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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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into the united states. you know that. it's done first by the high commission on human rights. they do it. it takes a long time. then it comes to the united states. it takes a long time. we see that with this family it's taken three years. and we also know that while it's about your heart, it's hard to reconcile that with what just happened with this family because there are in no way evidence of the threat that we saw here if paris. they have been vetted for years and there's no proof of that. now as a result of what they did they got lucky in being able to go to kentucky. but what about this other family? i just don't understand how you reconcile compassion with what just happened with these families, gov. oh, governor mike pence. i think his coms went out. we'll try to get the governor back on. and obviously this is going to be a continuing issue with what happened in the congress today. so i'm going to hand it over to jake tapper now for more cnn's continuing coverage. jake, you know this issue very
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i am jake tapper. and i'm live in paris, france. this is "the lead." we begin with some breaking news and the major headline today, abdelhamid abaaoud, the man to have been believed the ringleader of friday's attack that stole 129 innocent lives here in paris, abaaoud is dead. french officials say they have identified him through forensics after yesterday's stunning seven-hour 5,000-bullet raid on a suspected terrorist cell north of paris. french officials have linked abaaoud to at least four foiled plots in europe earlier this year. and at this moment investigators are trying to trace even more links even carrying out a search of the home belonging to the
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mother of the female suicide bomber who blew herself up in the saint-denis battle yesterday morning. she is the suspected ringleader's cousin. all of this news coming as yet another suspected attacker, salah abdelsalam, is still on the loose. he is the suspected eighth terrorist from friday night's attack. last seen on the road to belgium it's believed where much of the planning for the paris slaughter took place, according to french authorities. and where there were half a dozen new raids today rounding up nine more individuals possibly with suspected terrorist links. we're not yet sure 100%. i'm joined now by cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. he's here with me live in paris. jim, the french prosecutor stressed today, he stressed that this is the beginning, not the end. >> no question. they're closer to rounding up the people behind the attacks in paris. on friday they got the ringleader, today or confirmed that he's dead today. but we know there's at least one attacker, possibly more still on
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the loose. there's a support network that they're still trying to track down. and they are acutely aware that there could be other plots, other cells to be activated here, also other attackers, jihadis here who might act on their own. this is just in their words, and they repeat them, the beginning. tonight an urgent manhunt is underway across europe as police continue to search for at least one suspected attacker. still at large and still dangerous. salah abdelsalam prebriefly stod by french police hours after the attacks but then let go before authorities knew of his role in friday's deadly rampage. six new raids in belgium overnight and hundreds more here in france in recent days have failed to catch him. >> translator: the republic is doing everything to destroy terrorism. >> reporter: french security services have netted perhaps their most dangerous suspect, abdelhamid abaaoud, the alleged ringleader confirmed killed in a
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furious gun battle with police on wednesday. >> translator: in the operation of saint-denis there was a target. it was reached. >> reporter: and tonight we're seeing chilling new video of the saint-denis raid. just moments before police kill abaaoud. today french lawmakers voted nearly unanimously to extend the country's state of emergency giving police broad new powers to detain suspects. >> translator: we are at war. and for us to remain ourselves because that is what is in question, france must not lose itself so win this war. france must respond to hatred with fraternity. france will respond to fanaticism with the hope of life itself. >> reporter: the terror alert here in europe certainly not confined to france. there's a new warning in italy today from the u.s. embassy there warning people about popular targets that might be targets, popular locations that might be targets of jihadis there as well. but to be clear, it's not a
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credible or specific warning, jake. it is more general. it's the kind of thing they share so that people are aware without knowing for sure that this is something that there's any planning under way and that's what's very difficult now. it's difficult for authorities to warn properly and it's difficult frankly for members of the public to take this all in and know what they're meant to do with it. >> in fact, some discussion among national security experts when isis warned in their video after paris comes rome, did they mean literally rome, or did they mean the roman empire as in the united states? who knows what they meant. jim sciutto, thank you so much. we have shocking new video in to cnn coming from inside the casa nostra restaurant here in paris. it was one of several locations isis terrorists attacked last week. the video was obtained shows how a typical night out in paris suddenly became a night of terror. you see a torrent of gunfire unleashed into the restaurant as shocked diners duck in fear
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doing anything they can to survive. these horrifying images from inside casa nostra restaurant obtained by show the frightening moments when a gunman opens fire on bystanders enjoying a night out in paris. the isis terrorists sprayed dozens of bullets throughout this area killing five people. the closed circuit tv cameras inside capturing just how terrifying the explosive incident was. the shocking instant terrorists began firing just after 9:30 friday night. amidst the shattering glass and debris are people trying to survive, finding cover any way they can hiding under tables, taking refuge behind this bar, running to another floor as bullets fly. two employees of the restaurant are seen ducking down behind the bar. one slips down the stairs out of sight. the other would help pull a woman to safety, out of view of the attacker.
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that woman escaping the terrorists from outside, finding cover behind the bar as this man stumbles inside, diving to the floor. he would later get to his feet and scramble up the stairs. at one point the footage shows one of the isis terrorists approaches right here at the outdoor seating area where at least two diners are hiding thankfully however his gun jams. this is the chilling moment the terrorist spots a woman hiding outside under a table. he walks toward her and takes aim at point-blank range. but his gun jams. and he runs away. watch it again, the gunman pointing directly at her head. miraculously the woman gets away alive along with another hiding just feet away. joining me right now is mark colclaf, a danish tourist who witnessed the attack unfold nearby. thanks for joining me. we're so glad you're okay.
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what is it like for you to see this video? you were at the restaurant just a few yards away, i believe. >> yes. kept saying i wasn't far away from the one we've just seen footage from. we saw the gunman from the outside. so we saw him shoot individual tourists as well but in a different place. it's very shocking to see what you have just shown here on tv. because it reminds me exactly of what i saw just a week ago. >> well f you would, and i'm sorry to make you or ask you to rekindle and review these painful memories, but tell us what you remember. i believe you were at another restaurant just a few yards away -- or outside the restaura restaurant. what do you remember from that night? >> my friend and i were just walking down the streets. we were talking about our future plans for 2016. and i heard what sounded like a fire cracker go off. and directly ahead of me, not
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very far ahead maybe 15 meters off to my right i saw a gunman who was clearly standing in a firing position holding an assault rifle up to his left shoulder. and he took aim and he killed very quickly three individuals who were sitting outside a cafe in france. just taking in the evening as one does. he killed them very, very quickly. and then he swivelled left and he shot two shots directly into the side of a car where i saw the driver was hit in the upper torso and head. >> so it was only one gunman? what else can you tell us about the terrorists? >> well, the gunman -- yeah, from our perspective the gunman at the cafe was alone. so he killed three individuals, then he killed the driver of the car. and at that point i was standing there thinking, am i watching a police raid, am i watching some kind of gangland revenge something going on. but then the gunman took three or four steps forward and then
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he walked into the cafe and opened fire inside the cafe letting off around a dozen rounds very quickly. and at that point i knew that this was neither a police operation nor a precision execution in gangland. i knew this was an attack on civilians. and i encouraged my travel friend and i to run and seek cover immediately. >> we're so glad that you got out alive. how are you doing? it's such a traumatic expeerriee to go through. >> thank you, jake. yeah, the last week has been very difficult. i've sought out a crisis psychologist for both my travel friend and i. we're seeing separate ones. and i've hooked up with one who is from the military and is helping deal with the post-traumatic stress that has come from this. i have nightmares and flashbacks. any kind of sudden movement, any kind of loud sounds, any time i close my eyes at night, i'm
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still back in paris on friday. part of me was still stuck there really. >> i know you'll get out of it. thank you so much for joining us. we're all thinking and praying for you, mark. thank you for joining us. earlier today we saw even more terrorism, this time in the middle east in the west bank. three people killed in a drive-buy shooting and ramming at a busy traffic junction including one american, an 18-year-old student from the boston area. several other americans were reportedly injured in the terrorist attack according to an aid organization. the unidentified gunman reportedly opened fire at vehicles stopped in traffic before ramming his vehicle into pedestrians purposefully. he was arrested by israeli security forces. and in a separate incident two people were murdered in a stabbing attack in tel aviv. these two attacks make today one of the deadliest days since the current palestinian-israeli
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violence began in october. we saw french authorities track down the mastermind, or the planner of the paris attacks, to a single apartment right outside the city. how did they find him? how close could they be to the eighth terrorist suspect still on the run? that story next. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live from paris, france. french and belgium officials were reportedly stunned to learn that abdelhamid abaaoud, the planner of this attack, was still in france. authorities here thought that the man who gave the marching orders to the isis terrorists who so callously and nihilistically killed 129 people last week, they thought he gave those orders from syria.
1:18 pm
so who tipped off the french that abaaoud was still on french soil? here with me to talk about intelligence and terrorism, cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank as well as retired air force intelligence officer and former deputy training director for the nsa, colonel cedric layton. thanks so much to both of you for being here. paul, start with you. france's interior minister said it received intelligence earlier in the week about abaaoud's possible location. now we know who provided the intel. >> well, some of it came from morocco intelligence services pasing some very important information which made the french believe he was here in paris. there was also that intercepted phone call wiretap which indicated abaaoud's female cousin was at this address in saint-denis. and that made them think he was there too, that's why they launched the raid, jake. >> and, colonel, salah abdelsalam, the alleged eighth isis terrorist is still on the run. he's a belgium national police there launched six more
1:19 pm
anti-terror raids, arresting nine more people, who knows where they are what that's about. this indicate to you that this is much wider than just france? >> oh, absolutely, jake i think what we're talking about is at least a conspiracy in western europe. belgium clearly, france, possibly other countries like germany. and that's where the authorities will have to go. they'll have to look at all of these countries in order to really ascertain how big this is, how much a net they must cast in this area and actually look at this as an international conspiracy of the first order. >> and, paul, now that abaaoud has been killed, he was killed yesterday morning during that raid in saint-denis, and it was confirmed today through fingerprints, french police are turning their attention to a man you've talked a lot about, afbien clain, tell us who this is? >> officials tell me fabien clain and abdelhamid abaaoud worked together in syria to launch a series of terrorist plots against france, against
1:20 pm
europe. a long-standing french jihadi claimed responsibility on behalf of isis from syria for these attacks. and we're going to play some of that just right now. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> so we have the tape there where he is claiming responsibility. it was a five and a half minute tape. he was the guy who said that there were eight attackers. he said that there was meticulous choosing of the targets suggesting that he was in on the planning. they're going over that tape again and again. and french investigators were able to do the match with clain's voice with voice recognition analysis. now, clain back in 2009 before he actually traveled to syria to join with isis was involved in plotting against the bataclan concert hall here in paris. reportedly because he thought
1:21 pm
that concert hall had a connection with jewish interests in some way. so he may have gone back to that target all the way back in 2009 he had some plotting activity against. this is a veteran jihadi, somebody that abdelhamid abaaoud would have looked up to, more stature in isis. they're looking at him as the senior operational planner here with abdelhamid abaaoud more ringleader sent to lead the local cell. >> and, colonel, in addition to the horrific jihadi element here, there's also just a criminal element. some of these guys -- some of these terrorists were just thugs and common criminals. >> well, absolutely. what comes to mind, jake, is the fact that these bands the way they operate very much like some of the drug cartels in south and central america. so if you look at how the drug cartels operated there is some con gruns with what they did and with what isis is doing here in europe. >> for instance, two of these terrorists met because they were jailed for a theft years ago. >> exactly.
1:22 pm
and so they meet in these not only in the areas they normally meet in but also in jails, in criminal areas where a lot of criminality happens. they have the same experiences. they go through each of these experiences not only together, but they also learn from each other. it's the perfect breeding ground for this kind of terrorism. not only from a how-to-do-it perspective and but also ideological perspective. >> thank you for your expertise. a raid in a neighborhood known for crime and corruption. what we were just discussing. next, what we're learning about those detained in these raids. and with new isis threats could we see these raids extend into cities in the u.s.? national security officials are weighing in right now. we'll have that coming up. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live in paris, france. and we are right now following breaking news from belgium to our north. at least nine people have been detained in a series of raids in neighborhoods across brussels. the question now, could those people be linked to bilal hafdi? she's one of the suicide terrorists, the bombers who blew himself up outside the soccer stadium stade de france here in paris last friday. we also know that four terrorists including the ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud have links to brussels. let's now go to cnn's senior
1:28 pm
investigative correspondent drew griffin in brussels. drew, we know that some of the terrorists were relatives to one another. was anyone detained today with specific links to the terrorists? >> the short answer, jake, is we just don't know. police here have up to 48 hours to either charge or let these people go. they have only promised an update on the situation some time tomorrow. but as you said at six of the locations they picked up seven people, specifically connected to bilal hafdi, one of those suicide bombers. what's troubling about that is the belgium authorities have known about hadfi and have been investigating him since early in 2015 when they believed he had gone to syria and in fact up until last friday, jake, they thought he still was in syria. >> interesting. and of course, drew, some are criticizing the belgium government saying that they're merely trying to play catchup
1:29 pm
with individuals that they knew about before rather than preemptively following information, seeking intelligence, looking for potential terrorists. how is the belgium government reacting to the criticism? >> well, i think there was strong reaction today. the prime minister apparently hearing those allegations that brussels and belgium in particular are the weak link in this kind of counterterrorism network. in a speech this morning charles said he is going to pledge much more support in fighting terrorism. here's just a few words of what he said this morning. >> translator: hour after hour receiving the maximum amount of information with full cooperation with the french authorities the crisis center and security cells met on several occasions, sometimes more urgently to make decisions, reinforce strength, security and
1:30 pm
controls at the french border and guards. local police received instructions in order to increase the vigilance levels. >> michel announced he's going to increase, strengthen the security forces. he's also going to try to do more to stop belgiums from going to isis and joining the fight. and then he vowed that any belgian who fights for isis and tries to come home to belgium will now be coming home to a prison cell, jake. so they're trying to talk tough. but as you said they are indeed playing a lot of catch up here. >> yeah. drew griffin reporting live from brussels. thank you so much. a new isis video depicts suicide bombers preparing for an attack on new york city. what intelligence officials are saying about protecting america's biggest target. that's next on "the lead" live from paris. stay with us. the future belongs to the fast.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live from paris. this is a city of course stunned by the massacre at the hands of isis terrorists six days ago. new york city knows that feeling all too well. but new york mayor bill de blasio saying his city will not be intimidated after isis released another chilling video showing scenes from the big apple along with a suicide belt. cnn's deborah feyerick is live for us in new york city. deb, new york always on high alert of course especially during the holidays. how is new york responding and preparing? >> well, they're really taking a look at everything. you know, people understand that there will be millions of tourists who are coming to the big apple because of the thanksgiving day parade, the christmas tree lighting, the ball drop. so police are taking no chances. it's something really that the fbi director said that it is better to alert police if you see something and be wrong than
1:36 pm
to do nothing and have your suspicions basically come to fruition. so they're really urging everybody to keep their eyes open. tonight new york city is responding to a direct threat from isis, a propaganda video implying a suicide bomb. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: the nypd deploying counterterror tactical teams to cover a range of potential threats. >> they have additional training in explosive trace detection, hostile surveillance. >> reporter: police departments across the country are working closely with fbi and federal law enforcement. officials reinforce there's no specific credible threat. it's the unknown threat the u.s. is working to protect against. >> we are working around the clock to make sure that such things do not happen here in the united states. >> in washington, d.c. a different isis propaganda video early in the week triggered
1:37 pm
increased security in the capital subway system. wednesday metro transit police were seeking four men seen at the pentagon station. the men were interviewed by the joint terrorism task force, cleared and released. >> every threat no matter where it comes from or how credible it's deemed to be, we take them as credible and we act that way. >> emboldened by the attack in paris, isis has released multiple propaganda videos threatening multiple attacks in multiple cities. in the web video with images of times square, another image of herald square has raised concern as it's the end point of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. a huge event that kicks off a very busy holiday season including the rockefeller christmas tree lighting and times square ball drop. with millions of tourists flocking to manhattan for those events, police understand there is no room for error. and, jake, one of the things that the fbi director said this afternoon is that these propaganda videos, this is not
1:38 pm
credible intelligence. but immediately after the paris attacks the fbi did reach out to all their law enforcement partners overseas. and they found no links between what happened in paris to anything here in the united states. the fbi director saying none that he's aware of, jake. >> all right. deborah feyerick, thank you so much. we have some breaking news now. the fbi director and the attorney general just finished speaking off camera to reporters. and cnn justice reporter evan perez just stepped out of the meeting to give us little highlights and the latest of what they said. evan. >> well, jake, the fbi says -- the fbi director said that he's had his agents working 24/7 looking for any links whatsoever that they could find between the paris attackers and here in the united states. and so far they've found absolutely nothing. now, he did say that they've ratcheted up their attention to several dozen isis supporters here in the united states who they believe are the highest
1:39 pm
likelihood who could carry out an attack here in the united states. there are about 900 open cases of violent extremists, most of those a vast majority are isis supporters. another thing it's very interesting he talked about here is he said that the number of americans who are traveling to join isis in syria and iraq is way down. it's something that used to be about nine a month, now it is about six over the past three months or so. and he says that perhaps one reason is because isis is telling people to stay at home and kill here. so that's a very big concern. a very big concern for them. he also said that there are absolutely no credible threats, no known credible threats here in the united states of any size. obviously they're keeping their attention on these isis threats. and we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. >> evan perez, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss this all cnn national security analyst and former chairman of the house intelligence committee michael rogers.
1:40 pm
congressman, thanks so much for joining us. mayor of new york bill de blasio says there's no imminent threat against the city of new york. what are you hearing from the intelligence community? >> the same. a lot of what you see in the videos, jake, is psychological operations, psychological warfare. remember, isis has a lot of former military -- trained military individuals from iraq, from the syrian government. so they would have the understanding of the value of having an actual event and then having a psychological operation to intimidate, cause fear, cause people to change their behavior. and that's exactly what they're trying to do. now, the caution is that, yes, it's a psychological effort. many believe that. but there's also the concern that there may be an event planning and just like in paris it's under the radar, they don't have it. it's not that imminent event that they have credible intelligence, but it doesn't mean there's not somebody out there planning to do something. >> the suspected ringleader,
1:41 pm
congressman, of the paris attacks, abaaoud, is dead. he was killed this morning. he's been on the radar of the intelligence community for quite a while. why do you think he was able to move so freely between syria, france and belgium? >> well, partly because they don't have the border controls that they used to have, and so once you're in anywhere in the eu and you have a valid passport, there's just nowhere you can't go. freedom of movement. that was the whole design behind the european union. so that's exactly why he was able to do it. and the fact that they have -- that whole organization has shifted to encrypted communications, at least ones that they know of. they are very good about operational security. they have learned from all of the four previous events that went wrong that he was a part of that he was apparently planning at least part of four disrupted terrorist attacks. they'll go back and analyze every one of those so they had secure communications, freedom of movement, they had money and
1:42 pm
they had weapons. and that allowed them because all of that was already prepackaged for them that allowed them much easier way to move about those countries without being caught or without being noticed. >> the prime minister of france, manuel vauls said in an interview today that some of the terrorists here in france, quote, took advantage of the refugee crisis to slip into france. that's obviously a big concern in the united states. but the vetting process is -- even if one doesn't think it's tough enough, it is much tougher than there is a vetting process here in europe, right? >> yeah, but here's the only problem with that, jake. unfortunately, i think in america it turned into the politics of religion and race, which it should never have done. candidly i blame the president for that. this was about a national security issue. these governors had legitimate concerns about saying because their law enforcement communities by the way were going to them and saying, hey, wait a minute, you're going to
1:43 pm
send someone here you can't access certain databases to tell me they're not involved or engaged in any of the radicalization or as an active member of isis. we know for a fact that isis back in september said it infiltrated as many as 4,000 across europe. if they get fake passports, which you can buy on the web for $1,000 -- $900 actually, the deep web they call it, jake. you can actually go from a visa waiver country here. so you can infiltrate with the refugee population, buy a fake passport. you can even buy syrian driver's license in the deep web so you can conceal your cover. and i think the law enforcement community says, hey, wait a minute, we know that they're doing this. they've told us that they're doing this. now we just saw a terrorist attack using the refugee program. maybe you should slow down and see if there's a better way to get to security. and it got blown up here i think in a pretty negative way. and i think republicans are acting wrongly on it. and i think the president started this thing for the same reason that he didn't take
1:44 pm
action in syria in the first place to stop the refugees. very irritating for a guy that looks at national security every day. >> congressman mike rogers, thank you so much. appreciate your time. a house bill just passed may force top national security officials to personally individually sign-off on syrian refugees coming into the united states. does that vote hold any weight? we'll dive into the debate even more coming up. plus, two countries with two very different interests in the fight against isis. coming up, a new call for the united states and russia to come together and fight isis together. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on.
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper, coming to you live from paris, france. where today the french prime minister said some of the isis terrorists who killed 129 innocent people here last week, quote, took advantage of the refugee crisis to slip into france. that admission and other evidence has sparked a heated
1:49 pm
debate about refugees across the united states. france is still going to take in 30,000 refugees over the next two years. the french president said yesterday. but today in the u.s. the house of representatives overwhelmingly voted to change the vetting process effectively suspending the program that allows syrian and iraqi refugees into the united states. nearly 50 democrats joining republicans in favor of the legislation although president obama has pledged he will veto it if it does get through the senate and land on his resolute desk. let's bring in cnn's joe johns live on capitol hill. joe, this issue has become a major political debate. >> intensely political, jake. and that large bipartisan vote today means at least for now there are enough votes to override a presidential veto if it ever comes to that. and the white house has already launched its objections. with millions of refugees trying
1:50 pm
to flee the civil war in syria, and even france pledging to take in 30,000 of them -- >> the yays are 289 and the nays are 137, the bill has passed. >> the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill that effectively blocks refugees from syria and iraq from coming to the united states. it sailed through with support from both parties led by the newly minted house speaker paul ryan in his first weeks on the job. >> the first duty of our government is to keep the american people safe. >> the bill requires top administration officials to certify that incoming refugees are not a safety threat, which the head of the fbi and dhs say is overly cumbersome. the white house has threatened to veto it in the event it gets passed democrats who oppose it in the senate. >> don't worry, it won't get passed. >> reporter: a new poll shows broad support for blocking certain refugees to keep isis fighters out. the top republican on the foreign relations committee complaining the white house just doesn't get it. >> they have a tendency because
1:51 pm
of what they do on a daily basis to almost knock down concerns that average americans have. >> and the president's point man on homeland security sounding exasperated that his message is not getting through that the refugee program is a slow and careful process. >> all i can do is keep repeating what i've been saying all week. i gave a speech yesterday publicly where i reiterated the thoroughness of our vetting process. >> many democrats oppose changes to the refugee program which would only effect about 10,000 people. and they are countering with a proposal to address a bigger vulnerability, the so-called visa waiver program that allows 20 million people a year to enter the u.s. almost unquestioned as long as they have passports from any one of 38 countries. no vetting, no waiting period. on the campaign trail today the rhetoric paralleled the split in washington with candidates on both sides adding some political zing. hillary clinton with a civil
1:52 pm
liberties argument. >> turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against muslims, slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. we are better than that. >> and ben carson, both soft spoken and inflammatory with a highly charged metaphor. >> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you probably not going to assume something good about that dog. and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. doesn't mean that you hate all dogs. >> time is running out to pass legislation here on capitol hill. and there is a question whether anyone will try to use a big spending bill that has to be passed by december 11th as a vehicle for this refugee issue. jake. >> joe johns, thank you so much. the united states is waging a war against isis. it says so is russia. a new push to combine forces next.
1:53 pm
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is is.
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everywhere you go in paris there are men with guns, soldiers, police, whatever they are they are there keeping an eye on the crowds, on the public. but the people of france are still trying to go about their life, though as they will be the first to remind you this is the second major terrorist attack in just 2015. the "charlie hebdo" and incidents taking place in january. earlier today atika shubert took a closer look at the security in paris and the real fears that parisians are feeling. >> reporter: life is returning to not quite so normal here in paris. this is paris' famous shopping
1:58 pm
avenue. even disney has its own private security checking even the smallest customers coming inside. security doesn't bother me at all this father told us. i came here with my little girl. she was nervous to come to paris. but seeing all the police around has really comforted her. the christmas market in paris has only just reopened as you can see with extra security to assure parisians that they are on high alert. police also on patrol. and as we walked we also saw a troupe of cars streaming by promoting the new wine with bottles and glasses in hand. toy soldiers, real soldiers and wine paris remains defiant. atika shubert, cnn, paris. >> and i'm joined once again by our senior national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, one of the questions obviously that everybody around here is wondering about with the police raid yesterday morning where abaaoud was killed, the
1:59 pm
raids in belgium today. do french and belgium and european authorities think that there are still active terror cells ready to strike? >> the short answer is, yes, active terror cells, support groups, et cetera, they don't know if they're ready to strike, but their assumption is -- they're operating under that assumption. start at the beginning, there's at least one, possibly two active members of friday's cell still out there. >> salah abdelsalam -- >> exactly. >> and the guy from belgium. >> exactly. so you have that. they've also said there's got to be a going back and forth they clearly don't have vision on because they didn't have vision on this cell as well. so their informed assumption is, yes, there are. and in addition to cells that might be activated, supported, et cetera, are lone wolves, right? they have so many jihadis out here who might choose to act on their ownspired by the bloodshed. >> three men yesterday in marseille stabbed a jewish teacher, probably unconnected to
2:00 pm
any active isis organization, they are just bad people and were inspired. >> absolutely. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. really appreciate it. that is it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." good-bye from france. happening now, breaking news. expanding manhunt. a worldwide search for the eighth terrorist in the paris attacks as france confirms the mastermind was killed in an extraordinary raid. and now shocking new video of the massacre emerging amid more raids and more arrests. does it show the man who's become one of the world's most wanted terrorists. new threat, isis vows a fiery attack on the white house. and a paris-style massacre in rome prompting a warning from the u.s. embassy there. does a new isis video foreshadow the next attack? second mastermind, new details tonight about a senior french figure in isis whose voice is heard on the terrorist video claiming responsibility for the paris massacre. how closely did