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tv   New Day  CNN  November 18, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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raid just outside paris called sontene. for hours, there have been explosions, gunfire, at least two terrorists killed. several others arrested. officers hurt. speculation that this was an extension of a manhunt looking for the planner of friday's attacks. what's going on now is different active groups of officers looking at different apartments where a team was revealed that resulted in gunfire and fatalities. they believe that they got there just in the nick of time before this team that they discovered could launch yet another wave of attacks. what those attacks would have been, we're not told at this time. cnn has multiple sells of eyes on the scene. let's start with clarissa ward, senior investigative correspondent. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: chris, behind me is
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the church where police were banging away at that door, trying to wedge it open for fight some time. when they finally succeeded in doing that, we saw them filing in there. it's not clear what the source of the threat or the intelligence that led them to this church is. we're about 500 meters or so away from the apartment building that was the source of the raids overnight. police filed into that church, you can see from their posture they appear to be pretty calm now. certainly this has been a pretty chaotic, ongoing scene on the ground since about 4:30 local this morning. as a series of raids trying to, they believe, drill down on the believed mastermind of friday's attacks. a 27-year-old belgian of moroccan origin. his name is abdelhamid abaaoud. he was thought to lead a plot in
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january that was thwarted. everybody thought he had gone back to syria or iraq. french and coalition authorities. >> reporter: tarretting him in syria and iraq. now it appears, again, i say it appears, this situation is very fluid. there's a lot of information coming through and we want to make sure we really lock it down before reporting it but it appears that he is the focus, the target of this raid overnight. no word yet on whether anything actually happened in terms of finding him. but certainly we do know that as many as two people were killed, three arrested. a woman who was wearing a suicide vest blew herself up. a lot of moving parts here, chris. we're continuing to keep an eye on this church to see if that may reveal anything. it's worth noting as well, the residents around here, all around us, they can't believe what is happening, chris. this is paris. this is europe. people are not used to seeing police banging down doors, heavy
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armed, detonated explosions going off all through the night, suicide bombers. this is unchartered territory for parisians. chris? >> there's no question, there's no other word for it but bizarre right now. christiane, we've reached a point where officers just tore a hole through a church door while presumptively looking for a muslim terrorist who might be inside, probably not, based on the way that they entered after a night of explosives and gunfire in a place where they discovered yet another team they believe was poised to attack. >> these radicals, these terrorists have been on the run. we've had international arrest warrants, manhunt been going on since saturday. let's not forget, it is not just abaaoud who is considered the mast mastermind but another organizers as well, salah abdeslam. for the last two days we've been talking about him as well. there are a number of people they are still trying to nail down. >> in 12 hours the reporting
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went from they were trueing to kill this guy in syria, right before the attacks. couldn't find him. now he might be in a church in their own backyard? >> indeed. i asked secretary kerry yesterday when i sat with them to confirm the reports that the french wanted to get in on the drone attack. he wouldn't go there. he wasn't going to go there. abaaoud, he's the most important, if i can use that word, isis jihadi who has gone from belgium and back. he appears in the horrendous videos, making threats, performing the most unspeakable acts on tape. fight a psychopath and has been connected, importantly now, connected with many other, thankfully foiled attacks in belgium and including, of course, that ak-47 attempted spraying of a passenger train from brussels to paris in the summer. >> his intentions are clear. he's proving elusive.
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let's get back to the scene of this active operation. atika shubert, you've been the fresh eyes, the first eyes on the situation throughout the night. you've seen waves of activity. and now? >> yes. well, it's officially over, the operation. the french government spokesperson has said that it's over and that only security operations are under way. now, this is right in the heart of old sebastiaint-denis. we see police units here, although it is much more relaxed. we just saw a plain clothed officer get out with a rifle and move around the church there. what is happening, these are security operations, clearing the area out of suspicious characters, anybody who's not supposed to be around here. the actual operation to apprehend those suspects appears to officially be over and just
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to recap, we have two of the suspects who died, seven suspects arrested. this is after a night of automatic gunfire and explosion, residents understandably are not only terrified what's happened but just think it's absolutely surreal. so this is -- this is paris today, chris. >> the church bells are ringing where you are, police are tearing a hole in the door of another church. they may call that an operation being over but certainly activity is still ongoing. a lot about this is about where it goes from here, fred plietgen also on the scene. >> there are police officers moving away from the scene at this point in time. there's a group in front that's standing with some firefighters
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there. the guys with the orange sort of bands around their arms are plain clothed police officers. some of them wearing their police jackets now. the guys from the special operations forces do still be in place. it seems to us, though, chris, the situation down there, from what we can see, seems to be much, much more relaxed than it was about 45 minutes ago when at that point in time, they were still standing with their guns ready. it really does seem as atika was saying as though there's clearing operations going on. they're going through there. it does seem at this point in time that they are more relaxed. the front, however, there is still a cop there that seems to be securing a perimeter. also with a rifle and with that riot gear and the flack vest on as well. they certainly are still very much in a mode where they're securing the perimeter, still have a lot of forces on hand. they have a lot of ambulances, firefighters, still a lot of assets they have down here. clearly if this operation is
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winding down, it seems to be winding down in a slow way. it's not like they're moving out quickly. seems like there is work going on in those places but from the vantage point we have here, which, again, is elevated so we can see down that road where those apartments appear to be, it seems to us as though it's a lot more relaxed than it would have been about 30, 40 minutes ago. chris? >> understood within the context, fred, of course, there is a randomness to this. the officers went to one of these apartments for one reason, the search wound up being expanded, there wound up being violence. you never know what's going to happen. stay safe. stay on the scene and let us know what you see there. jim, what do we know about how we arrived at this point? >> there was a break in the case. including a message to the effect of let's get this operation started. very important there were
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encryption apps on those phones. >> allowing them to go work. >> yes. i was told they were concerned this cell went dark and that's a reason they were able to stay under the radar screens. possibly a key clue. what we're seeing unfold today is good police work. >> we're also watching the french interior minister. let's bring in senior correspondent jim bitterman, the interior minister walking up now. we believe he's going to give a statement. take us through this. >> i think he probably will. this is what usually happens. the french are good about putting something out right away when something goes on. i expect he'll have a few words to say. we're also supposed to hear in about a half hour from president hollande himself, who is addressing the mayors. and the mayors of france gathering -- the association of
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mayors gathering, 11,000 mayors. in france, the mayors have a different role than in the united states. they have policing powers, especially in smaller villages where there aren't as many police. they have police forces in their own towns. the mayors are very important in getting the message out, providing security, that sort of thing. they will talk about the values of the republic and all that. i also suspect because of the events this morning, he'll speak about what happened. >> when the french put out, as jim bitterman was saying, when the french officials come out, they have things it talk about. one other point, are you hearing what we've been hearing that this idea of these raids have been an awakening for the authorities, that they are discovering an intricacy of a network and criminality and terror framework in and around their midst they were not aware of. >> i think absolutely.
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after charlie hebdo -- the interior minister is speaking now. >> we'll get a translation. let'slien in. >> translator: i would like to give my sincere congratulations of the police involved in the raid who intervened in an extremely courageous way in the framework of this operation. who worked for numerous hours in conditions they had never met up until now. i would also like to congratulation the inhabitants. i would like to say to them, throughout this operation -- they respected the advice given by the police and the local actors which contributed to the success in this operation.
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clearly, we -- during the coming days and the inquiry we'll have to pursue the action that we're carrying out in the fight against terrorism. i'd like to immediately give the floor to the -- to the prosecutor. i'd like to make a few observations. i've expressed myself more clearly in the second part of the afternoon. we need to understand that people could not go inside the building. this was within the judicial framework of friday night following the criminal terrorist attacks that took place in paris, saint-denis. there's been lots of work that's been carried out which made it possible to obtain surveillance and testimonies which made it possible to think that the name
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abaaoud was likely to be in a flat in saint-denis with these eleme elements. this operation that was unleashed this night with the shootings that were described by the minister first of all with the intention of three people who were in the flat, secondly, by the explosion of a young woman who was still there who exploded herself by exploding a charge and then another terrorist was then found and was then killed by projectiles and grenades. two people were then detained who were trying to hide and two other people were then detained, the one who provided the accommodation and their acquaintance. it is impossible to give you the
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identities of the people at the moment while these identifications and checks taking place, everything will be done to find out who is -- and these police and technical examinations and what the consequences can be drawn from the development of these investigations. thank you. >> all right. we were just hearing the prosecutor give a breakdown of what was going on. you have to remember, if you're just joining us right now, it has looked like a war zone in this french neighborhood of saint-denis outside paris for the last several hours. police acting on information that the planner of the attacks on friday may have been in an apartment in this community. they launched a massive operation. there were explosions, there was gunfire, terrorists have been killed. at least two are being reported. many have been arrested. officers have been injured. this was about jim sciutto, two apartments on the same street that led to what we're being the discovery of a second terror
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team. >> three headlines. it was just in the nick of time. they believe by getting in there at the time they did they prevented another deadly attack on the streets of paris. two, as you heard the french police just saying right there, they believe the mastermind of these attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud was going to be in that apartment. as it turned out he was not. third, something we've been talking about for the last hour or so, you heard kaznov there, the several phones they foned in effect that led them to another cell. that was a remarkable lead in this investigation. made a real different today. >> four people have been detained in this apartment raiding, including the owner, the renter, the person who the apartment belonged to. cnn producer, scott brownstein has confirmed that the raids focused on two separate apartments on the same street.
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the raid from one of them led to the raid on the second one. >> pressure is on the interior minister. he has been in the forefront ever since charlie hebdo. there's been a repeated terrorist incident and every time he takes the heat. he's out there with his prosecutor, and the two of them have a lot of responsibility for protecting french. i'm sure he feels it's a good idea to be out there this morning. >> there's a big emerging plus/minus in this situation. there is a state of emergency. it's increased police power, led to more raids in places they ordinarily wouldn't go. the negative is as the fruit of those raids, they have developed an understanding of what's being described to us as a spider web network, almost an infestation of potential terror targets leading them to a second team of what it seems, jim sciutto, of at least manpower, firepower and
3:17 am
explosive power to the teams that launched the attacks on friday. >> parallels here are coop. we heard of eight attackers, isis said. police identified seven. you have nine people in this area, in these apartments, same size. there was one suicide vest as we know from the police, several automatic weapons. it has many parallels to that first cell. i'll tell you, we've talked a lot since the attacks happened. people ask the question are we in a different phase now, has something changed, et cetera? we are, no question. but part of that, police have more power. they're not going to leave anything to chance. they're going to go on a hunch. they're not going to wait for a crime to be committed. they have the power to do that. >> they are saying, according to our producer, actually as we've been reporting this morning, this apartment building, this residential location was under surveillance since yesterday. >> when they found the phones. >> they didn't just turn up there at 4:30 in the morning.
3:18 am
they've been watching those apartments. >> good, they were under surveillance, found this other team. the bad part, let's go to paul cruickshank at our parry bureau. we report this with accuracy but hesitanc hesitancy. the authorities and those with knowledge of the investigations say they have no reason to believe, paul, there couldn't be a third team or even a fourth team. they have no idea of the extent of the number of people they're up against or the imminency of their intentions. is that fair to say? >> i think it's fair to say there's a significant amount of concern from security on the list, people who know how isis operates. there could be several attack teams now. the fact there were two suggests they wanted to launch a first attack on friday. and then when the world media descend on paris to launch another spectacular attack, which, of course, would be even
3:19 am
more traumatic potentially for france and get even more attention for the isis cause worldwide, i think it's significant that we are learning the way they managed to figure out the potentially -- abdelhamid abaaoud was at this apartment, that it was from the cell phones, according to the interior minister. also surveillance and testimony that they've got from people, maybe stuff they have from the interrogation. they're learning crucial pieces of information which is allowing them to get a better handle on this threat. at this hour, it is still not clear what the fate of abdelhamid abaaoud is. the interior minister saying they're still trying to work out who the people were that were killed in that raid. chris? >> so we're still learning some information. something i don't think is incremental. early on when we heard about the
3:20 am
explosion, it was reported from authorities that there had been a female with an explosive vest and she had detonated it. then there was push back. we don't know that she was wearing the vest. we know something exploded. take us through, other than the obvious, which it wasn't a vest, it was something else, in terms of what they're dealing with, about what they know about the potential that these teams have had on them. >> well, i mean, with this information, chris, about a potential female suicide bomber, i mean, that points to the fact that there has been a very large number of women who have come from the west to join isis and other terrorist groups in syria and iraq. more than 500 western radicalized women have gone over and joined. of course, the concern is, some of them look just like the men are coming back to europe and they can fly, perhaps, a little
3:21 am
bit more under the radar screen. there's been some concern for fight some time that women would be getting more involved and it would appear from what we're hearing that this woman in some kind of fashion detonated some kind of explosive, killed herself in the process, chris. we're still trying to gather information exactly what went down. >> and also you know, the scene on your screens right now, also is strongly suggestive of how diverse this perceived threat is. you have forensics people, explosives people, military, police. there's a lot of different types of assets because of two things, one, what has been discovered which is a team of at least equal number and equal capabilities has been discovered in a community outside paris in the preceding hours to this broadcast right now, there have been explosions. there's been gunfire, at least two terrorists have been killed, several others have been detained. officers have been hurt. that is what is known.
3:22 am
there's also a group of officers literally bashing a hole through a church door, all of this done on the suggestion that the planner of friday's attacks may not be in syria as was suspected but on a street in a paris community in an apartment. and that's what these raids were with. no word he was discovered here. jim sciutto, this is not to cite incompetence. it is to cite the wave of developments of understanding by french authorities as they're doing more and more raids. >> they are so overwhelmed with the number of terror suspects here. maybe we speak about the incredible capability of this group we're seeing here, that you could have the mastermind -- the truth is they don't know where he is. their best intelligence a couple weeks ago was that he was thousands of miles away in the middle east, in syria.
3:23 am
what we know is over the last several months he did exactly that, he moved back and forth between syria and particularly belgium, having faked his own death by having a relative make a phone call to say he died in a raid to help put him under the radar. if he is indeed here, back again in the midst of all this, it shows their enormous ability to move back and forth under the noses -- not just french police, keep in mind, u.s. intelligence is helping them as well. the great powers to monitor communication, movement, et cetera, that's a tremendous capability on the part of these terrorists. >> all right. we're going to take a break here. again, there is an active situation going on just outside paris in a community called saint-denis. authorities went there on a lead that the planner of friday's attacks may be in an apartment right here in this community. they went through two apartments on one street. again, there was death this morning, at least two terrorists killed. others detained, officers hurt,
3:24 am
an explosion inside one of the apartments. was it a vest? was it a bomb? does that speak to other capabilities and intentions? all of those are open questions. stay with us. we have more information about what's going on related to the paris attacks. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> there have been a major turn of events outside paris, a flurry of activity. terrorists killed, terrorists detauned. police officers hurt. where? saint-denis, a community just outside of paris. the target, according to authorities, there was good information that the person who planned friday's attacks may not be in syria as was expected just 12 hours ago. but here, outside paris in an apartment. they went to a certain street in saint-denis. they went to two different apartments. when they did, there were explosions. a female terrorist had a suicide
3:29 am
vest that went off or it went off accidentally or some other type of explosive went off. what did authorities find? they found a team equal in number, firepower and explosive capabilities to the one that took down these paris attacks on friday. authorities say they founded this team and location, quote, just in the nick of time. before what? that's unphone -- unknown. they do believe attacks were imminent. it resulted in a scene on this saint-denis street with a team putting a hole in the door of a church. with that, alisyn, back to you in new york. >> we want to get the white house's reaction to everything we've seen this morning. we know president obama has been brief on everything unfolding. let's turn to white house press secretary, josh earnest, he's with the president in the
3:30 am
philippines. josh, thanks so much for being with us. can you tell us what the president was told about this unfolding operation that we just watched happen? and was this believed by the white house to be a second wave of attacks that was just thwarted? >> well, alisyn, i can tell you, the president as he has gone about his day has been brief and updated on the law enforcement operation that has been under way in paris for much of the night there in paris. this is obviously a french operation. this is a french law enforcement operation. and they're carrying it out. the united states has pledged our support, both in terms of expertise and intelligence that we can share with them. so the results of this operation, we'll let the french discuss. this is certainly something the president is keeping close tabs on. >> josh, it feels like something changed on friday. it feels as though with the attacks in paris on friday that the strategy against isis or at
3:31 am
least the actions against isis have been ramped up with russia getting involved, with the french getting involved. is the u.s. getting more aggressive now against isis? >> alisyn, the first thing that's important for people to understand is that the united states has been involved in carrying out military strikes inside of syria for more than a year now. it is only because of the significant investments this president made and ordered in terms of collecting intelligence, carrying out military air strikes inside of syria, that is what allows france to now ramp up their contribution to our effort and to carry out strikes themselves. we certainly appreciate the greater contribution from our french allies but none of this would be possible without the logistical support, the air refueling and the intelligence that's been collected by the united states. so this is -- the reason i raise that, alisyn, it's important for people to understand, this is something the president has been focused on. the president is aware of the threat been posed by isil. the fact of the matter is way
3:32 am
back in september of 2014 when the president announced he ordered these actions, the primary purpose of carrying out military operations inside of syria was to start to take action, deny them a safe haven so they cowl not use a safe hafen inside of the chaos of syria to carry out attacks in west. we have made progress. 20% to 25% of the populated area that isil previously operated in in iraq and syria is no longer an area they can operate. we made progress but there's more important work to be done. >> we may have made progress in terms of territory but the very fact they were able to carry out this coordinated, deadly attack in paris, didn't that the mean we have not, obviously, done enough to stop isis? >> alisyn, of course there's more important work to be done. the president made clear back in september of 2014 when he discussed this issue, when he ordered this military action, made clear that this was going to be a long-term proposition. isil made significant gains in
3:33 am
syria inside of -- and in iraq. and isil has capitalized on the political chaos inside of syria to establish a safe haven there and to pose a threat in the region and around the world. this is a threat that the president is mindful of and that's why he's ordered the significant action that he's ordered. it's why he has built and led a coalition of more than 65 other nations to degrade an ultimately destroy this organization. the president never promised it would happen overnight. we've been mindful of this risk going forward. there's no denying the important progress that's being made. you'll recall just last week the united states took a strike outside of raqqah where we were able to take off the battlefield, in all likelihood, one of the most infamous members of isil, this mohamed emwazi character, otherwise known as jihadi john, featured in many of the execution videos isil put out. that, again, is also evidence of the progress we have made against isil inside of iraq and in syria that certainly doesn't downplay the ongoing threat they
3:34 am
pose. that's why the president has been working closely with allies to continue the effort to degrade and ultimately destroy that organization. >> josh, it's chris cuomo in paris. thank you for joining us. no question that we are at a moment of reset right now. it is difficult to see where we are as a function of success, not only the vulnerabilities that were exposed here in paris but there's no question that isis still has not just one but several safe havens of operation regardless of what's going on in certain parts of the ground between syria and iraq. and it raises the question of how are you going to do more? because it's obviously needed. there are big gaps in intel. we're hearing from the u.s. side that they knew about the man who's now seen as a planner here. they knew about other people involved in this attack. that wasn't translated. we saw with the egyptian plane that they can do it in the air. we saw here they can do it on the ground. this is not about the success up to this point, it's about the lack of success. what needs to change?
3:35 am
>> well, chris, again, i think the president has been fight clear about the fact, first of all, that we're fight aware of the extremist threat that existed inside the sinai peninsula for fight some time. for years, the faa has had certain flight restrictions in place in the sinai, the state department over the course of the last year has given repeated travel warnings, warning people of the risk of traveling in the sinai peninsula. that is an indication that we have taken precautions against the extremist threat that exists inside sinai peninsula. when it comes to this extremist threat in other parts of the world, just last week, the united states carried out an operation against an isil leader inside of libya. we're still assessing the results of that operation. we're able to take the targeted strike against the leader of isil inside of libya, because of the intensive, intelligence operation that's been under way inside of libya. because of efforts to coordinate with local officials on the grounded to develop that information. this is an indication that this is something that the president has been focused on for fight
3:36 am
some time and we've made important progress. that is not in any way to deny the significance of how serious this threat is. in fact, it actually confirms that the president takes this seriously. we've built a coalition of 65 nations who are assisting us in this effort in iraq and in syria. it's not just a military strategy. the other thing we need to do is ultimately resolve the political chaos inside of syria. that's why secretary kerry has been leading these international discussions that have included in the same room the russians, the saudis and the iranians to ensure that everybody with a stake in the outcome in syria is around the table. they recently announced just over the weekend they made progress in that political transition. there is ultimately no military solution to this problem. we can apply significant pressure using our military and we'll do that. ultimately if we're going to solve this problem, we need to address the political situation inside of syria. secretary kerry is making progress doing exactly that. >> if the coalition, the russians and the french said we've determined that we need
3:37 am
boots on the ground, air strikes aren't going to cut it. air strikes are only going to -- we'll see more of the paris-style attacks, would the u.s. participate? >> well, alisyn be with the president a few weeks ago did make an announcement of a small deployment of fewer than 50 special operations forces on the ground inside of syria. they are not there in a combat role but are there to offer advice and assistance to local forces on the ground with whom we have had success in cooperating. and who are taking the fight to isil on the ground inside their own country. alisyn, the president does not believe that a significant deployment of u.s. ground troops in a combat operation is going to solve the problem. in fact, i think what we saw back in 2003 when president bush ordered a similar operation inside of iraq, it actually made the problem worse. and there is plenty of evidence to indicate that that failed foreign policy decision has actually contributed to the count of situation that we're facing right now.
3:38 am
>> josh, what you're setting up, though, right now is not a unilateral proposition, even if the president does by argument an extension of current law have the ability to decide these things. it really is a focus of debate. it does take sharp focus to the issue of the authorization of use of military force. this is a decision that needs to be made by consensus with congress. not just under the constitution but within the political practicalities. is the president going to go back to congress and say, it is time for us to have the debate about what military action needs to mean in this war? >> chris, the president made this precise point at the news conference that he conducted in manila earlier today. we've seen a lot of debate in congress about things that they may do that have much more to do with politics than national security, particularly when it comes to the refugee program. the fact of the matter is, congress has fallen down on the job. when it comes to their
3:39 am
responsibility. we have men and women in uniform in iraq and syria who are putting themselves in harm's way to do their job. it's time for members of congress to do their job. the administration put forward specific language that could be included in an authorization to use military force this past february. for nine months it's made no progress to the congress despite the fact that the president sent senior members of his national security team, including his secretary of defense, secretary of state and military leaders to congress to testify about the importance of this specific piece of legislation. they did that in public and under oath. congress has done nothing. it's time for them to do their job and pass an authorization to use military force that would send a clear signal to the american people that were united in this effort, send a clear signal to our alley s -- allie united in this effort as well. >> josh earnest, thank you for joining us in this very important moment.
3:40 am
we'll stay in touch as things develop here. the concern is this may be paris but it could just as easily be portland in the united states. that's why there's such a demand for action. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we expect to hear from the french president, francois hollande about what happened here today and what it means going forward. stay with cnn's continuing coverage.
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if you're just joining us, there has been a flurry of activity outside paris this morning, explosions, gunfire, a major operation by french authorities on a certain street in a community outside paris called saint-denis. why were they there? they had reason to believe that the planner of friday's attacks may be not in syria as speculated but here, outside paris in an apartment on a street in saint-denis. they went to one apartment, then a second. they wound up encountering a team that at this point we know to have been at least equal in number, firepower and explosive capabilities to the one that launched the attacks on friday. a female inside, identified as a terrorist by authorities, detonated what they believe was certainly an explosive, maybe an additional explosionive vest.
3:45 am
at least she and one other terrorist were killed. others were detained. very important for the understanding of this investigation. it culminated in a bizarre scene with french police outside the door of a church, bashing a hole in it to find something inside. there's been no more fruit of that discovery to us. that's how we arrived at where we are today after hours of a flurry of activity. so now with that as the backdrop, we have to figure out what's going on and why this is happening. we have with us fabrice monet, a former navy s.e.a.l. in france, also the chairman of a security company here in france. the metaphor, this is look bamboo, revealing a slowly growing root network, encountering chutes popping up.
3:46 am
>> spread out around paris and big cities in france. our government -- >> if they knew, why only now are we seeing the activity? >> it's not so easy to inquire quickly. we have 10% muslim. we have to be very careful because that community can be offended because if they feel -- we will have a big problem in france. we have to balance this. it's not so easy to french people. we are going to be at war very soon. so we'll increase our security level right now.
3:47 am
because i think it looks like they are fight ready, logistic networks outside france, networks to get from syria to europe. we have now big boundary issues in europe. >> they are sources close to the investigations are telling us that they are now getting so much new information because they're allowed to do things they couldn't do before. >> yes. >> they're playing catch up as we say in the united states. they're trying to catch up to this. there may be a third team. there may be a fourth team. do you think there's a reason to believe that? >> yes, of course. those last few days, that demonstrates clearly there are different teams. it looks like they are coordinated all together. we don't know what's planned by those guys this morning. maybe they were trying to strike
3:48 am
bigger place, west paris where we have all the big buildings, commercial headquarters. >> that's the commercial center, headquarters of businesses. >> it's a symbol in paris. for sure we have a cell ready to strike. our police forces are now -- we have an emergency order in front. they have the right to strike in every house they want. to strike the place where we feel some radicals are living there. we did 300 reds in the last two days. we got many, many information. we do this very quickly to get massive information and to stop what's going on and take the proper position to stop them. >> that takes to us where we are right now. then we had this conversation,
3:49 am
jim schutte ciutto, christiane r here with us as they have been for hours. the word from the white house, set within the context of success, that we are having success, this has shown that isis can't operate in as many places. how does that make sense given that we just saw what happen in paris? we just saw what happened in egypt. it seems they have more capabilities than ever, not fewer. >> look, they're make is some progress some places but then like a pop-up mall sort of situation, it's popping up elsewhere. we've seen it here, beirut, turkey, all over the place. the russian passenger plane. the thing is, yes, there have been successes because they keep telling us a few months ago we never would have had the coalition we do. we would never have the peace track that we do, we'd never been able to put special forces on the ground. of course the question is if you can do it now, why didn't you do it earlier, why did you let this
3:50 am
metastasize? >> great word. >> it has to be a political, economic, cultural solution to this issue and a deradicalization to destroy the ideology. however, most military analysts who i speak to, including former nato officials, including cnn analysts, military an lives say right now there needs to be a military solution. you have to eradicate isis and that's not going to happen with some nice deradicalization programs or slow, play the long game. >> it will be mike makes right for two main reasons. >> military first and then the long game. >> everybody has understood that combination. you're right, it's in short supply in terms of balance but why do you need to take them out where they are? >> you have to deny them their safe haven as an operating base which has propaganda, philosophical value. they established an islamic state. two, it allows them operationally to carry out attacks.
3:51 am
we see that here. the statistic that josh earnest u it's weeks old. that they've denied them 25%. i looked at the map. it's hard for me to see what they're talking about there. the far more difficult argument to make, which he made, they're denying them a safe haven there. listen, if you've plotted an attack on the streets of paris and in the span of a week brought down a russian plane and killed 60 some odd people on the streets of beirut with suicide bombers, you have enough of a safe haven to project terror power beyond those borders. meanwhile, greater territory being gained in the sinai, libya and elsewhere, it's a very difficult argument to make that you have made militarily progress. >> the acceleration needs to happen. >> yes. >> it needs to accelerate all of this, more power projection to do this. french president francois
3:52 am
hollande has said -- and we're going to hear him soon -- that syria is, quote, the biggest terrorist factory in the world right now. >> the threat is real. they know what they have to do. we're waiting on french president francois hollande next. we'll take a quick break, before our continuing coverage. hi i'm heather cox
3:53 am
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feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. we are following a lost breaking news at this hour. a new terror plot in paris foiled and we're told just in the nick of time. a major police raid in nearby saint-denis taking out two terror suspects. cnn being told they were moments away from executing a new operation. this was launched after intelligence suggested that the mastermind of friday's attacks could be at this location, but his fate at this hour is unclear. seven people are under arrest in connection with this new raid. joining me to talk about all of this is our cnn national security analyst juliette kayyem. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> authorities believe they stopped a second wave that was cued up and ready to go. what's to stop us from thinking there's a third wave now cued up somewhere in paris ready to go?
3:57 am
>> the french are basing everything they're doing in the next couple days on that assumption. you're just simply not going to get an all-clear from these terrorists. whatever they found today will then lead to a potential investigation of anything that might have happened in the future. i just want to point out how unique this is in terms of the density of the streets for police tactics, this is a very challenging, i don't know if any civilians were hurt yet. this is different. this is not the caves of afghanistan and we've been talking a lot about syria and other places. look, the french have a french problem. almost everyone they've picked up is a french citizen and they're hiding in plain sight. that makes it very different in terms of a counterterrorism for the french right now. >> as you know, isis has put out a threat saying that the u.s. will be next. how much stock do you put in that?
3:58 am
>> i would take it seriously at this stage. you know, we just don't know if it's tough talk. obviously we are separated from europe by an ocean that protects us. we have strong, not perfect strong controls on immigration. it's hard for a group of people to get here and simultaneously form and plan an attack. i never say that it will never happen. 'always also have the lone wolf problem. anyone could have been radicalized or copycat based on friday. one of the interesting things in the last couple minutes, though, is the president of al abaaoud. >> the mastermine. french police said they were trying to target him but why are you skeptical? >> i'm not skeptical. it doesn't make sense from their perspective why you would put the operational mastermind in the same city where you're planning the attacks. it's a new tactic if true. you keep the mastermind safe because presumably he's planning
3:59 am
waves two and three. we'll find out who they have. i don't want to say i'm skeptical but it would be very unique to have the mastermind in the city where they're planning this. >> just quickly, juliette, you are surprised this is happening in an area of residence. your neighbors might hear or see something but they're able to fly under the radar. >> they're probably sleeping with three or four per apartment. they may be meeting in public places so they don't look suspicious. they're hiding in plain sight. it's a different way of thinking about it than we had in the last ten years. we're talking about these guys in caves, right? this is no longer true. this is urban -- this is urban counterterrorism efforts and police are adapting to it, because you have to protect civilians. you do. i mean, we don't know if
4:00 am
civilians were hurt. you see the streets. it's dense. >> it sure is. it's been incredible to watch this unfold over the past few hours. juliette kayyem, thank you. always great to get your expertise. we're following a lot of breaking news. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get right to it. >> by any description there has been terror on the streets around paris over the last few hours. there have been explosions, there's been gunfire, at least two terrorists were killed. police were injured. all of this in the name of a lead that the planner of friday's attacks here in paris may be actually right outside the community that was struck. it was believed that the mastermind as we were calling him, was supposed to be in syria. then there was a tip he might be in an apartment in a community known as saint-denis. that's where the soccer stadium is that was targeted on friday. police went there. why? because of cell phones they got and surveillance they had been doing over the last day or so, communications that were found.
4:01 am
they went to the apartment. they found a team at least equal in size of manpower, firepower and explosive capabilities upon entry, a female terrorist, either wearing a suicide vest trying to move a saw cried vest or some type of explosive detonated. she was killed. another terrorist has been killed. police then entered. there was a massive show of force. a second apartment was entered. all different types of assets hit the streets in and around saint-denis. it looked like a war zone, not a paris suburb. it culminated in a bizarre scene where a group of police officers were outside a church knocking a hole in the door allegedly in the search for a muslim terrorist. that's what got us to where we are right now. we have eyes on the ground everywhere that matters. we start with senior investigative correspondent clarissa ward. you were in front of that door as they were pounding a hole through it. this was after we were toll the operation was over. what's the situation right now? and what do you see as the context?
4:02 am
>> that's right, chris. just in the last few moments i counted 40 police vehicles, sirens blazing, all of them moving in that direction. that possibly indicating that this operation is indeed over. but i just want to try to give you the lay of the land here. right behind me you see those police vehicles. that is the street, further down there is the area where that raid was taking place. those two different apartments. and if you move over here, slightly, you can see this area has been completely blocked off. the police here trying to hold residents back. you can see the residents staring in disbelief, chris. this is paris. people here are not used to seeing operations of this magnitude. and then as we pull right around, you can see behind me, this church. this church just a couple of hours ago, we saw a large group of policemen bang down that door. it took them some time to bang it down. they then all filed in there.
4:03 am
i've tried to ask police officers as they were leaving what was inside that church, why were they looking inside the church? obviously none of them giving us answers. it's worth noting, chris, there are almost as many journalists here as there are police. it's been a very chaotic and fluid situation all morning long. we know now the police have left that church. it appears that the police did not find what they were looking for. as i mentioned before, i counted about 40 vehicles that went streaming past us, sirens blaring, appearing to indicate that that operation is indeed over. chris? >> all right. well, the active could mean anything. obviously we have eyes where it ended and where it began. atika shubert is there. you've been reporting on this for hours now since this flurry of activity first started. where are we? >> that's right. it started at 4:30 in the
4:04 am
morning. that's when residents tell us they heard automatic gunfire and an explosion. they were quickly evacuated. one of the residents grabbing his 3-year-old daughter as he rushed out. then when we arrive, a string of explosions, about six or seven. they sounded like regular explosions, possibly controlled detonations. and then shortly afterwards, we saw more police lining up here, heavily armed. there are still fight a few of them here. we saw military soldiers securing the perimeter. it really was a surreal scene, almost like a war zone. we then heard from the prosecutor's office, as you can see and hear, some of the explosions and gunfire. that's what it was like, very tense earlier this morning. we now know the upshot of it, two of those suspects killed, one of them, a female suicide bomber and seven suspects arrested now in custody. chris? >> right. once they start firing at police and blowing things up they're no
4:05 am
longer suspects. they're just identified as terrorists. two dead, others taken into custody. police hurt as well. why all this was going on? we expect to get context from the president himself, francois hollande any minute. we'll take you to that. the french authorities have been unusually forthcoming about what they're doing and why. let's take a wider look at how they got to where they needed to be to stop, as they say, just in the nick of time this most recent potential operation. jim sciutto, you've been reporting this was about cell phones they found. we just got an urgent reportable piece of information from a local prosecutor in charge of this investigation. that said, testimony and cellular surveillance led them to where they are. translate that for us. >> cellular surveillance, you'll remember they discovered phones at the scene of the friday attacks in paris, around the bodies of several of the attackers including with a message that perez reported yesterday, saying the attack is ready to go. cell phones used by the
4:06 am
attackers in the hours, moments before the attack. i'm told by a source those cell phones helped lead them to this apartment. you heard from the french prosecutor saying that cell phone surveillance made a difference. we know the apartment was under surveillance for the last 24 hours. this speaks to the enormous effort the french police are making now. they're turning up, you described them as bamboo chutes. >> fabrice magnier, former navy s.e.a.l., now the chairman of a security company. you said with these new police powers, this state of emergency, they are able to act on what they suspected has been building over since charlie hebdo. what are we seeing now with these raids? >> wt we've seeing through these raids, there's a huge network of those cells, which have been spread out.
4:07 am
so t to continue to strike any suspicious location, to raid any suspicious group and to accelerate the process using the cell phone identification and so on. to win this war. because it's a war against they will, those guys have been spreading out far, deeper in our society. we have to do it quickly. we'll do it for sure. >> we're hearing this wasn't just some support group they found in that apartment for logistics. this was a second team. do you believe that and do you believe the speculation that there could be other teams and that's why there's so much activity? >> yes. i think we'll discover in a few
4:08 am
weeks, few months, more teams ready to act. we have very important information. we have a lady with a suicide vest. it's brand new, actually in france. so it's a little bit scary. >> hsu crisuicide vests are new. a woman who may have had one is even more new. >> she exploded herself during the assault. we have to understand, they are ready. they are at war. we are not at war yet. this is the main issue. we have to communicate about it, surely but slowly, to explain to people, be ready. now times have changed. >> your president made that very clear from the very beginning, again, deploying over and over again this language of war. they have declared war on us, we are at war, all your top officials are doing that. i think one of the most interesting pieces of confirmation from the interior
4:09 am
minister when he came out and the prosecutor moulin, yes, all this information, this and that that led them there actually led them to believe that the mastermind was a guy called abdelhamid abaaoud. we don't know and we won't know yet. it's really significant because this whole idea of blow back is the one that law enforcement and intelligence officials all over the world from the united states to britain to here and around europe have been terrified about. this is their biggest nightmare, that these hundreds and cumulatively thousands of citizens from the west and elsewhere, from the west, have gone over to syria and are the new expeditionary force waging war against our cities. and this is what this has shown, because this guy was the most important belgian jihadi gone to syria and top isis fighter. >> you're right. that would be remarkable. imagine if osama bin laden was found near the location of one
4:10 am
of his attacks or anwar al alaki. >> let's see how their understanding has been advanced. here's president francois hollande. let's hear what he has to say. >> translator: prime minister, ladies and gentlemen, ministers, president of the association of mayors of france, vice presid t president, madam mayor of paris, a city of enlightenment, we are alongside you. ladies and gentlemen, mayors, through you, it is france that is brought together in a trial, united in the same resolution to
4:11 am
be capable of facing the circumstances which are exceptional today at the time when i'm expressing myself to you, a police operation that was particularly dangerous and heavy has just ended. it was aimed at neutralizing during this night the terrorists who were accommodated in saint-denis and who were in connection with the offers of the attack and odious crimes of friday night. two of these terrorists died in the assault. there were detentions. i imagimaimagine the anxiety th
4:12 am
inhabitants of saint-denis were faced with in the morning. i would like to con gragratulat them for their cool and express to the mayor of saint-denis who had already known the attack near the stade de france on friday and who, once again, was there next to the forces of law and order at the time when the assault began. i would finally like to express all our gratitude, admiration with regards to the forces of law and order, the police. who launched the operation and who knew the danger they perhaps underestimated still the violence they were going to face up to. and they were there, right to
4:13 am
the end of their mission several were wounded. and i'm also thinking of these police officers, the same ones and others who went to the bataclan theater in terrifying conditions to go and seek out the terrorists and to neutralize them again. ladies and gentlemen, mayors, france is proud to have the strength of such quality to protect our fellow citizens. these actions confirm to us once again that we are at war, a war
4:14 am
against terrorism, which itself has decide d to bring war to us. it is the jihadist organization daesh which has an army, financial resources, oil resources and occupies a territory, has a compass in europe and in our own country, together with young radicalized islamists. it commits barbarous massacres who wants to kill here. it has kill ed during the night of the 13th of november, at least 129 people lost their lives. we're thinking of them, of these women, these men who were cowardly killed and wounded and
4:15 am
traumatized. we're thinking of their families. who are in this terrible grief, these attacks which have brought -- have made paris and saint-denis weep and concern all french people wherever they live on the territory. because it is the entire country that was attacked because of what it represents, values that it carries, the fight that it leads. to eradicate terrorism and fight simply for what we are, what the terrorist wants to aim, it was about ourselves, what france represents through the successive generations of freedom that it proclaims, of
4:16 am
universal rights. that is what was attacked in the night of the 13th of november, because these barbarians with their blind violence attacked the french people in their diversity without considering their origins, their color, their religion. it's the youth of france who were the targets, because it represented the vitality, generosity, liberty, fight simply life. the emotion is immense. it's huge. anger as much. every woman and every man amongest us experiences an intense feeling of compassion for the victims of the attacks. and at the same time, a need for action in order to put the
4:17 am
enemies in the commanders of these attacks out of action. the aim of the terrorist is to bring us into fear and terror and division and, therefore, we must ensure that we must preserve in every community of france unity which makes us strong, which keeps our cool, which is our dignity. you are the elected members. you represent the diversity of our territories. but also the multipoli polimultr country and faced with the terrorist threat. there is no difference between territories. there is no longer a partisan divide. there are no longer women and
4:18 am
men of the duty or those who elected by universal suffrage and aware of their responsibility. i know that you have in your hearts to make this step and this will prevail on monday in front of the parliament which met as the congress, i expressed responses to fight against the terrorist group that attacked us. first of all, from a national point of view, international point of view the port has opened, makes it possible in the eastern mediterranean to multiply by three air strikes. i've called on the international community to take its part so
4:19 am
there can only be one common work in destroying daesh. i, on tuesday, will go to washington -- >> we're listening in on french president francois hollande. he's giving a very important message right now, not just celebrating the good police work that led to the disruption of what is believed to be another terrorist cell, a team that was supposedly poised to attack, authorities saying they got there just in the nick of time but also something as well, jim bitterman. the french president making the case for what he is calling war and making the case politically that the french people have to be ready for more of what they saw today. >> not just anybody. he's talking to us, of course. the people he's talking to, the 11,000 players, since napoleonic times, the mayors in france have had responsibility to provide law and order. these are the people also responsible for transmitting the national values. he said that very clearly. he said we have to remain
4:20 am
unified, respect the national values. those people have attacked those values. because of that we're at war. >> christiane. >> just as he broke away he was explaining to the people that he's going to washington within the next few days to talk to president obama about unifying, updating and resolving the war on isis. interestingly, he basically said the aim, he called it a very dangerous, very heavy raid last night, the aim was to neutralize the cell that was connected and in contact with the terrorists that committed that b ed thatett on friday. >> mr. magnier, former navy s.e.a.l., all of this has to go together, yes? >> he'll explain what we will do. he explains to the french cities and to the world within france will now be at war against
4:21 am
terrorism. we will take this advantage to strike more and more and more inside and outside france for sure. >> friday's attacks not just one day but perhaps a new chapter and a new normal for the people here and all of france. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, new information about this flurry of activities explosions, gunfire, dead terrorists, terrorists detained, just outside of paris. stay with us. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day,
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4:25 am
we are live in paris and to put it literally, there have been terror on the streets in and around this city for the past several hours. in a place known as saint-denis. just outside of paris. there have been explosions, gunfire, dead terrorists, arrested terrorists. injured police officers, a massive show of force that culminated in officers bashing a hole through the door of a church. why? well, there was suspicion and intelligence that led french authorities to believe that the assumed planner of friday's attacks might not be in syria but here just outside paris. that led them to a street in saint-denis, a community that is known for having a big muslim
4:26 am
and radicalized population to two apartments. when they entered within a female terrorist, according to authorities, detonated something, maybe it was a suicide vest like those used on friday. they were still looking for one. certainly it was an explosive, it went off, it led to heavy gunfire. what authorities say they discovered was a second team, equal in manpower, firepower and explosive capabilities to the group that, of course, did what brought us here on friday. and again, that is the situation in paris right now. we just heard from the french president who said we are at war. that means two things. one, it is political resolve. it is also political power in forcing the state of emergency that's in effect right now. that gives an increase in police powers. that goes hand in hand with the number of raids and the amount of intelligence that led police to a situation a few hours ago
4:27 am
where they say just in the nick of time they got to this cell before they could launch attacks. >> we bring in bobby ghosh, our cnn global affairs analyst and managing editor of quartz. you saw what happened on our air, what chris is reporting. they were apparently looking for this so-called mastermind. what do we know about this 27-year-old? >> we know he's a belgian national, a citizen of moroccan ancestry. he used to be a petty criminal. he grew up in a slightly upper middle class family, just off some of the nicer neighborhoods in brussels. got involved in street gangs when he was young, was not religious and then turns up in syria about a year and a half ago, very quickly becomes close to the leader of isis, al
4:28 am
baghdadi. he seems to have become a middleman between the isis leadership and the cells all over europe. >> the profile you've just described is already fascinating. not poor, not desperate, middle class or upper middle class. part of the street gang began before the ideology. >> that's right. >> this hoodlum-like behavior began first. >> this is not atypical. a lot of the young people, particularly those going from various parts of the west, from europe and also the u.s., were going to syria or iraq to join isis are not necessarily -- their profiles don't suggest deep religiosity. they're looking for a chance to shoot guns, kill people. a sense of adventure in their minds rather than, although they may say these words, rather than the service of some religious cause. >> i want to show you and our viewers this sickening bit of video we got involving this so-called mastermind. here he is behind the wheel of a
4:29 am
pickup truck. at first blush he looks like he's happy, smiling, joking around with the cameraman. what you don't see, what we can't show you is the gruesome scene behind this pickup truck where he has tied a half dozen corpses of his victims and he is taking them to a mass grave. who is this psychopath? how does somebody become that psychopath from what you just described? >> the interesting thing, i think it's this video and another video where he talks about when he was a young man, his family went on vacation to morocco where they were dragging behind him jet skis, quad bikes. he says now i'm dragging the bodies of unbelievers. he may have had a normal childhood but he's plainly not a normal person in any way, shape or form. >> let's look at the things that authorities believe he's been responsible for. these are the attempted attacks
4:30 am
they think he was the mastermind of. paris, brussels, that was the train attack thwarted by the three brave americans, plus others. >> there was a planned attack on a church also in paris. he's been -- his name has popped up in various different investigations. i don't think the authorities were clear until last friday that he was some sort of a leader. he was certainly -- his name was in the air if you like among counterterrorism officials in europe. now they have a better sense of his importance to all of us. >> let's look at the scope of where he has been, obviously all throughout the middle east and europe. bobby, does it surprise you that they would be looking for him in paris? would he be in paris this week? or would he be in syria? >> it's interesting. it kind of depends on whether there were second wave or third wave attacks planned. if there was going to be one attack, his instinct would to be get out of there as soon as
4:31 am
possible. if there were plans for more attacks, it's conceivable he wanted to stay and supervise that. perhaps this is a brash, overconfident young man. perhaps he thought he would have escaped the dragnet. we know at various points, he has interacted with the police. there have been checkpoint on the road between paris and brussels, even on friday night. police stopped their car, looked at his papers, had a picture of the person they wanted. they couldn't recognize hill. perhaps this gives hum a sense of overconfidence. it's hard to know what his motivations are. it is a little surprising. that's for sure. >> incredible to hear how he has slipped through. bobby, thank you for all of that information. >> anytime. >> let's go back out to paris where we find chris with the breaking developments. and to h, we've created a new company...
4:32 am
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4:35 am
a huge turn of events here on the streets of paris. you are looking at the massive outpouring of assets as part of
4:36 am
a big police operation in saint-denis. this community outside paris. they were working on actionable intelligence after surveillance and very quick police work to the site of two apartments where inside they found a second terror team, equal or greater in size, firepower and explosive capabilities than that which did the attacks here this past friday. inside, a female terrorist detonated something, whether it was by accident or on purpose, maybe a suicide vest or smaller explosive device. she died. a second terrorist, it is reported, was taken out. several taken into custody. several police officers hurt. it culminated in a bizarre moment where police officers at the door of a church in saint-denis wound up bashing a hole through, obviously wanting to discover something or someone inside. another big head line, a motivation for this massive operation was information that the alleged planner of these attacks may have been not in syria as was previously thought, but right here outside paris so
4:37 am
close to where the attack had been. as confusing as that is, that's what police believed. they went in there and founded this team. there's every reason for them to believe, they say, one, they were there just in the nick of time and two, there may be other teams like this. that's why you're seeing this huge team of force. >> we have jim sciutto, christiane amanpour and fabrice magnier, a former navy s.e.a.l. and president of a security company here. you're telling us, one, there could be more teams. two, that the terror network, since charlie hebdo, maybe before, like the chutes of bamboo. now the chutes are coming up and the increased police power will reveal them and also accelerate them. >> the tactics have changed the last few days. we can manage there are cells
4:38 am
around the country and they are ready to attack back, by surprise, we've seen two attacks, others ready to attack. we have to understand, the enemy is there, sleeping, ready to act. one information, very important, the brain of this attacks is still there. >> you think so? >> they were feeling abdelhamid abaaoud was there. that guy is not escaping, just in a comfortable place. maybe there to culminate more attacks that france. those guys don't care about dying. this is a main issue. we are not very familiar with this. so this guy is there, why? that's a very important information. >> if they could get him, it would be huge. christiane, france president hollande came out and said
4:39 am
again, we are at war. he was giving an impassioned political call to unity in the name of more action like this. that was controversial in france before friday but now seems like the new normal. >> yes. they have employed as we know, emergency powers to allow them to deal with this very real threat. he did say that again. he's amplifying what he's been saying in that regard ever since the attacks. and using this term for daesh, what they call isis, basically is an army. this notion of army, not just a bunch of terrorists but an army of jihadis and terrorists, as he said. also i think laying the picture that these are not just sort of a bunch of terrorists who want to come up and blow out buildings and kill some people. they actually have a totalitarian aim. they want to take over. they want to take control. they are this century's equivalent of last century's naziism and totalitarianism.
4:40 am
we need to raise our game, take the fight to them here and abroad. he spoke about the uptick and surge in french military action. he said he was going to go to washington next week, talk to president obama about further coordinating intelligence and military action and the like. finally, he said, look, this syria is now the world's biggest terrorist factory and we have to deal with it. >> not just theoretical but practical because their aims wind up suggesting their means. the idea this was fast police work, they know here what led us to the point of that operation. what did they find and how did they use it? >> telephones, intercepted communications, including phones captured only in the last couple of days around the bodies of the attackers from friday. they found these phones and acting on that intelligence, they were able to be led to these apartments. that is, for our viewers, this is a scary time, understandably and justifiably so. you do see the police here and security services moving very
4:41 am
quickly. this is good police work. necessary police work. but they're acting very quickly. >> i thought it was really interesting. the president did not give many details but he said this heavy and dangerous operation was designed to neutralize the cell. these are the words he used, that was connected to and in contact with the barbarians who committed those acts on friday night. >> fabrice, you're saying these are the powers that the police have needed here, that they have not had. >> exactly. we knew those attacks could occur, massive attack. and we got very strong signal from the agency, from the french authorities, military authorities and police authorities to reinforce our capability to detect those guys and also to strike. we have the demonstration, we have now no choice anymore. we have our backs to the wall.
4:42 am
>> all right. so that is the situation on the ground right now. we're obviously going to have continuing coverage because another revelation from the police and authorities has been that, yes, they detected this second team but they have no reason to believe there could not be a third or more, hence, more activity to come. certainly investigatively. stay with us. we'll have complete coverage right after the break. atching t, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you? his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol?
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4:46 am
we are following breaking news, an anti-terror raid in saint-denis, just outside of paris, two terror suspects are dead after that raid, not far from the stadium that friday night was the scene of the attack. we're being told those suspects were stopped just in time. they were about to carry out a new operation. this raid was launched after information suggesting the mastermind of the paris terror attacks was inside an apartment. authorities were led to that apartment after surveillance of phones and other intelligence suggested the mastermind of the attack could still be there. here to offer his insight is ranking member of the house intelligence committee, california democrat, representative adam schiff. thanks so much for being here. >> you bet. >> so this, now the police have
4:47 am
their hands on a couple of the attackers cell phones. that will be a treasure trove, they hope, of information that will help them connect the dots. let's talk about how these dots could have been connected before friday. were some of these attackers known to u.s. law enforcement? >> some of the people were known to the u.s. intelligence community. some of these folks were known to french authorities as well. and this is part of the challenge. france has contributed more foreign fighters to syria and iraq, i think, than any other european country. belgium has contributed more per capita than any european country. some of those people are coming back. even when you're aware of them, finding them, keeping track of them and others as well, is a herculean task. >> yes. >> we're fortunate here, alisyn, we've had far fewer americans leave to join the fight. it's a much more manageable task but in europe, it's an extraordinary undertaking. >> congressman, help us understand this.
4:48 am
is this some sort of master watch list where anyone who is a suspect is on it and the french authorities have access to that list and the u.s. authorities have access to that list or is this all just piecemeal? >> it's more piecemeal than a master list. we don't have a grand computer that we share, for example, with europe where they input information and we input information. how it will work, the french see the cell phones, they run their numbers through their system, we offer to run the numbers through our system. we came come up with people that we hit on that we can relate to the french so they can conclude their investigation or pursue other leads. it is cooperative but there are different rules and regulations in europe, in france, in the united states, that don't allow for the pure flow of information. >> but if there is no watch list or master watch list or these guys weren't on the watch list, could they somehow have made it from paris into the u.s. or from brussels into the u.s.? >> well, we have no-fly lists
4:49 am
and other watch lists that we maintain. if people show up on those lists they're not able to board flights for the united states. we do maintain our security. each country, though, i think to some degree protects their sources and methods, part of the reason why there isn't a complete flow of information. >> these particular suspects, as i understand it, correct me if i'm wrong, were not on a watch list that would not have flagged them at the airport if they had tried to come into the u.s. >> alisyn, i don't think that's accurate. i can't go into the specifics of it but i don't think that's correct. >> let me ask you about something that speaker paul ryan has said he wants to bring up on the house floor tomorrow. he wants to vote on the president's plan to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees because of the humanitarian crisis over the next year. speaker ryan has said that he believes it's time to pause this refugee program given what happened in paris on friday. what do you think about that
4:50 am
program and that plan? >> i really don't agree with that at all. the refugee program has been conducted with great success, in fact, since 9/11, there have been about 750,000 refugees that have come to750,000 refugees tht have come to this country. since 9/11. we've had very few problems with any of them. in fact if you look at what is going on right now, the majority of these attackers if not all may be citizens of france and belgian, yes who may have gone to join the fight and come back but they are by and large not refugees fleeing the conflict. we have a vetting process that takes a year and a half for two years for the refugees to go through. it is not like the waves of immigrants literally washing up on european shores. very different situation here. and i wouldn't want to see us overreact. because frankly it is in the proudest traditions of this country while maintaining our safety first to also with a compassionate place that gives
4:51 am
refuge to people fleeing persecution. >> and we have learned a that one of the suspects had managed to somehow infiltrate a refugee population. are you certain that that person would not have been able to make it in with refugee status into the u.s.? >> well it looks like and we're still trying to duet all the facts, a syrian passport was found at the stadium where one of the suicide bombers that detonated himself. that may be a false passport and this may not be a syrian refugee at all. it may have been a fake passport and that is a very different situation than we have. someone using a fake passport, first of all we could determine it is a fake and they would not be let in. but also we would vet them. and if we couldn't determine exactly who they were or if we couldn't match the passport they had they would not survive that
4:52 am
one to two year vetting process. so no, that would not happen here. >> thank you so much. well the terror attacks hitting extremely close to home for the manager of a paris cafe. he lost 11 co-workers and friends who were out celebrating a birthday. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax.
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the reason we are here in paris with continuiing coverage isn't just about the flurry of police activity and gunfire and explosions this morning nor the threat going forward and what needs to be done. it is because of what already happened. the lives that were changed forever because of what happened here on friday. that is what matters most. lives that are just devastated and someone who understands the cost all too well is with me now. thank you for being with us. i'm so sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances. but tell everybody. you are the operator of a cafe that really felt the impact of friday's attacks. tell us. >> yeah.
4:57 am
we lost colleagues. i lost employees. we lost customers who came in the cafe for years. family of colleagues. and friends. dear friends. eleven of them. eleven of them were all gathering for a birthday. there were twenty of them and some are wounded still at the hospital and 11 of them are dead now. >> how did you make sense of this situation when you learned? and thank god you weren't hurt and you weren't there but when you learned how much you had lost in this? >> well well it took some time to get all of the information. of course we knew right away what was happening. we weren't sure what it was exactly. we heard of the shooting minutes
4:58 am
after it occurred. and during the night we locked ourselves in the cafe and we received phone calls all night long to tell us who was gone who was shot, who was not there and a lot of people were invited and just had left the cafe before shooting. some were supposed to go there later in the night. >> so there's fear. there's heartbreak. but there is also the knowledge of great need. some of your friends are injured. others are still fighting to be able to get out of the hospital. there are families destroyed by what is lost. what do you want people to know? >> exactly. we want to get past the grief to act for the families, especially i think my barmaid who was shot
4:59 am
with her husband there. and they leave two orphans now. so we're trying to organize fundraisers on the internet for the funerals and everything. but mainly for we want the children to be taken care of. because now they are staying with their grandmother from romania. she doesn't speak french. she doesn't have any money. she's completely lost and she's with her two kids. it's really important for us now that their life can go on the best way possible and for all the nfamilies. and now we want to focus on those who are left with us. and we want them to have a chance in life. >> i know there is still shock associated with. this people are talking about it
5:00 am
like it is over but it isn't. everybody has to mind a way forward here. and as you get information about the online effort t websites let us know. we'll let people know about what they want to do. and i hope that in your head and your heart you are able to get that resolved to move forward with life here. it is still life. i know it is different but it is still life. >> we're hanging on. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you very much for having me. >> absolutely. now this is friday. and since then so much as happened. in the most recent hours police believed just in the nick of time they stopped a team before there could be even more attacks perhaps even of the scale we saw an friday. we have a lot of information for you. we're going to give it to you right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. all right. in the last few hours here outside paris there has been a flurry of police activity.
5:01 am
explosion, gunfire. at least two terrorists killed. police hurt. others taken into custody. here is how it happened. police got actionable intelligence that the alleged planner of what happened here in paris on friday might not be in syria, might be holed up in an apartment in san denis right outside paris. upon entry, a female terrorist -- we'll show you now some of the pictures of the hours overnight. according to authorities a female detonated a suicide vest. that led to gunfire and ultimately injuries and death and the detention of several suspects. authorities say they arrived just in the nick of time to stop a team -- a second team of terrorists, at least equal in size, fire power and explosive capabilities to the team that launched friday's attacks.
5:02 am
that is what happened in the last few hours. right now we have clarissa ward, a senior international correspondent. she's been there watching this moment. clarissa that culminated in a group of police bashing down the door of a church in connection with someone or something looking for friday's attacks. what is the latest? >> reporter: we've managed to get to a position on a balcony where you can actually see the scene of where these raids took place overnight. my camera man is going to zoom in there. you can see journalists have been blocked off on both sides of a stretch of what is usually primarily a pedestrian street. this area, where two different apartments were raided overnight. seven people detained. at least two people dead. and it has been a very fluid and very chaotic situation in this neighborhood all morning. i've been speaking to residents who are from here.
5:03 am
they said that they haven't had a wink of sleep. that there were gunshots. there were explosions. that it is incredibly frightening. it is important to remind viewers that parisians aren't used to anything like this. they haven't experienced anything like this before. a massive police presence. we saw forty vehicles departing the scene. and just to give you a sense of the lay of the land, we talked about that church. that church is at the end of the street. we were there a few hours ago when a large group of police actually banged down that door. we don't know what they were looking for. what exactly was inside that church. but certainly it is fair to say this entire area is on high alert. you can see they have cordoned off the area completely. journalists have been pushed back. we still see a large police presence here. but there is really a sense as
5:04 am
well that known knows exactly what happened during this raid, what the focus was. we know likely another terror threat. and we know the primary suspect, the focus t target of this raid was the alleged master mind, a 27-year-old belgian of moroccan origin. it appears that he is still at large. there were words that he was in syria or iraq. now of course focusing back here in paris. so a very fluid situation. authorities keeping incredibly tight-lipped, unsurprisingly. as this an ongoing man hundret, chris. >> no question it is ongoing. with have eyes above. we also have eyes right next to the first apartment that initiated this operation. fred is there. what do you see now? >> reporter: yeah chris. i'm about i would say about fifty meters or yards away from
5:05 am
where that apartment is. and what's going on now is the cops have actually let us a little closer to the apartment. they have opened some of the streets that were cordoned off. however for the longest time you were seeing a massive police radiation. this whole area was filled with van, balances and other cars as well. one of the other things we saw is on a lot of the rooftops there were snipers in place monitoring the situation, keeping an eye also from a distance on the apartments ready to see whether or not anything would happen. now, what the police did is really flooded the area outside of the apartment with forces. they had their special operations forces the bri, on scene that cordoned the place off and stood in front of the building at the ready with shields also seemingly to prevent if terror riists were t open fire. ready to storm the building at any point in time.
5:06 am
the other thing that happened is they evacuated a lot of the people who were living here. some were allowed to come back. many are not allowed back yet. because they are still sweeping through the area. slowly starting to open the place up. but clarissa is absolutely right. this place of course is very much on edge. and you know, i was talking to a resident earlier today who witnessed the gunfire going on in the middle of the night. and the police told him in no uncertain terms, get back. get out of here. this is a big operation that is going on, chris. >> fred, stay safe. no question they have every good reason to be on edge. people had thought things were starting to get back to normal. and then this. so let's bring this our panel in to understand exactly why these things are unfolding. you are saying there will be more of what we're seeing this morning, not less.
5:07 am
>> because strategy is start attacking cells that have been working and [inaudible]. the last attack demonstrate this and they are quite very well coordinated to be able now to strike again. >> now the french authorities have had suspicions about this being somewhat of a spider web or a network in and around paris. but now with the new state of emergency in paris you are saying they are able to learn and disrupt what they suspected before? >> exactly. the checks. demonstrate that we are ready. we are able to do it. so we have the capability to do much more. so terrorists they have to understand that. we are not -- we did not reach our limits about that. we can go further. you know? we will get more and more information and we will get more
5:08 am
and more kpetive to stop them. >> very frightening on the one hand but on the other hand this is the activity that hopefully leads to progress in this. what president hollande was saying this morning using that important phrase "we are at war." that enables the emergency and also builds resolve around more public support of the increased police activity. >> and comforting in that the french police and security forces are fully mobilized to go and do this kind of thing. now we still don't know exactly who they have and where abboud and what abdeslam is the other man we know. >> -- on friday. >> yeah exactly. who's been on the run. and the french president was very clear in his comments today. a very heavy operation. very dangerous but it was aimed at, quote, neutralizing the cell
5:09 am
that had been connected to and in contact with the cells that committed the what he called barbaric acts of friday night. so this is definitely a group they believe were in contact and co-planning situation. >> on the one hand that puts you at a huge operational disadvantage when tough enemy working in concert that well. and yet it also gave them a break here. because when they found those cell phones that gave them links and surveillance to led to this. >> and the key point is investigations. and the police have said that. and this apartment under surveillance for the a last 24 hours so that clue coming urgently and them acting urgently. among the communications, the phones discovered at the scenes, phones used by attackers. including encrypted communications interestingly enough. and just the speed with which they acted, i don't think we can underestimate. that clues found yesterday.
5:10 am
intercepted yesterday. a raid really done in the early hours of the morning. and just in time. and another point. after being briefed, several of these attackers say not only to the french we've said but also to u.s. intelligence we talk about the french being overwhelmed by the number of people they have to track and stop and arrest etc. the u.s. knew about them as well. and it just speaks to the u.s. is watching so many potential attackers. we know they are helping the french and very close concert. but the truth is the west is overwhelmed by the number of potentially attackers they are dealing with right now with the strength of the islamic state. >> to that end of course they have to do what they are doing here. but the president says they have to destroy isis. the president of france is going to washington. he'll be talking to president obama trying to get a much more robust cooperation in this fight whether it is intelligence,
5:11 am
military whatever it might be. but it was interesting talking to fabrice a couple of moments ago, you know, what actually needs to be done on the ground to destroy isis. >> what do you think. we all understand it goes hand in hand, detection, prevention, military. >> i would call the main item. they are trying to create the state. the state of a terrorist state. able to launch attacks worldwide. first of all we have to kill that kind of idea because all the radicals around the world will like home. >> example. >> an example to follow. so we have to stop that image. >> how? >> air strikes. massive air strikes on all the logistics equipment, vehicles, gas food. >> they say they are doing that. you say it is not enough.
5:12 am
>> no i don't say it is enough. we have to do it and sustain. continue. and also see about the result of this. and if it is acceptable, continue. and see what is going on. we want to fight against isis and then if not sufficient we will have to discuss a little bit more. international coalition we have to do. we have to do it massively. and all the countries should send troops in that place and stop it definitely. >> you know the controversy with that and you know firsthand from fighting on the ground yourself. but they say if it is not the region's war, if those countries, if those states don't own this and fight their own battle, that france, the u.s., england, whomever can't come in and win that war for them. do you believe that? or do you think the outside forces can win it? >> for me the outside forces can win if we are all together.
5:13 am
but the situation is very complicated. we have two main blocks. those who work with bashar al assad and those who are against. but the region is war. and everybody is deciding how to strike isis without how to strike the other party. >> russia. >> and russia and they have no main problem with this. they are striking. they are doing what they want actually. so it is a main issue for american, french, u.k., canada. and other about what to do now. do we do further? with the risk escalation of the major war there? or do we do what we can or not? >> well you say you want to to more. do it?
5:14 am
is that simple. >> nothing is simple. this is a massively complex situation. but it's one that's been allowed to metastasize and leaving it to implode like this. and long story start the vacuum there has become a laboratory for a caliphate and a eterroris factory. the biggest in the world. there are former nato leaders and even people around here are thinking will francois hohallan invoke article five. and then what? and you can understand people don't want another invasion or iraq 2003. but the main token is not to let piecemeal and let them keep going and having these civilian
5:15 am
casualties but as fabrice said, to gather whatever kind of forces possible to destroy them now. because they are not just religious warrior os little terrorists. that is just a means. they have total totalitarians who want to reach all over north africa, into turkey, to rome, to here and obviously baghdad and damascus. they have huge ambitions, like the nazis did. and frankly it's worth remembering what putin said when he got ready to start bombing isis. he said we must all gather a coalition to fight back this fashionism, extremism, naziism as we did in world war ii. >> the isis strategy had three rings. establish a state locally. they have done that. spread to the region. you have them in tunisia. libya. we know in sinai.
5:16 am
the third ring is to attack the west. that is the third front of this war. and it's started. and another worrisome thing, they have ineffect insulated themselves to some degree against military action in iraq and syria because they have other bases now. they have protected themselves. we talk about whack-a-mole but in the most severe and threatening way possible. >> to be sure you need a galvanizing moment. the question was, was friday that day? we'll see. we have a lot more to talk about that is coming out of this recent activity in france. what will it mean for the united states and the rest of europe? stay with us. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
5:17 am
heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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5:19 am
5:20 am
we are tracking all the breaking news out of paris. police are still on the scene of two apartments they raided in that suburb outside of paris a short time ago. officials say the suspected terrorists inside were close to carrying out a major operation. and officials believed the master mind behind friday's attacks was holed up inside. but they did not get him this morning. joining us is minister congressman ellison. the first muslim elected to congress. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about all of the ripple effects as we're seeing
5:21 am
back here. as, you know, speaker of the house paul ryan says it is time to pause the refugee program that would have brought in 10,000 syrian refugees, all result of the humanitarian crisis happening there in a this war-torn country. he said given everything that we've seen there on friday it is better to be safe than sorry. what do you think of that lonlic? >> i think it is a long vetting process anyway. and i think we should proceed on but with all deliberate care and a careful vetting process. as we've had and as we expect to see from people like jay johnson and other people who are using international databases, multiple levels of screening. but i think it is important to be careful. right about that. but i think to put our program
5:22 am
on pause might signal to daesh that they are having an effect on what we do. and i think we need to destroy their narrative. they are creating this story that they are leaving this so called islamic state and we are the ones creating this safe haven. i think it is time for us to show the world daesh is not to be supported and i think for several reasons it is important for us to move on. but deliberately, carefully, thoroughly. but we cannot let daesh believe that they are disrupting our activity. >> let's talk about some of the possible holes in that vetting process that you speak of. because we know that one of the attackers, in the paris attacks, had a passport identifying him as a syrian refugee. and he went through some refugee camp. he came in through greece. spent some time in a refugee camp. how can you be certain they
5:23 am
couldn't use that exact same ploy to get into the u.s.? >> because i believe that we have had nearly three quarters of a million refugees since 2001. and we've been remarkably successful. and so i think that we have professionals. we are look at multiple databases, international in scope. we're having multiple layers of interviews and the record so far has been good. but this is not the first time america has had refugees who have come from war torn countries where there are terrorist elements. we've had refugees from all over the world and yet american homeland security and others have vet these people in a successful way. so i don't think it is time for us to panic. i think it is time for us to confront daesh, disrupt their false narrative. demonstrate to the world that the west is the one that is compassionate, that they are the
5:24 am
ones who are pitiless and merciless and we need to confront them in every possible way. >> speaker ryan wants to vote on this, on the cause, tomorrow. we've seen 31 governors who agree with him. who say they don't want to take any syrian refugees into their states. how do you think congress will vote on this? >> who knows. the fact is that paul ryan is the head of the republicans, who are the majority. so that might give you some indication. for him to say something like that he may have some support. but at the end of the day my question to him and everybody else is this. do you really want daesh to dictate terms to the united states? we have a vetting program. we have a program that needs to be bolstered, reviewed and currently needs uchded and improved. but to stop it? i'm not comfortable with that. i think we should be as careful as possible.
5:25 am
but we need to make sure that the world knows, especially daesh knows that we're not afraid of them and we're going to offer safe haven to children and women who are fleeing their terror. and that is my thought. >> congressman, thank you. we appreciate you sharing your thoughts on "new day." thanks so much. we'll have much more about that police raid but we have more breaking news. a group of people believed to be linked to isis arrested in istanbul's airport. we have all those details ahead for you.
5:26 am
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5:29 am
we're following a lot of breaking news. there is been a major turn of events on the streets outside paris. explosions, gub fire, arrests, death. all surrounding an operation by french authorities to target who they believe was the target of friday'stracks. and also more reports of arrests in turkey, istanbul's airport. this was going on. may have involved moroccans with
5:30 am
the terror connections. right before this group was boarded a plane for germany. they told police they had come for tourism and they had booked a hotel. but police said that was untrue. they were found with a map and a route commonly used by refugees. and we're going to discuss what has happened this morning with our panel. jim bitterman cnn senior correspondent. melissa bell, international affairs editor of france 24. and chairman of a security company. jim we heard giving context of what was supposed to happen. this was supposed to be over after friday. and yet authorities disrupt another team this morning of at least equal size, fire power and
5:31 am
explosive capabilities of friday night. >> -- directly responsible for the on the ground component of security in france. and they also promulgate the values of france and that was the message prepared. but then it was given much more emphasis by what took place this morning. because the mayors all realize they could very well be on the front line of one of these things and they better be ready for it. so it was his message to them. but also it was kind of admission that he needs to powers he's going to be asking for later this week. on friday they are going to vote on emergency powers, which are going to give police the ability to stop and search people to. put people under house arrest. anybody they think is going to cause harm to public order can be taken in and arrested. so it is going to be very sweeping powers. >> let's talk about this. some have suggested it is turning emotion to law.
5:32 am
the state of emergency under the constitution should go for 12 days as maximum. there will be debate in the coming time. what is at stake here. >> three months is a long time he's speaking of. and these are exceptionally strong powers he's giving himself. and he mentioned of course when he was in front today the fact he was also seeking constitutional change. he wants to not only see a seek three month extension to this emergency but he wants to change the constitution so that he believes he no longer has to go in front of parliament to take these sort of measures. and big changes here in france and many are going to be very concerned. and you will hear a lot about the fact that these sorts of decisions are being made in the heat of the moment. of course necessarily they have to. but whether broader change to be considered at this point is pretty controversial here on the president. >> members of parliament.
5:33 am
he's from the socialist party. francois hohallande not particularly strong up till this moment. do you think he gets the authority to change police? >> so far it's held. all the parties with a couple of dissenting have said we're going to stand behind the changes required. and there is a strong sense everyone is still very much in shock. and i think most of the parties will gather behind whatever the president is asking for. the question is how long that sense of national unity will last. and i think you will begin to see splits start to emerge quickly. >> some ten months ago a then frustrated fabrice sat next to us as we watched the man hunt for those responsible for "charlie hebdo" saying we need to do more. but the politics t society, holds back policing. you believe the way it is right now is the way it needs to be, period.
5:34 am
>> exactly. we are part of the war. so we have to go forward. and the time now has changed and we have to do it. and the president is strong now in us to say okay we have to do it. and everybody is in now. so we have to do it. we have no choice anymore. this is only way. and the message from the president is very important today. because he has to reassure the population we are strong. we will protect you. and we will do something very strong now. we have to go forward. it is a very strong message to the jihadis and very strong message to the population. >> and you are saying that the proof is in the productivity so to speak. that these raids are up in number. but also in quality. and that is why you stopped this team today. and you really believe there may be more teams equally equipped and populated? >> you mean about the terrorists? >> yeah what happened today. you believe there town another
5:35 am
is this. >> yeah of course. and they have demonstrated they are able to do it. and we have many places like that in france. it is not only in paris. in marseilles we have the same thing. now the government is able to increase the capability and they will do it. every day they will do it until they will finish to understand what is going on and -- >> and francois hollande taking a little from president obama. he's saying there needs to be an increase in the cooperation that we see in a place like paris but also abroad in syria. seems they want to up the ante jim. >> they certainly have. and europe's only aircraft carrier sailed today off the coast of lebanon we assume to be in a better strike position. i think, you know, the question, the formulation of war. potential for the fourth time
5:36 am
now we're at war. hedy -- >> and why isn't it just rhetoric? >> it is not just rhetoric. under the constitution there are powers accrued to him by saying this is war and declaring it is war with his emergency powers. and not only is he saying it, but others are saying it. so it really is strong. the other thing interesting was that he talked about where this attack was aimed. it was aimed at young people. and it was of course. many of the victims were young. but what that does at least in terms of politics or psychology for france seems to me is to transfer this battle on to a new generation. because i think up until now young people sort of felt well, terrorism this is something the adults worry about it. i don't have to. and then you have a bunch of people in a bar having a night out on a friday night and all of a sudden that changed. >> and very much hitting home for anybody. any age. >> a quick break. when we come back just to show
5:37 am
how this is reverberating out investigatively and politically. that you had what happened here friday. led to arrests in paris, gunfire and explosions here this morning. and now word of arrest in germany and now word of arrest in turkey. were people posing as refugees trying to get from turkey into the germany and maybe beyond? we have the latest after this break 78 the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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5:41 am
major developments here in paris and beyond. we've had a morning of explosion, gunfire and revelations by authorities. a massive operation has sent hundred of operatives into the paris. they found a team of terrorists. a female terrorist allegedly exploded a vest or some device. people detained. killed, officers hurt. culminated in a moment of officers breaking down the door of a church. critical information from cell phones, surveillance. and active intelligence that the
5:42 am
alleged planner wupt wasn't in syria but right here in saint-denis. we know there are communities all too active in belgian. we have cnn correspondent ivan watson. we come to you as word of reporting comes of two big developments. one, that the eighth attacker that is being searched for right now was at some point in prison with the alleged planner of event. and word of arrests in turkey involving the istanbul airport. what can owe you tell us about the paris attackers and the arrests? >> reporter: the most wanted man
5:43 am
many say in europe right now is salah abdeslam, who is photo has been spread by french and belgian authorities and we're learning that at some point in the last couple of years he spent time in prison here in belgian with the suspected master mind of the paris attack. that belgian member of isis, abdul hamid abboud. two men who in fact both lived in this neighborhood of brussels known as mullem beck that has gotten so much attention in recent days. another point of probably why investigators believe he had connection to this group of attackers. and also probably why some is
5:44 am
very clear the number of cars rented and used in paris, rented here in brussels and abdeslam was last seen driving to belgian over the course of the weekend, stopped by french authorities. and later he disappeared. but the car that he was traveling in found in this very neighborhood that i'm standing in right now. chris. >> and obviously still active there. ivan we know that in the wake of friday's attacks in paris, which led to not just activity here in paris but activity where you are resulting in a massive man hunt. and in germany. and now word of this other activity in turkey. give us context for the urgency. is this about things being coordinated by the bad guys in connection to what happened on friday? or is this about heightened response and awareness? >> turkey's come under so much
5:45 am
criticism over the past couple of years for movement of jihadi fighters through turkish territory into syria and back out. and now what we have an announcement that authorities have made saying that authorities intercepted eight moroccan suspects suspected of being linked to isis who were apparently posing as tourists. that is according to turkish police. they suspect these people of being linked to isis and they found documents on at least one of the eight suspects that showed they appeared to be planning to travel via that migrant route that so many tens of thousands of people, migrants and refugees and those fleeing conflict have used to get into europe. and this document apparently
5:46 am
showed the leave the port of ismir and on to greece and on to the balkans and across on to germany. turkish law enforcement also we're hearing killed another suspected isis member on the turkish/syrian border and detained at least 28 other suspects, who they were accused of trying to cross the border. we don't know if they were trying to go into syria or if they were trying to go into turkey. now let's put this into context chris. in the case of some of the suspects of the paris attacks. at least one of them, who was a resident of brussels, bilal, he lived previously here in brussels. belgian officials say they knew he had traveled to syria to be a volunteer jihadi fighter. what they didn't know is they
5:47 am
somehow smuggled himself back into europe. they only found out he was back here when he evaded a warrant and blew himself to pieces outside of the paris. so a big challenge now is that people who were trying to monitor who were going to syria we can't figure out when they get back into europe because that border is simply overwhelmed right now by the large numbers of people who have been crossing as part of that mass wave of migrants and refugees that are fleeing conflict and poverty and trying to get into europe. raising very serious security questions. chris. >> the biggest potential example of what you are speaking of right now would be if it is true, as french authorities now believe, that the alleged planner of friday's attack here in paris is not in syria, as they had speculated just 12 hours ago but right here outside
5:48 am
paris. thank you. a quick break here. when we come back, fresh information about this massive police operation that led to explosions, gunfire and death. and according to police, in the nick of time stopping of a major attack here in paris. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you.
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5:52 am
significant head lines here from paris. a massive police operation in the preceding hours to right now. there have been two terrorists at least killed. the rest taken into custody. just outside paris in saint-denis, in two different apartments they found a team of equal manpower, fire power and explosive capabilities to that of friday's paris attacks. that is the situation here. how did we get here? jim jim sciuto. >> they were led to this apartment based on intercepted
5:53 am
phone calls. among those investigations were the cell phones found around the dead bodies of the attackers who carried out the rampage oj friday. and they said they had this apartment under surveillance under the last 24 hours and that means that key clue came and they had to go in. >> francois hollande leaning very heavily on the developments of today and saying we are at war. and legal i about extending the state of emergency, what happens? >> he's asked to extend the powers to three months. he automatically can do it 12 days. but he wants three months. they can stop and search people. they can -- if they are going to
5:54 am
bother public order. he said we're at war. the mayor resist responsible for the front line people in the country. so they are out there getting that message in. and we've heard he's going to tell his various security services to add 17,000 people. that includes military police. but also intelligence people. and of course that is where the big leads are coming from. as far as fighting isil. >> fabrice, ush you are saying these changes aren't a maybe. they are a must. in order to combat what you say is a root system of terror cells in and around france. >> yeah. the bamboo strategy used to spread out in our society for the last few years now is showing us they are ready to strike. and they did a very very big job
5:55 am
the last days. imagine three hundred raids in the past few days. >> three hundred raids. >> and we will continue. we need it. this is a great opportunity now to do it. it is a sad opportunity but we are back -- back to the war. and president hollande has no choice anymore. he has to go forward. he has to explain our citizens we are at war. that is it. >> the urgency couldn't be made by better example than what just happened in the proceeding hours. explosives. a female terrorist when confronted in an apartment in saint-denis detonated some kind of explosive device. at least two terrorists were killed in total, a number taken into the custody.
5:56 am
and a bizarre seen of tearing down a church door on intelligence that the alleged planner may be right here in and around paris. so many developments. there are also arrests in istanbul and also some connection to germany that are all going as this operation took place here. we'll have all the latest for you in cnn's continuing coverage right after this break with anderson cooper. stay was. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand...
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and good morning. welcome to our extensive coverage of the terror attacks here in paris.
6:00 am
i'm anderson cooper. has been an extraordinary morning. a number of developments here in paris. i want to bring you up to speed. take a look at this. [ explosions ] gunshot explosions thundered through the city of saint-denis. seven suspects in custody. two people are killed amidst ooufl that gunfire. among the dead a woman who authorities say detonated a suicide device as authorities closed in. several police officers were wounded. a police dog was killed in the raid. sources tell us the raid was


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