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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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up afterward but he kept playing after being checked by a team trainer. only later was he found to have a concussion. according to nfl policy, a medical spotter should have contempt keenum from returning to the game. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm kcarol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. welcome to our viewers around the united states and around the world. i'm poppy pharlow in for kate ad john. president obama and francois hollande will hold a joint news conference, 11 days after the horrific attacks in paris. but first -- >> this is cnn breaking news. >> i do wanted to get to straight to breaking news this hour. we learned a russian fighter jet has been shot down in turkey. some stunning, stunning video just into us here at cnn.
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allegedly showing the two russian pilots being shot from the sky. [ gunshots ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> akbar! akbar! [ speaking foreign language ] >> allahu akbar! >> what you're hearing there, that yelling of alla'a akbhu ak. you're also hearing rebels
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shouting, don't shoot at them, let's capture them alive. talking about the pilots of that fighter jet. also overheard saying, allahu akbar, god is great. it's unclear if the pilots were were killed. vladimir putin warning of, quote, significant consequences after the jet was shot down right near that turkey/syria border. this is the moment the plane went down in a ball of fire. turkey says two of its f-16s fired on the jet after it repeatedly invade the turkish air space and avoided several warnings. russia says it was flying over syria, not over turkey. a turkish news agency put out this flight data map. they say this is proof that the plane did violate turkish air space. you see the flight path in red. it's shown crossing a line that represents the border between syria and turkey. also nato just convening an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. i want to bring in our senior international correspondents across the globe with all the angles.
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nick paton walsh in istanbul, matthew chance. this is a huge escalation in the most volatile region of the world right now. what do we know at this hour after seeing that remarkable video of those rebels screaming? >> it does appear likely that the two pilots who ejected from that russian aircraft hit the ground dead. that's what we think we know at this stage. those rebels you heard on the ground, well, they are part of a number of militant groups here that russia says are terrorists but other people suggest might be more moderate, whose area having been hit intensely by air strikes in the past days or so. to the point the turkish government has been deeply concerned about it. when you see that video, have you to remember that those russian airmen were flying above in combat jets, most likely bombing that area. vladimir putin hitting that area. they ee jeblgt when their
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aircraft is hit by the turkish f-16s. turkey saying they crossed into their air space and over a five-minute period, ignored ten separate warnings. that's the turkish point of view here. taken out by f-16s. they then parachute down. you get a window of the brutality of this war. under laws of war, when they parachute out, they are to be allowed to parachute down to safety. but we've seen so many videos -- we don't know the russian plane's target in this case but we know it will feed into the broader culture they are assisting the bashar al assad regime. when you hear the men on the ground say, take them alive, take them alive, they're probably hoping for prisoner swap or the leverage a russian pilot alive might possibly give them. this is such a brutal conflict. when you see images like that, you simply have to understand, it's a window into the brutal
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level of the horror of it all other than just one isolated incident. >> it absolutely is. what we know about the turk rebels we heard speaking, they are anti-assad, and also anti-russian, the putin government. matthew chance to you in moscow. vladimir putin coming out a few hours ago calling this a stab in the back which will have serious consequences for russia's relationship with turkey. so, what will those be? what do we expect to see? >> reporter: yeah, it will have serious consequences, vladimir putin has already said that. those images we just saw aren't going to do anything to convince the russians that these so-called moderate rebels are other than what they say they are, which russia regards as terrorists, that's why it's been bombing them equally as bad, the russians say, as isis. those stunning images of the machine gunning the russian
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pilots as they parachute to the ground will do nothing to convince the kremlin otherwise, i can tell you that. in terms of what measures the russians will be adopting, primarily diplomatic, the diplomatic broadsides have already started, at least in the first instance. sergey lavrov, russian foreign minister was to go to turkey tomorrow to discuss syria. that trip has been canceled. the russian foreign minister advised russian citizens to abandon their plans to go to turkey on holiday. turkey is a major vacation spot for russian tourists. millions of russians go there every year. and the association of russian tourists has chimed in as well saying, look, we're not advising people to book from russia package holidays to turkey anymore either. and so, you know, this is just the start of the -- of the response that we're expecting from russia. we're not expecting them to declare war on russia -- sorry, on turkey or anything like that. but will there be an
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asymmetrical response, the start of which we are now seeing. >> but it makes it all the more complicated when you have the hope of many that we could see some sort of aalliance form between united states, france, russia and turkey as needed in this fight against isis. fred pleitgen to you, you are outside this emergency nato meeting just called in the wake of this. who is meeting inside? what's the goal? >> reporter: well, it's all nato member states, poppy. this meeting was called by the turks. it's an emergency meeting they called immediately after they shot down this russian warplane. the first thing they're going to do inside that meeting is get information from the turks. the turks are going to tell the other nato member countries how they saw this incident unfold, the way they saw this russian airplane allegedly go through their air space and why they felt it necessary for their f-16 aircraft to then respond. now, of course, one of the other things that is on everybody's mind here at nato and, indeed, all the member countries as well, is not allowing the situation to escalate at this
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point in time. but it is, of course, something very, very sensitive to have a direct hostility between a nato member country and russia. there's been a lot of bad blood in the past couple of weeks, the past couple of months. in fact, only about a month and a half ago there was a statement issued by nato condemning russia for going into nato air space, going into turkish air space as it was conducting its operations in syria. that was also an emergency meeting called by the turks as well. now, of course, at this stage of the game, the stakes are so much higher. with the turks having shot down that airplane. the first thing they're going to do is they have to say everybody has to keep a clear head here. they'll get the information, see what happened, try to get behind how all of this unfolded. and then until some way, shape or form try to de-escalate the situation. of course, it is something that could get out of hand if cooler heads don't prevail, poppy. >> absolutely. fred pleitgen, thank you very much. nick paton walsh, matthew
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chance, appreciate the reporting from all of you today. more breaking news i wanted to get to this hour. isis now claiming responsibility for a hotel bombing in egypt. four people killed. 12 others wounded. the hotel located in the sinai peninsula, where the russian airliner was brought down by isis a week ago. four judges were staying at that hotel. one judge was killed. two police officers, one civilian also lost their lives. all three of the attackers died in that bombing. french president francois hollande meeting right now with president obama at the white house. the two leaders will hold a joint news conference in just a few moments. we will, of course, bring that to you live from the white house when it begins. their meeting comes 11 days after the deadly terror attacks in paris. the french president is on a mission to strengthen the coalition to defeat isis. so this morning's downing of the russian military jet makes the situation all the more dicey.
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let's bring in senior fellow at council on foreign relations and also paris based journalist safan. gale, your take on how now with this plane being downed by turkey, for over a year now we've heard is so strategically important to the fight against isis, if you want russia to cooperate, what happens now? >> i mean, this really exposes just how complicated this conflict has become. it was really difficult to manage from the start for the united states and has grown only more so because the united states has really tried to do incremental steps in terms of getting involved. what happens now with the nato meetings, what happens with the russian plane being downed, i think, is you see an international coalition that was trying to unite in the fight against isis, now really being drawn apart by the discussion of the future of bashar al assad, which has really been at the center of this entire conflict from the start. what happens to the syrian
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leader. is the international community prepared to live with him, staying in power, in hopes of defeating isis. and i think this just xliblgts the calculus even further. >> stefan, you are a paris-based journalist. we spent the last couple of days in paris, you were on my program a lot. we talked about the sentiment of the french people. as we see hollande meeting with president obama today. what does the average french person want from the united states in this war on isis? >> well, i think they want foremost to have -- to show their solidarity. the french know they can't ask the u.s. for troops on the ground, boots on the ground, because that's far too complicated in syria, but i do -- i do think that the french really need the u.s. to show their solidarity, to also provide logistical support to francois hollande and the french army, and basically the aim of francois hollande with this visit today at d.c. is to create a global alliance.
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that was his -- that was his idea when he took the airplane this night to d.c. unfortunately, the events in turkey and the shooting down of the russian airplane have made things much more complicated. francois hollande will meet angela merkel, german chancellor tomorrow night. the day after tomorrow he will be in moscow to discuss with vladimir putin. i think this discussion with vladimir putin will be very complicated after the events of this morning. >> no question. gayle, we watched francois hollande come to the united states, really beating the drum of war, declaring immediately after the attacks, this is war on isis. that as he stands side by side in moments with president obama, who has been more hesitant, who has insisted the air campaign is working, this will work. we don't need thousands of american boots on the ground. and then we see hollande going to russia tomorrow. when you look at the two men side by side, as we await this press conference, do you expect the rhetoric to become more
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aligned from the two of them? >> i think the rhetoric may, but the reality, i think, will remain different. i mean, you have hollande really asking for, let's do more and obama really answering with stay the course, this is working. and, you know, from 2013 you talk to administration officials who were pushing to do more. and the president has never felt comfortable, that america doing more would not lead to unintended consequences or further complications for the united states. national security interests. and i think you see that tension that played out inside the administration, now spilling out into real international discussion where the french leader is really pushing the americans to do more. and the fear among u.s. diplomats that i've talked to over the last couple of days is that they go to russia if they don't get the help they're seeking from the united states. so i think we have a situation where we will see more rhetoric aligned, but i do not know if the reality will come closer to what the french president wants. >> stefan, as we saw after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, jacques
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chirac reticent to go to war. now a complete role reversal. >> yeah, absolutely. that's a good comparison. actually, france was the first country to help the u.s. by the mission in afghanistan right after 9/11. so, i think france would like to see something similar from the u.s. right now. although the conditions are completely different, of course. it's very dangerous. it's very complicated because we've seen russia and america were basically enemies on this particular file, fighting isis only two weeks ago. they seem to become -- well, allies again in the last couple of days but the attack by the turkish -- the shooting down of the russian fighter jet has complicated things massively. but i still think that the goal of francois hollande is to have a global alliance by the end of this week to fight isis together instead of having all these different countries doing their own missions.
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>> gayle, thank you. stefan, thank you very much. i appreciate it. as i said, just moments from now, president obama, president hollande will be standing side by side in that room speaking to reporters at a joint news conference at the white house. will president obama react to those reports that isis intelligence that he received from his own team was, changed, perhaps, given to him too rosy? also breaking news in the manhunt for the eighth attacker in paris, that man on your screen. is he in germany? germany getting a tip he may be on their soil. also, a chilling discovery on the phone, a cell phone of one of the attackers that shows military-style training went into the mass kacre. this is cnn's special live coverage. stay with us.
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cnn, in the case of the chicago police officer who shot and killed an african-american teen back in october of 2014. you're looking at him there. the officer's name, jason van dyke charged with first-degree murder. he turned himself into authorities this morning. he is expected to appear in court in chicago today at 1:00. again, the officer charged with first-degree murder will be in court in just a little over an hour and a half. we will bring you much more from chicago as we have it. an intense search this morning in germany. authorities believe they are near the city of belufel in germany, they got a tip that the eighth attacker, salah abdeslam may be there in germany. we just learned the operation in the area is winding down. they have not made an arrest at this point in time. a french source says officials are afraid there is still a support network helping him get away and possibly plan another
8:21 am
terror attack. intense interest this morning in a possible suicide vest that turned up in a garbage can near paris. there are suspicions it could have been abdeslam because it had the same explosive in it, tatp. his cell phone was tracked to same area. we're learning new details about the paris attackers. u.s. intelligence suggesting they had military-style training. they conducted surveillance on some of their targets before they hit those six targets. cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto has all the details. this briefing coming from the fbi. incredibly disturbing at how sophisticated it appears this was in terms of the planning. >> this is something u.s. law enforcement, u.s. counterterror officials have been worried about for some time. that is what they tend to call a mumbai-style attack. it's multiple gunmen attacking populated areas, crowded areas, killing many of them, taking hostages. that's what played out on the streets of paris.
8:22 am
you have the fbi now warning local field offices here in the states and other law enforcement to prepare for this kind of thing, saying they should redo their training, for instance, for active shooter situations. they should look out for people surveilling targets, taking video footage of targets for a plan. those being warning signs. they don't have anything specific or credible, but they do know the way these terror groups operate, if they see something happen over here and it works, there are sympathizers here in the u.s. u.s. officials are aware of them. that's inspiration for them. they're saying, be prepared for it. they're not saying it's likely to be on the same scale as paris but there's a risk and they're trying to prepare law enforcement to do everything they can to prevent that. >> tonight you have a fascinating special report coming up tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern, targeting eastern terror. you sat down with people who know the most about this, on the inside of intelligence. what can you tell us about it?
8:23 am
>> people may not know this but there are 16 intelligent agencies out there. you know about the cia, you know about the nsa, but there are many others that are part of this team, in effect. you have the nro, national reconnaissance operation, that runs the spy satellite, the nga that analyzes the spy satellite data. so many. and every day they're fighting these kinds of threats. there are many threats out there. this is one takeaway they talk about specifically cyber threats. but, you know, things that we saw play out in the streets of paris were important as well. we're coming up for the last several months one big warning they always make is that these guys are going dark. they're using simple tools that make them virtually invisible to surveillance. here's a brief clip of the special. i think you get a real sense here. >> reporter: countless enemies launching a staggering number of attacks, tracked here in the nsa's cyber command center. how many cyber attacks do you see a day here?
8:24 am
if you had to quantify. >> if you had to quantify, hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: and it gets worse. cyber attacks happening at lightning speed. so the nsa has to put up defenses just as fast. >> the fastest we've ever done that is ten minutes start to finish. got the threat, put the defense up. >> reporter: ten minutes? >> ten minutes. >> reporter: incredible. the cyber intruders are getting faster, smarter. china suspected in the largest theft of u.s. government personal information. russia believed to be behind the hacking of white house e-mails. and now terrorists, such as isis and al qaeda, have learned how to disappear from u.s. electronic surveillance completely. is it true that terrorists or adversaries are go completely dark? >> absolutely. there is part of the world that's dark to us. in other words, we can't see. >> cease speaking specifically there about groups such as isis,
8:25 am
al qaeda. when you talk about those cyber attacks, you're talking about nation station, russia, china, north korea, iran. that's a battle they're fighting every day. it's really a war already under way. >> we've seen how isis has utilized social media and this encrypted technology to communicate so effectively. jim sciutto, look forward to seeing that tonight. thank you so much. again, cnn special report "targeting terror inside the intelligence war" it airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only right here on cnn. coming up next, presidential candidate donald trump not backing down. the republican front-runner again defending a very controversial claim about 9/11. why he says he is standing by what he said. that he saw thousands of people in new jersey cheering as the worst terror attack on american soil. also a downed russian jet. europe on edge. new attacks in egypt just a few of the topics president obama is expected to address right in that room at the white house when he takes the podium in just
8:26 am
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fact-checkers have stamped it untrue, but donald trump is not backing down about what he says he saw on 9/11. >> during a speech recently, i said that i saw, in parts of new jersey, jersey city, but parts of new jersey, i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers, celebrating as the world trade center was coming down, killing thousands of people. and i saw people, and i saw them on television and i read about it on the internet. >> and in a new claim, the republican front-runner says he watched people jump out of the twin towers from his apartment.
8:31 am
his apartment at the time, four miles away uptown from the site the attacks. trump doubled down for surveillance of mosques and a database of all muslims in the united states. here to discuss a fellow at the institute for social policy. thank you for being with me. i want you to listen to what michael cohen, he works for the trump organization as an adviser for trump, what he said this morning on "new day." >> that he's probably right. probably right? >> he's probably right. >> no, he's probably wrong. >> no, he's probably right. >> there is no way to substantiate thousands -- >> and there's no way to say it couldn't. >> it could be thois and thousands. it could be a thousand. what the exact number was, i don't know. and i don't think it's relevant. i think what's really relevant is the point that there are really bad people among us. >> that is about the claim that trump, as you just heard him say, saw people celebrating in
8:32 am
jersey city after the towers came down trump's campaign is not backing down. they're dismissing any debate whether this was factual. what's your take? >> i have a serious take and a silly take. silly is trump has a new prompt coming up in dubai with luxury villas and five-star and classy and his name all over it. i'm pretty sure it will have a mosque, too. the funny thing is while trump is attacking arabs and making things up, he's making a ton of money off the region. it's a case of a man who can't put his money where his mouth is. on a certain situation, i think that lets trump off the hook and us off the hook. i think trump is not a side show. he's not a cartoonish figure. he's serious. >> not at all. >> and he's an extremist. i'm studied extremism in muslim communities. when i see happening on the far right is the same process.
8:33 am
years of incitement and rhetoric that builds up and then someone like him makes a claim, it's false, the mayor of jersey city strikes it down and he's still sticking with it. >> fact-checkers akrols the board say this isn't the case. we checked the coverage. but when you say he has to be taken seriously, absolutely. let's look at the polling. here's a new poll out this morning, quinnipiac poll in the critical early state of iowa, comparing october to this month. trump at 25% to voters supporting him, despite claims that across the board have been deemed by many, many publications as not factual. what do you say to those supporters? >> well, look at the last week and the things he said across the board, where they're going. he's refusing syrian refugees all together. >> he's not the only gop candidate to do that by a long shot. >> he's taking it to another level, with database, and surveilling mosques.
8:34 am
a black lives matter protester being beaten, he said he deserved it. a graphic circulating now about crime and race. researchers on the internet linked it back to a neo-nazi website. >> this is 25% of likely caucus goers, a quarter in iowa. what do you say to them? because they are hearing what they want to hear, and they're believing that this man should be our next president. so -- >> so, when someone says we should surveil mosques. the nypd did that for about seven years. they found nothing. not a single plot. they had a massive surveillance system. it was very controversial. a lot of people in the muslim community -- they found nothing. we supper a zero tolerance policy of extremism. i was in new york on 9/11. so, for him to say, oh, i saw thousands of arabs or muslims celebrating is nonsense. i was president of a muslim student association in lower manhattan. we saw the towers go down with our eyes. we were right there. people were not celebrating. peel were horrified, disgusted.
8:35 am
the thing i would like people to realize, american muslims are americans. to say we're using our mosques to turn into bases to target our own country is scary. >> there are 7 million muslims living in america right now. when you talk to muslim leaders, because they have to be part of the equation, you see it's a larger percent of the population in france, but here in america, 7 million. what do you need to hear from muslim leaders right now? >> so, a lot of american muslims have been condemning extremism. unfortunately, people don't realize that. but we need to do more. unthing unfortunate about trump is he's focusing on mosques. radical recruitment doesn't happen in mosques. it happens online. for someone -- >> and also in prisons. >> it does. but the online space in the u.s. is bigger because it's a lot easier and as we've seen, it's harder to detect. we need more americans to do -- american muslims to do, and we're starting to do it now, is build tools online to fight back against religious propaganda. law enforcement has the security responsibility.
8:36 am
obviously, that's their job. but our communities need to develop more resources to take those people who are on the edge and pull them back and find ways to pull them back and to take ownership of this problem. >> so, that is much more effective than the isis propaganda, et cetera, that is out there. >> definitely. thank you very much. nice to have your perspective on the program today. also, we're monitoring this press conference about to begin at the white house any moment. president obama, his french counterpart, francois hollande, will take to those podiums beginning a major widely anticipated news conference from the white house. what will they say about the fight against isis, the refugee crisis, the manhunt for the eighth attacker, salah abdeslam, who is still on the run. also, more on our breaking news here in the united states. a chicago police officer just charged with the shooting of an african-american teenage per. video no one has seen of that event expected to be released any moment. we will take you live to chicago next. ♪
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at this hour, breaking newing out of chicago. an officer accused of shooting and killing a teenager last october captured on dash cam video has been charged with first-degree murder. he'll appear in court in just over an hour's time. ryan clark joins us from chicago. for people not as familiar with this case, walk us through the evens, what is known about that shooting in october of 2014. >> reporter: a lot of people have questions about this. police responded to a call of someone breaking into cars. they encountered a man named laquan mcdonald. he was 17 years old. apparently had a knife in his hand, a four-inch knife and trying to get away from officers
8:42 am
and maybe stabbed an officer's tire, flattening that out. they tried to surround him and wait for taser but that never happened. an officer said he felt in fear of his life and open fire. on this dash cam video we're told you'll see the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times. the conversation has been going on in this community for quite some time. just about what we'd see. there are reports that when laquan mcdonald was on the ground, the officer continued shooting. this community for quite some time has had questions about what happened and now i can honestly tell you, people in this community are frustrated about how long this process has taken. the officer has now been charged. we saw him walk into the courtroom today. we know this court hearing, bond hearing will happen at noon in chicago. everyone is watching this, especially awaiting whether or not this video will be released. >> when you talk about the video, one of the reasons why it hasn't been seen by anyone but authorities, and i'd assume his attorney, is that the family of
8:43 am
laquan mcdonald settled with the city, a $5 million settlement. now the judge has ordered the video must be released by this thursday. do we know when? does it come today after he appears in court? tomorrow? any idea on the timing? >> reporter: pop y i can tell you this felt like a shell game, trying to figure out exactly when this video would be released. we've been talking to everyone in terms of this. the chicago police department did not want to release the video. someone here in chicago actually took them to court. the judge said it had to be out by wednesday. that's till midnight. they have until midnight to release the video. what we've seen over the last few days is a concerted effort from chicago leaders to talk with community members to try to calm everyone down because they understand people are going to be very upset about this. look, there's a community belief that chicago police department does not treat certain people in the african-american community correctly. they believe this video will demonstrate this to the entire world that for years they've been dealing with go this issue. they feel this is a powder keg
8:44 am
because people could react violently once they see the video. they've been calling for peace and calm but we're not sure if it will be released today or tomorrow. trying to get that skoon firm has been hard. even confirming the fact the officer would be in courts was something they didn't want to talk about out in the open. we now know this is happening. we'll see what happens today when the officer goes to court. >> he'll be in court at 1:00 eastern time. that is just over an hour from now. ryan young live for us in chicago, thank you very much. also want to take you to washington, d.c. any moment president obama and president francois hollande will speak live, holding a joint news conference. their first following the horrific attacks in paris 11 days ago. we'll bring it to you live. of course, this is cnn special coverage. stay with us.
8:45 am
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call or visit us online today moments from now, french president francois hollande and president obama set to hold a joint news conference. cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta with us. this is the first time we'll see the two leaders together speaking since the horrific attacks in paris 11 days ago. for hollande, this is a tour, yesterday david cameron, today president obama, tomorrow russian president vladimir putin, later in the week german chancellor angela merkel. what is his goal? >> reporter: this meeting between president obama and president hollande comes at a critical time in the fight against isis. president hollande has been pressuring president obama to step up the campaign against isis. you've haefrd the president say, yes, there will ab an intensification on what the u.s.-led coalition is doing to
8:50 am
take out that terrorist army. we heard from josh earnest yesterday say that he believes that the -- the white house believes the white house is doing more than its own weight, pulling more of its own weight. that's an indication that inside this white house they believe that the u.s. is doing es certainly all it can at this point. it is also a pushback if anybody is making the case that ground troops should be injected into the battle against isis, and at the same time the french president wants the u.s. to do more. there is a complication in all of this and that is what happened earlier in turkey with turkey shooting down the russian warplane. the russian president would like to form this grand alliance and grand coalition to take the battle against isis, but poppy, having tack talked to senior officials in the foreign trip to turkey and asia, there is a lot of distrust for vladimir putin and while the president and vladimir putin had the face-to-face conversation in
8:51 am
front of the cameras in turkey, they do feel that there should be no connection between what is happening in syria right now, and perhaps vladimir putin wanting a get out of jail free card for what is happening in crimea and ukraine and they don't want any linkage between the cooperation of syria and what is happening in ukraine. so it is a delicate balancing act, and i am sure that the president has explained it to president hollande in no uncertain terms that there are a lot of balls in to a air from the foreign standpoint, and so, while, yes, the president would like to see things happen, president obama is determine and we saw it on his face over the last several days not to ramp it up in a way that he feels overreacts to the threat against isis. one oher things that we should point out h this is basically the third press conference ha that the president has had over the last week. that is highly unusual, and it sh shows, poppy a that the president has felt that he is needing to sort of recalibrate his message at times.
8:52 am
and you know, the last press conference in turkey, it was widely panned as too rhetorically soft when it comes to taking out isis. he bristled at some of the questions at times about the strategy and then at the end of the foreign trip, the president was speaking more from the gut that isis is going to be destroyed, and it will be done, and isis is a bunch of killers with good social media, and so rerhetorically, the president was stepping it up, and we will see it here in a few more minutes when he speaks with francois hollande, and yet at the same time, are there is a great deal of caution when the president infuses the policy with isis at this point. i would not expect any dramatic announcements of the military effort to go after isis, and this administration is taking a cautious and patient approach, but we will see what the french president's reaction is when he comes into the room. is he going to be hearing what he wants to hear from the president of the united states,
8:53 am
poppy. >> absolutely. and is so perhaps no promises on the strategic changes from that vantage point from president obama to hollande, but what is the rhetoric doing to be. jim acosta, stay with me as we await the joint news conference. i want to go to the john king. and let's talk about the rhetoric. you had the day of to attack, and francois hollande said, this is war, and then as jim acosta just outlined the president who is criticized for not using strong enough rhetoric, and stepping it up perhaps in malaysia, but will we hear the same words and the two leaders on the same page rhetorically as they stand side by side. >> it is a fascinating question of the president hollande usesed are cal islamist terrorism which is a term that the president has tried to the avoid. he did call them killers and m ramp up the language on the last foreign trip. be honest about it, it is a difficult military consul atations between the two leaders
8:54 am
and policy and strategy consultation, and both of them are having the conversations in interesting political environments at home. president hollande in france, and president obama as a presidential campaign takes swing here many this country where he has been roundly criticized, but as jim said, this president is in no mood to see any reason from the policy or the political reason or militarily for ground troops to be the answer here. clearly, a president hollande like george bush calling himself the wartime president, and making the rounds to build this coalition. it is going to be interesting to see if he gets something, tangible in the public promise in the president of the united states the to do more. the presidents' critics will say that he is leading from behind again and it should be the united states taking the lead, but for the president, it is an opportunity here for the white house to give you a list of 6 60-something countries in the coalition of against isis, and honestly in private and publicly voiced the frustration lately
8:55 am
that jim said it is essentially carrying most of the water. so maybe from the paris moment more international cooperation, and big international players and substance putting the eggs in the basket will come are from in and that is why we are waiting to the hear from the leaders. >> how is it all complicated, right, john, by this russian fighter jet being downed today in turkey. standby with john king and jim acos acosta, and we are monitoring this. quick break and we are live on t the other side of the to break with the white house. are you on medicare?
8:56 am
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hello, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." we are awaiting president obama and the visiting president of france and they are on the verge of giving a live briefing of lll of the reporters and the guests assembled after the urgent consultations on the attacks in france and the attacks in syria. and adding one more big crisis to the leaders' agenda. turkish fighter jets shot down a russian fighter jet that the turks say violated the turkish air space and ignored numerous
8:59 am
warnings and then they opened up fire on the pilots ejecting from the jet. the president of russia is calling this a quote a "stab in the back." there is much more on all of this in a few moments, but first, i want to go back to the live at the white house where jim acosta is standing by, and a we have a big group of cnn reporters watching all of the developments, but first of all, jim, president hollande came a long way to the united states on a series of diplomatic visits, and let's talk about this country, and this visit, and what does hollande want from this visit? >> we will find out in a few minutes, ashleigh, because after lis own the president of france, he wants to see a grand coalition of u.s. and russia to go after isis, and the problem with the strategy is that things are a lot more complicated over the last 24 hours a. russian war
9:00 am
airplane was downed by turkey. and turkey is a much more robust member of the coalition against isis, and so what does vladimir putin do in response to that and what president putin has said in the recent days he wants a much more vigorous campaign from president obama, and we will see if the president of france will get that the from the president. we will find out in a few minutes. >> excuse me jim, we will watch the two presidents take the podium. >> please be seated. president hollande, it has been a honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times as this, but as americans, we stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people, i want to once again express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of
9:01 am


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