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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's early morning here in paris, the city where another terror attack may have been prevented. 9:00 p.m. in new york. a busy night ahead. with that and details on the raid that took down a terror cell including a female suicide bomber and the planner of friday's massacre, though we don't know that at this point. i'm going to show you exclusive video taken by two neighbors as the raid unfolded. [ gunshots ]. >> in addition to that, we've also obtained video as well as audio of a shouted exchange between police and the female
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bomber, as the moment she blew herself up. [speaking foreign language]. >> carnage and destruction in the raid so extreme that crews are still on the scene right now suring up the apartment building. dna testing to see if friday's ringleader was in the building. we'll begin with the latest and this isis video threatening new york. more from jim sciutto. >> reporter: alarming images from an isis video apparently threatening an attack on new york city. cnn is only airing a few frames of the video that shows the french president speaking and people arming themselves with explosives and scenes of herald square in new york. parts first appeared in an april rap video produced by isis but tonight, they suggest a new warning. [ gunshots ].
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>> reporter: all of this comes as suspected isis terrorists were arrested in paris. in the early morning hours, heavy gunfire. and explosions as french police raid an apartment building. suspected terrorists hiding out inside. and police say planning another major attack. >> reporter: the police officers faced great difficulty. an armored door resisted the explosives launched in the rate. there was uninterrupted gunfire for almost an hour. >> reporter: french authorities arrested seven people including this man who appears to have been stripped down. it's unclear if that's because police were searching him for explosives. armature video captured another suspect ordered to the ground quickly handcuffed by police. two other suspected terrorists
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were killed in the raid including a woman that blew herself up. that woman believed to be the cousin of abdelhamid abaqoud, the suspected ringleader of friday's deadly rampage across paris. >> translator: one body was torn apart and not identifiable. early evidence indicates the explosion was caused when a would detonated an explosive vests. >> reporter: french and belgium police zeroed in after interviews, intercepted cell phone communications and bank records led them there and intelligence abaaoud was present but french authorities say he is not in custody and it's unknown whether he was one of those killed. the raids took place north of paris near one of the locations hit on friday. residents describe a terrifying operation. >> translator: they told us to lie down on the floor, don't move and turn off the lights.
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>> reporter: the man who owns one of the apartments told cnn affiliate bfm tv he did not realize who he rented them to. >> translator: if i had known something, do you really think i would have let them stay here? >> reporter: several police officers were wounded in the raid and this police dog killed. jim sciutto joins us and clarissa ward and our terrorism analyst paul. >> we looked at many images recycled from a rap video that aired months ago on an isis jihad website updated with colts from president hollande and updated in the last several days and the new york police department has the same view,
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these are not new images. they reiterate and know and u.s. counterterrorism officials told us that new york is an aspirational target of the group but no evidence to suggestion that they have something in the planning stages right now. for instance, when you look at the images, there is nothing to indicate there was an actual guy in new york city with an actual explosive device. that picture of herald square we think is a stock image. >> it will be interesting to see what they discover in the apartment. it wasn't just the attacker on friday night with suicide vest, the seven we know of but who actually used them and had them but a woman that detonated a device, how many others may be out there in paris? >> right. that's exactly the question authorities want to get an answer for. we're learning a little bit more about this woman now according to french media. she's 26-year-old hasn
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hasna aitboulahcen. you heard her shouting he's not my boyfriend. sometimes they find the idea of female suicide bombers unusual but if you look back, we've seen them used time and time again in chechnya and black widows and female suicide bombers attacking weddings in jordan and we heard isis has really been trying to recruit more women not just to go and join jihad and be the future mothers of future jihads but participate in suicide bombings because it's easier for women to go below the radar. >> we heard from an analyst in the last hour that said traditionally isis has not wanted women to take much of a role in jihad, you know, a woman's role is not home given away to foreign fighters but it will be interesting to see if
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this is some sort of turning point if this is actually something they start to do more of in the future. >> well, isis hasn't used women because it had plenty of men to do the suicide bombings and to do the fighting but when isis used to be called al qaeda in iraq and insurgency they launched dozens and dozens and dozens of female suicide bombings against iraqi forces against american troops in iraq and one of those was a belgium catholic convert to islam. so there is a track record of western women getting involved and launching suicide bombings for basically isis and why do they want to take a bigger role? they grew up in the west and have a different conception of gender roles and get much more involved than say people who grow up in a more conservative traditional society, anderson. >> we're talking about belgium. i'm so fascinated by when you start to kind of peel this away and see where all these people are from and what street they
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were living on and it turns out they live a block away from somebody else they are involved with, it is like this petty criminal gang which has just kind of recruited among friends and family. >> we know, as well, that the alleged mastermind or ringleader met the missing eighth bomber from the friday attacks in prison. they were in prison together for the same crime in 2011, prisons we've talked about this are incubators for extremism and radicalized. >> two others met in prison. that's where they were radicalized. we've seen this pattern over and over again and it's not just about the radicalizing each other. there are all sorts of things going on, cell phones, anderson, are not supposed to be allowed but many convicts have cell phones and are communicating. the al qaeda rekcruiter was in touch throughout the planning of the charlie hebdo attacks.
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>> in al qaeda, the egyptian prisons were a nexus for recruiting. >> and now we're seeing this in the age of isis and one of the recruiters saying in prison, they are saying we can offer you redemption for your past criminality. you can reach paradise if you follow our path and they are also explaining away all their past sins so to speak because they are saying you were core resulted by the infidelity west. that's a very powerful argument for these young men and these young men are sucked up and brainwashed and going in increasing numbers. >> it's a powerful argument for psyc psyc psychopaths. it gives them a grander justification. >> there is the radicalization in u.s. prisons. some jihads in the u.s. are tracked back to conversions. >> thanks for being with us. coming up next, what neighbors saw and heard as security forces raided the apartment down their block. can you imagine waking up in the
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not always. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side even as we're learning more about the raid and the attack about to be launched, witnesses started coming forward talking about what they saw and what they have been going through since the nightmare began. some turned cameras, cell phones out the window as the articleme
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assault unfolded. [ gunshots ]. [ gunshots ]. >> axle and steph took that video. i spoke to them tonight. >> did you realize what was happening when the shots began? >> we were not realizing but it was the assault, we were -- axle was thinking it was a terrorist attack. >> you thought it was an attack by terrorists? >> i thought they were going in house to kill people and i was really, i was shaking and we --
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i took a few minutes to understand it was an assault from policeman. >> you were able to see the police? >> we call them. >> you called the police. >> she didn't know what was happening on the phone so i put the phone to make her hear the guns. she said okay, okay, i hear them. she took some information and came back to us saying stay inside. don't move. close the window and everything. and then we just saw the police, yeah, the special forces arriving in the streets. >> you saw the guys. >> yeah, this was scary. >> this went on for hours and hours and hours. >> two hours i think of intensity guns and explosions. >> you lost friends at bataclan concert hall and this must have made you think about that all over again? >> yeah, when you hear all those
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shotguns like coming like, the sound of it. it makes me feel like all my friends were in the venue. the feeling before they die or the one who escape, the trama -- >> the trama. >> the trama they can have now it's a terrible feeling. >> what do you want people to know about what's happening here? do you want people around the world to know? >> i want them to know that in france we are more than free. we're really at peace. it's a country of freedom. when you see what's -- what people can make behind us. >> right here at the monument. >> it's beautiful and i just want them to continue to not live in scare and to continue to go to venue.
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>> to listen to music and enjoy life. >> to have a drink with friend and enjoy. everything that people can do and to have a thought of the victims in the world because we lived that in france but the syrian also victims in their country so it's very important we fought for all the victims in this world. >> we have to do it worldwide. the attack everywhere. >> thank you very much for talking with us. thank you. so sorry for the loss of your friends. >> earlier we shed you the moment the suicide bomber blew herself up and how the phenomenon is of women turning themselves into the weapons. this killer wasn't the first and likely won't be the last. deborah feyerick explains. >> reporter: it appears she was ready to die for isis.
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the female suicide bomber detonating explosives killing herself during a police raid that killed one other. the woman to be identified through dna is believed to be the cousin of paris attack ringleader abdelhamid abaqoud. though far fewer number, female suicide bombers are no less lethal in the quest. >> could be this is, that the organization sees them as a very useful tool because of their femininity. >> reporter: in january 2002 palestinian refugee detonated a 22-pound backpack in the center of jerusalem killing one and injuring 140. one of the youngest known suicide bombers also a palestinian refugee was an 18-year-old girl who strapped on a suicide belt, pushed past a security guard and blew herself up inside a supermarket killing the guard and israeli teenage girl. >> when we often think about
6:20 pm
female suicide bombers, we think of black widows. these are the widows of chechen fighters. >> reporter: in russia chechen women blew themselves up, the 2002 siege of a moscow theater in which female attackers wore but did not detonate suicide belts. authorities believe several dozen women from europe and the u.s. attempted in syria and iraq, perhaps in the famous, the girlfriend of paris gunman -- she traveled to turkey before crossing into syria to join the terror group. deb deborah feyerick, cnn new york. weighs in on this latest isis threat in new york and the claim they used a bomb in a soda can to destroy the russian jet
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a new threat from isis, the
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terror group releasing another video threatening attacks on new york, nothing new there. security had been increased in new york and other major american cities. adam shift is the ranking democrat of the house intelligence committee. i spoke to him just before the program this evening. congress man shift, this video threat from isis to new york previously obviously made a threat earlier in the week against washington d.c. do you believe there is an imminent threat to the united states? >> i don't think there is an imminent threat like paris. we're a hard target to reach and isis made it clear because of the proximity and foreign fighters that have gone back to europe. there is a risk in new york and elsewhere people are inspired by the paris attacks home grown radicals heed the call to lash out, so that is really primarily the danger we're focused on right now. >> in terms of cooperation
6:26 pm
between european intelligence agencies, european law enforcement and american, how close is it? are you satisfied with the level of cooperation because clearly, there is problems in europe with data sharing between governments here. >> there is a problem in sharing between governments. we have a very good relationship with the french. we have a very close relationship with the british and others, nonetheless it can be improved. the level of cooperation with france will entense fintensify. with the best of intelligence sharing, as long as isis is allowed to maintain the ground in iraq and syria and they have the luxury to plan and plot from there and have resources to do it, even the best of intelligence isn't going to be enough to stop them every time and that's the real heart of the matter. >> in terms of refugees, we've seen a number of governors in the united states saying they do not want to accept and will not accept syrian refugees.
6:27 pm
france's president despite what is going on said they will move forward to accept 20,000 refugees from syria over the next two years. do you see a real security threat from refugees coming from syria into the united states? >> you know, i understand people's concerns about this and people watching in paris are appalled at the level of violence and want to make sure we're doing everything possible to avoid any kind of reputation of that in the united states but the refugee program has not been the problem for us. among the 2,000 or so ref fuf gees we've taken over the last several years from syria, not a single one is arrested on a terrorism-related offense and three-quarters of a million we've taken in since 9/11, a very few if any problems have occurred within that refugee population. for whatever reason, anderson, the problem here in the united states has been home grown radicals inspired by isis but
6:28 pm
the rouefugees have not been th problem and frankly, there are much bigger security risks than that one and i hate to see us turning our back on this population so desperately in need. >> the picture put out by isis which they say is the device that brought down the russian plane in the sinai, how confident are you that tsa in the united states would be able to catch such a device whether or not that should show up on radar and screening by tsa? >> well, this is a grave concern of mine and frankly, it's a much bigger risk than anything have to do with a refugee program and that is when we test our tsa all too often they fail and that is when we do blind tests of whether we can smuggle weapons or explosives in all too often tsa fails to meet those tests
6:29 pm
and that has to change. we have a new director of tsa and i think he's very well-regarded and respected and i think he is trying to change that but until i see different results, i'm going to continue to press on this because it remains, i think, a real vulnerability for us. >> congressman shift, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thanks, anderson. a real vulnerability he said, a grave concern. those were his words according to congressman shift. let's take one more look at the image released by isis of the device that it says brought down the airliner over egypt. soda can and components of a bomb isis says was inside. i want to bring in former cia officer bob bear. the bomb that they claim, you said it could be a legitimate, it's a relatively simple device and it's -- i mean, not particularly complex, a small amount of explosives but do we have any idea if, i mean, if it really is for real and i mean, i think a lot of people find it
6:30 pm
hard to believe that something that small could bring down an enormous aircraft. >> anderson, clearly a bomb of that size could easily bring down that aircraft, that airbus very easily and in fact, you could do with a lot less explosives. frankly, i think what we're going to find out and this is just a guess that they are going to find forensics on the ground that matches that. that can and the dead -- detonator. that's a crude bomb. the tsa can probably catch it. it's others they failed at. 95%, there are bombs that i've seen that you could get through tsa with 100% certainty they are so well disguised, wiring, explosives. explosives themselves well detected. aviation security is a real threat. does isis have this capability
6:31 pm
in this country or even in europe, but for me, what bothers me is the ground staff in this country and europe is not completely vetted and that's the easiest way to get it in and doesn't matter how crude the bomb is, you can bring an airplane down. >> yeah, we've seen that in the united states. there was the case in atlanta of a baggage handler shipping weapons around the country using his access to get cargo on to an aircraft, which is just stunning and if it was guns it could have been anything else. >> yeah, and then the young guy in minneapolis who was a baggage handler that went to syria and killed in a raid. yes, that's a real possibility. every airport in this country you have unvetted people and, you though, it's aspirational at this point and clearly, if they were a threat we would hear about it. what concerns me, anderson, always is the continued violence
6:32 pm
in the middle east increases the risk in this country and i'm not going to say they will eventually hit us but the likelihood goes up by the day, the more violence there is. >> bob, appreciate you being on. just ahead, details about the assault on isis in syria. adversaries and allies to bomb bored an enemy and reports what nick paton walsh saw. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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with security forces in action across europe, collation of allies and adversaries continue. nick paton walsh is close to the action. we're not disclosing his exact location. >> anderson, intense air strikes over raqqah a nightly occurrence. we're hearing from activists inside that city, caliphates, self-declared capitol they heard a number of blasts and two targets have been hit, fuel truck and brick factory. they say they have first time it seems since the uptick in air strikes against raqqah being seven civilian casualties in that one blast and eight
6:37 pm
injured, as well. we can't verify that independently but these have been reliable in the past. we don't know who is behind what blast when. the coalition, russians and syrian regime are in action over the skies there, too, but raqqah bearing the blunt of intense bombardment. the question how did these targets get chosen? the u.s. says sometimes it requires vetting, sometimes these targets pop unop one day t civilians not allowed to leave, many by isis are clearly at risk here as this bombardment intensifies and here inside syria the question continues to echo and amplify what about some kind of ground offense? the kurds to the north of raqqah clearly will see this uptick as paving the way maybe for their moving in. they don't have numbers frankly by their own admission or heavy weapons they want.
6:38 pm
but still, there is growing optimism. while these air strikes intensify, i think many believe isis will be certainly shaken inside that city. does this then lead to something more substantial on the ground? there is talk of it here but also recognition that that's an extraordinarily difficult task in and of itself, anderson. >> nick paton walsh, be careful. this is really a war on many fronts with the added risk of isis focussing more attention on acts of global terror. the harder it gets hidden out ground and the caliphate. prospective from mark hurtling and james spider marks and both cnn analysts and with us is michael weiss, co-author of "isis inside the army of terror." you heard his report from syria, nightly air strikes on raqqah. wouldn't key members of isis be long gone having anticipated retaliation? >> possibly. they might be moving around in
6:39 pm
the city, as well, anderson, but i think as you're seeing more air strike, it's related to having better observation on the ground and i think that's been happening over the last several months where there is better coordination with some people in the area, perhaps covert observers feeding information through special forces to the air component, especially that close by. it doesn't have long legs of aircraft coming out of uae but in fact, only about 45 minutes away and can hit troops in contact as we call them. >> general marks, how conventional a force is isis? we've seen at times them fighting conventionally in vehicles with assaults. would you consider it more of an unconventional enemy and if so, how difficult then is it to get targets actually really effective? >> anderson, it's a combination of capabilities across the
6:40 pm
board. the leadership originated from sadd saddam's military. we threw them in jail. they were released and had no future. they were radicalized and these folks have been drained. they know how to run organizations and conduct tactical operations to establish an operational construct for the employment of forces. these folks know how to maneuver and work around. what is unique about isis is they created this unique and precise special operations capability and been able to launch these attacks like we've seen in places like sinai and lebanon and now in paris over the course of ten months. so it's a combination of these capabilities and mark is absolutely spot on general hertling. there are some targets that are very fleeting move around the battle field and we have to do a
6:41 pm
much finer job of being able to track those. that takes a lot of human intelligence capability on the ground. >> michael weiss, how much of isis' strategy is to provoke greater involvement by the u.s., in syria or deeper in iraq or over reaction against refugee populations or muslim populations throughout you are pop and perhaps even in the united states? how much do they want to provoke that sort of reaction and/or even over reaction? >> anderson, the core of their propaganda going back to 2004 to draw the united states into this region-wide war, not just in iraq but syria. their propaganda magazine is a town in the suburbs of aleppo where they believe the armageddon will take place.
6:42 pm
if you take their propaganda, religious fundamental at face goal, they would be remised to provoke that response. one reason isis managed to hang on to so much terrain is you look where they have been booted out in iraq and syria and let's take northern syria. most areas are kurdish villages. sunni and kurds not losing terrain is the sunni triable heartland of eastern syria. the same thing applies, by the way, in iraq. they were kicked out of the province. this is what i call the briar patch for isis. this is where any kind of ground force that is not sunni arab in composition is going to meet not just with resistance by isis but also by fellow travelers, by the
6:43 pm
local communities and population that see isis believe it or not, i know this is difficult in the west to wrap our heads around. they see isis as a better alternative than any other ethnic of sectarian minority group that might come in. this is why the kurds will never be full hearty to march on raqqah city because they would be slaughtered if they tried. >> general hertling has the iraqi government made any improvements in terms of reaching out to sunni groups, to sunnis in this area? >> yeah, all indicators are they have. we're seeing some effects north and so they are getting in the area. we're starting to see successes by a combination of she ya militia and sunni tribes men that would be you think thinkable. there is coordination and
6:44 pm
distrust certainly but they are coordinating because they have lived under isis for a year and they are beginning say hey, we got to combine to get this out as opposed to fighting each other let's fight against isis. >> i wish we had more time for this. to be continued. general hertling, thank you and just ahead, more of my exclusive interview with two young survivors of the bataclan attack. a young couple separated right before the attack. what they did to survive and what they saw and heard as 89 people were slaughtered around them.
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with all the fast-moving developments we don't want to lose focus on the unfolding story of the attacks last friday here in paris. day by day we learned new horrific details. we're getting a clear picture of the terror that unfolded where 89 people were slaughtered. there is really no word for what happened inside. the place was packed that night for a rock concert. i spoke earlier today to a young couple that got out alive. isabelle is 22 and 24 to survive she pretended to be dead. he hid inside a bathroom along with dozens of other.
6:49 pm
they were separated before the shooting began. here is more of my exclusive interview with them. did you think about trying to run? >> yeah. the first ten minutes you think of all your options. you think how to survive, what you can do and it's why the men who try to protect me really saved my life because your reaction is to run, to fight and he just said stay. he said stay. and from that moment on, i didn't dispute my actions. >> you thought about fighting? >> you think about doing something but i'm here because i don't run. i'm here because i stayed. >> it's one thing to think about these people that did this as coming from another place but to think that they, most of them it
6:50 pm
seems came from here and grew up here and they once listened to music, too. they once -- they grew up in this society and yet they -- does it make any sense to you? i >> for me, i feel very strongly about this. those men were psychopaths. to talk about them is to take attention away from the victims of this. that's all i care about. there are horrible excuses for humans in this world but there are so many more great ones. and i do not want to talk about those men. they're not worth my time. >> that's what you think about. that's what you, moving forward, want to remember, the man who saved you, the people who reached out to help other
6:51 pm
people, complete strangers? >> the survivors. the people who went through this, the people who helped me, friends, family. people from around the world who have send the most incredible message of support and warmed my heart and made me able to sleep at night. so yeah, i want to remember the great acts of kind -- and lovely people. and that's all i'm going to take away from this. >> it is extraordinary how in the darkest of times, in the most horrific of moments, people reach out to each other and -- and save people. >> many, many people. [ speaking in french ].
6:52 pm
>> the tragedy here is that so many people our age were killed in that attack. so many people won't get to live their lives. they just only started. and that is -- that is what we're going to do is that we're going to live for them. weir going to be inspired by them. we're going to be better. carry on. with our lives, continue to listen to rock 'n' roll, to love, to go out, to dance, to fight this horrible, horrible fear with love. [ speaking in french ].
6:53 pm
>> do you feel hate? >> no. but that's what they want. they want us to fear. they want us to hate. but it's so important to remember how many more great people there are than bad. [ speaking in french ].
6:54 pm
>> it's interesting you said to fight this with love. that's important to you? >> it's imperative. it's imperative that we take this -- this horrific story and learn from it. to appreciate life, to realize that the victims of this tragedy don't get their lives. we live -- we get to live and we are incredibly lucky. >> thank you.
6:55 pm
>> thank you. >> we'll have more from both of them tomorrow on "360." more from paris when we come back.
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want to show you a rally that took place in a neighborhood where several of the paris attackers had ties. people standing together for the sake of those murdered and wounded five days ago here in paris. tonight the eiffel tower is once again lit with the colors of the french flag and you can see the city's long-held motto, tossed but not sunk. paris h cnn has a memorial where you can read about the victims of
7:00 pm
the attack. go to to find that link. thank you for watching our live coverage from paris. we will be here of course tomorrow night as well. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. >> don't go far we're going to get back to you. but it's 10 p.m. on the east cone and 4:00 a.m. in paris. we have terror headlines in two major cities. here in new york, a new isis video warning of an attack targeting the heart of the city, times square. and in paris, investigators trying to determine whether a police raid killed a ring leader of the attack or if he is on the of the attack or if he is on the run. -- captions by vitac -- we begin with a video that warns of an attack on new york city. the video more than five minutes long. we are showing a few frames from it because we don't want to give them the