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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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e you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. hello, everyone. i'm poppy harlow live in paris this evening. it is 6:00 here. >> i'm ashleigh banfield in new york and welcome to a special edition of "legal view with ashleigh banfield", and we are awaiting word from the highest levels of france as to exactly who was arrested and who was killed in an overnight series of raids north of paris. we know that the police were looking for the ringleader of friday's terror attacks, and the authorities say that they acted just in time. two suspects are now dead, seven others have been detained after a military-style operation in
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saint denis, a suburb that is also home to the stadium that was hit by the suicide bombers on friday. more than 100 police raided two apartments where a female suicide bomber blew herself up. police used a sniper to kill someone else. police also knocked down the door of a saint denis church, but it is not clear why or what they left with. the government says that the raids prevented new and imminent attacks, but no details are being divulged on that either. thousands of miles away, french warplane warplanes today launching new attacks on isis command centers in syria. the french aircraft carrier charles de gaulle due in the eastern mediterranean pi the end of the week, and tripling france's military the assets in the region. poppy harlow is standing by live
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in paris. hi, poppy. >> yes, ashleigh, the raids that you were talking about in saint denis went on for hours and hours and started in the dark and in the middle of the night, and a counter terrorism source telling us here at cnn that the police met fierce resistance, and our clarissa ward is there on the ground, and it is unbelievable, what broke out and cla r clarissa said went hours and hours and the gunshots followed by explosions. tell me about how close the police are saying that the we were potentially to another attack here in paris, and what they foiled. ? well shg -- >> well, poppy, the chaos start started at 4:00 p.m. paris time, and they start ted to hear gun fire and grenades detonated and then they saw a massive police and military presence pushing into the apartment building at the end of the street here. they have obviously blocked off this entire area, but earlier on
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a little bit, we were able to get up on the roof where we could see the back of the apartment building, and the windows had been blown out by the force of those explosions. one resident telling us that the loudest explosions happened at 7:will 30 a.m. we could also see the teams of forensic experts moving around in the apartment buildings, and appeared to be taking photographs and samples, and flashlights and one can assume that they will be working through the night there trying to ascertain who was in that apartment and what exactly they were planning to do. we know that two people were killed during the course of these raids. one of them believed to be a woman who attempted to blow herself up. we also know that seven people were arrested. and now the focus of the raid is the alleged ringleader of friday the's attacks. he is a 27-year-old belgian of moroccan origin and his name is
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abaaoud abdelhamid and just yesterday, poppy, we were all under the impression that he was back in syria, and he was the ringlead er of another attack i belgian that was thwarted back in january, and he managed to the e elude capture then, and it is thought that he had returned to isis territory, but now it appears that he may still be at large. so police continuing to work in that apartment building, and looking for dna sample, and trying to identify who were these attackers? how is this related to friday night's attacks, and trying to drill down on what is increasingly appearing to be a larger network across the country working together and also in next doorbell jan facilitatifa -- door in belgium, and most of the neighbors said the same thing to me, it felt like a war zone, and we have never seen anything like
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this before, heavy weapon, and bombs, and this is risianparisi >> yes n t, in the middle of pa of all places. after the raid of the two apartment buildings, one of the floors collapsed and then they moved on to a church and barnled down the doors of a church. do we know why? >> yes, poppy. we were there when it happened. there were dozens and dozens of journalists milling around outside of the church. suddenly, we saw the police come in a dozen or so of them beginning to try to bash down the door. it took a while. it was a heavy door, and they were able to bash it down. that point, we saw them file into the church, and they spent 10 or 15 minutes inside of there and ostensibly one would imagine to clear the area, and make sure that nobody was hunkered down or
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hiding in the church. then they did exit the church, and no word on what exactly they were looking for, but what it goes to show is how much, how much people still don't know how much the authorities still don't know what is out there, who is still out there, and what plots are still ongoing. really, you have seen over the past two days, hundreds and hundreds of raids as police fan out across the entire country, poppy, trying to work out how big this network is and what plans may still be in store. poppy. >> i just came from that hospital, clarissa where two of those arrested suspects were being treated for their wounds this morning. it is critical that investigators get them to talk, get them to share information about exactly that, how big is this web and what was the next potential plot. clarissa ward, live for us in saint denis. thank you very much. we are focusing on the raids, but let me tell you they are not the only ones.
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what the french authorities have told us today that they have carried out more than 100 raids since yesterday alone and taken 25 people into custody and confiscated 34 weapon, and when you look at the totality, they have done 400 of the raids and taken 60 people into custody and seized 75 weapons. joining me now from the paris bure bureau, the cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto with me, and c nshnn terrorism analyst paul cruikshank, and jim, when you look at all of these what led them to is telephone tracking. >> yes, this is a huge day for the french police, because they have stopped a plots moments before it was going to carry out. based on intelligence that they gathered just in the previous 24 hours, they say that the apartments were under surveillance for about a day. we know that the surveillance was sparked by communication, intercepted communication, a cell phone call or a text message.
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>> and is that the communication that has been talked about so much? >> well, part of the clues that led them here were the cell phones that were captured from the dead terrorists on friday that system of which had the encryption apps on them, and also had the regular text messages on them as well. so was it a case where the terrorists let the guard down and had a regular conversation with somebody or a regular text m message, and either way, it helped to the intercept and lead them to the apartment to an attack that we could have easily been talking about a second major deadly attack on the streets of paris, but instead, it is an operation that is successful to capture and kill the suspected terrorists which the french believe were going to carry it out. that is urgent police work, and acting quickly on the intelligence they have gained in only the last couple of days. >> and paul cruikshank, to you, and what that makes me think is now that that it is critical to get those arrested that are
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alive to talk. when you are dealing with someone who is part of isis set on destroying, set on dedestroying those who do not agree with, and even taking their own lives for it, what is the likelihood they will talk and tell authorities anything? >> well, the authorities are certainly going to try every trick in the book to get information out of them, because it could save many lives in the hours ahead. it is fair that this thing is not over at this point. perhaps, poppy. there is new information coming out, and this is coming from the ftf, the belgian national media state organization, and that is the female cousin of abaaoud abdelhamid was the woman who blew herself up in that residence in saint denis. we are also being told by a
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senior belgian counter terrorism expert that is the relative that is believed to be in the residence. so it is all fitting together now, and the intercepted communications related to the female cousin of abaaoud abdelhamid believed to be in that apartment, and that made them think that abaaoud abdelhamid may also be there given that the french were given other strong indications he was in paris, and so the female cousin blew herself up a few hours ago in paris. the question is now, is he alive or dead or was he there? they are doing the dna testing to figure it out right now, poppy. >> paul, thank you. jim, to you, and the full circle, the big headline coming from the belgian broadcaster that the female who blew herself up in the raids is the cousin of the ringleader. >> and a direct connection to the ringleader of the attacks they are searching for who until
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today, we thought a strong possibility that he was in syria or at least we know that he was in syria, and they know it, because they have launched air strikes to kill him in the last few weeks to kill him there. >> and what about the terrorist strategy before where they leave the so-called ringleader in safety far away. >> yes, and i was saying this this this morning, imagine if b bin laden had been found near the attacks of 9/11 or the same as anwar alike who would have been found where they carried out the many attacks. and abaaoud abdelhamid was at least as intelligence believes connected to a number of attacks, but the idea that he is here places him on the front lines in effect. remember, that part of the islamic state the's appeal is
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credibility, and that everyone is involved and part of the battle and willing to risk their life in effect, and not just risk, but willing to give up their life for the cause is remarkab remarkable. it is also remarkable and more worrisome that he can travel back and forth from syria to here to europe to plan, organize and carry out the attacks. >> and completely undetected. and by the way, paul cruikshank has learned that the man on the run, the eighth the terrorist who spent time in the friday the attacks spent time in the jail with the ringlead er in 2011, ad so, yet another twisted connection. jim, thank you very much, and stay with me, paul. thank you very much. so much more to come from here, and we will talk about the technology of the encrypted applications, and the high means of communication available, and that the terrorists are taking advantage of. it is not enough to track the cell phones, but we will look at
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. welcome back to the continuing live coverage from paris. i'm poppy harlow from the plaza de la publique. and it is a beautiful sunset here in paris, but i came from a different scene half a mile north of where i am standing now. i came from the hospital where this morning two of those suspected terrorists arrested by the phrfrench police were takenr wounds to their arm. one of them more critically injured, and they went into surge surgery, and why that matters is so much is because the police and the doctors want to keep
9:18 am
them alive so they can probe them, interrogate them, and question them and try to get any information as to what was plotted next and how big this web of terrorists is. and i can tell you that the security was incredibly high e when we pulled up and the cab was dropping us off, and the authorities with the assault rifles would not let the car stop, and they told us to move immediately across the street. they searched everyone trying to go to the hospital from head-to-toe. again, we are trying to find out who was arrested, who was injured and who was killed in the raids the this morning. france's neighboring country is on high alert after this attack the friday and police in germany is warning people to not at all walk in germs down the streets in germany. can you imagine that? and also, after a second stadium evacuation, and this time, the t.y. arena cleared out after a performance of a very pop ular
9:19 am
german band, and authorities had a concrete information of a bomb threat there. and earlier bomb threat canceled the german/netherlands soccer match there, and authorities had two tips that someone was planning to set off an explosive inside of that the arena. and meanwhile, sweden is raising its terror threat to four, and five is considered the highest there on the threat scale, and so, ashleigh, this is how much in shock and terrified and not just france is, but the neighboring countries are. >> understandably. and poppy, we are talking about the phrfrench investigators who have found the encrypted apps on the cell phone believed to have belonged to the paris attackers, but they don't appear to have left any traces of messages, and no indication of who would have been receiving the message, and that is why tracking down the terrorists is proving to be so incredible. money tech laurie seigel is here, and i want you to explain
9:20 am
to me something about the encrypted apps and especially the one employed by the terrorists, and the one called telegram, and you think that it disappear, and it doesn't like other apps. >> it is one that the latest ones that the isis members have been migrating over within the last four weeks is called telegram and it has interesting back story, and built by a guy dubbed the mark zuckerberg of russia, and he fled and left, and now he is running this out of berlin, but a little bit about telegram, they offer two layers of encryption, and self-destructing messages, and isis posted 10 to 20 videos a day, and where they put out the propaganda, and it is making it difficult for the law enforcement to see who is behind the propaganda, and they offer group chats for up to 200 people, and this app, this is where isis took credit for
9:21 am
downing the russian airliner, and said that paris is the first of many, many attacks, and if you look at the official channel of isis, they have channels in every single language related to isis, this is something that a lot of the folks are following more and more, and thousands of people are following these isis official channels on telegram. >> and what is so amazing is that the market was borne out of people that were frustrated that the msa w sshgnsa was listening their facebook and twitter and then it gave rise to these aps.s i am curious how many they are, and if we are talking about this one in particular, telegram, look, maybe something will happen with telegram, but what about the others? is there so many that it is a proliferation that you can't get under control? >> yes, and the apps, we sant say that they are bad, because they are offering protected communication for dissidents, and people were frustrate d aftr
9:22 am
the nsa revelation, because they wanted a protected way to commu communicate, and looking at the hacking, and there are ways and i could list ten of them, but i won't right now, and what is interesting is a 24/7 help desk on telegram where the senior isis members are talking about the technology, and if telegram is not the new hot thing, they will talk about it on the help desk. people go to the telegram channel devoted to the answering the questions. >> is it encrypted? >> yes, it is. and they ask, is skype safe? this screen shot, that was lift prd the channel, and this is teaching the potential isis members how to spoof the phone number if they want to sign up for multiple social networks and not how to get caught, and sending out how the spoof your phone numbers and how the block your twitter account and use the latest technology, and this is not just on telegram, but many encryption apps, and what is
9:23 am
interesting is that we believe it is by the same five to six isis members who are offering the 24/7 care, ashleigh. >> and the next front is to find out whether or not this is hackable, this kind of technology, and so we will have to get you back, and start finding that out. laurie seigel, i want to send you back to poppy harlow in paris. thank you. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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days after the attacks in paris, terrorism fears are spreading to the the skies. two air france flights headed to paris were diverted tuesday night because of bomb threats. flight 65 from los angeles was forced to land in salt lake city after a threat was called in from the ground. shortly afterwards flight 55 from washington's dulles flight was diverted to nova scotia. the planes were search and given the all clear, but it is not clear who made the threats.
9:28 am
air france released the statement. local authorities have carried out complete inspections of the airplane, the passengers and their luggage, confirming a false alert, and they will be working to identify the source of the phone call. and joining me is mary schiavo who is our aviation analyst expert. and it is not unusual for bomb threats to be called in, but is this the sign of the times after the flights over the sinai? >> yes. and if you remember, there were united who had to shutdown operations for 39 minutes, because of the bomb threats calling in. it is ever present, but the trick is to find out which is a threat and which actually does have a device to bring down the plane. a and the threats are effective,
9:29 am
because we know that the security is not foolproof in the united states. >> and with that statement from air france saying that everything was inspected and checked, it made me wonder, how do you do that kind of check, because it is extraordinarily dangerous give whaen we have learned about the flight over the sinai, and there was a bomb in presumably a piece of luggage and how do you get the people on the ground to search that baggage or the people if there is a potential bomb? >> believe it or not, that is one thing that the federal administration and aviation in airport airports has in place, and so does europe, because they have two, and a series of set things to go through, and starting with the aircraft for example when they learn which plane and which flig flight, the first thing they do is to separate all of the flights from that plane, and then get the flight down to the level or altitude to which if the bomb goes off, they don't have a rapid decome are -- decompression, because they can have a chance to keep flying. so they go to the area to put
9:30 am
the plane down where there are drug personnel and drug dogs to scrub it. and scrubbing it, i mean, looking for the bombs and isolate and handle it. so there are procedures to deal with it, and the most important thing is to get the other planes away from that plane, and get it down to the level to the decompre decompress. >> and i don't have to tell you but next week is one of the busiest traveling days of the year, and millions of people will be flying. what are we going to be seeing at the airport and what is going on that we don't see? >> well sh, i hope that we see,d people will disagree with me on this, but unbelievably heightened security, and we can't say, hey, we screen the passengers, and it is not necessary to screen the rest of the airport workers and i am hoping that the tsa is cracking down on that, and the airports have resisted it for some time, but what we need to see,ed a not a show, but this needs to happen is a tremendous tightening of
9:31 am
the security. with the word out of russia that the bomb was 2.2 pounds that brought down metrojet, that is easy to hide. so travelers should expect and be grateful for really increased security. it is going to be taking a while to get through, and i will be out there flying, too, so i will be puttinging a lot of patience in the carry-on. >> and that is right, be thankful for the delays, and it is strange to say, but that means that the job is being done. thank you, mary schiavo. >> thank you. and we have new details coming in by the minute about those overnight raids in paris. we have new details that came in, just in the last few minutes about who it was that was killed in one of the paris raids.
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welcome back to the continuing live coverage from paris, i'm poppy harlow with ashleigh banfield. we still do not know whether the suspected ringleader of the paris attacks last friday was killed in what was a milita military-style assault on two suburban apartment s s in the ey morning hours today, but the state television in belgium say saying that the moments ago the woman who blew herself up there as the french commandos moved in was the cousin of the ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid. it was intel suggesting that abaaoud himself was in the apartments there in paris. and it ended after hours and hours of raids, and that left two suspects dead and seven arrested and a man taken out by a sniper. and today, the police knocked down the door of a church in san
9:37 am
depn denny a -- saint denis, and at the same time french is moving "charles de gaulle" to syria to intensify the attacks on raqqah. and today, there was fierce resistance on the raids in saint denis, and raids that went on for hours and hours, and here is how it all unfolded. >> you can see one of them here still operating and showing the e poe toe to -- oh, the photo, oh, an explosion just went off. that was quite an explosion. fourth. much larger. >> reporter: really, we could
9:38 am
see the bullets and the lasers flashing our way, and we could feel the explosion, and the buildings shaking. i could hear the guys upstairs screaming and running no, no sh, this way. >> and clearly an operation going on and there is seeming to be some banging on the doors of the church. can you hear that? you can hear them banging on the door. it is not clear who they think might be inside of that church. >> cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen in san d saint denis this for us, and you saw that raid unfold, and the last thing that we saw is the police banging, banging down the church door to get inside. do we have any idea what they were looking for in the church? >> well, i think they inside of the church, they wanted to see
9:39 am
whether or not there might be someone of some sort of suspicion inside of the church. it is not looking as though they found anyone inside there, but poppy, after having been here for the past hours and hours, and spran swau hollande said that france is at war with terrorism, and the things that we have is seep and heard today in saint denis looked and sounded a lot like war. you saw some of the pictures there of the explosions that went off, and we spoke with some people who said they were terrified as it was all going on, and the police, themselves, said that the resistance that they met when they tried to go inside of that apartment where we now know that the cousin of the alleged ringleader was, and the cousin of abaaoud abdelhamid was, a a nd the resistance was fierce they had to use some of the heavy ordinance themselve themselves -- ordnance, themselves, and if you look at the damage in the house, you can see just how intense that
9:40 am
firefight was today, poppy. >> what is so remarkable, fred, is that the authorities say that they were able to get there moments, moments before an attack that they are deeming was imnent -- imminent. do we have any idea where that the attack was? how large scale? where it was to take place? >> well, it is earnly supposed to be large scale, and that is some of the information are from the authorities, but the intel they got from intercepting phone communications, and possibly also from some cell phones left behind from the raids that took place in paris last friday. judging from the amount of firepower that the terrorists had inside of that apartment, and the fierceness of the firefight it appears the attacks would have been quite large. and also, the fact that you have seven people arrested and two
9:41 am
people killed, that is a substantial cell, and appears to be exactly or almost the same size as the amount of people who conducted the terrorists operations on friday that of course have killed so many people. so it looks as though the french when they say that they nearly averted or did avert what was going to be a terrible terror attack, they are senly correct. >> and also, we are learning in the last hour that the woman who blew herself up in that apart is the cousin of the ringleader, abaaoud abdelhamid. when you talk about a family affair, if you will, you have the are ringleader, 27 years old, and his cousin, a female wearing a suicide vest, and by the way, something that we have not seen in france until the attacks on friday, and then three brothers, including the man on the run, salah who is wanted, and three brothers, and so it is increasingly leading them to more and more family members it seems. >> and more and more family members, and it does look like the intricate web and they look
9:42 am
like knew each other for a long, long time. and if you look at the relations here, the woman who blew herself up was the cousin of the alleged ringleader, and then the fact that the apparent ringleader abaaoud abdelhamid was good friend, an indeed spent jail time with the man who is currently on the run, and where there is a global arrest out for him, salah abdeslam. and also, one of the brothers who blew himself up at one of the venues, so it seems an intricate web, and people who know each other, and a small band of people who clearly trusted one another, and went about doing all of the terrible things together knowing that they would have each other's backs doing this, poppy. >> yeah, and there is no question that all of the french people tonight, all of us thanking the french police men and women for putting their lives on the line walking, running into the imminent danger
9:43 am
today to prevent what was clearly another attack in the making. fred pleitgen live for us in saint denis. thank you very much. and now, isis is calling it the "mothers of satan" and the explosions of choice they use in the suicide vests. we will look at the weapons and the tactics, and frankly, what is it going to take to defeat them. about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money... and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with led light absolutely free! when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the
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one of the terror suspects killed in this morning's raid in saint denis was a woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest. she was reportedly the cousin of the suspected ringleader of friday's attacks. and then of course the seven suicide bombers in the attacks.
9:48 am
the french investigators managed to recover one of their vests intact, and they are examining its makeup. in the meantime, the senior belgian bombmaker who made the vests are still at large. they are so lethal there is a sip ster nickname for them, and they are called the o"mother of satan." they are made out of explosives that are really easy to buy. for that we turn to jason carroll. >> reporter: the first sound of the explosion echoed throughout france's soccer statement. across paris other attackers detonate their suicide vests is after killing scores at this n concert hall. and at this cafe where bra heem abdeslam detonates his vest, and his younger brother salah still at large. it is still unaware what the brothers were planning.
9:49 am
>> translator: my brother who participated in the terrorist act must have been psychologically ready to commit the act. >> reporter: more questions about the suspects and the explosives used in the vests. >> we want to understand it, and as our officers rush into the active shooter scenarios, we want to give them intelligence of what to be up against. >> reporter: they were loaded with triacetone tripreroxide or tatp, and it is a combination known as "mother of satan." it is sensitive to heat and volatile and can cause extensive damage, and it is cheap and has ingredients that are easy to come by. >> and most of the stuff, you don't need a license to buy, and in a truck i can go half an hour away and come home with 90% of this. >> reporter: this is not the first time that paris has been
9:50 am
attached to terrorist attacks. richard reid was picked up on a plane when he had an explosive material in his shoe, tatp. and also, investigators discovered that the homemade bombs discovered on a bus were tatp. and after plotting to bomb a new york subway, zazi got the ingredients that he needed at a colorado beauty supply store and lowe's and walmart. >> you can't get the people monitored by what they purchase. >> reporter: seth jones says that since tatp ingredients are so readily available, buying the items may not raise suspicions, and that is why intel is key. >> naji ball zazi was boiling e tea in aurora was not identified
9:51 am
for the ingredients that he was purchasing, but he was identified because of good intelligence monitoring e-mail accounts where he came up. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> i want to bring in former fbi counter terrorism expert tim clemente and also our expert retired general mark hertling. i want to ask you how detectable this is at an airport or by bomb sniffing dogs? >> well, it is very difficult to detect. the arroma is not easily detectd by electronics or dogs, and something they try to do is to make it more stable, and the bombers will put it in a liquid to stabilize it, and that liquid is what some detection devices can find, but since they are household chemicals, and acetone and peroxide are easy to get,
9:52 am
and no tag-ins to put into the chemicals to make them easier to visually see or smell. so it is a tough situation, and there is a lot of companies trying to work on devices and different technology to try to detect these things in the final form, the final crystalline form that tatp takes when it is an explosive, but as right now, it is very, very difficult to detect. >> general hertling, it is when you hear it takes the wind out of you, but there is that notion that jason carroll said that it is very sensitive to heat. that makes me wonder if we need to redesign security, and maybe the baggage has to go through the high intensity heat zones to make sure it is damaged or found before it is set off on a plane? >> some of that is what occurs. as soon as the enemy adapts in one way, and there are many ways to make the bombs, and tatp is one way that i saw in iraq, and just to add to the conversation,
9:53 am
it has aun unbelievable bleach-like smell, and if you don't use the tatp, it is fertilizer. and that is why when you go through the airports, they will try to swipe your hands, and farmers will be picked up quite a bit. if you don't have that, you go right become to tatp. and every time you get the problem solved, there is an adaptation to another technique. the blast is not as strong as other devices, but because of the lack of ability to detect tatp, it is becoming the weapon of choice in many of the suicide vests. >> and tim, help me to understand why we get the reports that a suicide bomber will blow himself or herself up, and there are mass casualties, and other times it is just the bomber. is that ill skilled nervous bombers who mess up or are sometimes those vests or the materials they get not effect e effective?
9:54 am
>> well, ashleigh, it is a come by nation of the two. if they get close enough to a target to kill enough people, and that son them, but it is also the design of the device h. in the situation of using tatp, the explosive does not produce a great deal of heat, and the s t shattering capability of the blast is not e tremendous. tatp expands from the solid to the gas, but it does not create heat. so sit is the propulsion of the shrapnel that will do the damage. sot unless they have enough shrapnel in the vest they are with wearing, they will blow up themselves, and push some people away and cause some damage in the immediate prox simity, but is the shrapnel that goes outward. and in the case of the boston bombers, they used the pots, the pressure cookers to be the shrapnel. >> and thank you both for your insight as well. i want to the let you all know
9:55 am
that we have received a statement from the band called the eagles of death metal, a california group of musicians that were performing at the bataclan concert hall in paris when the horrible attacks occurred. this is is what they said. while the band is now home safe, with rehorrified, and still trying to come to terms with what happened in france. they go on the say that although bonded in grief with the victims, the fans, and the families and the citizens of paris and all of those affected by terrorism, we are proud to stand together with our new family, and now united by a common goal of love and compassion. we would like to thank the french police, the fbi and the u.s. and french state departments, and especially all of those at ground zero with us who helped each other as best they could during this unimaginable or deal, proving once again that love overshadows evil. and the band ended their statement with these french words viva la music, viva eodm
9:56 am
which is the initials of the band. and so, now, we will have a french commentary on the raids.
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hello, i'm wolf blitz er an it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in raqqah, syria, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we begin with breaking news, because we are waiting for the french prosecutor the give a news conference about the paris terror attacks and the latest raids that occurred today. it i


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