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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 17, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> i'm surprised we have not had this kind of attack in the united states yet. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> to you in the united states and around the world, this is a special "new day" from paris. alisyn are following the leads in paris and we have information about the isis attack. the metrojet killing 224 people. the russian authorities say it was a homemade bomb that did it. this comes from vladimir putin. from the top. they are saying they will take vengeance. >> we have all of the angles covered the way cnn can. let's get to matthew chance in moscow. >> reporter: that is right. within the past hour, the head of the russian security service appeared on state television briefing the russian president
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on the latest in the investigation into that metrojet airliner crash that crashed last month killing 224 people on board. we can say now, i'm quoting him, we can say unambiguously this was a terrorist attack. explosives were found in the airline debris and the passengers' baggage. the homemade device on board was equal in power to one kilogram of high explosive tnt. this is the first time to be clear it has been confirmed that it was a terrorist act and a bomb that caused the downing of that metrojet airliner on october 31st killing all 224 people on board. swift reaction from the kremlin. vladimir putin at the meeting. he addressed it saying we will search for those responsible everywhere no matter where they are hiding. we will find them in any place
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on the planet and punish them. vladimir putin vowing revenge against the people responsible for downing the airliner. saying he will take that retribution anywhere. very significant developments coming out of russia in the last hour. >> matthew, thank you for those developments. we also have breaking developments for you in the paris terrorist attacks. the intelligence in the months preceding them. a homeland security assessment six months ago raised the red flag of the suspected mastermind and isis was carrying out the ability to carry out the attacks. let's bring in jim sciutto. what have we learned? >> we reported yesterday, that they believe the mastermind in the attacks was a man named abdelhamid abaaoud. a belgium national.
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he was close to the isis leader al baghdadi. we know the department of homeland security knew about this man and his connection to a previous plot in belgium in january to kill police officers there. that they sent out a warning that they tried to monitor him and also that they believe he was involved in a plot, similar to the one we saw play out on the streets of paris on friday. they were developing a capability for a multi-act attack in a european capital. it is yet one more missed warning sign. we knew that several of the attackers were known to french police. we know the mastermind was known to european authorities, but also to the u.s. >> what is the missing piece between what they knew and what they didn't know which did not allow them to act? >> this is the thing. this is the number we talked about a lot. 11,000. in france alone. 11,000 people suspected of ties to terrorism or radicalization. they will say and i hear this from u.s. officials.
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you have numerous warnings like this. numerous possible plots you are trying to extinguish on any given day of any year. we covered a lot of terror attacks. often times when an attack happens, you say hindsight is 20/20. in this case, i have to say these are multiple information points here. you knew about the mastermind of a previous plot. you knew they were planning an attack in this mold. you had several of the attackers on a warning list here. we know they don't have the resources to follow and monitor all of them. this is a remarkable number of signs to have missed. >> what about the mastermind? they say they were monitoring him. >> they were trying to monitor him. that is the thing. it looks like they were not able to monitor him. apparently he faked had his own death or attempted to fake his death by having someone to make a phone call.
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oh, poor abdelhamid abaaoud, he's dead now. then use that cover to travel back and forth to syria to belgium to continue to plot attacks. and this is one issue. u.s. security officials were telling me in the past several days they are concerned and french officials echoed this. the suspects went dark. they were under surveillance and not using communications or encrypted communications. >> jim sciutto, thank you. stick around. we will have more questions for you. >> we have a larger context of with a was known to what they are trying to find out right now. to focus on the investigation and who else was involved. an eighth attacker on the run. the terrorist brother speaking out denying any knowledge. we know over 100 new raids were carried out overnight. that is become a blessing a curse for the french. we will talk about that more. let's go to belgium and ivan watson. he is there tracking this
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manhunt. ivan, what do we know now? >> reporter: a lot of the focus has been on three brothers hailing from belgium. french nationals. one of them, authorities say, was one of the suspected suicide bombers in the paris attacks. brahim abdeslam. his brother, salah abdeslam, is the focus of the international manhunt. authorities believe he may have helped rent two of the cars used in the attacks. he may have actually been one of the eighth attackers. he is on the run. nobody knows where he is right now. a third brother, almuhamed. he was detained by authorities and released because there was not enough evidence against him. he came out and spoke in defense of his brothers. take a listen. >> translator: you also need to understand that in spite of the tragedy, my parents are in
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shock. we do to the realize what has happened. my family and i are affected by what happened. we found out by tv just like many of you. we did not think for a moment that one of our brothers was releaded to the attacks. >> reporter: the french president said the series of attacks was planned and organized here in belgium. it is not the first time brussels and in the neighborhood i'm in now, molenbeek has been implicated in international jihadi acts of terrorism. the suspected mastermind of the attacks, a man named abdelhamid abaaoud originally hails from the neighborhood right now and he is believed to be in the middle east. the abdeslam brothers, the family residence is 50 feet from where i'm standing right now. the belgium authorities made
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arrests over the course of the weekend. they have since charged two suspects. we don't know their names yet with suspected acts of terrorism. also the threat levels have come up here, chris. the belgium football association canceled a match tonight in brussels with spain amid the security fears. chris. >> ivan, stick around for one second. we have more questions for you. first, secretary of state john kerry vowing to ramp up security around the globe following the terrorist attacks here in paris. he spoke after meeting with french president francois hollande. >> with lebanon's attacks, with what's happened in egypt, with ankara turkey, with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core. >> well, kerry went on to say a
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clear strategy to take out isis is in the works. he said great attention needs to be placed on borders and movement of refugees in europe. kerry announced hollande will travel to washington next week for more talks. our cnn correspondent christiane amanpour sits down with kerry. she will bring us that interview later in the program. stick around for that. >> we have ivan watson. let's bring back jim sciutto. the good news is french authorities now have the obvious resolve. they are putting resources because of the state of emergency which is something that is controversial here about what rights are being taken and suspended. right now the need is obvious. here is what i'm hearing from sources with knowledge of the investigation. 100 plus raids overnight. that is good. impressive number. they are overwhelmed with the depth and the intricacy of the network they have here in france. they are finding more leads to follow, but they cannot find the
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ones from the first batch of searches. how do you deal with the amount of information you have and the amount of leads you can process in actionable deterrents? >> it comes down to prioritizes. that is the question. how do they decide who to put under house arrest? let's be honest. i never liked to jump on police or counterterror officials. particularly in this country, they overwhelmed. how are they deciding who to focus the resources on now? you have two things going on. preventative stuff. putting guys away who you are concerned with and don't want to take a chance with and the active investigation trying to be find a missing eighth attacker or more support network for this attack and may be planning something initially. with each one, you have more leads to trace down. i tell you one thing that struck me is that french authorities for some time have been encouraging people in communities to do their part. like we have in the states. if you see something, say something. here if you know someone that is
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something suspicious, one that we know, samy amimour from the bataclan, his parents have gone to police to try to get him out of syria. his mother warned the local police. my son has gone nuts. he has been radicalized. he was on the list of the 11,000 of people under watch. you know, how much more of a warning can you expect to have and how much more can people do than his own mother go to the police and say i'm worried this guy is going into terrorism. he was able to carry out the attack. >> ivan, jim has told us here in france there are 11,000 people with some possible terrorist ties. can you explain to us what the nexus is with belgium and brussels? and particularly the neighborhood where you are? why is that such the epicenter now? >> reporter: yeah, alisyn, per
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capita, belgium contributes more volunteer to syria and iraq than any other western country. close to 500 from this country. a tiny country of 11 million people. a lot of them seem to come from this neighborhood. a heavily immigrant muslim neighborhood with high unemployment. 40% youth unemployment. you have suspects here involved in previous attacks. just last august when a moroccan international attacked on a train on the way to france from brussels. he is believed to have lived here. the mastermind of the attacks abdelhamid abaaoud hailed from this neighborhood, molenbeek. and the way the city is policed, one official says there are six different police forces and 19 mayors. they are clearly not coordinating well enough to
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share information to try to figure out what's going wrong. there is racial ethnic tensions here. a predominately white police force here. you hear french and other languages on the streets. belgium is divided between people who speak belgian and flemmish. that is creating a problem with the law enforcement agencies here. how is this one neighborhood is again and again recruiting down an organizational point for acts of international terrorism. this is something that belgium will have to struggle with. residents are frustrated with the media spotlight. there is no question that a number of people, particularly in the recent attack, originated from here and may have in fa fact organized car rentals here
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from the neighborhood. alisyn. >> this is a symptom, not the cause of terror. there is an unspoken thing here in france. we learned of it at "charlie hebdo." the population here. they are french citizens, but they feel isolated and cut off. the secularism doesn't play to their identity of faith and not a level of acceptance. when you have that isolation, other things can wind up taking root. >> more insular communities. >> jim and ivan, thank you very much. there is other news to tell you about. michaela is standing by in new york. >> good morning to you. you heard headlines at 14 minutes past the hour. growing fallout after officials
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revealed one suspect in the paris attacks slipped into europe hidden among syrian refugees. now more than half of u.s. governors say syrian refugees are unwelcome. 27 governors oppose resettlement plans. we will speak with the first governor to go on the record fighting the administration's plan. alabama's robert bentley. the mayor of minneapolis wants officials to open a civil rights investigation into the fatal police shooting. angry protests sparked after 15 people were arrested as protesters shutdown a section of the i-94 freeway for three hours. 24-year-old jamal clarke was shot as also tried to arrest him. witnesses say clarke was unarmed and on the ground when he was shot. confirmed tornadoes touching down in texas. one, in fact, levelled a
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halliburton plant. one tried to maintain a chemical spill in the area. no one else was inside when the tornado hit. check out the funnel cloud spotted in miami. miami, texas, in fact. several thousand people lost power in the region. we will continue to watch that weather here and your headlines. let's head back to paris with chris and alisyn. >> michaela, thank you. french president francois hollande says his country is at war with isis. he is calling for a global coalition to wipe out the terrorist was the u.s. and russia teaming up. is all of this possible? we will explore that. stick around. people don't have to think about
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francois hollande meeting this morning to figure out how to fight isis. hollande calling for a global coalition to fight them. we go to our inteteternational correspondent hala gorani with more. >> we heard the cop21 summit will go ahead as planned. we don't know if this event will be scaled back. there have been calls for postponement or cancellation of the climate change conference. these are two important things that came out of the meeting with the french president. >> how much of a challenge is internal? specifically for the french? we are hearing the cultural themes that we heard after "charlie hebdo." yes, the arab and muslim populations are french, but
2:22 am
french in quotes. the sense of being second class citizens and not integration. what they are learning with the raids is there is so much integration and the network is broader than they expected. how do you deal with that? >> it is a huge muslim population. the largest muslim population in europe. france has. 4 million muslim. a vast majority are not well integrated. the education minister in france is of arab muslim origin. there is that small minority of disenfranchised and the number that is vulnerable to brainwash. you have that. one of the interesting aspects is the mother of one of the suspected bombers went to her local mayor and said i'm concerned my son is radicalized.
2:23 am
he's in syria. what do i do? there were warning signs. when people say the community needs to speak out more, in this case of this mother. >> what else can they do? >> you cannot arrest somebody for what he was thinking. it is a failure of intelligence, some would say, if the mother came forward and he was on a watch list and participated in the mass attack. >> so hollande has called this an act of war. he said the response would be merciless. we have seen the bombing campaign and air strike campaign. do you sense the attitude of the french changing in terms of their willingness to actually be aggressive and undertake war? >> i think with many countries, there is no appetite for ground troops. the idea that france should intensify air strikes clearly you feel that people here this is different from "charlie hebdo." this was a traumatic event.
2:24 am
they were targeted in their lifestyle. there is more of an appetite for that. the french president is saying we are going to bring up the deployment of our big aircraft carrier "charles de gaulle." we will intensify air strikes. when you speak to analysts, this is still a small operation compared to what might be needed to defeat the group. >> question take on this. a play on the u.s. media, this is the 9/11 for france. people last night were saying to me push back on that. this is terrible. it gives us an acknowledgment of the new reality. there is no big hole in the ground where the eiffel tower once was. what is the big idea how france will change after this. >> it is a big idea. i have not heard many people say this is our 9/11. i think this is sensitive and difficult to compare atrocities
2:25 am
and compare which one is worse and which one is not as traumatic. compared to "charlie hebdo" in january, this is a bigger deal for france. "charlie hebdo" was an obvious target. this was a satirical magazine that was threatened before. a kosher jewish supermarket, obvious target for radical islamists. this was different. you sense the panic even with the false alarm where we are standing, hundreds of people trampled. this was one false alarm. it is different this time. >> no protests about the state of emergency which is also telling. >> thank you, hala. great to get your perspective. >> in terms of what they do politically, that stands to come. what is going on militarily is very obvious. there is a new round of air strikes against isis. launched by the french and now full members of the coalition in syria, but also a feeling as we have been discussing that fighting from the air will not
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we have news of another intense round of air strikes overnight targeting isis' self styled capital of raqqah. the defense ministry saying french dropped 16 bombs in syria. we have senior correspondent nick paton walsh joining us live from iraq. >> reporter: it was mostly to the south of the entve center.
2:31 am
similar pattern to the french strikes of the night before. this suggests now a pattern where we see similar strikes. the coalition were the first night the french intervened with 20 bombs. coalition in action as well. we know that was on the outside of the city center and targets inside the center. headquarters and jail. you have to ask the question are we going to see intensification of french activity and now with the confirmation of the sinai that the bomb brought down the metrojet. this will reduce the amount of time the french jets need to get back from jordan and uae they have been using for the initial strikes. that could increase the military cooperation which is on the
2:32 am
table there. we are now looking to see who really was targeted inside raqqah and if any civilians were caught up in the strike. alisyn. >> nick, thank you. keep us posted. french authorities conducting more than 120 raids overnight. they have vowed to track down the terrorists responsible for friday's deadly attacks in paris. they identified the suspected mastermind. why catching him will not be easy. that's next on "new day." what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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2:37 am
responsible for this attack. also here, we are now learning that the man who is wanted as the mastermind in the situation here in france was on a homeland security watch list and they are trying to coordinate what was missed and what could be done better next time. >> with us now is simon cooper. a cnn contributor and financial teams journalist. he was in the stadium when the bombs went off outside. he lives near the bataclan, the music venue where there were so many shots fired. simon, thank you. four days later, how are you feeling today? >> we're confused. we are trying to process this. that takes time. people use words like heroes. i don't know how it was in new york after 9/11. i don't think most of us feel like heroes. we're people. we are resuming our lives. streets are filling up. kids are back at school. we're coping. we are confused. i think it is harder for
2:38 am
children to try to process. >> you have young children. how are you explaining what happened in the new world order to them? >> we explained in simple terms what happened. the school also explained what happened. there was a minute silence at school. in the court yard at play time, the kids were telling each other what they heard and kids were saying, i heard gunfire, which is plausible. this is within 400 or 500 meters of the school. kids were saying i heard gunfire. how this affects them long term, i have no idea. >> normal. president hollande spoke yesterday. he had a very not aggressive tone, but steadfast determined tone. how do you think parisians will react? >> i think we all have a measure of skepticism that hollande was not a popular president before, but we have seen after 9/11, there is no response that is
2:39 am
going to be the right solution that will make you safe. every response has down sides. this is a much more complex situation and for people to shout anecdotes for what i feel is happening here is irritating. bombing isis, i totally understand, but isis is not a place in syria. isis is a global idea unfortunately. almost all the attackers were european citizens. does bombing syria help? i don't know. i don't think anybody knows at this point. >> is there a youearning for a response? must hollande do something? >> hollande must do something. his nickname is flambe after a pudding. he has to show kismet for the voters. the u.s. craved an emotional response after 9/11.
2:40 am
they got it almost immediately. we now know it was the wrong response. i hope for any opportunity, but it will not solve the problem, but it may do something to help it. >> i notice more police presence at the plaza. how are you feeling walking the streets of paris? how are people going out here? >> it is normal already three days after the attacks. i was walking through the square last night. the cafes were filled. it looked like paris. paris is becoming paris again. yes, there was a staple spetampe on sunday when people thought there was another shooting. there is an amount of trepidation. there is not one fixed response. we are not a propaganda poster for heroes.
2:41 am
>> simon, thank you for sharing your personal story with us. nice to see you. we are following all sorts of breaking news for you this morning. we have a lot of developments. including russian officials confirming metrojet plane that crashed in egypt was brought down by a bomb. putin promising to work with the coalition to punish those responsible. is this a turn for the better in the war against isis? we have two different takes for you ahead.
2:42 am
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we have breaking news this morning. it was a homemade bomb that brought down the metrojet plane in egypt. russian officials confirming this and promising to fight isis. let's bring in the fellow for defense of democracies representative. david ross.
2:46 am
david, homemade bomb. those are the key words there. what does this tell us about the abilities of isis? >> it doesn't tell us a lot yet. the reason why is we don't know the design of the bomb. a dispute of the act of terrorism. some officials are confused by what had gone on. in the american's case, they unwisely leaked the information which was a big mistake. what that suggests is that design is not a typical design. secondly, it is important to note in addition to isis in iraq and syria, you have the local affiliate called walid-sinai and you have a control of the city of sirt. you have several emanating from several geographic areas. >> two clues or do you dismiss? one is the lighter the bomb, the
2:47 am
better the material? this call a one kilogram bomb. what does that mean? the idea of it being homemade. is that a potential connection of the vests here in paris also homemade believed to be made of tatp? >> one that was homemade doesn't answer the question. what it means that it was assembled in egypt. that is what homemade suggests. again, we don't know the design. to me, if it were a tatp bomb, there would have been signatures and they were have been able to identify the bomb. if there were a tatp bomb, there would have been an individual, a passenger who obviously was at body took more damage than whose others. you have typical explosive elements. i don't think the fact they were homemade links them together. again, i think more information will come out about the design
2:48 am
and you indeed are putting your finger on a clue. how well homemade was it and what it was doing. you have information come out against the sinai attack. the prospect of awas on the ins. >> all right. final point. perspective on the expansion of the coalition of the living. how important is the air campai campaign? what must be added to have sustainable change? >> the air campaign has been a slow campaign so far. it hasn't been on par with what was waged in libya in 2011. you may see increased
2:49 am
coordination among the various actors. isis is stretched thin. it is fighting a war on ten fronts right now. the various factions are greater coordinated. if it is exposed with the ground campaign which is making a lot of progress in addition to retaking sinjar, you have anti-isis ground forces moving into ramadi. there is a lot of pressure on ramadi. this could end up putting more pressure on the ground against isis holding in iraq and syria. >> daveed ross, thank you for the perspective. we will take a quick break. you have two isis can do and you have who does it for them. right now there is an intense manhunt ongoing here and in belgium and all over europe for those suspected to have had something to do with the attacks. what do we know about what was known in advance? what was missed here in france
2:50 am
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we are learning more did about the suspected mastermind behind the paris terror attacks. the u.s. department of homeland security raised red flags about this young man months ago. why wasn't he watched closely? we turn to the correspondent for france 24, melissa bell. what do we know? >> we know he is a belgium
2:55 am
citizen. we know the belgiums believe he wasn't involve. they don't believe he was involved. french authorities believe he could have been the mastermind. he is a belgian taking his younger brother to syria. he made a lot of headlines at that time. since then, he has been in a number of attacks on european soil. you remember the time of "charlie hebdo" back in january and in belgium with police foiling the attack. he was behind that. many questions about why he wasn't more closely watched. was he in communication with the people that carried this out in france? if so, how did that stay under the radar? and he is now known to have contributed to the magazine that circulates within the circles boasting about the fact he came to europe to plan the attacks in 2014 and slip back to syria. if that is the case, it is a
2:56 am
huge embarrassment. >> he was hardly under the radar. he was garnering publicity in the magazine profile. people knew about him. >> people knew about him. why admittedly he was on the ground in iraq. and why were people in europe able to go ahead and why were those around him not more closely watched? those are the questions for french security services. more questions about the men directly involved on friday night. eight. many questions about them. many were known to security services and nothing was done. >> even the u.s. department of homeland security knew about this so-called mastermind and flagged him as someone to watch. it sounds as though he slipped through people's fingers. was it that they weren't watching him or couldn't find him? >> it is difficult to say at this stage. they have not made it clear. there are a number of security
2:57 am
procedures. europe's most wanted man. salah abdeslam. we know a car came to fetch him on saturday. he was stopped by french authorities when the manhunt was under way. he was known to authorities, but not us. they checked his papers and within this area, he was known to authorities, he was not flagged out to french. that is one lapse involved. the others include two of the french citizens involved in the attacks. first identified is known to french security services. he was under surveillance. this guy traveled to syria and obviously came back completely undetected as did another of the attackers, samy amimour. he is known to french security services and under french
2:58 am
control and managed to get to syria. journalists spoke to his family over the last few years. he married and still he came back and attacked on friday night. all of these are questions for the french security services this morning. >> is it me or are there more security guards and police out here today than we have seen? >> there is a reason for that. the france interior minister requested beefed up security forces. this morning, he announced 115,000 police and soldiers in france. they are absolutely everywhere. not just the police, but the soldiers. a sense the french do not want to allow what happened on friday to happen again. of course, these are early days. we are talking about the investigation and three days of mourning have ended. you will sees this questions. how could this have happened with all of these increased
2:59 am
resources have slipped through the net. >> thank you for the great information, melissa. we are following a lot of news for you this morning. let's get to it. >> a one kilogram bomb. >> russian authorities say it was a homemade bomb. >> stronger support for the kremlin's campaign in syria now. >> a mastermind who has ties directly to the leader of isis itself. >> none of the bombers identified so far in the paris attacks has been on any u.s. watch list. >> we need to step up. >> nearly half of the governors are saying they do not want syrian refugees in their states. >> many of the refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves. >> muslims are suffering. they are being persecuted. >> as the global community really done enough to combat isis? >> i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline.
3:00 am
this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "new day." michaela is in new york for us, chris and i are live in paris. we'll get to the latest developments in the terror attacks in paris in one moment. we want to begin in russia, where the officials are saying that the doomed metrojet flight was brought down by a bomb. isis claimed responsibility for that attack that killed 224 people in egypt's sinai. >> there's a section here to isis. president putin saying he will find and punish those responsible and acknowledging in a broader sense his desire to use russia with the coalition of the willing to fight the terror group. we have all of the angles only the way cnn can. let's begin with senior international correspondent matthew chance in moscow with the latest developments.


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