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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 17, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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right now we're following all of these developments, what's going on in germany, what's going on in paris, lots of news unfold ing now. stay with us. cnn is all over all of the breaking news. wolf, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin live here in new york. >> and i'm jake tapper in paris, france. we're going to begin this hour with breaking news. . a flight originating in london on its way to boston has just landed over issues apparently having to do with an unruly passenger. let's go to renee marsh to find out more about this. what can you tell us so far. >> we know that just minutes ago, roughly 30 minutes ago this flight british airways from london bound for boston landed there. we know that police met this aircraft once it land ed at the
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request of the crew. we know that a passenger had to be restrained while this flight was stil midair. the faa saying this passenger was trying to escape through an exit door while still in the air. however, massachusetts police giving a slightly different story saying the passenger tried to charge the dock put docockpi. police say this it person was is a woman in her 30s. troopers, as we speak, have boarded this aircraft and are taking this passenger into custody. they plan on interviewing not only the flight crew but the other passengers on board. again, this was a female passenger in her 30s. the airline also confirming to cnn very unruly and made the crew on board very uneasy and that is why we saw a police presence once this aircraft touched down. as we get more information, we'll get it to you because the big question now is what was
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this individual's intent. >> thank you very much. back to what's happening here in paris, the epicenter of a frantic worldwide manhunt for now a possible second fugitive tied to these isis terrorist attacks. this apparent new hunt for a ninth subject is coming to us from cnn affiliate. cnn cannot yet confirm the identity of this fugitive, but we are learning more about the belgium born french national. four days after the deadly and coordinated isis terrorist attacks, he is the eighth terrori terrorist, the one to survive. heavily armed police zeroed in on a suspicious car with belgium plates. french media outlets say he rented that vehicle.
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we now he know he rented a budget hotel apartment room days before the attack. cnn cannot independently confirm, but you can see in this video the point among the pizza boxes and syringes in the room. the terrorists occupied these. bomb specialists saying if the terrorists did indeed have syringes in their room, this may have been used in the make iing explosives for the attackers' suicide vests that were used to horrifically four days ago. i'm joined by nic robertson. investigators are collecting crew clues, the car, the budget hotel room. now we hear about a second possible accomplice on the loose. are investigators any closer to catchi catching either terrorist?
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sd >> not at the moment. they found the vehicle he rented. they went door to door in that neighborhood in paris questioning people. it seems unlikely that he had driven that car back. his whereabouts are still unknown. the longer they are at large, the less likely they will be caught. these are people who are adepth at evading detention. that's how they got back in without attention. so at the moment it doesn't appear they are closer. >> and there are literally tens of thousands of individuals on watch lists throughout europe. any number of places where these individuals could hide, networks that would help them hide or even escape back to syria and iraq. the horrors of the last four days began at a soccer game or
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football as it's called here between france and germany with suicide bomb attackers. there was a game that was moved from here and moved to the uk and now there's word of something else having to do with another game. >> these are european soccer matches between the national teams. germany and france were playing last friday. that was attacked by the three bombers. france is playing to be the at wembley. the police there say they are not evacuating that football stadium right now, but they have asked fans to leave calmly. it a appears this match is not going to to go ahead. that is worrying enough in and of itself in the context of the attacks, but we have learned that the german chancellor was going to attend, her justice minister, interior minister were going to attend. big targets for any potential
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attack. we know that the french president was at that friendly game on friday. the attackers got so close o to that. this match in germany has been called off. fans have been told to leave the stadium. >> thank you so much. french authorities have reportedly found a car rented by one of the terrorists who survived. he rented a black vehicle found today abandoned in a neighborhood here in paris. it had belgium license plates. atika shoou better is on the scene. >> we arrived at the scene a short while ago. from local resident, we understand at 9:30 in the morning heavily armed police came. there was a suspicious car parked at the surk l with
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belgium plates. police have since towed away that car, but while we were here, plain clothes officers with bullet proof vests showed up and had a briefing. then immediately moved into the area, including this shop right here. what we believe they are doing as you can see residents here still very much on edge. what we believe they are doing is asking people what they saw looking for any footage they might have, how long was the car parked. this is what we have been seeing police going door to door talking to shopkeepers and residents. what we know is that they have been showing them a picture of that suspicious car, a black cleo asking if they saw that car. this is all part of that ongoing investigation. >> thank you for filing that report. authorities say that the ma
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massacre that happened here in france four days ago was hatched to the north in the country of belgium. now we're learning at least three of the key terror suspects were on belgium authority's radar before the coordinated isis terrorist assault that left 120 people daead. investigators had this eighth terror suspect in custody for questioning nine months ago along with his brother who blew himself up on friday. salah has been the focus of an intense manhunt, apparently the only one of the eight terrorists to escape. his other brother spoke to erin burnett earlier today. >> translator: i think that people do not quite understand what we have been through. but my brother, who has
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participate d in this terrorist attack, was probably psychologically ready to commit such an act. these are not regular people. you cannot have the slightest doubt that they have been prepared. that they must not leave any trace which would cause suspicion that they might do such things. and even if you saw them every day, their behavior was quite normal. >> joining us now is senior investigative reporter and paul.
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what have you been able to learn about the brother's time in belgium? >> they were well known to the police as drug dealers than anything else. you mentioned they were both questioned last february. that is after the belgium police were told by the turks that he tried to get into syria. the belgium police questioned both brothers then and apparently were convinced that they were not trying to get into syria. we also learned that just eight days before this bombing that one of the brothers was operating a bar not too far from where i am. and the bar was shut down by local authorities here because of what they said was a lot of elicit activity including drug dealing and drug use. so these were people who had many interactions with the police, but the police say just none of those interactions put up the red flag of terrorism. they thought they were just
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petty criminals who quite frankly there are a lot of in the neighborhood we are in here in brussels. >> and paul, let me bring you in. you have new information about the isis video that claimed responsibility for the horrific terrorist attacks. >> that's right, jake. a security source here in france briefed by investigators telling me that they have identified the voice of a senior french isis operative on that claim of responsibility. the individual in question is somebody with a significant track record of terrorist activity. he's believed to be playing a major role for isis. european counterterrorism officials say he's also suspected to have had a hand in that attempt to attack the high speed passenger train in august where the three americans saved the day. and also a plot by isis to attack churches here in.
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par paris. so it does suggest that maybe he had a role in the planning of this attack, perhaps along with the belgium operative. what we know about the recruits is they all stick together. it's a tight knit circle in syria. i think there could be multiple brains behind this operation. fab yen clain is -- we're coming a after you. >> one person considered to be the chief master mind behind the attacks we saw friday? >> that's what investigators are looking at. there are a number of names they are looking at.
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figures trying to persuade younger recruits to come back and to launch attacks, they are organizing training for them. then they are coordinating with perhaps over encrypted messages when they get back to europe. there's a real full throttle attempt by isis to launch a string of attacks against france and other european countries that are involved in targeting it in syria and iraq. >> thank you both so much. coming up next, another major terror development today. russia confirming for the first time it wasn't indeed a bomb that brought down that russian passenger jet over sinai. vladimir putin vowing revenge. we'll go live to moscow, next. plus syrian refugees are
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. for terrorists. this is still a on edge. troops are visible everywhere four days after the attacks that killed 129 people. paris is one of the most visited cities on earth, perhaps one of the most beautiful. tourist sites are reopening after being shuttered for the first of three days of national mourning. i want to talk about what it
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takes to the early days following the terrorist attacks to oversee security in this c y city. that job falls to the deputy payor for security in paris. she joins me now. thank you for being here. so first of all, just tell us what happened at the eiffel tower today because i went there and there are police cordoning it off. >> we were afraid of a bomb threat, but there's no problem so the eiffel tower will open tomorrow. no problem for the eiffel tower. but we have many rumors of people that are afraid so we called the police and they say there is something here or we heard something there. you have seen that on the -- no problem with the eiffel tower. it will be open tomorrow. >> and this is the first day that the landmarks and the beautiful memorials all over the
11:20 am
city are open. have things gone pretty much okay? >> the city is living. everything is open. all the restaurants, all the theaters, the movies, the place where there is some concerts, everything is open. so the city is just living again. >> the terrorist attacks is with the terrorists and people who support them. i don't mean to suggest anything else. looking back as the deputy mayor for security re-examining what could have been done differently, anything that the city could have done to have stopped or slowed these attacks? >> well, we are not in charge of public security, so we work with the police every day, every hour. many attacks were stopped during the few months ago -- >> there was the attack on the
11:21 am
train. but three americans stopped that. but then intelligence surfaced and forces have stopped other attacks on churches. >> absolutely. so what we're doing now is to look backward and see if we missed something. it was only a few days. we didn't have enough time to do all this job. but what we have to do now because we have to think to the future is absorb the energy of the paris people. what you can see over there is the energy of the people. we are stronger. we will be stronger because we are together and we want joy, we want education, we want culture, we want everyone in the city. we have to be together. so that's what we can do for
11:22 am
integration as a city. .mayor, we are working on this. we work with the association that teens because the thing we are sure of is we have to work more with teens. >> make sure people are assimilated into the culture. >> absolutely, and make sure that the teens that are going on the wrong side are detected and that someone work with them to get thunderstorm out of that anger. this is what we can do because we have people working in school, people working with teenagers. we have social services. so that's what we want to do. >> it's a tough job. thank you very much. it's nice to meet you. appreciate it. coming up next, vladimir putin says there will be revenge
11:23 am
to pay as russia confirms it was a bomb that brought down that passenger jet over egypt. russia already responding with a show of force. we'll have a live report from moscow, next. plus a remarkably powerful moment as a french father tries to, plain these horrific terrorist attacks to his young son. this is cnn's special live coverage. stay with us. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too.
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welcome back, i'm jake tapper live in paris, france, as the world tries to come to grips with the horrific terrorist attacks that took place here four days ago. a boy and his father are captured on video trying to help one another trying to understand what happened when the terrorists from isis killed 129 people in their city. their conversation is in french
11:28 am
with sub titles. pay close attention to the little boy's face as he comes to grips, or tries to any way, with what happened.
11:29 am
>> wow. let's bring in a senior research physical low at tfellow. he was one of the first to awe arrive on the scene at the "charlie hebdo" killings. welcome to both of you. broou know, tell us what you can about the isis group that is claim iing responsibility for these attacks. >> it was very interesting that as early as saturday morning, they claimed they established responsibility for isis and said it was prepared and planned from abroad. that means that even though the
11:30 am
french were not a able to prevent the attacks, security experts were good enough to know immediately that this had been an isis act of terror and that it had been planned from syria. this is interesting because it tells you a lot about the value of having prepared and the infiltrated the networks even though they were not able to prevent the attacks. >> so i want to get your ree action to something else we're being told. the chair of the homeland security committee says he believes that up to 20 people were involved in this. obviously, we know. of eight, maybe nine. but does 20 sound right to you? >> i'm not a security expert, but if the u.s. senator knows this, why has this information not been exchanged? this is the heart of the problem of the terrorist threat.
11:31 am
there are a lot of measures like the patriot act and billions of euros are invested, but the main problem is exchange of information and analysis of information. >> not enough of it going on. >> this is new information to me. i hope the american forces are communicating with the french colleagues because this is essential information. i assume there is some exchange between the two services. >> what do you think? does 20 sound about right or what do you know? >> it probably sounds right. i want to say something about intelligence sharing because immediately after the attacks, probably as early as sunday, there was a french request going to the pentagon and then to the white house a about more intel sharing from the american government. i can tell you that the response from the american government was immediate saying yes, we're giving you the intelligence you need and that you didn't have to strike specific targets in syria. this is very interesting because european allies not being forthcoming in helping us apart
11:32 am
from the police networks in europe, which do cooperate. . but in terms of military intelligence, i can tell you that the u.s. was immediate and really forthcoming. >> you are the first journalist to arrive at the "charlie hebdo" site in january when that horrific event happened. when i have spoken to the people of paris in the last few days talking to them, immediately they talk about "charlie hebdo." immediately they talk about that day and reminding them, although, in many ways this is even more horrific just because of the sheer size of it. >> absolutely, it's also in the same neighborhood. there's a huge difference between january and these attacks last week. in january the targets were very clearly identify ied. it was a si tier call weekly, a kosher supermarket, clear targets. the attacks on friday happened at places where people were just having fun, having a beer,
11:33 am
listening to music, watching a soccer match. they were kill ed. in january the attacks aimed at paris and the attacks on friday were aimed at the heart of the body. it makes it completely durvet and maybe explained why parisians are acting very differently today than in january. >> the government official in belgium either today or yesterday stated the obvious, which is they have a problem with foreign fighters in that country. so many foreign fighters, so many extremists going from belgium to iraq and syria, fighting, coming back and bringing back horrific ideas and ideologies. does france have a similar problem? >> yes, but it's somewhat different. belgium is at the heart of europe. brussels is a good base for
11:34 am
terrorists because you can pretty much go everywhere from belgium. the difference between maybe paris and brussels is that there are some neighborhoods near brussels that everybody has been talking about in the last few days where there's a huge melting pot of nationalities and cultures, which make it very easy for terrorists to create and build their own networks. france has other problems in the suburbs that maybe that particular concentration should not come as a surprise that they operated from there. >> very frightening dilemma. thanks to both of you. appreciate it. next, more on our break. ing news. a soccer stadium hosting a game between germany and the netherlands is is being evacuated right now for a security scare. this as france and england get. ready to face-off in. london at a game that was move
11:35 am
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welcome back. we have some breaking news out of germany right now. the germany and netherlands soccer match, which was supposed to be played has been cancelled in germany. police in the town of hanover have confirmed this to cnn. max foster joins me for more on the reasons for this it cancellation and evacuation. max, what do you know? >> we're waiting for a press conference that's had happening soon. but the stadium was evacuated
11:40 am
effectively. people were asked to clear it before the match started. we are now. hearing from the state broadcast er that serious explosions were planned for the stadium. so a very serious situation. they are quoting a local police chief, who will be speaking in the press conference. we're waiting to get more information on that. germany playing france on friday amid-that terrible tragedy there in paris. this was their follow-up match and there were plans for an explosion. i'm here at wembley, where france is playing england in their follow-up match. that's carrying on ahead. massive security operation here, but in hanover, it's been cancelled and it appears a very serious incident has been foiled by the police there. >> max foster, thank you.
11:41 am
i want to bring in our terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. max foster referring to a report from the police chief for the city telling germany's public broadcaster that the reason for the stadium e evacuation is that, quote, there were serious plans for explosions. a press conference on the matter is eminent and we'll bring that as it happens. but this is not uncommon, i would suppose, if this turns out, and it's very early information and police do not have accurate information early on, nor do we. but if this was another terrorist plot, it's not that uncommon for terrorists to do one horrific thing and then another one right on top of it. >> that's absolutely right. these are unconfirmed reports. we have not confirmed this at cnn yet, but that disturbing report of some kind of potential
11:42 am
terrorist plot against the stadium tonight. just on friday there was the france and germany game that was targeted. we'll have to see how this shakes out. but certainly there's been concern about copy cot attacks by people inspired by what went down here in paris on friday. but also concern that it isis may have a wider conspiracy in the works here. because they have recruited all sorts of europeans. there are 700 germans believed to have traveled to syria and iraq. they have been. organizing these recruits into language blocks and have been teaching them how to launch attacks into various countries. they have been helping with funding and assistance and will view germans as an enemy. not clear what this is yet. it's very early stages.
11:43 am
we sometimes find in these cases that the early reporting is wrong. people get wires crossed. >> or law enforcement is being extra cautious. earlier today i went to the eiffel tower because there was a bomb threat against the eiffel tower. it it turns out it was a false ala alarm. you never know. better safe than sorry is the motto of law enforcement. >> better safe than sorry, but yet this idea that there are all these huge soccer games being played in europe right now. we already know that one was very much the center piece of that isis plot against paris. that was going to be the big spectacular, bigger than anything else this were planning because they were planning to get one of those into the stadium. when people rushed out in panic, the others would have detonated. there would have been awful carnage. many more dead. that failed. they weren't able to get in so they weren't able to kill many people outside the stadium, but
11:44 am
this new report tonight. that the police chief saying there's some kind of major plot was thwarted, very concerning in the light after that. >> there were three suicide bombers at the stadium on friday. they all three died. they killed one other person but it could have been much worse. the president of france was there. angela merkel, the chancellor of germany, is supposed to be at this game that's being evacuated. we have to take a quick break and have much more on the breaking story in just a minute. stay with us. opportunity has no slow season. no off-days, or downtime. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with
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let's end this.
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welcome back, i'm jake tapper live in paris, france. there is a breaking news situation going on right now in. the town of hannaover in germany. there was a soccer game between
11:49 am
germany and the netherlands supposed to take place this evening. the stadium is being evacuated there. hannover is the capital there. the police chief is saying that the reason for this evacuation is, quote, there were serious plans for explosions at the stadium in hannover at that soccer game between germany and the netherer lands. i'm sure i don't need to remind you that isis attacked the stadium here in paris. three decide bombers friday. they killed one innocent person, killed themselves a as well. the president of france was at that game. he was whisked to safety. it could have been much worse.
11:50 am
it was horrific as it was, but it could have been much worse. now at this game, which we're told the german chancellor was supposed to attend. it seems similar plans were in play. we're going to get more information and bring that to you as soon as we get it. but that is the breaking news at this hour. let us turn back to france. little is known about the two suicide bombers who were at the stadium here outside of paris. but we know that one of them, and this is big news in the united states, one of them may have arrived here in the flow of refugees coming into europe from syria. that news is alarming a lot of people throughout the world. but certainly in the united states where there's a lot of concern about whether there is sufficient vetting for the syrian refugees coming to the united states. the speaker of the house of representatives in the united
11:51 am
states paul ryan today calling for a pause in this process. though they don't have much authority in the matter, 29 governors of 29 states said they will not allow syrian refugees into their states. one of those governors is from florida. rick scott joins me now. thank you for joining me. you wrote a letter to congressional leaders asking them to e defund refugee programs. we know that there is a conference call this evening with governors and the white house. what are you hoping to hear? what do you intend on telling them? >> well, jake, 129 people were murdered, including one american. we have all these individuals injured. we need to stop what we're doing. we need to learn what happened over there. i'm sure france thought they had vetted everybody well. let's find out what's going on before we proceed with bringing 10,000 syrian refugees to
11:52 am
america. we know one of those in france, one of the terrorists posed as a syrian refugee. they are trying to bring 425 to florida. i don't have the ability to stop them. only the federal government does. i've asked speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell to not allow federal dollars to going to moving refugees to florida until we pause and find out what happened and make sure we're safe. i don't want any terrorists in my state. i'm responsible for 20 million floridians. i want them to be safe. >> governor, i'm told that 123 syrian nationals have been relocated to florida since the civil war started a few years ago. did those syrian refugees in your state already make you feel unsafe? >> you have to be very cautious. what's frustrating is we don't
11:53 am
have a good partner in the federal government. they are not open with information. they are not helpful to provide us information when we say we have a concern. they don't say let he see how i can help your concern. right now, our hearts go out to those families in france. i had my daughter's in-laws in live in paris. they were scared to death if something happened to them. let's stop for awhile and figure out what's going on and make everybody comfortable. then if it makes sense, we can proceed. i don't want another 425 refugees from syria come iing i florida. i don't want any terrorists. >> certainly, nobody wants terrorists. how do you respond to the argument that president obama made just yesterday where he pointed out that most of these refugees, if not all of them, and we don't know certainly, but most of them are individuals who are fleeing the terrorists as well.
11:54 am
they are fleeing assad. they are fleeing isis. they are christian, they are shia, how do you respond to that? >> jake, we're a state of tourism. we're a state of immigration. we have 250 languages spoken in our state. we love people coming to our state. but we don't want one terrorist. we know that one of the terrorists from france posed as a syrian refugee. we don't want any of those in florida. when something like this happens, why wouldn't you stop, say what happened in france, what can we learn from that, what were their security measures, are ours different so we make sure it doesn't happen in america and i'm responsible for everybody in my state. i don't want anything to happen in my state. >> governor rick scott, thank you for your time. we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you, jake. breaking news in.
11:55 am
the investigation into the attacks here in paris. justice correspondent evan perez joining me live now with new information about a cell phone. what's the news? >> jake, investigators in paris have recovered a a cell phone at one of the scenes believed to belong to one of the attackers there in paris. so this is a possible big break to help unravel the plot and the suspected network behind it. this is information we got from counterterrorism intelligence officials. the phone contained a message sent some time before the attacks began to the effect of, okay, we're ready. that's according to these officials that we have spoken to. there's a lot we don't know. for instance, who sent or received the message. and if it confirmed, this cell phone could provide a big clue into how the terrorists were able to synchronize their attacks. investigators are still trying to exploit the data from the phone to try to determine who the attackers were in contact with, whether any of those
11:56 am
people are still in europe to be able to be. found. this information we should make. clear doesn't quell the concerns among u.s. and european officials that the terrorists were perhaps using encryption technology to hide their plot. they have had a difficult time finding electronic traces of the attackers left behind. we know that u.s. and european officials have turned up evidence that some of the jihadis that are tied to these attackers in paris use encryption in the past as well as other operational security methods such as they frequently change their cell phones, change their cars, and they even looked for possible listening devices, jake. >> all right, evan perez, thanks, a big. issue of contention between those who make encryption technology whether or not to share that with national security officials. brooke baldwin, let me go back to you now in new york city. >> jake tapper, thank you so much. we'll see you at the top of 4:00
11:57 am
for "the lead." we'll get you more information on the big news from evan perez on the cell phone. also happening the soccer stadium hosting the germany and netherlands game. this stadium being evacuated for what authorities are saying was, quote, a serious plan for explosions. all of this as france and england are getting ready to face-off in london minutes from now. stay with me. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity.
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin, breaking news on cnn as we're watching and waiting in the wake of those r terror attacks on friday. now new word from hannover germ nee ahead of the match between germany and the netherlands at the stadium there has been evacuated. let me precise.
12:01 pm
this is from a police chief there in germany saying, quote, we had concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside the stadium. concrete evidence. let's go with that now. i have juliette joining me, former homeland security official and rachel nichols, our sports anchor. rachel, let's begin with you. what's significant at the same time is supposed to be a soccer match in london. but first, what more do we know about germany? >> they have evacuated the patrons and moved the teams to safety. they were on a bus en route to the stadium. one of the large newspapers in that area is reporting that there's actually emergency vehicle, an ambulance was actually rigged up with explosives to bomb the stadium. >> an emergency vehicle? >> an emergency vehicle disguised as an ambulance. we at cnn will report that out
12:02 pm
and see if we can vet that ourself, but that's what the local large newspaper is reporting. very scary over there. in. the shadow of that, we have what's going on in england and france, which is in england they are having at wembley stadium a match between england and france. you see the french colors over wembley stadium, something we'd never expect in different times, but this is their way of standing in solidarity. >> live pictures of what you were just describing. >> it was an amazing sight. prince william is coming to the match tonight. that is certainly a dangerous thing in these times. however, there's unprecedented security. i don't know if we have ever seen security like we're going to see in this building tonight. you have heavily armed police. you have 5,000 british troops who will be surrounding the area. you also have the sas, the hard core, most elite version of the british army. they will be among the crowd.
12:03 pm
they have orders to shoot to kill if an event like what happened in paris. a few days ago breaks out in the stadium tonight. so they are going full force. but they also want to make sure they show solidarity with the people of france. you'll hear the french anthem. there will be a moment of silence and see the french flag raised in wembley stadium in one of the end zones and the team also make a gesture in sol da solidarity with their french counterparts. i want to get sbo why they are doing this. in these times, we see in country after country and we have certainly seen it here after september 11th and the boston marathon bombings, the way countries use sports to take that first step forward it's the only place to have 90,000 people gather in one place and shout and scream and get it all out and have the french national team with france across their chests. >> sports is an amaze iing way
12:04 pm
show solidarity. also with security, we know why given what happened friday in paris at that soccer match south of the city. now case in point what's happening in germany. juliette, let's bring you in. i know the german newspaper is reporting what they are about explosives in an emergency vehicle. we don't have that yet. what we do have and this is a quote from the police chief. we had concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside that stadium. the fact that we're hearing that so quickly, react to that and tell me what is happening on the ground right now in hannover, germany. >> so that's a very specific statement because you have to understand that closing an entire game. is r your least favored option from a public safety perspective. it is complicated, it terrifies everyone. so they took this very seriously. it was more than someone on facebook saying i'm going to do this. i do take this very seriously only because i'm looking at what
12:05 pm
the response looks like. we'll reserve judgment on the ambulance because that does change the dynamic of what this was. we'll wait for cnn to report that out and see where that's coming from. but i will say given what happened in paris that these large events are clearly where isis is heading and they are never going to be perfectly hardened. for someone like me that dealt with sports security my entire career, the challenge for stadium security is you need to have flow. that's why people are there. it's what you were describing. it's fun, it's nationalistic, people want to come in and go out and drink. and so you're always going to be difficult to put a security apparatus over there. and that's why we have layered
12:06 pm
security. so that there's a video camera and undercover cops and the uniform cops. there's the patdowns and some have metal detectors. so all of those are pieces of trying to limit the risk at these big stadiums. but this is at least real in the sense that it was enough to get the germans to respond in the most drastic way imaginable for a big event like this. we know that people's barometer is raised. people are very nervous. >> right. we know that the german chancellor was to attend that match in germany. let me be clear here. again, two major breaking news threats. ladies, standby. one, the soccer stadium in germany has been evacuated because of this it threat of
12:07 pm
serious plans for explosions. two, this news that we're about to get from evan perez and we'll bring in paul cruickshank, our terrorism analyst on the news of a cell phone that has now been found. evan, let me have you begin with where was the cell phone found, what will it tell investigators? >> the investigators recovered the cell phone at one of the scenes. they believe it belongs to one of the attackers. this could possibly be a big break to help unravel the plot and who is suspected network behind it. now the phone contained a message. it was sent some time before the attacks began and something to the effect of, okay, we're ready. we don't know who sent the message. but if confirmed, the cell phone could provide a big clue into how the terrorists synchronized their attacks. it was very synchronized and orchestrated.
12:08 pm
investigators are trying to exploit the data from the phone to determine who else the attackers were in contact with. this information doesn't quite settle concerns that we have talked about here on your show among u.s. and european officials that terrorists are using encryption technology to try to hide what they are doing. investigators have had a difficult time finding other electronic traces that these attackers left behind. so we'll see what this new clue provides. >> evan, thank you. paul cruickshank, do i have you with me? >> hey, brooke, i'm here. >> what is most significant in your opinion about the discovery of the cell fon? >> well, it points to organization and attempt to try to synchronize what was going to go down. every little piece of evidence is very important clearly to investigators. it just helps them piece
12:09 pm
together how this thing was planned. >> you know, everything that we're reading possibly on one of these attackers, a fake passport, one faked his own death in syria. is it possible that this was something to throw investigators off the path or do you think this legitimately was left by someone who blew himself up? >> well, i'll tell you what we do know about this. that's that authorities think that this was probably planned in syria. probably planned by the senior isis leadership and subcontracted out potentially to senior french and belgium operatives on the ground in syria who want ed to launch an attack against paris, who then recruited and corralled a group of younger recruits on the ground in syria to return to
12:10 pm
europe and to get back into france and to launch an attack. names they are looking at in terms of a suspected master mind is a belgium from brussels. he played a large role in that major plot in belgium in janu y january. he was also friends with salah, the guy still on the run. so also learning today that on the isis claim of responsibility for the paris attacks, according to a source briefed by investigators, there's the voice of a known senior french isis
12:11 pm
operative fabien clain, who has a long track record of terrorism and officials tell me that they suspect that had he also had a significant role planning that attack on the passenger train in august where the americans saved the day. also a plot by isis to launch an attack against churches. so they are sort of putting all this together and looking at who the brains behind the operation in syria. it's very early stages still in the investigation clearly, brooke. >> thank you so much. don't go too far there in paris. we are also getting word here, as we know investigators are trying to track down a lot of people in the wake of what happened, the horror in paris from friday night. we're now learning they are looking for a second fugitive, a second fugitive connected to what happened in paris. that's number one. number two, we're watching very closely what's happening here as this german soccer stadium has
12:12 pm
now been evacuated as we're hearing from the police chief that there were serious plans for explosions. how did they know that as they are evacuating a match that the german chancellor was going to attend? we're trying to get answers as we're covering this around the world. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. i'm brooke baldwin, woe'll be right back. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain,
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you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we're watching a developing situation out of hannover, germany, in the wake of the horrendous attacks on friday night in paris. everyone on high alert. particularly, when it comes to security and soft targets like a soccer match. germany is supposed to take on the netherlands. the german chancellor was to attend this soccer match. now we know they are evacuating the stadium because according to the police chief in this part of
12:17 pm
germany, we have concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside of the stadium. an explosive e device in the stadium. we're working on getting more information on that. that's happening in germany. in the meantime, more breaking news of a possible second fugitive tie d to the paris attacks. this new hunt for a ninth suspect coming to us from a source close to the investigation. let me be clear at this point in time. we can't confirm the identity of the fugitive, but we are learning more about the belgium born french national considered dangerous, still at large four days after the attacks in paris. today in the 18th district heavily armed police sozeroed i on a suspicious car with belgium plates. french media outlets say he
12:18 pm
rented that vehicle. we know he also rent ed out a budget hotel apartment room a couple days before attacks on friday. cnn cannot independently confirm, but you can see this is video from french magazine among this it you see pizza boxes and cigarette butts and syringes in this room that these terrorists stayed in. bomb specialists telling cnn if they did indeed have syringes in their room, this it may have been used for the making of the explosives in the attacker's suicide vests. i have drew griffin standing by, senior investigative correspondent live in brussels in belgium. let's begin with this other fugitive. what more do we know? >> i can tell you that all across europe it seems, there's a lot of tension and a lot of raids going on and a lot of
12:19 pm
police acting on any tip they can because as the federal prosecutor here in belgium told us today this is not over until these people are caught. he was speaking then of just the one, but now we now know there are potentially two. we witness ed a a raid that too place a couple hours ago. it turned out to be a false alarm. they are really ratcheting up what they can do to reel in these now two terrorists suspects because this is just the paris attack is not over until these two are caught and brought to justice. the danger is still out there. >> drew griffin, thank you for that. let me bring in a counterterrorism, pert for the foundation of defense of democracies. and let me begin with on this news of this second possible fugitive, thus far, a lot of these people have allude d
12:20 pm
intelligence with their encrypted communications. how will authorities find this person? >> that's an excellent question. for the first statement, the fact that we didn't know there's a possible ninth suspect until today and they are still trying to firm up the identity, it may for authorities be firm at this point, but obviously the media has yet to really verify. it's just an indication of how little we still know about the plot. when you have a plot that goes down, you want the computers, cell phones, and do as much exploitation of all that hardware as you possibly can. and this shows that things are still breaking. it e shows just how big the plot was that was executed in europe without surveillance or authorities being able to disrupt it. >> i'm going to ask you to standby as we are in the midst of breaking news. want to bring in a reporter in in germany.
12:21 pm
he's outside the stadium that's been evacuated. tell me what you know. >> reporter: netherlands, police director told us that there was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium. now we can watch pictures as the stadium is completely evacuated. police around and experts for explosives that are working. what we know now that there was a threat for the city and the stadium that was what the police chief of the city told us. and there was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium and we hear there's also a device found in the train station here in hannover just a
12:22 pm
few minutes ago. also there was an evacuation ongoing now. there's a lot of police moving around. but now for this moment in the stadium, the situation is safe. there's no danger because there are no soccer fans or all eva evacuated. there were maybe a thousand inside the stadium. police had had them going home. there was no panic at all. it was quiet and people were sad that the game was cancelled. just some minutes there will be a press conference to tell us what the device was exactly. >> stay with me. aoife couple questions. so we don't know the specifics until the news conference. did you say the device was found
12:23 pm
in a train station or did i hear you incorrectly? >> reporter: there was another device found in a train station, but there was also a device that was intended to be detonated inside the stadium, which was found here close by the stadium. we don't know what it was confirmed by political sources, but we know from media sources, from two sources there was maybe an ambulance explosives inside that is not confirmed by the police yet, but that's what we heard from different media sources here in germany. >> so two devices, one in a train, one perhaps in and around the stadium. how soon before the match was to start when investigators discovered this and e evacuated
12:24 pm
the stadium? >> can you repeat the question? >> how close to the start of the match did authorities discover this device and evacuate everyone? >> the match should be started at quarter to 9:00, so it was around 7:00 when police cars telling the people that they should go home. that the match is cancelled. and it was like two hours before there was this reason why there was not that much people inside. the stadium. there was no panic in the stadium. . >> i know that the german chancellor was to attend the match. i presume since it happened so early, she wasn't there. have you heard anything from her
12:25 pm
office? >> reporter: yeah, she wasn't there inside the stadium. even the national soccer team was not inside the stadium yet. they plan to come here, they were on the bus and returned immediately after they heard of the cancellation of the game. also the same for angela merkel, she was returned back home. >> final question. so where are the teams now? still somewhere in hannover? >> reporter: the soccer teams? i think the german soccer team is still in hannover. i don't know about the dutch team if they were already in the stadium and needed to be evacuated. no information on that. >> thank you so much for that report. thank you very much.
12:26 pm
so new from him, this is according to sources, two devices with presumably nefarious intent there in germany. soft target, thousands and thousands of fans including the german chancellor to attend that match this evening there thwarted. investigators are on it. stay with me. a lot of breaking news. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears, there's no such thing as quiet time. but you can quiet the ringing with lipo-flavonoid,
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bottom of the hour, you're watching cnn. this is happening in hannover, germany. the multiple coordinated explosions including just outside of that soccer stadium south of the city you now have a soccer stadium just hours away from to watch the dutch to watch germany take on the net.
12:31 pm
er -- netherlands. because of some specific concrete intel, that's the phrase we have from the police chief in germany, concrete intel that someone wanted to set off a device inside the stadium. they e evacuated everyone. we have pictures of bomb technicians and investigators combing this place looking to determine where, why and what. anthony may, let me bring you in. retired atf explosives enforcement officer. on what's happening in germany, we're not there and don't know the specifics of the situation. whenever threats would come in or concrete intel, how do authorities determine to evacuate an entire stadium? >> that's a tough call. generally setting up for security like this, you have your security in depth layered security, but the idea of. stopping these things, we're
12:32 pm
never going to completely secure any venue. so you have to be prepared for failures to occur in packages to slip through, but you have alternatives in place. now in this scenario, it appears that they have more than just a threat because we get threats at venues all the time and continue operations. with this intel they've got, they apparently decided to shut down the event completely and go back into 100% security sweep of the facility. >> what does that security sweep look like? what are they looking for or testing for? >> it's a very labor intensive process, especially when you're talking about a sports stadium. right after 9/11, we were providing the same type of security sweeps at just about every sporting event. but it's people walking through the venue looking for items that are out of place. they could be utilizing and should be utilizing explosive
12:33 pm
detection canines to enable the process to go a lot faster, but for a standard stadium, you need at least seven or eight hours to do a sweep to ensure that you've got no problems. . >> so that's what's happening now in germany. let me take you back to paris. as we have been reporting, authorities searched this budget hotel, this apartment where one of the suspects stayed days before the attacks friday night. we have pictures of cigarette butts lying around this it room and pizza boxes and these syringes. what would these syringes potentially be used for? >> well, this is basically a chapter out of the al qaeda playbook. the magazine that came out in 2014 talked about using syringes as their initiator of the device. it's built into the system.
12:34 pm
in 2009 the underwear bomber utilized a syringe to initiate that device. it's just how the explosive is initiated with chemical reactions. >> wow, anthony may, thank you so much for your expertise. i appreciate it on what's happening in paris and germany. let me show you what's happening in london. this is essentially like yankees and red sox. . bitter rivals, paris and london. the special moments here inside this london stadium. prince william there. the colors of the french flag. ♪
12:35 pm
>> incredibly moving moments in london. next, cnn goes one-on-one with the brother of a fugitive terror suspect tied to the attacks in paris. what he reveals to erin burnett in a cnn exclusive, next. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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welcome back, i'm brooke baldwin. talking to german reporter in. hannover, germany. . this soccer stadium totally evacuated in the wake of concrete intelligence that there were to be explosives detonated within that stadium. this german reporter said u the
12:40 pm
interior minister will be holding a news conference on precisely what kind of device was that perhaps they found. we're watching that for you out of germany. security, everything on heightened alert because of what happened. that friday night that left 129 people dead. investigators had even tracked one of friday's suicide bombers back to seyria. what they didn't know is he had come back according to a belgium prosecutor. e he also say this is. the 8th terror suspect, the target of an intense global manhunt had been in police custody for questioning. but he along with his brother were released. the men's other brother talking
12:41 pm
to erin burnett earlier today. >> what would you say if he's watching this interview somewhere? what do you say to him about what you want him to do, about what he's done? >> translator: i would tell him to vend rer. that's the best solution. to contact the authorities. i know it must be difficult to watch on tv some actions to try to find him. and you can see that some of these actions to find him are impressive but he must not be afraid to surrender to explain. but of course, if he has something to do with it, he must
12:42 pm
accept responsibility. >> erin burnett is live for us this evening in brussels. so here you talked to mohammed and wants his brother to turn himself in. what are his fears? >> so we are now back in paris. . we went up across the border and went to belgium to meet with him. he thinks it would be horrible if his brother were to do something awful, to do something further to go ahead and kill more innocent people. he's worried about his brother simply because he's his brother. he still loves him. he's worried he could go down in a blaze of glory type of situation with police. but he wants his brother to turn himself in. he talked about the community in which they live. this community you have heard so much about where so many have gone to syria to train, to camps, to join isis.
12:43 pm
mohammed knows other who is are there now. but he himself is not that sort of muslim. and he saw this change in his brothers where they stopped drinking and started becoming incredibly diligent about their prayers. they completely changed as to who they were, gave up their jobs, all of that he said is how they started to radicalize. he was also able to confirm for us when his brothers went to turkey and believes that's when his brother tried to go to syria to train with isis. >> we know that the older brother who blew himself up in a a cafe friday owned a recently shuttered bar in brussels. what have you learned about that? >> so he and the two brothers, one of whom was on the run owned this cafe together. e we understand that it was closed down because of perhaps drug infractions or something
12:44 pm
unclear what the situation was there. but when that stopped, mohammed said that's when things changed. his brother started staying out all night and went on their own schedule. he lived in the same house. the three brothers and parents, they were very close. you may find is hard to believe. how could he not be involved. he's the middle brother. you have a 31-year-old brother and mohammed, who i spoke to is 29. those two brothers were especially close and went through 36 hours of questioning. he didn't get a lawyer until he was done with questioning and did choose to release him. he says that he did not know what his brothers were planning and was not a part of this at all. >> wow, what an incredible story and that you tracked him down. let's tune in to erin burnett later this evening at 7:00 for that interview. thank you so much. we are waiting for more information on this stadium that's been evacuated.
12:45 pm
it holds about 50,000 people. it was a couple hours before the beginning of the match, but these are pictures outside of the stadium in which the german chancellor all because of concrete intelligence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside the stadium. this is huge based upon what happened friday night in paris. we'll be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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12:50 pm
minister saying no arrests made new york explosives found so far relating to this incident. remember, they had concrete intelligent of potential explosives inside of the stadium. however, they say before the news conference, they're interesting a suspicious item in the area of the train station. john henry, used to be executive director of the fbi, credited for bosting the cybercrime and cybersecurity capabilities. you are the perfect person to talk about what's happening in germany, first up, when you hear this from the police chief there, concrete intelligence someone wanted to set off an explosive inside the stadium, translate that for me. >> these type of alerted come in anonymous calls, et cetera, and you don't evacuate whole buildings. when they talk about concrete information, that to me says they've got something with a high degree of credibility,
12:51 pm
perhaps a human source, signal intelligence they've intercepted or something that's come out of the searches we've seen across belgium and france in the last few days where they've picked something up, perhaps they picked up some plans or saw something that indicates this is very specific, something's got the motive and the intent, and they've acquired some type of explosive, perhaps. they're going to take this very seriously by erack want, the first step. they're going throughout the stadium methodic i, looking for signs of explosives, some indication to back up what they may have heard. >> okay. so that's significant with regard to what's happening in germany. the second beat i wanted to ask you about, what evan perez is reporting on, cell phone. the cell phone found outside one of these attack locations in paris from friday night, essentially look at the cell
12:52 pm
phone, hopefully give investigators more on how they coordinated attacks and some message to the effect of like, okay, let's go. what would you be looking for on that cell phone? >> that is a treasure trove of information, brooke. you've got prior contacts, text messages, you've got photographs, you may have geocoordination, give you longitude and latitude. you may be able to look at all of the contact list. those phones hold so much capable, so much capacity digital evidence it's going to help them identify perhaps a larger conspiracy. who other associates are, there may be documents on there, pdf files, those sorts of things. that is a significant exploitation opportunity for the security service there to look at a broader conspiracy, brooke. >> a treasure trove.
12:53 pm
shawn henry, thank you so much. appreciate you jumping on on that. general, stay with me. breaking news as they've evacuated hanover germany soccer stadium. german chancellor was to attend. examining a suspicious item in the area of the train station there. we'll be right back. are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you... with unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call today to learn about the kinds of coverage we offer, including aarp medicarecomplete plans insured through unitedhealthcare. these medicare advantage plans can combine parts a and b,
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and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. we are following stadium evacuation in hanover, gerny. jake tapper is all over it. the migrants on the shores of greece, threat of isis terror is the same. after authorities revealed one of the suspected, believed to be involved in the attack friday, among the refugees, growing list of governors in states saying syrian refugees not welcome here
12:58 pm
in response to the obama administration plan's to allow 10,000 refugees to come to the united states. with me someone who met them face-to-faye. erin traveled to greece earlier this month. environmental activist sick of watching images appear on cnn and did something about it. so tell me the first, as you were in greece, who are these people coming over? >> these people are work professionals. they're like you and i, families, mothers, psychologists and engineers these are people fleeing the exact same carnage and violence we see hitting our shores every day throughout syria and iraq. >> how many coming over on individual rafts. >> designed for 20 and carrying 40, 50 human beings coming by the hundreds. they estimated that one week that i was there, 8,800 refugees arrived in greece every day. >> the fact, i'm looking down, number keeps changing, 31 states, 31 governors are saying no, based upon the fact that one
12:59 pm
of the attackers came through on one of the rafts, no, do not come here. what would you say to the states, based upon what you saw? >> yes, is the threat real isis is sending in terrorist as among referees. >>? we cannot punish refugees because of a few. we're a country of refugees, immigrants, this is not the time to shut our doors. >> going back on monday, because you were so moved by what you saw and who you helped, in 30 seconds i have with you, tell me about that little boy on halloween night. >> so i spotted a cliff, two nights prior, it's 200 feet down, there had been a rescue with this lifeguard team. there wasn't anybody there. i said that looks luke a boat. we stopped cars, we went down, sure enough there were people coming in, flashing flashlights, phones, twloofr signal they were in distress. one boy came off, hypothermic borderline unconscious.
1:00 pm
i laid my body next to his, the doctor checked him out, there with people who risked it all for any opportunity. i think it's our responsibility to do what we can. >> erin schrode. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper live in paris starts now. >> welcome to our viewers in the was around the world. i'm jake tapper, live in paris, france. this is "the lead." we are going to begin with breaking news. four days after suicide blasts outside that french soccer stadium in german soccer stadium is being evacuated over a bomb threat as well. german police say there was concrete evidence someone wanted to set off an explosive device in the stadium. german chancelr


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