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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 24, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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eighth. and by the way he's also a contributor to the magazine. >> that's true -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> he's able to do this with a diet of a doughnut a week. every friday. >> congratulations. >> you're not happy for me. time for newsroom and carol costel costello. >> i have some office coffee for you in a paperwork as my congratulations -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> have a great day. news room starts now. good morning everyone. i'm carol costello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with breaking news. the french president at andrews air force base right now. his plane just touching down. he's headed to the white house for what could be a tense meeting over russia, turkey and isis.
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all over the video you are about to see. chilling. vladimir putin calling it a stab in the back. a russia war plane is engulfed in flames igniting a new diplomatic crisisis. turkey says the plane invae inv its air space and ignored for around 5 minutes. two pilots did eject from this plane. you are going to see that shortly. there you see the jet crashing into the mountains of turkey. the pilots eject. they parachute to the ground. not necessarily to safety. this territory largely held by syrian rebels the group that the air strikes are targeting. vladimir putin lashing out as helicopters canvas the hot spot.
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and global concerns rising over whether this conflict will derail the coalition building against isis. our correspondents covering all of thing e angles. let's get to it. we begin with matthew chance in moscow. hi. >> reporter: well the russians have basically come out extre extremely angry at this incident, the downing of this war plane. they have confirmed first of all that it's taken place. they have also confirmed that the two pilots on board ejects themselves. the whereabout has still not been confirmed to us. the russians are strongly objecting to the turkish allegation that that war plane
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sbrnd turkish air spacentered i. the plane went down in extremely hostile territory. that's something the russians deeply concerned about now, the fai fate of the pilots. vladimir putin saying this was a stab in the back by terrorist accomplices. the plaend was downed over syrian territory by air to air missiles from turkish f-16 intercepters. he says it could have serious consequences for the relationship in the future between turkey and russia. >> let's go to ben wedeman now with a turkish perspective. turkey said it recently warned russia not have to have its
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aircraft flying into the turkish territory. but turkey says that is what happened. >> yes indeed. not only turkey but nato warned russia about russian aircraft entering turkish air space. this incident happened at 9:24 in the morning when according to both turks and russians the plane crashed. the narratives are completely different with the turks saying they warned this russian plane ten times within five minutes not to enter turkish air space. the turks have in fact put out a path analysis map in which they insist it shows that indeed this praen did enter briefly into the turkish territory. since then the british foreign minister has summoned the russian ambassador. we did see a tweet from the
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turkish ambassador to washington. he says understand this. turkey is a country who is warnings should be taken very seriously and listened to. don't test turkey's patience. try to win its friendship. that friendship very much in tatter at the moment. this despite the fact that there is a huge amount of trade going on between turkey and russia. turkey is a very popular destination for millions of russian tourists every year. but at this point, that friendship very much in danger. >> so ben, these two russian pilots, do we know their condition? where they are? if they are being held? >> well what we've seen is a fair amount of video posted on social media allegedly by rebel groups who say that they have at least one of them. it appears he's dead.
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we did hear from one of the rebel groups in the area saying their men fieshd on one of the pilots as he was parachuting to earth. and ernl frcertainly from the vt appears that he received multiple gunshot wounds. in the case of the second pilot his fate is unclear. where he went down is just a few kilometers controlled by an area from the syrian government. but no word on his fate yet. >> any word on the pilots in russia? >> we're still very much dependent carol on information coming to us from the ground and the russians are in the same situation. so we've seen all these videos making the rounds on social media apparently showing pilots or a pilot at least dead. as ben was mentioning there. there are other unconfirmed reports as well that the second
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pilot may not have survived either. but the speculation on the russian media is that look, you know, it is going to be absolutely awful. it is going to turn very ugly indeed if it turns out that either of these pilots, whether dead or alive find themselves in the hands of isis or any other islamist group that is bitterly opposed to russia. but we're just going to have to wait and see. the information is still very sketchy. we're gleaning what we can at the moment. >> many thanks. of course you are looking at president hollande's plane just landing. any moment he'll get off and be on his way to meet with president obama. nato will hold an energies meeting in two hours with -- emergency meeting in two hours. before that president obama will
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sit down with francois hollande. on the agenda, a united front against isis, one that includes russia, france and the united states. but now that appears unlikely. michelle co-s . >> reporter: turkey's role has really been complicated from the start. this conversation today between hollande and obama is bound to be complicated as well. and wide-ranging. questions that have dogged the coalition are "are there enough resources to really operate effectively?" "is the coalition really working at all?" and can awe all these really diverse interests -- russia, iran, europe, america. can they cooperate effectively? that remains to be scene. although this has been going on more than a year.
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francois hollande is on a tour trying to step things up. ramp up action against isis. improve its own national security. once the u.s. has continued help in that and that is something the white house is absolutely prepared to give. there is going to be a press conference and both leaders will take questions in a few hours. and to make this more complicated and interesting is that after this meeting, hollande will then travel on to moscow to meet with vladomir putin. that is something that was planned before this shoot down of the russian fighter jet. but there's been speculation that russia is going to try to convince france for lifting sanctions in return for more cooperation against isis. russia is framing this as a step
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towards a coalition as against isis. we all know that coalition already existed, led by the u.s. we know this isn't some kind of competition and the sanctions against russia will remain in place until russia changes its behavior in ukraine. but still the u.s. welcomes russia in the coalition as long as they are undeed targeting isis. >> as we await president hollande to be whisked off the plane. let's go to more about this meeting for nato officials. >> reporter: they are putting their case out in for why this russian plane had to come down. showing the map that showed the incursion into the air space. also talking about the ten warnings it made to the aircraft to get out of the air space.
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these are the findings they now want to present to their nato allies later today. this follows a pattern of what happened the last time turkish officials say russia aircrafts made an incursion into their space. at that time there was a another emergency meeting and hay put out a statement. allies strongly protest these violations of turkish sovereign air space and condemn these incursions into and viegss of nato air space. allies also note the tremendous danger of irresponsible behavior. they call on the russian federation to cease and desist and immediately explain these violations. that was the sum total of the response from nato the last time that turkey came here and presented their findings. we will have to see later this morning what the response from the counsel is after the meeting.
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>> a little technical problem from our shot in brussels. i want to switch back to washington now. as we await president hollande to get off the plane and walk down the steps. michelle, i know president hollande was trying to be sort of a mediator between russia and the united states. but you know turkey is the u.s. ally and russia and turkey don't exactly get along. so this really does complicate matters. >> what a tangled web. in a sense we had one there to begin with. now its gotten more complicated and more dangerous. and there we see president francois hollande descending the stairs there on his way to the white house to meet in the oval office with president obama. >> i think it is going to be very interesting today when they take questions immediately after their meeting.
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we're going to hear from them both around 11:30. it is interesting to see him on this tour, talking to different leaders who are part of the coalition and then russia comes next. in fact just yesterday we saw hollande meet with the british prime minister who is now vowing to go back to parliament and ask again for air strikes over syria. and that is something that parliament denied the first time around. so that is going to be another aspect of this. as hollande tries to build support for stepping up action against isis, who is going to jump in and contribute more? and that is something the white house has been asking for a long time and something we heard them emphasize many times over the last few days. what additional resources are others going to contribute to the fight against isis? they think there is plenty of room there for allies. but when the white house has
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been asked by the same token what more resources is the u.s. going to contribute to the fight against isis? they have been somewhat vague? they have said intensification and additional resources are absolutely a possibility but how exactly those will come into play we're going to have to wait and see. >> michelle kosinski, keep us posted. still to come. a worldwide travel alert. what the state department is warning about you.
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americans warning them to be on guard when traveling over the holidays. jim sciutto live in washington with more on this. good morning. >> so now you have the fbi with a domestic warning and the state department with this international warning. the fbi, to be clear, it is not based on any credible specific threat. more the general concern that what they call home-grown violent extremists may try to duplicate what we saw in paris. in particular it is encouraging local police forces to retrain for active shooter situations. that is one thing. and also to keep their eyes on the lookout for people doing surveillance of possible targets. taking picture, taking videos this kind of thing. it is pretty general but it does show their level of concern. just to quote one line from the fbi warning. they say we assess home grown
6:20 am
exviolee violent extremists inspired or directed represent the most likely threat to the homeland. and i've heard for some time that is what they consider the lone wolf threat from afar. the most likely. the thing is now you have this state department threat that tells americans traveling anywhere in the world to be on the lookout for this kind of thing are particularly in the kind of targets we've seen. sporting events. e aviation services. flying etc. nothing specific in the threat -- rather in that warning but this a more general be aware kind of message there. >> so here i am living in new york city, thanksgiving day parade is upon us. it is going to happen on thursday. i ride the subway every day. what am i supposed to look for? >> it is a great question. i got kids. i'm thinking the same thing. what do you do?
6:21 am
i talk to counter terror foclks all the time. and i say what are you doing? and the general message you hear is keep living your life. and just be more oi ware, which is kind of frustrating advice. because, you know, you go pick up a gallon of milk you got to be aware. you go to the thanksgiving day parade -- that kind of thing. it is tough but the fact is carol it is the world we live in. and the thing is these guys could attack anywhere why any time. but chances are they are not beginning to. and chances are you are going to be safe. it is just a difficult balance all of us have to strike as we deal with this going forward. >> see how intelligence agencies are in a fierce fight to keep the world safe when cnn brings you exclusive looks inside the
6:22 am
war on terror. tonight 9:00 eastern on cnn. and this just in. german police have now joined the intensive man hunt for the surviving paris terror suspect. cnn's clarissa ward live in france with more. >> reporter: the german police are now involved in the search for the eighth attacker. salah abdeslam has been on the run since paris. last seen approaching the belgium border a few hours after the attacks and we're hearing from a statement that they have received a tip-off he may be at an address known to police in minden. northwest germany. we'll keep you up to speed with that the min we hear anything else. but here anxiety is still running very high. about an hour ago we had the
6:23 am
entire square behind me, everyone us evacuated by police. all the metro stations were shut down because of a bomb threat. that doesn't appear to materialized anything anything more substantial but certainly speaks to the heightened alert people here find themselves on. the investigative side focused very much right now on this suicide vest that was found in a garbage can in the paris suburb of -- rouge last night. and that suicide vest was stuffed with tatp, which is the very crude explosive that the attackers used in all of those suicide vests. as well as metal bolts. so clearly designed to do maximum damage. and what is even more interesting is that according to french media reports, the cell
6:24 am
phone of salah abdeslam the eighth attacker still on the loose was tracked to that very area hours after the attacks. was that vest belonging to him? did he dump it in the trash can? and investigators are optimistic that because the vest hasn't been detonated they might get a treasure trove of dna information from that vest. it is believed the bomb maker may still be alive too. >> live from paris, thank you. still to come. republican presidential hopeful ben carson trails as another political outsider surges. up next, who's running neck and neck with donald trump in iowa? (waves crashing) (audio distortion) (splashing)
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. say hello to a new surging republican candidate. not rubio. not bush. but senator ted cruz. a new quinnipiac poll has cruz neck and neck with trump in iowa. trump still leads when it comes to handling terrorism. 30% of caucus gores are all this in for trump on that issue. and the front ramping up on water boarding last night. >> would i approve water boarding? you bet your ass i'd approve it. you bet your ass. in a heart beat. in a heart beat. >> but ted cruz is hot on trump's heels. he earns the highest marks on foreign policy. this is the man who senator john mccain once called a whacko bird. cruz embracing the term on tee
6:30 am
shirts and according to yahoo has a black whacko bird hat in his office. >> gras roots sporteupporters w and printed out hats. and to this day. and my response publicly, i said said if standing for liberty and standing for the constitution count me a whacko bird? count me a proud whacko bird. >> proud whacko bird, hey? >> well he's an outsider. and that plays into it. a lot of republicans don't like senator mccain. >> that's true. but -- let's look at this poll. trump still at the top but no question ted cruz is gaining. and this is a part of ted cruz's strategy for a long time. what's striking about this poll
6:31 am
is you have 66% of the iowa caucus voters saying they are going to support trump cruz or carson. cruz has the most experience among them. take a step back though and realize that democrats have won iowa four out of the last five times. so does this poll reflect caucus goers in iowa? reflect even the state? not necessarily. it does reflect the republican party, who's base is moving further right. >> how much meaning should we attach to this poll? >> we are heading to thanksgiving break. and polls start having meaning now. and when donald trump is on top of polls more or less a hundred days, you have to take that seriously. and when that top tier has been occupied by trump, carson and now ted cruz, that is a serious message. because that is a group of folks who are weighted far more right than the republican party at
6:32 am
large. >> supposedly traditional republicans are getting very nervous about donald trump. donald trump tweeted, big spending planned against me. that wasn't deal. >> i have no idea. my ability to read trump's mind gets more and more distant with time. but clearly the journal and a lot of folks who -- and the journal, when they start raising concerns about the actual viability of a candidate or whether the plans they are proposing are actually practical or possible, folks better take notice? and ted cruz is not the most popular guy among those who know him best in the u.s. senate. and that's known and understood. then the republican party has even more soul searching to do.
6:33 am
>> say trump does get the nomination and mainstream republicans don't like that. what can they do? >> they can have a 40 state loss. but you shouldn't underestimate the power of conservative populism. the appeal of a strong man, happens when people feel their government is in effective and dysfunctional and a lot of main street folks opt out of conversation because it seems like strong struggle. that creates a vacuum that the strong man tries to climb into it. and it is a gut check for those who vote in front. coming up in the newsroom, the rhetoric heating up after a russian jet is brought down. up next i'll talk to a former fighter pilot about what he thinks happened in the skies over syria. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are.
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the french president francois hollande minutes from his meeting are president obama. while he's working to build a strong coalition against isis --. two russian pilots were aboard the plane. both men parachuted out of the aircraft. we do not know what happened to those pilots after that. i want to bring in justin green. welcome. i want to put that video up again so people can see what happened. this russian fighter jet was
6:39 am
flying at 19,000 feet. turkey says it was flying into the turkish air space. and you can see the plane catches fire and it plummets to the ground. so russia is now saying that turkish f-16 shot an air-to-air missile and brought that plane down. we know the pilots ejected. take us through what would be happening in the sky. >> from what turkey is saying they had the russian aircraft on radar that it started doing warnings probably while the russian aircraft was coming close to turkish air space. because the flight route that turk has released shows a very very short time over turkish air space that the russian jet flew. so i don't think it is a question that the russian jet was minutes over turkish air space. it is probably closer to seconds over turkish air space. but in --
6:40 am
>> so if you are the russian pilots aboard that military jet and you hear warnings coming in? supposedly ten warnings in five minutes. what do you normally do? >> normally what you do is you stay out of turkish air space. you know where you were. the question is how were those warnings given? what language? what frequency? did they actually get to the russian pilots? i have that feeling when this investigation -- everybody who's talking now, the turks, the russians, they all have a point of view they are trying to sell. and what has to really happen is the facts have to come out. >> right. >> and it may turn out this is just a series of blunders on the russian pilots and the turkish air force. >> okay. . so let's continue in our saga. supposedly the russian pilots were given the warnings. and then subsequently shot down. would the pilot be able to --
6:41 am
>> probably not. unless the aircraft is putting out a signal. we are not talking about flying up on the aircraft and doing a dog fight. we're talking about acquiring the aircraft on a missile tracking system and shooting a missile from a great distance away. it is very unlikely they knew exactly. i think it was really unidentified aircraft -- a bogey," that was interfering with turkish air space. >> so for the russians in the fighter jet, how would they know when the to eject? >> they would eject when the aircraft becomes damaged. >> when the missile hits them they would eject. >> they would have an indication that a missile is inbound. you have probably seen in this movies. they would probably try some
6:42 am
evasive maneuvers and try to distract the missile. and once the missile hits they pull the ejection seats and they are both out of the aircraft. and i think what would be really great is that somebody has to go get those pilots back. i think one is reported as dead. one seems to have been captured. but teamwork could do a lot of good right now if they use their influence in the region to get those pilots back so they don't have to suffer the fite that other captured pilots had -- >> do you think teamwourkey wou that because they are not happy -- >> well they are not happy. but thf they have to understand. we have common enemies in the area. unfortunately some differences of opinion with russia but these guys are military guys just like our guys and they should get home. >> right. we don't know what happened to the pilots right now but we have
6:43 am
reports one is dead and one is perhaps been captured. thanks for stopping by. a stab in the back. vladimir putin lashing out, warning turkey of significant consequences over that downed jet. this could complicate strategy, especially if russia retaliates against nato member turkey. julia, to you first. will russia retaliate in some way against turkey? >> you know, this isn't the first time that russia has flown into turkish air space. so i think, you know, to
6:44 am
justin's point that they may have been in turkish air space for not a very long time. but i this i from the turkish point of view this isn't the first time this has happened and i think they felt they had to make a strong showing. vladimir putin's statement when he was with king abdullah of jordan was actually very strong. so there might be some kind of retaliation. the problem is, you know, how do you retaliate against a nato member without it's collaescala into the full blown war? >> how will putin respond? >> i think a possible coalition working together to fight isis and there is this underlying issue of trust and whether or not we can credibly rely on russia as an ally to fight isis. you've got to remember when russia first started the military build up at the end of
6:45 am
september, they said they tried to sell it that they were fighting isis. but we were the first targets? they targeted anti, the moderate rebels in the free syrian army so. think this underlies this problem of trust and the possibility of working together with nato. i think one way to kind of gauge the way russia is going to spin the situation is looking at the narrative they are pushing on the media. and right now the headline on russian media is that the russian plane was likely downed with a ground-based missile. from turkey we're hearing it was air to air. why is that significant? if it was air to air that gives the indication they did get several warnings, they were warned to get out of turkish air space. but russia is spinning it or the narrative that is coming out is that it was a ground to air missile. so already you are seeing the spin machine in the russian propaganda campaign trying to
6:46 am
make their case. >> a lot of conflicting information right now. >> so julia, what should the united states do? >> oh i think they have to tread very, very carefully. but liz is right. the thing is jussen was talking how there is going to have to be an investigation into what actually happened. the thing is that investigation doesn't really matter. because the russian people and russian functionaries and russian officials are going to believe and act on according to what they see on their television screens. and right now the kremlin television propaganda machine is kicking into high gear. they are probably going to go off of what putin said in his statement. and they are going to spin the he hell out of this. they might end up just like with the shooting down of malaysian airliner over eastern ukraine last summer, they might come away with a completely different narrative than the one we have
6:47 am
in the west and in the turkey. and i also getting back to your question about what the u.s. should do. it doesn't necessarily have to hem the u.s. in but it is something that washington should take into consideration. because if they think that their response or retaliation or something is going to have to be -- it is based on what they conclude in their investigation. russians are going to have to totally different reality and whatever the u.s. and the west and nato do is not going seem justified. >> julia and liz, thanks so much for joining me this morning. still to come -- >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> kill white supremacy. >> a black lives matter protest hit by gunfire overnight with multiple demonstrators wounded.
6:48 am
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in minneapolis police are search iing for several gunmen after five people were shot and wounded overnight near a black lives matter protest. here's how it sounded over the police radio. >> reports of possibly three shots. . five suspects, somebody's stating there's a group of white supremacists that started shooting in the area. five suspects total. >> there's a large group coming towards us on 14th on plymouth. . >>. miguel march kwez is covering this story for us. >> very concerning what has happened out there in minneapolis.
6:53 am
this was a protest of the 4th presungt in minneapolis. it was going on since sunday over the death of a 24-year-old. at some point there were several people in the crowd wearing masks, according to some of the protesters there. they escorted them away. as they were escorting them away, they turned on them and started firing into the crowd. the individuals that were escorting them away. they had been acting strange all night. that's why they were moving away from the main occupation. . here's how one protester who was there described it. >> a person in the crowd had seen them about to draw a gun. so then the people stopped because we knew it was a trap. a small group broke off and kept following them. and we ran with them because we need to make sure we stay safe. as we broke away from the crowd
6:54 am
and then we crossed the street, they turned around and started shooting. >> now that young woman describes two people, one to her left and one to her right falling down. that's when she realized it wasn't fireworks but was instead gunfire coming from these individuals. police are looking for three white men. they believe they undertook these shootings. five injured, none of them life threatening. the family of jamar clark has asked in light of the shootings that the occupation in front of the 4th prezingt stopped and be moved. >> thank you so much. checking other top stories for you. the nfl is investigating why rams quarterback case keenum was allowed to keep playing sunday after getting slammed to the ground. he clearly had trouble standing up afterward but kept playing
6:55 am
after being checked by a trainer. only later was he found to have a concussion. a medical spotter should have stopped keenum from returning to the game. >> and more intrigue inside the government of north korea. the man presumed to kim jong-un second in command is banned from the regime. the exile might only be temporary and his number 2 will return after a stint at a reeducation camp. the next hour of cnn newsroom after a break.
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6:59 am
good morning, i'm carol costello. the video is chilling and vladimir putin is calling it a stab at the back. a russian war plane streaks across the sky engulfed in
7:00 am
flames and igniting a new diplomatic crisis in one of the most tense regions in the world. turkey says the plane invaded its air space and ignored ten warnings over five minutes. turkey responds and the russian jet nose dives in flames. two pilots eject. you'll see them here highlighted. they parachute to the ground and landed in syria, but not necessarily to safety. that territory u in syria largely held by rebels. the very group that russian airstrikes are targeting. vladimir putin lashing out as helicopters canvas the hot spot. turkey, a u.s. ally, the western alliance holding a an emergency session this morning and global concerns rising over whether this conflict will derail the coalition building against isis. we're covering all the angles and turn to a former ambassador and undersecretary of state. does this military action trample the anti-isis meeting between president obama and francois hollande?
7:01 am
first our spocorrespondents are spanning out to bring you the latest. let's get right to it. matthew chance and nick paton walsh and the opposing perspectives unfoemding this hour. we begin with nick in the turkish city of istanbul. hi, nick. >> reporter: their view of what happened was, as you said, a russian jet flew inside their air space. if you look at the map they delivered, it's a small enclave of air space that have cross ed potentially more than once and during the five-minute period they gave it ten warnings and then a turkish f-16 shot the plane out of the sky. that appears to be the turkish military position here. that's what's echoed by vladimir putin, who in fact insists that that jet was inside syrian territory. the turkish are furious because they have had a number of instances over the past years and have responded at times to
7:02 am
syrian military aircraft in a similar vain. the key issue is the fate of the pilots. it doesn't sound good according to social immediamedia videos a reports from the ground that when they parachuted out, they may not have landed into safety. there's also activists suggesting potentially the fate of one of the russian helicopters that were dispatched to attack those behind and get hold of the pilot or to rescue the pilots themselves. one of those may have been damaged. that's not clear at this stage. on the border there's extraordinarily tense, where so many air forces are in operation, the coalition nearby the french, russians in different areas, syrian air force, a number of others in the coalition to finally some say some element of inevitably has happened. all the fast paced geographical ramifications that has. >> nick paton walsh reporting live from turkey.
7:03 am
we just got word that russia's foreign minister cancelled a scheduled trip to turkey. so as you can see, tensions between the two nations ratcheting up. let's head to moscow and matthew chance with what the russian president is saying this morning. >> it is absolutely astonishing that turkey, which is a nato member, would shoot out of the sky a russian war plane on that volatile border with syria bringing these two militaries currently bombarding syria into such a dangerous confrontation. the consequences could be absolutely immense. and only now starting to unfold. within the past few minutes, the russian foreign minister announced that it he cancelled plans to go to turkey. he was meant to go there tomorrow to discuss syria. that's now off the table. further more, the russian
7:04 am
foreign minister calling on russians to abandon their plans to travel as tourists to turkey. that's significant because turkey is one of the main destinations after egypt whether they are not going on holiday now. for russians to spend their vacations. it's a major economic impact, one of the ways russia can exert economic influence on turkey. calling on tourists not to go on vacations inside turkey. the diplomatic broad sides have already started to be fired. there could be more in the days ahead and even in the hours ahead because we heard vladimir putin speaking before meeting with the jordanian king saying this shooting down was, in his words, a stab in the back by the terrorist accomplices. he's directly accusing turkey of
7:05 am
being the accomplices of the terrorists, as he called them. he also stated again that russia totally rejects this idea, this claim by the turks, that the russian plane had violated turkish air space. the turks have put out radar maps indicating that the plane did go into turkey. for a number of minutes, as nick paton walsh was talking about there. but the russians categorically deny that. they say just operated inside turkey. it was shot down one kilometer about half a mile away from the turkish border. the pilots came down somewhere around about 4 kilometers, 2 1/2 miles or so, away from the turkish border. and now that the fate of those pilots is unclear. they've probably fallen into the hands of rebel groups. and it's not clear at this stage whether either of those pilots have survived. in fact, there were reports sushg lating, unconfirmed reports, i should say, circulating on social media, that neither of them have
7:06 am
survived. some were killed as they parachuted down to the ground before their plane burst into flames as it hit the land. so, it's an extraordinarily serious and dramatic episode in this syrian conflict involving russia and turkey, but also potentially dragging in russia and the rest of the nato military alliance as well. >> matthew chance, nick paton walsh, thanks to both of you. president obama is meeting with french president francois hollande on the agenda a united front against isis, one that included russia, france and the united states, but that now appears unlikely. cnn's michelle kosinski is at her post at the white house with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president hollande is expected to arrive any minute and will sit down with the president in the oval office for about an hour, followed up with a press conference. we just saw a huge contingent of the french media arrive. there's a sense of anticipation around here. will this meeting just be talk? of course, there's plenty to
7:07 am
talk about. or will there be concrete developments, changes or decisions coming out of this? we'll wait to hear for the press conference. as for topics of discussion that are quite complicated, questions they've been facing for a long time, include, are enough resources being devoted to the fight defense isis? what is working and what is not. is the strategy even working to the extent that it should? and can all of these extremely diverse interests that are now at play there, including russia, iran, europe, america, the middle east, can they work constructively together? and to what extent will these latest developments affect all of that? so, what france is wanting is a ramping up in the fight against isis. in fact, just yesterday we saw them talk to the british prime minister who now says he will go back to parliament and, again, ask to begin air strikes over syria. that's something parliament
7:08 am
rejected pretty much am the beginning. france wants to increase national security. he wants to work with the u.s. it's looking for continued help from the u.s. not something the white house is absolutely willing to give. but, you know, the past few days we've also heard the white house mention repeatedly that it does want to intensify the effort. it could devote more resources, itself to the effort. how exactly that will play out, what that will look like, that's what the world is waiting to hear. >> michelle kosinski, thanks so much, reporting live from the white house. nato allies will hold what they call an extraordinary meeting over the incident in the next hour. they'll demand from turkey an explanation as to why it shot down that russian fighter jet. russia seems to be downplaying turkey's involvement. vladimir putin saying it's a stab in the back carried out by accomplices of the terrorists. although we don't know what his words mean right now but perhaps my next guest could help us
7:09 am
parse that out. nicholas burns is here, also a former state department official. welcome, sir. >> thank you very much, carol. >> how serious it this? >> well, this is obviously a very serious situation. whenever you have the russian federation and turkey at loggerheads, it's very serious for them, serious for the u.s. i think the first thing the nato allies at nato headquarters will ascertain, the facts. the turks have maps and have video footage that certify the russian aircraft did enter turkish air space. if that is the case, and given the fact that russians violated the turkish air space twice in the last month, and russian drones have, i think the nato alliance, including the united states, is going to have to support the turks in defending their air space. at the same time, obviously president obama is not going to
7:10 am
want to see this crisis inflame. he'll work behind the scenes with both the turks and russians to make sure this is an isolated inciden incidence. the military pressure between the two doesn't ratchet up and you avoid a larger confrontation between turkey and russia. >> why do you suppose that russian fighter jetted was in that area anyway? it's not known as an isis stronghold. >> well, the russians apparently have been bombing turk -- syrian turkmen villages in the northern part of syria. the turks have warned the russians diplomatically in the last two weeks that that's very much con temporary to turkish interests. the turks feel they're protecters of the ethnic turkmen inside syria. they called in the russian ambassador to lodge a formal protest last week and they did including the turkish head of spade, president erdogan. perhaps the russians didn't think the turks were serious about defending their border but
7:11 am
the turks have made that point this morning. it's a point that's important to the united states. at the heart of the nato alliance is that we help other nato allies defend their borders. obviously, the united states should want to limit this crisis and not see it get out of control. i do think, carol, again, that's where the focal point of u.s. efforts behind the scenes will be this morning and this afternoon. >> you're talking about president hollande meeting with president obama. the reason president hollande is here is to try to unify this coalition, and that includes russia. but now that this has happened, it seems that's an impossible task, doesn't it? >> i think it's going to be very difficult. there are two key countries that have not been fully in the fight against the idzi islamic state. they have been bombing the kurdish groups that have been the most effective fighting forces on the ground against isis, and russia spent this
7:12 am
morning having air operations over syria, closest to the turkish border, they have been bombing sunni groups. i think president hollande had hoped and i think president obama had hoped, perhaps we can now after the paris attacks draw in russia and turkey to support a bigger coalition against the islamic state. it's clear that both russia and turkey have other things in mind. now they've got a very serious bilateral dispute between them. >> ambassador nick burns, thanks for your insight. >> thank you, carol. still to come in the "newsroom," the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert for all americans. what you need to watch for. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture
7:13 am
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. a frightening warning for americans traveling this holiday season. the fbi is concerned that terrorists will try replicating the deadly paris attacks right here at home. state department also issuing a new global travel alert for americans, warning them to be on guard when traveling over the
7:17 am
holidays. cnn's jim sciutto live in washington with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. it's not a credible, specific threat. they don't know have a particular group trying to attack a particular target in the coming days or weeks but they know how these groups operate. they look for inspiration from their fellow terrorist abroad and these paris attacks captured the world's attention. they know that may be a possibility. here's what the fbi bulletin says specifically. it says, we remain concern hves, homegrown violent extremists, could seek to replicate the effects of the paris attacks using similar weapons and tactics, although on a smaller scale. why on a smaller scale? one thing europe does have over us is a far greater number of suspected jihadis, hundreds, perhaps thousands, where we may have dozens. but still it's a real concern. they're telling police departments, fbi units around the country to review their training on active shooters. to look for people who might be
7:18 am
surveilling targeting, taking pictures, et cetera. it's pretty general but they do take this seriously, carol. >> so, the warnings are so broad, i think people are supposed to, like, look for anything and everything. >> it's really tough for us, people at home and us as well. how do you digest this? you have the state department warning which is global, basically if you're traveling abroad, groups like this might want to attack sporting events, aviation, churches, synagogues. the trouble with that is, you could lock yourself in your room and never leave your house again. but that's not what anybody is recommending here. they're just saying be more aware and the sad -- >> jim, i just want to interrupt you. president hollande is arriving at the white house. he'll meet with president obama in the oval office to talk about, no doubt, what happened in the skies over the syria/turkish border earlier today. you know a lot about this as
7:19 am
well. president hollande was going to get the president to try to, like, you know, try to help him get this unified front in the fight against isis in that region of the world, including russia and turkey. but that's not likely to happen now, is it? >> well, it's troubling. he's basically on a coalition-building trip, president hollande. he's pushing for more military help from france's allies and the possibility of the more difficulty, not necessarily allies, not necessarily enemies, countries like russia, who is also in syria, but principally to protect assad. how do you get them involved in the isis fight considering russia just had a plane blown out of the sky by isis as well. trouble is, turkey apparently shot down russia's plane. it's the last complication you want in the midst of this. it really makes it difficult. there will be difficult conversations in the west wing
7:20 am
today. >> we'll see. they're going to hold a news conference later today. jim sciutto reporting live from washington. see how intelligence agencies are in a fierce fight to keep the world safe when jim sciutto brings you an exclusive look at the war on terror. airing tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," a stab in the back that will have serious consequences. vladimir putin lashing out at turkey after a russian warplane is gunned down. up next, what it means for the global community. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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7:24 am
pictures from the white house right now president obama and french president francois hollande are holding their first face-to-face meeting since those brutal terror attacks in paris.
7:25 am
the goal here, to try to form a morrow bust coalition against isis. that focus, though, will likely be overshadowed by today'sing down of a russian warplane by turkey. russia denies it violated turkey's air space and is warning of serious consequences. one of the big questions right now, how will this latest development complicate strategy, especially if russia retaliates against nato member turkey? just minutes from now, the top of the hour, nato will hold an emergency session on turkey shootdown of that russian warplane. turkey called for the meeting to explain its action to fellow nato allies. cnn's senior international correspondent fred is in brussels, outside of nato. >> reporter: you're right. that meeting is set to begin here in brussels, i would say, in about 30 minutes from now. what's going to happen is all the parties are going to come together. the turks as you mentioned have called for this emergency meeting. the first thing they're going to do is they're going to share
7:26 am
information. they're going to tell all the other nato members the way they saw this incident unfold. the turks have been saying they believe that this russian fighter jet went into turkish air space, this was a violation of turkish air space, and that's why their jet retaliated. we know the russians have a very different view of that. at this point in time it will be the turks who are going to make their case to the other nato allies and tell them exactly what they believe what happened. now, of course, we also have to keep in mind, carol, there's a history to all this. the turks have been complaining for quite a while they say russian jets operating in syria have been violating their air space. there was already one emergency nato council meeting that took place because of that. this is about 1 1/2 months ago. back then the nato council put out a statement. i want to read part of that statement to you. we have to keep in mind, this is a statement from early october, the first time that -- the turks say a jet went into their air space. they said allies strongly
7:27 am
protest these violations of turkish sovereign air space and condemn these incursions and violations of nato air space. allies also note the extreme danger of such irresponsible behavior. they call on the russian federation to cease and desist and immediately explain these violations. we believe at the end of the meeting you'll see today, you'll also see some statement come out. of course, we do have to keep in mind this time, the stakes are so much higher. so, it will be interesting to see what's decided here at the end of the day. >> reporting live from brussels this morning. keep in mind, turkey says russia was warned ten times before it responded to an apparent air space violation. and that it responded with, quote, the framework of engagement rules. let's talk about this with cnn counterterrorism analyst phillip mudd, also a former cia counterterrorism official. welcome. >> thank you. >> so, the turks say they warn the these russian fighter pilots
7:28 am
ten times within a period of five minutes, not to invade turkish air space. and when the russian warplane ignored those warnings, they open fire. >> that's right. but there's a couple questions here. the first is, who's responsible for the violation of air space? did the russians actually do that? i think the turks are putting two questions together that can't be together. if they violated air space by a couple of kilometers, in the midst of conversations with the russians about what the ultimate future is for syria and russia has to be part of the solution for syria, as a nato ally, do you want to go in taking down an aircraft despite the fact they have violated your air space? i think in public nato has to have a unified front. i think in private there have to be tough conversation wts turks saying, regardless of the russian provocation, let's not get too hot under the collar. we have bigger fish to deal with here. >> turkey released radar. and i want -- i want that put on the screen right now because it's very difficult to determine
7:29 am
from this -- do we have this? it's coming. so, turkey says, what -- there it is. it's very confusing to look at, right? but turkey says this is evidence that that russian plane did, indeed, invade its air space. >> that may be correct. you still go back to the diplomatic point of the turks of saying, over the course of the next 6 months, 12 months, nato foreign ministers have to get together with a conversation about how to oust assad. so far the two key players on the other side, iranians and russians, who have been meeting in the past 48 hours, have said, we're not going to support an external effort, that is a nato effort, to get rid of assad. in the midst of that big game, how do we bring some stability to syria? you're going to tell the turks it's a good idea, despite the fact russians have violated your air space? i think they may be technically correct but it's not clear to me that that justifies the act they took. i can't believe nato foreign ministers are going to say, if the russians do this, take down
7:30 am
more aircraft. >> so, complicating matters, the two pilots that ejected, they're now in syria, right? i don't know whether they're alive or dead but the rumor is, one is dead, another rumor on social media is that they were shot in the air as they came to the ground. now they're being held by syrians. so, one analyst we had on earlier suggested that turkey intervene and try to get these russian pilots back. i don't think that will happen, do you? >> i think there's a chance that nato is going to come to turkey. i would agree with whoever said that. come to turkey and say, you've had tough language this morning. the language out of turkey after the shootdown was pretty harsh. we've got to cool this off. we've got refugee outflows, we have to deal with an intensifies of air strikes after the french attacks. we cannot be diverted, if these individuals are dead, whether we
7:31 am
return their bodies to the homeland. i think there will be pressure by nato to say, cool it off, send the bodies home. >> so, president obama and the french president are meeting right now. so, what do you suppose -- i mean, i can guess what they might talk about first, but what do you suppose they'll say about it? >> i think they've got to come out and say, look, the russians are provokinprovoking. we've got to talk to the russians about deconfliction. i don't think they'll come out and say the turks were right to shut down the aircraft. this has to be part of the conversation today, but they have to discuss about what to do with information sharing across europe and the united states in the wake of the attacks in france. how to approach putin on a solution and how to intensify air strikes. they have a lot on their plate today and this just muddies the water. >> the hunt for france's
7:32 am
most wanted terrorist extends to germany. searching for salah abdeslam, the only paris attacker known to have survived. cnn's jim bittermann live in paris with more on that. hi, jim. >> reporter: hi there, carol. yeah, in fact, that's one -- a lot of tips that have come in from all over northern europe. a lot of false sightings and what not, but they are searching in germany, belgium and northern france. they really, i don't think, have any idea where abdeslam may be at this point. he's the one -- one of the attackers. >> we're going to break away from jim bittermann right now. i apologize for that. you'll soon see pb sitting down with president hollande. we're hoping they say something so let's listen in.
7:33 am
>> thank you, everyone. we're going to have a press conference. i'm glad to have francois here. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, everybody. >> all right. it doesn't appear -- well, it definitely now does not appear president obama or the french president will say anything in that pool spray. we hope they say something later in the day. we'll keep you posted. let's go back to paris and jim bittermann is talking about how germany is now involved in the investigation. sorry about that, jim. take it away. >> reporter: no problem, carol. the fact is that germany and any number of other countries in northern europe are on the lookout. there's been a number of tips about where salah abdeslam might
7:34 am
be. none have panned out until now. police are hunting him because he's the only terrorist from friday 13th who survived, known to have survived. also they're interested in a possible suicide belt that was found on the south side of paris. most of the action, including that shootout, that violent shootout, took place on the north side of paris but they found this suicide belt in a garbage bag on the south side of paris. it had the same kind of explosives used in the suicide bombings on friday the 13th. they think this is probably part of the -- might be the person who tried to dispose of that belt on the south side of paris, carol. in brussels a suspect faces charges in connection with the
7:35 am
deadly terror attacks in paris. he's accused of participating in activities of a terrorist group and a terrorist attack. he's one of nearly two dozen people who were taken into custody in belgium. brussels, head to nato headquarters, remains on lockdown until tomorrow because of a maximum terror alert. schools remain closed and subways are not running again today. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump doubling down on what he said about muslims and 9/11. now he's facing a new surging republican rival. we'll talk about that next
7:36 am
7:37 am
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7:39 am
. donald trump has a new surging republican presidential
7:40 am
candidate breathing down his neck. it's not rubio or carson. a new quinnipiac poll in iowa has senator ted cruz in second place just behind trump. trump still holding onto the top spot when it comes to handling terrorism. in columbus, ohio, last night, trump doubled down on his controversial comments that he saw muslims in new jersey celebrating the terrorist attacks on 9/11. even though that's been refuted by multiple fact-checkers. >> during a speech recently i said that i saw in parts of new jersey, jersey city, but parts of new jersey, i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down, killing thousands of people. and i saw people, and i saw them, on television and i read about it on the internet. >> athena jones joins us now with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol.
7:41 am
this is remarkable. the poll you just showed certainly seems to add more fuel to the decision -- or what we've been nothing for the past several months which is the ordinary rules don't seem to apply to donald trump. nothing he says seems to hurt him in the polls, hurt him with his supporters, no matter how controversial or racially charged or disputed by fact-checkers. this claim about thousands of people celebrating in new jersey on 9/11 as the twin towers fell down is yet one more example. this has been refuted by numerous publications. there's no record of any footage having been aired showing thousands of people celebrating in new jersey. politifact has declared this a pants on fire claim, meaning very, very untrue. "the washington post" has given it four pinocchios, also showing it's very untrue. yet trump stands by it. this morning on our air, his lawyer, michael cohen, said, look, a lot of his twitter followers are backing him up.
7:42 am
tweeting to trump that they, too, saw this happen. cohen even said it doesn't matter if it was thousands or celebrating or even just one person celebrating, the point is there are bad people among us. this is very interesting. we'll have to see if unlike everything else, this begins to hurt trump. carol? >> ben carson has kind of walked back his comments on 9/11. what did he say? >> this is interesting, too. carson was asked very specifically whether he saw the same thing trump claims to have seen. people celebrating in new jersey. he said yes. later he walked that back. take a listen to how he tried to explain himself on fox last night. go ahead and play that. >> what i'm talking about is the reaction of muslims after the 9/11 attack. and if they were in a celebratory mood. you know, i was really focusing on that it was an inappropriate thing to do, no matter where
7:43 am
they were. they asked me, did i see the film? i did see the film. i don't know where they were, but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. i thought we were just talking about the fact that muslims were inappropriately celebrating. i didn't know they had an agenda behind the question. >> so there you see carson trying to clean that up for the record i should tell you, while he says the press mischaracterized his remarks, the reporter did ask him specifically, were american muslims in new jersey cheering on 9/11 when the towers fell? did you hear about that or see that? carson said yes. so, then he walked that back. of course, carson has not really had the same experience as trump. it does look as though some of his statements and misstatements may be beginning to hurt him. perhaps this new poll out of iowa is evidence of that. we'll have to see if that continues. >> atheen th >> new video into cnn. we've been telling you all morning long about a russian
7:44 am
fighter jet that was shot down by a turkish f-16 with an air-to-air missile. you see the pilots air chuparac out of that russian fighter jet. as they fell to the ground, syrians, we suppose, on the ground shot them as they fell to earth. so, let's watch this video. [ gunshots ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> all right. this is a very confusing scenario, to say the least, because a turkishman can also be heard shouting, don't shoot at them. let's capture them alive. rebels can also be heard yelling, god is great. it's now unclear whether those pilots were killed during the
7:45 am
shooting, during the landing. we don't know. nick paton walsh joins me now with more. you've watched this video. what do you see? >> reporter: well, i think it shows you really the absolute horror of the war that's been happening in syria for years now. these russian fighter pilots who have been in their jets over this area, according to turkish officials, and also on the ground, involved in a pretty intense bombing campaign of what vladimir putin says were terrorist targets in that area. so when this plane has been hit, whether -- it seems to have been by a turkish f-16, according to russian and turkish officials, the men parachute out, as they come down to the ground, very much in keeping of the brutal nature of this war, they are a target, it seems, according to this video, of machine guns on the ground. many of those different groups in that area have varying levels of radicalization or not.
7:46 am
it's very hard to know exactly who is doing the shooting there. the cries you're referring to, taking them alive, well, you could potentially argue a russian pilot would be very valuable in a prison swap. al alla akbar a normal cry. it shows those pilots when they hit the ground, under natural law when they left their aircraft in parachutes, is they most likely hit the ground dead. we have other social media video we're not showing you that purports to show one russian pilot who seems to be dead. it isn't clear if they were caught alive and then killed or shot in the air or somehow injured fatally once ejected from their aircraft. carol? >> nick paton walsh reporting live for us this morning. we'll have much more when "newsroom" continues. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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about two hours ago the french president, francois hollande, landed at andrews air force base. he was on his way to the white house where he has arrived to meet with president obama to talk about how to effectively fight isis in light of the paris attacks. you see president hollande's car pulling up to the white house. inside he met with president obama. we saw earlier pictures of them and what we in the media call a pool spray. there they are, sitting together. we expected them to say a few words, but they did not. we do expect them to hold a news conference in just about an hour and a half, 11:30 eastern time.
7:52 am
let's go outside -- i was just listening to what the president was saying. nothing. he's just saying hello to reporters. let's go outside the white house and check in with michelle kosinski. there are dozens of french reporters gathering in front of the white house to listen to this news conference. michelle kosinski is with one of them. introduce us. >> reporter: this is mohammed say yesterday, based in washington, d.c. i know a lot of your colleagues traveled here from paris. you get a sense of anticipation to see what is going to come out of this meeting. do you think it's going to be discussion or are you expecting concrete decisions or changes to be made? what is the talk of this in paris? >> some would say this is talk for talk because we are in a situation where there is a parad paradoxal, very big difference between the two presidents. when hollande wants solutions today, obama may want it gradually. he may be willing to ask for boots on the ground. i'm sure he's going to ask
7:53 am
knowing obama already anticipated this very same question a week ago with the attack on turkey. he said no boots on the ground. anything else, we more than welcome. we are talking probably exchange, some help and contribution to this new coalition. >> reporter: it sounds like more of the same, basically. do you think anything will substantially change? it was interesting, as you talked to me before, you said hollande is beating that drum where as -- >> oh, yes. that's a very funny thing. after the post-9/11, we had the jack chirac saying no to the war, no invasion, no, no, no. then hollande beating the drums. and obama is saying, hey, wait a minute. wait a minute. war is not the solution. we have casualties, we have civilians, economic issues, we have the iraq war wasn't that good for the u.s. economy, for the u.s. social life, in general. we had different position at that time. today we are talking about
7:54 am
barack obama willing to do it his way through the coalition already on the ground, working -- in the sky, not in the ground. but we are here now, france, with a different position and perspective. >> reporter: thank you so much. good luck today. >> very welcome. >> reporter: thanks, carol. >> thanks. thank you very much. i have to take a break. i'll be back with much more in the "newsroom." innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich.
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we have new images we want to share with you right now. that russian warplane downed by a turkish f-16. you can see it clearly in the air. it was shot down by an air-to-air missile at 19,000 feet. the pilots ejected. were apparently shot as they parachuted to the ground by syrian rebels on the ground. right now it appears that both of the russian pilots -- well,
7:59 am
at least one of them are dead. the other we just don't know. we'll keep you posted. checking on some other top stories for you at 58 minutes past. in minneapolis police are searching for seven several gunmen after five people were shot and wounded near a black lives matter protest. >> we're getting reports of possibly three shots. there's five suspects. somebody's stating there's a group of white supremacists that started shooting in the area. five suspects total. >> we've arrived. there's a large group coming towards us northbound on the 14th from plymouth. >> demonstrators have been outside the police station for ten days now. they're protesting the shooting death of an unarmed african-american man by police. the nfl says it's investigating why rams quarterback case keenum was allowed to keep playing sunday after getting slammed to the ground. he clearly had trouble standing up afterward but he kept playing
8:00 am
after being checked by a team trainer. only later was he found to have a concussion. according to nfl policy, a medical spotter should have contempt keenum from returning to the game. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm kcarol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. welcome to our viewers around the united states and around the world. i'm poppy pharlow in for kate ad john. president obama and francois hollande will hold a joint news conference, 11 days after the horrific attacks in paris. but first -- >> this is cnn breaking news. >> i do wanted to get to straight to breaking news this hour. we learned a russian fighter jet has been shot down in turkey. some stunning, stunning video just into us here at


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