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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 22, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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of them, they are farmers. they are bringing all of the stuff from the locals and the seasonal into the market. we have to move these guys and push them to get the right product and they do it. they listen. top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow live for you in paris. thank you for joining me. we're following breaking news from belgium where police have made a number of arrests. we are told during a series of raids across the country in the aftermath of the attacks in paris. we will hear shortly from the federal prosecutor.
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this news comes the same day that brussels has chosen to extend the maximum terror alert level. the prime minister there warning the people of brussels terrorists may be trying attempted attacks on malls and public transportation. on monday, the schools and subway systems will be closed here in paris. children will have their bags searched before they go to class, we're told. french police have also released this photo of one of the suicide bomber who is blew himself outside the stade de france. they don't know who he is. they are urging the pun lick to come forward with any information that they might have about him. at the same time, a paris attack suspect is still on the run, the eighth attackers that is salah abdeslam. his brother is telling belgian television tonight that he believes his brother may have backed out last minute from the attack and then fled to belgium.
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the brother is now urging abdeslam to turn himself in. let's bring in nima elbagir. we just heard about these raids in the last 45 minutes or so. do we no who they are targeting and how extensive they are? >> reporter: well, they haven't yet released any targets of the raids or any potential arrests. we're expecting to hear from the prosecutor at any moment now. as you can see behind me, the operations are continuing. we've seen a very intensive police presence, soldiers fanning out through that square and this is right in the center of brussels. we're also hearing that other towns and municipalities that there have been pretty extensive raids, quite a heavy armed presence and some media reporting that it does sound like this has been a night or several days and nights, actually, of sweeps during this
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terror that hit here, poppy. >> reporter: it's extraordinary to see any major city around the world on lockdown. the fact that you have this major european hub, brussels, on lockdown again, what are people saying and officials about how long they can sustain this? >> reporter: well, the belgian officials are saying that this is going to be looked at again and again on a daily basis as new intelligence comes in. the reality is, they are trying to stay ahead of a potential terror threat and that is the key there, a potential threat. they think it's serious and imminent but it's also about covering all of the bases. others that we've been speaking to says the challenge as it faces the belgian government is not to hand the isis propaganda a machinery where, as you said, a major european capital comes
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to an almost standstill. at the same time, in the aftermath of paris, to risk it again, given what we are hearing from the belgian prime minister, that, as far as they see it, this was a complex paris-style attack. the risk is almost unthinkable. >> yeah. you're right. absolutely. taking every single precaution that they need to. nima, thank you very much. we'll get back to you shortly with more live from brussels. let's talk about this with a paris journalist and also with me, juliette kayenne. juliette, they've been on lockdown for two nights. we know that salah abdeslam was last seen on the road to belgium. a number of raids, federal prosecutors speaking in just moments. what are your thoughts? >> well, this is a very difficult situation for the country and i have been in
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situations like this and there is nothing helpful about someone second guessing this but we are past the stage of imminent attack. we are now almost two days of a lockdown. it's not sustainable. and they are going to have to figure out a way, other with a major arrest of who they are looking for or some disruptions or just honesty, that they thought they had him and they didn't. to be able to open that city again. urban cities are going to face terror threats for a long while and closing them completely down is not sustainable psychologically or economically. i'm wondering what they will say in the next few minutes about the lockdown and, most importantly, what are the conditions for lifting it in the absence of a major arrest. >> we haven't seen that in paris, interestingly, in the wake of the attacks. we haven't seen the city of lock
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down. the taxi driving told me today as we were driving, there are so many fewer people here than would be this time of year but, frankly, it's been pretty remarkable how this city is continuing to go on. >> yeah. of course, it's a much bigger city than brussels. it's harder to lock down but it is very quiet. a lot of hotels are strg a lot of cancellations from tourists and bars and restaurants are much quieter. the first funerals took place yesterday and probably also tomorrow. so it's still very fresh but i do sense a huge difference in attitude of the parisians compared to the attacks in january. >> julia, after the paris attack we saw the united states opening up their raw intelligence with
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france, which is something that they don't usually do after the five i's agreement which does not include france. >> i think it's necessary at this stage because the number of people who potentially are radicalized and will attack either a european city or try to come to the united states is unknown and that unknown is what is actually a little bit scary. i will say, for example, any changes to the visa waiver program, there's people from certain countries that can come to the united states without a visa. that definitely needs to be tightened up. i'm at the stage where i think anyone who has travelled to syria should automatically be on the no-fly list if they are not already and a presumption of guilt until they can prove otherwise and it's that kind of sharing of intelligence that will at least narrow the pool of
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people that we're looking at so there's not all of this background noise. >> stefan, to you. there is also in paris right now a state of emergency. we've spoken about this. it will go on until february. it's very critical because it gives please these sweeping powers, preventive power, search and seizure without much to go on. you've said to me before that you don't think that's the right call. where is that? >> well, there are a couple of reasons. the main reason is, is this really effective? it doesn't change anything. a lot of lawyers think that it doesn't. for example, there are already ten laws in place to fight terrorism in france so the jurisdiction has a lot of legal instruments to fight terrorism. there's mainly a problem with the exchange of information. we've talked about that before as well. there's also a problem with how the police is operating with the
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prosecutors. for instance, there's very little change of informtion and several agencies inside of france. they are basically rifles and -- >> really? >> yes. >> there's not good collaboration. >> no. this has changed since "charlie hebdo" but -- >> what is it, competitive? >> you could say that. the same. >> the u.s. with the fbi and cia. it's very difficult to get them to work together. so this is the case in france as well. it has changed a little bit since "charlie hebdo" but the cultures are still very different and we have a long way to go before the system is really efficient. >> let's hope that change asot in the wake of the attacks. stefan, thank you. we're waiting for the belgian prosecutor to speak. much more live from paris, next. families share data. e some way to say happy holidays. switch to t-mobile now and get 4 lines with up to 6gb each,
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live coverage from paris. i'm poppy harlow and we are waiting to hear from the belgian federal prosecutor who will be speaking, we're told, in just about 15 minutes, speaking about these series of raids going on right now in his country as attacks in paris continue to raise alert across europe. also, in the wake of the attacks here, a debate overseer general refugees coming to the united states and an emotional series of questions about whether or not you let these refugees into the united states right now. i want to play for you some sound from some of the leading republican presidential candidates this week talking about the issue. >> very simply, we can't take them, folks. we can't take them. >> there's a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood. you probably not going to assume something good about that dog.
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and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. >> i'm concerned about the widows that live in my state, the windows and orphans of september 11th. >> all right. joining me now, a syrian refugee who moved to the united states two years ago and lives in ohio, also her beautiful young daughter, sariana right there. hi there, guys. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm well. thank you very much. i want to get your sense about the heated political debate. you said earlier to one of my colleagues that you understand some of the concern. >> i do understand their concern. but the refugees run from death. you know, they run from death on
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both sides, isis and its regime because they don't want assad's regime and isis will force refugees to serve their agenda and refugees doesn't want this. that's why they flee. >> you moved to the united states two years ago as a refugee. can you tell us what you went through, how you were vetted with your family to come to the united states? >> we went through a very strict process. it starts with fingerprints and background checks. then again an interview because i was lucky to come by airlines, not by sea. so i went through the process of embassy. so it was a very strict process.
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we wait months and then when we come here, they also interview us and immigration and then here they interview. so it's a very strict process. >> you said you would be dead if you were still in syria. >> yeah. i dead. because that's the true, you know. because if you are not isis-killing people and regime killing people, too. so it's a disaster there. imagine yourself, you are sitting in your house and barrel bombs all over, comes, you know, to your house, children are crying. and by the way, the only reason in 2013, what make me 100% sure of my decision to run is that in
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one day, 500 children died in damascus from gas. so i don't want this to my baby. >> of course. i want to you listen to what republican congressman richard hudson told me last night on this program. he's the one who proposed the house legislation that was passed this week along with 47 democrats supporting it, putting a hold on allowing syrian and iraqi refugees into this country. listen to this. >> you can't check with third parties in syria because on a normal background check, you'd knock on the neighbor's door, talk to people who knew them and talk with former employers. he said we can't do that because the neighborhood has been bombed out. that former business doesn't exist. and so because of the fbi director's concern, let's pause until we can put a process in place so the american people can
3:18 pm
feel assured that we know who these folks are that are coming in. >> sole what he also told me is we want the process to still keep going, this authorization process but not to let them into the country right now. what do you say to him? >> i'm telling him, there are children, orphans, they are less than 5 years old. bring them. bring the children. there is, you know, in jordan or turkey, there are camps for refugees full the children who lost their parents. go and bring there. i don't think you need to kill us for five years, you know -- that's sad. that is sad, you know, because refugees are not terrorists. they have to distinguish this. refugees love life. that's why they run. children refugees love to live. that's why they run.
3:19 pm
>> and if you bring the children, do you separate families? i mean, are they allowed to come, then, with their mothers? what about their father? what would you do with that very, very difficult choice if you had to face it? >> a lot of womens, they lost their husbands. a lot. there is a lot of womens lost their husbands and they are staying in the camps with their babies. a lot. so at least do this. as a human gesture. so you don't want to bring young men, despite the fact that is not terrorists among the syrian refugees. probably, yes, somebody is taking passports and
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welcome back to our continuing live coverage from paris. i'm poppy harlow. joining you this evening, you're looking at imaging out of brussels, belgium. there's a press conference about to get under way. the federal prosecutor is expected to speak and this follow lows a series of raids across brussels and other
3:26 pm
locations in belgium. of course the tie here to the paris terror attacks is that they were orchestrated in belgium. we know the molenbeek area of belgium has been a hot spot for the terrorists to plot together. we know that the eighth attacker here in paris, salah abdeslam was seen nine days ago early saturday morning, the night after -- the day after the attacks on the way from paris to brussels. we'll monitor this for you and as soon as it begins, we will bring it to you live. meantime, president obama ended his overseas trip with very tough rhetoric against isis before leaving malaysia the president said the global coalition formed to destroy isis will not accept the idea that it taps on theaters and restaurants, quote, are the new normal or that we are not able to stop them. the president was criticized by
3:27 pm
some by calling the paris attacks a setback in the war against isis. let's listen. >> they are a bunch of killers with good social media. and they are dangerous and they've caused great hardship to people. the most powerful tool we have to fight isil is to say that we're not afraid. to not elevate it, to somehow buy in to their fantasy that they are doing something important. they are a bunch of killers. >> as the president argues, we should not be timid here, be aggressive. young men in france are showing that same determination to bring
3:28 pm
the fight to isis. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson shows us how they are lining up to join the military in the wake of the attacks here in paris. >> reporter: young men are signing up. i wanted to join already, said this 19-year-old, when i heard about the attacks, it motivated me even more. a few miles from last friday's attack, men and women lining up to find out if they've got what it takes. recruiters are busier than ever. >> translator: today, i've received three times a number of completed forms than i would normally have by this time friday, the recruiter tells me. the writing on the wall here, france's people need protection. the president says the country's at war. its citizens are listening. "the number of people who have
3:29 pm
contacted us," he tells me, have gone up dramatically. officials say this spike in recruitment has already exceeded those that came to sign up following the attacks in january and add that all of those that volunteered then stayed the course. my question for the commanding officer is simple. >> can the french army defeat daesh? >> reporter: of course, he says. >> that simple? >> reporter: the french soldier, he continues, has a mission to fulfill. he will fulfill his mission. he will put all of his energy into fulfilling his mission, a mission that will have more fire power, if needed, in the wake of last week's barbaric attack. nic robertson, cnn, paris. >> reporter: nic, thank you very much for that.
3:30 pm
again, we're monitoring a press conference out of brussels, belgium. we're expected to hear from the prosecutor after a series of raids tonight. a number of arrests have been made. we'll bring the press conference to you live when it happens. back in a moment. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you? but life was inviting us all this time. to step into the great unknown. in a place where riches... were measured in footsteps... flavors and friends. we tasted cuisine we'd only heard about and for the first time... felt like locals. ♪
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welcome back to our continuing live coverage from paris. we are monitoring a press conference in belgium right now about to get under way in brussels, the capital there. we're waiting to hear from the federal prosecutor which comes in the wake of a series of raids across belgium. i can tell you that we have also learned that some of these raids were in the suburb of brussels, known as molenbeek, a place you've heard a lot about in the last nine days because that's where the eighth attacker, who is still on the run, salah abdeslam, that's where he lived. one of the raids was there
3:34 pm
tonight. can't make any more connections than that. that's all we know at this hour. we'll monitor this and bring it to you live as soon as it begins. meantime, the u.s. embassy in rome is warning americans to visit italy, it could potentially be a terrorist target. we know that isis has released this video on thursday threatening new attacks, threatening them in france, in the united states, in italy. one fighter mentioning the conquest of rome in that propaganda video. isis even featured the vatican on the cover of one of its most recent propaganda magazines. but the pope came out this week and said the church of all places cannot be locked up. must remain open for all people. also, this comes as tens and thousands of pilgrims descend on rome for the jubilee year which hasn't happened in 15 years.
3:35 pm
joining me is the bureau chief for italy daily beast. this couldn't have come at a worse time for rome ahead of the jubilee. >> you know, the security officials say they are ready for anything, that they are monitoring any suspect, people that they are completely ready to thwart any kind of terrorist attack. they are not concerned about what could happen inside st. peter's square. there will be snipers on the kol loms and stuff like that. it's the soft target that they can't protect. it's people standing in long lines to get into the museums, people outside of the coliseum, people outside of st. peter's square that they are concerned about. the weather is here nice year round. people sit outside here year round. those are the things that they are concerned about because they can't protect all of those people, and they know it. >> what about the pope's
3:36 pm
upcoming trip to africa? he's going to make a stop starting this weekend in major african countries. this comes, obviously, in the wake of the horrific attack in mali. this week, they took 19 people. any security concerns about that? >> well, he's sending his personnel security detail ahead to check out the situation. they haven't said for sure whether or not they will have to make any changes to his agenda in light of the attacks in mali. but those situations are fairly well secured. they have people with tickets and most are pilgrims who will be attending the live events where the pope is and there is pretty tight security. we saw it when he was in the united states and cuba. i think we'll see the same sort of thing in africa. of course, in those situations as well, where you've got large groups of catholics gathered together who are vulnerable in may not be exactly what the vatican would expect, the vatican brings their own security and they bring the
3:37 pm
italian security forces as well. those people are in place in some of those places right now. they've gone ahead of the pope. he leaves november 25th for a five-day trip. poppy? >> you wrote a fascinating piece today in "the daily beast," talking about these marching in rome and milan. they used the #notinmyname focusing on muslims living across europe. tell me about that. >> it was interesting. the march in rome was very heavily policed. they were concerned there might have been some backlash from the italians against the islamic communities here in italy. it's a very fractured community. you have about 15,000 italian passport holders and then thousands of migrant who is are in various groups, islamic groups and terrorist groups.
3:38 pm
it's not a very cohesive group of people. but they came together and were represented in rome and milan in a very peaceful march where they had powerful speeches and lots of italians in the crowd. i noticed that they were there to support and to finds out and have an open mind about what they were saying. >> thank you very much. i appreciate the reporting. obviously rome and italy getting a lot of focus right now as well in all of this. thank you very much. tonight, we are seeing a poignant photograph of the moments right before three gunmen stormed the bataclan concert hall killing 89 people. what it shows is a smiling crowd. some fans raising their hands and their glasses. others enjoying the music unaware that carnage would come.
3:39 pm
>> several people hid in our dressing room. >> jesse hughes speaking out for the first time remembering that terrible night. >> they were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket. >> reporter: the deadliest side of the paris attacks was the bataclan theater. this foet foe was shot just moments before the shots rang out, senselessly killing 89 people. >> the killers got in your dressing room? >> yeah. people were playing dead and they were so scared. [ gunfire ] a great reason why so many -- >> rt wiall right. i want you to listen in to this press conference in brussels, belgium. i believe you're going to be listening to the federal prosecutor following a series of raids. let's listen in.
3:40 pm
[ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> in the context of a judicial investigation opened in context of the federal prosecutor have proceeded to 19 raids this sunday night in the brussels
3:43 pm
region. these raids were undertaken in molenbeek and there are also three other raids. 16 people were arrested. the decision will be made whether they will be kept in custody tomorrow. with regard to a raid in holenbeck, a vehicle went at the direction of the police at which moment the police started shooting at them. the vehicle managed to escape but was intercepted in brussels. on it was an injured man who was
3:44 pm
stopped. for the other raids, what happened without any particular incident with regard to the objects found and the identities of people we cannot give you any more information at this time right until now, neither weapons or explosives have been discovered. salah abdeslam has not been caught during these raids. the elements, obviously, as part of this investigation required an intervention this sunday night. the operations are continuing and given that we cannot give you any more details, the federal prosecutor and the police would like to thank the press but also all of those using social media to have
3:45 pm
understood and held back during the time of the operations. >> in the belgian investigating specialized in terrorist cases ordered a total of 19 house searches in the brussels region. these searches took place and were also three house searches carried out. in total, 16 persons were arrested. the investigating judge will decide tomorrow about their further possible further detention. during the search, a vehicle ran into the police after police officers fired two shots. the vehicle rushed off but was
3:46 pm
intercepted later in brussels. the driver, a man who was searched, was arrested. for the time being, we cannot confirm if there is a relation between the ongoing investigation and this arrest. no further specific incidents occurred during the searches. no further information can be given about the objects found nor about identity of the persons arrested. until now, no firearms or explosives were found. salah abdeslam is not among the persons arrested during these searches. specific elements of the inquiry necessitated the operation of sunday night. the investigation continues. in the further of the inquiry, no more further details can be given. the federal prosecutor's office
3:47 pm
and police insist on thanking you the press and social media for taking into account the needs of the ongoing operation when covering the operation. [ speaking in foreign language ] ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. for the time being, that will be all. and good night. in the interest of the investigation, we cannot -- >> all right. there you have it. the belgian federal prosecutor speaking. i'll take you live to ni nima elbagir. no weapons or explosives found. 19 raids.
3:48 pm
shots fired but they did -- they were able to detain that person. the key here that everyone was wondering was, were they able to find salah abdeslam, the eighth attacker here in the paris attacks who was last seen on the road to belgium who is a belgian national. they were not able to find him, according to authorities. again, reiterating the eighth attacker, salah abdeslam, not taken into custody in these raids. 19 raids, 16 arrested. let's go to nima elbagir in brussels. so now we know, nima, there have been these raids but they did not find the key person that they were looking for. they say the investigation continues. >> reporter: although 16 were arrested, until tomorrow when the judge presiding over this investigation comes in, we won't know how many of them are actually pertinent to this broader investigation in terms of whether or not they will be detained. we've seen that before. last weekend there was the
3:49 pm
hours-long raid in molenbeek and out of the five or seven -- seven in the end, people that were detained, only two were held after an entire weekend of raids there. but what it does do, poppy, it gives you a sense of the intensity of this operation. 19 in rapid succession just on sunday night. that really gives you a sense of the pressure that the belgian authorities are under to deliver, to actually not oem deliv only deliver the eighth attacker but to end the heightened terror threat level. >> nima, let me ask you, here in paris there is a state of emergency across france right now in the wake of the attacks, which is giving the authorities here, the police much more sweeping powers, much more authority for preventive detention, search and seizure without the justification that they woulduve2u normally need. do they have >> reporter: no, not yet. and it is important to remind
3:50 pm
ourselves that france has just come through, it's just come through a cosmic attack. in belgium they are nowhere near that stage, but if this continues, if this heightened threat level continues and this tension, really, that is shrouding the city continues, then a lot of those speaking, you will see the situation where the belgian authorities seek the expansion of their abilities to detain and their abilities to search. but for the time being, belgian authorities are giving no indication that the current abilities that they have in terms of searches and detention aren't adequate to face the threat as it stands. >> understood. thank you very much for that. i want to go to juliet cayenne, your thoughts on this, we are told a total of 22 raids, 16 arrests, but the key here, they did not find the eighth attacker
3:51 pm
still nine days on the run. >> so it was an inconclusive night for belgium. 22 raids, only 16 arrests, that's not a good ratio. and even when they said during the press conference we're not sure if we're going to hold these people through the day, so this was a sweep and it was an unsuccessful sweep because they didn't get who they wanted. so as i said, it's a hard situation for belgium. what is going to be the standard to get that city up and running again if we don't catch the single person that they're looking for? now, let's hope maybe in the next 24 hours that they can catch him, but if they don't, they sort of put themselves in a hard position to say, okay, we're going to be safe again. catching the number one person will help them feel safe. the news tonight is inconclusive
3:52 pm
if -- essentially, it's not news at this stage. >> let's go -- thank you, juliet. we'll go to jonathan gilliam, your thoughts on this, do you agree with juliet? how long can brussels sustain being on lockdown here when they've had these raids that have not turned up the key man, the most wanted man in europe? >> i agree with what she was saying. and i just want to add to that, the one thing that did standout is that these investigations are ongoing. when you look at it the way juliet was just looking at it, you can see how far behind the gun that the response actually is. and how it really snuck up on them even though the majority of these people came, that we're seeing, came from a certain area. they're still -- they are still behind the gun. and that's a very scary thing when you're still having imminent threats as you try to
3:53 pm
develop an televisiinvestigatio follow these people, at the same time you are trying to figure out the possibilities of where they might attack. that's a very difficult place to be in and don't foresee this threat level coming down any time soon. >> juliet, what about intelligent sharing? because we know that the united states after these attacks in paris did open up its raw data on these terrorist groups, on isis, et cetera, and sympathizers in europe to france, which is outside of that agreement. what kind of intelligence sharing are we seeing between the united states and brussels and belgium right now? >> well, i know having talked to people, it is quite extensive at this stage. but -- and that's good, but everyone needs to understand, raw intelligence is raw for a reason. they are capturing so much information. and without the ability to put it into context, it is not clear how much that is going to help the french, the dutch or
3:54 pm
whomever else. i think the most important thing from the u.s. perspective is assisting what we know about these attacks and then also insuring that the visa waiver program we have been talking about allowing people from 30-plus countries to come in without visas is very, very tight. and that would mean the sharing of intelligence to put more people on a no-fly list, at least for the time being, and make a presumption that, you know, issues like have you been to syria, is there a gap in your travel? in other words, you went to turkey and then went missing for three months and coming back, issues like that to tighten up the visa waiver. for me, the syrian issue is a non-issue, a political issue and not a security issue at this stage. but the visa waiver is something we need to tighten up. >> and we know that there's this legislation that's going to be formally proposed in the united states after thanksgiving, the legislation that would put a
3:55 pm
hold on those that have traveled in syria or iraq on that visa waiver program to come into the united states. juliette, thank you very much. jonathan, thank you to you as well. back out here live in brussels tonight, following the raids across brussels, a number of cities across belgium, what have the people, the public, the average citizens been saying there? >> reporter: well, tonight, actually, we saw people starting to kind of faltering and venture out on the streets here in the center of brussels. but given those sweeping raids that we've seen even here in this downtown area, the worry is for many of those that we're speaking to is that almost that spirit of defiance is going to be -- it's going to be in the retreat. because one day on a heightened threat level is difficult. two days, but then suddenly you're coming into the beginning of the week and it's going to be a very difficult time for people
3:56 pm
here, poppy. >> reporter: there's no question about it. thank you so much, live reporting there from brussels. a quick break. much more live from paris next. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection.
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welcome to our continuing breaking news coverage from paris. i'm poppy harlow live for you this evening. it is 1:00 in the morning in paris. 7:00 p.m. on the east coast. after 22 police raids today in and around belgium, we know 16 people are now under arrest there. but the key man that they were looking for, the most wanted man in europe is still on the lamb. today's raids in brussels not ending the international manhunt for the eighth attacker, salah abdelslam. he was last seen nine days ago on toa


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