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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  November 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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hate usa pretty sure that's how you make people like you. >> that guest said, we have to go all in or stay the heck out. keep the tweets comi coming @smerconish. i'll see you next week. this is cnn breaking news several breaking stories at this hour. belgian authorities have made an arrest in connection with the paris attacks. they said the suspect's home in molenbeek. >> three mane rested in turkey. qu one, a belgian national. >> the international manhunt continues for salah abdelslam.
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>> the country under an attack for terror. people warned to stay away of large groups. i'm victor black well. >> i'm christi paul. let's send it out to fred pleitgen leading our coverage. good morning, christi and victor. it is a miserable day, rainy, stormy. the investigation is ongoing, an international investigation. there have been arrests in turkey and belgian. i want to go to our own drew griffin following this morning's breaking news. what are you learning about these new terror arrests? >> reporter: just one arrest that took place sometime in the early hours of the morning about the same time that the threat level, fred, was raised from 3
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to 4 for brussels, which is the highest threat level in this country. they made that because of a supposedly imminent and significant threat. it is now 4:00 in the afternoon. we still don't have any clear indication of exactly what the threat was that triggered it. the man arrested reportedly a friend of salah abdelslam. we are trying to get clarification for such a serious rise in the threat level. >> you are saying that people are trying to get on with their lives. the threat level has been increased. what exactly does that mean for the people there and for daily life there? are people adhering to it?
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basically, the prime minister said, don't be in areas where there are large groups of people, don't have concerts, go to theaters, soccer matches. many stores have shut down in some areas. people are certainly not not going out on the street. they are just being warned not to congregate. the subways, though, have been closed. that has been a major inconvenience, specially on a rainy day like it is in brussels. caps are hard to come by. people are trying to go about their day as best they can, while, statement, heeding to these warnings. don't be in a target-type group that a terrorist might attack you. >> the raising of the threat level comes after bell ygium ha conducted raids. in many places in belgium, does this indicate that even after all these raids, they still don't have enough of a handle on
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their extremist situation there in belgium to be able to keep things under control. >> these raids must be getting new intelligence that is leading to the threat level being raised. they have widespread raids, many throughout the week. yet, they can't have a specific target or threat in mind, so they had to have this release of a large threat air krrea, basic all of the capital city. they don't have a handle on where and what the strike might take place. two things combining. greater intelligence which forces them to increase the threat level. increasing the threat level, which shows they don't have a handle on containing the threat. fred? >> drew griffin, keeping an eye on the situation there in brussels as that city has raised
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its terror alert. thank you very much. as we mentioned, we do have a second major breaking news story we are keeping our eyes on. we want to get you some more details. on those three people that were arrested in turkey. turkish authorities suspect these men have ties to isis and are connected to last week's terrorist attacks that happened in various locations in paris. the reason i'm saying that is they believe one of the people might be a scout. want to go directly to our own nic robertson who joins me on the set here. nic, what do we know about these people that were arrested? >> ahmet dahmani and abdelhamid abaaoud, he was arrested when meeting with two other men that they believe were members of isis. they believe he had come to meet
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him in a hotel. president obama was there a week ago. that's where the g-20 was meeting in this hotel. that's where they were arrested. turkish authorities believe two isis men have come from syria. we are going to take that back into syria presumably to get them beyond the reach of the law. they presume that he was the scout for that attack. an important part in trying how to figure out the wider connection. >> the whole logistics, where is the money coming from. he is going to know a lot of details. this could give him other very useful ways, not to mention the belgians as well. >> i want us to look at some video together here on the night of that raid in saint-denis when these explosions happened. let's take a look at that really quick. obviously, an extremely intense operation going on there. we know that abaoud was there.
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are we piecing together the rundown of the attack from that surveillance video. >> here is the thing. we kind of lag behind the police. as they piece it together and release information, we get a picture. we know today in that raid that three people were killed and eight arrested. seven men and one woman were arrested. the french have released seven of those people. it was interesting. we understood that this was a cell, a large cell, that was on the verge of making some significant attacks here. the man that the police are still holding on to is the man who rented abaaoud and the others. it is not clear if they will go back or if they will have additional information and want to go back for what their roles may have been. if does seem to narrow down the
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three people killed at the hole of the terror cell. it wouldn't be logical to release them. the man arrested there. the woman, the female who was initially thought to be a suicide bomber, the cousin of abaaoud, it turns out she wasn't. we still don't know the identity of the third person. it is a man. we know that. we still don't know his identity. some speculate could it be salah abdeslam. was it the third member of this cell? this was the cell that was about to launch a significant operation. >> nic robertson, thank you very much. joining me now, an international diplomatic consultant. let's take a look at this map, showing brussels on high alert. france's state of emergency has been extended three months.
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mali been declared a state of emergency. beijing police have increased the alert level throughout the city to prevent potential terror attacks and handle emergencies. christian, what is your reaction? >> through the voice of the french president, we are a target. it is only the start of the war. we are so far away from the end. there will be targets for all the french that are considered to be a target, not only in france but in mali yesterday. i am sure they tried to find out if there were some french people at the radisson hotel, which is the place where most of the westerners go. it is supposed to be the most secured place. everywhere for the french government, gave instruction to the french to protect themselves, not to move to very big place with too many people. they know that we are a target. it is not over. we do know that in france, the extension of the state of the emergency is appreciated by the french population.
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we still think it might be extended longer. because, once moore, we have to be very outspoken for years and years. so cnn belonging to the elite forces of the police. they keep telling you they need about the sleeping cells were but they got orders not to move and not stigmatize muslim people because we have, as you know, one-tenth of our population which is muslim but all these people in the main french cities, not only paris and suburbs but marseille, cannes. we had sleeping muslim fundamentalist cell in the area. we needed to have this tragedy
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that happened a week ago to start moving the way we should have moved far early kreier. this is why a lot of people here complain about the laxism we have of different french authorities, right wing and left wing government. now, we are on the right way. better late than never. >> you are one of the first people on air on cnn when those attacks unfolded. we spoke to you earlier. must europeans brace for more similar terror attacks and how could they be avoided? >> well, i think this meeting which took place yesterday in brussels is with over 28 countries of the european union. i think it should have happened all year. it should have been convened
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earlier. a few hours. they had the name of the people traveled, to control them better, to be more careful about the migrants. we found out that two of the migrants involved in the terrorism attacks came in the country. my god, i feel like saying the people, when they hear about that, what have we been doing? we have been sleeping. time to wake up. this meeting yesterday, fortunately, it will lead to drastic steps, which need to be taken to strength then the struggle against all these cells, muslim fundamental cells. we have been surrounded with all over europe and specially belgium and france, which is where we have the most, greatest number of muslim fundamentalists in the area. >> christian malard, thank you very much for joining us today. also from right here in paris.
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on the phone lines there. our continuing coverage continues in just a few moments. in mali, a state of emergency and a manhunt for three terrorist suspects after a bloody hotel attack in the capital, abamiko. what we are learning. >> three people enter with ak-47. immediately, they started shooting at people before entering the hotel. ght using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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the terrorists that opened fire killed at least 19 people. they came from around the world. many of them diplomates at that hotel for peace talks. in the last couple of moments, we have just learned that six of the victims were russians who worked for a cargo airline out of that country. sergei lavrov said the victims were shot at as they sat down for breakfast inside the hotel. other victims were from china, belgium and the united states. anita datar was a mother and public health worker from the state of maryland. we have been following the latest from kenya. robin, could this attack push other countries to take on a bigger role in fighting terrorism in africa? >> reporter: well, fred, we have already seen through such
7:18 am
organizations as the u.s. military's african command, they are talking about taking on a much bigger role. we are seeing that in somalia and north africa and west africa. france president hollande, mentioned he would extend all supports to the malians in general. we do know that, of course, this sort of tragedy and specially aimed at foreign nors in such an american-owned hotel, one of mali's most luxurious hotels and other foreign countries, because they had a number of people stuck inside as well. >> robin, reporting from nairobi in kenya. this is the latest in a wave of terror attacks happening in africa in the past couple of weeks. are militant groups getting bolder and stronger in africa?
7:19 am
rudolph atala joins us from washington, d.c. he is the former africa counter terrorism director for the defense department. what could be behind the sudden increase in attacks. we are talking about these attacks that are going on and happened in mali. it is the latest in a string of attacks. if you are looking at nigeria and places like mali, what's the increase in attacks? >> across the sahara area, the focus has been on after the french attacks against islamists in mali in january, 2013, most
7:20 am
of the groups scattered across the country. you have boko haram in nigeria. they vowed multiple individuals from these groups vowed that they would take revenge against france and against the westerners mainly. this is why we keep seeing these upticks in violence. >> what do you think the u.s. can do to combat these extremist groups? >> the u.s. is already taking measures. we have been doing a lot of training with saha are. ian countries. if you are familiar with the tra trans-saharan counter terrorism program run by our program.
7:21 am
this is running in germany. we have been training those saharian militaries to go after extremist cells. we continue to do so. france is doing the same thing. the u.k. if you look back drew 2008 to 2012, there was a string of kidnappin kidnappings that have resulted in ransoms paid by these extremist groups. ever since these kidnappings have been done and before that, efforts have been taken to stem the problem of terrorism in the region. >> thank you very much for joining us from our office in washington, d.c. there is a lot of other news in the u.s. and around the world. my colleagues, victor black well and christi paul, following all of that. guys, what do you have? >> fred, thank you so much. here in the u.s., as you are traveling around, you may see things a bit differently today. increased security at airports subways, and even football
7:22 am
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it's 25 minutes past the hour. countries on high alert over terror concerns. belgium has placed brussels at its highest alert level. this comes as we are learning of new arrests in belgium in connection with new terrorist attacks.
7:26 am
>> the french government has extended their state of emergency after last week's attack. in west africa, mali has declared a state of emergency. in the u.s., officials are implementing security plans, resources are being called in. officers are working around the clock to ensure americans are safe. let's talk about this weekend with big college football games. tens of thousands of people packing into the stadiums in a matter of hours. cnn sports anchor, coy wire, is joining us live from columbus where ohio state and michigan state will face off. >> cord? >> reporter: one of the biggest games. more than 105,000 fans will pack ohio stadium. >> that would give the stadium a population that would give it the seventh largest population
7:27 am
in the state. many schools are increasing security anyways. a law enforcement official told me increased security official in and around the stadium. fans will have to use clear plastic bags like this if they want to take anything into the stadium. they are passing these out around campus for free. i talked to some students and they say these increased security measures are helping them feel more comfortable. >> my parents were very worried, my mother specially. she called me. she was like, oh, don't go to the game with everything that's happening. i think osu is taking a lot of measures to make sure everybody is safe and everyone is there to have a good time. >> sports is such a huge part in everybody's lives. the fact we are not letting it get the best of us or backing down or showing fear is a true testament to everyone's bravery and passion for the love of the game. >> increasing the number of surveillance cameras and officials here at ohio state told me they are increasing the number of canine units, explosive, sniffing dogs that
7:28 am
will be sweeping the stadium for da danger. >> i am a little jealous. he is in my stomping grounds. the good folks in columbus, w ohio. arrests in belgium and turkey connected to the paris attacks. we are following the fast-moving developments in the investigation. we'll take you there live. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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7:32 am
smuggle him into syria. fred pleitgens is heading up our coverage. we have tlaerlearned that polic beijing have raised the alert level there. >> this is taking on more and more international dimensions. we have so many strings we are following. that heightened in turkey. investigation into the terror attacks that happened last friday continues. one of the things that's also going on is that the french are preparing for final new attacks should they happen. one of the big concerns is chemical weapons in the hands of isis. it is a terrifying thoughts. terrorists warning they could go as far as using chemical weapons in future attacks. some critics accuse the prime minister of stoking fears
7:33 am
unnecessarily. the french government isn't taking any chances. >> reporter: after the carnage of the paris terror attacks, french authorities fear in the future terrorists could go even further, possibly launching chemical attacks. the possibility appears remote. the government is ordering first responders to be prepared. at this hospital near versailles, dr. francois gundan is updating the attropine. he said they will now use military grade atropine. more concentrated and easier to use in such an attack. it is used in the case of saran poisoning. used in an attack in 2014 for
7:34 am
1400 people. the emergency medical personnel hearsay they are well prepared with respirators and special protective suits for at least 75 first responders. >> just in case there should be a chemical attack, the hospital is equipped with three of these state-of-the-art ambulances that can deal with almost any emergency. >> it was france's prime minister who first warned of possible chemical terror plots. i say it with all the precaution heeding. we know there is a risk of chemical and biological weapons. that drew criticism from some accusing him from stoking fear. the doctor in charge says it is better to be safe than possibly one day sorry. the risk isn't major. he says it is part of our job as emergency doctors to be prepared for these kind of attacks. after the attacks that france has faced this year alone, this nation wants to make sure its
7:35 am
first responders are ready as they can be for any scenario, should terror strike again. >> of course, one of the reasons for that thinking is the fact that in the space of a little over a week, you had that horrible terror attack here in paris where so many were killed. then, you had those raids that happened north of paris in saint-denis, where apparently another major terror plot was stopped and then today you have that heightened alert level that's going on there in brussels. it is something that the people are getting ready to deal with something. they are thinking about all that happened last friday as the terror attacks unfolded. in the chaos, parisians rallied and tried to help those who were hurt. one nurse performed cpr on a man he saw lying on the ground. you have to hear his reaction
7:36 am
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on the place de republique. many people still laying down flowers and taking a moment to remember those killed in that awful attack. we are getting new details and the chaos at the cafe where a nurse rushed to help the wounded. you can see him trying to resuscitate a man lying on the ground. when he suddenly realized the man he was helping was actually the suicide bomber, ibrahim abdeslam. i take him and put him on the floor. he was unconscious. he had nothing special. i noticed on the side of his
7:41 am
body, an enormous hole, a large hole on his side. there, again, i don't think at all that it is a suicide bomber. at that point, for me, it is a client like others who suffered from a gas blast or someone who must have hurt himself with something. his wound wats huge. i put him on the ground. the other guy that was with me takes over. we unbuttoned the jacket, that's all. we kept his t-shirt on. it wasn't thick. when i was performing cpr, i did not feel anything. the guy tells me, maybe we should remove the t-shirt, it is better. i tell him, yes, you are right. i ripped his t-shirt. when i ripped his t-shirt, i saw some wires. i looked up again at the lamps, these heating lamps. i noticed there was nothing wrong with them. they are made of a material that becomes distorted quite easily. i saw there was nothing there. nothing wrong with the three of them. on the ground, there was blood and i noticed the first bolts on
7:42 am
the ground. i understood immediately. i told myself, it is an explosion that made the wound. it is a suicide bomber. i knew it was him. at that precise moment when i realized what he was, the emergency services arrived. >> it certainly is quite a st e story. when the nurse told the fireman the man he was trying to save had a lot of wires on him, the emergency crew immediately evacuated the area. >> reporter: in the wake of the terrorist attacks, the political battle rages and continues to rage in the u.s. we will talk with one man who says isis and the constant violence in syria forced him to flee with his children and wife from their home in syria. when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals,t taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing!
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captagon the attacks in france have many americans concerned about accepting syrian refugees. the majority of governors say they will not allow them. indiana mike pence says, i determined as governor of the state of indiana, it would be appropriate for us to suspend any further resettlement of syrian refugees unless and until we can bring about the kind of changes that would give us the absolute assurance that no one being settled in our state was a threat to our people.
7:47 am
georgia's governor has refused to accept refugees. we want to discuss it with a syrian refugee who is living here on temporary protective status. thank you so much for being with us. i know that you have three children. you said their ages are 10. >> 7 and 15 months old or 16 months. >> how have you acclimated so far? what has this been like for you? >> we are doing good. the problem that we don't have another choice. we left everything behind us. so it's difficult but we don't have another choice. >> help us understand what it was like to leave your home, aleppo. what was happening there when you left and whats wa the journey like from there to here? >> we did it in several stages and several steps, actually. we move from aleppo.
7:48 am
we fled out from aleppo late 2012 or even in the beginning of 2013 to first of all, because i have opportunity to go to saudi arabia first. then, with he came from saudi arabia to here. it is so complicated. most of the syrians are. they have the same route and the same path. >> you have heard what some of these governors have been saying. do you understand the security concerns that some people have? >> of course, of course. we do understand your fears and we stand up with you about that. we just don't want as a syrian one of the syrian people that came here and newly came here and immigrate to the u.s. we don't need your fears to overcome the humanity.
7:49 am
most of the same people, most of them, they are highly educated people, doctors, orthodontists, dentists, pharmacists, engineers. some of them, they lost totally everything. i have tons of my friends, they are here and they lost nearly everything. they were having a very stable and high class life before just like all the muslim syrians. they lost everything in their life. some of them are very well businessmen. they lost even their factories. they lost their trade. >> so help me understand for you, you say you certainly understand the fears. do you still -- do you have fears that terrorists may try to infiltrate any rev few screfugee
7:50 am
coming in? do you have hopes here in the u.s. now? >> this nation, it was standing with the immigrants before for 200 years. it was like the home for the people who fled out from the second world war and even before that and we are sure that it can stand like this. americans are going to be a nation for humanity that will be the first. we don't have any fear about that. we are at a critical point. we support your fears and we understand it. we just, as i told you before, we just don't need this to overcome the humanity. >> right. we need to understand trying to balance compassion and security. ahmed kashour, we so appreciate
7:51 am
you being here with us. >> thank you, ma'am. i want you to meet a special lady. she lives in new jersey. she took $5,000, money she earned from babysitting, to help build a school, women's center and children's home in nepal. her name is maggie doin. she is cnn's hero of the year. she won the name wednesday from new york. >> all of you in this room and who are watching, please, please remember that we have the power to create the world that we want to live in just as we want it. that's what all the heroes here have done tonight. thank you so much. >> as part of that honor, her organization, blink now, the foundation, gets $100,000. you can watch cnn heroes, an all-star tribute sunday, december 6th on cnn.
7:52 am
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this sunday, a special night on cnn tichlts t. it's the premier of "the hunting ground." it is an inspiring premier about two college students, both survivors of sexual assault, join together tole cha leng universities on how to take sexual assaults more seriously. >> the women featured in the film took their fight to capital here. suzanne malveaux sat down with senator kirsten gillibrand to discuss the film. >> there is a national discussion about how big institutions and the military are handling accusations of
7:57 am
sexual assault. last year, the white house put out information about how they should be dealt with. kristin jill gill abrand addresses the problem. >> we know that no school is immune. they have this challenge. we have to do better by them, which is why i have taken it on as a mission to solve this crisis. >> what is your legislation about. what does it propose to do? >> it pliflips the incentives f the universities. right now, it is more preferable from their perspective to shove something under the rug. they don't want the pad press or to be known as a rape school. with this transparency, they have to admit they have a problem. our bill creates minimum training for all schools when they adjudicate these cases.
7:58 am
it makes sure every campus has a confidence adviser, one person who can tell the survivor of his or her options from day one. they understand what is going to happen if they are adjudicated on campus. >> we make sure there is a relationship for law enforcement if a woman or a man wants to go immediately to police. they know who to call and who is going to answer the phone and what process is going to take place. last, if the school still refuses after all these reforms to do the right thing, there are fines, real fines. i think the most important part of this bill is having this survey, a campus-wide survey at school across the country that's published every two years, so not only can school administrators figure out what they are challenged with but parents and students can decide, what school has a safe climate. which school takes this ish crew seriously and where do i file comfortable with my child going to school.
7:59 am
>> i want you to address specifically those who challenge and say, we want to make sure there are also protections in place for those falsely accused. >> i couldn't agree more. there is nothing worse than an innocent person being found guilty than a guilty person going free. equally they are horrible for justice. we want to make sure this process is balanced and fair. that's what we put in our legislation. we made sure that any provision made for survivors is also made for the accused. they get the same notice, the same level of representation and if you create a minimum training for each of these schools, the days of the kangaroo court will end. >> gillibrand believes how to make universities accountable, she hopes her bipartisan group of senators can come together to pass something ta will make a difference for the safety of students. >> suzanne, thank you so much. be sure to join us for a special
8:00 am
premier of "the hunting ground" sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern parents of current and future college students, this is a film you are not going to want to miss. >> stay with us. allison camrod is hosting a special conversation with experts and critics. we hope you will we here. we are grateful for you spending time with us. there is a lot more ahead. >> we are following a lot of breaking news around the world. we turn it over to our colleague, fredricka whitfield. >> thanks so much, victor and christi, thanks so much. it is the 11:00 eastern hour. "newsroom" starts right now. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with breaking news in the paris terror attacks, investigation and growing concerns across europe. one suspect has been arrested in belgium with suspected ties to isis. right now, a serious and imminent threat in


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