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tv   Fareed Zakaria GPS Blindsided How ISIS Shook the World  CNN  November 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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scotia. a lot going on. so our live coverage of the terrorist attacks in paris as well as the breaking news now continues with cnn's john voss, i should say they are in los angeles. we join them live in paris. thanks, for watching. good night. >> hello, everyone. welcome to cnn. we're covering the terror attacks in paris. i'm isha sesay. >> two air france planes just diverted in north america. but we begin with gun fire in a northern paris suburb. police are not confirming a report that officers had been shot during this operation. [ gun fire ] >> it happened in a suburb st. denis. let's go straight to senior international correspondent who's live in paris with details. atika, what can you tell us? >> well, i'm on the way now to
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the neighborhood of st. denis. this is one of the northern neighborhoods of paris. it's actually where the stadium attack occurred. now what we understand is around 4:30 in the morning, residents reported hearing automatic gun fire and at least one explosion. police have now confirmed to us that an operation is under way in connection to the hunt for those suspects of the paris attacks. now, we have not confirmed this ourself, however, our local affiliate is also reporting that one police officer has been wounded in the operation. this is still on going. they have closed off some of the routes to the neighborhood. but this does seem to be in relation to getting at least one of the two suspects currently on the loose in regards to that paris attack, isha. >> exactly what are residents saying about what's been
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happening around them? there are some reports that residents in the neighborhood have seen special operations forces there with guns drawn out on the streets? >> what we know is that residents at first reported hearing gun fire at 4:30 a.m. they heard several volleys. and one explosion. some residents told cnn that place came out, told them to take shelter inside, stay away from the windows. but we don't know exactly what kind of police they are. though we're still checking to make sure, to see what kind of an operation it is. however, police have confirmed to us, it is an ongoing operation and the source within the police have told us it's in con b next to the hunt for the suspects in the paris attack. >> and atika, can you give our viewers some context on basically the layout of st. denis. it's a suburb north of paris. what kind of area is it? can you give us some sense of where this is taking place? >> well, this is very much known
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as a rough neighborhood. so when initial gun the shos were heard, people were a bit wary given the ongoing situation, but weren't sure what was mapping, whether or not this was another petty kram. when they heard the volley of what appeared to be automatic gun fire, it appeared to be more serious. when police told residents to get inside they alerted people this is something much more involved. now, this is also the area again where one of the attackers -- where the attack hit. the st. denis football stadium is where three suicide bombers detonated their vests. woe don't know at this point, but we're hoping police will
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give us more details soon. w. >> sure, and atika in terms of the raids that's been carried out since friday night's terrorist attack in paris, there has been more than 100 raids. is there any way to know whether this is in any way more serious than the other raids? i guess if there's more gunfire involved, explosions, obviously. and this report we're getting from our affiliate that there has, in fact, been at least one police officer who's been wounded. >> i think the fact that we may have a police officer wounded and the sustained am of gunfire we hear indicates this is a more serious operation ongoing. you have to take into account most of the other raids were happening in other cities. that was a rounding up of the usual suspects. this seems to be more than that although we don't know the exact details. most of the raids making the arrest of the suspect directly involved in the attack have been in belgium.
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but now it appears this may be bringing the investigation back to parz. it also comes the day after -- just hours actually after police have confirmed that they are looking for a possible second suspect. they looked at the video at the scene of one of the attacks and they saw not just two attackers but possibly a third attacker driving the car. they were in. so we're not sure yet, but it may have something to do with the hunt for that second suspect still believed to be at large. >> the northern part of the paris st. denis where we understand there's a road, about 90 minutes ago now, and it is still ongoing. this appears to be quite a serious raid, especially in connection when you look at the other raids which have taken place around france over the last couple of days. >> indeed according to residents, they claim they heard
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automatic gunfire, explosions, working to get more details, of course, as john mentioned, atik ka is on the way to her location. are you getting more details on this operation under way right now in st. denis. >> this investigation and this manhunt is one that's been going on ever since the attacks took place here in paris. and it has focused for most of that time on one single individual called sala salah abdelsalam. a possible second and a possible third suspect still at large. that seems to be something they cleaned from video shot of a
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black car, which was later found also in paris with three ak-47 assault rifle inside. and apparently on that video, they saw possibly other people in that car. but we want to try to get more from the scene there inin st. denis where that raid is apparently taking place. i'm on the phone with abd abda salah. he took video of the police raid going on. sir, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> first of all, describe for me what's been going on since the early morning hours. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? since you've heard these gunshots what's been going on? >> there are no gunshots anymore, i don't know what's going on. there's no gunshots anymore.
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>> what about before? what happened there. when the gunshots started, describe for me what happened when you started hearing the gunshots. i think the police out emaybe they went inside there to investigate, i don't know. zern zern [ indiscernible ] i don't know what's going on there. >> all right, sir. we're having trouble with your audio there, but, of course, we are still trying to -- thank you thank you very much sir. we are trying to follow that situation as atika was saying before, there is an ongoing raid parentally in st. denis, that's been confirmed to us.
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also according to aur affiliate bfn television, there appears to be one officer wounded. atika on her way to the scene. er. >> not in direction friday night. >> this is something that could be in direct correlation with the attack that happened here on friday. it's unclear how many people could be holed up inside that the pardon me, but judging from the fact that one officer had been wounded, it appears to be
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gun fire already going in one direction, in exchange of gun fire, that could indicate that, in fact, someone is holed up or several people might be holed up in that department putting up resistance and that certainly could be an indication that these might be some of the suspects that are still at large or possibly someone else who's involved with all of this. but it certainly is at this point still a little early to tell whether or not that is the case. it would, however, of course bh very interesting. because there's an international m manhunt going on. and also possibly for these other suspects. if we look at where this is, if f we look at st. denis, that is exactly where some of these attacks took place. that's one of the focal points. it's the area at least where three suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing several people. so that could indicate that maybe they had been in the area the entire time. it will be interesting to see
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whether or not if indied it turns out to be any of those involved in the attack, whether or not there was some kind of safe house there, whether or not they might have been operating from that area. at this point in time, still in the early stages, that raid still going on. and apparently gun fire still going on. so quite early to tell at this point in time. it appears as though the manhunt part of the investigation appears to be going back here to paris. and we're going to wait and see how this unfolds over the next minutes and the next hours, john. >> okay, fred, thank you for that. while you're talking we're looking at these live images coming from bfm-tv. it is 10:00 past 6:00 in the morning in st. denis, this northern suburb of patience.
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there are heavily armed police confirming what residents have said. the roads have been blocked off. police are in place there right now. as this raid is under way where there's been a heavy exchange of gun fire, as well as the sound of explosions. and according to our affiliate, bfmtv, at least one police officer has been wounded. we had a resident of the area speaking to us a few moments ago who shot some video we've been sharing with you. he said he wasn't hearing any more gun fire. >> at this point, yeah. >> let's make that clear. from his vantage point also. >> exactly, yeah. >> so it's unclear as to what stage things are at in this operation. but we just put up those live pictures for you, coming to us from bfmtv. an affiliate. from those pictures as we see. >> this is ongoing. >> but there is a lot going on this evening. we're also following some other breaking news for you.
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two air france flights from the u.s. to paris diverted because of bomb threats. anonymous bomb threats called the 234r50ig9s off. >> we do not know if the same person called in those threats. a spokesman says no u.s. military aircraft was scrambled in either incident. correspondent who joins us now on the line from manila. richard, as you've watched the situation unfold over the last couple of hours, what do you make of it? >> what i make of it is the sort of event that could be expected after you've had a very heightened level of security, and you've had attacks such as we've seen in paris.
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this is not unusual to have hoax bomb threats. and indeed it sort of the concept. two of the highest security. they still have the bring the planes down, they still have to check the luggage. they need to make it a secure situation. in this scenario, they know all common sense tells them this is nothing. but you can't take a risk. and if you look at the air
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france statement, that's exactly what it says tonight. basically an abundance of caution, we're going to bring down the plane on the ground. we're going to search all the luggage. >> so richard, walk us through this. the planes take off, this hoax, this bomb threat is called through to the airline. who makes the call is that the plane will make this -- that both these planes will make an unscheduled landing? >> i think in this situation that it's a combination. you have the authorities, the faa and the mr. is. i'm guessing here there really was no discussion involved. this is air france. there is a heighten ed security.
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will it be more of these sorts that have a realistic possibility of being accurate. the scenario is very difficult. the response to this perceived threat is a really honed procedure. give us your perspective. >> i would say it's even --
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every country has well known, well established protocols. where do you pass the plane once it's landling. tracking a hoax call. if you remember, certain code words were used. i think back to the i.r.a., the 1 1960s and '70s, there were known code words that the bombers would call in as part of the warning that would tell the authorities this is not a hoax. we haven't got anywhere near that extreme. my guess is -- well, i know for a fact, the authorities are now
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doing the background work at the chain to find out who made the calls. >> what's been going on and ramifications of what appears to be two bomb hoaks on two air france flights to paris. one from los angeles and another from washington dull. there is that ongoing raid in that suburb of paris. we continue to follow both of these stories. in the meantime, a short break. a lot more details on the other side. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> welcome back, everyone. gunfire has erupted in a suburb just north of paris. it happened during a police anti-terror raid, our affiliate bfmtv reports that at least one police officer has been wounded. >> meanwhile, investigators have discovered more evidence which would unravel the suspected
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network of the terror attacks. one of the attackers remains at large. >> for the latest on the investigation, let's bring in aur reporter live from paris watching the situation for us. fred, bring us up to speed with what you're hearing. walk us through what you know about these two suspects police believe are at large. certainly one of them on the on the run. >> there are a lot of breaking developments apparently the gunfire that was heard there in st. denis started at around 4:30 a.m. local time. we heard, of course, from people there on the scene that there was heavy gunfire. it seems the police have
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surrounded a residential building. it seems to be a waiting game at this point in time. it appears there are no gunshots being fired. but we're also hearing from bfmtv. they spoke to the mare, all the funnel transport have been shut down. of course, at this point in time, the authorities there, those special operations forces from the police called the bri, the raid shutting down that area. unclear at this point in time whether or not the suspects they teem to think are in there are still holed up in that apartment. you're absolutely right. what's been going on is that the authorities here seem to believe there could have been a second suspect on the run, possibly even a third suspect. there's an international manhunt going on for a man called
9:25 pm
salah abdelsalam. led to raids in belgium and france. police have since taken a look at a video. they possibly have identified other people in that car. one additional person, possibly two additional people
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try to find him. and you can see that some of these actions to find him are impressive, but he must not be afraid to surrendered. to explain.
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but, of course, if he has something to do with it, he must accept responsibility. >> mohamed abdeslam urging his brother to turn himself in. >> just to remind you, the breaking news we're following for you out of france, out of paris. just north of paris, there's an operation under way right now conducted by french counterterrorism officials. there's a raid ongoing in st. denis, a suburb north of paris. atika is on the scene. we're going to get her for you on the other side of a quick break. please stay with cnn.
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breaking news in paris where police have a number of suspects pinned down in a building in a suburb known as st. denis. this raid has been on going for about two hours. as well as explosions, also reports of a helicopter is in the air. the area has been cordoned off, public transport has been cut off as well. these are live pictures, too, coming to us from bfmtv, our affiliate there. you can see the police in full riot gear as they cordon off this area a. >> right there in st. denis, the equivalent of a s.w.a.t. team
9:35 pm
going to that site. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> right now, they have blocked off a portion of st. denis. we can see a flum ber of police with, heavily armed and with shields up as well. there are helicopters overhead. they seem to be spotlighting a particular building here. we don't know who they're after exactly, hume they're after. but what they appear to be doing is encircled the area. i did see the s.w.a.t. team arriving earlier, the bri. certainly indicates possibly intention of going into one of these buildings. what with know from police is that this is certainly linked to the investigation of the attack of the hunt for those possibly two suspects still on the run.
9:36 pm
but we don't know exactly who it is they've cornered in this part of st. denis. >> as far as the gunfire and the explosion explosions one of the residents told us that has seemed to pause for a time. have you heard gun fire since you arrived? >> it's relatively quiet at the moment, but you can see this is still an ongoing operation. i can see, for example, a number of heavily armed units moving quite quickly around. in fact, one of them has their guns now pointed j up wards into a building. >> we don't hear any gun fire, but it's still a fluid situation. >> is this a residential building? a commercial building? give us some visuals.
9:37 pm
>> this is very much a mixed use area. i'm on a commercial road. there's lots of shops. i'ming looing into a plaza where there are also apartments and residensidences as well. police had their guns pointed up towards the building as they kind of moved in formation down the road. so i'm not sure exactly which building at this point is the target, but what it looks like is they're encircling the area, not only to keep it safe, but possibly to keep any suspects from leaving the area. it's hard for us to know because it's moving so fluidly. >> this must be terrifying for the residents, atika. i don't know if you have a chance to speak to them. but clearly when they heard the gunfire and the explosion, there must be concern that this may have, in fact, been another attack rather than a police
9:38 pm
operation. >> people here, it's a rough neighborhood, so people here are definitely a bit, shall we say, jaded towards gang violence and petty crime. but the volley of gunfire they heard, what appeared to be automatic gun fire and sound of the explosion definitely rattled people here in the aftermath of what happened here over the weekend. now what we hear from residents is the route out has been sealed off. they cannot use the metro, for example. the subway has been closed .the main highway to the area has also been closed. it definitely has the feel that this particular neighborhood, anyway, of an area under siege. >> this operation taking place north of paris, it's happening in the same area where the stade de france is located. that's where a number of these attackers on friday blew themselves up.
9:39 pm
do you have a sense of how far away the stade de france is from where this operation is happening? >> it was about ten-minute drive from here. it's quite a distance to the actual neighborhood that we're in now, and it's not clear exactly what the link is between the attack on the stad stade de france and the raid ongoing here. all we know at this point from a police source is that this is definitely linked to the search for those two suspects in connection with the paris attack. but we don't know who exactly the person is that they're looking for. we know, of course, that one of the suspects still on the run is abdeslam.
9:40 pm
is it one of these men or someone else in connection with these attacks? >> thank you. >> it does appear they have surrounded one building herkts with their spotlights on that one building. police in riot gear, their guns drawn, pointed upwards. it's an ongoing situation. residents told stay indoors. and the entire area has, in fact, pretty much been sealed off. let's go 20 fred, we know crucial evidence has been gathered in the hunt for the people behind the paris attack. is it possible any of the evidence has led them to this point in what's happening in st. denis? >> one of the things that's been
9:41 pm
gleaned is one of the getaway cars that was rented by sal salah abdeslam, police have been trying to piece together the evidence. the vehicles were, of course, something that was certainly of great focus to the authorities. and one of the ones being used right now and that was used to try to identify whether or not there was more than one person, one fugitive still on the run was the video of that black car that was seen at the scene of various of the shootings that took place. inside that vehicle, they found several ak-47 assault roofls. two or three ak-47 assault rifles. and that along with the videos that they saw of that vehicle led them to believe that more than one person could still be on the run. but it's interesting, because so far most of the raids that we've seen that were in direct correlation with the attacks that happened on friday here in
9:42 pm
paris happened in belgium. most of the ones that happened here in france were sort of general raids, the general dragnet. this seems to be the first targeted one that is in direct correlation with what happened here on friday. it's going to be interesting to see who exactly is holed up inside that building. you have, of course, salah ab salah abdeslam who is still on the run, where there is an international arrest warrant issued by the belgians. but it is, of course, europe and indeed worldwide. but there appear to be other people on the run as wael. and then one of the things, of course, that people have been focusing on is the fact that this is also st. denis. thanks very much. >> fred, thanks very much for bringing us up to speed on what's happening. that raid is ongoing. live images from the scene. we've seen ambulances on the scene as well as police in heavy riot gear, as well as barricades around the area which
9:43 pm
essentially means the entire area has been closed off as they focus in on this one building. and we are being told by the mayor of st. denis that there is, in fact, a number of suspects pinned down inside that building and also one report that maybe a police officer has been injured. >> atika schubert has been updating us on what she's seeing. we're going to take a very quick break. do join us on the other side. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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>> welcome back. the latest of the breaking news in paris, police have pinned down a number of suspects in a northern suburb after gunfire and an explosion. helicopters are overhead. a s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. our affiliate reports that one police officer has been wounded. two suspects thought to be
9:47 pm
involved in friday's terror attack, one is salah abdeslam who rented a car and two hotel rooms that officials say were used to launch the attacks. >> when you look at the pictures and images, explain to us what's happening. >> what the people heard was at 4:3w0 in the morning. that's when people are most deep asleep. it's also when the streets are empty and you can operate fairly spurp tishsly. our usual hits were at 4:00, 4:30. they went in with two concussion grenades. when you go in with flash bangs, as we call them. you know already there's likely armed resistance. they had intel these people
9:48 pm
might have been armed. the shots they heard might or might not have been automatic fire. if you give five operators, it's going to sound like full auto. but what it appear tos been -- i mean you ear in and out of a place fairly quickly, but you have to go room to room to room and clear every space. obviously they found a place where there were armed people and they have decided not to continue. that's why the shields have been brought up. they don't usually use shields in regular entries because it slows you down. so now they are going through a methodical clearing of the house. and they have made a determination that they cannot safely enter that room at this point -- and that's why -- or rooms. that's why the officers outside had their guns up. they know which windows correspond to the rooms they're concerned about and they don't want anybody firing down at them
9:49 pm
as they move. there's probably also snipers around who have clear views of those rooms. >> obviously a complicated operation to carry out in an area that's a residential area to some extent. >> ion credibly complicated. what they are probably trying to do now, besides contain these armed individuals, or presumptively armed individuals is they are trying to evacuate people above, below and on the sides. you don't stop trains and then leave a family sleeping next door. the problem is moving around and getting these people out exposes you potentially to other hazards and attacks. >> okay, steve. i think we'll leave it there for the time being. but just to recap, this happened at 4:30 in the morning paris time, now about two hours and 20 minutes ago, for our viewers who maybe, in fact, just tuning in right now.
9:50 pm
so this raid is ongoing and appears it will be ongoing for quite some time, right? >> it will go for a while until these guys give up or find a way to get them out. >> we'll talk to you in the coming hours. we appreciate you being with us. >> we're going to take a quick break. this operation is underway. connection to the terror attacks in paris on friday. stay with us, we have someone on the scene. we're going to bring you the very latest. you're watching cnn's live coverage. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime.
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>> welcome back, everybody. police have pinned down a number of suspects in a northern suburb after gunfire broke out a short time ago. it's all part of an anti-terror raid. witnesses report hearing an explosion. at least one flifr has been wounded. >> the raid comes as investigators search for two suspects thought to have been involved in friday's terror attack. one of them is salah abdeslam who rented a car and two hotel rooms that officials say were used to launch the attacks. the terror attacks in paris have many people around the world on
9:55 pm
edge. there are so many questions that parents now have to answer. >> and french media captured a very touching moment between a father and a son talking about how to beat bad guys. [ speaking french ]
9:56 pm
>> a very painful conversation to have with a child. thank you for watching live from los angeles. i'm isha sesay. we'll be back with another hour of news after a short break. this is claira.
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police have pinned down a number of suspects in a northern suburb after gunfire broke out. all part of a police anti-terror raid in paris. witnesses reported hearing an explosion. >> our affiliate bh fmtv reports at least one police officer have been wounded. authorities are hunting for two suspects from friday's deadly terror attacks. th


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