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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  November 22, 2015 9:04pm-10:05pm PST

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concentrated populations. >> so in brussels people are being advised not to go near any crowds. that's why major events have been closed down. that's why the bars and restaurants are closed in the evening. also, here in paris, the schools are open. there's no heightened level of alert to that extent right now but there is a three-month state of emergency. kids are being checked on their way in to schools but the concern there, again, is about concentrations of people. so parents are being asked to drop their kids off at the school and then drive away. older kids who gather outside schools to smoke, for example, are trying to be told to move away in smaller groups. they try and avoid these concentrated groups of people which become targets for terrorists. the intelligence seems to be something around that both in paris and belgium. >> max, let me ask you about one of the attackers, outside the stade de france whose image was
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released by authorities on sunday. they didn't release a name but do we know how he came to be identified? >> we don't. we're getting very little information because what effectively trying to do is on going live investigation. they're giving us information that they need in terms of appeals. they're not giving us the context to what they're giving us. they sent out this picture. asking people to look out for him. and the hope is that french people, belgian people will look out for him and report anything they see. of course that last man on the run, headed towards brussels, had gone through a police check but it was on the evening of the attacks, a few hours after the attacks but they didn't need all the intelligence they needed at that point in terms of searches. they're trying to give out information without giving out too much information that may be useful to the attackers and accomplices who are out there. >> the french president fran
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sois hollande said his nation is at war and he has a series of meetings this week. the british prime minister david cameron and in 48 hours with president barack obama. what do we expecting from these meetings? what are the french seeking from these get-togethers with these leaders? in fact, max, as you speak let me interrupt for a split second and let our viewers know what they're seeing on their screens. that's the president of the united states' plane landing at andrews air force base. he is returning from that trip to asia. he's been away a number of days. and in that time, has had to contend with a host of criticism back here in the united states for his response to the isis threat. he is now back on u.s. soil. and we expect him to be front and center with statements regarding how the u.s. will take on isis in the days and weeks to come. u.s. president barack obama returning to the u.s. just back from that asia trip. that is his plane landin there at andrews air force base.
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max, back to you. >> it's interesting. you've got the president hollande meeting david cameron today. president obama later on in the week. but lgs angela merkel and also president putin as well. what he's looking for is some sort of grand coalition against isis in iraq and syria. you've obviously got the situation where you got two different strategies taking place there. one led by russia. one led be i the u.s. the suggestion is everyone should work together to tackle isis on the ground there. president obama is speaking yesterday the press conference to that end. the fundamental problem you've got with it is that they -- russia and the u.s. see the future of syria in two different ways. russia still sees president assad as a possible part of that future and president obama certainly does not see that as the issue. until they iron out those diplomatic -- those political differences, difficult to see how they can bring the
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militaries to the in one concerted effort against isis. president hollande will try to ramp up the effort against isis, attack them in their homeland. and david cameron meeting him today also plays into the british debate which is whether or not britain should join air strikes in syria. david cameron wants that to happen. he needs to get it through parliament. that's part of his diplomatic effort as well. it all comes together i think from now, a process of international diplomacy, attacking isis in its homeland, off the back of what happened in paris. but also the attack on the russian plane as well, building on that sense of concern about momentum behind something need to be done against isis. and hollande wants that to be a military action against them at home. >> we will be watching it all very, very closely. max foster will be in paris over the next couple of hours. appreciate it. we'll check back in with you shortly. for more on this security
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measures, aaron cohen is a security expert who spent three years in the special operations unit and founder of cherry's covert ops apparel. we see these raids playing out across belgium on sunday, almost two dozen. big picture. take a step back. how good are the belgians when it comes to this kind of thing, this counter terrorism? >> the belgians special operations capabilities have gotten better over the last ten years but i do not think they are quite at the level of paris. the reason why is paris is a bigger city. they have a lot more concerted counter terror officers and cape i believes when it comes to special operations. but overall the fact that there's been multiple nations actively involved or engaged on the global war on terror everybody seems to be getting better. they tend to follow the u.s. protocols and tactics. similar gear, similar weaponry. changes in paris and belgium.
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they've gotten better. i do think there are still -- they are what we call tactical inbreeding if you will. >> what does that mean? >> what i mean by that is unfortunately belgium, paris, they're a little bit slower to adopt some of the cutting-edge tools and tactics that the u.s. is constantly pushing. the reason why is the u.s. and the americans have just been leading. israel tends to be on the cutting edge. there's -- when it comes to equipment and gear, u.s. and israel obviously. and they work closely. but i think that there's some loopholes that need to be filled. the protocols and tactics they're using are a little outdated. what i mean by that is they tend to still be running into room or pushing into rooms which is a little dated. and i think that even with paris and with the gi jan and the paris national s.w.a.t. team, what we saw with the response, particularly with bat bataclan,
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there was a depllay. for every second you waste, another innocent person gets killed. when you have somebody opening fire with a kalashnikov rifle. belgium is a step below paris. the fact is the that the europeans are a little bit behind. their tactics reflect it. paris is a little bit behind us americans and the israelis. belgium is a step below them. they need to come together and push themselves tactically so we don't see outdated tactics being used because europe is the breeding ground right now of the attacks. >> looking at the mission in and of itself -- in fact, we want to bring up live pictures for our viewers of president obama deplaning right now. there he is. he's returned from that asia trip. plane landing at andrews air force base. he is back on u.s. soil. and walking in to i guess you could call something of a fray,
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given the situation that has played out in paris in the past nine days. the president's response to isis has come under increasing scrutiny in recent days. especially given comments he made ahead of the paris attack that isis had been somewhat contained. that comment has been scrutinized and criticized and now the white house administration is some would say on the defensive. and having to explain the way they have handled the isis threat to date. the president saying they have a strategy. it is working. it will go off to isis. they will defeat them. the many saying the strategy to date is not viable. and that the president has to rework the way he tackles isis. so the president is back in the united states. he has returned from that asia trip, his plane landed just moments aat andrews air force base. it's going to be a busy week i'm sure for the u.s. president also meeting with the french president francois holland to
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scrutinize the coalition's response to isis. aaron, let me come back to you here. you know, more broadly speaking. when you look at the isis threat and what it means to europe as it is played out nine days ago in paris, how do european authorities respond to that? how did they now set up the urban spaces to preventing? like this happening again? >> well, the europeans, belgium, paris, they need to have an honest look at their capabilities, as far as their police is concerned. their internal intelligence gathering methods. they need to make sure that they have excellent relationships with mi-6, with the cia. >> you said ego a couple of times. that is something of a sticking point. >> yeah. >> explain. >> well, it's good -- it's interesting coming back into it. the intelligence world, special operations world, the macro
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picture of what we do for a living is a very alpha male driven industry. the reason why is because we're in the business literally of saving lives. so it's always -- you're pushing. you're always -- it's extremely competitive. you're always bringing the best people into play. what happens is is that everybody likes to protect their cards and the reason why is because everybody, although we're working together, wants to make sure they're protecting our individual security capabilities so that we won't be harmed if we give a little piece here, a little piece there. every country wants to be a little selfish to protect ourselves a little bit more. the problem is isis is that it doesn't work on the macro level. everybody has to come together. the egos have to be dropped. otherwise attend all of the 60 countries will be effected we collectively. it's challenging. sharing information is not something that intelligence operatives like to do. we're in the business of keeping secrets. so we have to play nice. and i think we're going to get better at it. the reason why is because we
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have to. we don't have a choice. belgium, france, europe, italy, switzerland, all of these countries who could be effected, need to be making good with assad and fbi and vice versa. and they need to be cross training because we might have to deploy an international response or national european response like we're seeing now where we have multiple agencies working to the and we need to make sure the tactics are coagulated so at the end of the day we're better at saving lives. >> please say you will be with us throughout the hour. we'll be right back to get more perspective later on. >> thank you. >> thank you. now we turn our attention to nigeria where eight people were killed where a female suicide bomber detonated it in the northeastern town on sunday. the victims mostly women and children were going through security screening at a military checkpoint. malduguri have been repeatedly attacked by the terrorist group back a haram. a deadly attack in mali has
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risen to 22 according to the u.n. the country's president has declared three days of national mourning for the victims of the brutal siege in the malian capital. david mckenzie sat down with an american survivor who described her harrowing ordeal. >> reporter: in the wake of mali's horrifying terror attack new stories of survival are emerging. i spoke to an american specialist at the center for disease control, she was about to check out when the shooting began. >> i e-mailed my husband and said something like, there is something going on and i want you to know that i love you. and then when a few hours later when the fire down the hallway, i wrote another e-mail and i said, i do believe there are shooters here. if i don't make it i want you to know i love you. and my family and my cdc. but i am coming home. i do this because i love doing this work. and where we are in the world that we need to continue on. >> you committed to the work no
9:17 pm
matter what? >> no matter what. this wasn't act mali. this was about what i call idiots. i'll be back. >> was there any point really, any moment where you thought, okay, this is it, this is the end of the road? >> when the shooting came down the hallway, i was more nervous. i wasn't sure. but -- it wasn't going to end. i was going home. i knew i was going home. that's the end of it. >> so when the signal came what went through your head? >> oh, gosh. i'm so glad to see you guys. i don't know much french but i could say [ speaking french ] these guys. every one of them that i mentioned, put their lives on the line that day and i so appreciate that. and there's a group of people who didn't make it out. and my heart goes out to their
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families. but i believe they were here doing what they love and what they're committed to. and if that day were to come for me, somebody would be saying that about me as well. >> the presidents of mali and senegal toured the radisson hotel on sunday and vowed that they will be unbowed by the terror threat. david mckenzie, cnn, mali. now to the u.s. where 16 people were injured in a shootout in new orleans on sunday. police say several hundred people. >> reporter: gathered at a playground to film a music video when two groups began firing at each other. witnesses tell police both groups immediately took off after the shooting. detectives are searching surveillance video of the suspe suspects. some u.s. republican presidential candidates are not mincing words about a plan to bring more syrian refugees into the country. first you'll hear what they have to say. and then, we'll show you whether the tough talk is helping or hurting their campaigns.
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hello, everyone. the paris terror attacks have sparked a fiery debate about whether more syrian refugees should be allowed into the u.s. the u.s. house passed a bill
9:23 pm
aimed at limiting syrian and hawky refugees. president obama is promising to veto it. cnn has the it latest on how this issue is shaping the republican presidential race. >> reporter: a double digit lead with 32% support. ben carson, running a close second behind trump with 22%. the only other republican with double digit support here is marco rubio. he's coming in at 11%. now, this poll comes after a week of really heated rhetoric on the campaign trail. over whether to allow 10,000 syrian refugees into the united states amid fears that isis terrorists could be among them. carson compared some refugees to rabid dogs and trump said he considers shutting down mosques and endorse tracking u.s. muslims in the database an idea he doubled down on sunday. >> i want database with the refugees that if they come into the country. we have no idea who these people are.
9:24 pm
when the syrian refugees are going to start pouring in to this country we don't know if they're isis, we don't know if it's a trojan horse. i want a database and other checks and balances. >> reporter: the comments haven't seem to hurt trump or carson's standing. in fact, more half of the surveys oppose taking in refugees from syria. and despite the paris attacks, the economy still tops the list of issues most important to voters. followed closely by terrorism. and among republicans polled, the most important attribute they want in a candidate is someone who can change washington. that's a measure where trump dominates. a a trump rally in alabama, half a dozen attendees kicked a black protester who disrupted trump's speech. on sunday trump suggested the violence was justified. >> maybe he should have been roughed up because it was disgusting what he was doing. >> reporter: three people were asked to leave the event.
9:25 pm
no arrests remained and protester did not require medical attention. >> brian levin joins me now to discuss this, professor at the california state university and director of the center for the study of hate and extremism. so good to have you in to help us make sense of all of this. first and foremost, as someone who has studies the trends, who knows the data. what do you make of the rhetoric coming from gop presidential candidates? >> the rhetoric is scary because it's not addressing the real threat. it's exaggerating the threat and specifically where the threat is coming from. but more importantly, it's also dividing us from our muslim neighbors and friends. and that's really terrible. when you look at the data, we've had about 2100 syrians coming from in theater since 9/11. we've had none that have been involved in terror attacks. according to center of migration
9:26 pm
studies, 784,000 refugees have come in since 9/11. three have been indicted in terror related cases. no convictions yet. so we're talking about a very fluid situation to be sure. they want to exploit any way they can. they want to hit the u.s. they don't have the operational capacity they have in europe but they do want to hit us. it's suboptimal for them to use refugees as their first choice. there are far more resources out their disposal -- >> than using refugees. >> absolutely. >> to spell it out, someone who knows the data, what is the threat level associated with syrian refugees coming into this country? how much of a threat do they conversations city tut? >> well, it's not nonexistent because a couple of things. one, when fbi director comey testified last month, also, i testified before congress as well, he stated that it's hard to get good data in theater, in
9:27 pm
syria, with respect to iraq, we had much more availability for data because we had a military presence where we could have arrest records and things like that and finger prints. that being said though, wee talking about the most vulnerable people in the world here. please, oh, my god, we're talking about children. we're talking a families. is there a threat? yes. it's minimal. but let's look at something else. let's look at the fact that over 2,000 people on the terror watch list have been able to buy firearms in the united states. >> 23,000 people. >> over 2,000. 2,043 is the latest data. >> so tell me -- >> in the united states. >> and people are worried about refugees. as you say, looking atta data that constitute a very, very small threat. let's talk about screening and vetting them. that's where the argument has moved on to now, saying that should be stepped up. do you agree? are there ways screening could be enhanced that would give people peace of mind? >> absolutely. that's why congress is looking at it. i'm afraid, they're saying we're
9:28 pm
going to do a pause. a pause or a stop? the other thing is they put an onus on the fbi director inspector general and head of homeland security to personally certify each person. my mom had cancer. i can't have her doctors certify that we won't have issues with that. let me say this. look, i think our friends of good will who say this is something we should look at and we're not coming from a bigoted perspective, just say muslims can't participate in civil society which is where it's going. let's look at the threat. are there issues with regard to getting data from within theater of people coming out? absolutely. is the risk probably somewhat more enhanced than it's been before because of the operational capabilities of isis and their geographical expansion to want to hit the far enemy, meaning us, italy, paris, and elsewhere? absolutely. but let's be careful here. america stands for something. and we should take in refugees.
9:29 pm
should we be maybe a little bit more careful? absolutely. but the process, and this is important. the process takes 18 to 24 months. it's a suboptimal way for isis to get people in the united states immediately. is it something they might want to exploit for a variety of reasons including having muslims be mistreated here or something and use that kind of rhetoric for their own recruitment purposes? absolutely. but bottom line is they have the most sophisticated recruitment operation involving the internet and operational cape i'mibiliai europe. let's look at visa waiver programs first, firearms. bipartisan support. congressman king, republican from new york, as well as dianne feinstein from here in california, both favored looking at the ability of the people on the terror watch list to buy firearm, over 2,000 purchases. let's not be alarmist and single out our muslim friends and
9:30 pm
neighbors for this kind of bigoted second class citizens p citizenship. >> so good to have you on the show. thank you for the insight and perspective. >> always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> thank you. well, coming up on "newsroom l.a.," despite their fears, one parisian band decides to honor a terror attack victims by doing what they do best, play music. we look back at the path, a moment we have seen in the week following the paris attacks. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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newsroom" live from los angeles. authorities in belgium have extended their highest terror alert. schools an subways in brussels are closed monday as police look for possible coordinated attacks. they conducted 20 antiterror raids on sunday arresting 16 people. french police are asking for information about one of the dead paris attackerses. they released this picture on twitter. they say he's the third suicide bomb taert stade de france but didn't give a name. eight people were killed when a female suicide bomber detonated her explosives in nigeria sunday. the victims who were mostly women and children were going through security screening at a military checkpoint in malduguri. the city has repeatedly attacked by boko haram terrorists. 22 people killed in friday's attack on a popular hotel in mali. the country has declared a ten-day state of emergency and three days of national mourning. the president says mali will not
9:35 pm
shut down in the face of terror. myanmar state run media report 331 people are dead after a landslide from a jade mine collapsed on the huts of sleeping workers. the military is working with local residents in rescue and rrve roy recovery efforts. back to paris where the hunt is still on to find those responsible for the deadly terror attacks. there we find max foster. max, as the working week begins, what's the mood like in paris? >> the big test today, i think, to see how people do get back to work, get back to school. but i think there's a definitely sense of defiance. a lot of people insisting on carrying on as they can. it's interesting, the christmas markets opened up over the weekend. all up and running. it's a big ircevent in paris wh
9:36 pm
that gets going. people were out, shopping, but shopping for essentials. they were avoiding buys presents. they were avoiding anything celebratory. as the sun comes up around the monument there people will start gathering around and having their little moment there. yesterday there was a group of teenagers who got their bites out and laid them on the floor and looked at the monument. national anthem and older people who just stand there and look at the flowers. extraordinary really. they are trying to to be normal but they can't really be normal. when you have a situation where kids going into schools in paris are going to be frisked, it isn't normal. trying to be normal by going back to school but this is atmosphere around everything which really makes you think twice about security and whether or not you're going to be attacked in the any moment. we were in a bistro yesterday and armed soldiers walked through the mid of the bistro. it was almost as if that was normal but it's not normal in paris where they're not always supportive of the military
9:37 pm
there. liberal nation. they like to have their freedoms. something changing about the culture here, whether accepting, having to give up some freedoms in order to be safe. but at the same time, people want to carry on as normal. i walked past a band the other day that was playing and i had a conversation with them about all of this. ♪ every saturday they play. there was no exception the day after the attacks. they picked up their instruments and played in the usual way. though they admit they were scared. >> it was good for us to do our thing and to see that people were happy to see that, you know, life was going on, music was going on. >> there's something that's changed. >> can you articulate that? >> yeah. i think something's changed but i think we're going to be stronger. i think we realize we need to fight for what we believe in. and it's not something that's given to us. we must realize that our freedom
9:38 pm
is something for which we have to fight for. i think. >> you're going to keep playing? >> yes, we are. >> like a war where you see the other guys coming. they're already here but you don't know where or when they're going to strike. you just have to keep on living. that's all. that's it. ♪ >> reporter: a band in one street and a stitch in the tapestry of life in paris. without their music, life just wouldn't be what it was. they're doing their bit amid a new reality. isha, of course, there have been two attackers here. talking about "charlie hebdo" of course earlier in the year. i think what makes people feel differently this time around though is that was a targeted attack against journalists. it was against a kosher supermarket. this was indiscriminate. that's what is really unsettled
9:39 pm
people here, that they can just be a bar and be attacked. i think that's a fundamental change in the fear here. and it's interesting that president hollande's approval ratings have gone a lot higher since this attack took place. and it's because people are rallying around france, around their president. they see now this common enemy. it's in their midst and it's very scary. >> it's very, very scary. as you say, it is in their midst. and they don't know when it will strike. max foster joining us from paris. we appreciate it, max. thank you so much. the fight against isis intensifies. coming up, a look at how world leaders are stepping up the campaign to take down the terror group. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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well, the powers are planning to step up the fight against isis. this week british prime minister david cameron is expected to make a case for bombing isis in
9:43 pm
syria. this comes as this week brit tick prime minister will make that case two years after lawmakers rejected his push for military intervention in the syrian conflict. prime minister cameron will meet with french president hollande in paris on monday to talk about counter terrorism and the fight against isis. mr. hollande also meet with the presidents of russia and the u.s. this week. he says international community needs to create a grand and single coalition to come bats isis. u.s. president barack obama has been under pressure for tougher response to the paris attacks. over the weekend he vowed to hunt down isis and destroy them. >> they're a bunch of killers with good social media. the americans who are building things and making things and teaching and saving lives as firefighters and as police officers, and they're stronger. our way of life is stronger. all of which is to say that our
9:44 pm
coalition will not relent. we will not accept the idea that terrorist assault on restaurants and netheaters and hotels are t new normal or that we are powerless to stop them. after all, that's precisely what terrorists like isil want. >> earlier i spoke to cnn military analyst rick francona about the obama administration strategy for tacklining isis. >> the goal is to defeat isis. what we're doing right now is not working. we put reconnaissance assets into this campaign but it's not having any effect. i mean, the effect it is having is minimal to say the least. the russians and french have come in there in a few days eclipsed what the united states has done over a the period of a year because of these restrictive rules of engagement the u.s. rules of coalition pilots are operating under. if the president is serious
9:45 pm
about getting this done he needs to take off the hindrances from the pentagon and let them do their jobs. >> do you agree with former defense secretary chuck hagel eases cessment that in addition to that, to add that on to what you're recommending, this administration should shift its focus from president bashar assad to isis? has there been priorities misplaced, if you will? >> yeah. and i think it's time for the people in washington to have that discussion. you know, right now our objective is to not only defeat isis but to remove bashar al-assad. i don't think you can do both simultaneously. we're going to have to determine what our priority is and given the russian and french involvedment in isis but russia's involvement supporting bashar al-assad, i'm not sure toppling assad right now is going to work for united states. so perhaps it's time to step back, say we need to defeat isis first and then we can handle the political situation in syria
9:46 pm
later. everybody keeps saying there is no military solution but there has to be a military start to get to that political solution. >> does that solution, that military solution involve boots on the ground in your view? >> yes, it's a good question. yeah, i think we need to have some boots on the ground. it depends on how you define boots on the ground. those are the words in washington they don't want to hear. i'm talking about inserting american special operations personnel, air force combat controllers. people that can guide and control the air strikes, special forces army people that can go in and train local forces on how to conduct these operations. the army has foreign internal defense. they're good at it. they train indigenous personnel. it works well. air force and special ops people can control these air strikes. with those two things working in syria and northern iraq, i think we can turn this around. but we've got to commit the resources to do it. and right now there's a hesitation in the pentagon to do
9:47 pm
this. >> rick francona, doesn't this, however, play into isis propagan propaganda? no matter how you slice it and dice it, whatever the boots on the ground end up being, the fact of the matter, if you have that image of returning u.s. military to the middle east, actively on the ground, doesn't that play into isis propaganda which ultimately comes back and hurts the u.s.? >> yeah. you could see it that way. but if you're able to get in there and deal with several defeats isis if if you could start rolling these people back, take territory from help, taking raqqah from them, reclaiming mosul, that cuts their narrative and hurts their recruiting effort. we could turn this around. we can't not do things because it might play into isis' social media network. >> is there a question of timelines? is time running out? we heard a top democrat say on sunday that he feels the u.s. is running out of time in this fight against isis. is the window closing? >> well, i don't know if it's
9:48 pm
closing, but it's certainly becoming more difficult. what we're seeing is isis is hemorrhaging. it's spreading out all over the region and all over the world. we see isis people swearing allegiance to isis in afghanistan, we see them in sinai, we see them in libya, nigeria. and then we see them conducting operations in paris. their recent string of successes from their point of view, ankara, beirut, the gold standard of terrorism and the attacks in paris, and a probable attack in brussels if they can pull it off. so they are really on a roll right now. so no longer contained to syria and iraq. we've got to address them. i think the key is going after them in syria and iraq. >> lieutenant colonel rick francona. the biggest target of the recent air strikes has been isis' self declared capital of
9:49 pm
raqqah, syria. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh gets gets close to the isis headquarters. >> air strikes can repeatedly pound raqqah but it's here that any ground offensive by the kurds towards the capital of isis' self declared caliphate would have to begin and a sense of stalemate. ultimate goal of raqqah visible in the good day in the far distance. this base at times in the past few days hit by isis mortars. >> don't miss nick's full exclusive report from syria monday morning on "new day" at 6:00 a.m. eastern, 11:00 a.m. if you're in london. next on "cnn newsroom" l.a., united in the wake of terror. we review some of the most memorable moments we've seen in the week following the paris attacks. do stay with us. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
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9:54 pm
♪ >> translator: it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army, an army of jihadists against france. ♪ >> we're reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds are
9:55 pm
not only values that the french people care so deeply about but they are values that we share. >> we stand with you united. >> and then suddenly in a flash there was kay ross. friday was a night of shock. saturday was a day of mourning. but on sunday, we felt determined today to come out, to take our lives back. ♪ >> the headline of it is, i will not succumb to hate. friday night you stole an exceptional life, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but i will not succumb to hate. >> we stand free.
9:56 pm
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this is "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles, ahead this hour, a night of antiterror raids in belgium but still no sign of europe's most wanted man. plus, french police need your help learning more about this suspected paris attacker. . and president barack obama returns to the u.s. where he's preparing to host the president of france. hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay. "newsroom l.a." starts right now. it is 7:00 a.m. in brussels where schools and subways are
10:01 pm
closed after authorities extended their highest terror threat level. that's in light of concerns about coordinated attacks, attacks like the ones in paris last week. prime minister said shopping malls and mass transit are possible targets. police in brussels staged 20 antiterror raids on sunday. 16 arrests. they did not find salah abdeslam. he is believed to be an accomplice in the deadly attacks in paris. cnn has more. >> reporter: a night of raids here in belgium. even as it emerges the man at the center of the international manhunt, well, there's no sign of him. >> salah abdeslam is not among the persons arrested during the searches. >> reporter: this comes as belgian prime minister tells his citizens the threat level will remain raised and that schools and the capital city's metro system will remain suspended. belgian residents have had to deal with the reality of these
10:02 pm
raids and here in the city of brussels ongoing sweeps even as the police and military fan out across the belgian capital. the threat level, the tension here, continues to remain high. cnn, brussels. well, french police have released a photo of a man who blew himself up in one of the paris terror attacks. their alert calls him the third suicide bomber at the stade de france but does not give his name. police are urging the public to come forward with any information about this man. max foster is in paris. max, what more can you tell us about where the investigation stands right now? >> reporter: as you say, just huge concern about where salah abdeslam is right now. he's in brussels somewhere. we heard his brother yesterday speaking to belgian tv asking him to hand himself in. and suggesting, i should say, twutz interesting, perhaps his
10:03 pm
brother had pulled out or decided to not go ahead with an attack at the last minute. so the search very much on for him. and they don't seem to be significant leads. obviously he's the big focus of the investigation. they don't know where he is. suggestions he might be trying to get back to syria, might have a suicide vest with him. frightening situation for people living in brussels. in terms of that third stade de france attacker, the photo released is all we have. they're appealing for information. they obviously don't want to give up too much information and they play into a live investigation. we don't know why they're not releasing more information. all they're saying is have you seen this man. if you have, send any information in. there's been an on going issue as well, isha, about how the agencies within countries, security agencies are not sharing information quickly enough. criticism of the belgian authorities not giving the french authorities enough information early on.
10:04 pm
perhaps could have acted more swiftly after the attack. if that was the case. right now it seems as though everyone is trying to work together as closely as possible and asking the public to get involved as well. asking them to be their eyes and ears. so what information they can release they are releasing. but they're being very careful about giving too much away at the same time, isha. >> yeah, the threat level is still incredibly high there in france. max, it's just past 7:00 in the morning monday where you are. i got to ask you, as the workweek begins, what's the mood like there in paris? >> well, it's interesting. people are just sort of getting up and starting to go back to work. i think today is going to be a very interesting test really. it is the day where everyone is expected to go back to work and back to school. there's a real sense of defiance that must carry on and people very much of the intention to live their normal lives. they're not going to succumb to the fear that


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