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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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thanks for joining us tonight. you can watch us at any time. "ac 360 with john berman begins right now. good evening. john berman in for anderson. we're going to look at the protesters on the streets of chicago not far from roosevelt and south canal there in the south loop. america's third largest city is on edge tonight reacting to dash cam video of a chicago police officer, jason van dyke, who is now charged with murder for shooting a young man, 17-year-old laquan mcdonald dead in the street. tension has been growing there for a long time. this happened in october of last year. officer van dyke was charged today. a judge ordered the video released and we're going to show it to you momentarily. a warning, though, it is very troubling to watch. you see a person shot dead. we're going to show it to you so
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you can see what people in chicago are seeing tonight and reacting to right now and what a jury will almost certainly see at the officer's trial. again, he has been charged with murder. according to prosecutors, the shooting began shortly after laquan mcdonald, you see him right there, walking down the street, a knife in his right hand. less than 30 seconds after arriving on the scene, we are told officer van dyke pulled his gun and fired. you see laquan mcdonald fall to the ground there after he is shot. you also see more shots fired while he is on the ground. some debris there flying about. there is no audio here. this went on for about 30 seconds. we are told 16 shots were fired by officer van dyke. many of them -- most of them while laquan mcdonald was on the ground not moving. there is the body right there.
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shortly after this, you do see a car arrive on the scene. that is the car right there. more officers do get out but there is no more movement from that 17-year-old young man. a lot to talk about with our law enforcement experts tonight as well as our correspondents on the ground in chicago. first, rosa flores. walk us through exactly what happened before and during. >> reporter: you know, the prosecutor put it like this. she said that investigators, both federal and state, went through this video second by second dissecting exactly what had transpired. now, they also talked to witnesses to corroborate what they were seeing and also what they were hearing from people on the street. she put it like this. she took us through it. she said, if you look at this video, you'll see laquan mcdonald walking on the street. six seconds after arriving on scene, the police officer was charged with first-degree murder
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is seen with his weapon pointing at laquan mcdonald and he starts shooting. if you take a look at that video, you see him on the last-hand side of the screen, john. now, after that, the angle of this video changes. we asked the prosecutor why, what happened. and she said that the cruiser that had this dash cam moved. that's why the angle of that camera moved and you don't see the police officer firing his weapon. you only see laquan mcdonald on the ground. now, like you mentioned, all of this happened in about 30 seconds. the officer discharging his weapon 16 times. now, the autopsy report shows that laquan mcdonald was hit 16 times. now, of course, you mentioned this community has been asking for this video to be released for a year now. we finally get to see the video and now that this officer is being charged with first-degree murder, his defense attorney
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saying that this officer has -- that this case must be tried in the courts and not in the media. >> there's a lot of questions, rosa, about the timing of the charges. why was it that the charges were only announced right before this video was released, the video that was released only because of a judge's orders? >> reporter: you know, we got to kind of have to take you back and give you the background. community leaders have been asking forth release of this video for a very long time. state and federal investigators got involved and they were doing a simultaneous investigation. now, the u.s. attorney released a statement today saying that they continue to investigate. their investigation is active and ongoing. today, the prosecutor said -- he told the media today, she said that the only reason she released these charges early, even though she had decided to file these charges weeks ago, is because of the release of this video. now, the release of this video
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is because the video was asked to be released. a judge in civil court ordered for this video to be released at the very latest tomorrow, wednesday. and so because of likes, we are told, this video was released early and, of course, we saw the police superintendent and the mayor here making this announcement, asking for calm, asking for people, yes, to exercise their rights but to keep calm and to protect property here in the city of chicago. >> rosa flores for us in chicago explaining the situation. we are looking at live pictures right now of what appears to be a relatively small march or protest. the streets of chicago, maybe 100 people there. they have been moving through the south loop or near there fairly slowly. apparently very peacefully, at least so far walking through. there has been some concern of what might happen when this video came out. we had been told for some time that it was bad. and seeing it, it is disturbing to see. with me here tonight, cnn legal
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analyst and former federal prosecutor, sunny hostin and also retired nypd officer harry howe. sunny, this is a very disturbing video. your reaction? >> i'm heartbroken by it. and i'm disturbed not only as a lawyer, of course, as a former federal prosecutor, given the time to bring these charges given the fact that it's an extremely graphic video but i'm confused and concerned and hurt as a mother of a teenage black boy. we know the statics, john. we know that my son is 21 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than his white friends. there is something fundamentally wrong with our society if that still holds true today, not only in chicago but all over our country. so when i'm looking at this video over and over and over again, i see the death of not only this young man but also
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teenager but also of just so many young boys and teens that have come before. and my question that goes over and over again in my mind is what do we do about this? when does it stop? >> engo, just a moment ago, you were looking at live protests in chicago, 100 people moving through the streets fairly peacefully reacting to the video just released of laquan mcdonald, 17 years old, being killed by officer james van dyke about one year ago. harry houck, you've seen the video. we've all seen the video now. laquan mcdonald does have the knife in his hand but he does not appear at any moment to be moving toward that officer or making any threatening gestures towards that officer. >> john, let me tell you something. now that all of the evidence and video is out in this case, i cannot condone any of that officer's actions at all. i watched this video very closely. we slowed it down back and forth several times. the fact is, when that officer
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got out of the car, i thought the first shots were going to be okay based on reports before. but at the scene, just getting out of the car, you see there's a fence to the right where the perpetrator was moving to, mr. mcdonald? nobody's lives were in danger at that time. that fence was there. there was nobody on the street. there was no reason that officer should have fired the shots that fast. he at least had more time to try and get this guy to drop the knife. >> he had other options? >> yes. >> is what you're saying? >> yes. >> harry, for people that don't watch us every night -- you should watch us every night but harry, you are often extremely defensive of law enforcement. i've never heard you, i don't think, come out and condemn an officer's actions as strongly as this. >> and i have. i call them like i see them. and i'm very big on evidence. and i've been on and defended some of these officer's actions on another show based on what we were seeing in the news. now that the evidence is out and
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i can take a close look at this and see what was going on, i could see here's an officer that i think has 16 years experience. he should have known a lot better at that time when he got out of that vehicle and, like you said, is he walking away. and where is he walking away to? he's not walking away to where civilians are so they can do damage, he's surrounded here and he's got a small knife. we know a lot of things now and now i definitely condone all of the actions of the police officer. >> you can condemn all of the officers. not condone. >> that's right. i condemn all of the actions of the police officer. >> and can i add to this? because i think it's important for people to know this is an officer that had a 14-year career. there are 18 citizen complaints against him that have been filed. he's never been disciplined. eight of those complaints alleged excessive force and two involved the firing of a firearm, in addition to this one. if that is true, i know so many police officers that are proud to have never had to shoot their
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weapon. i think you are one of them. >> right. >> and so the fact that you have an officer for 14 years with 18 citizen complaints, two -- now the third -- involving a police shooting that is still on the force and was paid for the past year tells me that there's a real transparency problem with the chicago police department. >> let me tell you, a shooting investigation like this should not take a year. >> of course not. >> i've investigated many a police shootings in the detective squad and we had it cleaned up within two weeks. the reason people in chicago maybe are not trusting i don't know who, maybe the district attorney's office and not so much the police department here, is because this investigation should have been done within two or three weeks. probably 20 detectives working on this case, have the answers and then they should have come out and said, listen, we're going to charge this officer with a crime. the video was very clear here. >> harry, stand by. sunny, stand by. we're going to go back to rosa
5:11 pm
and ask why it took so long for the charges. people are marching and upset by the release of this video, a video showing a young man, 17 years old, laquan mcdonald, being shot on the street by an officer. the officer is now charged with first-degree murder. later, we have some breaking news on the paris attacks. the growing manhunt and new suspect and chilling new details of what the alleged ringleader did just hours after the attack. police could have caught him. he was truly close enough to grab.
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all right. we're back tonight with protesters making their way through the streets of chicago. they've reacted peacefully so far to the video just released within the last hour or two of the police shooting, a shooting that happened last year of a 17-year-old african-american young man by a white police officer. today, the officer was charged with first-degree murder. the judge ordered dash cam video of the shooting made public and we're seeing it for the first time. this is a segment of the video. that is 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking down the street. he does have a knife in his hand and just after this he is shot by officer jason van dyke and he
5:16 pm
falls to the ground. at no point does it appear that laquan mcdonald made any kind of threatening gesture towards the cops or anyone else with that knife. for the next 13 second, prosecutors say the officer fired another 15 shots while mcdonald was on the ground. he is the only officer to have fired his weapon. i want to go back to rosa flores who is in chicago. here in the studio with me is sunny hostin and harry houck. how did it take a year? this is very clear when you see the video, this officer could have been charged much more quickly. why so long? and is the prosecutor saying that she's concerned that the officer can't get a fair trial with this video out there? >> reporter: you know, the prosecutor said that a simultaneous investigation between state and federal authorities has been going on for months and that the intent was to release all of their findings of the investigation,
5:17 pm
to release all of the charges at the same time. now, the u.s. attorney releasing a statement saying that their investigation is still ongoing. it is active. they are still actively investigating. >> hang on, rosa. hang on one second. i just want to -- we're looking again at these live pictures of protests in chicago. there have been 100 people, maybe more, marching through the streets very calmly and peacefully. hard to make out exactly what is happening but it does appear that there are some people maybe pushing up towards police officers. ryan young, our correspondent, joins me now by phone. ryan, what can you tell us? >> well, look, they are moving towards that spot and we've seen officers throughout michigan avenue in the numbers of 20 to 30 put together and intersections on bikes in their
5:18 pm
police patrol cars with flashing lights and moving through parts of the city. we are trying to get to the back part of the protesters. obviously they have been moving. we've been told it's a group of about 200. some have dispersed a little earlier but we were told earlier this afternoon that they were intent on getting out there in the street once they knew that they would be -- once this video was released. they told us that last week. most of us told us that they wanted to make sure that they were peaceful but obviously there were others who were concerned about what the message would be once they hit the street. we are working our way towards the last place where the protesters have moved. >> it should be noted that rahm emanuel said when they released this video that they welcomed protesters. they expected protests, although they did say that the police force would make sure that they are peaceful protests. up until now, they have been
5:19 pm
peaceful on the streets. again, we're looking at live pictures, these aerials of what is going on there. hard to make out exactly what is happening but it does look like some people there with police surrounding them. we'll get a better sense, ryan, as you get closer to that scene. let us know when you are there so you can tell us exactly what is happening on the ground. in the meantime, i want to go back to rosa flores. rosa, you were explaining to me the prosecutor's concerns, if there are any, about the idea of getting a fair trial now that this video, this pretty shocking video has been released. >> reporter: you know, i asked her that question. i said, how can you be sure that now that this video is going to be released, that this man is going to get a fair trial. i asked her, do you plan to ask for a motion to delay the release of this trial so that the officer can get a fair trial? and she said, you know, just to be transparent, she said, she
5:20 pm
wanted to make sure the video was released for a very long time and other journalists asked her about the impact nationally about the release of this video. she said absolutely. they know that people around the nation are looking at this case and wanting to see transparency and just in case you heard that, it looks like there was some sort of traffic incentive. it wasn't anything related to the protests going on. i should mention about the protests, john. i'm on michigan avenue. i've talked to a lot of protesters. there's a lot of smaller groups that are coming together to protest, to demonstrate around the release of this video. and what they told me is that they want to march on michigan avenue because they want to send a statement. they want to send a message that there will be an economic impact because of this, because of
5:21 pm
their march. of course, this is the magnificent mile here in chicago. there's shops, thousands of people converge on this avenue to shop on black friday and so the protesters are looking at that and trying to make an economic impact. >> rosa flores for us in chicago right now, again, we are looking at live pictures of some protests in chicago tonight where video has been released of an incident one year ago where a 17-year-old, african-american boy, laquan mcdonald, was shot and killed by a white officer, jason van dyke. that video just released tonight. it is shocking. i'm joined by cnn political commentator charles blow by phone. charles, your reaction tonight? >> well, the video is shocking. you know, my reaction is slightly different than the people you've talked to so far. i think we're getting to a point
5:22 pm
of trying to analyze individual videos of individual cases and by so doing, we are losing sight of the larger sociological as a country. this would not be happening if america did not allow it to happen. either subconsciously or consciously. individual criminals on the street who are beholden to no one. these are officers who are -- officers of the law, servants of the public. and if more of the public were to say, this is unacceptable to us rather than look at individual cases and say, you know, this is a political issue, this is an ideological issue, that this is an issue where it is only black people fighting for black people's lives but rather say, this is about human beings and how we want our fellow citizens to be treated in
5:23 pm
our country. and until we as a society say that is not how we want our police officers to operate, then we are kind of undermining our own rights. the democracy depends on faith of institutions. and when you have institutions where people begin or certain groups of people begin to lose faith in those institutions, that those institutions will treat them fairly, that the power that they vest into those institutions will be equally exercised over all citizens, then that is a danger to democracy itself. looking at these individual cases, arguing about, you know, in this moment in the video, i see this and at this moment i see that and i'm on the cop's side. no. this is about human beings. this is a boy who is 17 years old. he is dead. he cannot be considered to be collateral damage in a political
5:24 pm
debate. you cannot look at that and say, this is okay with me because i understand that both of the officers are trying to do their job and that this officer did not express in any overt way any sort of prejudice of any sort whatsoever. because what we do as society, if we our officers society at large and any kind of bias that we as a society have, they have. and they are not necessarily conscious of what we are thinking. i'm not always thinking in the back of my head [ inaudible ]. no one ever is. you have to [ inaudible ]. and so you will never know on an individual basis whether or not any individual who pulls a trigger has a bias unless you
5:25 pm
[ inaudible ]. we can't keep having that kind of argument. >> charles, hang on one second. i'm here with sunny hostin and harry houck. there has been a different discussion, i think, in this country for the last year than beforehand. >> i think the discussion is starting. i don't think that it is complete. i don't think that it is an intensive discussion and i don't think that it's a collective, joint discussion about the collective hurt that is being felt in communities of color. i mean, i can tell you after one of my segments today with wolf blitzer, i got an e-mail on my website that said, why are you so unhappy? he's been charged with first-degree murder. your people need to just be happy with that. and so that is just one viewer
5:26 pm
watching, giving voice to, i think, this real divide, quite frankly, that we are seeing in our country and i think to charles' point, which is a really poignant one, which is, this is a human issue. this should be a collective issue. this is not just an issue for people of color, for black people. this should be a collective human issue. and i just have to say this -- and i just have to call b.s. on the prosecutor here, quite frankly, because she said today that the reason it took her so long to file charges -- this is cook county's state attorney, that police shootings are highly complex matters that carry with them unique legal issues. well, that may be true but it does not take over a year to bring charges. i think the timing of these charges are really, really curious and i think the fact that a judge just recently said, you better release this video on wednesday, that on tuesday we now have first-degree murder problems. i'm not happy about that.
5:27 pm
i'm unhappy about the lack of transparency we're seeing not just in chicago but all over the country. >> harry, you said you believe that this officer should be charged with first-degree murder. do you believe that there's a systemic issue here that we're barely addressing, barely scratching the surface? >> i don't want to change the way i've been saying things here but now that charles blow has come into the conversation, i don't see this happening in epidemic proportions, as he's making it out to be. there are millions and millions of interactions with police officers every day out here on the street. all right. now, are things like this going to happen? yes. hold on. you know why? >> that's not true, harry. >> will you let me finish? i let you finish. >> that's not true. >> it's not. >> why are black men, 21% more likely to be killed by police officers. >> whites are killed by police officers every year. do you know that?
5:28 pm
do you know the real numbers -- there are more whites killed by police officers. >> one at a time. >> she's not going to let me talk to you. you've got to let me talk here. >> you can't just talk nonsense on national television. >> you do. >> guys. hey. harry, speak. >> i don't think this is epidemic proportions. are there problems out there with officers? yes. we have millions of police officers out there. the police department is trying to evolve and change things. this what happened in chicago should not happen but the problem is, it's going to happen from time to time. why? because we're -- >> time to time? >> because we're human beings and some bad cops are going to get through the wall of an investigation when they come on to the police department. you've got police officers who make bad decisions out there, you have lawyers who make bad decisions out there. you have people making bad decisions out there. this man is dead. okay? this man is dead and this officer should not have reacted the way he did.
5:29 pm
>> harry houck, charles blow, sunny hostin, i appreciate your energy. these are live pictures on the streets of chicago right now. these protests are very calm but people are obviously very concerned and upset with the video just released today. laquan mcdonald killed more than a year ago by a police officer. just ahead, more breaking news out of paris, the manhunt has expanded. authorities are looking for a new suspect in the terror attacks. also, new details about the ringleader. where he went almost immediately after these acts of terror were carried out.
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more breaking news tonight out of france about the paris attacks. new and disturbing details about where abdelhamid abaaoud was shortly after the attacks. plus, new information about abaaoud on the verge of launching when he was killed in that raid last week. tonight, the manhunt is growing as well. authorities released a photo of another suspect they are looking for, mohamed abrini is believed to have dropped off one of the
5:34 pm
attackers at the stade de france. clarissa is joining us. you're getting information about the main paris airport and also the transportation centers. >> reporter: that's right. well, security sources here in france have told cnn that there is an investigation underway into the main paris airports in charles de gaulle and also the subway and railway. samy was a bus driver until 2004 and around that time ground unions launched a complaint about what they believed was radicalization among some of their employees. we've heard accounts of some employees who refused to greet female passengers and other employees praying inside buses
5:35 pm
and we know that french police conducted a series of searches at paris' airports, among them, fedex, air france cargo and service air. investigations are still ongoing. all of those companies saying that none of their employees had been terminated. as i said, this is just an ongoing investigation into possible radicalization among france's airports and the public transportation sector. john? >> also, clarissa, investigators trying to narrow down the whereabouts of abdelhamid abaaoud using his cell phone that he was carrying. what do you know about that? >> reporter: well, this is pretty extraordinary stuff, john. we learned from french officials that in fact they had traced abaaoud's cell phone to three scenes, three places where the paris attacks took place very shortly after the attacks. the idea being that he actually went back to the scene of the
5:36 pm
crime as, in fact, french law enforcement officials were still mounting efforts to investigate the scenes of those crimes. we also know that he was in virtually constant contact with the 19 or 20-year-old suicide bomber who blew himself up outside the stadium. so we're getting a picture here of an architect or ringleader who was very much involved in returning to the scenes of the attacks that he coordinated. >> clarissa, stand by. i want to bring in paul cruickshank, cnn's terrorism analyst. what is the working theory on what he was doing, why he went there? >> well, john, one possible explanation, that he would go back would be to film the aftermath of this for propaganda. isis has been drilling down on its operatives the need to film
5:37 pm
the attacks and there was a plot thwarted in january in which abdelhamid abaaoud was the ringleader. when police went in, they found gopro cameras at that safe house in eastern belgium. they were planning to film those attacks back in january. so it's quite possible that he was trying to do the same here again for an isis propaganda video which they would put out to electrify the support base. >> paul, there's also a new suspect on the loose being searched for now. what do we know about this? >> this is mohamed abrimii who is believed to have driven to paris and rented the same car that was used to drop off the attackers at the stadium. and also, on sunday night in
5:38 pm
brussels, somebody -- when abdeslam came back to brussels and drove off with him, they have arrested that person, they've just announced, and that could be a key lead to finding abdeslam. >> now they are watching dna with an unknown person who blew himself up in the apartment and a gun found near a restaurant that was attacked. but they still don't know the identity of this man. they have the dna but not the identity? >> reporter: that's right, john. first there were seven attackers, then there were eight attackers and now we're talking about nine possible attackers. the ninth attacker was the third
5:39 pm
person in the saint-denis apparent along with his cousin and abaaoud and police have identified through his dna and through his fingerprints that he also was in that abandoned black car and possibly indicating that he may have been involved in the attacks on restaurants nearby but so far they say they have not been able to match his fingerprints and dna with an actual identity. >> clarissa ward, paul cruickshank, thank you so much. this will bring a chill. a nato alley -- a nato member shooting down a russian warplane over the skies of syria and turkey, the border there. the global repercussions from all of this, that's next. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn.
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in a crisis that brings one cold adversary, russia, and one cold war ally, turkey. today in the skies overhead, a deadly spark. a russian firebomber shot down by a pair of f-16s after allegedly violating turkey's air space. coming down over hostile territory and coming under small arms fire from the ground. the breaking news, president obama speaking tonight with
5:44 pm
turkey's president looking for ways to lower the tension even as the russian president vladimir putin is warning of serious consequences. more now on all of this from barbara starr at the pentagon. >> reporter: turkey says is warned the russian jet ten time it is was violating turkish air space before ordering its f-16s to shoot down the russian aircraft. president obama putting his full support behind the nato ally. >> turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its air space. >> reporter: the u.s. calculates the russians may have been inside turkey for less than 30 seconds. less clear is exactly where the border may be. >> the incident happened, you know, at the border. that much i can tell you. but beyond that, we're still trying to collect and cyst through all of the data. >> reporter: the russian plane took off from the syrian air field at latakia heading north,
5:45 pm
the u.s. using radios and monitors. >> we were able to hear everything that was going on. these are on open channels. >> reporter: as the plane went down, video posted on social immediately yeah shows turkish-supported rebels shooting at the two russian pilots. heavy fire from the ground, rebels calling for the pilots' capture. a russian helicopter searching for the second pilot also apparently under attack and crashing. a russian marine killed on the failed rescue mission. cnn could not independently confirm the video. russian president vladimir putin called the shoot-down a stab in the back. >> translator: in any case, neither our pilots or jets posed any threat to the turkish republic. >> reporter: putin says that his
5:46 pm
planes were targeting isis but the russians only started flying in this area in the last few days and were targeting rebels that turkey supports. turkey defending its actions. >> translator: everyone should know that turkey has the right to respond if its air space is violated despite repeated warnings. >> reporter: the question now, is putin really angry or does he have a more immediate goal? >> he believes that if he maintains his cool, that countries like france, great britain and he hopes also the united states will allow him at the big table and that he will then get in de-facto sphere of influence over syria. >> barbara, do we know exactly what happened to the pilots? >> reporter: well, what we know at this hour, john, one of the pilots is dead. he was shout as he was pair chuting down. there was a failed rescue mission for the other pilot.
5:47 pm
a russian helicopter, again, attacked, crashing to the ground and one russian marine dead in that failed rescue attempt. john? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you so much. just ahead, what some of donald trump's die-hard supporters think what he says he saw on september 11th. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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don't you want to rent your own donapartment?e credit. sure. turn on the electricity? yeah. get a new cell phone? definitely. well that's credit. credit karma. yeah. first step, credit karma. tonight, a new poll showing donald trump at 25% followed closely by ben carson and everyone else down in single digits. donald trump campaigning in south carolina at a rally in myrtle beach, this in the wake of the backlash over what he says he saw on september 11th. trump's remarks about seeing thousands of people cheering at the twin towers or cheering as the twin towers fell, simply no evidence to support that. but does that matter to his die-hard supporters?
5:51 pm
we sent our gary tuchman to find out. >> trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: to most of the people waiting in line to see donald trump, his word is gold. >> do you trust him? >> yes, i do. explicitly. i read his book. "crippled america." you've got to read the book. >> reporter: this man is so ee norm marred, he bought a trump hairdo at hobby lobby. so what do these trump supporters feel about his aftermath of 9/11? >> hey, i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: marie parrot drove several hours to attend the south carolina rally. do you think donald trump tends to exaggerate a little bit? >> no. >> reporter: not at all? >> no. >> reporter: like many here, she
5:52 pm
believes what trump says about that horrible day, despite there being no evidence of his claims 14 years later. >> i remember seeing something on tv with all these people. i don't know where they were, screaming and yelling. and i don't know if they were arabs or muslims or -- >> reporter: there was video of that that came from the middle east but not from new jersey. >> okay. well, i don't know where it came from. >> reporter: but either does donald trump either, it sounds like. >> i'm not sure about that. he said something about "the washington post." >> reporter: indeed he cited something about "the washington post" after the terror attacks which reads, in part, "in jersey city within hours of two jetliners plowing into the world trade center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celeb greating the attacks." >> so you believe donald trump? >> yes, i do.
5:53 pm
don't try and screw this up. you're not going to convince me otherwise. >> reporter: and then trump's most recent comment about seeing people jumping from the world trade center with his own eyes from over four miles away. >> anything beyond the scope of reality that he was watching them. >> reporter: former u.s. senator and ambassador patrick moynihan once said, everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. even here, some people believe donald trump has come up with his own facts but for many of them, that's okay. >> you know, he's -- he's an older guy, you know. i feel like he has an excuse. so if something happens, you know -- rur you're still supporting this older guy? >> yeah, definitely. i feel like he's the best one out there. >> reporter: here at this convention center in myrtle beach, donald trump is speeching to the converted.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: john, during the speech he spoke about the alleged conversation 14 years ago in new jersey. he said he did not misspeak and therefore he's not apologizing. he's taking heat but described it very correctly, he's not making it up and said, quote, the liberal media does not want it out. i should tell that you donald trump criticizes and teases the news media at every rally he has. he laughs it up and says the media are terrible people except for a few people but today there was a special level of vitriol, so much so that some were raising their fists at us. this is the tenth campaign i've covered since 1980. >> happy thanksgiving. next, we're going to go back to chicago for a late update on the protests there. stay with us.
5:55 pm
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i want to update you now on the protesters making their way through the streets of chicago. people reacting to the release of the dash cam video of the white police officer shooting and killing an african-american teenager last year. ryan young is now marching with the protesters. ryan, what's the latest? >> reporter: john, we've been walking down michigan and now we're walking down state street. the protesters have stopped here in the middle of the intersection. we've been walking for about a mile and a half as they keep chanting, "16 shots" and they are saying other things that we can't say on tv because of profanity. a couple of groups have come together for these protests. they are blocking intersections but so far everything has remained peaceful at this point. >> ryan young amid the marchers
6:00 pm
there in chicago, people protesting the release of this video from last year showing the shooting and killing of a 17-year-old teenager. first, "targeting terror: inside the intelligence war." the following is a cnn special report. >> it all happened within a few minutes. in the street, the cafes, at the game and the concert. but could what happened in paris happen in the u.s.? >> i don't know of a time when we've had more threats.