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tv   Fareed Zakaria GPS Blindsided How ISIS Shook the World  CNN  November 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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abandoned suicide vest just outside of paris, this as the
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manhunt shuts down a major european city. world wide alert, the state department issued a global issue regarding al qaeda and other terror groups. plus? trust me, the only time -- is when terror is stopped. >> to paris from pakistan, the muslim comedians with an important message about terror. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world i'm isha sesay, news room l.a. starts right the heightened state of alert in brussels will not end until next monday, at the earliest, until then, forces will stay on the
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streets and urge people to avoid large gatherings. they found a suicide vest in a trash can, authorities have not said if the vests were related to the friday attacks. cnn reports on the same type of explosives used in the rampage. amid the terror threats, the state department issued alerts to americans traveling abroad, calling on them to be vigilant, with attacks from al qaeda or isis acting alone, a second bulletin, this one issued by the local fbi calls on u.s. police departments to be on the lookout for people surveying potential targets and warns of them training on active shooting scenarios. well, french president hollande is looking at multi-national forces to fight isis. next up, the meeting with u.s. president president obama on tuesday, next he will meet with
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the german chancellor, angela merkel, on wednesday. cnn has more with the very latest, good morning, max, multiple developments on this monday. the fbi issuing a bulletin which provides some details of the planning that went into the paris attacks. what are we learning? >> reporter: well, this is interesting. it's all in relation to a cell phone that was found in a bin there, one of the scenes of the attacks at the bataclan, and on that cell phone was a map and encrypted data and also a text message. this has been analyzed in great depth by analyst agencies and effectively, it suggests that there was a plan and there had been some surveillance of the locations before the attack. as you combine that with intelligence from european intelligence agencies and security agencies, then some of the attackers had gone to syria and they had guns.
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the pitch of this being built up here is this is a sophisticated military-style attack. they had training in how to use the weapons that they had had, and the suicide belts that they had. and developing the suicide belts. and the multiple locations that they had apparently executed out to sight. so the u.s. law enforcement is told to review its training when it comes to an active shooter and in particular, to look at the people that may be carrying out surveillance on soft targets. so it is affecting the way u.s. law enforcement prepares and tries to deter similar styles of attack, isha. >> also on monday, the authorities discovered a suicide vest. what more do we know about whether it belongs to the suspected eighth attacker, salah
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abdeslam, the man who is still on the run? >> well, the area is cordoned off today in a secure area, and some of the items found in a bin which they say contains bolts and explosives, which was the type of explosives used in the paris attack. and in the newspaper here, they are saying that abdeslam's cell phone was tracked to the same area of that bin. so there seems to be some sort of connection there if you pull it altogether. we're waiting for official confirmation on all of that. but it does contradict information from drivers who took abdeslam towards brussels. we have been hearing from them by their lawyers, a rather complicated matter but march since savidge is bringing us the latest on abdeslam, who we believe is the eighth attacker on the run. >> reporter: friday the 13th, carnage and chaos erupts in the
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darkness all over paris. police determine three teens of isis terrorists are responsible and count seven dead suspects. isis takes credit for the bloodbath, but its own words open a mystery now at the center of the manhunt. the isis extension quotes eight brothers targeting in paris' 18th district. there was no attack there, an important piece of the puzzle seems to be missing for police. the only thing police would have found in the 18th district is this rental car, quickly parked in the crosswalk. a source tells cnn it was rented by 26-year-old salah abdeslam, the brother of ibrahim abdeslam, one of the brothers who died in the paris attacks. and much to their embarrassment, french authorities know like
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ibrahim, salah was alive and well. police had stopped him in this car not far from belgium, where abdeslam was from. but because he was not wanted at the time they let him go. now salah abdeslam is france's most wanted. cnn spoke to the family in belgium. >> what would you say if salah is watching this interview somewhere? what do you say to him? >> i would tell him to surrender. >> reporter: belgium authorities have picked up the two men with him in the car when they were stopped at the border, charging him with complicity. and with their attorney they tell a very interesting tale. the two men say they received a phone call from abdeslam, saying his car was broken down and needed a ride back to belgium. so the two friends came here and
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picked him up in paris, saying they had no idea he had been involved in the attacks. the attorney says they noticed also that he was carrying something. quote, a big jacket and maybe like other things, such as an explosive belt or something like that unquote. it raises the question, is salah abdeslam a terrorist or simply running away? >> president hollande is heading your way to have meetings with president obama to discuss forming a united coalition, including with russia, in the fightback on what he calls the war on isis. and joining us from paris where it is approaching 10 past 6:00 a.m. on tuesday, max, thank you. and belgium authorities charged a suspect in connection with the paris attacks. prosecutors also say 15 people detained have been released.
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meanwhile, brussels will stay at the highest terror alert level until at least monday. and belgium's prime minister says that wednesday will be the earliest that schools and the metro will open in brussels. cnn correspondent frederik pleitgen joins us from brussels. so fred, set the scene for us and our viewers. is brussels a city completely shut down? >> reporter: well, it's not completely shut down but it's pretty much the closest you can get to being shut down without actually issuing a curfew to the complete population. as we went around yesterday there were soldiers and armored vehicles and security forces patrolling the streets. there were very, very few people on the streets yesterday. there were some who did come out. there were a lot of shops that were not opened. it sort of was a scene in the morning hours you saw almost nothing happening, which was very strange.
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then towards the end of the day in greater numbers, but it still was less. there was a shopper on the square who said he never saw the square as abandoned as it was on that day. as i look around this morning it pretty much is exactly the same scene. we're sort of above one of the main metro stations here in brussels. obviously, it is not working. there are a few people walking around but i'm seeing a lot of green and blue on the streets there which indicates it is soldiers and police officers going around also. also, military vehicles stationed on the entrance here in the main square in brussels. it really looks as though the main people will have to deal with all of this for at least an entire day. as you said the brussels authorities are saying that the highest terror alert level, level 4, will remain in place at least until next monday. however, by wednesday they want to start gradually opening the subway system again and opening schools, as well.
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and speaking to wsome parents they say they're quite concerned about the safety at schools and are on board with those measures. of course, it is another thing that makes it difficult for them. first of all they don't have public transportation to get to work or get their children to school, so secondly, it is quite difficult here. >> fred, we appreciate the live report there from brussels, thank you so much. now, france conducted its first -- france conducted its first airstrikes against isis and syria from the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle monday. it came immediately after the paris attacks. the french ministry said that four aircraft hit isis. what can you tell us about these french strikes? do we know what was targeted? >> reporter: well, what we're hearing, isha, is that there are headquarters and recruiting facilities as well as training centers that are being targeted
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in these airstrikes. the french forces trying to degrade isis' fighting capabilities. now, the arrival of the charles de gaulle aircraft carrier in the eastern mediterranean almost triples the number of aircraft that the french can use in their arsenal to strike at isis. that brings it up to 38. and so they have been talking -- they have been hitting these targets not only in syria but also iraq, as well. but the french, we have seen stepping up the number of airstrikes as well, hitting dozens of targets. and at times we're hearing they're hitting the same targets multiple times. that could mean because it is a large target or also isis wants to target and go back and reclaim it. now we're hearing from u.s. officials that this is not some sort of linear process. that targets come up and when they're do they're assigned aircraft to bomb it.
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but they don't get a number of -- or they get their intelligence on the ground that produces these targets. and when that happens they will assign a plane to strike it. >> and ian, what do we know of the level of coordination between these french airstrikes and the ground troops there on the ground fighting isis? >> reporter: well, what we're hearing from the ground there in syria is that the ypg fighters who are north of raqqah, they have u.s. special forces that are with them. now, they wouldn't indicate where they were and what they were doing exactly. but we know that u.s. special forces have been on the ground with them. they're also in coordination -- we're hearing through intercepts, this is something that isis has been aware of. they have shut down internet cafes and restricted the use and
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access to the internet because they believe that intelligence that targets our being -- are being given to the coalition fighters so that they can strike them in raqqah. >> and joining us from cairo with the very latest on these french airstrikes, ian, we appreciate it, thank you. now, in the meeting with russian president vladimir putin ir iran's supreme leaders discussing the two sides and the gas exploration in tehran. one spokesperson said the leaders agreed international powers should not impose their political agendas on syria. according to iran state-run media, irputin will finalize an agreement with iran in the meeting. and coming up, we'll tell you what the u.s. intelligence is saying about the situation in raqqah next. plus, the u.s. ambassador
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hello, everyone, the recent wave of airstrikes on isis targets in syria may have isis leaders on the run. according to u.s. intelligence they are fleeing the terror group's self-proclaimed city of raqqah. >> reporter: isis leader baghdadi is long believed to be hiding inside isis' stronghold syrian city of raqqah, but sources say they're trying to get out of raqqah, moving their locations to safer areas outside the city. >> it shows the pressure we're putting on isol is having. >> reporter: the hunt is on for baghdadi and at least six other senior isis officials including this key man, an isis commander the u.s. believes may now be
9:20 pm
directing attacks outside syria and iraq. >> i think they are more decentralized outside of syria and iraq because they know they are getting beat in those two countries. so they have been given the word, conduct attacks on your own soil. >> attacks they have ordered or inspired by isis include paris, beirut, and possibly the downing of the russian airliner in sinai, u.s. officials say. the french sending their own response, the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle launched their own strikes against isis targets. isis released a video showing what it says is damage inside raqqah, cnn cannot independently verify the images. defense secretary ash carter is to meet with his french counterpart tuesday. in the wake of the paris attacks the pentagon is hoping allies will increase their efforts in
9:21 pm
syria all in an effort to break isis' grip on raqqah, the u.s. will press for france and britain to send special forces to join with u.s. commandos due to arrive in northern syria at any time. the u.s. also hopes turkey will agree to let allies, not just the u.s., fly out of its air base to challenge isis' international networks. the u.s. also stepping up attacks on isis' oil infrastructure inside syria in the last few days, striking nearly 300 oil smuggling trucks in the eastern part of the country. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. lieutenant colonel rick francona joins us now, great to have you with us. how does having the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle aid in the fight against isis?
9:22 pm
>> well, it gives the french the capability, initially they only had had ten there conducting airstrikes in syria, but when they bring the charles de gaulle in, it gives them another 40 or 50 aircrafts in the skies over syria, and it gives them more strikes against the targets. i think they're being pretty effective so it does bring in added capability to the coalition. >> we're hearing that in recent days there has been heavy bombardment of raqqah, their stronghold. and sources say according to our correspondent barbara starr, sources say the leaders are trying to get out of raqqah pretty fast. if they're on the run, what should be the next move of the u.s.-led coalition? >> well, i think it's important we continue the pressure on raqqah because that is their self-proclaimed capital. if it's true the leadership is
9:23 pm
leaving that is a good sign. you know, being under aerial bombardment is not really just a physical event, it's a psychological event. and it really stops your ability to carry on the fight and saps your will. so i really think this is a good sign. with the russians and french and coalition bombing it really keeps that pressure on. and i think it's a good thing. the fallout is they're looking for other ways to attack. they feel frustrated they can't do things against the strikes, so they're looking for other ways to attack. we're seeing that. we're seeing it in beirut, paris, and the sinai, and we can look for it in other places as well. >> but of course for the coalition and the anticipation of air bombardment also comes with the risk of civilian casualties? >> yes, that is the problem, and up until now, the coalition has been very casualty-averse, the
9:24 pm
russians are not using the same rules of engagement as we are and i don't believe the french is, as well. so i think there is discussions going on at the pentagon to lighten the restrictions on the air crews and let them actually strike the targets when they see them. unfortunately, there will be collateral damage with that. the rules of war are pretty specific. you have to take precautions against collateral damage but it does not mean you can't bomb. so unfortunately, i think we can expect higher civilian casualties. >> as you talk about maybe recessing the rules of engagement, let me talk to you about the french president's move to what he calls a grand and single coalition, let me ask you about that. do you believe the coalition needs to be recalibrated? i know you talked about the rules of engagement, but beyond
9:25 pm
that how do you see things? >> and i know what the french resident wants to do, and i think it's a good idea if he can get it done. if we can get the russians and french on the same sheet and going after isis, as you know the russians are not just bombing isis, they're bombing targets that are allies with the united states. we have to focus on isis as a target if we can get the coalition that does that. the problem is, how do you handle the bashar assad government? what is their role in this? the russians want him to remain in power. they're all supporters of bashar assad. the coalition, the u.s.-led coalition wants assad to go. that has to be resolved before we come up to any way to fight isis. >> colonel francona, always great to get your perspective. >> good to be with you, isha. and coming up, how there
9:26 pm
could be a link to the paris terror attacks. and coming up, how a group of pakistani comedians are trying to bring greater understanding to islam.
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you are watching cnn news room live from los angeles, i am isha isha, and the investigators in paris are analyzing a possible suicide vest found in a garbage can. cnn reports that the vest contained the same type of explosive used in the paris attacks. authorities have not said if the vest was related to those attacks. and authorities have charged
9:30 pm
a suspect in connection with the paris attacks, meanwhile, belgium will stay on high alert. the u.s. state department has issued a worldwide travel alert to americans. it calls on u.s. citizens to be vigilant in public places and when using transportation, citing possible attacks on isis, al qaeda, boko haram or terrorists acting alone. french president francois hollande will meet with united states president barack obama on tuesday, part of the leader's push to build a broader coalition against isis. on monday, british prime minister david cameron visited the bataclan theater outside paris. let's go back now to our own max foster here live for us in paris. and max, the threat level remains extremely high in
9:31 pm
france. >> reporter: absolutely, for the next three months you have a state of emergency which effectively gives the police these extra powers to go on raids and searches without having to go to court. they have to account for their actions afterwards in court. and last week as you described, president hollande is on a diplomatic mission around the world to try to build a coalition in his war against isis. as you described it, he will be back on friday for a key moment as the country tries to heal from the horrific attacks on that friday, friday before last. there will be a national remembrance for the people that died and really what this means for french culture and the new threat they face in the world. so president hollande will be back on friday with that. he actually has a meeting with angela merkel here in paris. tomorrow, he is a very busy
9:32 pm
person right now but it's all really about the fightback this week. we're also finding out more about the sophistication that went into this plot. the police are hunting actually for one of isis' top french-speaking operatives that they believe directed the paris attacks. cnn's brian todd has more about this man. >> reporter: just hours after the carnage in paris, a claim of responsibility from isis' senior french operative, fabien clain. no attack in the 18th district every materialized, but a car believed to be driven by the alleged perpetrator salah abdeslam, was parked in the 18th district, he is still on the loose. the only suspected attacker believed to have survived. >> investigators believe to salah abdeslam may have been
9:33 pm
tasked to launch an attack against the 18th arrondissement. >> one of abdeslam's brothers says he believed that abdeslam changed his mind at the last minute and decided never to go through with the attack. but it still points to fabien clain's advanced knowledge of the attack. sources believe that clain was a ringleader, directing the attacks with precision. >> he has significant relationships with the attackers. we also know he has longtime relationships with various people who have committed attacks in belgium and also in france. >> european counterterror officials believe that clain worked together with abdelhamid abaaoud not only on the paris attacks but also on a high speed shooting on a train going from belgium to france in august, interrupted by three americans. and police believe that clain was the mastermind on an attack, the plot failed when the
9:34 pm
suspected terrorist shot himself in the leg. but the french newspaper reports on a stunning network. analysts say the operatives handlers directed him in every step in the church plot by encrypted notes, it was terror by remote. >> they instructed him to weapon up weapons and a bullet-proof vest at a car parked in a neighborhood paris to pick up the keys from a front tire, and wear gloves. >> with that high-level detail, officials say clain is probably looking to attack france again. it is believed that clain is in syria, a u.s. counterterrorism official says that while it's difficult to track down these crazy people, it's not impossible. brian todd, cnn, washington.
9:35 pm
>> security agencies, issa, around the world are determining how to effect the response to the attacks. the repercussions of this go on and on and on. >> yes, governments around the world on high alert. the threat is very real. max foster joining us there from paris, thank you, max. now, the political debate over syrian refugees is raging with several republican presidential candidates calling them a threat. that story next. i take pictures of sunrises,
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9:39 pm
ambassador samantha power denounced their hard-line stance. >> in the wake of the paris attacks, many officials, public servants, have appealed to our people's fears of refugees saying that we should turn away people who have suffered bombings. people who suffer disappearances. people who have suffered religious persecution. >> well, back in the u.s. the political debate on resettling refugees have sparked some controversy from some republican presidential candidates. great to have you both on the show. ben, if i could start with you, how do you view the recent comments by several gop candidates, essentially calling syrian refugees a potential threat to the u.s. and therefore, to be kept out of the country? >> i think they see that the safeguards needed to make sure that they're absolutely policy sure who the people are coming into this country. and we see what happened and how this was exploited by the
9:40 pm
terrorists in paris. so i don't think it is so much about the refugees as it is about making sure that we're keeping out isis terrorists who are very willing to use any weakness in the system, especially refugee status, to come in not only to this country but also countries like paris and belgium by using that status to get in and gain access to that country. so i think the candidates want to make it clear. this is not about not liking refugees or wanting to help refugees. they want to help them. they don't want to allow terrorists to come in and do what they did in paris. >> mark, do you agree? >> obviously, no one wants terrorists in the country, i think too often we use terrorism or discourses as a pretext. despite the fact we have a range of security checks. a range of departments from the state department, defense
9:41 pm
department, homeland security, they all partake in the investigation of potential refugees. it's not an overnight process. despite all of this we act as if people can sort of join isis and stumble in to the united states through a refugee process. i agree we could do more and have greater intelligence in syria which would allow us to have greater insight before people come over. but we make sure that people are not terrorists before they come over. and we have to maintain our practice of letting people in when they're vulnerable and desperate. >> and let me bring a statistic to our attention, to both of you gentlemen. on sunday night, i had professor brian levin on the show. he made the point that since 9/11 this country has taken in about 784,000 refugees. and out of those there have been three individuals who are deemed to pose a threat. so ben, when you look at those numbers, when you just look at
9:42 pm
the raw data, the question has to be asked whether gop candidates are just absolutely deliberately stoking fear just for political gain. >> i don't think it's stoking fear, as paris is an example, it's an issue of being cautious that we learn from the mistakes and vulnerability that we just saw in paris. i'm in a conservative state, texas, the second-most syrians have been coming into this state. so this state is very open to refugees, for example, but as the governor put it we have to look and learn from paris and make sure that we see what vulnerabilities there are. we also know from intelligence that isis has told individuals that under their leadership you should exploit the refugee process to your advantage. that is what we've seen from intelligence on isis. so when you see that there is a new way that terrorists are trying to gain access in this country and other countries you have to change and adapt to
9:43 pm
that. and again, if you look at the data that syria, people from syria have been overwhelmingly welcomed in texas, a conservative state. when you look at it you should say maybe we need to hit the pause button and change things and our intelligence in checking out things is very hard to do in syria right now because who are you going to call and who will you ask? it is different in other countries. >> the problem with that argument it suggests that our system is somehow the same as paris and france, somehow, that our system is the same. our checks are far more intense than paris and europe in general. so we already do more than europe. the reason we have had more than 700,000 refugees and no real terrorists is because we don't do what europe does, and we don't have the same threat and vulnerabilities. again, we can always do more, it
9:44 pm
can't stop us from being the nation that lets people in. let's not forget two things, one, it is our foreign policy in part that allows the kind of despotic regimes in syria and the region that make people want to leave and abandon isis and all of these other folk. and two, when we don't let people in, then we double down on the course of zenophobia, or islamophob islamophobia, then we actually push more terrorism -- >> the former assistant fbi director and said one of the biggest reasons he has red flags with syria, unlike other countries with refugees and there are checks and balances and we were able to check with that individual or about that individual in that host country. we do not have that relationship in syria. so at the very beginning he is
9:45 pm
saying it's flawed with syria because we do not have anyone to check with over there. >> i agree that there is no central person, you're right of the -- it's not like in in jordan -- >> it's not like assad is going to tell us who the terrorists are. >> and to this question that we are posing not just the united states but also to europe, many take the stand of by not letting these people, many who are fleeing terror and atrocity, places with a safe haven, the u.s. is basically shirking their moral responsibility and also saying something about their own values. how do you respond to this, ben explosive. >> i disagree, you don't have to, by not allowing them in the country doesn't mean you don't help them at all. i think we need to put more pressure on our allies and other countries that are centrally located to where these refugees are and centrally help them.
9:46 pm
this is not an either or, we're going to help them, there are other ways to help the refugees without taking them half way around the world. and to part of the equation seems to somehow completely eluded this conversation. there are other ways and options to set up safe places for these refugees in this part of the worl world. >> real quick. >> taking people half way across the world when you're in an area of extreme crisis and trauma actually is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. most people leaving from al nusra or other regimes, are happy to come from half a world away. iraq has syrian refugees, even egypt has syrian refugees. so the immediate area does that. the question is what role will we play? even paris itself which is a victim of this awful tragedy is
9:47 pm
willing to take 30,000 more. so if they're willing to take 30,000 after the crisis it seems we have a moral and political and tactical responsibility to do the same. >> thank you both so much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. coming up on cnn news room, live from los angeles, muslim comedians condemn the paris terror attacks and are using laughter to do it. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile.
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hello, everyone, some say laughter is the best medicine. and a group of pakistani comedians hope that sentiment holds true. in a recent video viewed more than 700 times, the men say that it's to review the negative stereotypes. >> trust me, the only thing, angry? annoyed, when we don't get our morning coffee. and the only thing that we slice and roast is a good piece of juicy beef steak. in all honesty, we're the same people as you. >> we have the same dreams and
9:52 pm
hopes and visions as you. and when we go to bed at night, we fall asleep praying to wake up to a better world for all of us. >> welcome to the show, it's enter to have you with us. this is a really funny video with ab extremely important message, why did you guys decide to make it? >> well, for starters, when the scenes of the paris attacks happened, the first thing that came to our head was the attack last year. we were absolutely horrified by that, that was probably the darkest time we've seen. when we saw what was going on in paris, the scene came back to us. we just wanted to send out a message telling them how we're standing with them. giving them a message of solidarity. and telling them that we understand what they're going through right now. >> one of the key points to
9:53 pm
bring out is you all say in this video you're not going to apologize for the actions of these terrorists and what they did in paris. i want to play a clip for our viewers so they hear exactly what you say. >> as you all may know, on the 13th of november, the french capital saw barbaric attacks. we want you to know we're just as shocked as the rest of the world. >> we absolutely pray for your safety. >> we are one of the few nations that completely understand what you're going through. why? because incidents like these are very common in pakistan. in fact, less than a year ago a school in persshawar was attack, where over hundred children were attacked. that is a really important point you make there. you can't apologize for the actions of a few deranged
9:54 pm
individuals who claim to be just like you. talk to that a little bit more and the need to get that message out to the world. >> like you said, these are very small groups of individuals who are doing something in the name of religion or in the name of my community. and again, we're 1.6 billion people out there. we can't all possibly be like them. the reason why this is out there, this had to be out there was because when we -- from this part of the world go on line and we see a lot of people sort of putting blame on muslims, as a whole, i think it's very important to make them understand that we condemn these acts as much as you do. in fact, we understand exactly what you guys are coming from because we go through this almost every day. and for us as a community is gets really confusing because there is at one point from one end of the spectrum, there are extremists who are trying to
9:55 pm
kill us and our way of life. and on the other end of the spectrum, there are people putting blame on us for what is happening to them. so it puts us in a very tricky and sad position. >> saad, what has been the response to the video? >> it has been absolutely phenomenal. i mean, we were expecting it to reach out to a few people. that would have been a win for us. but it came out on sunday last week. overnight, it had over a million views, up until right now it has more than 7 million views and has been featured in more than 20 newspapers. it has gone to over 150,000 shares. i mean, the messages we have been getting from europe, people in america, it has been absolutely amazing. honestly, we don't even know how to deal with it. >> well, it's a great video, everybody should take a look at it. assad, thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you for having me over.
9:56 pm
>> and thank you for watching cnn news room live from los angeles, i'm isha isha. i'll be back with another hour after a short break. you're watching cnn.
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. french police closed down a suburban street after the discovering of a possible suicide vest. plus, the belgian security lockdown is extended with officials determined to prevent an attack there. and u.s. presidential candidate donald trump is under fire for his latest comments about muslims and 9/11. hello, and welcome to our viewers from the united states and around the world. i'm iesha sesay. news room starts right no


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