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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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process that involves hard methodical work. it is not going to be something that happens just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes. and that's the kind of hard woswork that i know that france is prepared the do, and the united states is prepared to do, and perhaps in the future russia will be as well. okay. thank you very much, everybody. the two president, the president of the united states and the president of france are wrapping up a one-hour news conference at the white house following important talks on what is going on in iraq and syria, and this is on a critically important day when there was an ugly encounter involving russian and turkish warplanes. this is a serious is situation. and once again, we want to welcome the viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from
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washington. with we have the chief white house correspondent jim acosta standing by and the chief national correspondent john king and our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto, and our chief international correspondent christiane amanpour. and i will get to you in a moment, jim and john, but let's talk to christiane. it is the first time that a f-16 plane blocking turkey has shot down a russian warplane, and this is representing a serious problem. i want you to listen to what the president had to say urging everyone to avoid any escalation. >> turkey like every country has a right to defend its territory and air space. i think it is very important for us right now to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other to find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage
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any kind of escalation. i do think that this points to a ongoing problem with the russian operations. in the sense that they are operating very close to the turkish border and they are going after the moderate opposition supported by not only turkey, but a wide range of countries. if russia is directing its energies towards daesh and isille, some isil some of the conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. >> christiane hold on one mom t moment, because jim acosta is in the east room of the white house where the news conference just took place. and jim, the president is clearly underscoring what is a complicated situation to even becoming much more complicated and even more dangerous right now in the aftermath of the
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turkish downing of the -- the russian downing of the turkish airplane. >> and when the president was asked if the russian airplane was in turkey's air space and shot down, and they said they have not received all of the facts. it highlights why they are going after isis, and you have different characters carrying out different goals, and the coalition going after isis, and the understanding of the white house and russia going after e isis and also going after forces against bashar al assad, and it highlights the whole episode. b but it is clear in listening to the president barack obama and president francois hollande, they are clearly on the same
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page. and francois hollande said that he did not plan to go on the ground in syria, which gives the president here some breathing room, because it is pressure from washington here to put forces on the ground the root isis out of raqqa, and so the president got some breathing room from francois hollande, but you can know that he said that france ap preeshapreciates all emotion and compassion, but we must act. it sounds like russia and vladimir putin is such a problem for the u.s.-led coalition that hollande is now going to moscow la later this week and not only on his behalf, but president obama's behalf to implore vladimir putin to get on the same page of the coalition and going after isis. we saw some hope for that when the president met with vladimir putin in turkey last week.
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he may need francois hollande's help to get vladimir putin on the same page, and he is not there yet, and you can hear from this press conference that the president is still very much frustrated with vladimir putin. >> and we know that the president of france will be in moscow pleating with the russian president avladimir putin and they have to de-escalate what is clearly a dangerous situation right now. >> and that is the immediate situation, and nato is meeting in brussels in the current moment right now in a couple of hours, and obviously, they want to make sure that there is no es kalation, and that russian does not retaliate. and we wonder whether the statements from both presidents were significantly in the turkey nato members' favor in order to deter the russian retaliation. that is one issue. and then the other issue as jim said that the president hollande said that in syria, he would not put any boots on the ground, but he said that there needs to be a closure of the syria/turkey
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border, and that coupled with president obama's comments about how russia is acting too close to the turkey border, and there's no known isis in certainly in the area that russian plane was today, a implying that russia is going off after the wrong targets to bolster the assad, there is a sense that hollande is apparently talking about the no-fly zone, and other former nato officials have said that along the syria/turkey border if there was a no-fly zone, it would stop this business of the incursions into the turkish air space, and plus protect the civili civilians, and allow the boots on the ground, the ones they want, the boots on the ground that they want to train and stay. that is interesting to see ow that pans out. both leaders were very clear to say that they should not be confusing refugees and immigr t immigrants with terrorists. they laid that out categorically
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despite the fact that a few of the slaughterists in paris had infiltrated illegally the refugees coming in. and so it is interesting, and hollande said that the recently-passed u.n. security council resolution unanimously passed which means including china and russia gives the coalition the authority to act. and what is the coalition? because there are two coalitions, russia on one side and the u.s.-are led coalition on the other side. and that is the challenge to make one coalition or one coordinated intervention in trying to defeat isis. >> standby, christiane. john king, as this is happening along the turkish border with which is very serious at the same time that the manhunt continues, and the investigation continuing in france and belgium, and president obama also spoke to the american people about the upcoming thanksgiving holiday and the
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threats of isis plots here, and he is walking a delicate tight rope, because on one hand he wants everybody to be prepared and on the other hand, he doesn't want people to overreact and get overly nervous about the situation. >> and wolf, frankly, he does not want them to listen to criticism playing out as we have to acknowledge that we are in, i would say early stages, but the mild stages of the presidential campaign many this country right now, and the president saying at one point, we must uphold the ideals now, and we must uphold the ideals now, and saying don't get prejudiced against the syrian refugees and the muslims, and don't listen to political can rhetoric of monitoring the the mosques or shutting down the refugee program, and the president trying to get the american americans to rally to the security questions before us, but as he made the case give into the terrorists by accepting fear and discrimination and prejudice. and as the two leaders were trying to make the case, wolf, as you heard, a sobber asse assessment from both of them. we have been talking to putin about this for years, and trying to get the turks to do something
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for months if not longer, and you heard how complicated and difficult it is from the policy perspective and the president is candid that he knows that as he faces pressure here at home, and he tries to step up and do more in cooperation with the french and others he is doing so in an ugly political environment here at home. >> and yes sh, is it is a very y tense political environment here in the united states. jim sciutto, the suspicion is that the turks shot down this russian warplane, this airplane because in part they suspected that the russians were targeting their turkish allies inside of the bashar al assad rejeem, and that is why they didn't want the russians to hit the turkmen inside of syria. what is the analysis of that? >> well, this is a reminder that you have 27 different oparticipa oparticipants in france in this war on the ground in syria right now, including the international component. you start with russia with its own objectives, and you have the
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west, and the u.s.-led coalition with its own objectives focused on the isis, and russians focused on assad, and so then you have the turks who are being accu accused of being less than aggressive to stop the flow of fighters across the zones, and christiane mentions the no-fly zone, but there is a problem of the border being so porous, and frankly accusations from turkey from all sides, and vladimir putin calling turkey in his words accomplices with the terrorist, and that is a sense of how many side s s to the conflict. that is one thing that the u.s. is worried about with russia getting in there and not just deconfliction in the air, but the number of forces on the ground facing up against each other. that is complicated. you will hear from the president though, and it is interesting, because you have russia have a plane shot down and possibly lose one of the pilots, but president coming to the defense
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of the nato allies saying that turkey has a right to defend the air space, and then immediately pifting to say it is part of the ongoing problem with russian's military involvement in syria, and the message is clear there that, hey, russia, you are playing this this very crowded playing field. it is dangerous in there which is a tough message. i will say this, and he says that turkey has a right to the defend the air space. and russian warplanes have been buzzing not just turkish air space, but european and u.s. air spa space, and in effect, it is not a threat, but it is a reminder that the u.s. takes that threat very seriously as does nato, and that reminds you that, heck, you have deconfliction between the u.s. and the russian warplanes in there, but they are flying very close, and that is something that the defense officials say to me is real, and they want to the avoid having a deadly conflict in the air, and certainly between the u.s. and russia >> yes, and when you have u.s. f-16 airplanes flown by the turkish fighter pilots, and then
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also, other airplanes flown by russian pilots, and flown very close on that bord, and we shall know soon if the russian airplanes were in turkish air space or if they were in the syrian air space, we will know it soon enough where where those plane planes were, and obviously a clearly dangerous situation. guys, stand by. we have much more coming up, including the more of the fallout of the downing of the russian fighter jet and what happened to the pilots seen parachuting from the burning plane. we will have live reports from russia and turkey, and much more of the special coverage right after this.
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let's get more of the breaking news out of turkey are where a russian fighter jet was shot down along the border of syria. there is dramatic video of the incident allegedly showing the two russian pilots shot at in the sky after ejecting from the plane. watch this.
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apparently syrian rebels of the regime of bashar al assad said, don't shoot at them, capture them alive, oufr, the fate of the two pilots is unknown. turkey says that the jet was shot down after it ip vaded turkish air space after several warnings, but russia says that the jet was flying over syria and not turkey. and we have important development developments with nick paton walsh in istanbul, and we also have our military analyst mark hertling is joining us. and now, mark, they are saying they had every right to shoot down this s-24 >> they have said it very straight forward that under the
10:18 am
rule rules of engagement they saw a russian aircraft entering the air space, and they showed a map that it was shown to be flying through, and they gave ten separate warnings, and then their f-16 shot down the aircraft. that video there you can see the two pilots ejecting and the scenes on the ground which are turkmen and syrian rebels there, and explaining why they are talking turkish firing at it, and saying, yes, take one of them live maybe for the prisoner exchange, but we do know that on the russian state tv that russian sources are saying that one of the pilots was in fact killed from fire from the ground as well. so a potential first admission of a death here. that will escalate the tension over this, but turkey's prime minister very clear that turkey will take all kinds of measures to defend its borders. this is not the first time it has happened. back in late september when russian air strikes first began, there were a number of supposed
10:19 am
violations that turkey registered, and they began to talk to the russian officials here and inin anchokara as well now, we have seen it again. and now, equating a general of the staff of the russian command saying that in fact syrian control telling them on their radar it is a turkish aircraft that violated their air space, so it is something that we will see back and forth in the days ahead, and no doubt it seems from the russian plane, one of those pilots have now lost their life. >> and now, matthew, you have been hearing them call this downing a stab in the back, and the foreign minister has cancelled a trip to turkey, and he is supposed to be there
10:20 am
tomorr tomorrow, and what other reaction are you picking up there in moscow? >> well, the russians are absolutely besides themselves with fury that this has taken pla place. they have potentially lost two pies and lost the plane, and the first casualties of their campaign inside of syria. so it is a huge blow, and the fact that the plane was shot out of the sky by turkish f-16 has come as a real insult to the russian russians. vladimir putin saying it is a stab in the back of the accomplices of terrorist, and accusing the turks to be behind isis on the ground, and the rebel groups, and that is an accusation leveled against turkey in the past. they have also rejected out of hand this allegation, this claim, this account by the turks that this russian plane violated turkish air space. they are saying that all of the time it was flying the my it did so inside of syrian air space. it says it has data to
10:21 am
demonstrate that, although it has not made the data public u unlike -- unlike the turks who released the radar maps of the routes they say that plane took. so this incident is going to have a serious impact on the relations between russia and turkey, and already the diplomatic issue has come up, with prime minister lavrov who will no longer make his trip to turkey tomorrow. and so now, others saying, we won't back it up and no more recommending the package to turkey anymore and the flow of tourist tourists, there and you are getting the sense that the russians are working out the response and what it can be. >> general hertling, if the turkmen rebels allied with turkey inside of syria, were shooting at the two pilots as
10:22 am
they ejected from the su-24 warplane, there is already some suggestion that it is a criminal act if not a war, a crime against a war crime, if you will, if you are shooting at parachuting pilots. you have served in europe and commanded these kinds of positions, and this is clearly a tense situation. is that in fact a war crime to shoot at ejecting pie lots? >> yes, it is a violation of the law of the land combat, and if someone is parachuting or unarmed at the timef of an attack like this. and again, this is one of those kinds of things that i think that will infuriate the russian president as much if not even more than the shooting down of the aircraft is this shooting by the turkmen if that is in fact who is conducting that attack against the pilots who were parachuting are from the aircraft. all of the things said, this is coming during a time when there appeared to be a glimmer of
10:23 am
increased cooperation by russia with the other coalition forces, and this is just not coming at a very good time. but again, as the president said, we have to look at all of the details. i am is sure that almost certain probably an awax plane overhead, because that is attempting to contribute to the deconfliction of the coalition aircraft and the russian and the syrian aircraft flying in support of mr. assad, and that is what russia wanted. they did not want cooperation in the air space, but deconfliction, and there have been multiple occurrences as jim sciutto mentioned earlier of russian planes flying in turkish air space, and even a mig harassing turkish pilots and then going back into their air space. so the turks had been making multiple warnings of russia to stay out of the air space, and this is an indicator when russia
10:24 am
is tweaking the nose at the nato alliance. >> and if there was a u.s. or aerial surveillance plan in the area, we will all know specifically whether the russian airplane was flying in the turkish air space or the syrian air space. the turkmen make the point that the russian airplanes were coming in to kill them and bomb those sites and they had the right to kill the are russian pilots even if they were parachuting, and that is their the argument. guys, standby, because we are standing with the breaking news. and does the president's strategy to defeat isis go far enough? we will ask more of our next gue guest. other wireless carriers make families share data.
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even before the tragedy in paris, i had gathered together my national security forces. i had been a year to review where we had made progress. what work and what had not and put together a plan to accelerate and advance the pressure that we can put on isil. >> president obama just moments ago speaking on the fight against eisis during that joint news conference at the white house with the visiting french president francois hollande. let's bring in state representative john katko who was chairman of the foreign fighters task force as well. were you satisfied with what you heard from the president in that little clip right there, congressman? >> well, i mean, he is trying to be as diplomatic as he can, but, you know, we definitely need a beefed up strategy in the middle east, and more cohesive international strategy to combat some of the problem s ths that
10:30 am
been arising. >> the clash today between russia and turkey, and the turkish f-16s shooting down a russian su-24, and the russians sag it was in syrian air space, and turkey saying that it was in syrian air space, and so you have the prime minister erd erdoan,and neither one of these guys like to blink. >> yes, it made a volatile situation more volatile, and if you think about it, a three-sided war going on in syria, and the rebels going against assad, and eisis agains assad and isis fighting back against both of them, and russia coming in to ostensibly fight against isis, and now going after the rebels, and now turkey and russia going at it. it is really making an extremely tough situation to try to figure out what is going on. to me, it is crying out for more international leadership and
10:31 am
international stability into what is going on over there. >> and it all comes back, and you are main the house committe on security, and you are also with the new u.s. intelligence bulletin reported on cnn that is warning the local law enforcement the review the training of active shooters, and what are you going to tell us about that? are we seeing more drills like we saw in new york city sunday? >> oh, yes, we will have more active shooter situations all ov over to the country. on the transportation subxhit committee, we passed a law that mandated the active shooting situations in airports, because it is a vulnerable hot spot, and airports nationwide pursuant to the law that was signed into law by the president to have more of that readiness for those situation situations as they arise. >> and the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for the next three months for all u.s. citizens around the world for what is seen as
10:32 am
increased terror threat. you have been reviewing this, i'm sure, and how worry ied are you for foreign travel for americans specifically right now? >> well, i have been worried about foreign travel for americans since i got on homeland security, and that is part of the job to worry about it. it is amazing how how many people are working behind the scenes to keep people safe. the biggest concern is that, i have had concerns with the american foreign travel but when we travel overseas that is the concern, and that is borne out by what happened in sharm el sheikh and the deployment of bombs in aurports is a real concern, and we have a igt hooened state of alert right now, no question about it. when isis upped the game and started to take down airliners, it is a different ball game now, and we have to respond to that by being more vigilant in what we are doing. >> congressman katko, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, and happy thanksgiving. >> you, as well. and now, as the west is stepping
10:33 am
up its alerts as we head into the holiday thanksgiving weekend. we will talk to one of the law ma lawmake ers in a city that isis has vowed to attack. there he is, congressman gregory meeks from new york city. that is coming up next. count on being slammed this hwith orders. we're getting slammed with orders. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. totally slammed! introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. erdogan. we are looking at the video just coming in, and only moments ago the u.s. defense secretary ash carter is welcoming in the french counter part, the phrfre defense minister for an honor accord at the ceremony at the pentagon, and topping the agenda is the huge development today, turkey, a nato ally shooting down a russian airplane near the turkish and syrian border. they will discuss the joint
10:38 am
effort efforts to fight isis in iraq and syria as well as the fallout of the attacks in paris. in light of the attacks, of those threats of the united states, security is clearly being ramped up here ahead of the thanksgiving weekend. joining me is democratic congressman gregory meeks who is representing part of the city directly cited in some of the isis videos. and thank you, congressman for joining us. what is going on in new york city first of all, because the paris attacks certainly have focused in on the threat to soft targets in your beautiful city as well. >> well, wolf, what is going on is what we do every time this time of the year. we have the great new york city police department working with homeland security and other intelligence agencies to make sure that all new york es and the visitors to new york are safe in this festive holiday of thanksgiving, and the thanksgiving day parade.
10:39 am
i see people though that they are living their lives and people are walking the streets and doing the shopping, and all are looking forward to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. so, yes, security is up, and you know, one thing that police commissioner bratton keeps talking about if you see something, say something. that is in place, and all are go going the be safe and we will have a great thanksgiving here in new york city. >> all right. let's talk about the foreign affairs right now, one of the areas of expertise. in the news conference with the french president hollande, the president said that he would share more security information and with france to stop the flow of foreign fighters. here is the question, is turkey based on everything that you know doing enough to protect that border with syria, and prevent isis terrorists from coming from syria back into turkey, and a nato ally from which they can go into the europe and maybe even come to the united states? >> clearly, wolf, we know that more can be done, that the borders between turkey and syria
10:40 am
has been parse. that is where some of the fighters have been going across the, you know, are from the crossing one border to another. so there is much more that can be done. and turkey who has been helpful, and continuing to be helpful as part of the nato ally, but we have to beef it up, and make sure that there, wherever is there is a weak length, it is strengthened. that is what the president is talking about along with president hollande, and we have to make sure that is working in a multilateral way. >> and when you heard that the turks shot down a russian airplane along the turkish/syrian border what was your reaction? >> that there needs to be more communicati communication, and that if we were all focused on daesh, we would be sharing the common information, and that we are focused on the common enemy, and russia should understand because their jet was shot down by isil, their plane by isil through a
10:41 am
bomb, through terrorist attacks, and that we have to be on the same side and coordinate together. and is so i have been told by some of my administrative, and ministration sources that the russian plane was in fact over in turkey territory. so, that is, that has to be and i'm hopeful that the dialogue and the conversation will make mr. putin understand that he should come to be part of the coalition of 65 as opposed to the coalition of two as the president talked about. >> and congressman meek, thank you for joining us. i hope it is a happy and wonderful thanksgiving holiday for you and your family as well. >> thank you, wolf. same to you. >> and coming up, more on the breaking news, and i hope thwil more on the shooting down of a russian airplane over turkey. we will see if this is going to intensify the developments.
10:42 am
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there is a new development in the paris terror attacks. the justice in belgium has just issued an arrest warrant for this man who drove a car in the abandoned neighborhood where one of the attacks took place. they believe he dropped off one of the stadium attackers, and we will get more information and have it coming in for you. and meanwhile, the president meat with the french president francois hollande and isis certainly topped the agenda.
10:47 am
the president said he is ready so step up the air campaign, but neither he nor president hollande is oprepared to put troops on the ground in any numb numbers. there was also an emergency nato meeting today in brussels to discuss the downing of a russian jet by turkey. we will talk about all of the breaking developments here with our panel. we have a terrorism analyst, and kim dozier is here with jim sciutto our national security correspondent. this downing of the russian plane could be a game-changer, jim. >> yes, no doubt. they have been warning of this possibility, and that is why you have the discussion, and now you have a ally with a deadly issue here with russia. you the so many players and the sensitivity of this is very
10:48 am
interesting to see how they avoid escalation in the wake. >> and the thought right now, kimberly, and you are doing the reporting here is that the turks were sensitive that the russian su-24 would try to the bomb their allies inside of syria, and the turkmen rebels opposed to al bashar's regime. >> yes, and it is not the first time they have buzzed this area. and they have gone on record to say, there are no targets here, and nothing that russia should have been hitting and a waste of the time and the manpower at a time when the pentagon is also tracking russia being over extended in the military campaign in syria. they have opened up more than 60 fronts up mostly up against the moderate syrian rebels, and couple of areas they are targeting isis, but the pentagon doesn't know how russia can sustain this campaign. so the question is, how do you help with the fight against isis when you can barely keep going with what you are doing. >> and president obama at that news conference repeatedly said that right now, you need to
10:49 am
de-escalate this confrontation between turkey and the nato ally russia, and but you have two leaders erdogan and putin and these are tough guys that don't blink. >> they don't blink at all, and individuals who do not back down from any conflict, and so this is the scenario that we are all very, very concerned about. remember that the plane went down near the la, the aqia province and nowhere near the rebel forces. and so they are in places where there is no rebel force, and so it is a cause for concern. >> and we will soon know kimberly whether the plane was in turkey air space or syrian air space, and although the ptd said in the news conference, we will know soon enough. >> they were being coy about it
10:50 am
in the briefings this morning saying it looks like it is right on the border and we are assessing, but they confirmed that they heard the audio of the turks warn the russian jet ten times to get out of our air space, and the russian jet not responding what does it say thaf it were in turkish air space, where does it say that the turkish government. decided to tell that f-16 fighter to launch an air to air missile and knock down that russian plane? >> it says they are willing to take enormous risks and face at least a danger of serious consequences to send a strong message about defending their air space. you hear so many strong statements in the wake of the paris attacks we're at war and so on. meanwhile from president obama you see them essentially sticking with the same tactics. this is a e reminder you are at war. and that the players are not just players on the ground but the players in the air.
10:51 am
but the dangers of escalation are real. >> the inspector general of the department of defense is investigating whether the u.s. military central command was doctoring intelligence to make it look more rosy in this war against isis. when you hear that, what do you think? >> i think it's 2002/2003 all over again. if we find out that senior military officials are doctoring or altering the analysis that are put out by analysts, that is a terrifying -- something that is incredibly terribly about this. >> when you were at the cia writing intelligence analysis, were you pressure d to write something on paper that you wouldn't believe in yourself but only because political higher ups were telling you to do this? >> absolutely not. we were well insulated in the counterterrorism center from this kind of political se cane ri. . to hear that analyst. s might have been pressured or
10:52 am
things have been changed is a terrifying thing for analysis. >> it is a serious investigat n investigation. >> it's been going on for several months now. it will probably be months more before we see the results. but remember this is not always doctoring for political purposes as much as doctoring possibly because the people in charge of this campaign want to say that their campaign is working. they are invested in the outcome of their own analysis. >> standby for a moment. before we go, very important programming note. jim sciutto has a very special documentary on cnn later tonight. it's called targeting terror inside the intelligence war. here's a a preview. >> we came here. a place you probably never heard of. a place you have certainly never seen. until now. we're approaching the mission ground station in new mexico.
10:53 am
the very existence of this ground station and others in the u.s. was classified until 2008 and we're the first reporters allow ed inside. inside this ground station, the place the nro calls its brain. the nro watches over the agency satellites checking their systems, receiving their data and troubleshooting any problems. >> what goes wrong? >> a piece of hardware with listens on it and just like anything could go wrong with your cell phone or television, that can go wrong. >> each satellite on the radar has an important job to do. >> every day we have a plan of what those satellites are going to collect. if we get a call in realtime where a crisis is happening, we have the capability to retest those satellites. >> how often has that happened where you get a call to say i've been looking over here. >> as often as cnn gets a
10:54 am
breaking news story. >> it's pretty often. and you're going to take our viewers to places they have never seen or been to before. >> i think knowing the extent of the intelligence community, there's 16 intelligence agencies. . people know about the cia and the nsa. but they don't know about so many of these others that launches and operates the spy satellites. the nga looks at the dat lite. the defense intelligence agency have their own intelligence agency. but they are working together with enormous capabilities to keep the country safe. the trouble is you can have all that capability in the world, but your adversaries whether big or small are always looking for holes. being out in paris this last week that came up all the time is terrorists going dark. something so simple you can put on your phone an encryption application that basically means the nsa can't listen to your conversations. and that's difficult when they are trying to track terrorists. >> all indications that the
10:55 am
terrorists were involved in that friday night plot in paris. they did use that encrypted communication. >> they had encryption apps on the phones found. then you have bigger puckture issues. we talk a lot about terrorism. but when we go inside the cyber world, the level of capability from cyber actors and this goes from small groups to countries like china, russia, iran, to shut down key systems in the u.s., it's truly worrisome. that's one thing that keeps them up at night. >> it's a timely documentary. you got permission to go to certain areas that our viewers will be deeply appreciative based on everything this investigation now whether the u.s. was doctoring intelligence. thanks for doing it. be sure to watch cnn's exclusive look in the war on tar inside the intelligence war. it airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. that's it for me.
10:56 am
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm brooke baldwin here on a very rainy, very cold night in paris. you are watching cnn special live coverage of the terror attacks and shook to the core. we have breaking news. a couple threats out of paris. one, investigators are now searching for another suspect. they have issued an international warrant for this it person's arrest. this is what we're getting from belgium officials that just released these images. they say he was caught on