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tv   CNN Newsroom- Paris Terror Attacks  CNN  November 15, 2015 9:30am-11:01am PST

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welcome back to "state of the union." i'm jake tapper. we have even more breaking news coming in on the paris terror investigation, about how these terrorists may have been able to keep this coordinated and elaborate blood bath is secret. let's go to jim sciutto in paris. what are you finding out? >> reporter: i'm learning from multiple u.s. officials that there is concern that the paris attackers went dark as they have said many times. that is used encrypted communications to avoid surveillance. we've been hearing warnings from u.s. officials both in private and public for months now about this very possibility. they're concerned that there are
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very easily available means of communication that are invisible to u.s. intelligence services. there is concern that these attackers used such encrypted communications to avoid such surveillanc surveillance. how did they manage to have such a complex attack in a major western city without being caught in effect, particularly considering the terror alert level here, again particularly following "charlie hebdo" in january. i'm told it is most encryption and volume in his words. that is both the volume of refugees coming across the border. there's been concern that isis would attempt to hide attackers in that influx and there's evidence that that happened based on the passport of one of those involved in these attacks.
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it's also the volume of suspected jihadis here in france and across europe. that by itself is simply a challenge for law enforcement to keep track of. but the encrypted communications, something that they really don't at this point have a solution for. >> we keep hearing about european intelligence and national security agencies being completely outmanned by the overwhelming number of islamist jihadis coming back from a war zone in syria and iraq. there's brand-new information about the identities of some of these islamist terrorists. >> reporter: that's right. they've now identified positively using fingerprints from the body of one of these attackers, they've identified a second attacker of the seven that they know to be involved in these attacks. again, someone of french nationality. yesterday, we learned that they identified another fingerprint.
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that attacker at the stade de france. this one identified was one of the attackers at a restaurant here, so now they've positive positively identified two of them. really the concern now, jake, as i know we reported, they believe they're concerned there is another attacker, possibly attackers at large. we see an international arrest warrant issued to find a suspect. >> indeed. it's impossible to think that logistically there aren't more people who were involved in an attack like this, even seven or eight people is not enough to carry out this attack. when we come back, we're going to go inside the memorial for the victims there in paris. we'll bring you there live. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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♪ >> live pictures from inside notre dame ka theed y'all in paris, france. welcome back to "state of the union." with fear the terrorists are still on the loose and an investigation full swing across europe, the people of france are indeed mourning. a special service going on right now at paris' famed notre dame cathedral. poppy, i believe you're right outside. >> reporter: i'm right outside. i can hear that glorious music you're listening to as well. you see one side of the wall inside lit up red, white, and blue like the french flag. there are thousands of people surrounding notre dame on every side right now. the message here from one of the
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people who have come to pay their respects is simple. be together. that is what they want to say to the world. we know the french president francois hollande is attending this mass. the governor of paris is here. the mayor of paris attending as well. two former presidents are here. you have a number of tourists, an italian citizen who arrived here the night of the attack just said to me, i come with a heavy heart. this is a very strange and confusing time. you see this a moment of peace and solace and respect amid the chaos that has enveloped this city in the last 36 hours, jake. >> poppy, it hasn't even been 48 hours since these devastating terrorist attacks, 129 people
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killed, hundreds more wounded, almost a hundred in critical condition we're told. as you well know, this is the most devastating thing to happen in france since world war ii. but somehow, instead of staying inside, the people of france, with defiance and perhaps also a little stir crazy are leaving their homes and going outside. >> reporter: absolutely, they are, jake. we saw it play out last night where hundreds gathered. i am looking at a crowd of thousands right now outside of notre dame. they are all standing peacefully side by side. they are together. the message i keep hearing from each and everyone, we are one. this is not -- they're not people you can tell to stay inside. i will also tell you i spoke to a number of them on the streets
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last night as we were broadcasting live. i actually have family members, cousins who live here. they said, we are scared. we will not stay inside because then they won. then the terrorists have won. but yes, they are nervous at the same time. >> that's right. because there are still suspected terrorists and accomplices who are wanted right now. we're getting reports of an incident at plaza dela republic leak. jim sciutto is on the line to tell us more. >> reporter: i haven't seen anything like it in my life. i will tell you. i've covered -- [ inaudible ] -- hundreds of people when all the sudden the entire crowd cleared the square running in panic -- [ inaudible ] -- hundreds of yards away. we don't know to be honest what caused the panic.
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i did not hear gunfire. i'm confident i would recognize it if i heard it -- [ inaudible ] -- running as far as they can tell for their lives. we with a group of about 100 people have come into -- [ inaudible ] -- a muslim temple. it's just down the street, the level of concern -- i've never seen in my life. >> all right. that's jim sciutto. obviously we're having some audio problems. this is a breaking news situation. i'm told that anderson cooper is now micced up in front of a camera in paris. anderson, what can you tell us about this moment of panic that jim sciutto just told us about? anderson, can you hear me? >> hello? >> anderson, it's jake tapper, can you hear me?
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welcome back. we have some breaking news. as you know, paris is on edge after the devastating islamic terrorist attacks just two days ago. apparently, there was a moment of panic. people running from the plaza dela republic leak. let me go to anderson cooper and christiane amanpour right now live for us in paris. what just happened? >> you can see behind us, this plas was packed to the guild. in a matter of seconds it was empty. i was in a hotel -- basically going to the hotel and everybody came rushing in. i said what happened! they said there's a shooter out
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there. >> i was in the mcdonald's walking across the way. whatever it is, the focus of it was about half a block in that direction, right where i was before. we walked by three police officers just as they got some sort of word. they started yelling. they chambered some bullets into their -- into their rifles. when the police officers yelled, this entire place killed out. >> the restaurants -- >> another squad of police, about six or seven police officers moved in from another area. they were all basically -- they were all in an area that i said is about a half block to a block away. we can't tell what the actual source of the issue is, but the police were yelling for all vehicles to get off the street. several people were walking down the street and grabbed by police
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officers and pulled off the street. there are still police taking cover behind several trees and behind several -- several positions. there were hundreds of people in the square. >> thousands. >> as christiane said -- >> and they're all cowering inside any open building, behind vehicles. i saw a man who had to take his pills sitting down, people in total panic as you can manuimag. heard no gun tire. it shows you how desperately, desperately people are on edge. i walked the entire length and there's no shooting here, but real fear. there's sirens all around. >> it's a very distinctive sound of somebody chambering a bullet into their rifle. you heard that. there's been a heavy police presence obviously in this area.
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there's been great concern throughout the day about large numbers of people gathering anywhere in paris. authorities told people not to do that. but it's a sign of defiance. people have been gathering here. but upon hearing that and also hearing the officers starting to yell for people to get down, this area has entirely cleared out. it looks as if they're still diverting traffic away from this area. >> they're turning around there. >> they're telling -- >> anderson, the poem that you saw, police moving, were they people that were being taken into custody or just being moved out of the street? >> no. it was just people who were -- just people who were being moved out of the street, people weren't clear what was going on. police would grab somebody and pull them away to -- to a more secure place. but again, they have still
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blocked off this street. there is some more traffic coming up around this area. i'm just looking now, the police -- >> they're right behind us. >> yeah. >> some have a riot shield. one has a gun pulled right there. >> i was behind earlier, looks like they are standing off. they are in a little bit more of a relaxed posture. >> okay. i'm going -- can you go and ask those policemen what happened? dominique -- go, john. >> from my eye, it looks like the police are kind of a little bit more relaxed now. it was very much of a -- more of a combat stance that they had ducking behind trees, taking cover. they had their rifles pointed outward. >> look at them all. >> you can see now a line of police moving in this way.
9:50 am
they have -- >> lot of sirens. there is a fear that there may still be people at large. and even here is afraid of that. for a while shtt, they defied t fear and came out. in an instant, panic took over. >> you can see now a lot more people are starting to move in. what's interesting, though there has been a heavy police presence, they've been careful to make sure their rifles have been pointed downward very strongly. the butts of the rifle are up. the rifles are pointed down. but as soon as whatever it was occurred -- >> going back. >> immediately rifles up, there were bullets chambered and they were in a very protective, aggressive stance. >> anderson and christiane, stay with us. i'm going to bring in jim sciutto on the phone with us. he's in a hotel with some of
9:51 am
these panicked parisians. has anyone been able to tell you exactly what they were running from? >> i'll tell you, we came here, we're in a building couple blocks away with about a hundred people on the top floor. there are girls crying here, people on their phones trying to figure out what happened. we're watching french television here which now shows people going back into the place de la republique. i've never seen a crowd move that size with such panic. really fleeing any direction they could. it gives you a measure of the level of concern in paris right now. i've talked to a lot of people here to say did you hear gunfire, no one can say that. it was enough for one person to be nervous to get the whole crowd moving. i'll tell you, i have never seen anything like it.
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>> all right. let me go back to anderson and christiane, if i can. back in the streets at the place de la republique. thousands of citizens of france had been gathering when something -- we don't know yet what it is -- happened causing almost all of them to flee the streets and head for the shelter of hotels and restaurants, cafes. anywhere they can get. we should remind our viewers of the obvious, these devastating terrorist attacks in paris happened not even two full days ago. authorities in france and throughout europe are concerned that there are other terrorists, other accomplices still out there, an arrest warrant has been put out, an international arrest warrant for a brother of one of the seven islamist terrorists who were killed or who killed themselves during these devastating attacks in
9:53 am
paris on friday evening. and so a degree of panic is not surprising. do we have anderson sor christiane there with us? >> well -- >> we are. >> we've just been hearing. we asked john berman and our producers to run around and find out if anything happened. because we saw no evidence of anything real, like no explosion, gunfire, no nothing. just total panic. the police are saying there is no gunman out there they've seep -- >> they were on their walkie-talkies communicating saying the people are running for nothing, they're running for nothing. you can see the police have disbursed here. i can tell you the fear over the last 30 minutes, though, simply palpable. >> it's really interesting, though. we were crossing over from the mcdonald's, the only sound that i heard was the police -- three police officers who began yelling and getting their rifles
9:54 am
up. it was their yelling and the sound of their rifles is what cleared this area out immediately. there was no other official announcement or anything like that. people were very attuned to the sound of those police officers yelling and hearing them -- not even sure the correct term for it. >> the police didn't want these people here to begin with. >> they didn't. >> there were not supposed to be gatherings like this for several more days. you can see them over the last several hours concerned as they were around here. >> doesn't it speak so eloquently to the total fear that people have right now? >> yes. >> just like this this kwar was emptied. >> we were in a restaurant a block and a half away. people knocked overall the tables. they ran down into a basement with no exits. there was a woman coming down the stairs with a baby.
9:55 am
we wanted to get out because i didn't think a basement with no exits was the place to be. >> i actually stopped behind -- relatively close to the police officers to videotape. and i'm sending that video on. i don't know if we've seen it in. it was interesting. even the officers who i was watch watching, they couldn't see necessarily what was going on. i don't know if something came across their radios. everybody was pointed in one direction -- >> they were all looking down that road right there. >> there have been sirens for the last sort of hours. you sort of get used to it. >> we should also point out, there's a very real reason why people are on edge, not just because of what occurred on friday, but because of this vehicle that was found in a
9:56 am
subpusu suburb of paris. it's believed to be involved from friday night. the idea is that whoever the attacker was who was driving that vehicle most likely got eye way. one of the attackers, did detonate a device and was ill kd. but the person who actually drove that vehicle, they were unaccounted for at this time. there's not only that person who would have been directly involved in attacks on friday night, but any number of other people who may have been involved in the larger planning of this. >> it's hard to imagine -- i don't think john -- john doesn't have his -- >> go ahead, jake. >> it's hard to imagine that seven or eight men, seven or eight terrorists were able to pull off a plot this complicated, this complex by themselves. isn't hard to imagine that there aren't many others who knew about what was going to happen. there is an international
9:57 am
warrant out for the arrest of one of the brothers of one of the seven islamist terrorists who were killed or killed themselves on friday night. it's got to be an incredibly tense place to be right now. of course tomorrow morning, i believe it was the french interior ministry said schools are going to open as tomorrow. so tomorrow should be a very nervous day as well, anderson. >> yeah. i mean, that is -- there is that concern. there's no doubt about it. there were people there -- here today though who brought their families. >> they're coming back now, yeah. >> a baby in a baby carriage right now. people wanted to come out and try to resume as much as possible their normal lives. cafes were open today. i stopped off at one to talk to some people. they were there under guard. there were two police officers watching people drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe.
9:58 am
there was this attempt to try to return to some sort of normal life, almost as a way of standing up to the fear. but certainly what happened here is just an indication of the -- though there is resolve, there is also understandable fear and concern. and that's something that is, you know, it makes sense. this is a very active investigation. there's the feeling there could be another shoe to drop in all of this. there could be some other incident as there may be more people on the run out there at this very hour. >> and there is media report and perhaps going to be confirmed soon that the president wants to keep the state of emergency in place for three months. that goes to show. >> yeah. obviously very fluid situation here, jake. >> ask john berman if you would to share any observations he wants to make. i'm not sure if he can hear me. >> jake wants to know any other
9:59 am
information -- >> no. people are running around looking for answers. going from police officer to police officer to try to ask them what's happening. we all gathered around one person who was on his walkie-talkie communicating with someone else. it was that officer saying, they're running for nothing. at that moment with those word, you saw the flood of people come back in here. >> they thought it was a shooter. >> in a five block radius of this. >> i think we have the tape you shot at the moment of panic anderson. i'd like to roll that for viewers if possible right now. >> wow. you can really see the panic
10:00 am
there, the video at the memorial, people lighting candles. people putting down flowers and other gifts and then for what reason we do not know, a crowd starts running in panic. it gives you an -- >> i mean, look, one person panics -- yeah, once one person panics in a situation like this, the herd mentality sets in. i was in the bathroom and this person came screaming through, threw her books down, locked herself in a stall and said there's a shooter out there. that's what people thought. >> it was interesting, though, just hearing a bullet being chambered is what got my attention. and instantly -- >> that will get your attention. >> you really heard it echoing in this -- in this plaza, the sound of it is so distinctive and it was -- i heard that almost before i heard the police officers actually yelling. i don't even know what they were
10:01 am
yes, ma' yelling. there was one motorist sort of stuck in the intersection and they were all trying to get that motorist to move on. that motorist was suddenly concerned because he had a dozen or so police officers pointing rifles in thiz direction. he did finally move on. people are back now in the square. >> i think it's over. >> let me interrupt you for a second. we have new video of this moment of panic from a different angle. i want to roll that if we could. this is at the place de la republique in central paris. for some reason this evening, there was just a mass panic and thousands of parisians pled in terror. we do not know why.
10:02 am
everything seems to be okay. obviously there is a great deal of fear in that city right now, understandably so after the devastating attacks. starting january, at the "charlie hebdo" headquarters, a policewoman killed a couple blocks familiar a jewish day school. on friday, they suffered the most devastating loss in france since world war ii with 129 people killed in cold blood by islamic terrorists and hundreds more wounded. clarissa ward is there for us as well. she saw some of this moment of panic. what can you tell us? we do not have clarissa ward on the phone. okay. never mind. anderson, is there any new information as to what happened at all? >> we have not gotten any yet. i can tell you there are still -- you know, there's
10:03 am
obviously still a very heavy police presence. we frankly don't know. i mean, the way things are here, as you know, jake, it could have been anything. it could have been some minor altercation, it could have been you know a person who was drunk on the street or a person who police believe was suspicious or anything that occurred, anything that would normally in a city like this maybe not cause that level of reaction. but because things are on edge or maybe even a vehicle refusing -- >> something's going on. there's a very, very loud and consistent and long line of police vehicles. i mean there's that side, this side now. so we're not sure what, but it's right here. >> yeah, we're trying -- we have folks trying to gather information as we speak. but again, it's unclear -- the focus of it was clearly about a half block to a block away off to my left. but the police who had basically
10:04 am
tried to shut down that entire area, it looks like vehicle traffic is moving again. so it seems like whatever the issue was has passed. >> probably those were some ambulances. there are people who have been shot. >> sorry? >> clarissa ward was standing in a different area of paris when this panic began. what can you tell us? >> that's right. we were oud one of the restaurants that was hit on friday night. cambodge. there was an impromptu memorial gathering. the mood was very somber. all of a sudden, just absolute panic broke out. i've never seen anything quite like it. hundreds of people running for their lives. i saw one woman with a stroller
10:05 am
running for her life skrooeming and crying. there was a cafe that was hope. people had been sitting outside. that cafe had been evacuated. there is now overturned chairs and broken glasses all over the floor. the police started shouting at us to get off the street. they said they couldn't tell us exactly what happened because they didn't seem to know exactly what had happened. they wanted to clear the area. they pushed all the people into apartment buildings along the street. now they have said we're not allowed to return to le petit cambodge. they don't want anybody gathering. they're still incredibly nervous, heavily armed. they were hiding behind cars. clearly trying to work out exactly what was going on. as jim sciutto said earlier,
10:06 am
really this underscores the abject fear that is pap panel in the air here in paris. early on, i was talking to people who said we can't be afraid. if we're afraid they have won. it is fair to say that the people of paris are indeed very, very afraid. >> and clarissa, look, it certainly makes sense. i can understand why the people of france want to go outside, want to be defiant, want to show the terrorists that they have not won, that the people of france are not being terrorized, are not being cowed. but at the same time, the reason that the french authorities don't want large crowds gathering right now is because there is this very real fear that individuals involved in these horrific islamic terrorist attacks on friday night are still out there and want to strike again. >> absolutely. i think what you have is
10:07 am
potentially combustible combination whereby it's not just a very real fear that there are more attackers out there, that there are possibly people involved in facilitating and helping these attackers orchestrate. but indeed, whenever you have a situation where you have masses of people who are in a state of shock, frightened, easily prone to panic, then there is always space for dangerous situations. the speed with which that crowd moved, glasses thrown to the floor, it was absolute chaos for we're now hearing helicopters circling over in the skies. for the police to do their job, there's a sense at the moment that they need the public to refrain from congregating, refrain from gathering in large groups. i'm watching now a woman next to me, she's standing, she's weeping in her husband's arms. people are distraught here.
10:08 am
for authorities to get on with their work and to protect them the best they can, there's a real sense they want people to avoid congregating. as much as the instinct is to show them they will remain defiant, there is more that needs to be dealt with first. >> stay safe. i will see you in a few hours when i arrive. we're going to take a quick break. anderson and christiane are going to continue our live coverage and much more. stay with us. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business.
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orencia. see your ra in a different way. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anderson cooper. >> and i'm christiane amanpour. we are here in paris at the place de la republique. there has been the most almighty manic. this whole square was emptied because somebody said they heard shots. the police have not been able to confirm any of that, nor did we hear any shots. >> very few people knew what it vs based on. they did see the police officers responding very aggressively, understandably. it was focused on an area around the corner from -- from this square where we're standing.
10:11 am
so the people in the square actually couldn't even see what the original source of this allegedly was. but all the police in this area took cover, pointed their rifles toward that direction. they were yelling at people to get off the street, yelling at vehicles to move away. they blocked off traffic. other officers from other blocks moved in to try to zero in on whatever it was that had occurred. but it's very possible that there really wasn't anything to begin with. obviously people here are very on edge. i can tell you earlier in the day, i was in another part of paris and there were some kid playing on the street and making loud noises and it was upsetting a number of people walking down the street because they were making banging sounds, sounded like gunshots. obviously this is a city very much on edge. >> and right now, in this square which was filled with people --
10:12 am
it is again filling up. there are a number of extra police, riot police. they are very concerned. we've had helicopters overhead and we've seen ambulances and police vehicles with their sirens blaring. we have never seen something like this clear in a flash like that. and people shouting that they had heard gunshots. the police say they heard nothing, that people were running for no reason. but clearly this is a city on edge. and clarissa ward is near the petite cambodge restaurant, saw the same kind of panic there, clarissa. we thought we had clarissa on the phone. are you there? >> let's give you the latest on the terror attacks. the latest information on what we know because this is a very active moving investigation. not just here in france, but
10:13 am
also in belgium. besides the incidents here in paris where was this panic with people fleeing the scene, there is a lot to tell you about what's actually going on. a special mass is taking place in notre dame cathedral not far from here. 352 other people were wounded, 99 of those victims are in serious condition right now. there you see some of the special mass. pope francis today condemned the brazen bloodshed as blast if he my and a front to human dignity. >> and anderson, one of the terrible things that the hospitals are saying is that they are so overwhelmed by these 350 wounded, 99 of whom are critical. and they've been reporting that families still in many instances cannot find their loved ones. there are many families going from hospital to hospital to find their loved ones. one hospital apparently had 60
10:14 am
seriously wounded people. the doctors said they had never seen so many bullet wounds. they were obviously the victims of the mass kalashnikov slaughter. >> belgian authorities have now issued an arrest warrant for a man whose brother was one of the attackers. another brother had already been arrested. so three brothers involved. one is out there now. an arrest warrant has been issued for him. one is dead. the other is in custody. counter intelligence sources say suspects who might have been involved could still be at large. two vehicles involved in the attacks, had belgian license plates. both had been rented a week earlier in brussels. now, one of those vehicles were found outside the bataclan theater. that has been recovered. another was found in a suburb
10:15 am
far away from where the attacks occurred. the identity of that driver, location of that driver is unknown. one of the vehicles rented, that was caught at the belgian border. two others were in the car with one of those attackers. u.s. officials say the terrorists may have avoided detection by using sophisticated encryption technology to communicate with each other. i want to bring in jim sciutto who has been following various aspects of the investigation. >> this has been a concern for some time, speaking to u.s. intelligence officials. with widely available encryption technology, you have it on your cell phone, we all have it on our cell phones, they would not have the ability to track their communications. you've heard the warnings, many times from u.s. officials, about the fear of terrorists going
10:16 am
dark, right? i've spoken to a number of u.s. officials who are concerned that that may be what happened here because this was a very elaborate plot with a number of people involved in a number of countries. light of the resources being focused on this right now, that they were able to plan in without being caught prior to it raises this fear. >> the big news today was what we learned from the french senator on the foreign relations committee that at least one of these people was infiltrating the refugees who had come over to greece. so the details on that are quite stunning in their precision and the clarity of what this person did. >> this was one of the bombers at the stadium. >> you had three suicide bombers. they didn't do a good job, thank god. they blew themselves up, but -- >> they killed one person. >> and allegedly, this is what
10:17 am
we're still trying to find out, one of them was thwarted from coming in because he was frisked. the most important thing according to french authorities say, this is a game-changer because we'd all been afraid that isis would make good on its thet to send fighters amongst refugees and one of them was -- >> you got details on this. you broke the story. walk us through what you know now about the identity of this person and how they got here. >> this person, and now the greek officials confirm, his name on his papers is ahmad abu mohammad. he came over october 3rd and came in a boat of nearly 200 refugees from syria. >> as hundreds of thousands of people have come. >> legitimate refugees fleeing assad and isis in syria.
10:18 am
he comes over. because there are these emergency procedures now, the greek authorities believed that he was a persecuted refugee seeking asylum. they had details, we don't know whether it was his passport. nonetheless. they gave a piece of paper, sort of giving him status as a refugee in order for him to keep moving on through europe. angela merkel months ago said, come on in. so his itinerary was greece, then macedonia. this is the ball ckan corridor. perhaps we'll find that he came through belgium. in any event, he came to france and he was the first person to blow himself up. they found out the fingerprint on the cadaver matched all this paperwork that this man had. this is very politically bombshell -- >> it's a huge piece of
10:19 am
information. >> it's a huge piece. >> given that this is exactly what isis said this is what they were going to try to do. >> there are a -- here's the thing we're seeing now. there are a number of worries have been realized. one is that isis would take advantage of this influx of refugees, the vast majority of whom are perfectly safe. two, that they would avoid surveillance via encryption. one more point. u.s. officials have been warning about a mumbai-style attack in the west, a number of shooters and a number of locations. >> just one thing before we go to clarissa, it's very important to repeat what the greek immigration minister said, we cannot allow this individual who up filtrated these refugees to taint the real need of the refugees who are fleeing assad's brutality and isis as well stwl i do want to check in with
10:20 am
clarissa ward. >> we are just outside la petite cambodge. that is one of the restaurants hit on friday night. there was a grouping of a few hundred people here. all the sudden, there was just absolute panic. i mean, i really never seen anything quite like it. a near stampede as everybody just immediately started running for what they thought were their lives. i saw a woman running with a stroller with a small baby in it. she was screaming and crying. everybody trying to work out what the source of the panic was. we saw police officers heavily armed suddenly trying to shut down the street, trying to push people off the street into doorways. some of those police officers -- i don't even know where they materialized from because they were in plain clothes, one of them carrying a sawed off
10:21 am
shotgun if you can believe that. they didn't know exactly what the cause of the panic was, but that they wanted everybody off the street. and really, it was such a juxtaposition from conversations that i've been having throughout the day, people said they were defiant, that they refused to be afraid because if they're afraid, the terrorists won. who said they felt anger and felt united. and really all of that defiance and ig dig nance in one people, decimated into complete panic. you realize that people here are absolutely afraid. their entire way of life as they knew it has completely changed. >> no doubt about that. fear and yet that same desire to fight that fear which we have seen time and time again. >> that's right.
10:22 am
what isis did on friday night was a total new form of terror. they just came to places where civilians are having a good time. it's not "charlie hebdo" which they say they attacked -- >> for whatever reasons. >> -- this is just ordinary civilians. >> which makes it all that harder to defend. we're going to take a short break. coming up, chilling new video of the moment terrorists opened fire here in paris on friday night inside the concert hall. band members ducking for safety as a hail of bullets erupt through the audience. we'll be right back. i was on the bus and i couldn't stop streaming. i don't even want to think about the overages. it's okay. t-mobile now has binge on, so you can stream all the movies, tv and sports you want without using your data. it's so it's okay that i binged an entire season during my kid's piano recital? i've done that. yeah. i'm binging right now. you know, i think we've made a real breakthrough here today. what? aw, he dies in this episode.
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10:26 am
>> just a snapshot of some of the panic and the horror of what happened friday night inside that venue. and moments later, this victim clutching their wounds on the sidewalk outside. we know that many were able to escape through the outside the theater, many more lost their lives inside that theater. more people lost their lives in fact inside the theater than any of the other attacks. 1,500 people were there for a concert of eagles of death metal. 89 of them did not make it out alive. ♪ >> it's a venue that holds around 1,500 people and it was sold out. [ cheers and applause ]
10:27 am
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, i hope you can tell we are having a good time. [ cheers and applause ] >> the concert started for half an hour when we heard the noise like fire crackers. >> i've seen two terrorists with ak-47 kalashnikovs entering the concert room and firing randomly. ♪ >> the whole band heard the gunshots before they saw anything and stopped playing, hit the deck and went backstage. >> i thought it was a joke at first. then there was something -- i don't know, it's difficult to explain. something not natural.
10:28 am
>> and of course the highest death toll was inside the bataclan theater. we just have a new death toll from the attacks. according to afp, the number now is 132 dead. we know that 352 were injured, 99 critically. so we can understand that people are succumbing to those critical wounds. you were inside the bataclan when this happened. tell us how you saw it unfold. >> so -- [ inaudible ] -- and began to play at 9:00 p.m. so it was very crowded. so i decided to go upstairs so i could dance and get more space. at 10:00, we heard -- >> you thought it was crackers, fire crackers. >> yes. thought someone wanted to spoil the show.
10:29 am
after we heard some scream. i went to the staircases and then i got into a smaller room and i was followed by 12 persons. inside, i could -- [ inaudible ] -- >> so you tried to put the fridge against the door to block the door. oh, i'm sorry. your mic is not working apparently. carry on. >> then we heard the sounds of the machine guns and this was really scary because they would shot then there was a silence, i guess the time they would reload their gun. and then this shot again. we just could hear the sounds of the machine guns. at least for one hour and a half. there was a wounded girl with me and we just -- at the beginning of the shot, we called the police. we say come on, there's an emergency. they say, stay in your little
10:30 am
room and don't open to anyone until we arrive. >> you yourself, were you held hostage? >> no, we were staying in a little room. we tried to make no noise. and that was difficult because there was one girl with me -- with us. >> she was hurt. >> she was hurt. >> and crying. >> that was -- and although they were having nervous breakdown. oh, my god, i don't want to die like that. and but there was a -- collective sense of survival. so we managed to calm down those people and we stayed as quiet as possible until three hours and then the worst was when the terrorist, when the police came, they went upstairs very close to the little room we were and i was close to the wall and when they shot their machine guns, the bullets hit the walls and i felt the impact. >> the police or the terrorists?
10:31 am
>> the police. they were exchanging terrorist -- >> gunfire with the terrorists. >> yes. yes. then the last hour, there was no more sound. as we were not sure there were any terrorists left, we decided to apply the police -- >> order, yeah. >> yes. so finally at 1:00 when the police arrived, they pushed the door. we say there's a wounded girl just behind us and we were 12 very compressed. >> did you -- what did you see when you came down? because we've seen horrendous pictures -- >> it was horrible. it was horrible. in that tiny room, we had shut the light off so we were in the darkness. when the door opened, there were policemen every 5 meters and to keep us go to the exit. they say just look straight in front of you.
10:32 am
anyway looking straight in frnt of me, there was blood and corpse ever where. >> so they didn't want you to see the horror. >> yes. but you were -- >> you couldn't help it. >> no. even if you looked straight, straight in front of you there were corpse, blood. it was like a wall of sin. >> you were very fortunate in fact that you went upstairs. >> yes. because most of the massacre was downstairs. >> what did you hear? it just sounds so awful that these people were systematically mowed down. did you hear people trying to tell them not to do it? >> we just hear. we didn't see arrest listen to the terrorist speaking. we could hear their machine guns and the screams of the people. at least for one hour and a half. >> one and a half hours. >> so that was very, very long. >> did you think i you were ever going to get out of there?
10:33 am
>> i think i try to manage. as soon as the bataclan, i guess it take several month, i will try to overwhelm that feeling and go again. >> you've shown great courage and what a description. thanks so much for being with us tonight. we are going to take a break and we will be right back after this. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. across america, people like badominique ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®.
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welcome back to our viewers watching in the united states d around the world. i'm anderson cooper here with christia christiane amanpour. special live coverage of the aftermaths of the terror attacks in paris. >> in belgium, there have been several arrests made. we're going to go straight to our senior national correspondent there in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: hi, where are here in molenbeek where police have found another link between the suspects residing here in molenbeek and the attack in paris.
10:38 am
they've issued an arrest warrant for three brothers they believe were united in this attack. the three are suspected to having included together to carry out this attack. one died in the attack in paris. one has been arrested in the broad scale operation that police have been carrying out over this weekend, and the third is now on t run. police are hoping that any lead can be found. the investigation is really pushing in unexpected directions. the mayor of molenbeek has been speaking out saying that for now, the fact that this is part of an even broader network is as she puts it very conceivable. christiane? >> just quickly before anderson gets to you with more important questions. the one who died, in which attack, which attack are they saying this particular brother was complicit in? >> reporter: they believe it was the attack at the bataclan.
10:39 am
that is where that black or dark gray volkswagen polio which is what initially led them to molenbeek. it was registered in this neighborhood. a vehicle matching that description was surrounded on saturday and taken away by police. that was the first thing that brought them here to the first place, that link to the bataclan attack. christiane? >> if you could just for our viewers who are just tuning in, just explain the belgian connection as we now know it. you mention the vehicle found outside the bataclan, a vehicle with license plates from belgium. there's another vehicle found that was believed to be the getaway vehicle used in several of the attacks on various restaurants. the gunman in that attack, the terrorist in that attack i believe is believed to have detonated a device killing himself. whoever drove that vehicle is
10:40 am
believed to be on the run, not accounted for at this point, and their identity not nope. what are the known linking to belgium at this time? >> they have said we have three in the attack who are resident in belgium. you also have this suspect on the run. and then a suspect apprehended crossing back into belgium with two belgian residents in the car with him. this is something that really has its roots back in time as well. in the "charlie hebdo" attack, the man suspected by intelligence officials was also believed to be a resident here in molenbeek. just time and time again over the last year or so, bringing not just paris and brussels together, but also this broader reinforcement loop, this awful cycle of people going to fight in syria, coming back to paris and brussels, going back to
10:41 am
syria and then plotting attacks and radicalizing here. they believe one of the men wanted in part of being this attack has a brother still fighting in syria. this really is beginning to have all the networks of this web stretching between the two countries, anderson. >> thank you very much. coming up, the man hunt for accomplices continues. go ahead. >> reporter: just saying you're hearing those police sirens. at this point, we don't know how long the operation is going to continue for. throughout the day, the belgian police are spanning out and continuing to do so, anderson. >> yeah. as christiane was saying, the sound of sirens now is a common place occurrence not only there in belgium. >> we had the sirens and the police presence just emptied the square for a good half an hour. people have come back now. a lot of panic. we're going to bring you more on
10:42 am
the accomplices afterwards. >> and details how one of the terrorists managed to sneak into france with syrian refugees. details on that ahead. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. always have a plan. plan well. enjoy life. go long. well, the number of attackers in friday night's paris terror attacks could be even higher than the seven who were killed. police have made several arrests today in belgium in connection with the attacks. a french counter doctor terrorism source tells cnn there may be more suspects directly linked to the attacks who have gotten away. >> that's what everybody is trying to nail down. with us now in paris is paul cruickshank. from washington, we have the former fbi counterterrorism agent and a former jihadist and counterterrorism operative.
10:47 am
the french interior minister said today that before those attacks, the suspects were unknown to french intelligence. at least some of those suspects were unknown. how much of a problem is that when they are under the radar? >> well, the problem is that there's so many suspects they have to monitor. there are 5,000 individuals in france they've opened surveillance files for. then there are thousands of individuals across the rest of europe who are easily come into france to launch attacks. the french don't have as good information about those. everything we're learning now about this attack suggests that all roads literally lead back to belgium, all roads lead back to molenbeek. we now are pretty sure that in all three of those attack groups involved.e belgian residents
10:48 am
we also know that two of the cars were rented in belgium. there seems to be significant organization for this attack in belgium, christiane. there was a belgian resident found dead oud the stadium. there was a belgian resident found dead outside one of the restaurants. and also that car that was found outside the bataclan was rented in belgium. this same district, molenbeek by the way is where that cell that was thwarted in january were based who were plotting a major terrorist attack, they think probably in belgium in january involving the same explosives, tatp as were found on the dead suicide bombers here in paris, christiane. it's starting to become clearer and clearer that this has a significant belgian footprint.
10:49 am
>> tim, when you look at an operation like this, how much planning, how long does it take to plan something like this and potentially how many people would be involved beyond the seven attackers that we know of who have been killed? >> anderson, i would say it's exponentially larger than the group we know of. the 9/11 plot, it took five years for al qaeda to plan that, to bring the individuals together, get the financing, material they needed in order to conduct that attack. this is obviously a much less sophisticated attack because it involves small arms and ex-pl explosiv explosives. i would say at the very at least, this was weeks or months in the planning. and the seven that were killed, the support structure might have been two or three or four times
10:50 am
as large as that . >> multiple attackers hitting multiple targets in mumbai, and that obviously went on for several days. i've talked to a number of police officials, former intelligence officials in the ups, all of whom have said they are surprised there hasn't been a mumbai-style attack in a major american city. are you surprised by that? and is, you know, the new york city police, the washington, d.c., police, big-city police, are they ready for something like that? >> i'm very surprised, as are every one of my colleagues that works in the counterterrorism field. this is something we've been expecting for literally a decade and a half. prior to 9/11, the fbi started special vents management unit to look at big events, sporting events, political event, concert and other entertainment venues because they're soft targets, try and figure out a way to protect them. we work with state and local
10:51 am
authorities to protect those venues but it's difficult to harden a target amend still allow it to be accessible to the public. that is something we're very surprised of. obviously, the diligence of law enforcement in the united states has been noif trying to thwart a lot of attempted attacks, but something we saw like in paris on friday night is inevitable. and as the isis individuals who claimed responsibility said, this is the beginning of the reign. this is the beginning of their reign of terror in paris and other places. it's not the end. >> well, let's turn on that point to the former jihadist, and let us ask you, sir, then, what is it possible to do to try to figure out and identify those who have been so incredibly radicalized? we know there is a group that's come from syria but we know it happened with complicity from the inside, as the presidency has said, french nationals being
10:52 am
found mopgs the dead attacker, and we know what happened in charlie hebdo nearly a year ago. from your perspective and experience, how can this be disrupted? >> there are two ways to look at it. one is the general idea of radicalization which tell ls us the overwhelming majority of radical itzed individuals, those on a path to political violence don't end in political violence. many cases you'll find let's say ten people who show all the signss as if they're about to attack but out of those ten, only two attack. why didn't the other eight attack? when it comes to the violent extreme ilss themselves, that goes back to good old-fashioned human intelligence and signals intelligence. that's really the only way to interrupt, to interdict and disrupt these plots. one of the big lessons i think from this is some of these individuals were staying in belgium to evade surveillance in france. the fact that they were able to
10:53 am
keep this plot so secret is important. the fact that there was probably a much larger support network and that nobody leaked it or got out is also significant. >> and it paints a really terrifying picture, and intelligence have said that, you know, they have a whole new wave of attackers on their radar. so thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> our coverage continues from paris in just a moment. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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10:58 am
welcome back to our viewers around the world and watching in the united states. i'm anderson cooper with christiane amman four. we are coming to you live from the plaza de la republique in the city of paris. >> sometimes known as the city of light, but it is gripped by really dark fears. not just that, all the main monuments, the eiffel tower, museums all dark. all the big shops here. people have come here to do all sorts of weekending and shopping. it's all closed. >> a short time ago a wave of panic swept through a crowd of people who had gathered here. without warning they began racing for cover and a near stampede in some parts. it was not clear exactly what set it off. all of us were caught up in it. the police took out their rifles. they were all pointing their rifles actually in a direction about a block or so, half a block away from here. they were trying to stop traffic. police were yelling. it was a very tense several moments. it is still unclear exactly what
10:59 am
the initial event was or what the initial fear was, but it certainly spread through this crowd and this entire square within a few seconds, people just ran for cover. more people have come back but not quite as big as it was before. we do want to bring you up at the top of the hour here the latest on the investigation. christiane, there are a lot of moving parts to this not only here in france but also obviously in belgium, also elsewhere. belgian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a man whose brother was one of the dead terrorists. another brother has already been arrested. so this is a group of three brothers, one of whom has been arrested, one of whom is dead, one of whom is still out there and an arrest warrant has been issued for him. counterintelligence sources say suspects who also might have been involved could still be at large. we know there was somebody who drove the vehicle that was likely involved in a number of the attacks outside restaurants. that vehicle which has been found, the driver of that vehicle we believe has not been
11:00 am
found according to authorities. two of the vehicles involved in the attacks had belgian license plates. both had been rented a week earlier in brussels. both the vehicles found i just mentioned in paris suburb and the vehicle found outside the concert venue. one of the vehicles was found in that paris neighborhood, three ak-47 assault weapons were inside that vehicle. again, whoever drove that vehicle unknown at this time, believed to be still perhaps out there on the loose. the death toll has risen to 132. 352 people were wounded. nearly 100 of them seriously wounded. so it's very possible that death toll sadly could rye. >> that's absolutely right. we do know now that at least one of the terrorist who is attacked civilians in paris entered europe hidden among the wave of refugees fleeing from syria, and that is the important news that we broke today because that is in fact a game changer in terms of this sort of organized group according to the


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