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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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our live coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues now with john >> welcome to cnn's continuing live coverage of the terror attacks in paris. i'm isha sesay. >> rein i'm john vause. investigators are slowly and carefully searching an apartment building in the paris suburb of st.-denis where are at least two suspected terrorists were killed. they don't know yet whether the alleged ringleader of friday's attacks abdelhamid abaaoud, the target of the raid, is among the dead. >> a woman who blew herself up
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inside the apartment has reportedly been identified as abaaoud's cousin. authorities say they moved in just in time to keep the suspects from launching another attack. mean while, a new released isis video warns of an impending attack on new york city. it appears to be an explosive device of what looks like a suicide belt. there is no current or specific threat at this time. >> passports seized from five syrian nationals were stolen in greece. the men were detained after going from syria to honduras through five other countries. police have not confirmed that the men may be trying to reach the u.s. police have not linked them to terrorism. >> and isis claims it killed two more hostages. the chinese president condemned the killings and offered condolences to the victims'
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families. our senior international correspondent is live this hour in paris. fred, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. john, here from the plaza d plaza de republique are very much on the edge. police say it could take another 24 hours to remove all the remains from the raid site there in that northern suburb of saint-denis, and it certainly isn't easy. the building isn't structurely safe. a floor of the building almost completely imploded. and until late last night, i was still on site, they were still exploding unoexpled ordnances in controlled detonations there on site. as this unfolded, atika schubert found herself in the middle of that dangerous operation. she tells us what she saw.
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>> reporter: a northern suburb in st.-denis, the suspects were believed to be holed up. >> i could hear gunfire. when did this start and for how long has it been going on? >> i was sleeping and then my wife woke me up to ask me if i i'm hearing something. i say no, but there was absolutely gunfire and now i can't sleep. >> police blocked off roads and told residents to stay inside their homes in saint-denis. the area of the stade de france stadium where two suicide bombings took place on friday. we were down at the scene where the police operation was under way.
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>> we're being moved back. i'm sorry, i cut you off. >> investigators is lated in the area we were standing. >> an explosion has just gone off. this is still very much a large operation. a second one now. a third explosion. two terrorist suspects have been declared dead. one of them blue herself up with a suicide belt. three men escorted out of the apartment by police. one witness described the scene inside the building. >> it felt like the ceiling was cra cracking. i tried to protect myself between the doors of the restroom and the bedroom. i stayed like that with my
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maybe. we could see the plets, really it was explosions. we could feel the building really shaking. i could hear the guys upstairs running and they were screaming at each other. >>. >> reporter: by noon, residents were allowed back in. frenz eck teams combed the aftermath. it has been a terrifying ordeal for the residents of saint-dp enis, one they could only hope is finally over. >> it certainly was a very tense day and a lot of police were involved in it. there was a massive presence of police special forces and firefighters and emergency medical personnel. a very, very lalkrge operation. we want to capture some of the gun battle that went on in the raid. take a listen.
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[ rapid gun fire ] >> and needless to say, john and isha, people after witnessing that were quite shaken when we spoke to them after the police raid has ended. >> understandably so. now, do we know if the alleged ringleader in all of this abaaoud was killed during this raid. they seem to be taking quite a long time to get the results of the dna tests. >> those results are still not there. there's an ongoing forensic investigation going on. there were forensic people working until the middle of the night. there was a press conference by the paris prosecutor. he said at this point in time, it cannot be confirm ed whether abdelhamid abaaoud was one of those who were killed. there is some conflicting
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information. but at this point in time, it isn't clear whether or not he actually was at that apartment. but it certainly can be said with certainty that the raid was one that did seek to target him. john? >> thanks, fred. >> ivan watson joins us life from brussels. the site of the paris attacks ongoing. what can you tell us about belgium's ongoing efforts. >> well, again, that search does continue with the investigators very much waiting for the results of the dna testing on the people who were in that flat in saint-denis to figure out who exactly was there. the fact that a cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud was believed to have been a suicide bomber, a woman.
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well, we heard from the belgium investigators that they believe that he had a female cousin. and it goes to show, there are not only some family links, but also childhood links involved in this deadly conspiracy. we're in the neighborhood of mullenbeck. at least three of the suspects involved in the paris attacks last friday night, their families lived here. they grew up literally just five minutes walk away from each other. in fact, we've learned from the belgium investigators that the suspected ringleader of the attack attacks was partners in crime with the fugitive right now to seems to have escaped the terrorist attacks. and there's an international man hunt looking for them. the two men in 2011 were
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convicted together, the belgium federal prosecutor says for the same theft. and both spent about a month in prison in 2011. and four years later, these partners in crime accused of the deadliest terror attacks that france has seen really since world war ii. the fact that these close links, both geographical from where these people grew up, a family link, a cousin of abaaoud in that apartment that was raided by police, it gives you a sense of how this is very much a home grown conspiracy. isha? >> i wasnvan with the very late from belgium. thank very much. >> and isis has gone public with what it claims is the homemade bomb that took down a russian padgett last month. the group's online magazine has a photoshowing a soda can and two components that appear to be
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a detonator and a switch. isis claims a downed plane over the sinai peninsula killing all 224 people onboard. cnn, though, has not confirmed those claims. >> and back to the isis threat against new york. ishl ifs tell cnn the video is old footage and nothing more than propaganda. new yorkers will not live in fear. >> the meem of new york city will not be intimidated. we understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit to their wishes. it's important to note that there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. nypd has been working very, very close with the fbi and our other federal partners. and again, i repeat there's no specific and credible threat against new york city.
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steve, let's go back to that soda can bomb which isis put out on its website. does that look like a kind of bomb which could bring down a plane to you? one thing which i was looking for was the timer. i couldn't really see one. >> you don't need a timer if you have an accuator that goes off. even if that can was representative of the actual bomb, that might not have been the same trigger. what the investigators are going to do is they're going to go through the debris and they're going to find -- they're going to be able to rebuild the actual bomb and the triggers right down to the brand of battery. >> they'll be able to do that, considering the size, the parent size of that thing. it looks so small. you say they'll find traces of it amongst the debris?
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>> sadly, it will be in the bodies of the people nearest the bomb. or if it was in luggage, it will be within the as hard as of the luggage. >> it looks pretty simple. is that a kind of bomb, clearly if it's true, it gom through sharm el sheikh. could it get through a european or an american airport. >> i don't know whether the can of the explosive would get through. it depends -- first of all, it depends on the explosive. if you're taking semtex or something like that, it would ring the bells because it has nitrogen in it. if you're talking about tatp, which was used in the paris attacks, that doesn't voo nitrogen. it not ring a chemical thing, but there should be some kind of alarm when there's a solid substance in a liquid can. the thing that really should have gotten it, though, are the detonator and the switch.
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they're very specific. they show up very well on x-raies and that should have been picked up. investigators in egypt and the sinai peninsula looking for traces on the ground. farther afield here in the united states, what will officials be doing with this image. >> first of all, they're going to be verifying whether this was actually the bomb or the. it e.d. that was used. we will do the wrong type of security. or they may just want to make it impossible for us to fly. what does isis have to gain by making these threats against washington, d.c. and new york? >> it's free terrorism. it doesn't cost them anything. it costs them the time to make the video. now they've shown they're serious about something and you
9:14 pm
get two planes to land yesterday. you can get the mayor of new york having to comment. you can get us comment on the meeds yeah. this is all free for them. >> cashing in on what they've done in paris and taking it one step further? >> you'll be with us next hour? >> will. >> thank you. a cnn exclusive you will hear from a young couple who survived a massacre. how they pretended to be dead. what they saw, what they heard. >> the u.s. has just under 22 lurks refugee since civil war broke out in syria more than four years ago. coming up, you'll meet one of them and hear her emotional story. the pursuit of healthier.
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a text message said the attack is about to begin. officials are trying to defrm with whom that message was sent. >> in this exclusive, a couple told our anderson cooper what happened inside and how they were able to survive. >> we heard sounds. quickly we realized it was something serious. >> did you know it was shoot schotts? >> i quickly realized it was shots. you could smell the gunpowder, you could hear the terror, people screaming. you knew it was fun gier.
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
. >> did you hear them talking to each other? did you hear them saying anything. >> i heard sounds but i don't know if they were in french. i didn't understand what they were saying. they were very calm. >> they were calm? >> they were calm. >> were you thinking of different things going through your mind? what was going through your mind? >> complete shock. i think that's the first thing.
9:22 pm
i couldn't believe this was happening. >> it didn't seem real? >> it felt like a nightmare. felt like the worst horror film. i just remember the story, you don't move. you pretend you've already been shot. you pretend you're dead and that's what i did. >> i was worried. the fact that i didn't describe is shocking given how scared i was. it was important not to move. >> as much as anguish and terror in that room, there was a lot of
9:23 pm
love, a lot of tragedy in that place. >> you just felt it. there were innocent lives. they were there for the exact same reasons. everyone was dancing, everyone was smiling. people were happy. and when the gunmen came in it all changed. but the people didn't. you follow the families, that's what you do when you're close to death. you want to be with your family, you want to be with your friends. you want to tell them you love them. dwrou don't want them to think of the pain you're going through. you don't.
9:24 pm
this is the only thing i did. i said out loud i love you. i didn't say their names i. ig chured their face. i said i love you. it was important if for me if i left to say i love you. in that way, it felt okay to die. because i had love if h my heart. and i reflected a great life. >> it was horrible actions. horrible actions to determine the end of my life. i didn't want them to win.
9:25 pm
i wanted them to know that i had an incredible life. >> it's just unbelievable to think what they have gone through and their reaction while it was happening and their reaction now. >> yeah, so poetic in the way in which he said. she wanted love in her heart if this was, indeed, her final moment. we're going to share part two of the emotional interview in the next hour. the woman said someone stopped her from running away. and you'll hear why they say they're fighting terror with love. >> in the meantime, we'll have more details in that normal paris suburb. we'll hear from the witnesses. who first thought it was another deadly terrorist attack. >> the saint-denis district police raided wednesday morning has a troubling history of strife. we will go inside and take a look at that diverse neighborhood.
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. >> welcome back, everybody. coming up to 9:30 on the west coast. french police say two people killed and eight detained during a violent predawn raid were part of a new team of terrorists. the raid in the paris suburb of saint denis triggered an hour-long fire fight of guns and ammunition and a female suicide bomber blew herself up.
9:30 pm
>> police say the ringleader of the prift attacks could be there. they're conducting dna tests to find out for certain. >> isis threatens new york city with scenes of the city and a putting on a bomb belt. the major says new york city will not be intimidated. >> back now down to paris senior international correspondent is with us once again. our viewers saw yesterday's scene unfold live on our air. >> we got some details late last night from the paris prosecutor's office. and one of the things they said is that when the police officers moved in there, the resistance they met there was so fierce they had to use heavy ordnance to blast their way into the two apartments where the terrorists were helded up. the actual operation to get into those apartments lasted about an hour. however, the entire siege was
9:31 pm
much longer. it involved a gigantic police force that was on the ground. and, of course, many of the residents in that area were absolutely terrified as all of this was going on. and some of those witnesses are now talking to cnn. listen to two people tell anderson cooper about their terrifying experience. >> actually, we were not realizing that it was an assault. we actually was thinking it was a terrorist attack. >> you thought it was an actually an attack by terrorists? >> i thought terrorists were going in the house to kill peel. and i was really -- i was shaking. i took 30 minutes to understand that it was an assault from prismen. >> you finally were able to see the police? >> yeah. we called them. >> you called them? >> yeah. we called the police and she didn't know what was happening on the phone. so i took the phone to make her hear the shotguns.
9:32 pm
and she was like okay, okay, i hear them. she took some information. then she came back to us and saying stay inside, don't move, close the window and everything. >> it just goes to show how confused people were. saint-denis where wednesday's raids took place is also home to the stade de france, the stadium where the suicide bombers struck last friday. the paris suburb is diverse, but also has a troubling history of strife. . >> gunfire and explosions ringing out before dawn as police carried out raids searching for suspects behind the terrorist attacks.
9:33 pm
a. >> i heard noise, gunshots. it coke me up. i jumped out of bed. i opened the window. i stuck my head outside. i wanted to watch. the police told me, close the window, sir. >> so this has become an increasing increasingly troubled area. friday attacks left 129 victims dead. just under six miles from paris, saint-denis is the same town of the multiethnic saint-denis. a high proportion of immigrants, 28% of the population in 2012 were immigrants according to the french national institute for statistics.
9:34 pm
it has a relatively high crime rate violence spreading quickly to the rest of the department. the unrest lasted four weeks as french youth were protesting against their living and economic dns and against discrimination. a decade later, violence strikes again in a different and more horrific form. >> of. >> and at this hour, forensic work at the two apartments where the raids took place is still going on. two terrorists were killed in the operation. police and intelligence forces here do hope to get valuable information from the people they managed to arrest. they're saying this was, in fact, a new group of terrorist.
9:35 pm
the possibility of another terrorist plot, what more det l details to do we know about that at this point? they say another plot is probably imminent. another way they managed to get on to the second cell, if you will, is because they found a cell phone in a garbage can near the site of one of the attacks that happened on friday here in paris. and they said that led to clues, leading them to believe an attack was imnebt but also where this apartment was. the apartments were under surveillance for about 24 hours before the police started their raid. so clearly, they were very concerned that the terrorists inside the apartment might be waiting to strike very, very quickly. and there's certainly some relation between the cell. it appears as though one of the reasons why they struck those cells is because they believe that there was a relative of the ringleader of abdelhamid abaaoud inside that apartment. and so there does seem to be
9:36 pm
links between these two operation operatio operations on trid and yesterday john. >> there's still at least one fugitive at larnl. we don't know where he is. that manhunt continues, remains in force. >> russia unwleeshed more terror atargets coming up on cnn news room, lye from los angeles. >> also syria says his country is not responsible for creating isis. we'll tell you who he thinks is to blame when we come back. the cold truth is, (coughing)
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>> of welcome back, everyone. in country is not the breeding ground for isis. it came during an interview with italian media on wednesday. assad says the west should be
9:40 pm
blamed for the creation of the terror group. here's more from that interview with assad. >> they were created by the americans with the help of money and ideology. and, of course, many others say the same. and isis, they are offshoot of al qaeda. regarding isis, it started in iraq. it was established in iraq in 2006. and the leader that had been killed by the american forces then. so it was established under the american supervision in iraq. and the leader of isis today, which is called albadadi, he was put in new york in their prison and h efs released by them. it didn't start in syria. >> and while assad blames the west for creating isis, russia
9:41 pm
has its sights on syria. russian military claims it used air strikes to destroy tanker trucks in syria. russia says these trucks were being used by the terrorist group to transport oil. >> it's not clear where or when these air strikes occurred, but this news comes just a day after russia bombed an isis site in syria, including the terror organization self-proclaimed capital city of raqqah. as we've been reporting, an international manhunt is under away for salah abdeslam. his brother ina him a was reportedly up with of the suicide bombers. >> this is not the first time we've seen family members commit terror acts together. >> in the saint-denis raid, the woman who blew herself up police approached believed to be the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud ab, the ringleader in the paris attacks. family tied in terror.
9:42 pm
also seen with the abdeslam brothers. they detonated the suicide bomb outside this cafe during friday's attacks. as he died, his brother fled. now europe's most wanted man. they share a family name, a life history and radical believes. >> a lot of our cases revolved around family members looking together pop ojust look at recent history. >> earlier this year in the charlie hebdo attack, brothers spearheaded the massacre. the boston marathon bombing, home grown terrorists and brothers, johar and tameli tamelin sarnaev. >> they' eel support each other
9:43 pm
sometimes even when they're not ied lonlicily sold on what you're believing in. they're following you, not an ideology. >> alani left his family in england to join isis. one year later, his cyster, once popular high achieving twins followed and became jihadi brides. last fall, the then 19-year-old traveled his bags to syria. traveling with him a's 17 and 16-year-old brother and sister. his mother made this impassioned ploo e. >> he and his fellow social media recruiter, leave our children alone. >> but blood isn't necessarily thicker than believes. although police have been questioning the brother of ab abdeslam. he claims h ewasn't radicalized. telling erin burnett why.
9:44 pm
>> you lived in the same house. did they ever approach you? >> translator: no. they know who i am. it's difficult to get close to me. nobody can radicalize me. i have my own ideas. >> kyong lah, cnn, los angeles. >> and still to come, conservative lawmakers stop thousands of syrian refugees from reaching the united states. that now comes as a warning of a presidential veto. >> and politicians gear up for a fight. one refugee is sharing the story of her journey to the united states. that's just ahead. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz
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31 of 50 governors are opposing plans to resettle syrian refugees in their states. >> they want to make sure there's no security risk. the white house says the bill would only delay what is a vitalle program. >> well, let's bring senior white house correspondent jim acosta in. he's traveling with president
9:49 pm
obama. what's the white house's plan to counter the broader sentiment against accepting syrian and iraqi refugees in their states? >> well, right now, isha, they are really taking to social media. we've seen this over the last 24, to 48 hours. president obama sent out a flurry of tweets earlier in the day saying the focus of the u.s. initially in welcoming these syrian refugees will be on women, children, victims of torture, trying to lower expectations that people might have in the u.s. that they're going to be bringing in all sorts of 18-year-old men from syria. so that is one way they're trying to combat that narrative. the other way they're trying to do it is putting out that veto threat. they did that earlier today. that was issued against a house republican bill that would have made it a requirement for the fbi director, the director of
9:50 pm
national intelligence, the secretary of homeland security to all sign off, basically on every syrian refugee coming in on the koun fingerprint the white house saying in that veto threat that is not practical. that would just add up to unnecessary delays and that it runs counter to american values. and that was something that we heard expressed by vice president joe biden. he was in dallas in the day. he was also talking up this administration view that it is really the all-american thing to do, allow refugees into the united states. here's how vice president biden sounded off on that. turping our back on refugees is turning back on who we are. the only way terrorist wins is if we change our values. isis is no existential threat in the united states of america. simply stated, they are not.
9:51 pm
now, that sentiment that was expressed by the vice president, we may hear it from president obama here in the next few minutes. he's expected to have a joint news conference with the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau. there is a new poll out via bloomberg that finds the majority of american, 53% to 28% oppose syrian refugees coming into the u.s. so there is a broad public operation at this point for allowing syrian refugees into the u.s., but the white house says they're dpermed to do it saying it's consistent with american values. isha? >> 1yi78, appreciate it. thank you. >> syria has forced almost 12 million people to flee their homes. according to the u.n., most are internally displaced. in other words, they haven't left the country. but more than 4 million are refugees, leaving syria mostly to neighboring countries. over the past two years, kp werch countries have taken in
9:52 pm
around 150,000 syrian, most to germany and canada b. about 2,000 have arrived in the united states, which has promised to accept 10,000 more. this woman and her 4-year-old daughter are two syrian refugees now living in the u.s. and she joins us from cannon, ohio, where she lives with her sister. thank you so much for talking with us. it must be difficult with you right now with the state governors and all the other politicians saying they don't want anymore refugees from syria here in the u.s. >> it is scary, it is. vulnerable refugees fleeing syria from death. they are in one hand isis killing them on the other hand, the regime is bombing them and
9:53 pm
killing them. i believe it's not a fair. we didn't choose to leave syria. we have been forced to flee. it's not our choice. >> you think, though, there is a legitimate concern? one thing they say they're worried about secure. they worry about terrorists disguised as refugees could get into the u.s. do you think they have a point? >> yeah. i do understand their concern. 1200%. personally, i don't want them to be here. i don't want any terrorist to be here. but they have to distinguish between a vulnerable refugee and a terrorist. >> can you tell us about the vetting process? what did you go through to get here in the united states? >> clearance, it tooks months. and the checks and the scanning. we went all of us go through a process. so no way, you know, you will a terrorist will be in the middle of us unless there was breach of security. >> what would have happened to you and your daughter if you were still in syria right no uh? >> i would be dead, me and my
9:54 pm
baby for sure. i would be dead. because i'm liberal. isis in one day killed thousand young men and women in one day. and regimes bombing us every day. and it's no, for sure. it's so funny, my friends when i decided to run in 2013, they were laughing at me, telling me -- because at the beginning it was a hard decision leaving everything behind and go. and they always laugh. they just say either isis or assad's regime, both ways you will be dead. >> so what has life been like for you now? you've been in the u.s. for two years. how are you coping? how is your daughter adjusting? >> oh, my god. she refuses to speak arabic now, she's funny. i'm always trying to teach her language. she tell me mommy, i love i think beneficiary.
9:55 pm
i don't like to speak arabic. baby, it's fine. that's your language here in the united states, it's your country. but you have to be prepared for college. you have to learn care bik for your college. no more, no less. so she is american despite the fact that they didn't give us a paper yet. but, that's her country. she is proud to be here. >> you said that this really isn't your choice. you were forced to leigh syria. >> yeah. >> do you think you will ever go back? >> if the war sop stop. but with all the chaos, it's a battlefield. it is. syria is a battlefield pop too do you think it will ever be over? >> no, i don't. in my lifetime, no, i don't. i hope i'm wrong for the sake of good people. there's still a lot of good people there that cannot flee. >> it is a difficult and awful
9:56 pm
situation for so many people. thank you for sharing your story with us. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> of. >> and if you would like to help, please join our impact your world page. you'll find a list of resoufrss, she did erg to keep her daughter safe. >> thank you for watching "cnn newsroom live" from los angeles.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm john vause in los angeles. >> i'm isha sesay. french police are trying to identify two terrorists who died in a raid. they were targeting the alleged planner. but his whereabouts remain unknown.


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