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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 17, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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an explosion brought down metro jet a-23 plane in sinai. the plane shows signs of explosives and one kilogram bomb killed all 224 people on board. the russian president is speaking today. >> the russian leader said in the carefully staged media event, they believe it was a one kilogram bomb. isis has claimed responsibility. i want to get to matthew chance in moscow following the developments. matthew, explain to me how the russian leader broke this news? >> reporter: you often get this information. especially on the state television or news. a meeting or staged briefing. this time with the president of russia putin and head of the security services.
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the head of the fsb skuccessor f the kgb. he said to the president we found a homemade explosive device that was on board the plane with the equivalent of one kilogram of tnt. he said that would account for the fuselage of the jetliner would spread across such a wide area. investigators have been covering an area of 20 square miles to pick up the pieces of the fuselage. the fsb director said that was a bomb with one kilogram of tnt. vladimir putin vowing revenge. saying we will search for them everywhere no matter where they are hiding. we will find them in any place on the planet and we will punish
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them. this is the first time russia acknowledged or confirmed that the bomb killed all 224 people on board. now the russian president is vowing to strike back. >> and matthew, how will that translate in syria as far as russia's aerial bombardment campaign is concerned? >> reporter: well, doubtlessly it will lead to intensification of bombardment. it may lead to furth further escalation of military presence. we will have to wait and see how the russians choose to respond. it is interesting that vladimir putin said we will find them wherever they are on the planet. so he has opened the possibility that russia could you know take action against these individuals or groups whoever is responsible for this elsewhere outside of syria as well. that is something that is, i think, also very new in the statement that's come out from
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vladimir putin, the russian president, over the course of the past few minutes. >> matthew chance live in moscow. this breaking news is interesting because of russian president vladimir putin saying essentially as matthew was reporting, anywhere in the world. could this extend outside of syria? >> it is fascinating to think. this went off over sinai. does this mean russia will get involved in egypt politics. will egypt admit? egypt has been reluctant. >> i spoke to a high level official saying this is one theory among many. western agencies have said it for days. russia is now confirming it. that's a good point. >> to put a point on this, the last few weeks have seen an extraordinary development in the path of isis in general.
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blamed for planting the bomb taking down the aircraft, the bombing in beirut and now in paris. all different attacks and different targets and so many nations involved. >> these are franchises of isis. are they all under the direct command of isis in raqqah or are other groups taking it upon themselves to organize perhaps in sinai or in iraq? they will determine going forward how countries who have been the targets of isis attacks will respond. >> how will the world respond? the french interior minister here says police have carried out 128 new searches overnight on top of the night before, the investigators are trying to look for clues and try to get behind what happened on friday and the terror attack. >> john, sorry to interrupt, we are talking about increased police presence. we are seeing it here today.
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>> absolutely. the government in fact is announcing the mobilization of 115,000 police soldiers across the country to help in the investigation. >> authorities now say they believe they know who the mastermind behind the attack. a man named ahmed almuhamed. a direct citizen who has ties to al baghdadi. ancois hollande says he believes the attacks were planned in syria and organized in belgium. >> and france has launched for air strikes on isis in the group's self declared capital. ten planes dropped 16 bombs on raqqah, syria on tuesday and also, john, france is deploying aircraft carrier "charles de gaulle" to assist in the air campaign. this was planned before the attacks. it was precipitated after the
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attacks. >> i believe this aircraft carrier will get a lot more use than previously planned. new developments in the investigation in and around paris. we are joined by senior correspondent frederik pleitgen. fred, you have been to a neighborhood where there was a great deal of activity perhaps the week leading up to this attack. >> and this is the district of bobigny to the northeast of paris. a working class neighborhood. it has a lot of disenfranchised youth on the streets. it seems in the neighborhood, the attackers that did all this here on friday, rented an apartment in the week leading up to the attacks where it seems some of the plotting and planning and some of the preparation for all this appeared to have been going. the person who rented that apartment is the brother of the man who is sought all over
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europe. abdeslam rented that apartment. he was one of the attackers that killed many people and eventually himself with the suicide vest on friday. >> we discussed once you determined what apartment flat was rented, you can walk this back all the way to the source of the financing. at some point, you use a check or card. you know, you have to give some sort of financial identification. >> and personal information. you know, in order to get an apartment in a western european country, you need some official documentation. there is a lot that the authorities hope to glean from all this. if you have a bunch of guys or one guy who has links to extremist groups. some of these people have been to syria. >> six of the eight. >> how it was able for someone like that to get an apartment in paris probably smuggle some of the explosives and ak-47s in the apartment without the
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authorities learning anything. >> six of the eight in syria and further organized in belgium and week before renting this apartment in this neighborhood. fred, any sense of what they are doing in this apartment now? looking for forensic clues? >> it they are looking for forensic clues in the apartment and another apartment. one of the other attackers was also from that neighborhood. just a couple of blocks down the road. samy amimour. that apartment is being searched. there is a lot of police there. the place is cordoned off. they are looking for traces of explosives, but seeing if anything was left behind or a computer or something that could show the communications that took place. i think that's one of the things that really bothers the investigators here is they had no clue apparently about the communications about the people. even u.s. sources are saying they can't piece together the communications. one of the things the french
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announced side from the fact they are putting an extra 115,000 law enforcement personnel and military on the ground, they want to invest heavily in ways to combat the electronic communication. >> lastly, i want to ask you, authorities are saying we need to monitor encrypt communications, but one went to the authorities and said our son could be radicalized. >> it is hard for them to say we had no clue and all done by encrypted information and that is why all this happened. it seems in the case of samy amimour that the writing was more than on the wall. he was known to french law enforcement from 2012. he tried to travel to yemen. he was prevented in doing so. he violated the surveillance. he went to syria. his mother went to the mayor and complained and said my son has
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been radicalized. please help me. the mayor said authorities did nothing. his father traveled to syria and tried to get his son back, but failed. of course, the family is absolutely shocked. they are in custody answering questions. the big question is could all of this have been prevented if someone listened to the parents. >> you cannot get more information than the parents saying our son is radicalized. >> that is what people keep saying. there are folks who have cred criticized. there are people coming forward and it's difficult to tell the police that a family member of yours might be committing a crime. these people did in that. >> all right. we are going to follow that angle and many others with our frederik pleitgen. cnn's nick paton walsh is in irbil and joins us with the
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deployment of the french aircraft carrier. nick, tell us about the impact of the french air strikes on isis targets have on the terrorist group. >> reporter: hala, it is the second night in a row the french war planes have been hitting the caliphate of raqqah. we don't know what they hit. we know at 10:00 local time, the first explosion hit. that is reliable information. they have been insisting of the seven air strikes of last night and 24 they counted the night before last, no civilians have been killed. the targets which appear to be about the night before last around the outskirts and city center and stadium and museum, headquarters and jail, last night, the seven that went in appear to be to the south of the city. we await to hear more information about precisely what they were trying to hit. other air strikes as well.
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there are the potential particularly given the events in moscow for three or four air forces to be involved. coalition, u.s., french, maybe the russians and syrian regime. that is a separate debate. the french boosting capacity by sending "charles de gaulle" aircraft carrier. they appear to be very much keen to send the political and military match that they will strike raqqah and isis in the heart of their self declared caliphate. we are awaiting to hear what was hit. isis into months of dodging drones. isis fighters move around undetected. they appear to stay out of the daylight. it is still the fate of civilians, those left or trapped inside raqqah because isis went let them go.
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hala. >> it is interesting to see the french aircraft carrier. now deployed in the wake of what happened here. nick, what increased abilities does that give france? these launched from uae and qatar. these are moving ever closer to syria as well. >> reporter: the u.s. has the ability to use the air base. when they were able to do that, they heralded the flight time where they could be in the air longer and refuel and cycle jets around faster. a similar ability from "charles de gaulle." it is one landing strip for jets and limits the type of aircraft you can fly. it puts them closer to refuel and cycle up in the sky and reduces the flight time from jordan and the uae. uae far away, a number of hours. that is significantly increases the potential for the french to
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keep jets above the sky. we have to see in the weeks ahead whether we are looking at a long term french mission here to degrade isis. they wish to see the job through or if we have seen in the past, this is more about satisfying the visceral need. this may mark a moment where the bickering to undermine isis to be set aside now that russia seems to admit it was isis or a bomb that brought down the jet in the sinai. does this herald a new moment? it is time to cooperate against isis or more chinks to iron out in the days ahead. john. >> nick paton walsh in irbil, iraq. there are civilians trapped in the bombardment zones. i can only imagine the terror
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they are going through. a complex situation in syria with so many countries involved militarily with very different strategic interests. >> it will increase the refugee problem from that country. 4 million and counting. >> you are watching cnn. thanks for being with us. the special coverage. the attacks in paris sparked a push to combat isis. after the break, we will look at how the u.k. is stepping up its own efforts.
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welcome back to paris. i'm john berman along with hala gorani in the plaza de la republique. you can see the pictures of the eiffel tower lit up in the tri-colors. this was stunning. i can tell you it was emotional. i saw people with tears in their eyes as they gazed at that lit up as i have never seen before. >> for several days, the eiffel tower went dark. you have it the colors of the french flag. the monument is open to tourists again.
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paris says it will be lit up in the colors of the tri-coal on tuesday and wednesday. >> amazing to see. let's bring in gendarmes. he is the political scientist. let's bring in the reaction of the attacks. francois hollande has gone on the war path essentially. we are at war. they are sending the "charles de gaulle" early. did you expect this reaction? >> this is normal. the idea is to reassure the nation and that's why the parliament was actually all together and united in the special congress. then actually proposed some solution of the international scene. it is still blurry. we don't have a full strategy
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regarding the internet scene on terror. >> it is complicated. the war in syria right now. a war on the streets of paris with isis striking here and also a war on the internet. it is fought at all these levels. how much more power does the french government need? >> it is not a question of intensity of power. i think it is a question of appropriate powers and a good strategy to do so. what does it mean? you said that regarding the internet. the fight of radicalization. we have trouble of social integration from the foreign population coming. also regarding to finance. the fight against da'ish. they have a lot of money. regarding the military, it is an
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essential part of a fight against this group. that we have to know what could be the most efficient. more bombs will not bring any kind of solution. saying that, the u.s. and france together in afghanistan, did not reduce much in power. they are still there. >> we know aerial bombardment campaigns have limitations. we saw that in libya where it pushed back the moammar gadhafi on the east. at some point, do you foresee a time in syria it will be inevitable that the military involvement will go beyond the air campaign? >> i think it is already the case. i think we should have done something regarding to that a long time ago. does it mean an international coalition like the war in iraq? it might be the case. >> that didn't work either. >> in iraq.
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like in 1991. >> okay. i see. the first iraq war. >> nothing can resist it like we did with saddam hussein. it might be a good idea. otherwise, we have to go on-site. we have to find agreement between the democratic forces and the syrian regime and get together with the political transition. the question is what do we put in place instead of da'ish? they won't accept the return of bashar al assad. >> we could sent in 50,000 to take raqqah, but what then? what after? >> precise mistake we have done in libya. we did not plan anything for after. the state did not exist in libya. the so-called supreme leader of libya, moammar gadhafi, there was no site. >> no state structure.
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>> there was a state in syria, but now it is completely destroyed by the revolution. we have to find a political solution and military action. the air strikes themselves are not sufficient. >> julian, thank you very much. we appreciate having you on the program this morning. other news from other parts of the world now. in britain, additional 1,900 spies to help fight isis. the u.k. will increase military spending by $3 billion over the next five years. >> it also comes to more than double the amount it spends checking security at foreign airports. let's get more from diana magnay. she joins us more on what is going on in the u.k. >> reporter: hala, david cameron outlined the $3 billion in extra spending to go to hard military power. doubling the fleet of drones,
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spending more money on attack aircraft, investing in special forces abroad. he outlined a major speech last night coming back from the g-20 summit in turkey. he said this kind of threat, you don't protect people by sitting around and wishing for a better world. you have to be prepared to act and to use military force where necessary. also the chancellor will make a major speech on cyber security today. >> diana, hang on one second. u.s. secretary of state john kerry finishing a meeting with french president francois hollande. you see the secretary of state coming to the microphone right now. let's listen in. >> express the condolences of president obama and the people of the united states to president hollande and thanked him for the extraordinary response of the french people, the courage they have exhibited.
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we talked about the significant steps we believe we can take together in a number of different areas to increase our efforts and be more effective even against da'ish. we already are doing that. president hollande will be visiting washington in a week. the presidents will meet. we will have further discussions. we are committed to increasing our efforts and thoughtfully and carefully. my sense is everybody understands that with lebanon's attacks, with what's happened in egypt, with ankara, turkey and attacks in paris, we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core where they're planning these things and also
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obviously to do more on borders in terms of the movement of people. the level of cooperation could not be higher. we agreed to exchange more information and i'm convinced that over the course of the next weeks, da'ish will feel greater pressure. they are feeling it today. they felt it yesterday. they felt it in the past weeks. we gained more territory. da'ish has less territory. we have taken out leaders. we liberated certain communities. tikr tikrit, the community, the three quarters of the border of the syrian border is now under control and taken away from da'ish. we are working with turkey to close the last portion. there is a clear strategy in place and step by step, i'm confident the momentum will pick up. i thank you all and particularly
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again, i'm confident that over the next days, paris which knows how to rebound, will do so. i look forward to being back here for the summit with president obama and i will stay longer. i think that will be an important statement by the world that no one will interrupt the business of the global community. certainly not despicable, cowardly acts of terror. thank you very much. thank you. >> secretary of state john kerry after a meeting with french president francois hollande. we learned two things there. one, the secretary of state announced the french leader will travel to the united states next week to meet with president obama to discuss isis. i did not believe we knew that before. >> i have not heard it. >> he also at the end indicated that he and the president will be coming back to france for the summit expected on climate
1:29 am
change. we knew that would happen, but official recognition. >> this is the climate change conference that starts at end of november. heads of state are scheduled to arrive the first two days of december. there were calls by some to postpone it. it was too dangerous. the situation was too tense in paris. this is not a small summit. this is tens of thousands of delegates who will be arriving in paris over several days. the actual summit itself is two weeks long. the heads of state portion of it is only, i believe, 48 hours. we are hearing reports there may be some of the events, sideline events of the summit will be modified or scaled back. there may be some impact on this summit. >> the french leader will travel and leave france to meet with president obama in washington. i imagine those high profile
1:30 am
meetings on isis and curious to see if other world leaders attend that meeting. >> i am as well, actually. i'm interested in seeing if the heads of state portion of the summit will be scaled back to one day as opposed to two. all that will become clearer over the next few days. they are saying to the world, all our official events are still on. the president will leave the country to visit president obama in washington. interesting statements coming from the secretary of state. >> a lot of news we are covering here. we will continue after this. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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welcome back to the viewers in the united states and around
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the world. i'm john berman in paris. >> i'm hala gorani. you are watching our special coverage of the paris terror attacks. >> so much happening here in the investigation in paris, but there is breaking news involving isis elsewhere. news out of russia. the russian president vladimir putin just essentially announcing in this staged media event that russian officials now believe it was a bomb, a 1 kilogram bomb that brought down the metrojet over the sinai peninsula. >> it was a bomb a little more than two pounds. according to the head of the federal security service. you remember the jet crashed last month in the sinai peninsula. after departing from the resort of sharm el sheikh and all 224 people on board died. >> let's get the latest on this from moscow. matthew chance is there. matthew, up until this point, russia has been slow to say this
1:35 am
is terror. now this dramatic announcement from the russian president himself. >> reporter: well, if i'm not mistaken, this is the first time that it's been confirmed from anyone that a bomb is the cause of the crash of that metrojet airliner with the loss of 224 lives from the sinai peninsula. the russians have been out front saying this was definitely a bomb that did it. the fsb leader in a meeting with vladimir putin. saying we can say unambiguously this was a terrorist attack according to the head of the fsb. traces of foreign made explosives were found in the airliner debris and in the passengers' belongings. the homemade device described by the fsb chief had up to a kilogram of tnt of explosives inside. it accounts for the scattering
1:36 am
of the fuselage across the wide area and why it is difficult for the investigators to pick up all the little pieces of the airplane as it was scattered across the sinai peninsula. vladimir putin rapid in his response in the same briefing addressing state media saying this, we will search for them everywhere. the caulprits. we will find them any place on the planet and we will punish them. vladimir putin, according to his remarks, threatening to expand the search wherever it may lead them in the world. >> matthew, just to be clear, did the russian leader use the word isis this morning? did he blame isis for this attack? >> reporter: no, he didn't. that was very clear. they are saying it is a terrorist attack. a terrorist incident. of course, previously isis have claimed responsibility for this. not saying it was definitely re-
1:37 am
isis that did this. obviously this is a group that claimed responsibility. this is going to be the main focus of the retribution. in terms of the retribution of isis, vladimir putin did talk about that. he said our military operation inside syria won't simply continue. it will be intensified so the criminals understand that revenge is unavoidable. of course, russia's campaign inside syria is targeting primarily isis fighters. so by implication, they believe a syrian group is responsible for this attack. >> all right. our senior correspondent matthew chance in moscow. thanks for that report on our breaking news that russia is now saying a bomb brought down this metrojet flight. we also heard from the u.s. secretary of state. he met with the french president
1:38 am
francois hollande. he says isis is losing territory. it comes after france declared war on isis. >> the "charles de gaulle" aircraft carrier has already been headed to the gulf, but it is playing a bigger role. french war planes launched more strikes in raqqah. >> here is what we know about the investigation into the attacks across border manhunt under way for amimobdeslam. >> police release the name of the ringleader. abdelhamid abaaoud.
1:39 am
he has direct ties to senior isis leaders believed to be in syria or iraq. >> let's bring in our senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen. he is following the investigation. with each day, we learn more about the suspected bombers and attackers. >> they seem to come from belgium and france. you can see the cross border nature and the way the planning and plotting of all this went through large swaths of europe without being detected. we know two of the attackers were belgian and then others living in belgium and others coming from this area. one man, samy amimour, who came from paris, bobigny. i was around that area yesterday. speaking to the people there, you can see how shocked they were with all this that came out. his parents tried to warn
1:40 am
something was wrong with him. they say the authorities did not listen. >> you were in bobigny because of significant developments. word of the attackers rented an apartment in the paris suburb. >> for a week in the paris suburb. very close to the place where amimour lived. this was rented by the brother of the man now wanted all over europe. his name is brahim abdeslam. at least the final stages of what went on were prepared in the apartment. >> this is the first time in france's history that suicide bombers attacked targets anywhere in france. the actual explosive material used is very volatile. it is something that needs to be made close to where you detonate it. >> it needs to be made close to
1:41 am
where you detonate and it doesn't fall apart and doesn't work. it is something that requires a large degree of sophistication. one of the things we have to keep in mind with that is that the suicide vests that the bombers or attackers were wearing, were all identical. they were all made exactly the same way. to manufacture something like that is difficult. we have been speaking to french authorities here who are saying you basically need a bombmaker to do that. you need an explosive specialist to do that. in most cases, we have seen in the past and covering the wars in iraq where you had suicide attacks as well, the bombmakers are not the ones that conducted the attacks. >> tatp is the explosive they believe was used. fred, what are they doing in the apartment? >> they will see if there are any traces of tatp. any traces of anything else. they are looking for dna samples
1:42 am
and fingerprints. look to see if anything was left behind. a computer or phone or anything else. it is not clear at this point whether this is a furnished apartment or unfurnished apartment. we have to wait and see. that apartment is being searched. samy amimour's apartment is being searched. i was there yesterday. a lot of police presence as they try to piece together not only how they were doing this, but the wider network. it is unclear with the links to syria how big a group is here in europe. >> a dark period in terms of communications with the terrorists and period leading up to the attacks. fred, thank you. >> and the foreign minister of belgium was talking to us yesterday saying we are quite sure it is a larger group of individuals connected to the attacks. in the united states, security is stepped up in washington after isis apparently threatened to carry out an attack there.
1:43 am
>> cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the video. it was posted online. it claims the terror group will quote strike america in its own stronghold, washington. >> the fbi and department of homeland security say there is no specific credible threat to the u.s. law enforcement officials are taking these precautions and in the light of what happened in paris, there is nervousness. after the break, you will hear from one man who lived through all the gunfire at the bataclan concert hall. an amazing story of survival coming up.
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i'm john berman along with hala gorani in paris. there are more people on the streets today, by a long shot. >> i was just thinking that.
1:47 am
paris feels like paris again after a few days where people stayed home and the streets were quieter and emptier. in this case, i feel -- i don't think our viewers see it behind us, traffic everywhere. people walking and taking the metro. the survivors of the attacks know better than anyone how difficult it will be to get back to normal. i talk to gerome lorenzi. he survived the attack at the bataclan. here is what he told me. >> we thought it was fireworks the first time. we realized it was not fireworks, but something bigger. >> it was bullets. >> yes. i realized that. i said to my friends lay down. everyone laid down at the same time. i was with my right neighbor and left with our friends. i said lay down and don't move. don't touch. we need to stay calm.
1:48 am
as calm as we can. i saw during two seconds, one of the shooters which was behind me it was normal person like you and me. you cannot imagine the guy wanted to kill so much people and what he wanted to do. this is scary because he could have been your neighbor. he was reloading his weapon and shooting. he was doing that. they did it in about three or four times. one of my friends on my left was saying i need to see my daughter and my wife. i cannot die. it is important i'm still alive for them. i don't have any children. i was just telling to myself okay, this is the end.
1:49 am
okay, how you are going to go away from this world to death, do you want to be in a stress or do you want to be like calm and serenity. i closed my eyes and saw my father and said i'm ready. the guy shot my two friends on the right side. he missed us. he shot between my friend on my left side and myself. >> what is the memory that you think is going to be the most difficult to forget about friday? what do you still have in you? >> the values. and the smell of the powder gun. >> the gunpowder? >> yes. the gunpowder. and the third thing is the noise of the kalashnikov reloading.
1:50 am
it is in my mind. it's in my mind. turning, turning, turning in circles and saying, wow, i'm alive. why me? why me instead of another person? >> there you have it. you could sense a bit of survivor guilt. still traumatized. jerome lorenzi. >> 129 people slaughtered in the terror attacks. >> there was a panicked stampede as people gathered at the memorial. jake tapper speaks to parisians who are trying to recover from the fear. >> i was watching the news and it told me. we were all shocked. >> it started friday evening in the outskirts of the city with
1:51 am
suicide bombers at the stade de france. five minutes later, five miles away in the ordinary neighborhood enjoying a dinner, a black car pulls up and two terrorists open fire expending more than 100 rounds and killing 15 people at this outdoor bistro and cambodian restaurant. wounding countless others. a few minutes later, a few blocks away, the terrorists again attacked. killing five people who were just eating outside. if you look over there on the wall of this restaurant, you can see a picture of american college student nohemi gonzalez on an overseas study program. she was 23 years old. near her picture, you can see bullet holes. this man stopped to show us how the terrorist sprayed bullets all over the neighborhood. bullet hole after bullet hole. mark of indiscriminate evil.
1:52 am
and including this shop. our guide, a muslim french shop keeper came from tunisia more than 40 years ago. these people are doing this evil in the name of your religion. what do you think? >> that's false. to kill an innocent in the name of islam. that's hell. you're going to hell. the sidewalks are marked by memorials. symbolizing heart break loss. a 4-year-old girl left this note. i'm thinking of you, it says. steps away from where bodies fell stands a flower shop. it is doing brisk business today. they come here to mourn. they come here to pray. they come here because they do not know what else to do. >> it must be very unsettling to have this happen right in front of your store. like you, he tells me, you almost have tears in your eyes. we are all like that. we are unable to sleep.
1:53 am
we are thinking only of this. we are talking only of this. the florist leaves us for a second and returns clutching a printout picture of gonzalez. i got this to show my children. to explain to them anyone can be killed. she is just the age of my daughter. a musician arrives pulling a piano by bicycle to inject hope into the sadness. ♪ >> paris today, trying to imagine a world where they feel safe again. jake tapper, cnn, paris, france. >> all right. we had breaking news this hour. just recapping it for viewers. russian president has confirmed a bomb, they believe now, brought down metrojet flight 9268 over the sinai peninsula. significant news this morning. >> this is the first time an official anywhere has said he has evidence it was a bomb that
1:54 am
brought down that plane. a 1 kilogram bomb. vladimir putin promising vengeance to take the fight to whoever did this and intensify the attacks. >> and secretary of state john kerry visited with president francois hollande and announced the president would speak with president obama next week. >> the summit gop-21 will happen in two weeks. >> i'm hala gorani. >> i'm john berman. our coverage of the paris attacks continues right after this. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads
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1:59 am
vladimir putin now says the metrojet was brought down by explosives. >> a one kilogram bomb. >> a homemade explosive device in the aircraft. >> new air strikes against isis targets in raqqah, syria. isis leaders may have been directly involved in planning. >> a mastermind with ties to the leader of isis. >> why can't we take out these bastards? >> we will do what is required to keep america safe. >> 11,000 jihadi suspects an
2:00 am
across france today. >> i'm surprised we have not had this kind of attack in the united states yet. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> to you in the united states and around the world, this is a special "new day" from paris. alisyn are following the leads in paris and we have information about the isis attack. the metrojet killing 224 people. the russian authorities say it was a homemade bomb that did it. this comes from vladimir putin. from the top. they are saying they will take vengeance. >> we have all of the angles covered the way cnn can. let's get to matthew chance in moscow. >> reporter: that is right. within the past hour, the head of the russian security service appeared on state television briefing the russian


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