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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 16, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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violence in paris. also, who is involved outside of paris. >> this as the european manhunt intensifies for a brussels born french national. abdeslam salah is one of three brothers believed to have carried out these attacks. the french prime minister now saying that this was planned in syria and new attacks are being planned. french retaliating against isis launching a massive air strike campaign against isis targets in the syrian town of raqqah. we have the story covered the way only cnn can with correspondents on the ground in brussels and in the middle east. let's bring in clarissa ward. clarissa. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the french prime minister has come out and he said he believes these attacks were quote organized, conceived and planned from syria. where we now know at least three
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of the attackers spent time. we also know four of these attackers were french nationals. a manhunt is now under way to find the eighth attacker. you remember in the isis claim of responsibility, they said there were eight attackers. french authorities said seven were killed. the manhunt to find the eighth. an arrest warrant is out for one of the three brothers. abdeslam salah. it is not known where he is at the moment. he was briefly detained after the attacks as he was trying to make his way to belgium. at this stage. it is not clear if he was directly involved in the attacks or part of a larger network. the news here on the ground that four of these attackers were french nationals and three spent time in syria will be very alarming to many people. chris. >> absolutely. at the same time, clarissa, it
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confirms what was suspected this is more than the seven men trying to explode themselves in paris and accented by the discovery of the authorities identified as an eighth attacker, even isis identified eight people on the ground here. had him, let him go. that takes the shift not just in france, but also to belgium. that's where we have ivan watson. there have been a lot of raids there and discoveries. one of the identities of the attacker brussels born. ivan, what is the latest there? >> reporter: chris, belgium state broadcaster reporting that the police are conducting some raid in a neighborhood known as molenbeek. we cannot confirm if this is linked to the paris attacks, but we know the belgium authorities went into the same neighborhood and detained seven people. we know two of the attackers in paris are french citizens who
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are believed to have lived in that very neighborhood. we know that manhunt for the belgium born french citizen. 26-year-old abdeslam salah. he is one of three brothers. one of whom was killed in the paris attacks. he is believed to have been one of the attackers and another one of his brothers was also detained here in paris over the course of the weekend. so french and belgium authorities saying there does appear to have been a group of suspected militants operating out of brussels and that particular neighborhood organizing some logistics. at least two cars to have been used in paris rented here in brussels over the course of the last week. another vehicle driven by the renter of the vehicles ended up in the neighborhood of molenbeek. we are waiting for word of the
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authorities what happened over the weekend. alisyn. >> ivan, thank you. france responding with military might to the paris attacks. the french air force carrying out multiple strikes on the isis stronghold of raqqah in syria. let's get to nick paton walsh who is live in erbil. >> reporter: alisyn, 20 bombs dropped in a short period of time according to activists on the ground. they heard 30 loud explosions. the targets under names of the stadium and museum and buildings that isis have taken over and use as headquarters or in the case of the museum, said to be a secret jail. it is not quite clear why these targets were chosen in such a large number or became available. the u.s. had drones and aircraft over the area for a long time.
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the french dispatched 12 aircraft. 10 did the bombing. the french made it clear they have a harsh response. we will wait and see what the response is on the ground and what they hit. we understand that isis fighters have been trying to keep off the streets to some degree. we know in the past, they have masked the streets to mask their movements. we don't know if there are further strikes ahead. they launched out of jordan and uae. the u.s. announced they hit 116 isis oil trucks. back to you, chris. >> all right. nick paton walsh, thank you. stay safe. let's bring in chief correspondent christiane amanpour. we have seen actions of the military variety. we have seen new action here. the motivation is just as important. there is regret and frustration
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going on. what is the dynamic now? >> they had to take action. if you listen to french officials talking about the wave of bombings in syria, they had to show they were serious immediately after the attack on the homeland. about 12 flights, the biggest attack that the french have taken part in. they are moving huge aircraft carrier, "charles de gaulle" into the gulf and saying more will come. they are saying that while we do this, we also have to have as we have seen the highly specialized police and security force, raids, 150 around this country alone, plus they are saying this isis threat will not be eliminated without a ground force. they are saying the russians and united states now need to get together with the joint strategy for syria. two strategies at least. russian, u.s. and any number of other strategies on the ground. there needs to be a joint strategy. they need to upgrade the forces
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like peshmerga or others. >> let's talk about the raids going on around france. why aren't they doing this routinely before the attack? >> there is so much complication in this regard. you have talked to special forces and other people who know there are places that they don't go. some that they don't go. some authorities say they are not directly linked to this investigation, but they are on people who are so-called known to the authorities. and they have found arsenals, the like of which shouldn't be in ordinary civilians houses. >> the disposition is the same that i'm hearing. 150 raids. true. have they done that many before? yes. in the same location or same
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level of coordination? no. why? it is not about their understanding and perception of the threat. a lot of it is political might and ability. there is a lot of resistance to united states and other places. they said the reaction of finding a rocket launcher in an apartment was, of course, we would find them. we never really look. >> people are shocked. that is what the authorities are hoping. >> french people specifically. >> that's right. the political dynamic may shift. the french president is holding an extraordinary session. we called it a joint session of congress in versaille. they are saying this nation is at war. the prime minister again said the same thing today. he is at a school as schools are open on monday with the education minister. he is saying we have to be vigilant. a new ball game. he is saying this is crucial for the french people that, you know, this could happen again. we know they are planning more
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attacks. even the prime minister of britain david cameron said it could have happened to us. we thwarted seven terrorist attem attempts. >> it is the reality and very operative language here legally. this state of emergency is not just about boundaries, but police powers and ability to go in and detain without the typical level of arrest without the ordinary policing. a big question is how long will the state of emergency go? >> at least three months we were told last night. the senator who has been with us for a while has said the french people have the right to a safe and secure christmas and that we need the extraordinary powers to make sure they are safe. >> and as you were saying, school is back in session today. this is the first business day. i believe we have been told museums will be opened. if you didn't know what happened here on friday, and you just landed here in paris, you would
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not necessarily know that something was amiss. >> except a massive police presence anecdotally, our colleagues have come here through police checkpoints and strategic parts of the stcity. there will be a moment of silence across the nation. there will be that observation in many countries today. >> you see all of the flowers strewn and you see pictures and lots of mess aagemessages, most french, the world liberty. >> there was a moment of unparalleled panic. >> it was almost a stampede. >> it is expect in the post-trauma effect of what happened here. the question is how long will
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the urgency last? >> one attacker is still at large. >> at least one person heavily involved. the investigation very robust. will go from here in paris back to new york and michaela and we will continue our coverage throughout the morning. >> chris and alisyn, thank you. and many turned out to remember the college student killed in paris. friends and family and community leaders filled the building in long beach to honor nohemi gonzalez. gonzalez was a senior design student spending a semester abroad in france. she was killed in the attack at the restaurant. another vigil will be held tomorrow at whittier high school in california where she graduated from in 2010. if you happen to be watching football yesterday, you saw the tributes to france and the victims of the attacks. moments of silence, french flags on jumbo trains.
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fans holding signs. just some of the expressions of solidarity from the nfl. one moving tribute from baltimore. morgan cox ran out on the field carrying a french flag. back to paris to chris and alisyn. >> thank you, michaela. a lot of moving parts with the investigation. the french interior minister is giving a breaching. over 140 french natives are under house arrest right now. a reflection of the new reality under the state of emergency where they can take steps they have not taken before. >> let's not forget. there is a manhunt under way for the eighth suspect in the paris terror attack. in full force here. multiple countries coming together to try to find this man as new details of the planning of the attack emerge. "new day" returns in a moment with all of those. ok, we're here.
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welcome back to a special edition of "new day." we have breaking news from the french interior minister. right now, there are 23 people in custody. additional weapons and equipment found in the raids overnight. 150 of them. 104, a lot of numbers, 104 people under house arrest right now. the most important thing he said so far is this iteration of we are at war. war has been declared on france. this is not political hyperbole. he said they will not destroy the republic. the republic will destroy them. we are seeing extraordinary measures in the reflection of extraordinary violence as we are well aware of around the world. let's go to cnn international
2:18 am
correspondent clarissa ward. all of this information, clarissa, comes that the eighth attacker had been interviewed and let go during the aftermath of the initial violence. >> reporter: that's right, chris. i think we are really seeing here is french authority security officials struggling to catch up. struggling to keep pace with developments on the ground. it was clear from the beginning isis claimed there were eight attackers involved in the operation. french officials said seven attackers were killed. it was obvious from the beginning that one attacker was unaccounted for. now we seem to know this attacker may have been the brother of one of the attackers who blew himself up. i want to give you a sense of the scale of the problem here in france. we know hundreds of french nationals have gone to syria and
2:19 am
iraq to fight. of those, we know roughly 185 jihadis have come back to france. that is 185 men that french officials need to monitor day in and day out there. will there will be a lot of questions why they were not followed more closely and security officials were not aware of what they were planning. we know three of the attackers spent time in syria. four are french nationals. one had a criminal record. chris, these are men that french authorities should have known about. people here definitely want to have a better sense that the authorities and security officials are on top of the situation. i think it is interesting that the number we are hearing in terms of the house arrests is about 100. of the 185 jihadis that returned to syria, 85 are in jail. that means 100 are at loose. it correlates that we are seeing the house arrests as french
2:20 am
officials try to play catch up and contain the situation. >> one more piece of information for you that builds are clarissa's point. two men identified in the attack were on watch lists. they were known. french authorities say it does not show a lapse. the threat is so big and unique to france that they say they are overwhelmed by capacity. they say it takes 30 men to surveillance one full-time. >> that is what you were talking about clarissa. the resources involved to monitor the 185 people, suspects, associates, that you were talking about. that is interesting to hear the 104 number are on house arrest. that makes it a little bit easier to monitor them than i guess have them be loose around. that is why -- that's an unusual express to hear on house arrest. that is not how we handle it in
2:21 am
the u.s. clarissa. >> reporter: it is not a sustainable situation, alisyn. that is a temporary measure as police scramble to work out who legitimately was involved in the attack and who happens to be someone that could provide information. you know, there's really a lot of red flags here during the raids that have taken place. 150 raids taking place this morning and there's a sense that not all of the raids are even about people connected to the attack. french officials are so d desperate now to try to find anyone with information or anyone with weapons. among the weapons confiscated in the raids this morning, a rocket launcher. this is europe, alisyn. we don't have guns and weapons readily available in the same way we do in the u.s. many people will wonder how on earth are men building explosive vests and getting a hold of
2:22 am
heavy weaponry, rocket launchers. a lot of questions. also important for viewers to remember, this comes after "charlie hebdo." this is not the first time french officials are confronting this type of threat. they had ten months to follow-up on the lessons learned from "charlie hebdo." still very serious questions. how anybody returning from syria with a criminal record is not monitoring day in and day out. >> clarissa is making the right points. a lot of critical questions going on here. what are you hearing from the other side? from french military they say we are aware of the threat. this is a set of constraints that the u.s. doesn't have to deal with. it has given a heighten priority with isis. they said france is at the top of their threat list. they have a different political
2:23 am
interest here. even after "charlie hebdo" there is more money and resources. it takes time to build up the resourc resources. the biggest problem is something that is uniquely french. the respect for personal freedom and integrity from the intrusion of government. they believe this may have been a wake-up call. >> as i said to christiane amanpour, you walk around here and see the signs. the word that pops out most is liberty. that is so important for french people. they want to come back out to show liberty still exists. >> security is part of it. you cannot be free if you are not safe. that's going to be the balance they have to strike. >> all right. coming up, we will talk about how the refugee crisis complicates all of this. particularly when some of the suspects had refugee status. stick around. "new day" from paris will be right back.
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according to a french official, one of the bombers who blew himself up outside the stadium during the friday terror attack, made it to paris with the syrian refugees. he was carrying a doctored passport. can the terrorists be stopped using the humanitarian crisis for cover? we have cnn's arwa damon covering that for us from leros,
2:29 am
greece. arwa. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. difficult to prevent that from haing. especially if a person's fingerprifinge fingerprints are not in the system. they have seen a fairly significant influx of migrants and refugees. the process if they arrive here, if they have documentation, they use that to try to prove their identity. it is easy to buy a fake passport. in turkey, they are sold for $600 up to $1,000. the registration process means their identification is taken off of them temporarily. they are fingerprinted and whatever background checks are done, they are done. if a person has not been printed in the past, there is no way to
2:30 am
know if they are in the system. it is fairly easy to exploit the voyage they have been taking. people here are appalled by what happened in paris. it is the same violence that drove them from their homes. it is that fear that it could happen again that caused them, alisyn, to make the decision to leave everything behind. now they too are very worried because of this, they will somehow have to pay the price. once again for violence carried out by organizations like isis. violence they do not condone. most certainly a great challenge facing intelligence organizations at this stage. >> we can understand that. obviously, arwa, thank you for that reporting. all of paris, obviously reeling from friday's massacre.
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we are in paris and just as the sun is trying to break through the clouds, paris, the city of lights, is try to break through the darkness three days after the deadly terror attack. french police conducting 168 terror raids overnight. 104 people now under house arrest. 23 in actual custody. weapons and equipment have been seized as well as drugs, which as we know, can finance terrorism. also, the identities of two more attackers are known. speculation of a mastermind outside the group of seven who died. all going on in the investigation at the same time. that's within france. now outside france, there is
2:36 am
also french military action. air strikes against isis positions in raqqah, syria, with the help of u.s. intelligence. there is more news this morning. alisyn. >> paris is flooded with stories of loss and survival. our next guest is living both sides of that. the french lawmaker who lost his dear friend in the attacks. arsh, thank you for being with us. we are sorry for your loss. where were you friday night when the attacks happened? >> i was in france. we took dinner. when he received the message that some arrived in paris, i immediately saw cnn on facebook and twitter. we understand quickly that something very amazing and horrific is arriving in our country. >> did you think of your friend pierro? he was killed in the attack
2:37 am
because he was at the concert. he asked you to go with him. >> a few days ago, before friday, last week, he asked if i wanted to come with his friend to the concert. i said i hate metal rock. it's a very big shock for us. i want to say to the people watching in the usa that france stands. we stand. we are not frightened against anybody. >> we can see. look at the crowds. >> american president obama says we never give up on the terrorists. i want to say that we are here. >> yes. paris, today, is trying to get back to business as usual. the schools are open again. tourists destinations, museums and all of these people who are
2:38 am
not afraid to come out and express their anger and their sadness, but their liberty are here. do you sense that the attitude in paris has changed among the people and among the politicians about what to do about terrorism? >> you are right, alisyn. there is a big difference with "charlie hebdo" events. the attack against "charlie hebdo," it was against the freedom of speech and value. we did not accept that. we condemn that. now the attack with no reason and now this is war. you have to know we need all the countries that we can help us to make the war against the
2:39 am
terrorists. >> because president hollande said this is an active war and we will be merciless. you say the french people are willing to do that. you are asking for allies. what does this mean for france? >> in france, the most important thing is to not divide. there is not in our country. there is no mostly jewish or christians. the attitude has changed because they attacked the population. we say only one voice, we want to live in safety and peace. we don't want to be frightened. this era is the era of joy. know paris is the city of romantic. the city of lights. we want to live in peace. >> can you tell us about your friend who was killed? >> he was an amazing person.
2:40 am
the restaurant. >> he was the owner of the restaurant? >> yes. this restaurant just next to the city where i am from. he was an amazing person and very nice and kind. this is a place that the piza is very nice. i want to hold my thoughts to his family and families of the victims. all of the victims know we are here and we never forget them. >> yes. arash, thank you for being here. my best to you. thank you. we have breaking news to tell you about. an active terror raid under way in brussels. we will take you live to the scene when "new day" returns from the special report from paris. is it our insightful strategies that make edward jones
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cnn has breaking news right now. there's an active police standoff under way in belgium. roads have been closed. police using loud speakers ordering people out of the house. speculation as to whether or not this is connected to the eighth attacker on the run. we have cnn's nima elbagir. nima? >> reporter: chris, it has been a very difficult morning here in molenbeek. we have been seeing plain clothes police officers and bombs guards and intense presence. we heard police over the loud speaker ask whoever inside the house from me to come out with their hands up. the reports we are hearing is this could quite possibly be that eighth attacker. i'll step out so you can have a look at this. chris, you can see the intense
2:46 am
police presence back there. there are reports that whoever is in the house could be the man who has been requested by the belgium police as possibly international arrest warrants identified as abdeslam salah. all roads are leading back here to molenbeek. chris. >> all right. nima, obviously there is speculation about this eighth attacker identified by isis and owning these attacks here. there is concern by authorities that this eighth attacker could be similarly equipped to the other seven. that means a suicide vest that adds to the caution of the situation you are seeing on the ground there. what are you hearing in terms of how broad they think the team may have gone beyond those who were killed here in paris? >> reporter: well that is absolutely the sense that we are getting on the ground.
2:47 am
all of the belgium authorities say this investigation is far from over. you remember, chris, it started on saturday and went through the early hours on sunday. this is not just about the neighborhood of molenbeek. it is a specific part of molenbeek. reuters is reporting a man who lived with his sister a few roads up from where we are now. he is the suspected mastermind of the paris attack. we are working to confirm that. it feels this network was tight knit and close and it all started here in molenbeek. >> obviously what we are seeing here is an extension of what we are seeing in and around paris as well. there is an obvious consensus among authorities that this did not begin and end with the seven men who are now gone and eighth
2:48 am
suspect. they don't believe the brains of the situation were taken out by the attack. they keep using the phrase cellular level in and around paris. what others are at work here. nima, we will check back with you as you find out what is going on in the house behind you. let's take a break. when we come back, the u.s. investigation, including france that the isis attack was imminent just before what happened here in paris. was it specific enough to drive action? was this something that was missed? we will hear from a political leader here in france next. this holiday season, get ready for mystery. what's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event.
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welcome back to the special edition of "new day" from paris. a lot going on in the situation here. new raids overnight here. new leads into how broad how this attack happened. to understand what is going on, we have a spokesperson for the socialist party. that is president hollande's party here. the ruling socialist party. let's bring her in. let's talk about the status of what happened overnight. 168 raids in 19 departments known as sections to those in the u.s. parts of france. the number we're told, is not supposed to be impressive. this happens. there are large numbers of raids. the targeting of it and the types of people who are being
2:54 am
looked at is different. how so? >> yes, this is also why we have a state of emergency. it allows police to move more quickly. a lot of people were already under surveillance. because of the investigation, they can link more people together. they have more information that they can act on. reliable information they can act on. this is why the raids are going on right now and also we want to make sure because there is definitely a large coordination for the attacks. we want to make sure all connected groups are brought in to questioning. >> the state of emergency is said to potentially extend for three months, currently. as you know, people here mostly are parisian. they are expressing sympathy, but there is a balance of conversation going on about security and liberty. it does seem that of course, in
2:55 am
this moment of time, the needle has moved. should the state of emergency be the new normal in terms of what you are allowed to do to defend against terrorists? >> it cannot be the new normal. we are a republic with principles and values. we have to find that balance between liberty and security, but we cannot make the emergency situation an exceptional situation into norm. >> you know members of your military and intelligence community are saying it is not that we don't understand the threat. it is we cannot combat the threat. we don't have the resources, we don't have the reach legally. they want things to change. >> there are things that have been voted already in terms of capacity for methods of surveillance. especially digital surveillance. we have hired 1,500 people to increase our surveillance capacity and training them.
2:56 am
this is going to take months to rule out. in the meantime, we have to use the state of emergency for example. there are legal means that have been voted on already. that will be ruled out in the next few months. we need to make sure that even with the state of emergency the president has been careful. there are different grades. obviously we are not doing that. we are only doing it to allow the police to move more quickly with searches with raids and to make sure that we can force people to stay home that are considered a threat. >> right. obviously that is something that is controversial not just on the political level, but military intelligence level. the idea of house arrest is not seen as sufficient. right now, we hear 104 under house arrest, 23 under actual arrest. to hear it from your intelligence types, they say that should be flipped.
2:57 am
they point to the report of threat intelligence out of iraq that was delivered to u.s. intelligence that isis attacks were imminent before the french attacks. should that be seen as a failure? >> no, i think we are acting on everything that is actionable. we have to make sure that we also don't act too quickly. we don't put innocent people through a horrific process. we need to make sure house arrest is a good measure. it allows the good surveillance and while they are under surveillance, we can check if they need to be prosecuted or arrested. >> is it moving too swiftly? >> we have to make sure we stay strong on our values and what we believe the justice system is and how it functions. it is important to respect the fact that people have to be --
2:58 am
people have rights to proper defense and this is the rule of law. you have seen that in the u.s. >> we have. we also have seen it shift over time. after "charlie hebdo," you had a wave of political action and assets committed and mentality. after this, we will see if that happens again. obviously, we see what will happen in the aftermath. right now, this is about paris coming together. the crowd is growing by the moment. this is still a place in shock and they are putting their arms around them. corrinne, as we get developments, we look forward to continue to talk to you about the political picture. this is one piece of the issue. a lot of news. let's get to it. >> france has been pierced at its heart. >> an assault on its life stist. >> when i went on the streets, i see 20 to 25 bodies lying on the
2:59 am
floor. >> french war planes attack the stronghold on raqqah. >> raids carried out in belgium. >> this as the manhunt intensifies for the brussels born national. >> is it possible that groups like isis would use this flood of migrants to sneak more people in? >> the refugee of today may be the terrorist of tomorrow. >> this fight is getting closer and closer to the homeland. >> thank you for joining us. you're watching a special edition of "new day." we're coming to you from paris. we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. michaela pereira is in new york, chris and i are here in paris. we have breaking news at this hour. there is an active police raid under way in the molenbeek section of brussels. it may be in connection with the
3:00 am
search for salah abdeslam. 23 are in custody after 150 raids overnight. >> as you see behind us right now, hearts and minds are in one place, remembering what happened. there's a moment of silence here and being reflected around the world. we'll show you it and observe it right now. [ moment of silence ]


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