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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 25, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> the turkish president say a. >> the turkey president has no claims after if international manhunt stretches to germany. an outrage after police release video watching a white man shoot a plaque teen 16 times. this is cnn newsroom. >> the turkish president says h
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does not want the incident to escalate. they shot down a warplane on tuesday. he spoke in istanbul a short while ago. >> we do not have any intention to escalate this matter. all we are caring for is defending our security and the law and rights of our brothers. >> meanwhile, moscow appears to be making good on its promise. retribution of a downing warplane on tuesday t. russian prime minister says the incident could mean it's scrapped some important joint projects with turkey. they have warned it could result in turkish companies losing russian market share. mr. medved is working towards isis and reaping financial awards from the oil fields.
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now you are looking at video. exclusive video to cnn purportedly showing the wreckage of the plane that went down in northern syria. turkey says they ignored warnings and invaded their space. moscow still says this jet never crossed the border. we now know the two deaths are related to the incident at the border. a russian maine main on board was killed in an effort to eject the pilot from the warplane before it crashed. video your parts to be a rock attack. as for the fate of the pilots, russian media reports say one of them was killed midair by fire from the ground. the fate of a second pilot, unknown at this point, this video reportedly showing the two ejected pilots landing on the border as turkmen rebels shoot
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at them from the ground. the 12 men are an ethnic minority. they are known to have close ties as well with turkey. shou thousands have been displaced in recent weeks. our ben wedeman is in irbull. how are you reading all this, ben? >> reporter: well, max, obviously, this is a serious escalation. it happened over 24 hours ago when this su-24 went down. we heard a lot of rhetoric from the russians. vladmir putin saying it's a stab in the back by accessory to terrorism. of course, he's referring to turkey, which has been accused by the russians and others of having very close ties with isis. we know that, for instance, sergei lavrov, the russian foreign minister was supposed to visit turkey today. he cancelled that visit. he also encouraged russians to
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can sell their holiday plans in turkey. it's a very popular destination for russians. of course, there are, despite their political differences, they're on polar opposites when it comes the syrian conflict. there the a good deal of trade when russia and turkey and that could now be in danger if this relationship continues to deteriorate. now, there are reports coming out at the moment that the russians are going to deploy the s-400 air defence system in one of their bases in syria. >> that is an sad advanced air defense system with a very wide range, which, in theory, could be used in instances like what we saw yesterday. despite the rhetoric and the threats, it doesn't appear at the moment there is a desire on either the russian or turkish side to have this lead to a military escalation.
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max. >> there is some concern that that would be the case, but that the turks are very much making clear they don't want it to escalate. how you are interpreting what you are hearing from moscow? >> reporter: well, i think this is one of the reactions you would expect from the russians. whether that would actually lead to military action is another thing all towing. look, when you consider how many countries are militarily involved in syria. the russians, the united states. france, australia, canada, iran, hezbollah. i'm sure i left a few out. it is a very dangerous place at the moment. the danger of the sort of incident we saw yesterday repeating itself and leading to a much worse situation is very much there and i think all parties or at least most of them are aware the dangers are something they might want to
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avoid. max. >> ben in irbill, thank you. let's get more on the fallout with russianr russia and here with me in paris is an international affairs editor of france 24. an unfortunate thing to happen at the best of times. when francois hollande is trying to build this coalition against isis if syria. >> reporter: a terrible time. of course the irony is in this is the the lack of air campaign in syria, it makes it harder to build any real cooperation in syria. it comes at a time exactly when francois hollande is looking to enlarge the coalition to include russia in order that everyone can wrap their minds about the sition association. tomorrow he heads to moscow to speakco vladmir putin. we have been hearing tough words from the russian prime minister. i think you will hear a lot of
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saber rattling on either side. it's in moscow'sthis coalition is at large. you are likely to hear a much less harsh tone by the time francois hollande arrives tomorrow. the enlargement of the coles fits in precisely with what russia is trying to achieve and behind the scenes, even if it is for a limited period of time. so what nance afrancois hol lae trying to achieve, it's the first time a russian plane has been shot down since the 1915s. this is a huge incident. despite the saber ralting today a toneing down of the tone by the time francois hollande gets there tomorrow. >> he goesz with a strong mandate, doesn't he, president hollande to moscow.
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what do you think his message been on behalf of the west? >> reporter: i think president obama was much harsher. he was clear. we have a partner already. francois hollande if he can get thebeck backing of the british prime minister and vladmir putin will have a much stronger case at least for org fiedanizing wh has done so more even more informally as officially as he would have liked. the russian ambassador to paris has been speaking out today suggesting the russians will go as for as a jountd chiefs of staff. i'm not sure that's something the americans would be willing to contract. i think the idea of greater coordination will likely prove popular with the others at least. for washington to consider even if it hasn't do so far. >> president obama says he won't
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consider russia unless they target isis. >> reporter: washington has a number of concerns. it has not targeted specifically islamic state groups with the idea of bashar al-assad staying in power. francois hollande was hard on himself. so the americans remain the sort of hardest line to get bashar al-assad out. they are conquering questions like ukraine. washington is maintaining a hard line. francois hollande probably expected softer words than he received yesterday on the question of that inclusion of russia. russia's concerns are legitimate. how long they'll hold in the face of unity opposite between russia, moscow, paris, london, berlin on the question of getting rid of the islamic regime has yet to be seen.
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a second wave of attacks could have been hours away when they raided an apartment last week. we have the latest development in the investigation. >> reporter: the authorities launching a new manhunt for a second suspect believe to be secretaried to the attacks, the man mohammed abrini. he was caught on this film two days before the strike. he was pictured with salah abdeslam. the search expanded into northwestern germany. after a tip from french investigators. once again police came up empty. back in france came new and frightening revelation. according to paris prosecutor, the suspected ring leader
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abdelhamid abaaoud is on the verge of carrying out a second deadly assault, this time hitting a busy financial area. >> the two terrorists, abaaoud and a man found with him in the apartment were planning an attack which consisted of blowing themselves up wednesday november 18th or thursday november 19th in the business district. >> reporter: the plot was filed, investigators say, when 47 e french authorities carried out this early morning raid. it appears they can be so well armed and ready. authorities moved in the resulting firefight lasting an hour and nearly destroyed the building. abaaoud was killed in the assault. police say his cell phone delivered a wealth of information during the friday 13th attacks, possibly directing them as they zeroed in. the phone revealed abaaoud's movements that night indicating
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he may have returned to the scenes of massacre. nerves remain on edge. several metro stations closed and there were several evacuations triggered by information authorities say they've received. in neighboring belgium, the entire capital of brussels we mains virtually shut down. force fear they may be the next target of a paris-style attack. hundreds of troops and police continue to control the city streets in numbers not seen since the second world war. martin savidge reporting from paris. life in brussels gradually returning to normal. the metro service has become a partial service after several days of interruption. roughly 66% of the lines are up and running again, schools have also reopened over there in brussels. let's go straight there and speak to alexander field. she joins us live.
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alexandra. >> reporter: max, despite the terror level. officials have decided it is time to help people in the city return to some sense of normal. it isn't entirely normal, of course, people using the metro system are seeing hundreds of military personnel there. and the students and parents were headed to the schools this morning are seeing police officers surrounding these schools, patrolling on foot. we've seen so many officers this morning passing by this school behind me, privately hired security guards, checking i.d.s before students come in. >> the students say they wanted to come back after having been under this partial lockdown since friday evening. they come here with a certain sense of anxiety. listen to what one student told us. >> i am very afraidant everything, but in brussel we don't know with the terrorists,
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everything in the news sis something about it. so we are afraid and i have a brother in brussels that is afraid. i can't tell you why, i don't know so. yes, it's a strange situation. >> reporter: the school administrators told us they weren't sure how many students would actually show up today for the first day of school. they want people to feel safe, of course, within they walk through those doors. we heard from a mother that says, frankly, you always worry about the safety of your child. max. >> we have assumed salah abdeslam was there hanging out in brussels, most people are concerned about that. he could be anywhere right now. what's the latest thinking on where he is? >> reporter: that's right. the international manhunt for him continues. we also know there is also an international arrest out for mohammed abrini, a man seen
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caught by a camera at a gas station with salah two days before the attacks. >> that image shows them in a car used to perpetuate those attacks. so they're now looking for both these two men. of course, people here are nervous given that fact t. minister of the interior says said the operations in belgium and if brus els continue in order to clear it out. anyone who could have been connected to the network carried out those attacks in paris before waiting for news of more arrests, of course, max. >> reporter: unsettling. thank you very much. when we come back, outrage in chicago after the death of a plaque teenager shot 16 times by a police officer. the whole thing caught on camera. and pope francis leaves rome for an historic trip to africa. his first as the leader of the world another catholics.
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breaking news, just into cnn. the russian defense ministry says the pilot who ejected from the russian su-24 plane has been rescued and is safe at a russian
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airbase in syria. chicago people marched on tuesday night angry after seeing graphic dash-cam video of the incident, which was released on the order of the judge. he broke out at one point with protesters chanting 16 shots in reference to the number of bullets fired on the 17-year-old. a major intersection was blocked for a while t. demonstrations have been mostly peaceful. the police officer involved has been charged with first degree murder. rosa flores reports city leaders are worried there will be more protests now. >> reporter: the video is shocking. a white chicago police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times t. deadly confrontation captured on a police dash cam more than a year ago led to a
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first degree murder charge for officer jason van dyke. >> this officer went overboard. you know, he abused his authority. and i don't believe the force was necessary. >> reporter: police say 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot and killed while holding a knife after slashing a tire on chicago's southwest side. prosecutors say he was the only one to shoot, opening fire only six seconds after arriving. officer van dyke's partner told van dyke to hold his fire so he could approach and kick the knife away. >> reporter: the dash-cam video shows mcdonald's body riddled with bullets, even after falling to the ground and the autopsy confirms the teen was hit 16 times. >> van dyke's partner reported there was a brief pause in the
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shots when he looked at van dyke and saw that he was preparing to reload his weapon. >> reporter: van dyke's lawyer says his client acted in self-defense and the case shouldn't be played out in the media. >> this is a case that needs to be tried in a courtroom. it needs to be tried in a courtroom where the rules of evidence are in play and the constitution is in play. this is a case my client should be afforded the same presumption of innocence that every other american. >> reporter: the mcdonald family received a $5 million settlement from the city of chicago but did not want the video released. in a civil suit, a judge ordered the video should be made public. now community lydeied leaders a the city of chicago are on edge preparing for outrage and protests. >> will we use this episode in this moment to build bridges that bring us together as a city or we allow it to become a way
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that erects barriers that tear us apart as a city. >> reporter: rosa flores, cnn, chicago. the u.s. presidential candidate donald trump wasn't pulling pun weres in south carolina on tuesday. he made controversial claims. cnn's sarah mergener looks at trump's relationship with the truth during his campaign. >> reporter: donald trump refusing to back down from his latest controversial comment. >> there were people that were very, very happy and those people not food people. so, nobody will believe me. some people would. by the way, thousands of people believe me, because they saw it. >> reporter: standing by his widely disputed claim le saw thousands of people in new jersey celebrating the day of the 9-11 attacks. >> i wautched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city,
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new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: trump's sometimes casual relationship with the facts, a signature of his campaign from the day he announced. >> when mexico sends his people, they're not sending their best. >> reporter: linking undocumented immigrants to violent crime. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: a statement that earned him four pinnochios from the walk post. studies show immigrants don't commit more crimes than native born americans. another more resent immigration claim, this one about syrian refugees. >> we have a president that wants to take hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people and move them into our country and we don't -- think of it. we don't even know who they are.
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>> reporter: but the white house says it plans to admit a fraction of that number next year. >> the president has informed his team he would like them to accept at least make preparations to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees in the next nis fiscal year. >> one fact not in dispute. trump is leading dr. ben carson by double digits in the national survey. voteders chalking it up to media mistake, media bias or what trump calls truthful hyperbole. it's an incident form of exaggeration and effective form of promotion. trump telling cnn in july he embellishes every now and then. >> do you exaggerate? >> reporter: at a raucous rally, donald trump did not take on ted cruz. he fired plenty of shots at republican rivals, including jeb bush and marco rubio.
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he doubled down he saw people protesting in jersey as the twin towers fell. >> well, chip, sure, he was running for the republican nomination has been firing back at donald trump. bush laid into his rival about muslim americans and black lives matter protesters. >> the country is too good for us. this whole idea of just running on people's deep seeded fears about what the future looks like. it's not going to work as a campaign tactic. this is just wrong. there were, what i remember were a lot of peaceful muslims that were disheartened and grieved and sad and angry just as every other american was as well. >> well, for the latest on the race of the president tycy, go to coming up, a financial journalist inside france on friday the 13th.
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he says there is a worrying disconnect between politicians in the wake of the terrorist attacks. and pope francis embarks on his first papal visit to africa. we'll have a live report from nairobi, cnn.
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welcome, here's a look at our top stories this hour. french authorities say they've narrowly averted a second wave of attacks in paris. two suspects were planning a bombing on the financial district. when police raided their apartment, both men were killed
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in the raid. brussels is still on high alert. schools are reopening. some metro lines are running again. dozens of people marched in chicago on tuesday night after graphic dash-cam video was released showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was killed in the incident in october 2014. the officer has now been charged with first degree murder. the russian defense ministry says the second pilot is being rescued and is safe in syria. russia has been warning turkey will face serious consequences as moscow appears to make good on that promise. -president says he does not want the incident to escalate.
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what more can we hear from him? >> what we are hearing is a conciliatory tone, president erdowan saying they have no animosity, russia saying they don't want this to escalate and they have good reason to try to contain this situation. russia is the highest trading partner. it is in their interest as they calm the situation. this is quite different than what we are hearing from the russian president using fiery language. turkey said they were going to recover the downed russian pilot. so right now, turkey is two thing really. one, they don't want this to escalate.
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also on the other hand they're saying they have the right to defend their national sovereignty. >> reporter: in terms of what 23 are likely to hear from russia in response to this, the language has been pretty tough so far. everyone so concerned it will escalate to a level no one wants to see actually. what do you expect to hear from moscow? president putin is speaking in a moment. what do you expect them to be saying in response to this? >> i think he said turkey stabbed them in the back. they accused turkey of supporting terrorism inside syria. russia is not going to let this just go. they are probably going to see some measures taken in terms of interests in syria. i was talking to an analyst. he sed says he expects russia to
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step up efforts. he even said that it could go with government and hezbollah push into areas that could send more refugees into turkey. in ings. >> reporter: okay. french president hollande is trying to drum up pressure on isis. >> that debate of what happened is certainly playing into that n now. on tuesday he met with u.s. president barack ocalm. cnn's jim acosta has more on that from washington for us. >> it was a show of solidarity as president obama declared we are all french, embraced french president francois hollande and vowed to crush isis. >> it cannot be tolerated. it must be destroyed and we must
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do it together. >> reporter: for his part, hollande thanked americans for their emotional response to the terrorist attacks, but added that's not enough. we musting a, he said, but the mission just got more complicated after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet near the syrian border, a dang ter u.s. has warned moscow about for weeks. the u.s. said turkey had a right to defend the airspace. >> i do think this points to an ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close do a turkish border. they are going after moderate opposition supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries. >> still mr. obama said after meeting with vladmir putin at the g-20, moscow is well dom to join the u.s. coalition. >> there is a potential convergence of interest between
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the various parties. it requires us working with them to make the kind of strategic shift that's necessary and that, frankly, i've talked to putin about for five years now. >> reporter: hollande is on a mission to destroy isis, holding meetings with british prime minister david cameron, president obama, german chancellor angela merkel and finally putin all this week. >> that effort, hollande said, won't involve french troops on the ground. he wants russia's help. vice president biden said rush may be coming around to the position of rejecting the leader. president obama argued the u.s. coalition can get the job done without moscow. >> russia right now is a coalition of two iran and russia supporting assad. russia's the outlyer.
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>> both leaders call for greater intelligence sharing. president obama added candidly, what happened in paris, is very hard to scop. >> you have eight individuals with light weapons. that's a hard thing to track. >> there is no question which side the u.s. comes down on in the shooting of that russian fighter jet by turkey. one senior administrator reported allied turkey t. white house is hopeful it won't impact moscow. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> we are taking security measures in belgium set to take effect on monday, meanwhile, something like normal life is returning to brussels. metro is operating a part of service after several days of interruption, roughly 60% of the lines are up and running. meanwhile, here in paris, many are still reeling from those
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horrifying attacks. nearly two weeks ago now, heightened security on the streets, a chilling reminder how the city has changed. the financial times released how the city heals following such attacks, how politicians react to disaster. as you recall, french president hol laepd declared war and requested french parliament to enact three month state of mortgages. currently in it, he went on to say, as the invasions of iraq and afghanistan taught us the emotional days after the attack are the worst times, especially stins since there is no simple satisfying solution. please feel if there have been reactions in paris.
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>> after the attacks, he had to show aggression and force very much like george w. bush. hollande stepped up isis. he is rallying global support and there are so many echos, totally understandable. a state of emergency for three months, unprecedented in france. my worry is these quick reactions are exactly what we will look back on in ten years and say, no, i wish he hasn't done that. >> one of the issues of the state of mortgages is the police powtories do what they like and account afterwards. do you think there has been a sacrifice there? >> there has been an enormous sacrifice. it's hard to go back to where we were before november 13th. any government that relaxs those measures, if there is any
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terrorist attacks, they say you shouldn't have done that. i have been involved for a long, long time. >> isn't that what french people want? they want to see about physical sentence of security? >> they do want that. there was a support for this state of mortgages. they want police sent to anyone's apartment and arrest them and that is happening. but it's in years to come in common times, better time for decision making, we will look back and say we lost a lot in those days, isis, also, hugely emotionally satisfying, gut reaction is, yes, the brain's reaction, when we flatten that patch of land over there, where are those terrorists going to go? we know a lot are already here in europe. this could become headquarters for them. >> in terms of the meeting with angela merkel, do you think they will make a profound decision where they are from there? >> germany has never been able to lead on military action. so germany will not be at the forefront of attacking isis, which is the idea right now.
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i this i the key priority is share information, share intelligence gathering. the attacks on abaaoud, he was traveling around europe back and forth. that was aloud to happen. >> reporter: there has been a lot of people sharing information, which they're not willing to do. >> they're not. the terrorists are not in one country. terrorists move around. the terrorists communicate. this was a multi-national thought. >> they took advantage of the leg legalsome that was set up. >> also the secrecy the intelligence agency has. in the english speaking world, you have intelligence agencies. we don't have anything like that in europe. we have open borders. we don't have exchange of information. >> thank you very much.
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up next, pope francis heads to africa for roman catholic leader. we will be right back with a live report from there. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. . pope francis left rome, the first stop in his trip to africa t. pontiff will be addressing the growing catholic congregation and is expected to try to ease religious tensions. after kenya, the pope will go to uganda, wrapping up his trip in the capital of the central african republic. authorities are tightening security measures in preparation for the kenyan visit. catholic churches are getting ready in their own way. many draw on a mix of culture and catholic faith.
1:46 am
>> reporter: bishop john o'balla francois is perhaps one of the africa's busiest bishops. today in one of the post-remote regions of kenyan diocese, he will marry nine couples, perform at 65 confirmations and preach for close to five hours to this crowd. many of whom have walked through the night to reach the church. it's a striking mix of cultures from the most modern wedding practices to the most traditional. all with the upcoming journal economy of one very important man in mind. >> both before the visit of the holy father and afterwards, there is quite an increase in the number of people who wish to
1:47 am
embrace catholic faith. the increase of vocations to sisters, to brotherhoods, they're at very high levels. >> it's the shifting geography of the vatican, the population has more than doubled in the last 30 years. it's expected to surpass that of europe by 2065th 50. take a look at the makeup of this service as an example. there are a few rose of adults the majority of the people here are children. hundreds of them. it's these stocked demographics that pope francis and the church will need to keep in mind going forward. the church's commitment to reaching this site, a more than two hour drive is where another one of pope francis' key messages comes into play, urging the church to reach the outer
1:48 am
peripherys. >> getting to reach the people and smell, past commerce have the smell of the sheep. they must lead them there. they must reach them. they must access them and be accessible. >> for what this church may laing in accessibly, it surely makes up for in vibrant devotion. >> reporter: robin, all looks very joyful. i'm sure people are excited a. huge amount going on behind the scenes to make sure there are no security problems, essentially. >> well, yes, max, this is not a similar visit to say president barack obama who visited earlier this year, because there are thousands of security agents descending on nairobi. it's largely left up to kenyan
1:49 am
security service. they deploy 10,000 police officers, another few thousand youth service operators who will be keeping the public safe. we understand, of course, as always, there are threats, ken why and uganda have trips fighting al qaeda-linked al sho bob across the border into somalia. so we understand there are messages in place to disrupt any possible attacks that might be launched during this visit. however, we are told they are trying extremely hard. they have a number of different international organizations working with them to try and make sure there are no security incidents and that the pontiff has a peaceful and, indeed, very exciting visit. >> robin, thank you very much, indeed, for joining us from nairobi. we got these into cnn in the wake of that downed jet on the syrian turkish border. russia says it is deploying a missile-to-air defense system. let's go into the russian
1:50 am
defense my opinionster's twitter account. the system will operate from an airbase we are told within syria. up next, testing the old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. amazon is taught to scrap things for its new television show. that's next. zplmpltsz
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. >> a pretty successful launch of jeff bezo's project blue origin. the rocket apparently made it out of space. more remarkably, the country says it landed upright on its return to earth in a reusable condition, building a reusable rock could substantially cut the cost of space travel in the future incredible. advertisements for a new tv show feature nazi-inspired imagery. now amazon has been forced to pull some of the new york subway images off of it. the man banners for the man in the high castle rocked the ceilings, walls and sinks of the
1:55 am
manhattan train. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag -- of the action es powers of america. >> the show depicts germany winning world war ii. commuters had differing opinions of whether the ads should be removed. >> it's uncomfortable knowing that i know and i do feel they should be pulled off. i really do. >> you can't deny symbols that existed in the past. if you choose to write a book or a script in that way. people choose to be oftened by these things. perhaps they will get a hobby. >> the ads were pulled after governor andrew cuomo and the mayor bill deblasio blasted the ads campaign. i'm max foster in paris.
1:56 am
thank you for watching. the news continues here on cnn.
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>> russia vowing serious consequences for turkey shooting down its war jet. will there be retribution? what will it mean for the international fight against isis neighborhood, breaking news in chicago. protesters demanding justice after video of a white police officer shooting a plaque teenager is released. good morning, welcome to "early start." >> good morning. it's wednesday, november 25th.
2:00 am
15: 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. turkey shoots down a russian bomber. it can derail syria. turkey says they ignored multiple warnings. russia says its jet never strayed from syrian territory. russian news agencies reports one of the two pilots was killed as was a russian marine trying to rescue them. a second pilot was rescued, and is with the army now. the head of nato urges calm. >> that calm echoed by president obama. let's bring in cnn's ian lee for the latest. ian, russia is saying this was an operation targeting isis, be you this area where it happened isn't an area known for isis activity, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right.


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