacker, the man who blew himself up outside the french soccer stadium smuggled himself in among refugees who arrived on a greek island on october 3rd. he was carrying a syrian passport. he was given under emergency
8:41 am
provisions. those claiming to be from syria who arrived on greek islands which is the first place many of them arrive in europe are expedited faster than other migrants who have come. this is a huge issue facing all the european unions. in the last year there's been as many as a million refugees and or migrants people coming from syria, afghanistan and other countries who have come through turkey ending up on greek islands. it's the first time they set foot in europe. most are trying to get to germany who has said they will open their doors and accepted maybe as many as 800,000 or so, maybe as many as a million by tend of this year. at least one of these terrorists came this hiding in that flow of legitimate refugees and migrants. that makes everybody more suspicious. it's the worst fears of european
8:42 am
officials. >> it's a nightmare scenario. these people are fleeing the same terror that we saw here in paris on friday. so far very few examples of being a link between refugees and terrorism that was a case in germany a few weeks ago. that was investigated by the germans. you could count the cases on the fingers of one hand. >> isis did say they were going to do this. they were going to infiltrate the legitimate refugees with terrorists. >> they did. that's what we've seen play out.
8:43 am
coming through and exploring the system to get in here. that dramatically expands the pool of potential recruits. >> i was on the island in early october and saw hundreds of people coming ashore and the beach i was on, they ripped up their identity documents. many posed as syrians because they get expedited, processed faster. there's really no border control when people are first landing. nobody really knows who these people are. they get processed. it's not an organized system. >> so many are coming to greece. the crisis they have. there's a concern about refugees coming in on those boats from
8:44 am
libya as well. libya is now an isis safe haven. >> let's talk about the investigation where it stands. the vehicles have been most important link in the investigation. obviously been able to use dna to identify some of the bombers themselves. the finger of one of the bombers was used to identify him. two vehicles have been found. it's believed, obviously, because it was outside there was no driver who got away. one vehicle did drive away and that person may be at large. that vehicle was found in the suburbs in paris. >> there's huge concern that that person or those persons may strike again.
8:45 am
with these isis jihadis they get so pumped up before these attacks because they crave mart martyrdom. they have been craving this for weeks and months and believe they will go to heaven. they are still alive and crave another opportunity to go to paradise. they also know that every single european intelligence agency is looking for them. they got a lot of clues on who these people are. i think there's a lot of concern in the hours ahead we could see some attempted attack play out somewhere in france, somewhere in europe depending on where these people go to. >> the other question is how many more people in concentric rings involved in the planning of this. there's the driver who drove this vehicle away and the vehicle has been found, but where is the driver? how many other people are out there who helped them coordinate, helped them operate
8:46 am
and got them all together. >> at least three times more you've got to say than the people just launching the attack. the people making the explosives, tatp, very tricky to make because it's so unstable. maybe a team of people making these. others dealing with the logistics. perhaps the leadership of isis in syria or iraq or people coordinating from other countries. with the plot in january there was a ring leader in greece communicating with the cell in belgium. quite a network. >> the other question is how long was there operation being planned? how long has this been in the pipeline? the longer in pipeline, the more people know, the greater chance that intelligence officials might have learned about it and the fact they didn't, what does that say about the intelligence capabilities? >> i think you're looking at potentially months of planning especially because some of these
8:47 am
operatives came right through greece, exploiting the system to come in. was this an intelligence failure, of course to some degree. they don't have the capability to follow all the people that they need to be following. one security official said even if you gave us five time more resources, we'd still be nowhere close. >> appreciate you. we'll continue to check in with paul throughout the hours. people gathering for a memorial. we'll bring you that to you. it comes over the new criticism for the obama administration. could the same group that pulled off the attacks hit the united states as well? details ahead. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
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welcome back.
8:51 am
i'm anderson cooper reporting live from paris in the wake of the attacks here in paris. republican presidential hopefuls are slamming the obama administration, calling the president soft on terrorism and criticizing a plan to allow more syrian refugees into the united states over the next few years. some candidates are suggesting the u.s. should close its borders entirely to syrian refugees. john berman is here with more on the renewed focus on national security in the race for the white house. this has been a concern all along about the huge influx of not only syrian refugees and migrants but others. >> the president has agreed to take in 10,000 syrian refugees. donald trump among others has called them a possible trojan horse. now all the republican candidates are really weighing
8:52 am
in to different degrees about what the united states should do. jeb bush this morning was critical of the president's position. let's listen. >> i think we need to lead as it relates to taking action in syria and iraq. that should be our first and foremost responsibility. as it relates to the ref swrees, i think we need to do thorough screening and take a limited number. the best way to deal with the refugee crisis is to create safe zones inside of syria so people don't risk their lives and you don't have a national security challenge both for our country and europe of screening. >> what's interesting, the united states you said is -- says they'll take ten to 20,000 over one or two years after heavy vetting, heavy screening. compared to what's happening in europe, there is very little screening, they already arrived in europe.
8:53 am
800,000 or 900,000 have already arrived by the end of this year in germany alone. many in the u.s. are concerned those are people who may be coming in a year or two. for people in europe, this is happening now. they're already in europe. >> had a huge influx of syrian refugees. we'll see if that changes. but the united states is obviously is very different policy. politicians there don't see it as an american problem. bon by jindal wrote a letter, hey, what's going on, tell our people in our state what's happening. there was an issue there. hillary clinton still says she would like to take in as many as 65,000 syrian refugees over the next few years.
8:54 am
ben carson was asked about it as well. he takes a position as donald trump does, ted cruz does, we don't want any. listen to ben carson. >> if i were one of the leaders of the global jihadist movement and i could infiltrate that group with my people, of course they would infiltrate them. we have to at some point begin to use common sense here. what we really should be doing i think instead is using our resources, our expertise to help to get those people settled in that area of the world. >> now there are indications that isis has used the refugee situation to get someone at least into france who was part of this operation here. i would expect this to be a much more heated issue in the days ahead. >> in germany as well.
8:55 am
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showing you live pictures, the scene on the notre dame cathedral. we of course will bring you coverage of that. we'll be back in about half an hour or so. thank you very much for watching. we're live at the place de la
9:00 am
republique. extensive coverage throughout the afternoon here on cnn. "state of the union" with jake tapper starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello i'm jake tapper in washington, d.c. where the state of our union is on edge. the breaking news this hour. a french counter terrorism source telling cnn that terrorists who were directly involved in the paris terrorist attack may still be on the loose. 129 people were killed and 352 were injured in friday's coordinated attacks. rapidly unfolding developments as police all over the world are hunting any polices who may still be at large. seven people have been arrested in belgium in a raid, although none have been charged. several