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tv   New Day  CNN  November 19, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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hamed abaaoud. he tried to coordinate attacks operating from belgium just a couple months. his associate, salah about da slam. the other man. >> the eighth attacker. >> reporter: the eighth attacker still on the run under way. also in belgium, they rented vehicles in belgium to bring them here. certainly, it's clear that this network is big, that this network is sfophisticated and very much linked to the attacks on friday. >> the big pushback, they're not sure he's in that apartment. they are examining the remains. remember, as fred brilliantly reported yesterday, 5,000 rounds of explosions. they have structural integrity issues. they believe if this guy is still around, he probably wasn't in there. fred, stay with us. now, a major concern of investigators here, also again, it's not just about france. it's not just about paris.
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it continues to expand and that's why belgium is the heart of tensions overnight. we have senior correspondent ivan watson who's been following from there. ivan, what's the latest now? >> reporter: well, the belgium investigators announce they had carried out a series of a half dozen raids. and they were targeting a man, the family of one of the suicide bombers in paris, a man named bilal hadfi, a man who had been on the radar of investigators long before the attacks because he was suspected of going to syria to be a volunteer fighter with isis. they didn't know he would come back to europe until he blew himself up in paris last friday night. so police swooped into this area, before dawn this morning, and a number of other locations around the belgium capital. they say they detained at least one person for questioning. and this is coming as the belgium government, the prime minister addressed parliament
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today, calling for a raft of new measures to combat terrorism, to combat the serious problem that belgium has with young men coming from this country and joining jihad, joining isis in syria. calling for things like electronic ankle bracelets on people suspected of participating in terrorist groups. calling for another budget of some 400 million of additional euros for security measures. and for calling for drama the maic measures like stripping citizenship for people who go and join isis in syria. chris. >> a big debate here in france as well about these emergency matters. literally going on now. they expect it to be approved by tomorrow. we'll check that. belgium being called by investigators here rich in opportunity for radicalization. that's white investigator, there as well. we also have breaking news this morning on a very terrible note. confirmation of just how bent this enemy that the world is against is on taking human life.
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isis claiming responsibility for the shooting deaths of two hostages from norway and china. nor way's prime minister says experts are trying to determine if the images are authentic. now while the word from beijing is they're going to bring the criminals to justice. isis claimed ransom demands for the men were refused. another big story this morning, concern of finding other terror teams on the move. and that takes us to honsd ndho. five syrian men on their way, accused of stolen greek passports. this is a story that hits all the buzzwords. syria, refugees, fake passports, united states. we have alina mccaddo following the live developments from miami. alina. >> reporter: well, chris the five syrian men were detained in the capital of honduras. authorities say they had traveled through lebanon,
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turkey, brazil, argentina and costa rica before intercepted yesterday. they were all using fake greek passports to travel. now a spokesperson for the honduran police investigation unit believes that the men were heading to the united states likely planning to travel by land through guatemala and mexico before crossing into the u.s. earlier this week, authorities in the caribbean island of st. maarten detained three other syrians also traveling with fake greek passports. so far, though, none of these incidents have been linked to terrorism. but comes after concerns that one terrorist may have used of sea of refugees fleeing into europe as a cover for his travel. several governors in the u.s. have expressed concerns over accepting refugees in their states. and republican candidate donald trump had this to say about the refugee crisis last night. >> we can't take a chance on isis. it could be the great trojan horse. we cannot take a chance that some of these people coming in are isis.
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>> now, again there is no indication at this point that any of these syrians intercepted in the caribbean and in central america this week are connected to isis. the five men who were detained yesterday are expected to go before a judge in hondz nddurus. >> the police department is in a heightened state of alert because of what isis is threatening. specifically an attack on the city and new propaganda video. this is the second direct threat on an american city by isis in the last 48 hours. we have cnn boris sanchez live in times square with the very latest. boris. >> reporter: good morning, chris, as you mentioned that threat about new york city comes from that newly released video implies there's going to be an attack on new york.
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we're not going to show you the video. essentially you see different operations for terrorist attacks. one person seems like they're preparing a car bomb. another person looks like they're preparing some kind of a sniper rifle. and the most important one, someone looks like they're loading a bomb and zipping up a jacket. all of that interspersed with new york city of times square. this is nothing new. the video itself is recycled. new york city police commissioner bill bratton saying the city is always understand a threat of attack so the city is prepare >> there's nothing new of that video, that video, on review of it it looks like it's been tastefully produced. it's a mishmash of previously released video. >> reporter: now, here in times square, i can tell you there's not really an expanded police presence. there's usually a number of police officers that we see here. but on side streets there are a lot of officers and cruisers just staying vigilant and kind
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of observing. you can imagine that times square is a big target. you might recall in 2010 that nissan pathfinder that was prepared to explode but didn't actually explode. they're being vigilant making sure if anything is out of place, they immediately response to it. >> boris, bratton a big proponent that fear is a choice, danger is real. it's on high alert. now, no matter what country, what city we're talking about with threat, it all seems to go back to one place that is syria. ongoing war there. the needs for stability. the pain for refugees. all of this, the man who planned this in paris, no matter where he is, he was in syria. we have a man right there, cnn international correspondent nick paton walsh live in syria monitoring the bombing. the efforts to slow down and destroy isis. nick. >> reporter: chris, troublingly
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last night, we heard from actors inside raqqah, the capital of isis self-declared caliphate that there were cabinets. in the bombardment last night. frankly at this stage, you don't know who is bombing what given the coalitions. focused again on this deeply troubled country. i have to tell you over the years of coming here, it just seems to get in a more agonized state as each month goes past. and yet again, in order to stop that flow with terror many say originates here from syria to the west, how will they stop the syrian civil war. barack obama today not backing down from what he's been saying, frankly, from the beginning here, assad, president bashar al assad of syria has to go to end the civil war. many agree with that saying it's been his brutality against sunnis rebelling in the north that allowed isis or the sunni
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group to find sympathy, to get a grip inside the country. that stage it seemed like in raqqah, maybe flkinybe fleeing east. because the peshmerga as we saw last week have cut the main route to raqqah with trenches. still at this stage, the bombing continues and civilians possibly caught there. chris. >> nick peytoat n waeyton wall k you for the reporting and the bravery. the station in syria far from stable. far from over. we are counterterrorism expert and former french commander fabrice monier. we also have cnn correspondent mr. jim sciutto. and cnn international anchor hala gorani. febreze, with this spiderweb effect, the bamboo effect where the shoots pop up, these actions
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overnight, does that mean over here in france or is it an extension of the same? >> i think it's an extension of the same. we understand now, those guys have a network in europe. and we are -- we have seen our special force, french police forces on alert today. we are seeing many policemen with weapons. looking everywhere. it looks like they are still on the edge, as a threat is still very, very present, actually. and we are sure we are much more sleeping soundly in the coming days. >> is there any reason what i'm hearing, you tell me if i'm wrong, is that they don't think the planner was in the apartments that they shot up yesterday, but they do believe that he is or was in france? >> i'm not sure about that. the target of the apartment, because they were quite sure this guy was inside, you know? and his family was inside. >> cousin.
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>> so, is he still in the apartment, after the identification of the remains, these guys don't know. >> so, you think it's still possible? >> it's still possible, yes. we may have some news later about it. >> now, hala, you've been helping me understand the balance of threat in and around europe. that france does have a specific issue with its own muslim community and how it polices. but what are you seeing as this story develops in terms of where the threat is and how intense it is in balancing those needs? >> well, i think isis certainly has a big problem with france. it's targeting france because it has this really small group of vulnerable foreign fighters that have gone to isis-held territory. come back to attack their own country. so far, these are french citizens. they're all french-born individuals who have gone, we believe, in many cases to syria and come back. what is the problem? the problem is you have some in these disinfected communities
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extremely, you know, sorts of radical, sort of discourse from certain imams that affect this very small portion of the population. they then come back. they battle-hardened. they have learned how to use help weaponry. they are not afraid to die. and in this particular instance that's what happened. how is the muslim community reacti reacting? you see many of them in belgium saying "not in my name." >> and social media. >> that's a problem. it's going to be a big challenge. >> jim, you've been tracking intelligence operations that led to that operation yesterday, 5,000 rounds into that building. they are also telling us there's a balance there as well. that the more raids, the more information, the more pressure they're putting on these cells, the more incentive there may be to act sooner than later on behalf of the terrorists. how do they strike the balance? >> i think we saw that in yesterday's raid. they did not know of a specific plot necessarily by this group of eight or nine in that
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building. the assumption is in light of the impressions out there and the weapons they have inside and the characters insides of that apartment because they may very well be ready to act because is this their chance, right. that's a great concern going forward. in light of what happened on friday, they're not going to take any advances. oftentimes in a situation like this, you might arrest someone, see who they talk to, see where they move, now there's no hesitation. you don't want to take that chance. >> fabrice, we're hearing from investigators that they're learning much more from these operations. the more they learn, the more they realize the threat is even bigger than expected. is that still happening now? >> i think they knew about the threat, but, of course, we are learning a lot about those last days, about intelligence, about what occurred at the assault at bataclan. and yesterday with the real threat that we're facing now.
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we have every weapon. you are seeing the building has collapsed. >> the apartment in saint-denis that they shot up yesterday. >> and they try to detect the bodies. of course, we are learning a lot about what happened last days. >> and the point is, 1 in 6, or 1 in 7 isis recruits are women. and u.s. intelligence officials have been telling me for months, it's an expanding profile. you used to have this angry young man profile. 20 somethings from this disinfected communities. but it's expanding. you got women, people in their teens, that makes it more difficult to stop. >> one of the bigger issues and fabrice may be able to add to this, it's listen, it's also a question of means. in order to keep track of thousanding us and thousands of potential recruits, of potential
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isis fighter recruits, you need the personnel that this country doesn't have right now. >> hopefully, there are going to be better resources. a debate. fabrice, hala, jim, thank you. when we come back, the politics of it also relevant. there is fear. what's going to be the response? president obama, his response, scolding republicans saying we can't let the refugees come into america, the risk is too great. aside from the politics, how good is the vetting? how sure can you be before someone comes into the country as a refugee? we have answers -- ahead. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. the fate of the man behind the paris attacks remains unclear at this hour. but the threats from isis continue. the terror group releases videos warning new york city and washington, d.c. that attacks are coming. joining us now is white house deputy national security adviser ben rhodes, he is in the
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philippines, traveling with president obama. ben, great to have you. i know we have a long delay between us but we will muddle through that. let me get to what's happening this week with isis. isis has just in the past 24 hours claimed to have executed two hostages a chinese national and a norwegian national. they have taken responsibility for the attacks in paris. they have taken responsibility for the bombing of the russian metrojet. they have issued threats against the united states. they are now, it seems, at war with the world. and the world's superpowers. what is the plan now to take out isis? >> reporter: well, you're absolutely right. they are at war with the world. they are at war with the united states. in all of those developments, of course, raise grave concerns about their focus on launching attacks beyond iraq and syria. what's also happened over the course of this week is the world is coming together to fight this
3:21 am
threat from isil. specifically, what needs to happen is the continued elimination of the isil safe haven in iraq and syria, through air strikes and on the ground that can take back more and more territory to shrink where they operate. at the same time where they pursue a political resolution to the syrian conflicts. we've had momentum over that over the course of this week with world leaders coming together behind a time line for transition in syria. we need to bring those two efforts together so we're ending the conflict that has given isil space to operate in syria, even after they're going for a safe haven in other countries. >> ben, it seems as though there say cry among people here, politicians and in the u.s., i heard it time and time when i was in pair troushriparis, to t heat on isis. let me replay for you what even democrats on capitol hill are saying. >> we've never been more
3:22 am
concerned. i read the intelligence faithfulfully. isil is not contained. isil is expanding. there's only one way we're going to diminish them. and that is by taking them out. >> we need to have a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. i'm not confident that we have right now. >> the timetable is too long that isis will be allowed to maintain its space in iraq and syria from which it can plan and plot and resource attacks against europe and the united states. >> ben, those were democrats talking. i know you probably couldn't identify that was dianne feinstein saying that isis is not contained. it's expanding. so, again, what is president obama doing to turn up the heat now? >> well, first of all, we have been intensifying our efforts. we've been able to take out isil leaders increasingly target isil
3:23 am
leadership in syria in particular. we're working on the ground. we've seen an advance in sinjar. inside of syria, the special forces will allow us to better coordinate with those forces on the ground going against the stronghold of raqqah, both through the advice and facilitation that we can provide to them. but also by helping to coord napt the air strikes that they dependence upon. the french have stepped up, you've seen them accelerate and intensify their own campaign so there's more pressure put on that isil safe haven. we absolutely agree this is a time for everybody around the world to come together to shrink the space where isil operates. and as to share the intelligence, to cooperate in that stops the flow of isil. >> ben, let's talk about that world coming together to
3:24 am
operate. the chinese army is something like 2.3 million soldiers strong. i think they have something like 1.7 ground 2r5troops. imagine them shoulder to shoulder, walking through raqqah. isn't it time for some bigger intensificatio intensification, and is president obama talking to president xi about that in the philippines today? >> well, look, the chinese just generally do not get involved in military conflicts beyond their borders, certainly in the middle east. i think what we have said, russia's military operations inside of syria should be focused on isil. not in other opposition groups opposing the assad regime. that's something that president obama spoke to president putin about. when it comes on the ground, though, when it comes to taking raqqah, when it comes to taking this territory that isil holds we really believe it is most
3:25 am
effective for that to be done by forces on the ground. ultimately, you don't just have to take that territory, you have to hold it. what we've learned in the last decade, the presence of foreign forces that can provoke uncertainty. and that's why forces on the ground taking this territory in syria is so important. but also a political resolution to the syrian conflict is important. and again, we have a road map and a time line now to get that done, through the talks that have been taking place over the course of the last several days. >> ben rhodes, we appreciate you joining from us the philippines. we're looking forward to hearing what comes out of all of those talks. thank you. well, isis wrapping up their propaganda machine as well. publishing photos of a soda can bomb that they claim used to blow up the russian plane. how can attacks like that be stopped?
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the pendulum continues to swing between threat and response. the latest, isis posting a photo on it's online magazine, claiming to show the bomb that
3:30 am
brought down a russian metrojet flight last month. the terror group claiming that a bomb in a soda can brought down the jet killing 224 people. you'll remember right over egypt's sinai peninsula. joining us is cnn's ian lee in ire row with the latest. ian, as you know, the early report is this is a 1.2 kilogram. that would be about 1.2 pounds. that's different than a soda can. what's the take? >> that's right, this is a fairly primitive bomb. when you look at it you do have that soda can. explosive experts have told cnn that could hold 500 grams, roughly a pound. but they say that's enough to take down a plane. you also have the detonator and you have the switch. now, isis in their publication said that the initial target for this was a plane belonging to one of the nation information the american-led coalition against isis in iraq and syria. but only after they found a
3:31 am
slaps in security at the sharm el sheikh airport as well as in syria, that they switched the target to a russian plane. we do not know if this is in fact the bomb. it could be isis trying to throw investigators off their they'll. but all signs are pointing to that it was a bomb that took down the plane. now, the one thing that is also very concerning about this bomb, is that if you look at it, it cannot be remotely detonated. this was a suicide mission. if it was the bomb. right now, russian and egypt officials are not commenting on the picture. >> big point there at the end. ian lee, thank you very much for the reporting. let's get back to mik and alisyn in new york. right now, a debate is under way in france's national assembly on whether to extend the state of emergency in paris after the attacks last week. paris mulling the idea to putting the country under that for another three months.
3:32 am
it gives wide ranging actions like searching without warrants. and allowing 10,000 syrian refugees in the country next year. a house vote expected today. if it passes the president plans to veto it even though the americans support that. 53% of americans do not want syrian refugees resettled in the u.s. 28% say they would be comfortable with the refugees here. 11% say only syrian christians should be allowed in. it has been nearly a week since terrorists attacked the city of paris, so, what's being done to prevent another act of terror and keep the people safe? we're going to take a closer look live from paris -- next. ld? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected
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welcome, once again, to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you are watching "new day." the fear of the unknown making for a palpable tension here in paris. the alleged planner of friday's
3:37 am
terror attack could be dead. he could be very much alive. and he could be nearby. right now, experts are looking at dna to make a determination if he is one of the unidentified remains at the scene of wednesday's major raid at two apartments in nearby saint-denis. some 5,000 rounds emptied as munitions into the structure there, by police. just a taste of how much devastation there is. meanwhile, in new york city after the terror group posted a new threat, isis is once again on the agenda there. the police department says it will remain in a heightened state of vigilance, and continue to work with intelligence agencies to see if the city is actually stilling itself for an actual attack. let's bring in stephen defreeze. he's a french journalist, one of the first to arrive on the scene after the "charlie hebdo" killings. you're a friend of the show. thank you for being here. let's tick through the headlines. the first is, this alleged planner.
3:38 am
do they believe he is actually in the remains of that apartment. is there any chance they believe he's still at large but here in france? >> i think both hypotheticals are possible. on the other hand, he's still not been identified. we know he's not part of the eight suspects that have been arrested yesterday. as you said, 5,000 rounds were fired. grenades thrown by the terrorists and police. while the bodies are in bad shape, it's very hard to identify. of course, they're doing everything to try to find samplings of their dna. that's the only way to identify them. and i think paris police have really good indications that it is this guy. but as long as we don't have confirmation, i think we really should take into account that he's still on the run. >> now, all of these operations, such impressions numbers. hundreds of operations.
3:39 am
dozens and dozens detained. big time weapons found. but in terms of the mind-set of investigators are they more feeling that they're uncovering a threat and making advantage? or are they learning how much they didn't know? >> i am afraid the latter, because if this guy, abaaoud was indeed in his apartment, then european intelligence services have a real problem because he was believed nobody syria and now he's just hiding in plain sight basically. i think they realize they don't know a lot-they missed a lot of information. they're trying to get information together, exchange information with other european countries because they fear there are more cells active in france who can strike at any moment. >> with the context of the urgency, reporting what's happening in honduras and belgium and france and turkey and italy. are we in a period of heightened assault from the enemy? or is this about a heightened awareness of everything that's going on? >> i think it's a mix of both, actually.
3:40 am
of course, the threat is very serious. we've seen with the plane. there were bombs above egypt. russia has acknowledged now it was a terrorist act. so there are many things happening. and isis is getting -- well, a little arrogant. saying look what we can do, in the heart of your society, and it doesn't take us a lot to kill a lot of people here. i think the europeans and probably also other countries around the world now realize that isis is a real threat they're amongst us. and especially when you consider the fact that five of the terrorists are basically french people. french citizens are stilling other french citizens and that, of course, changes the ball game. >> one of the things that you were intent on teaching the rest of us after "charlie hebdo" was this was a specific target. they targeted this specific magazine. but it also reflects a general issue that you have here in france that there is something specific with this country and
3:41 am
its relationship with citizenry and muslim citizenry that need to be addressed. do you still feel that way? >> there's a huge paradox in this society. over 6 million. but a population secularized. only 10% go to mosques. so muslims are part of our society. however, there's a social problem. the sinners, where you live in very poor circumstances, where it's hard to go to school, no police officers, so this is basically a lot of people are deconnecting with the society. and these, especially young boys, they're very prone to influence by influence from radical imams. especially when they go to prison. a lot of them go to prison for petty crimes like drug dealing or maybe stealing a car. they come out of prison as a radical terrorist. inside the prison there's a huge danger. these prisons date back from the 19th century, very bad shape. >> sirens here are something
3:42 am
that have become very normal. that's actually an ambulance that's coming by. there's no sense of the heightened alert here. final question, stephen, when you're looking at this, it is hard for people to understand how a petty criminal becomes someone capable of destroying humanity on the level that we saw hear friday. but you're saying you have seen the connection over time that poverty is as much to play for ideology and religion? >> ideology is an escape. we saw it in the attacks of "charlie hebdo" and the supermarket. they have been in prison. they were french citizens born and raise here and they came out as radical terrorists. inside the prisons, it's known for the security service, but somehow they're not able to address that problem. stephen devries, the guy they're calling the planner now back in 2011 he was a petty robber, he got picked up with the eventually attackers they did a month in jail. now look at him and what they
3:43 am
were planning. thank you. isis, the threat is very real. now we're paying attention to what they're saying, they say they're coming to new york. what is being done to avert the disaster in the holiday season? stay with us for that. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. and i didn't get here alone.
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we cannot be intimidated. and that's what terrorists seek to do. they seek to create fear. he seek to intimidate. we will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear. >> that was new york city's police commissioner bill bratton responding to a new isis propaganda video targeting new york city. the video shows an explosive guys being put together, and a bomber zipping his coat. let's bring in samuel rasco, he's the faculty director at nyu school of law. and director formerly of nypd. sam, glad to have you today. ho do you assess the risk? >> well, let's kind of begin
3:48 am
with forced principles here. terrorists like isis like to milk this kind of moment for all it's worth. they're not just a violent organization. they have a marketing am. and their design is to get the message out and make it as difficult as possible. >> does that mean we should dismiss it? is that propaganda or do these individuals mean anything? >> i'd like to say it's all bark and no bite. but if you're sitting in the position of bill bratton or a federal position in new york, you cannot dismiss it. >> when they put out a video in the halls of the nypd, do you go on a different state of alert or are there different conversations that you have. >> i don't think so. you heard bratton say this, the assumption is that new york city is always understand threat. a video that's designed to reach out and touch the public.
3:49 am
intimidate the public, isn't something that weighs heavily on the minds of individuals. >> the challenge seems overwhelming. it seems like, correct me if i'm wrong, but a sickeningly simplistic attack. get seven or eight guys with ak-47s and wreak havoc at soft targets. is that the fear of new york city? >> it is but it isn't that simplistic. a number of different cells organized from overseas. a belgium component, a france deponents, a syrian component. in the way the situation is the ally, the more opportunities there are to listen to conversations being had overseas the better off we're going to be. >> less talk about that. therein lies the real conversation. we've heard the director of the fbi james comey talking about how more difficult it is to track the terrorist because they've gone dark. >> they find somebody that might
3:50 am
kill on their behalf or who might kill on the caliphate, they move in and encrypt them. and that moment, the needle we've been searching the entire nation to find or have found goes invisible for us. >> needle in the haystack that they had a lead on goes dark and becomes invisible, what then? >> here's the context for comey's intervention. after snowden, we had a big conversation about surveillance. and the proper extent of surveillance. comey and others are saying we've gone too far in protecting privacy. and in particular we need to have the ability to infiltrate these encrypted technologies. i think he's are thright. >> meaning we have the ability to peer into these encrypted communications and we're not doing it bought the laws that we have with the supreme court and the patriot act? >> well, actually, our technology is done in such a way
3:51 am
to disallow government from getting in. even with a warrant from the court. we've allowed technology firms to build technology that's calculated to defeat surveillance 2etechnology. >> but we could do it, if we loosen up the laws, we can do it, we can see what they're doing on encrypted sites? >> there are some risks associated with that. but in general, yes, we could through policy and legal change, we could give ourselves to otherwise indriencrypted techno. >> sam, given that you've been tasked with this, how do you sleep at night? what are the risks given that they want to attack washington, d.c. and new york city? >> hoarse a comfoere's a comfor here in washington and new york city. although less comfortable if you're sitting ting in paris. we have a much better ability to protect ourselves against threats coming to a place like
3:52 am
syria. if you're sitting in syria today, you want to get to paris, it's a matter of getting in a car and being there in 48 hours. we're protected by our oceans and borders in a way that our european friends aren't. >> but if you're coming in from paris we let you in? >> we do. but nothing here is in the category of 100% air titlght. what we're talk about is marginally increasing the odds of an attack. that's all that people in my former line of work do that is chipping away at the odd sflps great to thank you to you. united against terror. the paris attacks triggering an all-out assault. the heart of isis in syria. how hard is it to target a military group? we'll get a military perspective, next.
3:53 am
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3:56 am
the situation is very, very fluid. >> at least two terrorists kill. >>er in at war with the world. they are at war with the united states. >> they don't know where the alleged ringleader is dead.
3:57 am
>> isis has killed two hostages one from china, one from norway. >> and a homemade bomb took down the russian passenger jet. >> there's probably not been a time where there's been so much concern. >> new york is an aspirational target of this group. it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. welcome to our viewer unless united states and around the world. this is "new day." alisyn and michaela are in new york. i'm in paris. fear of the unknown still gripping this city after a police raid that may or may not have killed the alleged planner of last week's terror attacks. right now, experts are doing dna testing to determine if he is among the remains in the building. the two apartments subject.
3:58 am
remember, 5,000 rounds of munitions emptied into the apartments by the authorities trying to counter the terror team inside. the devastation is terrible. it take time. isis taking advantage of this situation and notoriety. finding there will be new attacks in new york city also claiming to have executed hostages from norway and china. this as house officials both in the united states and countres all around the world acknowledge they are at war with isis. certainly not a new development but new intensity. cnn's global coverage begins with senior international correspondent clarissa ward near the scene of that raid in saint-denis outside of paris. a big development this morning, clarissa, the state of emergency, president hollande wanting to extends what goes 12 days for three months. the national assembly just voted yes almost unanimously. the senate vote comes tomorrow.
3:59 am
>> reporter: that's right, chris. well, francois hollande said that he wants to extend that state of emergency three months. he wants for off-duty policemen to be able to carry guns, providing that they wear an arm band. we're seeing tectonic shifts starting to take shape here in paris and across france. now, that's box of the current situation, you still have that eighth attacker on the loose. you still have that alleged ringleader abaaoud on the loose. and really now, no sense as to whether they were in fact somehow inside that apartment, that apartment just behind me there. the scene of yesterday's raids. chris this is one of the toughest neighborhoods in paris. but people said that they have never seen anything like it. one resident described it as a war zone. and we were able to get up on a roof and we could see forensic experts in that apartment. the back of it has been
4:00 am
completely blown up by the force of the explosion of the female cousin of abaaoud who blew herself up. and we can see forensic experts going through the room. dressed in white, taking samples. they're looking for dna, chris. they want to try to find out was abdelhamid abaaoud ever in that apartment? was he one of those possibly killed in that apartment? and of course was that alleged eighth attacker salah adeslam also in that apartment. this is an active manhunt and people on edge, chris. >> you can only imagine having a neighborhood in terms of drugs and crime one thing. seeing what looked like a war zone, very different. we'll check back with you. >> the investigation is not just about one neighborhood, one city or one country, we have breaking news out of belgium. there's been a shift back there in intensity. at least six raids carried out overnight in connection with one of the terrorists believed to still be at large after the paris attacks.
4:01 am
let's get to cnn senior international correspondent ivan watson. ivan. >> reporter: chris, they launched half a dozen raids across the belgium capital and they were targeting the family and entourage of one of the paris attackers. a man named bilal hadfi, believed to have blown himself up outside of the soccer stadium. and they detained one person for questions, as a result of these raids. now, you also have the belgium prime minister stepping out in front of parliament saying that there must be a determined fight against isis. and isis must be eradicated. so he was proposing a whole series of new measures. including budgeting an additional 400 million euros to recruiting extra security agents. to beefing up additional legislative measures to allow mormon toe monitoring of
4:02 am
communications to stripping people of their citizenship if they try to join isis in syria, as so many hundreds of belgians have done. that's some measures that the belgians are trying to adopt. after they've come under scrutiny to the fact that at least three of the paris suspects, or attackers, were already on the radar of belgian security forces months before the attacks happened. and yet, they were not stopped ahead of time. chris. >> belgian officials making big moves in an apparent game of catch-up there. ivan watson, thank you very much. more breaking news, isis taking responsibility for executing two hostages, one from china, one from norway. images of the victims appearing in the online magazine. condemning the killings beijing struggle to punish those responsible. what form will that take? isis saying they made ransom
4:03 am
demands, they were refused. out of honduras where five syrian nationals are being held. authorities say they attempted to make it to the u.s. with stolen greek passports. we have cnn's alina machado live in miami. this story hits the buzzwords, alina. syria, the u.s., make passports. what's the latest? >> reporter: yes, the five men were intercepted in the capital of honduras after authorities there say they had traveled through five countries including lebanon, turkey and brazil. the men were stopped for using fake greek passports. interpol involved in tracking the men. but we still don't know why these men were being tracked. authorities in honduras believe the men were heading to the united states likely to travel by land from guatemala through mexico before crossing into the border into the united states. three were also detained in the caribbean island of st. maarten,
4:04 am
they, too, are accused of traveling with fake greek passports. these arrests come after concerns that one terrorist in the paris attacks may have used the refugee crisis as a cover for his travel. but so far, neither of these incidents has been linked to terrorism. and it is important to remember that many migrants with no ties to terrorism travel with false documents around the world every single day. we should learn more. we're hoping to learn more today, when the five men in honduras face a judge, chris. >> not uncommon. but in the current context still obviously concerning alina machado. thank you very much. the nypd mobilizing more members of its anti-terror units. after isis posted a new video threatening an attack. boris sanchez live in times square with the latest. boris. >> reporter: chris that threat coming from that isis video, an
4:05 am
glued threat against new york city. we're not going to show you the video, just some stills to give you an idea of what's on it. the first portion, you see prepping someone what appears to be a car bomb. and then a sniper rifle. and then more importantly, someone clearly placing what looks like a bomb inside a coat and then zipping it up. that's interspersed with video of times square. we can tell you that new york city police officers -- i should say the police commissioner has come out and said this is nothing new. the attacks against new york city are something that are there are common. and the video is not new. it's actually recycled footage from old videos. here's new york city's bill bratton. >> there was nothing knew about that video. that video on review of it, it looks like it's been tastefully produced. it's a mishmash of previously produced video. >> reporter: now, as you know,
4:06 am
times square is obviously a target, back in 2010, that attempted car bombing that nissan pathfinder when a detonation had begun and then fizzled out before there was an explosion. right now there's not a tremendous police presence here. not more than usual. but i can tell you on side streets i've seen more police than usual. and k-9 walking around here, a bomb sniffing dog. officers are obviously vigilant, chris. >> heightened alert. no question about it. boris sanchez, thank you very much. let's discuss the headlines with counterterrorism correspondent fabrice magnier. and jim sciutto. and sacedric leighton. let's start with the intel. you talk about how it got to the point of operations yesterday. now it's who was there. what's the understanding of whether or not the alleged
4:07 am
planner of the friday attacks in paris is among the remains of the shotup apartments? >> it's not clear. you read the account of how brutal that firefight was. 40 grenades. 5,000 rounds. suicide vests that collapsed the floor. there are literally bodies in pieces. you'd have to do dna testing and you need that test to do that against. we heard that from the paris prosecutor yesterday, he said we don't even know if there are two or three dead. that just gives you a sense of the scene inside. >> how big of a deal is it? and how infrequent is it to hear that someone who planned an attack was actually right outside of the city where it happened? >> it's a big deal. imagine osama bin laden in new york on 9/11, right? al al awlaki. he don't want to glamorize the
4:08 am
ringleader. to him here is, one, worrisome. to have the attackers, they fought in syria, despite all of the resources being allocated to stop that flow, they were able to do it with impunity. that is why they have a state of emergency here. >> fabrice. >> these guys with the attacks, we think it was involving the attack that was stopped at the last moment. so we can imagine that we got pressure from the islamic state to be much more efficient now. and to be there and cause a future attack. so that's why -- >> nats just to do one, but to do several? >> yeah. >> that's a new model maybe of being onsite, being closer to what they do? >> yeah, because as a leader, you get what they wanted. >> that's why maybe he was there. >> let's have a take a breath
4:09 am
moment. right now, you got ash carter who is out there saying the u.s. is at war. this is not new, the idea that the world is at war against isis. what do you see here as new? >> i think what's new here is the more tactical engagement of isis. as fabrice mentioned there's this notion of the on-scene commander. it seems that this guy was the on-scene commander and executing the tactical portion of this operation. it also seems that there is a command and control link to isis in syria. what that also means that we, as a collective intelligence community failed, whether it was the french or americans or everybody else, we actually failed to connect those dots. and to bring that to the forefront. that command and control link that would have given us perhaps an indication what this attack was going to be about. >> very often, you guys talk about the link between possible and probable. anything is possible. but as you have intel and better work on the ground, you get to probabilities of stopping it.
4:10 am
you can stop attacks like this with high degree of probability? >> only if you know in advance. and it has to be sufficiently in advance that something like this is going to happen. you have to have indications almost from criinside the cell. and the intelligence forces that do something like that are going to be the most sensitive that the any country could put on the ground. >> jim, you were flattering let's give police work where it's due. they ended up finding a cell phone on the ground that stopped it in the nick of time i guess to friday's proportions. how much of it is luck? how much it is being on the best intel routes all the time? >> luck is certainly part of it. but you hear it they don't have to be right all the times. but what's different now, they're not taking any chances, right? in the past, you might have waited to connect the dots. but the urgency is such that it's literally arrest first, ask
4:11 am
questions later. that's really the powers granted by the state of emergency. they're not going to wait for it to develop. >> how big of a deal is that? if we just had the national assembly here say yes. they voted almost unanimously to extend this state of emergency that president hollande wants. it was supposed to be 12 days. three months now. how are they to stopping the attacks in paris, france? >> that viewpoint is very important for us. in two days, we got that, and stopped those guys yesterday morning. so we continue this and if they strike anyplace now, anyplace in connection with all of those guys. and we have more and more information, more and more possibility to identify all of those networks. not only in france but belgium,
4:12 am
in belgium, they're doing the same thing. maybe in germany. and also in italy. so the state of emergency is, i would say, like it was a few days ago, but it's a greater opportunity now to now -- to now move forward, to be much more efficient. and also to shock them a little bit, which was part of the police process to go quickly. >> do you think you could have more teams ready to go of the size and capability of what they took down yesterday? >> you mean, about -- >> there's going to be more teams like that, six, seven, eight men and/or women, big long guns. explosive vests. how many teams like that could be at play at once? >> i think a member of six or eight is a good team because it's like a commander team. you can't imagine we have different team like that, you know. more, i'm not sure. because it's much more complicated to organize.
4:13 am
especially about the communication all together. it's much more difficult for communications. >> so you want to keep the teams smaller. isn't it a coincidence, six toade, that say commando size team. it does mimic the military side? >> that's exactly what they're doing. they're copying the good guys side of it. and they're making it their own. what they learned from russian commando forces and other forces in the past, they're taking those techniques and incorporating them and adapting them to the environment that they're in. i would think there are going to be two or three more cells like this, the likelihood in either france or possibly belgium. and the police have to look at that. and they have to be on the lookout for those kinds of leads that indicate that these kinds of people are in those teams and are going to do these kinds of things. >> you know one thing we don't mention often enough, isis is a terrorist organization and it is
4:14 am
is also a military operation. senior are former iraqi military comphaerc commanders. they're essential to this in that sort of organization. you see that in the way they fight the battles. you can see a legacy in the way they organize these teams. >> yes, they have these big military types with that experience. they also have the punk thugs like the guy the alleged planner. in 2011, he got picked up on a petty robbery with one of the other guys involved in friday's attacks. they did a month in jail together. four years later, he's organizing an assault on humanity. let's get back to mik and alisyn in new york. more isis-inspired violence in france. three young men on scooters, one of them wearing an isis t-shirt stabbed a jewish school teacher in marseilles. the victim is expected to
4:15 am
survive. it's unclear if the suspects are connected to last week's paris attacks. they fled the scene after interrupted by an arriving car. racial tensions spiking in minneapolis. angry with the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. police used chemical spray to disburse the crowd outside of a local precinct. protesters used a similar chemical on police. jammar clark was shot in the head after officers tried to arrest him following a domestic disturbance last weekend. the fbi is investigating. >> an isis video contains a veiled threat against the city of new york. how real is the threat of an isis terror attack here at home? our expert will weigh in on "new day" next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
4:16 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? isis releases new video threatening an impending attack on new york city. the new york city police department say they, too, have a new plan. let's bring in james waters, he's the north city counterterrorism chief. chief, thanks for being here. let's talk about your new plan. you have developed a new elite squad. who are they? what are they doing differently than what you were doing, say, last week? >> so a critical response command is a counterterrorism
4:20 am
program taken from the crv, the critical response vehicle program that we having doing since 2004, where we get police cars and officers from around the city, to come in and get an assignment and be deployed for the day. now, we've made it a permanent command. we've taken hand selected people from around the department. we've provided them with gold standard training in counter terrorism. on this past monday, the mayor and police commissioner turned out the 3rd platoon. the 4:00 to 12:00 shift, for the first shift of duty. the day squad is in training now. they will be deployed in another week and a half. and the overnight shift will be coming on and will be at full strength before new year's eve. >> so, this new elite squad has just, for the first time, hit the streets this past monday. so what's different? what will they be doing differently than what the nypd is doing?
4:21 am
>> they have special trains, hostile surveillance, radiological detection and they're trained with the equipment that goes along with that. >> when youer that isis has put out a new video even though it looks recycled of some of their greatest hits, what changes with the nypd? how seriously do you put stock in that? >> we looked the that video when it came out and we realized it was recycled operation. also the operating premise, we are, here in new york city in times square, we are the target. we are the terrorist target. so we factor that into the analysis every day. we informed new yorkers and briefed them as part of the program and then we deploy them. >> our city leaders have told new yorkers to go about their daily business, not to change anything. of course in theory, that is the right answer. but in practice, how did the new yorkers not feel nervous about going a music club or
4:22 am
stadium today? >> we tell people to channel that nervousness into something effective, something productive. so, go out and about wear. if they see something, say something, call us and alert us. >> wasn't it a hot dog vendor who stopped an a potential bombing? >> yes, ma'am. >> he saw something that looked unusual -- >> he alerted the police. there was police response. and the vehicle was mitigated. >> we have also heard, even this morning from former nypd counterterrorism officials that some officers feel that their hands are tied. particularly with trying to peer into encrypted communications between the terrorists. do the laws need to change? how can our best and brightest, our elite squad, better get access into how they're communicating with each other? >> well, the whole encryption irk or going darks the director of the fbi mr. comey and the police commissioner bratton have
4:23 am
discussed, this is something that's going to require some legislation. it's going to require assistance and cooperation from the manufacturers that make these items. so that it gives us the ability, with court orders and legal process, able to get in and see those communications. >> but is that what you're calling for? are you dolling for our lawmakers to do something different today as a result of how the terrorists have ramped up their communications? >> we'll need their assistance. and we'll need the assistance of all of those manufacturers, yes. >> so, chief, how do you feel safe? how do you sleep at night knowing what's been going on? >> over the past 14 years we've learned an awful lot about counters terrorism and protecting the city. we've put programs into place here. the critical response command is just one example of what we were looking at over the last two year since commissioner bratton and commissioner miller came back. this is something that we needed to further change. we needed to further change and
4:24 am
evolve and get stronger. >> for the rest of us what we think we saw in paris what is stopping seven guys in new york city from saying, okay, at 7:30 on a friday night, you go to a music club. i'll take the cafes. you go to the stadiums. we'll take our ak-47s and there you go? >> well, it's about cooperation with the federal government and the intelligence community. and the intelligence bureau of the police department has a robust confidential informant. base, undercover base. we are in the neighborhoods. we are in places. we are listening to people. we are talking to people, all under the guidelines. legal guidelines to do so. we feel we have a real good strong understanding of the pulse of what's going on here in new york. >> that's really comforting to hear. it is always comforting to hear how you have tentacles everywhere. particularly hearing about this new elite counterterrorism squad. chief watters, thank you for coming in. breaking news, disturbing
4:25 am
new surveillance video capturing the terror attack on the paris sidewalk cafe. as it unfolded. and a moment that will likely take your breath away. we'll bring that to you -- next. it's a highly thercontagious it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from.
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♪ welcome to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "new day." people in and around paris, anxiously awaiting answers as the fate of the planner of last week's terror attacks still remains up in the air. right now, experts using dna testing to determine if he was among those killed in the nearby raid near saint-denis. why don't they knowy because 5,000 rounds were thrown into this. there were explosive vests, grenades. it's going to take some time. another news in new york city, now on letter. why? isis posted a video threatening an attack there. the police department says it will remain vigilant and continue to work with intelligence agencies to keep the city safe. but there is no fear. we also have this breaking news into cnn.
4:30 am
surveillance video was just released from inside one of the paris cafes as the attacks unfolded friday night. the video was obtained by i want to waurn you, this is disturbing but as what people were forced to look at. take a look. you can see glass windows shattering as the gunman starts to fire from outside. people running in to escape the bullets. everyone diving out of the way. behinding behind walls. desperately looking for cover. the gunman showing no signings of mercy. coming up to the edge of the cafe, aiming at a woman defenseless on the ground. either the gunman misfires and the woman gets up and runs away from. from another angle you can see two employees ducking behind the bar as bullets start flying. one managed to flee on a fleet of tears as fear grips the cafe. another helps a woman who had
4:31 am
run inside after the siege began. people seen tossing chairs and tables out of the way. the glass and dust clouding the camera's view of the cafe, terror rocking the city of paris. bringing a frightening night into deadly silence. let's bring in the deputy and editor-in chief of paris magazine and international correspondent christiane amanpour. it doesn't matter how many times you cover situations like this. you see video like this, you live it. to see what the people went through. to see what the people and the intentions of these men had, it's hard. >> we know we've been looking at this outside of that very cafe is the shrine with all of the flowers, with the candles. and the fact that, if i'm not mistaken, nobody there lost their life. >> right. >> in that hail of bullets and
4:32 am
gunfire. and how people took cover. behind the bar, go downstairs, upstairs. right there is a pizzeria, it's not a chain. it's a beautiful restaurant defying these killers by staying open. according to the daily mail one of the dead is somebody collecting his pizza. >> we have information you're going to want to hear that's coming in right now. breaking news to cnn. authorities here in france are don firming that the man who plan the friday attacks was taken out in the raid yesterday in saint-denis. again, breaking news coming into cnn. french authorities are tloorrepg that they can confirm that the man who was suggested to have planned the attacks was taken out in saint-denis. that the dna confirms the remains -- >> we're talk talking abdelhamid abaaoud, correct? >> yes. they knew his cousin had been
4:33 am
there. a female terrorist who detonated a vest. now they are confirming to cnn, that they believe this alleged planner, was taken out there. the significance? >> that's really very good news. but my point of view, about zell ham abdelhamid abaaoud is a huge part of the operation. having studied it, from the first time he bass was in syria. he moved up the hierarchy very fast. he's a simple guy from the suburbs, he doesn't have all the knowledge that it takes in my opinion to carry out such an operation. i believe he's a charismatic figure, he's probably able to bring up a team. but to plan all of this, i have doubt. >> can we just bring up the idea of who he is, he's obviously not a top-level isis figure. he's not in the sort of executive committee of isis. but he has had, obviously,
4:34 am
success in this particular operation. from everything that we're reading about him he comes from a fairly middle class prosperous family that lives in the molenbeek area of belgium. >> but he was also a street punk in 2011 picked up for robbery. not a high-level guy. >> no, but here's the thing. this is interesting how they get radicalized. he apparently as a primary and secondary education in a private catholic school in the neighborhood. the family house, according to the "the new york times" who has done a whole profile on him today is right next to a police station. his appear was a prosperous close manufacturer. when sigh say prosperous, relatively prosperous. >> he obviously had his moment of fame in syria. the thing is we got a time lapsed video from him taken in early 2014. in that set of videos, you could see him welcoming new recruits
4:35 am
in syria. young guys that were coming from france. and they were doing a brigade over there. they were belgian and french together. which is interesting today. because you see the connection between france and belgium on the ground here. so these people were together. they are seasoned fighters. they have combat experience over there. but when it comes to the level of organizing an attack of that scope, i mean, it takes much more than than, you know, being a fighter over there. and my last point is, if, you know, abdelhamid abaaoud is, you know -- you know, he's connected, that's right. he's a seasoned fighter, but he doesn't have the knowledge of all the things that you'd do. i think he's a poster child. >> we're getting more information in right now. french authorities. this is coming from the prosecutor's office. they're saying that this man's body was found among the remains
4:36 am
there riddled with bullets. they had to identify it through capillary attachments. obviously, that's forensics speak. but they believe they got him. is it reasonable to assume there are bigger brains in the organization? yes. but they really wanted him. they were slowing down about any idea he's in the apartment. they're saying we real think he's here. but they're being careful. >> we heard 24 hours, the original assumption, had was presumed dead. then we stopped saying that because we didn't know. and now, the official who told us that yesterday was absolutely right. and just also to remember, because it's important, this guy having had this kind of upbringing then did go into petty crime. >> that's right. >> was radicalized. was a drug peddler, was friends with abdeslam.
4:37 am
>> i want the perspective and context. we have nic robertson at our paris bureau. nic, gives to us all at once, what do we know from the french prosecutors office? >> reporter: well, the french prosecutor is saying as you've been saying was identified by dna. it appears a swab perhap taken from inside of his mouth. we also know in the prosecutor's office. i think this gives us a definitive precisely how he was killed. according to the prosecutor's office abdelhamid abaaoud's body was absolutely riddled, that's what they said, riddled with bullets. so it does appear that the french security forces who went in had him clearly in their sights enough to take multiple shots at him to bring him down. we don't have further details why they -- why it was necessary to hit him with so many bullets at that time. was he approachinging them did he are a weapon in his hand? was he also wearing a suicide
4:38 am
vest? none of that has been released by the prosecutor's office. but a definitive clarification he died in that apartment in saint denis the early morning hours yesterday, chris. >> jim sciutto if i can bring you in senior international correspondent, the idea is this, why did they use that force? context. 5,000 round used by authorities because they were greeted with explosive vests, long guns and obvious intentions to kill, yes? >> the police tried to breach the front door initially with explosives. but the attackers inside had barricades themselves in. show they down reach the door that gauge the attackers to set up. a perimeter. the police threw 40 grenades in there. that's one reason why the identification took so long. of course, they wanted to be certain with this. as christiane said, they went in there believing he was in there.
4:39 am
and now it's confirmed. >> the assumption is this wasn't gratui gr gratuitous, this was a real gun fight? >> yes, such a scope, so many rounds of bullets were fired and so many people were involved also in breaking that siege and taking it this apartment. and you have to bear in mind that these people, like i said, when you go to syria, i was in syria ten days ago. the government forces had taken over al nusra camp in the northern part of homs. what i saw was al nusra fighters had dug trenches with sniper positions, all kind of mini bunkers. one every ten meters. these people have combat experience. they're not -- it's not guerilla
4:40 am
warfare that they're doing. they're raging war. they've been doing that for two, three years sometimes. so, when you come from an environment like that, and you find yourself in saint-denis holding a siege, it's a piece of cake, you know. you scare the people away. you know, you're able to stand to the police, no problem. and for quite a long time. it lasted seven hours to take them. so if they've been to syria, they got combat, that's what we'll hear, the returnees, you know, people that have combat experience, trained, you know, also, we know that isis is very good with snipers. so that could have been something that, you know, that was yesterday. with the number -- the material that they have, isis is really good with suicide bombers and sniper. >> we know that they are good. and we also know this with no degree of conceit, they were not good enough. the head line is the plan believed to have planned the attacks on friday is dead. blah is the significance of
4:41 am
that, christiane, both politically and in terms of overall war? >> because his name has been out there for so long and kind of the red banner name, the most hated man in the world today, they got him, that is something incredibly significant. but obviously, this is the tip of the spear. i mean, there is much more of this that six people, six europeans went to syria, and were able to come back. even one of them apparently who had his passport confiscated. people who were on the radar -- some of them in were on the radar, two of the abdeslam brothers were in prison environment. all of these things fit the profile of these kinds of fighters. every time we do this, even in the "charlie hebdo" attacks, they were the same kinds of links. the same kinds of profiles. is this a much bigger threat. but the fact of the matter is, they are fighters, but they are not invincible. even the rector of the paris
4:42 am
mosque said to me today, they have land, that is why they have influence. we need to occupy that land and deny them that land. because that's where they're planning the carnage that we see here. >> yeah. >> they've been dedicating resources for months for stopping this flow both to and from syria. u.s. counterterrorism officials have told me sadly the europeans are overwhelmed by numbers and lack of resources. but there are other things. i spoke to a security force a couple days ago ted that turkey has been ambiguous. they've been an ambiguous partner. >> it's a big problem. turkey is serving like pakistan for the taliban, you know, for isis. >> right. >> they can resupply. >> it's a powerful criticism to make, you hear it from all sides. here's the thing with so many things in this world, people have competing interests. turkey would rather have the fighters go across the border in
4:43 am
syria. they're concerned about their own kurdish insurgency. that's the thing. you know the west certainly wants to tackle this problem. clearly, these attacks have shown us that they haven't been able to. >> final word on this that we keep hearing about the importance of taking this fight to syria in terms of politics. but also just straight practicalities. as you're saying they go there to learn. they go to demonstrate allegiance. and they go for the pull of the brand of what isis is. that's why just having returned from syria, you believe more than ever that it begins and ends there in terms of what happens with isis? >> oh, definite. and isis is not -- we're talking about multiple groups in syria. they're all entrenched in their turf, you know. isis is part of them. you know, what i want to say is that isis, too, has natifaced a number of setbacks in iraq and
4:44 am
the capture sinjar recently. the southern part has been cleared for a lot of isis element. so, they're military on the defensive right now. they haven't had many victories recently other than what i'd call soft targets. the russian airplane and let's not forget beirut. is it because they didn't have the victories? is it because the level of intensity of the campaign, the aerial campaign against them is starting to bear fruit? >> well, we'll see. let's leave this here for now. we want to take a quick break and remind you of this major head line. we'll be right back on word to cnn that the man who planned the attacks here in paris friday is dead. stay with us. the pursuit of healthier.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. and we do have breaking news for you at this hour. the so-called mastermind behind the paris terror attacks killed in yesterday's raid in a paris suburb. that's what french authorities
4:49 am
are now confirming to cnn. we want to bring in independent senator angus king. he's the member of both the intelligence committee and the armed services committee. he received a classified briefing about threats to the homeland last night. senator, thanks so much for being here. i know you've been listening to our breaking news in the past few minutes that the so-called mastermind was killed. did you know about that? were you briefed about that last night? >> no, that word didn't come until very early this morning. that wasn't part of the briefing. but it's good news. the best way to kill a snake is at the head. and this is one place to have started. i don't think we're out of the woods by any means but i think this is good news to have found this guy that planned this attack and has planned other attacks. i think it's important to realize, he had a belgian passport. he's a european citizen. and that gettings into the question of how do we protect the homeland. i'm sure we'll have a few moments to talk about that in this conversation. >> we will. we will.
4:50 am
but back to this guy for a second, what does that tell us the fact that he was in paris? we never see these so-called masterminds going to the scene of the crime? >> well, i think one of the things that tells us is that the security
4:51 am
pspecific actionable intelligene about an attack in new york or washington or los angeles or anyplace else. there's kind of a free form we're going to attack in the u.s. but we have to take that seriously. that's what we learned in the summer of 2001. there were reports about osama bin laden determined to attack in the u.s., only because they did it on 9/11. so there's no specific intelligence, about a specific threat. clearly, based upon paris and based upon those threats, we've got to take it seriously. >> now, to the visa waiver
4:52 am
program. today, your colleague, senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce legislation she says will be much more effective than what you've heard from some on the other side of the aisle, including speaker paul ryan about freezing the refugee program. she says it's the visa waiverer program that poses the biggest threat. let's say you're in paris, you can go to syria. you can come back to paris and with the visa, you can travel back into the united states pretty easily. >> let's say france has had 2,000 people leave to go and fight. they're a visa waiver country, so the people come back to france and then they come into the united states. so, the bill we would propose would strictly limit that. >> okay, senator, what's your thoughts? >> i think that's a good idea. i think she's absolutely right. it's important to understand how the visa program works. it was set up years ago to just
4:53 am
ease travel between -- between countries that signed on to various agreements. and most of those countries are in western europe. but now, we see this threat that we have. and as she points out -- now, i should point out if somebody is on a terrorist watch list or is on one of these lists that is maintained by the fbi or our intelligence agencies, they still would be picked up. they couldn't fly under the visa waiver program. but if they have no record, then they could. so, i think what she and senator are proposing really does make sense. i think frankly, that's a greater vulnerability than the issue of the syrian refugees who have to go through an 18-month to two-year vetting process. very few get through it. most are women and children and elderly people. and let's focus the attention where the greatere risk is. >> senator about the watch list,
4:54 am
can you tell whether or not the eight or nine attackers were on a watch list or exact number. but the answer is most of them. most of them were on some watch list in some way, shape or form. i think it is also important to point out that it appears now that the majority in fact. it peers all but one did have european passports. the one who may have been infiltrated into the syrian refugee stream had a false passport. and we don't know if he in fact came in that way. i think we have to focus on the people with european passports. >> isn't it fair to say the watch lists aren't working? >> i think they have some really serious problems. and i'm sure right now in paris and brussels and london and berlin, they are having some
4:55 am
real soul-searching about the security situation in europe. because again, the guy they killed today had a belgian passport. he was a belgian citizen. so they have got their own house to really thoroughly clean up i think. but we've got to protect ourselves. and i think the way to do it is measures like senator fine stein's bill. >> thank you so much for being on "new day." we'll have much more on our breaking just out this hour. the man behind those terrorist acts in paris is dead. much more on how this happened right after the break. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." alisyn and michaela are in new york. i am in paris and we have major breaking news. the master mind -- so called. he's really just a planner. but he was important here in paris. the man who planned the tax last friday confirmed as dead.
5:00 am
his body found after this intense raid in saint-denis wednesday morning. and we have the story only the way cnn can. nick robertsen, international editor. this news coming in. lay it out for us, nick. >> reporter: abdulhamid believed to be the ring leader on the attacks in the raid in saint-denis. two people died last night. one the female. the other they had not identified. prosecutors office has now confirmed that through forensic tests of the body in that extensively destroyed and blown up apartment building, the body they found there was in fact abaaoud. they are saying, thinker
5:01 am
describing his body as having received multiple impacts. talked about riddled with bullets earlier. the prosecutor's office is describing this as a body that has had multiple impacts. possibly as a result of himself, possibly as a result of the vest of the female suicide bomber, believed to be his cousin, who detonated her explosives at the beginning of that operation. and also possibly as a result of the multiple rounds of ammunition. they were on the virterge of go out in a significant operation in paris. the police believe they have got there just in time. this is how the prosecutors office is clarifying what they are saying happened to him, chris. >> and the french prime minister putting out a statement saying that he welcomes the death of this man. whether he was blown up by his
5:02 am
cousin, blew himself up, shot up? any way you look at it he got to the same place. let's discuss with counterterrorism expert and former french congressman doe. and also a cnn analyst and cnn correspondent. the importance, master mind i don't want to use that word but there is no question he was central to planning. >> planner, inspirer, organizer. all this important to the plan. we don't have to give him any sort of title. this is helpful on a number of levels. one it robs the group of this mysterious hero out there eluding authorities. he's gone. move onto the next one. that is important in this. two it gives you more comfort that you have put a circle around, a cordon around the cells who carried out the attack plus the support group and the planner. no one is resting easy at this point or saying the work is done
5:03 am
but it gives you more confidence that you have dug into this network. and the other thing we know to be clear there are still dozens, hundreds, thousands out there to track. the threat is still very real. >> and this guy wasn't on any depth chart until this attack. obviously made a miscalculation coming this close to where they were operating. what is the significance going forward? >> well here is the worry going forward. there were several brains behind this operation in syria. he was part of a group. that is what officials tell me. they believe he was a part of a group. about a half dozen operative whose climbed up the hierarchy. established a certain amount of status in the group. he wasn't necessarily the most senior figure. he may a looked up to an individual still believed to be in syria around raqqah and who claimed responsibility for the attacks in an another the group
5:04 am
put out. they identified his voice. he's also expected to be involved working with abaaoud in tandem in a series of plots over the last year against europe, against france, including the attack plot against a church as well. so the danger is still there. this group in syria are trying to talent spot fresh recites, persuade them to go back. give them one or two weeks of training and send them back. they want a high percentage of attacks against europe now. the british recruits are being tasked to organize attacks in the u.k. the german recruits are being organized to launch attacks in germany. so there is a lot of concern still moving forward. >> in just four years, 2011 this guy was picked up for petty crime, for robbery. and then ascended to this in attacking humanity.
5:05 am
not just operational but also political. this shows that the french authorities can do it. that they can catch up to the threat, they can make progress. especially as this country is debating new powers. what will this mean? >> of course that demonstrates to our citizens were very active, proactive and efficient when we chase terrorists, we chase bad guys, to understand the networks. we do it. so it is also a strong note to the terrorists. we are here and what do you know? we will continue our effort to stop you. is there. >> is there a rebound effect when you take out someone like this that matters to them? is there a revenge? how do you balance that? >> terrorist network can be
5:06 am
compared to greek hydra. you cut one head, others show up. we know that in france for more than twenty years. they will send more guys to take the lead. and if they are like those from syria -- >> the network on the bottom is like the bamboo root system. it goes far, it goes wide and then pops up. and the command and control is like the hydra. you cutoff one head. you have the others. >> and head of al qaeda in iraq was the precursor to isis. al qaeda and iraq reborn and now controls a significant part of iraq in syria. so you can cut those heads off. four years since the rise of this position. i spoke to the senior french
5:07 am
security official this week who said radicalization is moving so fast it could even be in one or two weeks. it used to take a few months of nurturing and this kind of thing. but the way the internet works they will grab. and these guy will not necessarily rise to the level of leadership but where you make a decision to commit your life to terrorism. >> one point of analysis here is this man obviously felt comfortable enough being in france that he could come here and do what he wanted to do. how much of the challenge is unique to this place? >> would it have been easier for him to operate in italy? they don't have the capabilities that the french do. and it is a stunning development. one of the most wanted men in fact world managed to slip back into europe, manages to come to paris. part of a likely two wave attack. and i think this other wave
5:08 am
would have been more spectacular than the first wave. and of course the world's media was all in paris here. so they would have got a huge amount of propaganda from a deadly second wave which seemed just moments away from the weapons they had there. right now isis is pushing down the accelerate full throttle in terms of launching attacks against europe. they are going all out. and this is the richest terrorist group in history. they have these thousands, more than six thousand western extremists have traveled there. recruits. training camps. and now they have the top leadership baghdadi and others saying just go for it. >> and making it more important destroying the source. >> does this make a third wave likely? >> i don't think we can rule anything out this week.
5:09 am
it was the most spectacular attack against the west since 9/11. it may not be over yet. the fact they have abaaoud now is very significant. if he had managed the escape and got to together with a few other remaining plotters you could have seen some sorm of extra attacks taking place. but there are still it's thought two people connected to this group still at large. >> remember, this isn't just about military, political and strategic. this is about the popular experience here in paris. they were just attacked at the core of what matter in terms of life here. so let's go to clarissa ward, she's out there where the ring leader, this planner, was taken out in wednesday's raid. what is the reaction of people there now? how much is this meaning?
5:10 am
>> reporter: well it is interesting chris. i've spoken to several people around this area, the apartment just behind me there where w this raid took place. and they are sort of, certainly people say they are relieved they are glad this happened that abaaoud is dead but there is also a sense of almost resignation here that this kind of attacks may continue to happen and particularly with people o who come from neighborhoods like saint-denis. tough neighborhoods, people feel disenfranchised. integration has not been done very successfully. and one woman told me the municipality here has essentially been blinded for too long to the issue of radicalization in our community. and i do think it is worth highlighting that as much as this is a huge victory for france for public perspective to feel that this has been done
5:11 am
that he was taken out that he's no longer a threat, you know, there is also a sense from the pr point of view, that from an isis perspective this plays out as a victory also for abaaoud. nobody watching, none of the long line of young men who are ready to carry out attacks like this within isis would find his death or his being killed a disincentive. because for them this is about getting to paradise. this is about making their mark. so the pr victory here almost cuts both ways, chris. and there is a sense in communities like saint-denis that this could potentially be just the tip of the iceberg, chris. >> right. someone's always more appealing as a figure for the brand though when they are alive. and this man being taken out is going to to far-reaching implications. also important to note this man like many others involved came from belgium. let's go there now. senior international correspondent ivan watson there. what is reverberating to where you are in brussels on this
5:12 am
news? >> reporter: well first of all we know that the belgium police carried out at least a half dozen raids across the capital this morning. they detained at least one person. and they were targeting an entourage. we do not know at this time if any of those raids came as a result of any intelligence that could have been gathered as a result of the raids in saint-denis. it is worth pointing out that i'm standing in the neighborhood that the family of abdulhamid abaaoud basically lived in. his father's shop was maybe a hundred yards away from where i'm standing. he was perhaps belgium's most notorious jihadi because he famously took his brother from
5:13 am
this neighborhood to syria to join the ranks of isis. and his father since closed his shop here in this neighborhood. the belgium investigators, government, under pressure to show they will respond to the most recent threats. the government has pledged some 400 million euros and much more tough measures in response to the fact that a number of belgians were involved in this deadly attack in paris, chris. >> and a good aspect coming out of this situation, if there is one ivan is that we're hearing a lot better intelligence sharing and communication between belgium and france. hopefully that helps going forward. we'll check back with you. and the threat not just about europe. we're hearing it also reverberate to the united states. authorities in new york city ramping up security. isis released a propaganda video threatening that city specifically. and there we find boris sanchez
5:14 am
live in time square. what's the latest? >> reporter: we can tell you that that isis threat was implied in a video released yesterday. in the video, a portion shows preparations for different kind of terrorist attacks. one portion you see someone prepping what appears to be a car bomb. another is someone working with a sniper rifle. and more importantly, someone loads what appears to be a bomb inside a coat and zips it up. that's interspersed with video from new york. from time square specifically. new york city officials tell us this is nothing new. not only was time square a target. you can remember back in 2010 a failed car bomb here. so the threats aren't new. b -- threats are new. but the video itself is not. they are clips from other
5:15 am
videos. we haven't seen really any expanded police presence other than what is typically here. i can tell you on the side streets there were several police cruisers parked. so obviously officers are focused on anything that might be out of place and ready to respond in case something happens, chris. >> all right boris. and the commissioner there, bill bratton, always a fan of saying "danger is real, fear is a choice" and the city will not be afraid no matter what the threat. fear took a big hit here in paris this morning on word that the planner of the attacks on friday is now dead. this is news that matters not just to the french but also to the united states. we'll get the reaction from the white house next. ould stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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call now this number and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you. call now! and we are following major breaking news out of paris. the man who planned the paris attacks is dead. he was killed in a police raid wednesday right outside of paris. let's get reaction now from the white house with white house communications director. good morning. thank you for being here. i believe you are monitoring the same breaking news that we are. what is the white house's response? >> reporter: we've seen the reports. we'll let french authorities speak to the specifics but they should be applauded for their vigilance in going after the terrorists and people who have intended to do them and people
5:20 am
in their country harm. >> of course there is the whack-a-mole theory. what is that taking out any one particular terrorist doesn't matter because there is always somebody else to fill that role and something bigger has to be done. how does the white house feel about that? >> our intelligence authorities are not treating what happened as the oneoff. we need to remain vigilant. we need to take any threat seriously. we work to coordinate with our counterparts around the world, including the french, including others in countries in the middle east and throughout the world. but this is something that, you know, we every day are tracking it and looking at every threat coming in from anyone who intends to do the american people or anyone in the world harm. the fact is that we have had a strategy in place for over a year now to take on the threat of isil. the president of the united states has been leading a coalition of 65 countries. but this isn't just about
5:21 am
military might. this is also about taking on and destroying their materials, whether that is men or whether that is supplies they have. and that is something we've been working closely with counterparts to. and enabling partners. training, e sququipping we have increased in recent days. and we also need to work towards a political solution. we need to end the safe haven isil has in if we want to make our country and the world safer. >> all that sounds logical. but i don't have to tell you that it feels as though it is not working. particularly in a week where isis it has been confirmed the russian met ro jet going down. and isis is behind the paris attacks. and targeting new york city. and it feels as though the heat hassen been turned up enough. let my play what a group of even some democrats are saying about the administration's strategy.
5:22 am
>> isil is not contained. they are expanding. there is only one we're going to diminish them and that is by taking them out. >> we need a comprehensive plan. i'm not confident we have that right no. >> the timetable is too long that isis will be able to maintain its space in iraq and syria from which it can plan and plot and resource attacks against europe and the united states. >> so you heard there. fell fellow democrats saying not contained. time line not working. so what is president obama going to do to intensify the attack? >> well we're always looking at ways we can adjust, intensify our efforts and do what is effective. that is an important component of this. this isn't just about bombing
5:23 am
syria, iraq and other countries. we need the right intelligence, the right targets and military might is not going to win the war or end the conflict. we agree we need to take out isil leadership. that is why we've taken steps in recent weeks. we've gone after the leader in libya. we went after ji ladd john and working to resupply kurds. we've taken back 20-25% of our partners on the ground have worked to take back 20-25% of land but this is not over, far from over. this is why we're working with our partners the french and 65 other countries to take out the threat. this threat is one that not just the american people but people around the world are concerned an about. >> why wouldn't military might work? it stamped out the ideaingolool
5:24 am
naziism. now that isis has crossed china by executing one of their hostages, why wouldn't the u.s. and china and russia and flans and europe and military might stamp this out? >> well alisyn, isil's strength and isil's approach is different than what we've seen from terrorist organizations in the past. they are more diffuse. using social media. they are spread out in different parts of the world. so it is not just military might. it is also about taking on, working with partners like turkey to close off their border and make sure people are not crossing, intending to do harm. it is also about taking out their supplies and making sure they don't have the financing and equipment to do harm. also about going after them on social media. taking one singular approach, even though the rhetoric may make people feel good is not going to end the conflict. it is not going to end the threat of isil. that is why we need a comprehensive approach and that is why we're working with our partners around the world to do.
5:25 am
>> thank you. much more of the breaking news ahead. we have coverage that the master mind of the paris terror attacks is dead. stick around. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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welcome once again to our viewers, the united states and around the world. you are watching "new day." we are following breaking news here in paris t planner behind the paris terror attacks, dead. french prosecutors say he was taken out in the operation in saint-denis yesterday. he's in and out been identified by forensics. also this morning the french national assembly voting to extend the state of emergency for three months. this is huge here in paris. this has been done a handful of times in the last several decades. it gives massive powers that are going to be controversial. but not right now. the french senate takes it up tomorrow and is expected to give this authority to the french president. now, the isis threat despite recent events still looms large, notably in new york city.
5:30 am
today after the terror group posted this video threatening attack we were told that the new york officials will boost their alert level there. let's bring in counterterrorism expert and former french congressman doe fabrimmando fab. >> that guy has been killed after very intense fight yesterday morning. you know we heard about five thousand bullets. and the fear of the s.w.a.t. team now is the it can wear on them. the terrorists tried many times to get out the building to assault the special unit. so special unit respond by heavy fire to keep them inside the
5:31 am
building just not make them explode in front of them. the fear of the s.w.a.t. team worldwide now is the risk of having 50% of their guy, agents, killed by this kind of bombing. so that is why it took so long to get them. so that means they were really really aggressive inside. they wanted to fight the special units, to kill them massively with the explosives. >> part of a new reality, paul and the threat of these -- maybe they start off as local criminals. but they go to syria. get trained as real fighters and they come back. they are not ready to be victims. i they want to be the aggressors. >> and this is part of a containment strategy which actually worked in paris. and --. libya now. egypt now. yemen now.
5:32 am
afghanistan -- >> wait a minute. >> if you know this, right? you know this. you hear from it all the time. makes sense from what we hear in the united states whomever it is saying it is working. they are contained. we are making progress. reconcile the two things. >> containment doesn't work with a terrorist group like isis. you can't deter like you deter a nation state like the soviet union. they welcome this confrontation. and they have this safe haven and it's worse than the safe haven than al qaeda. it's intolerable to have a budding, emerging terrorist state with all these resources and recruits and now they are putting their foot on the gas in
5:33 am
terms of against europe and the west and threatening also russia. they are going it would appear all out at the moment welcoming a confrontation. perhaps they want the russian, the americans the french come in and send ground troops. they have this apocalyptic vision. they believe there will be last confrontation of the armies of rome and the muslims. and that is going to be close to the last days. and there is an element of their leadership which really do buy into this and they believe god in the end will see them prevail. >> so you have reached, but then you also have in terms of control. they keep saying 25%, we're containing. this is proof. what is the reality? >> it's disconnect from the way this war is being fought by isis. they are fighting on multiple fronts. iraq and syria and by design they have created affiliates in
5:34 am
libya, sinai and elsewhere. because they know that makes it harder for them to be extinguished. this is part of their plan. and additional part of that plan is take on the world. look at the list of countries. france certainly, the u.s. russia they brought down a plane. they just executed, beheaded a chinese national. they want that war. >> who knows? maybe in a perverse and terrible way they are doing what needs to be done which is galvanizing the resistance of the world against them. because we all know brought up an analogy of course working only when the entire world united. we'll see what happens here. gentlemen, stay with me. we're waiting on the french interior minister to speak. the french here have been very good about giving a lot of information. we're hear what this means to them and how it went. there are still open variables.
5:35 am
did he explode himself? was he hit with the explosive bomb of his female cousin? or was it shot from outside his door? next. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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the are ring leader of the paris terror attacks is dead. killed in a police raid outside paris wednesday morning. we're awaiting to hear from the french minister. we can see the podium there when that happens we'll bring it to you live. all of this as isis releases a new video threatening new york city. want to turn to bill gavin. assistant director for the fbi at the time of the 1993 world trade center attacks. pleasure to have you here. obviously we know this is not the first threat. not necessarily a new threat. some of this video was recycled from april, if you will, some of the footage. the goal obviously to invoke terror and fear. what do you make of it, sir? >> well, michaela, the goal as you said is right on target, to
5:40 am
evoke fear, terror within the people of the united states and worldwide. let's face it. they have done many, many things. caused a lot of havoc in france. they have brought down the jet liner. they did the damage in bbeirut. and we cannot let our severals fall prey to shock and awe. and new york city has a tremendous police department and a tremendous intelligence network. and right now -- >> well i just want to interrupt you for a second. that is the parallel so many people are thinking about. we look at what happened in paris. soft targets. cafes, restaurants, a stadium. people understand -- a concert hall even. these are people carrying on regular every day events.
5:41 am
much like you are going to see happening like you mention, the thanksgiving day parade. as much as people want to carry on their daily lives there is going to be anxiety. how can people quell that? maybe this is where you and your expertise can help us understand the amount of resources that will be on hand. >> the resources will be not only what you can see. that is an important part to see the visual aspect for people to understand how many police officers are out there in uniform doing what they do so well in new york. what you don't see is the technical side of things. what they are doing behind the scenes. how many informants they have working. how many undercover police officers in those places that when something starts to erupt they are on top of it, they can prevent it from happening. so i think there is a lot going on that can't be seen by everybody walking down the street. but new yorkers have adopted,
5:42 am
bought into full measure if you see something, say something. and nothing is more important than having millions of eyes, as opposed to the 33,000, 35,000 police officers eyes that are on the scene today. -- >> do you anticipate that we'll see further security checks that opt, for example, around the ma macy's day parade? people flood into the city, thousands and thousands of people stand on the side lines of that parade in real time. do you suspect there will be more security checks in place. >> i suspect there will be security checks as needed. we don't want to talk about profiling. but i think situational profiling is absolutely something that needs to be done. if somebody sees somebody -- if the police department or the observers of the parade see folks that are doing something that just doesn't make any sense, then they ought to be questioned a little bit further,
5:43 am
have a little bit more security. have a little bit more contact with the police to determine that they are not a threat. that is what's so important in this. sometimes we tend to be afraid of, well they are going to violate our civil rights. they are not violating any civil rights with situational profiling. they are protecting the people of the united states and i applaud them for doing what they do and doing it so well. >> thank you. we appreciate it. chris. back to you in paris. big headline out of here this morning. the man who planned these attacks last friday dead according to french authorities. we are waiting to hear how all this went down. french officials are about to speak. we'll bring it to you live on cnn next. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals
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major headline coming out of paris. the man responsible for planning friday's attacks is dead according to french authorities. the prosecutor's office saying he was killed in that raid in saint-denis. he was identified by forensics. that was needed to be done because he was riddled with bullets according to officials. remember that was like a war zone. it was a true fire fight. lasted hours. five firefighting munitions used necessary. because people wanting to come
5:48 am
out of those apartments and take it to them. so that is what needed to be done. we are waiting on the french minister. as soon as that is up we'll bring it to you live. however context for you. we have a rare opportunity right now. why is this so important? what was done to france? what did they survive? what does it mean going forward? so many questions that you will get great perspective on from one man. someone who saw the bombers up close, who survived, who feels what it is as an attack of his lifestyle as a frenchman and as a muslim. he has so much to say. this one story really will tell you what the experience here has been. it starts off with a man taking his son to a soccer game and ends in everything we've been reporting today. >> when you saw the men who had the vest whose wanted to kill others, do you see them as muslims? because that is what they say
5:49 am
they are. >> no they are not all like muslims. you cannot conflate a muslim with someone who's lost their mind and lost all sense of meaning in their life. that night. looking at this individual. his face sweating. if he had wanted to blow himself up he would have but there was a timer on his bomb. it would detonate of its own accord. and when i saw him, he gave me the impression of guilt. of not wanting to go all the way. he was anxious, disturbed, questioning what he was doing. and he went to a place where he was going to blow himself up. he waited there about to blow himself up. it is complicated to explain to you what i saw to tell you this terrorist who want to a place to kill people. and yet there were very few people where he ultimately went to blow himself up? for me this is not a muslim.
5:50 am
this is about indoctrination. this is about brainwashing. >> you are at the game, the soccer match, the football match. tell me what you saw that night. >> that friday night was the night i decided to take my son to see the famous stade de france. my son had never seen it. at 8:20 when we got to the entrance of the stands at the corner of gate d. by this time the match had begun when by now the match had begun, my friend rasheed who was there with me and my son, the three of us we went to a first stand entrance. we were turned away because it was closing. we went to a second stand entrance and the guy there said it was closing but there that was a snack bar nearby. i leave them and i go to the toilets of barragery. i arrive at the toilet and i push the dooruó]g and i come fao
5:51 am
face with this individual. he was dripping with sweat and this was not reassuring and prompted me to say what was going on. and i said to i my son ryan you can go to the toilet. he came and went to the toilet. and i held the door open for him. as i did that there was a second guy walking back and forth behind us and brushed by us, me, rasheed and my son. i say to rasheed at this point t second individual, he is strange this man. and the man who served us the sandwiches said yes these people are strange. at this point when he said that i didn't think much of it. he jostled my shoulder again. i wanted to stop him, hold him and tell him not to go. and something in my head said go
5:52 am
quickly. so i went quickly in front of the stand. >> you wanted to grab the man because you felt there was something wrong with him. >> exactly. i want to get him. and at the moment i was about to bite into my sandwich and rasheed was just a few meters i way from me and my son had not come back from the toilet, at that point, boom. the bomb exploded and it was in fact him who exploded. he had blown himself up. >> how close were you? >> ten meters. but what saved us was our lucky star. we are living miracles. and the stand was right near the explosion. and when the bomb went off my shoulders and body propelled back. after i came forward to see where the explosion was i walked back around to the entrance and that is where i saw the corpse. the body on the ground, the body with and i don't dare describe
5:53 am
to you what i saw or tell people the flesh i saw exploded everywhere. it was carnage. i rescued a woman on the ground, helped her. she was injured. blood everywhere on her face, behind her head. she could not hear. i lifted her up. after i was pulling her up to go and at that moment a second explosion. boom. and we felt it again. we were propelled forward again and then i accompanied this woman. i took her to the french police. and when day took her, i said to them i am going back to get my son. i saw my son ryan, tears in his eyes. tears in my eyes. and i take hold of him and i say i love eoi my son. i love. daddy is here. and i took him in my arms and he said daddy, i lu you. i love you too. but it was very hard. and what was really difficult was to feel so powerless. >> imagine living through
5:54 am
something like he did looking for his son. first of all, he is a huge man by the way. which has helped himd wth stand the explosive force and going back forward. and it means so much to him as the muslim. there is a second part to this story because he's just such a fascinating character and lived through some so central to the worst part of this experience that befell paris society. of course what we're waiting on here for the news is the french interior minister. here going take the podium here. any minute. we're going to bring it to you live here on cnn and hear firsthand how it is that french authorities were able to take out the man that happened here last friday. stay with us. and remember. the headline is that the man who
5:55 am
planned these attacks on friday is now dead. was he the only one that plans them? no. authorities say often there is a brain structure here. a hierarchy. but this man they believe he was central. they thought he was in syria and then found out on actual intelligence he was here and in fact in paris. they located him through surveillance and cell phone messages to these apartments in saint-denis, just outside paris. led to a massive operation. they get there and find not just him but they find a waiting team they believe they got to just in the nick of time before another operation. the result was a massive battle ground there. 5,000 munitions fired -- bullets -- by the authorities. why did they need to? because that is what they were getting from them? there was a woman terrorist in there. she exploded a vest. they had weapons and small arms fire. and what we now know is this team of terrorists were trying
5:56 am
to get out of these apartments to take on the military assets on the street. these are the types of fighters these terrorists are now using for themselves who have gone to syria and abroad and learned how to fight as if this were a war. not just a bunch of street criminals him. and yet the french authorities were able to persevere and take out this man. and that leads us to the news today. when we get the french interior minister up out on that podium we'll bring it to you. stay with us. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the ring leader of the paris terror attacks is dead. i'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. let's head now to paris and anderson cooper. hi anderson. >> good morning. right now paris embraces the news that ab ab del hamid abaaoud


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