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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 25, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> on alert, france now investigating airport workers, bus drivers, train operators in paris for any links to extremists. this as new suspects in the terror attacks -- a new suspect on the run right thousand. you see him right there. breaking today, one of the russian pilots shot down by turkey is alive. inside the stunning rescue operation and the vow of revenge from vladimir putin. also 16 shots in just seconds. outrage erupts in chicago over the video just released showing a police officer shooting an african-american teenager to death. how this video will impact the prosecution of the officer now charged with first-degree murder.
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hello, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in today for john and kate. thank you for being with me. breaking news. just minutes from now, president obama delivering a statement to the nation after meeting with his national security team. we are told it involves security preparations for the holidays in the wake of the paris attacks. again, just learning in the last few moments the president will make a statement in just about 40 minutes' time. after he is briefed by his national security team, we will bring it to you live, of course. as americans head to the airports for the holiday, france right now investigating workers. they are searching for extremists who may have infiltrated the public transit system across paris. more on that in just a moment. but first, we are getting breaking details about a possible accomplice in the terror attacks in paris. a possible additional accomplice. this person apparently the driver who dropped off some of those alleged attackers. belgian authorities have issued a new international arrest warrant for -- take a look at him, this man -- mohamed abrini,
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spotted at a gas station with salah abdeslam. abrini was dropping the same car that dropped off one of the suicide bombers right outside the stade de france. a source says he spent time in syria just last year. he then apparently slipped back into europe completely under the radar and unnoticed. investigators are calling that a revelation, quote, and a major concern. brooke baldwin with me live from paris. a lot developing in just the last few hours. also, you've got the intelligence services there in france investigating radicalization among employees at airports, public transport stations. what led them to this? >> reporter: first, if i may, poppy, let me just back up and underscore the point you just made. abrini, a new face, yet another suspect. authorities are releasing his name and photo in the last 24 hours. he's moroccan/belgian. so the fact that we are now
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hearing from a source that he was in syria as recently as 2014 and somehow slipped back here into europe unnoticed is a massive concern obviously to western intel and to counterterrorism efforts. that is number one. number two, you point out transportation here in paris. so as we have now learned, this is from an investigator close to all of this telling us that they have actually been, for years here in france, monitoring islamic radicalization among airport workers. for example, you think of the major airports here in paris. they've been talking to services and to unions who, by the way, have been complaining for years that there has been this radicalization going on among employees. in fact, specifically, one of the attackers here at the bataclan concert hall just about a half mile from where i'm standing apparently was a bus driver, part of this public transit system here in paris called the ratp. he had been a bus driver until 2012. so that is a concern here in
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paris that you could have obviously folks within, you know, people working on the tarmac at these major airports, people who have access to these airplanes. so far from what they're telling us here at cnn, nothing has popped up as concerning. but these are all the different measures they're going through as far as mass transportation and air transportation is concerned here, poppy. spr >> absolutely. and then we're just learning also that the ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud, apparently returned to the attack site in the hours after and also was thought to have been plotting a second attack in really the business district of paris. why do they think he returned to the attack sites? >> reporter: i mean, that is the million-dollar question, why would this ringleader have the audacity to return to this bataclan concert hall? we know precisely -- this is according to cell phone pings and cell service -- that he
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returned to these areas between 10:28 p.m. the night of the attacks and 12:28 in the morning, visiting the cafes after the shots have rung out and also specifically the concert hall. talking to paul kruk sacruickshe of our counterterrorism experts here at cnn, one possible thought would be when you think of isis and you think of the propaganda videos and the recruitment really globally for these people, one possibility, because there was a video that surfaced over the weekend, of investigators responding in the minutes and hours after the bloodshed at the bataclan that perhaps that was video that came from the ringleader himself who was brazen enough to return to the concert hall. we can't confirm that. that is one possibility for the video, to bring more people into the terror fold. >> unbelievable. brooke baldwin live from paris, thank you very much. stay tuned. brooke will have her whole show live from paris a little later today. also this, a russian fighter pilot who survived his plane
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being shot out of the sky says turkey did not send visual or radio warnings beforehand. that's really critical because remember, the president of turkey came out and said we warned this plane ten times. this pilot is saying there was no warning when we were shot. also, saying that he could not possibly have flown over turkish airspace, insisting they were over syria when they were shot down. this is according to russian media. it contradicts exactly what turkey has said about the incident. now a top russian official says he has proof that turkey planned to shoot down this plane. we're talking about foreign minister sergey lavrov. cnn's matthew chance live for us in moscow. look, a lot of back-and-forth. russia says exactly the opposite of what turkey says. and now we've learned that syria, in the middle of all of this, it was syrians who helped rescue the russian pilot who survived. do we know if he was ever in enemy hands? >> reporter: we don't, unfortunately, poppy, no. but we do know that this was a big operation involving special
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forces from russia and from syria. we know that it lasted 12 hours, according to the russian defense ministry, and it was taking place obviously in very hostile territory. we've also seen video that the rebels themselves, videotaped of the two russian helicopters scouring the countryside trying to search for those downed russian airmen. one of them coming under fire. one of those helicopters forced to land, one of the russian marines was killed on board in that. so they lost two people, it seems, involving the plane shootdown. one, the pilot, one on the ground trying to rescue him. the co-pilot or the navigator has now been found. he's been brought back into russian hands. he's at the air base, the russian air base there. he's been appearing on russian state television as well, although his face has been shielded. he's had his back to the camera for some reason. but he's been saying, look, you know, there was absolutely no way that we entered syrian --
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sorry, turkish airspace. there was no communication from the turks. there was no visual contact. there was no radio contact. so the co-pilot, the navigator of that russian plane that was shot out of the sky, totally rejecting the turkish version of events that it flew over turkey and that they tried to communicate with them ten times. so we really are seeing a difference of account between the two countries, between the pilots and between the turkish authorities. >> we absolutely are. matthew chance live for us in moscow, thank you very much for that. i want to talk more about with this an fbi agent on the joint terrorism task force in new york. she's now a consultant on security issues in southeast asia and also in the middle east. thank you very much for being here. >> good to be ear, phere, poppy. >> we have sergey lavrov who says this looks planned. we believe that turkey planned this. you also have vladimir putin coming out and saying with a much bigger scope that he believes that turkey has, for years now, been supporting what
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he calls a radical form of islam. so this is critical in the fight against isis, that you have russia, turkey, u.s., france aligned. now what? >> yeah, so it's a big problem over there in region, as you know, so many different countries are involved in taking sides. you have bashar assad. you have isis that's grown within this whole community of areas. so it's a big problem. if all of these countries that are involved in what's going in the syria/iraq region are going to get together, they'll have to sit and talk about the rules of engagement. >> hearing putin say turkey is supporting radical islam and has been doing it for years, can turkey and russia even get to the table? >> it might be very difficult because i do believe that it seems to me that turkey is looking to have somebody else there besides -- not bashar assad and russia clearly is on the side of assad. >> sure. >> so you have people that are looking to put up different people to be in charge of that region, and that's the whole crux of the problem between the
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sunni and shia issues, between other countries that are trying to get involved and who's going to eventually lead this neighborhood in the middle east. >> i think it's really interesting, there's a column on right now written by a columnist who says -- the headline is that this is undoubtedly going to be world war iii. you've got nato tensions. you've got russia incredibly angry. you've got an entire war against terrorists, isis, an ideology. is that too alarmist? >> i think it's a little bit too alarmist. i mean, over the years when you look at all of the times that people have said world war iii is going to begin, i believe if all of these countries, whether it's nato-supported countries or other countries in the middle east, get together and figure out what do they want to do about isis? isis is clearly expanding. when you look at the attacks in paris, you look at what they did with the russian airline, you look at what they did in lebanon, and you look at what president obama's going to speak in the next 45 minutes on what we are going to do in this country. >> right. >> with the security threat. >> do you think that turkey
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could have done more sooner? and i ask that because of the critical proximity to syria, the border shared with syria, how many were flowing from turkey into syria were radicalized, et cetera, to fight with isis, so many times united states and the west called on turkey to do more. could they have? >> i was in turkey not too long ago, and i think the government is doing a lot. they've taken in so many refugees. >> yep. >> poppy, i think the problem becomes is when you have these different leaders and different groups changing so rapidly, when you look at isis, how fast it grew from which other groups it came from, so much changes fast. and it's hard. if we do too much, then the groups get stronger. if we do too less, then we're criticized for not doing enough. so it's a very difficult problem when you have so much civil war and fighting going on between various groups and everybody wants to be in charge. >> finger-pointing between allies or potential allies doesn't help, right? >> right. and turkey is our ally. >> so nice to have you on the
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program. still ahead, more of that breaking news. we are going to hear from president obama in just about half an hour's time, getting ready to make a statement live from the white house on national security. just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. this as many, many of you, millions of you, hit the road, the airport for the holiday. we will bring you what the president says live. also donald trump says he can predict terrorism before it happens. some of his fellow conservatives are calling the front-runner the "f" word, a fascist. we will discuss that ahead. also, why did it take a year to charge a police officer for shooting an african-american teenager 16 times in a matter of seconds? you will hear from the officer's lawyer, now speaking out for the first time about his version of the shootings. what he believes happened and why. this is cnn's special live coverage. stay with us. feel a cold coming on?
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welcome back to "at this hour." you're seeing live pictures of the white house where president
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obama right now is meeting with his national security team, being briefed in the wake of the paris attacks. of course, critical right ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. this time of year, this week, the busiest travel week of the year. millions of you on the road and in airports. the president will come out in just moments to the roosevelt room. he will make specific remarks regarding homeland security. we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. that could happen at any moment. also, chicago bracing for potentially more protests following the release of a very graphic and disturbing video that shows a police officer gunning down an african-american teenager in the street. the shooting happened in october of last year. overnight, protesters were chanting "16 shots," that is a reference to the number of bullets fired at laquan mcdonald, the 17-year-old. we will show you this video for yourself. i do want to warn you, though, it is disturbing. the police video shows that teenager jogging past the officers, then walking down the middle of the street. there is no sound, i should
8:18 am
note, on this dashcam video. authorities say that mcdonald ignores orders multiple times to drop a three-inch knife that he is holding. he spins and falls to the ground. when he is suddenly hit by bullets, he appears to be shot several more times after he is on the ground. the shooting lasted, we're told, about 15 seconds. again, 16 shots fired. obviously, he's laying there on the ground dying. the video does not show any of the officers helping the victim. that's important to note. this fatal shooting happened last october. but officials are just releasing the video after a judge ordered it be released after a freedom of information request from a journalist. there are also now just now -- they are now arresting the officer. you see him there. jason van dyke. he is charged with first-degree murder. our stephanie elam is live in chicago. stephanie, this video came out because it was requested from a journalist through that freedom of information process. a judge said it had to be
8:19 am
released. now it's out. hundreds hit the streets protesting. the question a lot of people are asking right now is why did it take a year? more than a year to charge this officer? >> reporter: yeah, more than a year for the world to see the video, poppy, and for this officer to be charged. what the officials are saying is that this was an open investigation into what happened, what transpired between the police officers and this 17-year-old. so they said that was a major reason for it. now, when this request came in, the judge took a look at it and said hey, this video's got to be released by wednesday. it came out yesterday. there was also interesting points about the narrative, about what people had said happened. police versus other people saying we want to see the video. we want to know for sure what happened. but there are some things that, you though, would call into question that perhaps police knew this was going to be a difficult one, or the city knew because the city settled in april with the family of laquan mcdonald for $5 million based on
8:20 am
what they knew transpired with had this young man lost his life. so there's that. there's also the first-degree murder charge that came right before we all got to see that video, poppy. >> and that settlement came, stephanie, before the family had even filed a lawsuit. so a lot of questions remain. thank you very much, stephanie elam live for us in chicago today. let's talk about this more with cornell williams brooks. he is the president and ceo of the naacp. thank you very much for being here. and let's begin with this. we know some of the numbers here now. we know that this officer fired for 13 seconds after the victim was on the ground, 15 seconds total. we know that he only waited six seconds to fire shots after getting out of his car. the cook county state's attorney says, look. this case is complicated. that's why it took 400 days for us to reach this conclusion to charge him with first-degree murder. what do you say to her? >> what i would say is quite simply this. you need to take enough time to
8:21 am
seek justice, but too much time suggests that you're avoiding justice. the challenge here is the prosecution of this case takes place against a backdrop of misconduct in the chicago police department. you have $500 million in legal settlements over the course of ten years. 10,000 complaints filed against the police department. only 19 of which resulted in any significant disciplinary action. we have a police department with a long, storied, troubled history of community relations in which the community feels preyed upon. so this prosecution takes place against that backdrop. the charges were filed after the videotape was ordered to be released. and so this feels like, for many people in community, as though it is a public relations problem to be managed as opposed to a criminal justice crisis to be responded to. >> cornell, to be fair, you know, the state's attorney says,
8:22 am
look, one does not have to do with the other, the release of the videotape, the charges. she said this is complex. but i do want to play for our viewers what the attorney for officer van dyke said because this is the first time he spoke out, exclusively speaking to cnn. he said this shouldn't be tried in the court of public opinion or on the streets. he said this needs to be tried in court, and he says this is not a murder case. let's listen to what he said. >> and at the time in which he had fired his weapon, he had already been made aware of the fact that this individual had been walking through the neighborhood and waving a knife. it caused a disturbance at a couple of businesses, had stabbed the windshield of a squad car where police officers were involved, had popped the tire of a squad -- excuse me -- popped the tire of a squad car where police officers were sitting in that squad car. people had called for a taser. no taser was available. so at the point in which my
8:23 am
client got there, this had been going on for i believe 18 minutes. spoo what we also know is that no other officer on the scene there did fire. what's your reaction to the attorney's statement? >> the attorney is doing what defense attorneys do. but we have to take note of the fact that no other officer on the scene discharged their weapon. and that mr. van dyke discharged the majority of the bullets, i should say discharged his weapon, the majority of the time with mr. mcdonald lying on the ground. the fact of the matter is firing bullets into a person in a semi-fetal position with a pocketknife, with a pocketknife, is not an exercise in good judgment. it's not an exercise in good policing, and this is an example of police misconduct and police brutality. and the people, the citizens of
8:24 am
chicago, have a right to be outraged. indeed, the country has a right to be outraged. this is an execution on video. and we cannot -- we cannot nuance this. we cannot engage in word games. this was a human being. this was someone's son. a child of parents, a member of the community, a 17-year-old, executed on the street on video. and i would like to remind the country that this is not the first time. we saw tamir rice, a 12-year-old, executed on tape. walter scott, a 40-year-old, executed on tape. and now we have mr. laquan mcdonald executed on tape. enough is enough. word games will not describe the brutality that we've seen in this video. and people all across the country are outraged and properly so. >> cornell brooks, thank you very much.
8:25 am
we will continue the conversation. and we'll see as the justice process does play out. this officer now charged with first-degree murder. thank you very much. >> thank you, poppy. coming up, just moments from now, president obama will step up to this podium. he will deliver a statement to the nation on one of the busiest travel days of the year. we are told that it involves security preparations for the holidays in the wake of the paris attacks. right now he is being briefed by his national security team. stay with us. live coverage from washington next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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some news just into us about that russian fighter jet that was shot down if turkey yesterday. i can tell you that the surviving pilot just spoke on russian television and said that he received absolutely no warning from the turkish government before his plane was shot down there by turkmen rebels. no warning at all. this is contrary to what turkey has said, saying they warned that fighter jet ten times. also, he said on russian television that he knew the area like the, quote, back of his hand and had flown that path many, many times insisting he was over syria, not turkey. more on that as soon as we have it. also, we're just learning that in a few moments, we will hear live from president obama making a statement in the roosevelt room about homeland security. this as we enter the critical holiday travel season. aaa right now predicting nearly 47 million americans will venture 50 miles or more away from home for thanksgiving. many of you by car. many of you, millions of you, in the air. that is the most travelers
8:31 am
hitting the road in eight years this thanksgiving. all of that as the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert. cnn's jason carroll live at laguardia airport in new york. jason, i can imagine the lines are long and the security process is slow. >> reporter: well, i can imagine why you would imagine that because typically that's the way it is on this busy holiday travel day. but take a look behind me, poppy. and i know you've been through this airport a million times. and look at this line. i mean, it's really not bad. considering many times when aye been out here, i know you've been out here, too, take a look down here. i know you know this hallway. normally that's packed with people lined up trying to get to the front of that security line, as you know. but today, look. not the case. despite that worldwide travel alert, despite the fact that tsa has doubled down on security, as you know, between now and sunday, more than 3.5 million people expected to fly. that travel alert, we should say, does not mean that u.s. citizens should not fly or avoid other means of travel. it just simply means use more
8:32 am
vigilance when you're taking public transport or using public spaces. but even having said that, poppy, and speaking to a number of the people out here, that worldwide travel alert is still very much in the back of the minds of many travellers. >> certainly i think everybody is a little concerned, but i also feel like security has been stepped up so much that hopefully we're well protected. >> i feel fine. i feel like if we get scared and don't do it, then they win. very comfortable. >> we appreciate the security because we know it's for our own good. >> reporter: and poppy, wondered if what we were experiencing here at laguardia was just some sort of -- hi, how -- some sort of anomaly but not the case. we also did a check of several other airports, atlanta, o'hare, dallas, l.a.x., all looking at wait times under 30 minutes.
8:33 am
so not so bad considering that one of the busiest holiday travel times of the season also considering that heightened state of alert, travel seems to be pretty smooth. >> absolutely. jason carroll live for us at laguardia, jason, thank you very much. and you saw the podium as we await president obama speaking on national security in moments. meantime, belgian authorities have issued a new international arrest warrant for another accomplice in the paris terror attacks. police say this man, let's take a look, mohamed abrini was spotted at a french gas station along with the eighth attacker still on the run, salah abdeslam, two days before the attacks in paris. abrini was driving the same car salah used to drop off the suicide bombers who attacked the stade de france. let's get more from cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. paul, let me ask you this. what we've also learned is that man who we just pulled up on our screen, that he not only was complicit in this according to
8:34 am
authorities, but traveled to syria just last year, was able to slip back into europe. authorities say this is a major concern, obviously. how does he get back in? >> that's absolutely right, poppy. and we've seen that with a majority of the people involved in this conspiracy that they traveled to syria at some point, that they linked up with isis at some point. they got training at some point. they had some experience of fighting at some point. so these are trained killers who are coming back to europe. and in fact, more than 1500 extremists who have spent time in syria and iraq have come back to europe, according to european counterterrorism officials. and they're trying in genius ways to get back. some of them on the radar screen. so they're exploiting the refugee processing system, using fake passports to pretend that they're refugees. some are just trying to slip through the border and sort of places like albania and greece, not a particularly well-policed border. other people are using people
8:35 am
smugglers. and then some are just coming back on planes from turkey and hoping that they won't be arrested by european security agencies who may not have enough evidence to charge them. >> stefan, when we were in paris together last week, you told me that one of the issues, the intelligence issues here, is that there is competition between the intelligence agencies in france and that there has, to some level, been a lack of cooperation. do you think that is part and parcel of the problem that we're seeing with these now attackers slipping in from syria? >> well, yes, it's part of the problem. one of the other problems is the controls of the outer borders of the european union. which is not very well coordinated. there are many intelligence services in europe. there are only five countries who exchange information on a daily basis. and all the other ones are basically protecting their information because when you talk about intelligence, then
8:36 am
you also talk about serenity, independence, and that's one of the problems within the european union, that even allies are very reluctant to exchange their information and to analyze this information. this has, however, improved a little bit since the attacks in january on "charlie hebdo" and the kosher supermarket, but it is still a big issue, and that is one of the reasons why, for instance, salah abdeslam, one of the suspects who is still on the run, got away on friday night after the attacks. he was checked three times. but the police did not have the information yet that he was wanted by the french police. so you see that this is a very important issue and something that the european countries, european leaders, while they did an appeal this week to improve this collaboration, but it will be a very long and difficult way. >> absolutely. stefan, thank you very much, live for us in paris. paul cruickshank, cnn criticism analyst live for us in washington, appreciate it.
8:37 am
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. welcome to our special coverage. we're awaiting president obama. he's been meeting with his top national security advisers. at the white house about to walk into the roosevelt room. there you see it right there at the white house in the east wing -- excuse me, the west wing of the white house. the president will make a statement on national security on the eve of the thanksgiving day holiday weekend where a lot of americans right now are nervous about travel plans. he's been getting briefed by his top national security and intelligence advisers. second day in a row.
8:42 am
lots going on. let's go to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. barbara, obviously atop the president's concerns right now, this amazing tension that's developed between nato, turkey and russia's decision to down that warplane flying along the turkish/syrian border. >> yeah, tensions clearly escalating in this area. but the message we're hearing from the white house and from the pentagon, from nato is everybody take a deep breath. they don't want this situation to escalate out of control, to have more tension at a time, as you say already, when the world is so nervous about all of this. so the message has been very clear. the question, of course, is whether the russians are paying attention to that message. the foreign minister, sergey lavrov, earlier today said that russia is not going to war against turkey. but of course, the real question is what does vladimir putin have in mind? clearly he is the authority, the power, he will make the
8:43 am
decisions about what the russian military decides to do next. so all of this being very carefully watched. but all of this coming, as you say, during this american holiday season, we have been hearing from the intelligence community, from the military, from the white house, from homeland security, no specific credible threat against the united states over the thanksgiving holiday. but i think you are very likely to hear from the president that the entire government is going to remain on watch and very vigilant watching for any changes in the threat picture. wolf? >> and the state department this week issued a worldwide travel alert for the next three months for all americans traveling around the world right now. obviously, there may be no specific threat, but the alarm is there. that's why that worldwide travel alert has been issued. paul cruickshank is our terrorism analyst just back from paris. you're with me here in washington. paul, all this follows, of course, the horrible terror attacks in paris, the attack on that russian airliner over sinai, what happened in beirut. there's been a series of
8:44 am
isis-related terror attacks, and there's deep concern isis could strike potentially even here in the united states. >> yeah, i think there are two parts. one is this sort of directed isis threat against the united states. isis increasingly getting into the international terrorism business. clearly they want to attack the united states homeland. they've made that very clear in their statements. they have rather huge capabilities in syria and iraq. this is the richest group in history, richest terrorist group in history. they've got all these western recruits going in, up to 6,000 western recruits joining these groups in syria and iraq. and we found out just last week that some of those attackers in paris could potentially have got on board u.s. planes coming into the united states, could have got into this country. there's concern coming from isis itself. and there's also a more immediate concern coming from isis-inspired plots. people inspired by what they saw in paris but are already here in the united states or mesh citizens or permanent residents who have become radicalized.
8:45 am
over the course of the past year, the fbi has launched 900 counterterrorism investigations in all 50 states. majority of those related to people who are inspired by isis's message. >> the second day in a row the president has been meeting with his top national security advisers. we're awaiting his arrival in the roosevelt room over at the west wing at the white house. we'll take a quick break. we'll stand by to hear from the president of the united states. we'll be right back. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. break news here on cnn. i want to welcome in the viewerers around the united states and around the world. we are looking at the podium from the white house and rerepa rereparks from president obama. we send it to wolf blitzer in washington. >> thank you sh, poppy. and the president is going to be walking out the make a statement following extensive meetings with the security council, and also francois hollande is
8:49 am
meeting with angela merkel the leader of germany where he will go tomorrow to be meeting with a vladimir putin in russia. and he will speak about that as well as iraq and the travel holiday weekend security. we know it has been stepped up security around the major cities in washington, d.c., and los angeles and not because there are any specific credible threats, but because largely, the u.s. officials say out of an abundance of caution, they want to make sure that what happened in paris does not happen here in the united states. presumably that is what the president is going to be speaking about. the big national security picture poll lowing the following the extensive briefings by the national security council. this is a surprise announcem.
8:50 am
it was not originally on the president's schedule that he would make this statement from the roosevelt room in the white house, but within the last half hour or so, the president wants to make a statement to the american people as they get ready for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. later this afternoon, he is going to have a much different ceremony pardonning the turkes s on this thanksgiving eve and very, very different session that usually takes place at the rose garden at the white house. but this is going to be a serious statement on national security that the president is about to make. paul cruickshank, as we await the statement of the president, and it is fair that the world, because of the crisis with al qaeda and isis, the world is on edge. >> yes, the world is on edge within the national terrorism space, but really isis has been getting into plots in a much bigger way over the last year. i mean, we have seen a string the of terer errorist at --
8:51 am
tryst attacks in middle east, and just yesterday in tunis, a bus carrying the members of the presidential guard that was bombed by suicide bomber isis who just claimed responsibility for that as well. are there is a lot of energy in the system right now. the isis-inspired radicals in the united states are feeling electrified by what they saw play out in paris. so in this holiday period maybe some are inspired to act, and we saw in the july 4th weekend there was a sort of increased threat level here in the united states, and some of of the radicals that were monitored at the time were talking about launching attacks on the july 4th weekend. the terrorists believe that the holidays in holidays can be more traumatic for the american people. we sauna in the islamabad documents from bin laden about attack thing on holidays.
8:52 am
>> and the president is walking out to make a statement to the american people and indeed the world. we want to welcome in cnn international, and the people around the world. we don't know what the president is going to be saying, because it is a last-minute addition to the schedule. and the president about to go out to the roosevelt room. pamela brown is our correspondent. what are you hearing, pamela, about the threat levels in new york, washington, and other major cities around the country? >> well, wolf, there is a lot of concern am mong the national security officials about the paris attack, and worried that the attacks in paris will embolden isis sympathizers and members here in the u.s. and they targeted people of the general public, and people at the restaurants or going to the c concert, so this is an evolution for isis and not just targeting the members of the military or
8:53 am
the government officials. we have seen the propaganda videos from isis saying to go out the target those in the government, and now we have seen the expansion. the concern here, wolf, homegrown violent extremists, and we ohno some # 00 terrori90 cases open in the united states, and some of them will be feeling that they may attack here on the holiday weekend as paul pointed out. on july 4th, many plots were thwarted, so everybody is on heightened alert right now. wolf? >> the president will be walking out to the roosevelt room, and we are showing the viewerers the live picture, there and it is going to be interesting who he is flanked by whether sit is th secretary of defense or the secretary of homeland security or the vice president, and i am sure ta they have all been involved in the national security meetings with the president. just to repeat, pamela, from
8:54 am
what you hearing from the homeland security, the fbi and the justice department, no specific credible threat. is that right? >> no specific credible threat, but officials have a hard time knowing exactly when somebody is going are from flash to bang, and i have been hearing for months that they will be watching someone, and someone is under surveillance, and then all of the sudden, they will decide, and wake up, and say, today is t the day. we saw it recently in boston when one of the people under surveillance went out and was o going to the officials say launch a terrorist attack. he had moved the schedule up. so officials say that while there is no specific credible threat, it does not mean that someone could just decide to today is the day. that is why they are asking member s members of the general public as well as law enforcement officials to if they see something say something. they need help from people in the public. there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and it is not enough, and law enforcement officials will say to the, you
8:55 am
wolf, that, look, in the days, and to today, we have encryption, and the paris attackers are believed to have en kripgs, and more for law enforcement to see communications and know what is going on, but it is going to be interesting to see if the president has something to say about that, because as you point pointed out, wolf, this is a last-minute announcement. yes, the president of the united states is making a statement on u.s. national security can, and lots of ramifications. we will be right back. se two. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." we have a trained eye on the white house, and this is thanksgiving eve and one of the busiest travel days of the year, and in one of the deadliest months in the war on terror, that is going to put the focus squarely on security right now in this nation. to that end, the president is expected to speak at any moment
8:59 am
about that issue, and about this country. he is being brief ed by the national security advisers, and that meeting is running longer than expected. and we will bring you the statement live as on -- as soon as he emerges. we will bring in our cnn justice correspondent pamela brown and also our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. so, start with you sh, pamela brown, with the downing of the plane coming down over the sinai peninsula and isis taking responsibility for that, and the attacks in paris, and now, isis individu video warning of attacks in washington, d.c., and times
9:00 am
square. >> and in harold's square is a big macy's thanksgiving day parade, and the white house is saying that there are some of the monuments at the white house in washington where they want to take down like in syria and iraq are. and some of those threats have been coming forward anded a it is a delicate line that the president has to walk. on one hand, he will make the case as the homeland director and fbi director is have said that there are no credible thre threats to the united states. but on the other hand, he wants to make sure that everybody is in a heightened state of alert, and go about and do what you need to do, and spend the thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved ones, and enjoy, and relax and watch football game, and go to the macy's day parade and all that, but as you are traveling, if you see something, say something, and be on the higher state of alert. i assume that is the kind of the balanced message that the president is going to want to share with the


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