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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 25, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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15: 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. turkey shoots down a russian bomber. it can derail syria. turkey says they ignored multiple warnings. russia says its jet never strayed from syrian territory. russian news agencies reports one of the two pilots was killed as was a russian marine trying to rescue them. a second pilot was rescued, and is with the army now. the head of nato urges calm. >> that calm echoed by president obama. let's bring in cnn's ian lee for the latest. ian, russia is saying this was an operation targeting isis, be you this area where it happened isn't an area known for isis activity, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right.
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we do not have real evidence, proof of isis operating in the area. who is operating is turkmen rebels. they ethnically have close ties with turkey. turkey has been backing them. turkey warned the government of syria as well as the russians from attacking them. they see them as their close relatives. president erdowan talked about this a little while ago. take a listen. >> we do not have any intention to escalate this matter. all we are caring for is a defending of security and the law and rights of our brothers. >> we really have two different narratives here, two different times of rhetoric from turkey is one of consilltory tone, where they're saying they don't want this to happen again they say
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there should be a dialogue to make sure that happens. putin used fiery rhetoric. he is going to ensure it doesn't happen again through steam. there are surface-to-air missiles being deployed in the western part of syria near the area where this plane was shot down. he says jets on bombing missions will have fighter escorts as well. so it definitely seems like tensions are rising. but the international community is trying to do what they can to lower them. >> now, ian, we know, obviously, turkey is an allie. they called an emergency meeting yesterday. do we know if they are making preparations militarily to prepare for any kind of escalation? >> reporter: it doesn't seem right now that there will be any sort of military escalation as far as any more direct action between the two countries. what we're seeing right now from russia is punitive measures going after the turkish economy.
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we could also see russia going after turkish-backed rebels if syria, pushing against them and trying to, and trying to destroy turkey's ambitions within syria. >> that is more likely. right now, this was the first time we've seen direct action between a nato country and russia. but both sides are calling for cooler heads. it is unlikely that this will escalate any further. >> we certainly hope so. ian lee, reporting in istanbul, traunk. russian president furious. accusing the biggest trading partner of stabbing russia in the back. calling turkey an accomplice of terrorism for financing isis through illicit oil sales. it's fought clear yet how the shootdown will affect putin's meeting with the president which happens tomorrow. president francois hollande
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trying to build a coles against isis. it is believed he will push for help even with president bashar al-assad out of power. on tuesday, he met with obama afterwards. he said help would be great but not essential. >> we got a coalition. russia right now is a coalition of two, iran and russia supporting assad. russia is the outlyer. >> reporter: with the latest on russia's reactions, cnn's mathew chance joins us live now from moscow. what do you think, will it destroy any chance of united front against russia, meaning russia is joining in on this
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battl battle? >> it's a difficult question to answer. despite the fact there is a lot of anger on russia's side at this point one of its pilots, another marine, killed on the ground as well during the rescue missi mission, still the underlying interest, if not turkey, but another nato countries. to say how it will advance, i expect some concern that turkey acted so quickly the shoot down that russian plane. the turks, themselves say the russian aircraft was only in turkish airspace 17 seconds. it took the decision for f-16s to intercept it and shoot it down. that seems to me to be an extraordinarily short time to take action. the turks say they have their rules of engagement and that's
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that. but it's provoked from the russians which are going to make it difficult, like it or not, for the western military alliance to work with the kremlin in terms of cracking down on islamist groups and sigh sis inside fir i syria. already the productions have advanced a number of measures, which indicate the difficulties to come. they've announced today vladmir vad, the defense ministry, in some of the most if not sophisticated surface-to-air tech following that exists in the world. they can shoot down anything over 400 miles, you know, away distance so you know the russians are serious, it teams e seems, on their targets inside syria. also making sure that no one
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comes anywhere near their bombers. they said all their bombers will have fighter escorts. so they potentially close off syria's airspace, if they choose to do that to nato countries. it could be a flash in the pan they could let this go. there could be serious consequences on the days and weeks ahead. >> interesting, mathew, you look at all these countries with differing interests and little coordination. thank you so much for your report. the latest on the manhunt for a new suspect in the terrorist attacks. he is 30-year-old mohammed abrini. they believe he drove a key terrorist two days before the attacks. we are learning more about abdelhamid abaaoud, he returned to the shootings at the bataclan concert hall where police were still battling the gunmen
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inside. abaaoud has since been killed. this morning the state of brussels returns to normal. subway schools and businesses slowly starting to reopen now. let's bring in cnn's alexander field. good morning. how are neighbors responding to things getting closer to normal? >> reporter: good morning, for the first time in days, we are seeing people back out in the streets, but the streets are still full of military personnel. they are being secured by initial force as these students return to school. we have spoken to some of them who are returning to him 62. they feel they have no choice
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but to try to get back to norma normal. the minister says operations are still ongoing the belgium part of the investigation netted a few break in this case. we now know police are searching for mohammed abrini, the person they say was with abdelhamid abaaoud two days before this attack. the camera was at a gas station prior to the attacks. they were driving a car police say used during those attacks so this international manhunt continues. people in brus els say they have no choice but to get back to work and school. >> it will be a tough road back.
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thank you. amid the world wide terror alert, president obama takes in a briefing t. white house says the national security officials believe there is currently no specific credible threat to the homeland from isis. the president ordering his national security team to intensify efforts to degrate grade and destroy the terrorist grou groups. >> breaking news, protesters demanding justice after a video was released of a deadly police shooting. ♪
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oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> a tense night in the city of chicago. protesters taking to the streets after the release of a disturbing police officer shooting a teenager 16 times,
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mayor rahm emanuel saying the actions of the police officer are so disturbing people have a right to be angry. >> reporter: laura, now the chicago police officer jason van dyke faces first degree murder charges in the killing of laquan mcdonald, a 17-year-old here from chicago all of the shooting caught on tape. according to officers, the police officer you a rieved on scene and shot that. then you see a police officer on the left side of your screen pointing his weapon. according to prosecutor, he fired his weapon 16 times. according to autopsy, he hit the body 16 times. the prosecutor made it very clear, she says that this police officer abused this power.
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>> clearly this police officer abused his job and the force wasn't necessary. >> as you might imagine, a lot of the protesters in this community, activists, wanted the release for transparency purposes and as soon as this video was released, there was a plan. the defense attorney of this police officer, he's asking for a fair trial. >> okay. rosa, thanks for that. the defense attorney for the former officer says his client feared that he would be attacked. he says the officer's actions were appropriate. van dyke wants the case tried in court. not the media, has the presumption of innocence like
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every other american. protests, three people have been charged in minnesota, accused of shooting demonstrators at a plaque lives matter. the protests continue more than a week after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a police officer. crowds have gathered outside of a minneapolis precinct, demanding justice for mark clark. community members claimed clark was handcuffed when he was shot. police are disputing that. two separate investigations now under way. >> it's time for an early start on your money t. european markets are higher, despite rising tensions between turkey and russia after turkey shot down that russian plane. u.s. stock futures are slightly higher as well. a quiet day for marks yesterday. the dow eeked out a small gain t. nasdaq and s&p 500 gained .1%. traveling for thanksgiving, here is something to be thankful for. the national average for a gallon of regular is at $2.06.
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prices peaked if 2012 when drivers paid an average of $3.50 cents. those prices are expected to keep falling. say gas will be less than $2 ber gallon. if you live in suspect states, you probably will see it a little more. but i'll take it. >> 40-plus americans able to travel. we'll see that. the defending champions, golden state warriors reaching a milestone, now officially off to the best start ever. this morning the bleacher report next. .
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. >> the golden state warriors, they continue to outdo themselves. >> good morning, most people think of the 95 '95-'96 bulls are the greatest team. steph curry and the warriors done do something, the first 16 games no team has done that headed into golden state against kobe bryant and the lakers. steph curry led the team. >> that puts them to 783-pointers on the season. that's more than two insider nba teams. the warriors beat the lakers 111-77. next up, this 7 and 7, phoenix sundays this friday. we have disturbing news this morning out of miami. st. louis rams receiver steadman bailey is currently hospitalized
2:24 am
if critical but stable condition. reports say bailey was shot in the head and hit yesterday. while sitting in a car, the wounds are fought life threatening. he is scheduled to undergo surgery this morning. bailey is currently serving a four game suspension for violating the nfl substance abuse policy. johnny manziel, he went from being the starting quarter bak to demoted to third string, this news coming after a video released there week that zoomed to show manziel partying like a rockstar in austin during the brown's bye week, earlier, he spent more than ten weeks in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. manziel has failed to consistently demonstrate that he understands what it takes to be successful in the nfl. >> it's all a part of the frustration and disappointment and it's, a little easier to hand him when it's just a one-time a currency. but when the behavior repeats,
2:25 am
whether with him or anybody, it's certainly a cause for concern. >> the college football playoff rankings are in. we have two newcomers, clemson and alabama stay at number one and two respectively. the oklahoma sooners land at number three and the undefeated iowa hawkeyes join the club at number 4. >> that kicks notre dame to the curb. just one of two undefeated teams nationally. but just now moving into the top four because of a weaker schedule. they'll face nebraska this saturday. with the win, they will visit michigan state in the big 10 championship. i am sorry to say, your surkuz orange did not make the top five. i think they have a chance. >> i'm putting my soet in for the sooners, so here here.
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>> russia vowing serious consequences for turkey shooting down its war jet. will there be retribution and an international fight against isis neighborhood, breaking news this morning, president tests watching through the streets of chicago, welcome back to "early start." >> it's 30 minutes past the hour. hang now, world leaders bracing for a possible fallout. a deadly move that could derail any chance for a true
2:31 am
international coalition in syria. turkey says the plane ignored multiple warnings. russia says it never stayed. one of two pilots was killed as was a russian marine trying to rescue them. a second pilot was rescued and is with the syrian army. now, western leaders fear escalation. the head of nato urges calm. expressing u.s. support for turkey's right to defend its sovereignty. so you think about sort of historically, russia, it's not the first time russia has gone into turkish airspace. this time, it was very different. >> well, that's exactly right. just last month, russian violated turkish airspace and turkey has warned them in the past that any sort of efforts
2:32 am
could be met with like the incidents we saw yesterday, where turkish jets shot down that russian plane. now we are hearing, literally, right now from the prime minister of turkey, talking about this incident. he said that there were two planes that violated turkish airspace after the warnings. one of the planes veered off and the other one continued to the violation. they said they shot down the plane when it was in turkish airspace. this is a narrow strip of land that goes into syria and they say that's within they shot down the plane landing in syria. what we are fearing from turkish officials is one of a conciliatory tone. they're saying that on the one hand, listen, they are going to defend their term. on the other hand. they have no animosity towards russia. they want to create a dialogue to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, they say it is in their interest to have
2:33 am
a dispute with russia, especially with the current civil war going on in neighboring syria. >> we do not have any intention to escalate this matter. all we are caring for is a defending of security and the law and rights of our brothers. >> and we just heard from the president. turkey said they are defending their kin, turkmen, ethnic turks on the border. they have accused russia of bombing them, killing syrians as well, bombing them as well. they say that is their main object siv to protect them. it could backfire as this could escalate tensions with russia.
2:34 am
but turkey trying to des escalate the association so the does not happen again. >> that is the hope, live from istanbul, thank you. >> meantime, russian president vladmir putin furious, accusing turkey of stabbing russia in the back. even calming turkey an accomplice of terrorism for allegedly financing isis through elicit oil sales. this breaking news, russia announcing it will deploy a powerful air-to-missile system in syria. it's not clear how it will affect the meeting of france tomorrow. francois hollande building a coalition against isis. it is expected he will ease brought bashar al-assad out of power. on tuesday, hole lande met with president obama. afterwards, the president says russian cooperation would be enormously helpful but signalled it is not essential. >> we got a coalition.
2:35 am
russia right now has a coalition of two. iran and russia supporteding assad. russia is the outlyer. >> with the latest, cnn's mathew chance joins us. good morning, putin said there will be serious consequences. >> certainly, the s-400 missiles, they're some of the most sfifrt indicated and nato planes as well. he will certainly have the capability to close off syrian airspace. he hasn't suggested that's the intention at this point. once they're in police, it's an escalation.
2:36 am
essentially, no one will be able to fly over the skies unless russia gives it the okay. that's a major significance. the fact that their plane has been shot down has essentially allowed russia or forced russia to boost it's presence inside syria, effectively in the future, the not too distant future, giving it control of that syrian airspace. that's a major escalation t. consequences for turkey. they have already been quite severe. there will be diplomatic rebukes. the foreign minister called off his trip. vad vladmir called it a stab in the back. economically you would could be difficult. they were told not to travel to turkey. some chicken producers, for instance, have had their products banned from importing into russia as well from turkey. so there are a sort of range of dip willmatic economic and military measures the russians are now imposing as a response to what they call a major violation of humanitarian or
2:37 am
international law with downing the aircraft. >> now, mathew, a major point of contention is whether hollande stays in power. putin have been vocal about keeping assad under power. some say he is not married to assad long term. what is your reaction to that? >> i think that's probably good analysis the individual, i think, for the kremlin isn't as important as the interests he protects. russia's interest is it has an airbase and a naval base on the coast of the mediterranean. it has got economic ties as well. it sees bashar al-assad as the individual with family members, of course, who will continue to back up russia in that sense and not let those interests go and give them to somebody else. i mean, if there is another individual who could also russians could be convinced will
2:38 am
protect their interest, they will go for it. at the moment, they're saying bashar al-assad is a legitimate presence of syria. it's not for anyone else. it's for the people of syria. so demoment, there is no sign of them withdrawing their support from assad at the moment. >> all right, we will continue to monitor the situation. thank you. the latest now on the manhunt for a new suspect in the paris terrorist attacks. he's 30-year-old mohammed abrini. police believe he drove one of the key terrorists to paris two days before the attacks. we are also learning more about the grow-op's ring leader. they say abdelhamid abaaoud returned to the scene of the shootings at the concert hall while police were still battling the gunmen inside. abaaoud has since been killed. the morning, the city of brussels remains on high alert, while trying to return to normal after four days of lockdowns. subways, schools, businesses, slowly beginning to reopen right
2:39 am
now. let's go live to brus els and bring in cnn's alexander fields. so what has changed between let's say yesterday and today? we got the threat levels at its highest level. we have military equipment still on the street there. i'm sure parents are really worried this morning as they send their kids off the school. >> reporter: right, allison, frankly, the minister interior says the city will remain under the high level until monday. yet the decision was made top to open up the metro and get back to some sense of normal. yes, it is certainly unnerveing for some of the people in this city. there are others inching to resume their normal activity since this lockdown, this partial lockdown went into effect friday night. we are seeing it in the streets. we are seeing it in the schools behind me. we heard from one mother dropping off a child at the
2:40 am
elementary school. she says as a parent, you always worry about the safety of your children. those words ring true perhaps more than any other day. but people feel there is the necessity to get back to life as usual. we also looked at journalism students who are going to the school behind me here. they say they have a certain level of anything st. sight. they are comforted to see a heavy police presence out here. there are hundreds of police officers patrolling in the areas of the schools. there are hundreds of military personnel in the metro as people begin to take the trainings again. but the minister of the interior has said the operations will continued to try and fer et out, root out, anyone who could be checked to the terror cells that perpetrated that attack in paris. so far, it has netted five arrests that are connected to those attacks. we know there is an international manhunt, salah abdeslam and mohammed abrini.
2:41 am
police have released a picture. he was with salah abdeslam two days before the attacks. will people in brussels return to life as normal? two men are believed to be armed an dangerous still on the loose. >> very good points. a reminder not all is back to normal. breaking news this morning, protesters demanding justice, video showing a white police officer shooting a plaque teenager, that's next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? .
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sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. a tense night in the city of chicago. protesters taken to the streets after a dash-cam video showing a white police officer shooting a plaque teenager 16 times. mayor rahm emanuel saying people have a right to be angry.
2:46 am
we get more. >> reporter: a chicago police officer jason van dyke faces first degree murder charges in the killing of laquan mcdonald, a 17-year-old here in chicago. all of the shooting caught on tape. i want to take you second by second here. according to prosecutors, the police officer arrived on scene and started shooting six seconds after that. now, few look at the video, you will see laquan mcdonald sports center. walking, running. then you see a plefrs on the left side of your screen point. ing his weapon. according to prosecutor, he fired his weapon 16 times. according to autopsy, he hit the body 16 times t. prosecutor made it very clear, she says that this police officer abused this power. >> clearly, this officer went overboard. you know, and he abused his authority and i don't believe
2:47 am
the force was necessary. >> reporter: mcdonald's family settled with the city of chicago for $5 million and didn't want this video to be released. but as you might imagine, a lot of the protesters in this community, a lot of activists wanted the release of this video for transparency purposes and as soon as this video was released, there were protests planned. now, as for the defense, the defense attorney of this police officer, he's asking for a fair trial. boris, allison. >> the chicago police department has now fired jason van dyke. the defense attorney says his client feared he would be attacked. he says the officer's actions were appropriate. van dyke wants the case tried in court, not the media. he said he has a presumption of innocence like every other american. >> stock futures here in the u.s. trading higher, u.s. oil
2:48 am
futures looking a little volatile t. price for a barrel of crude oil spiked 3% during the day yesterday. hilton holes hit with a cyber attack. the hotel says hackers gained access to computer systems twice. once between november and december of last year. and a second time between april and july of this year. so look at your statements, few stayed there during that time. hilton hasn't said how many customers were affected. what was stolen? debit credit card holder names an numbers. no addresses or pin numbers. hilton is offering customers free credit monitoring for a year. limit i hilton is the latest hotel to be attacked. hotel chains were hacked earlier this year t. sad part is this is becoming common place. >> it doesn't make the news. >> it just did.
2:49 am
>> let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." >> good morning, guys. great to see you. we will have much more on the outrage in chicago that was sparked by that video of a deadly police shooting. why did it take a year for police to release this video and to charge the officer involved. we will be speaking live, exclusively, with that officer's lawyer. also for the first time on "new day," we will be joined live by presidential candidate jeb bush. he is struggling in the polls, what is his plans to bounce back and what are thinks thoughts on trump's commanding lead? we have all of that ahead on "new day" when we see you in 11 minutes. >> allison, thank you very much. you may have seen these ads featuring symbols for amazon's new show. the ad campaign, an early start on your money next. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors .
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>> republican presidential candidates taking a break campaigning for the thanksgiving holiday, donald trump not taking a brake from attacking his rivals. he went after jeb bush and marco rubio, trump not backing down on the claim he saw people cheer when the twin towers fell. we get more from cnn sarah murray. >> good morning, allison and boris. at a raucous rally in south carolina last night, donald trump stood by his claims he saw crowds of people protesting in new jersey on 9/11 when the twin towers fell. he continued to ratchet up his anti-terror red rick saying we need the take a closer look at mosques, saying there is some
2:55 am
nastiness coming from there. >> there is something going on at the mosques and other places. we have to at least say there is a problem so we can solve it. we can't close our eyes. i don't know what's wrong with obama. he wants to close his eyes and pre tends it's not happening. why is he so emphatic on not solving the problem. there is something we don't know about. there is something we don't know abo about. so we have to go out and again the greatest source is our local police t. greatest source is you. you have all those eyes. you see what's happening. people move into a house a block down the road. you know who is going in. you see, you report them to the local police. it's too complicated to call feb next, who do we call? it's a big bureaucratic mess. nobody know what is they're doing. okay. you people, me and everybody, you know when somebody moves to
2:56 am
an apartment near you or a house near you, you are pretty smart, right? we know if there is something going. report them. most likely you will be wrong, that's okay. let the local police go in check out. you will get rid of this stuff. that's the best way. everybody is their own cop in a way. i mean, you got to do it. >> trump says he supports waterboarding, a comment that got the crowd roaring. now he's taking a couple days off, he will be back on the campaign trail, back to you. >> sarah, thanks, for that. seeing green arrows this morning, u.s. stock futures are trading higher. tensions between turkey and russia, a barrel of crude sitting above $42 at the moment. yesterday, we got a revision of the gdp.
2:57 am
also good news in the housing market. september home prices rose a bit. amazon vowing to critics and pulling ads for its new streaming series. the ads, which here in new york, were on subway cars and the subway, feature nazi-like as well as for its new series, the man in the high chasm. the series, pictures and alternate reality, germany and japan won world war ii and occupy parts of the united states. some people here in new york complained a lot about these ads you see there in the subway, saying they were offensive, to those whose relatives were brutalized in world war ii. i for one would not like to sit on the subway headed to work. >> the show has gotten grave reviews. >> i do want to watch the show then. >> video of a police officeric nighting protests overnight. "new day" starts right now. >>. america's third largest city is on edge. >> dash-cam video of a white
2:58 am
police officer shooting and killing an african-american teenager. now is the time to build a lasting partnership for peace. 2u6r7b8g9s 2u6r7b8g9s. turkey, shooting down a russian warplane. >> russia announcing we will deploy sfwas-to-air missile systems into syria. a new manhunt for a second suspect. >> authorities issued an international arrest warrant for him. >> on the night of the attack the so-called mastermind returns to the crime scene. >> one possible explanation is he wanted to film the after math. >> this is "new day" with chris koernlgs allison camera that and meika pereira. to viewers in the united states and around the world, this is "new day." unrest in chicago, hundreds of protesters taking to the streets
2:59 am
chanting 16 shots. this follows the release of graphic and dash-cam video capturing the actual moment a white police officer fires 16 times at a plaque teenageer even after the teen is clearly down. the officer involved is now behind bars charged with first degree murder. >> now that fatal shooting happened last october. officials right now are just releasing the video. what did they wait so long to show it? is eight picture of what happened? good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, allison, when you see the video, it may be very upsetting for some people to watch. they waited to release this video, because officials said it was a part of their investigation. a judge deemed it needed to be released by wednesday. now demonstrators converged on chicago streets by the hundreds, outraged over this graphic police dash cam video showing laquan being shot by a single
3:00 am
officer 16 times in october of last year. the disturbing footage shows mcdonald falling to the ground after being shot, then hit multiple times while on the ground. >> the officer in this case took a young man's life and he is going to have to account for his actions. >> reporter: the 37-year-old officer, jason van dyke, is charged with first-degree murder and has been taken off the chicago police payroll. for now, he is being held without bond. van dyke's lawyer says his client feared for his life. >> it's truly not a murder case and we feel that we are going to be very successful in defending this case. >> reporter: on the night la kwan was fatally shot, investigators say mcdonald was wielding a knife which he allegedly used to slash the tire of a police car. police say when mcdonald, who had pcp in his system ignored orders to drop the knife, van dyke fired 16 rounds. >> officer van dyke was on the scene for less than 30 seconds before he started


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