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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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good evening from paris. a major new development in the terrorist attacks here in the man hunt that followed and is underway. state run belgium, reporting authorities raised a terrorist alert level from brussels to the maximum warning of, quote, imminent threat in the capital region. joining us now, terrorism analyst, and it was just two days ago, hfs raised to the second highest level. this is a dramatic turn of events, now at the top possible level. what's that mean? >> it's unprecedented. it's never been at level four signifying a serious and imminent danger of terrorists attacks.
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clearly, there's some intelligence that is really warning them in brussels tonight for the brussels region in particular. could this be linked to some intelligence about the movements, probably something bigger than that because unprecedented to raise it all the way up to four and after all they've known he's been on the run the last few days. >> what was believed to be the eighth terrorist involved in friday night's attacks here in paris one week ago. last seen en route to belgium, and there's an arrest warrant out for him. is this beyond one man? >> i think this likely goes beyond one man, they are worried there's some kind of terrorist plot in the works, in belgium -- >> in terms of the warning, so, what, stay away from public spaces? >> stay away from public spaces. stay away from railway stations, stay away from airports. >> that's what the government --
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>> shutting the airport down, like, overnight, i mean, they say there's going to be a press conference to explain this to the general public tomorrow. they are going to put a lot of security precautions in place across brussels tomorrow, but this, obviously, follows the fact that there was a significant belgium link in these paris attacks. there's just concern about all the belgians who have gone and fought in syria, more than 100 believed to have come back, perhaps intelligence suggesting that some of those may be plotting something this -- something that has them -- >> we have to point out this just occurred. we don't know the intelligence behind it, but there have been a number of raids over the last several days throughout belgium, perhaps intelligence, something has been gathered that led them to raise the level from those raids. >> shaking the tree. they have been arresting all sorts of people linked to the plotters, their contacts, the concern has been that there's a
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sort of significant logistic call support structure behind attacks. i've been speaking in the last few days to belgium officials. they say the bomb maker is still at large or bomb makers are still at large so that could be one factor here at play, anderson, but a lot of concern in brussel, and i've been speaking to the heart of the investigation, and they have struggled to get a handle on this. the french, the belgians, all this week, struggling to get a handle on this. many sleepless night, triple overtime shifts, racing around trying to prevent the next attack, and the concern is that isis has this belgian and french plotters in syria trying to send as many recruits as possible back to europe to launch a string of rolling attacks. >> reporter: i want to go to our correspondent, griffin, in brussels right now, joining us on the phone, drew, dramatic turn of events raising the
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threat level in belgium to the highest level, unprecedented. >> caller: yeah, it came in just a bit of a surprise. this was a night of revelry here in brussels. there were a lot of college students on the street earlier. we saw a heavy, heavy presence of military police walking up and down along with the local police, but that was yesterday, anderson, but the current level threat was just raised and warnings people to stay away from crowded bars, crowded caves, and i'm looking across the street at a very crowded bar, although it is late here in brussels, but this does come as a shock. this comes as days and days and days of daily raids have been looked for the terrorist suspects. they still don't know where he is, but, again, there must be some reason they say they have done threat analysis and decided tonight, early saturday morning, to raise the level to the highest level they have.
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>> and, drew, there's been reports, and we should point out, these are unconfirmed by cnn, that the suspect on the run, on the loose, wra whereabouts unknown, may have made calls to friends over the last several days, correct? >> caller: there have been reports of that. they have not been confirmed at all, waved off some of the very reports. keep in mind that, you know, the heavy police presence, raiding, i guess you would say, just about every address that they can possibly link to this suspect, his friends, his family, other members of this ring that pulled off this terrorist attack, so there has been a lot of police movement in and around the neighborhoods, but, so far, no sighting whatsoever, even though this guy's face is just about everywhere you look. >> reporter: you talked about it, but in terms of, you know,
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with the raids going on, how tight has security been on the streets in brussels? >> caller: honestly, other than the presence, there's not been a lot of stopping of -- nobody's being checked. there's not any bag checks like you might be getting on and off of public transportation. just a heavy presence of walking patrols, heavily armed walking patrols. we did see one interesting thing yesterday when we went to a little french border town as people were coming back from france into belgium, there were police checks taking place, like a border check back in the old days, but that was the only thing we saw out of the ordinary that would affect the average citizen of belgium. >> reporter: drew, joined by founding strategic risk and consulting firm served 26 years, thank you for joining us, and
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you were aware of this, what do you think of it? >> well, anderson, this shows there is something as paul mentioned going on here where there's going to be some type of dragnet that they are going to be doing, so they are going to take all the elements of national power that they have, such as the law enforcement, military potentially, as well as any type of intelligence services they can bring to bear on this. what hay are going to do is try to find this guy. seems to me as if they may have an indication that he's there or there is something else going on in terms of a plot. if that's the case, then they clearly have to raise the terror level like they did. >> reporter: concerning for a number of factors. there was another person believed to be in one of the vehicles during friday night's attacks. his identity at this point not exactly clear. there's been some reports, new reports, by the way, that the ring leader may have actually taken part in the attacks on friday night.
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there was some footage of him -- he was seen near one of the vehicles abandon here in a paris suburb. that's new information, but to your point about the suicide, the explosive desk, you don't know who manufactured them, was it here in france, paris, belgium where they brought in, and is that person out there, are there others out there, and larger network in brussels? >> yeah. i think this may go beyond just a few extra people on the run. i mean, this is a very significant step. the belgians would not have taken the step lightly. i know the people who run the threat center over there, you know, they are absolute professionals, and it's a big step because, clearly, the general public in brussels wake up tomorrow morning extremely worried. this advise basically is stay home as far as i can see. i mean, don't go to any crowded spaces, no public spaces where crowds gather.
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that suggests they are worried there is a possibility of imminent terrorist attack against a crowded venue, and that's the type of venue terrorists would want to target. we saw that here in paris on friday. >> and in normal times might not have much protection, and, drew, joining us from brussels, made his way on camera. drew, i mean, what, it's 2:00 a.m., just past 2:00 a.m. here in paris. i imagine this news has not really filtered out to people in brussels and elsewhere in belgium at this point? >> not at all, anderson, not at all, and when you read this warning, i guess, is what you call it, it's kind of chilling considering where we are, avoid places with high concentrations of people in the brussels region including concerts, major events, train stations, public transport, and places of high commercial concentration. that basically is everywhere in this town. i'm sure you have been here many times, anderson, and, i mean, you can see behind me, they are
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stringing, literally stringing christmas lights for the christmas market that's going to open in the square behind me. the government says it's going to have some kind of announcement to the public tomorrow morning, and i imagine that's when most people in brussels find out about this, and i can only imagine their reaction when they are being told, basically, don't go out on the street and don't go into high concentrated areas of people. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, it's rare you have, drew, a government telling people to stay off of public transportation. that gives you a sense of the seriousness with which they are taking this. >> absolutely. we don't have the facts behind why they made this threat, only that their agency that does this, the ocam, considered a threat analysis, and for some reason tonight decided to raise this level from p to 4, and only in the brussels region, so the rest of belgium is at a level 3,
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what was raised to earlier in the week. >> yeah, drew, stay with us. this is just one of the string of developments in the stories, and you have spent the day in the saint denis neighborhood where the apartment was raided, and where they are still examining things, aren't they? >> incredible. it's 72 hours now, after the raid, and we're just beginning to learn what transpired. what we know, what we learned today, is that the female, the one believed to be the cousin of the architect of the attacks was not the suicide bomber. you remember officials indicated she was the suicide bomber. that was a key factor. the second key fact is that three people were killed inside the apartment in the raid, no two, as we had originally been told. we know along with the two,
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there was a third killed, a man, we don't know more than that, we don't know who did detonate the suicide vests. was it an unidentified man? i can tell you from having spent the day there, there's forensic experts in and out all day combing through, and when you look at the video, see the force of the blast and glass flying out, you can imagine the carnage left behind inside. >> is it known how the woman who authorities thought detonated the suicide device, whether it was from somebody else or whether she was shot to death? >> we don't know, actually, how. what we are seeing in the initial excitement of hearing that he was dead, we are entering a sobering reality of, okay, there's missing pieces of the puzzle. there's an eighth attacker unaccounted for. there's a third unidentified
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dead man in the apartment. we have 120-something raids last night. this is still a fluid situation. it's still an active man hunt. >> more information now, which, you know, days ago, we reported that one of the bombers at the stadium had, perhaps, got an in to europe through greece, landing in the island october 3rd. now authorities saying a second bomber at the stadium also entered on the same day. >> that's right. we now believe they travelled as a pair, the two of them, traveling on that refugee route from turkey to greece into central europe, both of them traveling on what are believed to be fake syria passports, raising the possibility that perhaps they were, in fact, european nationals exploiting the refugee crisis, trying to get back in europe undetected. >> and this report, that i just read, and, i mean, has it been confirmed that they were taking part in the attacks on friday.
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there was some footage of him near the vehicle. >> we don't know. we think french authorities know more than they are letting on in this stage. >> because in the video, there was a video taken by cell phone camera video of the vehicle that we believe he was in. >> there was a driver. zw right. there was another person in not identified. >> that was the sort of ninth suspect or the ninth attacker. we don't know. was that someone else? >> it would be a fascinating development if this ring leader actually took part directly in the attacks themselves. >> oh, absolutely. that shows a much more tactical organization so a very streamlined organization that has very few people engaged at a tactical level. >> his father described him as a
5:15 pm
sooik pa psychopath, he would take part in the killing. >> and deriving pleasure in the sort of actions. >> just ahead tonight, new concerns about panel holes in u.s. security exposed by terrorist attacks, and u.s. officials say even one of the attackers could have traveled to the united states if he tried. not saying he did, just saying based on what intelligence knew about him and did not know about him, at least one of them, perhaps more, could have travelled to the u.s. more on that ahead. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company...
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program and growing concerns that some of the attackers could have slipped through the u.s. watch list and screening system if they had tried. no evidence that they did, but if they had tried, we're now understanding that they might have been able to get to the united states and our justice correspondent, pamela brown, joining me now. what do you know about that? what does it mean, they could have gotten into the u.s.? >> well, anderson, we've been speaking to law enforcement officials, intelligence officials, counterterrorism officials, and we learned there is growing concern as more becomes known as paris attackers, various list and other measures may not have been enough to stop some of them from traveling to the u.s. now, we learned at least one of them had a clean enough background he would have entered the u.s. in the visa waiver program and did not raise red flags. four attackers on the broad watch list of known or suspected terrorist suspected called tide, and one was on the no fly list. one of the four was on the no fly list before attacks. part of the issue, anderson,
5:20 pm
lies on the incomplete information that european countries have on their citizens that are suspected of radic radicalizing or joining terrorist groups as seen in this case. there's also a divide among u.s. intelligence and counterterrorism agencies about the effectiveness of the watch list. i can tell you, anderson, that one u.s. intelligence officials, and other methods used by intelligence of border patrol agencies would have filled the gap in the watch list system, and some officials dispute that, and they have expressed serious concerns how little was known about the attackers, anderson. >> reporter: because of the visa waiver program allowing travel to u.s. from certain countries, 90 days without a visa. is that program, itself, under review? >> in fact, we learned, anderson, just tonight that the administration, the obama administration, in the coming days is expecting to announce plans for additional steps to be taken with european countries that participate in this visa waiver program, if you will,
5:21 pm
that could be an acknowledgement of the security gaps in the wake of the paris attacks. as you point out, citizens of the 38 countries can apply to come to the u.s. without a visa for up to the95 days. they are screened by data bases, and if there's concern whatsoever, there would be that person would need to take additional steps to get a visa from the state department or denied, but firs, again, anderson, say they are very concerned and that more needs to be done to ensure gaps are not there. >> reporter: yeah, all right, pamela brown, appreciate the reporting on that. thank you very much. there's a lot ahead in this hour. i want to bring in ali, a former fbi supervisory special agent. first of all, i want to ask about this brussels threat level. what do you think of the fact that's it's been raised in 45 minutes or so, to a level that we have not seen before. they raised it several days ago up to the second highest level, but they are telling people, and, again, people in brussels
5:22 pm
have not heard the news yet, they tell people to stay away, really, from public areas, public transportation and the like. >> it seems there's actionable intelligence, either intelligence that came through, you know, sources, and different methods, something is imminent and something might happen over there, taking all precautions. in order to inform their public and inform the people, and to raise awareness of law enforcement and intelligence in belgium. as you know, what happened in paris and what happened in belgium is very between france and between belgium, you know, they add up to almost half the foreign fighters from western countries. we have about 4500 between france and belgium, more than 4,000 fighters that means people from that area that travel to conflict zones and join isis. there's significant threat and investigation off the attacks in paris and what resulted of the
5:23 pm
operation in saint denis in the suburbs over there. i'm sure that generated a lot of leads that is being followed by law enforcement, all across the continent, especially in belgium. >> when you hear that one of the attackers could have traveled to the u.s. under this via waiver program. it doesn't necessarily mean he would make it through u.s. passport control without raising suspicions. how alarming is it to you? >> well, it's very alarming the europeans have a problem in sharing intelligence with each other, let's not even talk about the united states. >> right. >> very well-known to the intelligence services in europe, actually known to the people in his own neighborhood. he was featured in isis videos. he was in the magazine, and he was actually able to travel from syria to france, coordinate attacks in the streets of paris undetected because of the lack of sharing of information.
5:24 pm
as you know, today, all the minister of interiors in europe had to meet in order to figure out a way how to share intelligence with each other, and that's something that we learned the hard way after 9/11. unfortunately, 14 years later in europe, they are still trying to figure out that situation. as for the visa waiver program, i think after the phenomena of foreign fighters became really wide and important, i think there was robust changes in the program. homeland security, for example, added additional criteria for the application process, and all this information can be shared and will be shared with the national countererrorism center, there are actually additional criteria in the system and security criteria unless system that was added, and, you know, he might be able to travel to the united states,
5:25 pm
but i am really not confident that he'll be able to enter the united states. i think the system has been reviewed multiple times, and homeland security did a good job in adapting the threat of foreign fighters, and especially of foreign fighters that come from the 38 nations that are participant nations of the program. >> before i let you go, and there's not much experience about radical islamists or jihadists, are you concerned about refugees in the united states, given the refugees, is that what you are concerned about? >> there are more important things to worry about, and as you look at the system, it takes 14-18 --
5:26 pm
18 to 24 months for processing, and we go to the offices on mondays and find hundreds of syria refugees around. number two, the syria refugees go through any refugee who applies tots united states, and there's probably about -- you know, a few hundred thousand refugees who apply to the united states, and from syria, and there's 10,000 i believe in the next fiscal year, but look at all, you know, there are more security checks and vetting, multilevel system of vettings for each and every one of these individuals, more than anyone who's applying for a visa, more than anyone coming to the united states, to the regular immigration process, so i think at this point we need to put that fear in context. i'm not really fearful about this, but more fearful about isis, al qaeda, what they plan to do about the threat in europe, and about the situation
5:27 pm
in the u.s. to be honest. >> yeah. always good to have you on, thank you. still ahead, more on female jihadi, who was she, who was the woman, what links did she have in the paris attacks. where did she grow up, bringing you that sortory, those detailsn a moment. if i want to go up...
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authorities today the woman they thought detonated a suicide device actually did not. she was killed. not saying how she was killed, whether she was killed when somebody else detonated the device, shot to death, or just killed in the collapsing of the rubble. that -- we wanted to know more about this woman. who she was. people in the neighborhood where she lived described her as a party girl, fun loving. she was killed in the raid. officials now say, and i want to repeat this, they now say she was not a suicide bomber, however, she was part of the group that was in the apartment in saint denis with the ring leader.
5:32 pm
what caused this young woman to join them? we went to the french neighborhood where which she lived searching for answers. >> reporter: these were the last words of hasna. earlier, police had said the 26-year-old had detonated an explosives vest as police closed in. but now, forensics teams determined that the bomb was actually triggered by either the alleged ring leader or the other so far unidentified suspect killed in the operation. investigators are now struggling to understand how a young woman described as modern and fun loving veered into the path of the deadly terrorist network. until weeks ago, she lived here with her family. police brought her mother and brother in for questioning on thursday. >> we're in the neighborhood where she was living. it's a rough neighborhood at the best of times.
5:33 pm
even as we approached her building, we were threatened by her neighbors. at her old high school, at the local market, they knew the family, but would not talk on camera. the dance school once attended, one claimed to date her, a party girl who liked to drink and smoke. the local pharmacist described her as a modern, normal young woman. the mayor where she moved to as a teenager said, quote, a chaotic upbringing, brought up in a foster home after her parents divorced. >> translator: she's really a girl who was a bit crazy, loved life, loved having fun, little to do with islam, and you never saw her practicing the faith. when i see this about her, the image of the vail and everything that happened on sunday, that's what really surprised me. she was a girl who had nothing to do with islam. that image of her is the opposite because she did not represent islam. >> reporter: investigators still don't know how she became so
5:34 pm
deeply involved with the ring leader, and why she was there on that fateful night that police closed in. cnn, paris. >> well, a lot to talk about. you know, paul, it's fascinating hearing the guy say, look, she was not religious. we hear that time and time again, the people pretending to be so pias, pretending to have read the koran. she just radicalized recently, and people said she never opened up the book. >> you see this time and time again, this very quick radicalization and people telling these youngsters this is a chance to redeem yourself, to come back to the proper path. you are being corrupted by the in infill dells, and that's why you were going to party, alcohol, drugs.
5:35 pm
the message they get is this is how you redeem yourself, joins cause. she had a cousin, by all accounts, was a very domineer ing personality, kidnapped his own brother in 2014 from belgium, bringing him to syria. >> he was, like, 13 years old? >> one of the youngest kids ever to join isis. his brother, essentially, brainwashed him, forced him to go, abducted him, and so i think they'll be looking at, did he do the same with his female cousin over the last several months in some way, shape, or form. >> yeah. i want to return to the situation in brussels where they have now raised the terrorist threat level to the highest level. have you ever heard of them doing that? >> this is unprecedented. the only time it's only gone up to 4 is very specifically for jewish institutions in may of 2014 following that attack on the jewish museum in brussels by
5:36 pm
the french isis fighter. they put it up to 4 for a while for jewish institutions. this is for the whole brussels region. it's suggesting something credible, pointing them in the direction there may be a terrorist plot in the works, and they are saying that it's potentially imminent, that this is a very, very serious warning, and it also suggests they do not have a handle on it, that they don't know where the plotters are or where they are coming from. if they knew that, they would go and arrest them. they would not necessarily put the threat level way up to maximum level. >> which is a broad threat level for an entire city, region, telling people to stay out of public transportations, stay out of public areas, and we should point out, this occurred just about, i think, 30, 40 minutes before we went on air at the top of the hour. it's very recent, and a lot of people in brussels have not heard about it. >> for all intents and purposes, brussels is shut down tomorrow.
5:37 pm
i mean, you can't go to the airport according to the advice. you can't go to train stations. are they going to keep the airports open and train stations open? there's going to be a lot of extra security checks. it would appear on all sorts of roads and sensitive locations, and all public gathering, concerts, theater, football matches, you name it. none of those things will be taking place tomorrow according to the status. >> paul, new details in the other major storying with are following, massacre at a hotel in mali in the capital of mali, at least 21 killed, now including one american. details ahead. ♪
5:38 pm
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seven days after the attacks in paris, more troubling news elsewhere. american fatality in mali, in the hotel, 170 people inside. heavily armed gunmen, firing everywhere, taking hoshostages,
5:42 pm
cutting one's throat, and when it was over, 21 killed. later today, they confirm the worst. we spoke just a short time ago. >> john, i know there was a number of americans inside the hotel, one american was killed? >> we can sadly do that, anderson, yes, we know one american citizen was killed in this deadly attack, and we were glad that so many were able to get out of the hotel alive, and we are grateful for the support we go doing that, but, sadly, yes, one american was killed. >> has that person's family been noti notified? >> family notifications have been made, obviously, out of respect for their privacy, we're not going to release the name, and that's really a decision for the family to make, but our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them tonight. >> yeah. as are ours. have all americans now been accounted for? >> we believe we're still working through the accountability of all american citizens. there are still work to be done
5:43 pm
on that. when you travel overseas, you don't have to tell the state department what you are doing. our embassy is working with authorities to do a proper accounting, but we do feel that we have a good handle on those americans who are at the hotel. >> so, you feel that all the americans that were actually inside that hotel have been accounted for? >> we have a pretty good feel for that. i won't say definitively, anderson, it's possible there's more american casualties. i don't want to speculate, but we know that we got quite a few out and, sadly, we lost one, but we're still doing accounting on this, and i couldn't say deaf fintively right now that each and every one is accounted for. >> john, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, that news of one american fatality came as the full, and frankly, horrible picture of what happened snapped into focus. chief national security correspondent has more details. >> a surprise attack that became an hour's long siege as gunmen
5:44 pm
stormed a popular american-owned hotel in the capital of mali. holding guests and hotel staff hostage. it began around 7:00 in the morning, u.s. time, at the raddison blu hotel, attackers carrying ak-47 assault rifles, slipping past security in the disguised car. >> they came to the compound of the hotel, with diplomatic plates. they came, and they immediately they started shooting at people at least before entering the hotel. >> approximately 170 guests and hotel staff were trapped inside trying desperately to escape. >> when i opened the door, i saw the floor with bullets, i closed the door, and i went out, and i walked wall to wall, went back in the gym, and from the gym, out the side door, and i left
5:45 pm
the hotel. >> throughout the morning, reports some hostages were released. still fears of mass executions eventually push assault teams to act. police storm the building, killing some of the attackers. sources tell cnn at least one member of the u.s. special operations forces in bamoko helped them escape. there were bodies in the hallways, but also survivors. among those rescued. the state department says a dozen americans. the hotel, popular among westerners hosting a large delegation for peace talks in the former french colony. a country which has been battling islamist extremists with the help of u.n. and french forces. >> these attacks are taking place at a time when the peace process in mali is making good progress, secretary general deploys any attempt to derail
5:46 pm
implementation of the agreement. >> the french president still reeling from the attacks in paris pledged to provide, quote, necessary support to help mali resolve this situation. >> this all brings back memories of a number of attacks, attacks in mumbai, of course, seven years ago, almost to the day, and this is tactics, handling of public shooters in public places, there's terror in mumbai, at the mall, mass killings in a nay rrobi shoppin cementer. talk about mali. when you see that attack, a small number of gunmen moving in, taking 170 people under some form of control, what kind of -- what attack is it similar to? >> to me, the attack in nairobi at the end of 2013.
5:47 pm
it's a small -- four gunmen, two to five, reports differ. they go in, and the idea is to take a number of hos tamg, but really, not to negotiate, but use hostages as a buffer and really kill as many people as possible in the first half hour. >> is taking hostages to buy time so they can kill more people elsewhere? >> taking hostages is, yeah, it's -- in my view, attackers arrive on scene aexpect to be killed quickly. usually, it's the lack of an effective counter attack that gives them the time to improvise to what do we do next? okay, take hostages. use those as a buffer and try to kill as many more people as we can until the security forces kill us. there's a new term in the al qaeda playbook which is a way to describe a type of al qaeda operative who goes into the midst of the enemy to cause as
5:48 pm
much damage as possible. they dress to look like commandos, which is why here in paris people thought the attackers in january, particular look like the french police commanders. >> your documentary on mumbai, just extraordinary, ten pakistani terrorists, basically, paralyzed the city for days, killed 170 people. how similar are these paris attacks on last friday to mumbai? multiple locations hit, multiple attackers, multiple teams. >> paris attacks are similar to the mum bye attacks, paralyzed fear, and difference is the attacker had suicide belts, blowing themselves up, that's a difference in style, if you like, in operating procedure, and takes shut down much more quickly. the police shut down all attacks within three hours. >> it's, perhaps, i guess, a sign of more things to come,
5:49 pm
but, again, your documentaries are extraordinary. i urge everyone to see them if they have not. i mean, the other thing about pare, obviously, we don't know that there was a central controller director them. there's no evidence that there was, which this was in mumbai, extraordinary. there was a central controller saying, okay, kill the hostage now. >> this is way, this is a more worrying development. in mumbai, there was a controlling voice. you had ten gunmen spoken to all the time on the cell phones, told what to do. here's a loose self-starting lone wolf operation where the gunmen go and do what they want. >> it's unconfirmed yet, but there's some belief that now the ring leader may have participated in the attacks himself on friday night. again, dan, thank you so much for being with us. really fascinating. we will air both dan's documentaries this weekend. if you have not seen them, you really should, tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, "terror in
5:50 pm
mumbai," and 10:30, "terror at the mall", they are worth watching or watching again tomorrow night here on cnn. up next, though, in this hour, the little boy whose concern over bad guy struck a chord with millions around the world. we'll bring you the rest of the interview with the little boy, brand brandon, and in his words, how he's coping now. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. now to a story we follow all week, a father trying to ease the mind of his 6-year-old son in the wake of last week's attacks. conversation seen worldwide after french tv crew recorded it, and a crew posted it on facebook. i sat down with the pair to find out how brandon is coping after the video was made. here's what they had to say. >> what did you tell brandon? how did you explain it to him? that's something many people here are trying to figure out,
5:54 pm
how to tell their kids about it. >> i said to him, you have to come to this place for show, to show to people that we love them too, and we don't forget them, and he know people, so i said, maybe the best way to make him understand is bring him to the place and explain it to him. >> what was it like for him to see all those -- the people there, and the flowers and candles, what did you think? >> i love the flowers. >> what kind of flowers do you like? do you like pink ones or white ones? yellow? >> i love blue ones. >> blue ones? did you dr were there a lot of candles also. >> yeah. >> did you understand why people
5:55 pm
were there? >> yeah. >> do you want to stay in
5:56 pm
france? you said before you maybe wanted to go somewhere else. >> there's flowers everywhere. >> yeah. >> you're very brave. you're very smart.
5:57 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> very, very cute. a lot of families are trying to figure out what to say to their kids. a lot of kids are cop fused about what's happened here over the last week, and, no doubt, what will happen in the future. there's much more ahead from here in paris. we continue to follow the breaking news tonight, major developments out of brussels, belgium, where officials raised terrorist alert to the highest level warning of imminent threat. details ahead. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment
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