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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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breaking news this morning, more than 150 terror raids overnight in france. investigators revealing new information about who was behind the paris attacks. a manhunt happening for one dangerous suspect as french jets bomb isis in syria. live team coverage breaking it all down begins right now. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in paris this morning. it is monday, november 16th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. it is 10:00 a.m. here in paris.
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welcome viewers in the united states and all around the world. this morning, i'm standing in the plaza de la republique. today, there are not as many people here, but that may be a good sign. to the extent, people are getting back to work today. kids are going to school. some of the landmarks are beginning to open today, though not all. we have breaking news at this hour on the investigation. overnight, police conducted more than 150 terror raids across france making arrests. not clear whether these raids were connected directly to the attacks here on friday or separate from separate interests and investigations going on. 150 raids. french media reporting from police sources that a rocket launcher was recovered in the
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french city of lyon. a manhunt for this man this morning, abdeslam salah. he is one of three suspected of being involved in the attacks on friday. attacks that french president francois hollande blames on isis and for which isis is claiming responsibility. this morning, the french prime minister said these terror attacks were planned in syria. as of now, they say seven terrorists died launching the attacks. one remaining brother on the run right now and eighth involved. cnn confirmed the names of those killed. the state of emergency existing in effect across france. as i said, the investigation new leads coming in by the hour.
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let's get the latest and bring in cnn's atika shubert. atika, a very busy night and morning not just in france, but belgium as well. >> reporter: that's right. we are at the scene of one of those attacks at the bar here the bataclan. we had more than 100 security raids as you point out. these are usually on people on a list, a terror watch list across france, and they have gone in and searched a number of homes and weapons. this is happening in numerous cities in lyon to the suburbs of paris. investigators identified a number of attackers, but they discovered there was a safe house in belgium and possibly two or three of the french nationals were living in belgium and that's where they rented the cars and planned the attacks.
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that is where the leads are continuing today. to give you a sense of what is happening in paris, i want to show you from the memorial here. you can still see the bullet holes shattering the glass here and the police measuring tape where they use to measure the bullets. people have been putting flowers here and people have been streaming in throughout the day. although police told them they should stay at home and keep safe. parisians have defied that to pay respects who died in the attacks. john. >> my word, the bullet holes, atika, this is a vivid memory. atika, we did get word late yesterday that one of the men on the run, abdeslam salah, police did question him in the hours on the attack on the road headed to belgium. they questioned him, but did not detain him at the time.
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>> reporter: this is one of the missed opportunities that police are now looking at. he interceptiwas in a car and s. police saw his last name and perhaps one of the brothers may have been involved. they did know the extent of it and he was let go. his brother, ibrahaim detonated his vest near this area. police are trying to retrace what happened. where was he going? was he going to meet other accomplices in belgium? they are meeting with belgium police to see how extensive this network really is. >> and there is international manhunt for that man that french authorities made clear. a man believed to be dangerous. atika shubert here in france. the investigation right now not in this country, but focused on
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belgium as well. it is seems the roads in the terror investigation lead to the belgium neighborhood where some of these terrorists are believed to have lived. it is a suburb of brussels. it is believed to have been the home of two of the attackers whose bodies have been identified so far and where police have conducted raids over the last several days. joining us now from brussels, senior correspondent ivan watson. he is there. ivan, what can you tell us about the raids in belgium and the latest on the investigation there? >> reporter: john, we are waiting for the update from the belgium authorities as to what they learned since the number of detentions in the neighborhood which left receiseven people ard there. this investigation focuses on three brothers. one is abdeslam salah. born in belgium. a french national on the run. french authorities said do not approach him.
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they believe he is dangerous. he is 26 years old. two of his brother, one killed in the attacks in paris, an apparent suicide bomber. another brother arrested here in brussels. now there are a lot of cateind r indicators that suspected militants were planning here friday night. for example, authorities say two of the cars suspected of being used by the attackers in paris were rented here around brussels last week. the person that rented the cars was believed to have been moving from france toward belgium over the course of the weekend. the car that individual was driving was later found in that neighborhood of molenbeek. that name comes up not only in this terror investigation, but previous ones. a big neighborhood of brussels
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with a big immigrant and muslim community and recruiting militants to go and fight syria. belgium has a population of 11 million people. it has the dubious distinction of having more recruits per c capita that have gone to fight in syria and in the ranks of the islamic state in syria. the belgium interior minister has come out and said why is it this neighborhood always comes up in the terrorism investigations? he is sworn to personally be involved in the effort to try to cure whatever terrorism problem it has taken root in that an neighborhood. in the meantime, the capital of
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the european union, the flag, has been lowered to half staff to honor the victims. john. >> ivan, it is important to know for the american viewers, there is little distinction between belgium to paris. it is like going from boston to new york. if they are gathered in brussels to plan, no problem to come across the border here. as you say, there were raids in that neighborhood following the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january. security officials in france, ivan, belgium and brussels is a weapons and arms hub for the black market in europe. >> reporter: that's right. you know, we were here last january after the "charlie hebdo" attacks when belgium authorities were involved in a deadly shootout in the town of verveie.
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they were found with a cache of weapons and belgium police uniforms. an investigation subsequently went back to molenbeek. it was operating out of that area. that group has since been declared a terrorist organization. i met with the mayor of molenbeek who tried to defend her community, of course, and argue that the vast majority of the people living there are peaceful law abiding citizens. there are challenges there. very high unemployment. estimated around 40% among the youth in that area. another problem that many people bring up is overlapping police agencies. this is a federal city in a country that's divided with two languages and there are security experts that argue all of the different police agencies
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operating in belgium and molenbeek are not cooperating well enough. there is the fact that the major arms manufacturer in belgium. there are believed to have been groups taking advantage of the police forces to smuggle weapons and also hide from the law. these are all questions that will need to be asked, especially when you again come to that issue. why is it that this city, the capital of the european union, again and again comes up as a recruiting ground for international terrorism and violent jihadi activists. john. >> one of the key questions, ivan, one of the key questions of the world community. ivan watson, thank you so much. one other element, the french launching retaliatory raids in raqqah. air raids over fight hitting more than 20 targets with u.s.
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intelligence. president obama is meeting with world leaders to discuss how to deal with isis in turkey at the g-20. what are they discussing? what will he announce at the news conference coming up in hours? our live coverage continues from paris.
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we have more breaking news in just the last few minutes. a fourth terrorist has been identified from paris. the prosecutor's office has identified 28-year-old samy amimour has been identified at the attacker at bataclan. the venue where so many were slaughtered. officials say he was known to law enforcement as recently as two years ago. he was under an international arrest warrant. several of the terrorists do appear to have been known at some point to the french
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authorities, but goes to show how hard and difficult it is to keep an eye and monitor them around the clock and with such a threat prevalent in the city like this. that is an issue not just for france, but the world. president obama is meeting with g-20 world leaders in turkey. he has ordered the pentagon to share intelligence with the air strikes in syria. president obama calling on vladimir putin to focus his military action in syria on isis alone and not the so-called moderate rebels battering bashar al assad. i want to bring in michelle kosinski at the g-20 summit.
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michelle, going to deliver the statement at the news conference later today where there could be a good deal of news. >> reporter: well, yeah. he will face questions and there are so many questions surrounding this and what the response will be following the paris attacks. what is the u.s. strategy going to look like? we are going to hear him respond to those questions. whether or not there are any changes or anything to announce, that is what we are waiting to see. we know the president will talk about the bombardment of raqqah overnight by france. the white house is telling us this morning the past two days, the u.s. has worked closely with france to develop those targets. the u.s. has been leading the air strikes over syria for the last year. more than a year. has that kind of intelligence developed. although the french have been participating for some time, they were one of the first countries to jump in with the u.s. to conduct strikes, they
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are sharing that intelligence. we expect the president to go into detail. if you listen to what the president is saying, you mention the one with putin and the one with the saudi arabian king yesterday. you hear about redoubling efforts in the fight against isis. the deputy security advisor told us yesterday that what we can expect to see from the u.s. is more resources in the effort. that means more air strikes, more targeting of leaders and they really emphasize that. those are the people who have the ability to launch external attacks similar to what we just saw in paris. that national security advisor said he does think these attacks demand more resources and more urgency among the international community in response in the fight against isis, john. >> all right. michelle kosinski for us with the president at the g-20 summit at antalya, turkey.
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so much to discuss. the president in six hours from now will deliver a news conference with perhaps new information into the u.s. plans to battle isis. thank you, michelle. these attacks in paris not just dominanting the political discussion in europe, but very much the discussion in the race for president of the united states. the candidates weighing in right after the break.
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two days after the deadly attacks in paris, terrorism is the only topic on the campaign trail in the u.s. candidates from both parties
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weighing in on the national security debate and the appropriate response to the tragedy. there's plenty of finger pointing at the president and at each other. >> it cannot be an american fight. i think what the president has consistently said which i agree with, is we will support those who take the fight to isis. >> hillary clinton last night said it is not our fight. it is our fight. without our leadership in building a coalition to destroy isis, this won't happen. >> this was an act of war on our allies. we should evoke article 5 to confront this challenge. >> nobody had guns but the bad guys. nobody. nobody had guns. and they were just shooting them one by one. but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry. >> as i said all along, bringing people into this country from that area of the world, i think
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is a huge mistake because why wouldn't they infiltrate them with people who are ideological opposed to us? >> i would not invite the syrian refugees here. i willow pose. >> the paris attacks prompting questions about the obama administration plan to allow more syrian refugees into the united states. overnight, alabama governor taking a stand against it. he released a statement saying after full consideration of the weekend attacks on terror in paris, i will oppose any attempt to relocate syrian refugees to alabama. i will not stand complicit to place the citizens of alabama in harm's way. overnight, more than 150 terror raids across francis we learn new information, new information this morning about those behind the paris terror attacks. five attackers now identified. our live team coverage from
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paris right after the break.
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breaking news this morning. more than 150 terror raids overnight across france. new information on who was behind the paris attacks. a new terrorist identified minutes ago. a manhunt is on right now as french jets bomb isis in syria. we have live team coverage right now. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in paris this morning. 30 minutes past the hour. welcome viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm standing in the plaza de la republique which is the gathering point for parisians to light candles and leave flowers.
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there are more people on the streets today. some people going to work, although there is still a state of emergency in the country. we have breaking news. overnight, police conducted raids. more than 150 terror raids across france and they made arrests as the manhunt is under way searching for abdeslam salah. he is one of three brothers suspected of involvement in the terror attacks that killed 129 people. the attacks that francois hollande blames on isis. isis claims responsibility. seven terrorists died. cnn confirmed the names of three of them. bilal hafdi and ismael omar mostefai and the paris prosecutor confirmed a new name. listen to this. his name is samy amimour. for the latest, we will go to the home of samy amimour's
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parents where cnn's frederik pleitgen is there. fred, a lot of the activity, including outside the home where are y you are standing right now. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm speaking to neighbors and they said the police showed up yesterday and showing pictures of samy amimour and if they know anything about this man. and late last night, they say that the police came back this time with a separate unit and they asked people to close their shutters and they raided the house and took family members into custody. they are saying samy amimour was not unknown to them. he has been on their radar since 2012 and the anti-terrorism
1:34 am
operations. he was stopped and violated terms of his surveillance and an international arrest warrant for him. he is 24 years old. he is the fourth attacker inside the bataclan theater where there were so many people who were killed. john. >> samy amimour known to french authorities. that is so crucial. the second of these terrorists who had been on the radar to some extent over the last several years. this one because he wanted to go to yemen. others traveling to and from syria. so hard for the authorities to monitor all of the possible problems and militants that exist in this country. also, we have information about those raids overnight. we are told french media reporting based on police sources that a rocket launcher was recovered in the city of lyon. this goes to show how many arms
1:35 am
and how much weaponry exists and the level of concern they have in this country. it is not just this country. across the border in belgium, there have been raids going on. many investigations lead to the suburb of molenbeek. there were raids there after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. this is where a fugitive wanted after the attack, abdeslam salah lived. it is the home of two attackers whose bodies have been identified so far. it is where police conducted raids detaining seven people. joining us now from brussels, senior international correspondent ivan watson. ivan, investigations going on overnight. this man was stopped, abdeslam salah, stopped in france heading
1:36 am
toward belgium within hours of the attacks on friday. >> reporter: that's right. one of his brothers was an apparent suicide bomber in the paris attacks. and another one of his brothers was detained by belgium authorities over the course of the weekend. one of seven people detained in brussels. a lot of the detentions and focus on that neighborhood you mentioned. the neighborhood of melenbeek which has a large muslim community and location of previous terrorism investigations of police sweeps and raids in months and years past. that is actually led the interior minister of the country to say why is it this neighborhood keeps coming up as a nexus in the suspected terrorist investigations and he personally has declared he will try to fix this problem in that neighborhood. as you mentioned, at least two
1:37 am
of the paris attackers are believed to have been from that neighborhood and in a sign of perhaps how comfortable people felt operating there, two of them are french citizens in the belgium city in that suburb of brussels. belgium authorities say two cars believed to have been involved in the attacks in paris were actually from belgium, rented from here within the last week, and a third car that the person suspected of renting the two suspect vehicles showed up after the attacks back in molenbeek. there is a direct link between the neighborhood and the attacks in paris. we are waiting for the update from the belgium authorities on what further they learned over the course of the arrests they made. john. >> ivan watson, check back in with us after that news
1:38 am
conference. ivan watson in brussels right now. it is worth noting very little distinction between brussels and paris. you can move back and forth across the border at will. much like you can across state borders in the u.s. now there were other major news overnight. france retaliating against isis. what they are calling a major bombardment against the effective capital of the isis cal caliphate raqqah. obviously we are waiting for confirmation from western intelligence sources. it all comes two days. the raids two days after the attacks in paris. officials say the targets were weapons compounds and ammunition dump and command center. the targets were destroyed, but isis says no. hopefully the truth will come out in the next few days. now our senior international
1:39 am
correspondent nick paton walsh is with the peshmerga forces. nick has the latest on the bombing from erbil. >> reporter: it is difficult to find out what was hit inside syria. one of our sources risked his life to tell us what he knows. the first report was known as the clinical hospital and other stadiums. those are names given to building s taken over by isis. and close to a source, these are headquarters and jails used by isis. you have to look at this targeting with a degree of
1:40 am
skepticism because it has happened so fast and hot on the heels of what happened in paris. clearly these targets may have been known for the united states for some time. they had jets over the skies of raqqah for so long now. for french air force to bomb may be too much of an opportunity to be entirely credible. this provides the french public and francois hollande the viceral reaction. we have no idea what effect this has, but it gives a clear message that france's military is so much more in the game than it has been before. other key questions are, of course, is this the beginning of a lengthy campaign by an increased french military presence? is there a ground element to follow? what does this mean in terms of the ability for isis to resist a coalition campaign against it? much to be answered and much to
1:41 am
learn about what was hit inside raqqah, but symbolic move here by france which may have had impact against isis. >> thanks to nick paton walsh in erbil. fighter jets hitting inside areas in raqqah. we are awaiting new word and information on the raids and investigation overnight here in paris. while that is going on, president obama is meeting with world leaders in turkey. the g-20 summit right now. the discussion was about a number of issues, but now very much focused on battling isis. our live team coverage continues next.
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welcome back. john berman live in paris. the eyes of the world on this
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city. the thoughts of the world dealing with isis right now. how to defeat the terror group. president obama meeting with world leaders at the g-20 summit in turkey this morning. president obama vows to battle isis and try to prevent future attacks like the one that hit here, but how? the president has already ordered u.s. intelligence to share what they know with the french with their new round of air strikes in syria. also calling on president vladimir putin to focus his military action on battling isis alone. i want to go live to antayla, turkey right now and michelle kosinski who is following the president with the g-20 summit. michelle. >> reporter: this is a key opportunity. while these leaders are here, they did not come here for that reason, but what better time now to really focus on this issue. it was interesting what we heard from the president's deputy
1:47 am
national security advisor yesterday. talking about how the paris attacks do indeed demand in his words more urgency and resources from the international community on isis. we know the u.s. has done the lion's share of the air strikes. there are more than 60 countries in the coalition. the u.s. is talking about using two key words. redoubling and intensifying the effort against isis. not just on the part of the u.s., but obviously france is doing that right now in raqqah. the u.s. from the start wanted everyone in the coalition to contribute more. it seems now is going to be the time. what does that mean for the u.s. response? we have been told by the administration is expect to see in coming days more air strikes. we don't know exactly what the scope of that will be, but also more targeting of leadership. we have seen the indication do that in the last few weeks. a few key leaders killed on the
1:48 am
battle field. they emphasize the importance of that. those are the people who have the capability to direct attacks outside syria and iraq. similar to what we just saw in paris. today is the day the president will do his first press conference while he is here. the first opportunity that he will take questions from the press. so we expect to hear some detail. doesn't sound like the strategy overall is changing, at least from what the administration has told us thus far. when we raised that point, a reintensification means more of the same. they didn't rule out changes to the strategy and in fact, they pointed out the strategy has been tweaked as events have warranted over the last year, john. >> an important news conference coming up. i know people in paris and here in france will be listen carefully. curious about what the u.s. will
1:49 am
do about isis. michelle kosinski in antalya, turkey. thank you. one of the three suicide bombers linked to the attack at the soccer stadium in paris made it to france by embedding himself in the wave of syrian refugees. this guy was carrying some kind of a fake or doctored syrian passport. he arrived on the greek island of lesbos declared a syrian migrant. he entered greece at the beginning of october. issued new papers there. this is sparking the debate on the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. i want to bring in correspondent arwa damon. she is live on the island where the terrorist transited through. good morning, arwa. >> reporter: good morning. this is just one of the many greek islands these migrants go through. with or without documentation,
1:50 am
they are getting registered. that is the standard procedure in place. this is the only way to deal with the problem and the registration means telling people what your name is and if you have any form of identification, that's great. the process goes faster. either way, people get finger printed. >> we lost arwa damon on the island of leros. one terrorist transited through their claiming to be a syrian migrant. was given papers and followed the immigrant corridor through the balkans and into western europe. an arrived in greece over a month ago and five weeks after that, part of the wave of terror attacks in paris that left 129 people dead. the attacks here dominating the conversation in the united states as well. now part of the race for
1:51 am
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welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. two days after the deadly attacks in paris, safety is the issue on the minds of the candidates for president. now there's plenty of finger pointing at the president and at each other. >> it cannot be an american fight. i think what the president has consistently said, with i agree
1:56 am
with is we will support those who take the fight to isis. >> hillary clinton last night said it is not our fight. it is our fight. without our leadership and building a coalition to destroy isis, it won't happen. >> this was an attack on one of our nato allies. we should confront this challenge. >> nobody had guns but the bad guys. nobody. nobody had guns. they were just shooting them one by one. if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry. >> as i said all along, you know, bringing people into this country from that area of the world, i think is a huge mistake because why wouldn't they infiltrate them with people who are ideologically opposed to us? >> i would not invite the syrian refugees here. i will oppose them.
1:57 am
>> questions about the president obama plan to allow more refugees into the united states. overnight, alabama governor taking a stand against it. he released this statement, quote, after full consideration of the weekend's attacks of terror on innocent citizens in paris, i will oppose any relocation syrian refugee program to alabama. as your governor, i will not stand complicit. a grieving paris is returning to business under tight security measures. the country's stock exchange opened a couple hours ago giving investors a chance to react to friday's events. european stocks sold off when opened, but recovering now. tourism stocks and getting hit hard this morning. air france and british airways and lufthansa are all tumbling. the french capitol will hold a minute silence for the victims.
1:58 am
public events have been canceled. national monuments are beginning to open back up, including the l lueve and the eiffel tower. most shops and businesses will be open, but traffic will be slower. and this is a significant blow to the paris economy in the short-term. 150 terror raids throughout france overnight. another terrorist has been identified just in the past few moments. we are awaiting a press conference from the french interior minister. "new day" picks up our coverage right now. >> we had huge gunshots. lots of glass coming through the window. >> i think 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor. >> across this country, police carried out a series of ant anti-terror raids. >> brother was one of the dead
1:59 am
terrorists. >> he had been stopped by french police. they let him go. >> they believe these attacks were planned in syria. >> french fighter planes revving up their engines. >> this fight is getting closer and closer to the homeland. >> i have been told flat out they are here. >> this is a nation in mourning once again. >> i'm not scared. i'm just shocked. >> we should go out and keep leaving. >> we have to keep going. we have to be strong. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching a special edition of "new day." we have a new reality here in france. there'ses there's news of bombing in syria from france. revealing shocking discoveries. more information about who the
2:00 am
attackers were killed in the violence in paris. also, who is involved outside of paris. >> this as the european manhunt intensifies for a brussels born french national. abdeslam salah is one of three brothers believed to have carried out these attacks. the french prime minister now saying that this was planned in syria and new attacks are being planned. french retaliating against isis launching a massive air strike campaign against isis targets in the syrian town of raqqah. we have the story covered the way only cnn can with correspondents on the ground in brussels and in the middle east. let's bring in clarissa ward. clarissa. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the french prime minister has come out and he said he believes these attacks were quote organized, conceived and planned from


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