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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 16, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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francois hollande told parliament that the attacks were acts of war, and vowed that france will eradicate terrorism. and he said that the suspected ring leader behind the attacks are abdelhamid abaaoud. and meanwhile, a new video from isis is threatening the united states. cnn cannot authenticate the video, but they are saying that isis is going to strike america in its own stronghold of washington with god's will. >> at the g20 summit in turkey, president obama was asked if the united states needs to change its strategy against isis. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is ultimately the strategy that is going to work, but as i said are from the start, it is going to take time. what has been interesting is
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that in the aftermath of paris as i listen to those who suggest that something else need s s to done, typically the ting things that they suggest that need to be done are things that we are already doing. the one exception is that there had been a few who suggested that we should put large numbers of the u.s. troops on the ground. it is not just my view, but the view of my closest military and civilian advisers that it would be a mistake. >> our correspondents are covering the story from every angle. nic robertson, our dip llomatic reporter, is standing by with the latest. nic, what is the lat est on thi investigation? it seems to be expanding. >> well, the investigation so far seems to indicate that at
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least six of the attackers have spent time inside of seyria, an possibly training, and certainly the french president making it very clear that he believes that the planning for this took place in the planning of this took place insooide of syria, and th preparation for it took place inside of belgium, and the manhunt under way here in france and neighboring belgium abdel salim involved giving a ride to the one of the attackers, and the manhunt for him is still ongoing at this time. the belgians did have a raid earlier today, and failed to net him. there was an expectation that it might have caught him, but it didn't, and that continues. and the french raided homes across the country, and in leone and other cities as well. and they netted rocket-propelled
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grenades, and the french government has said they will soon change the constitution in a way to give the security services greater powers here to search the house, and detain people at home under a sort of home arrest. wolf? >> nic, what have we learned about the suspected maser themind about the attack, and more information is coming out. >> yeah. abdelhamid abaaoud who is in syria is believed to have been in belgium before, a nd closely associated with planning and preparation of other terror attacks. there is a possibility that he had a role in the following the charlie hebdo attacks that the audience will remember that the belgian security forces had an armed confrontation with a group in belgian, and they had a lot of ammunition, and weapon, and
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expensive shootout with the belgian security force, and it is believed that abaaoud had a role in there, and he was part of the one of the people that the belgian forces was searching for this year, and he has believed to have slipped the net, and in syria or iraq at this time. and perhaps the greatest concern given the intentions of isis going forward that it is not just an op erator acting alone that is organizing the cells here in europe. he is closely connect ed ed to baghdadi, the leader of isis and the concern there quite obviously that isis is sanctioning the attacks, and possibly more from the highest level, wolf. >> yes, that is what we are told that the suspected ring leader is not thclose to akbar al bagh.
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what do we know they netted out of the raids? >> well, flack jackets, military clothing, rocket-propelled launchers, and they are taking dozens of people into custody for questioning, but no indication that these people have been charged or arrested. but it does seem to being something that the french president indicates is going the go forward and in fact, a new amendment under the french constitution to make this process more easier for the security services to do. he talked a tb possibility -- he talked about the possibility of something used in britain, control orders. when you have a terror suspect, you put a control order to that suspect which puts them to the house, and bans them from internet, and seems to be an indication that the french president is headed in that
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direction in the future to control and limit these terror suspect, wolf. >> nic, standby, and evan perez is joining us. evan, a new video out said to be from isis which threatening an attack on the united states and specifically washington, d.c. have the u.s. officials been able to authenticate this or any specific isis threats now emerging? >> well, wolf, i believe they are going to be exactly what isis wants to do. so whether or not this message came from the isis central, they are taking it very, very seriously. and we heard from the capital police here in washington that they are increasing visible security around the capital complex a few blocks from here, and we have talked to the fbi, and the fbi says they sent us a statement that at this time there is no specific or krebld threat to the united states, and we will not hesitate to adjust the security posture to protect the american people, but wolf, what the fbi is doing is to is simply make sure that all of the
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agents around the can country, talking to law enforcement, and making sure that the of all of the suspects that i are investigating, and the people they are believing are sympathizers to the know first of all where they are. secondly, increasing the monitoring and at tr tracking t people, and if you recall, wolf, an attack on the prophet mohammed drawing contest in austin, texas, and it is the similar to france where you have a couple of attackers on the radar, but the fbi did not know that they were about to carryt out the attack, and that is what they are trying to prevent here. >> and the cia director john brennan in a major speech said that he fully anticipates more isis plots are in the works. than you, evan. poppy harlow is in pairs for us -- in paris, and the city is in mourning, but it is showing the resilience, and tell us about the eiffel tower.
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>> it absolutely is. pull it up full screen so everybody can see what is the most beautiful image we have seen here in the last 72 hours. the eiffel tower fully lit in blue, white, red, the colors of the french flag. it was fully lit a moment ago and a it will be in a minute. it is going to be this way until 1:00 in the morning, we are told by the mayor of paris. it is going to be remaining that way throughout the week, and also, wolf, you can't see it, but the latin phrase which means "tossed but not sunk "si going to be projected on one side of the tower, and this is what people at the plaza derepublique are saying, they will not let terrorists win. the government wants them to stay inside for safety, but they have united as one paris. at the mass at notre dame, he
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said, "be together." that is the message for the people, be together. the tower is lit in absolute glory as the makeshift memorials here and all of the sites of the at tacks across the city remember those 129 lives lost, wolf. >> poppy harlow in paris for us. thank you very much. i want to talk about all of to the latest developments and the breaking news. joining us is the pentagon spokesman peter cook. thank you for join g ing us. this latest threat from isis specifically saying that washington, d.c., is next on the isis terror agenda, and how seriously is the u.s. military taking this threat? >> well, obviously, wolf, we are hearing these kinds of reports from that part of the world, and i defer to my colleagues in the homeland security and justice department as to exactly what they are making of the specific threat to the u.s. homeland, but
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we have made it clear from the start that isil posing a threat overseas and at home, and we will do everything that we can including the u.s. military the to make sure that our own personnel are as safe as possible, and we will try to do everything we can to prevent isil from entering the united states in the first place. >> and you are stepping up cooperation with france, and going after the isis target, and sharing information that had previously not been shared for example, and what can you tell us here? >> well, wolf, is it is not information that we weren't sharing with the phren. lt they have been close allies of ours, and the oldest ally in fact. we have been cooperating with them for year, and with the war against isil and the coalition effort, and they are seeing some of the information. what is kwog to is going to be s that it is going to be shared
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with the french more quickly. this is happening even before the attacks in france. they are allies, and working closely with us, and flying missions in iraq and syria, and this is one more step to stand shoulder to shoulder to help them to wage a much more effective launch against isil. >> and the 20 launches in raqqah, the self-declared so-called caliphate capital, and did the u.s. provide intelligence on the u.s. air force on which targets to hit? >> we did work on the targets with the french. this is part of the largest coalition effort, and 65 nations in all, and part of the larger ire campaign that -- larger air campaign, but we did work with other folks in determining the targets, and we are waiting to see exactly the assessments in terms of what happened on the ground with the strikes, but the
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indications are that they are successful, and we will do everything we can to help the the french, and other coalition members to do anything large mer a air campaign. >> we know that the french ministry announced that the french warplanes took off from bases in jordan and united arab imrates, and the u.s. is using the base there in turkey. >> well, i won't get into the operational tails, wolf. but our aircraft are flying from a host of places, and we had some flying from where they are
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flying from various areas, but i will not get into those details. >> and are there isis targets still in syria, and what about jordan and the uae, because they have basically stopped? is >> well, those countries can speak for themselves, but they have made contributions to the larger effort, and we have broader ak soesz to the -- acceo the base here, and we are pleased with the broader contributions from the partner nations. and the french should make clear they were number two in terms of the air strikes e previously, and so it is a continuation of the effort ongoing with regard to isil. >> how do you coordinate when france launch as an air strike, and the u.s. does? >> well, it is close coordination, and all part of
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the larger coalition effort, wolf. there is a special air tasbing order all compiled at the central hub if you will in which a all of the coalition nations are represented, and part of the larger effort. it is carefully planned and coordinated so that we don't have risks of problems in the air, and, again, we have, we have taken more than 8,000 airstrikes so far, and coordinated carefully and will continue to do so even as more nations are ker considering to get further into the fight. >> are krou coordinating with the russians, because they are flying air strikes as well, a sointd could get crowded in the skies over syria with russia, and france and u.s., and now other countries. how do you coordinate? it could be crowded skies over there? >> well, wolf, you know that we are not coordinating with the
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russians, but there is an understanding in place for the russians that calls for professional airmanship, and other rules for aircraft flying over syria to avoid that situation. since we have had that memorandum of understanding, we have not had any issues with the russians b. wu renot coordinates withing with the russian, and they are not in accordance with us, they are operating separately. >> and now, in raqqah, around syria, what will help to coordinate the military activities, and are there forces there? >> well, i won't get into what those forces are and where they are at this particular time, but it does represent part of our ability to intensify the fight to the people on the ground, and taking the fight to eyele l ll
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isis. and remember, some of the ground forces are making ground, and particularly in syria, and some of the syria coalitions, that we have seen the peshmerga forces making progress in sinjar. and so we are understanding on what happened in paris, but the fight of isil on the ground, and we have seen local, and capable motivated forces makings progress in the last few days. >> thank you, peter cook, our overseas correspondent. >> thank you. and now, speaking to the french parliament a while ago by president francois hollande. this is the first time it has happened since 1838, and he made a bold statement that his nation is at war with isis. we have details. plus, obama spoke at the same time facing tough questions about the strategy of the war
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against isis, and suggesting this is the best chance to beat the terrorist, and i will speak to the house committee on foreign forces.
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with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. we are watching what is goinging on and several major developments unfolding right now. in paris, the investigation is clearly expanding. they are looking for the ringleader, and the president of the united states has just spoken out on what is going on. listen to what president obama said just a little while ago at the g 20 summit in turkey. >> but i have seen particular strategies that they would suggest that would make a real difference. and now, there are a few exceptions, and as i said, the primary exception is those who would deploy u.s. troops on the large scale to retake territory either in iraq or now in syria.
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at least they have the honesty to say what they would do, but i address why they are wrong. >> ed royce is joining us, the chairman of the house committee on foreign affairs, and mr. chairman, thank you for joining us. he says that ti are strong, those of his critics who say this you to deploy a lot of ground troops into syria right now to fight isis, and is the president correct? >> well, we have held 30 hearings on this, and never have we suggested deploying ground troops. through the hearings what we have suggested over and over and over time is that it is time for the president of the united states to arm the kurds and the yazidis and the support from the air especially in the first year of the isis operations to take 14 cities without this administration once using air power against them. that is a red herring argument, and not where we need to go, but
10:23 am
certainly, certainly do need to be supporting those who are fighting isis with the heavy equipment that they need, and we have yet to do that. >> are and the arms that go to the kurds, go through still baghdad? the u.s. does not provide the heavy weaponry of the kurds or the peshmerga, the fierce fig fighters ash and the u.s. is not providing them weapons currently? >> that is right. that is wone thing that we trie to fix in the national authorization act to fix that. >> and what does the administration tell to you, give them the e weapons that they need, and they are are close allies of the u.s. and led the battle in sim jar for recent days, and what do they say? >> they share with us the shia who run the government of baghdad object to it. we know the government of iran does, too. >> and you are talking about the prime minister of iraq? >> yes, the prime minister of iraq and iran object to the idea that the united states would arm
10:24 am
the kurds, the yazidis and the shiites who are running the government of baghdad there, and after two years of us failing to get any cooperation there, they tell us that they need, and they must have that artillery, the an an- they have battalions fighting against isis, but they don't have the weapons they need, and this president needs to reverse his position on, that and ve is verse t -- reverse the position on the air strikes and give the order of the support that we have on the battlefield to is support those kurdish troops. >> clearly no confidence hider
10:25 am
al babadi, because are the ther indication that they will cooperate. >> that is a cul-de-sac, because they are not going to be cooperating in the kurdish efforts against isis, and they are the only fighters to ground, and that is where where our help needs to be. >> and if there is a furning point in the overall strategy of this war. thank you, ed royce, chairman of foreign affairs committee. the president of france giving a full address to both houses off parliament to stop isis in its tracks. his strong words when we come back. when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals,t taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing!
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>> who are these people? >> burning a pilot alive in a cage is a level of dement
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words today from the french
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president francois hollande where he said in a speech to parliament that france will unite with other nations to defeat and wipe out terrorism and isis. >> we will eradicate terror because french people want to live together without fear. we will eradicate terrorism, because we are attached to freedom around the world. we will eradicate terrorism so that the movements of people and the enrichment of cultures one of another can continue. we will eradicate terror so that france can continue to show the path. terrorism will not destroy france, because france will destroy it. >> our chief international correspondent christiane amanpour is join g ing us.
10:31 am
it seems that the president is saying what so many people believe that what happened in paris is a game-changer, turning point in the war. the geostrategic initiative and the landscape has clearly changed, right? >> well, you know, that is what people hope, i think, and particularly the people who come out here now night after night where we are here at the site of two of the restaurant massacres, and behind me are two of the restaurants that were attacked on friday night, and dozens of people were killed. there was a drive-by shooting at a one of the restaurant, and a t terrorist who blew himself up, and this is a truly horrific series of days that the french people have gone through, and from the very beginning, the french president who echoed it by his minister of interior, and all of the major ministers have said a that this country is at war, because war has been declared against it. you heard the fighting words, we will eradicate it.
10:32 am
and we have heard it for three days, and people expect that to actually happen, but we have also heard to today that president obama in his press conference at the g20 in antalya said that nothing will change, t the strategy is working, and they may redouble the air strikes or redouble the effort, but that fundamentally, he believes that in the terrain isis is being contained, and many strategists believe it is not, because of the reach overseas, and over and over again in the last week culminating in what happened here friday night. he said that the strategy is working, and many don't believe it is working because it is still going on, and this is going to to be very important to see in the next few days how this resolve that the french president has verbally translates on the ground against these terrorists, wolf. >> are and -- and he says,
10:33 am
president hollande that he is going to extend the state of emergency for france for three months, and practically what does that mean? >> well, practically, many more security, special police, paramilitaries, and elements of the military on the street, and there are already over 1,000 military personnel deployed around the country, and the raid s that we saw in the early hours of the morning, and 150 or so in 19 departments as they call them all over the country. in order, across much of the country. the 23 arrests that they made, and the 104 house arrests, and the weapons including 19 heavy weapons upon which was a rocket launcher in somebody's house, and these types of things, they need to have the powers to be able to conduct, they say. they also say, that a senator told us last night that the french people deserve a safe and
10:34 am
happy christmas. and remember, i have been talking to the strategists for much of theday and including the u.s. military strategist, and one of the cnn military strategists, in terms of the ability to conduct the assaults the distance between charlie hebdo in january of this year, and paris this last friday is strategically non-existent. there is no distance, because they are so close together in terms of the planning an operations, and that means that the people are capable, and they can plan the operations, and they can carry them out. this is incredibly dangerous, and difficult, and many of the law enforcement, and intelligent forces are saying that because of how much communication they make, some encrypted and some secret, and some even in the past looking at the game, you know, game station or whatever they are called playstation communications. so in other words, so much communication that is not
10:35 am
available, and not immediately obvious to intelligence who are used to being a abble to gather intelligence, and so it is a major change in the tactic, wolf. >> thank you, christiane amanpour. many of us the people in the united states are definitely worried that migrants from syria could pose a threat. the white house is trying to downplay that concern, and we heard frit president obama -- heard it from president obama, and now, many senators are saying they will not allow refugees in their states. we will talk about that when we come back. are you on medicare?
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paris investigators are looking into the possibility of looking into the wave of syrians coming into the states, and they are looking to block it. ohio and mississippi are the ninth and tenth state to make that announcement. our martin savidge is making that announcement. martin, how many states? it is clearly escalating the voice to not allow the refugees into the united states. >> yes, it started out at three and now ten. i know the states where we are at so far, and the governors said no more refugee, texas, louisiana, alabama, arkansas, indiana, michigan, illinois, and massachusetts on the fence is said to be iowa where the governor is asking for more transparency, and the governor of north carolina has set up a
10:41 am
press conference later today to talk about the very subject, and he may go on the list as well. the number of syrian refugees in the country so far is at least acco according to the department of health and human services that tracks the refugees says that in 2014, they are roughly 132 syrians, but the numb behas gere up where the president has said to bring many more than 9,000. so it is that number that is clearly alarming to mf of the governors in light of what they have seen go g ing on in paris s past weekend, and it should be noted that all of the governors in the states are republicans, wolf. >> good point, martin. and now i want to bring in two specialists to help us to appreciate what is going on, and joining us from london, the former ambassador the nato, nicolas byrnes and also our political analyst gloria borger. the president says it is
10:42 am
un-american to turn a wway the refugee, and america has welcomed the refugees and the immigrants into the united states, and ben carson, one of the frontrunners says this is not a time to allow the syrian refugees in, because isis could be infiltrating the waves. and where do we go from here? >> it is a issue that is dividing the republican ss and e democrats. saturday night at the debate, the democrats did not say anything about slowing down the refugees from syria, and dr. car sop wants to block funds to programs, and just as you heard from martin the list of 10 republican governors and the list is going to grow, and there are presidential candidates who want to allow in christian refugees which is something that the president made reference to, today. so this is a bone of contention in a presidential campaign in which immigration is already a
10:43 am
very big issue, wolf. >> nick byrnes, you were once the undersecretary for political affair, and can the governors do this? the president of the united states says we will accept 20,000 refugees in the next few months, and can the governors say, you won't send them to ohio or some of the other states? >> well, this san issue for the president and the congress to work out. i believe that the administration's view is that they should take 10,000 and not 100,000 -- >> 10,000 by the end of this year. >> and 100,000 refugees from all over the world just to correct that number. but we have a long tradition of republican presidents, and democratic presidents standing up to take the refugees and as hillary clinton said that the of course job number one has to be security. you have to vet the people, and it does take time, and you have to establish who they are, and
10:44 am
you have to put their name through criminal databases, and international security bases, and we have to do all of that. but this nation, our nation has never shut its doors in the last 70 years since the close of the world war ii and we should not begin now when you have 12 million syrian homeless and the europeans are doing so much more than the united states. >> gloria, the president spoke out at the news conference in turkey at the end of the g-20 summit, and i want to play a clip and hear your reaction to this. >> we have always understood that it is a long term campaign, and there are going to to be setback, and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. >> and now, the critics say it is a lot more than the setback. they are pounding on him right now, that his strategy has not worked. >> right. and the president spoke about an intensification of his vat ji, and not a rethinking of his strategy. i think that this needed to be
10:45 am
in some ways, wolf, a larger moment than it was. if you are in paris, this is your 9/11 and this is not a setback. and when you are president of the united states, he spent a lot of time today talking about the political opponents, and talking about how the strategy needed time to work, and talking about the intensify case, and not talking a lot about resolve or american leadership which is what i think that people wanted to hear. he talks about leading a coalition often with france, with arab allies, and that is what i wanted to the hear more from him about to today. >> nick burns, this is clearly, a turning point what happened in paris the other night, and i assume that you agree? >> i very much agree with that. the u.s. has had a policy in place to essentially contain the islamic state. it is not going to work. and we have to transition to the defeat strategy, and it does not mean american combat troops on the ground, but what it does
10:46 am
mean, gloria is exactly right, the world is looking for the united states to lead a huge coalition, and we have that opportunity, and the president in his defense needs some help. in britain, today, i was reminded by a british friend that the british government is not conducting air strikes because the parliament has not given permission. you know, wolf, is some of the arab states on the front line, united arab emirates and kuwait and others not on the front line, an turkey where the president is now, they are the most complicate and they have been bombing the one group that is fighting the islamic state, the syrian kurds and so the president needs help from the allies, but he needs to lead in a more assertive way, and he is obviously capable of doing that, and that is where the focus of the united states should be right now. >> and i spoke with philip hammond, the foreign secretary to britain, and he said that they are not involved right now because of authorization, and
10:47 am
they don't have the political authority to do so. >> thank you, both. as we look at the air strikes, are they working? can the coalition change the direction of the terrorists to the avoid a tragedy like we saw in paris? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ this holiday, i can count on my going off list.again, and knowing right when my packages arrive. so that's two things. introducing real time delivery notifications.
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lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. the paris attacks coupled with a new video from isis threatening an attack on washington, d.c. raises the question of what's next for the terror group. listen to what the cia director said today. . >> it is clear to me that isil
10:52 am
has an external agenda. that they are determined to carry out these types of atta attacks. this is not something that was done in a matter of days. this was something that was deliberately and careful lu planned over the course of several months in terms of making sure we had the operatives, the weapons, the explosives, with the suicide belts and so i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil had has in the pipeline. >> let's bring in colonel rick francona. colonel, what's your reaction to that warning from the c can ia director? >> i think we need to take this to heart. several months ago we were talking about isis and their capabilities and the possibility that we might see these kinds of operations. in the intelligence.
10:53 am
business, we deal with intentions and capabilities and traditional state actor you know the capabilities and can't discern the intentions. we know what isis wants to do. what we have to figure out is what are their capabilities and i think the director was right. i think we were surprised by how effective they have been over the last few weeks. >> when he says, paul, that this is not the only isis operation in the pipeline right now, isis releases this video saying washington, d.c. is next. how likely is that? do they have that capability? >> well, if they have these operational master minds, ring leaders who are capable of putting together operations of recruit i recruiti recruiting and sending them back to the west to launch strikes, they are sending operatives to
10:54 am
launch attacks. the ring leader of belgium national who risen into a senior division and someone who is able to corral and recruit these belgium and french fighters to come back and launch attacks. the intelligence suggests that he is plotting a string of terrorist attacks against europe, particularly against france. this is is in a way just the beginning. he is also responsible pr that plot back in january. we talked about a lot about that major plot in belgium where they were beginning to go off to targets. they had. weapons. but they arrested in a a raid by the belgium security services. . he was communicate iing with th
10:55 am
from greece. the belgiums brought in. the cia to try to locate him. but he escaped the dragnet so figures are giving isis a new capability to get into terrorism. >> colonel, can the war really be won against isis without thousands of u.s. and other coalition ground troops there battling in addition to air power? >> i think it's going to have to be because obviously the president is not of a mind to put american boots on the ground in significant numbers in either iraq or syria. but there is a possibility that we could leverage the indigenous troops. i'm talking about the kurds. if you lock at how the air campaign has been going, the air has been effective only when it's been in conjunction with an effective ground force. we use american air power and local troops. that's how we're going to have to do this. inside syria, we're going to
10:56 am
have to rely on the syrian kurds for that. that's where our advisers come in. >> we're out of time, but we'll continue right here on cnn. the news continues next right after a quick break. when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals,t taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie?
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i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching cnn's special live coverage of the aftermaths of the deadly attacks in paris. >> and i'm chris cuomo, we're here in france. there are many developments. the headline, france is a country now at war. this comes in a declaration from the french president as he sent in french pwar planes to bomb raqqa. there's more activity here in