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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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square. >> and in harold's square is a big macy's thanksgiving day parade, and the white house is saying that there are some of the monuments at the white house in washington where they want to take down like in syria and iraq are. and some of those threats have been coming forward anded a it is a delicate line that the president has to walk. on one hand, he will make the case as the homeland director and fbi director is have said that there are no credible thre threats to the united states. but on the other hand, he wants to make sure that everybody is in a heightened state of alert, and go about and do what you need to do, and spend the thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved ones, and enjoy, and relax and watch football game, and go to the macy's day parade and all that, but as you are traveling, if you see something, say something, and be on the higher state of alert. i assume that is the kind of the balanced message that the president is going to want to share with the american people on this eve of thanksgiving.
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>> and with that in mind, pamela brown, maybe you can weigh in through your are sources, no credible threat, and yet as they said in paris, things as you have said before can go from flash to the bang in a blink of an eye even when you don't have a credible threat. >> absolutely. that is the concern among the law enforcement, and they are on the heightened alert in the wake of paris and the holiday weekend and some of my sources said that some of the people that the people in the united states who have been watching in the united states celebrated on social media what happened in paris, and the concern is that some of the people, the homegrown violent extremists who may be inspired or directed by isis may wake up and say, to dday is the day that i will launch an attack, and it is simply impossible, ashleigh, to have 900-something people under 24/7 surveillance. so law enforcement needs the help of the public as well. they are boosting the wiretap, and monitoring the surveillance of some priority people, and
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people they feel poses the biggest threat that they don't have probable cause yet to perhaps make an an arrest, and boosting the surveillance, but maybe some middle or the lower tier that may not have the resources. so a finite number of resource, and so asking the public if they see something, say something. and they play a role, too. in light of paris, ashleigh, the french officials had no idea that the paris attackers were doing surveillance, and coming back for the fight. and so that shows you the importance of the intelligence there. >> and i want to let you know that the president is speaking live now. and we will listen in and discuss on the other side. >> good morning, everybody. i had a chance to meet with the national security team including my homeland secretary jay jayson and lor retta lynch, and checki
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with our team about the security post paris and going into the holiday weekend. we all recognize how heinous what took place in paris was, and as i said yesterday, for many of us given there, it touched a deep chord given the relationship of united states and france and the degree to which the americans see in paris a way of life that is so familiar to us here in american cities. given the shocking images americans are asking each other whether it is safe here, whether it is safe to fly or gather. and i know that the families have discussed their fears about the threat of terrorism around the dinner table, and many for the first time since september 11 #th, and it is understandable that people worry if something similar could happen here. and the events in paris made the
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threats feel closer to home. as we are going into thanksgiving weekend, i want the american people to know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. first, we are going after isil wherever they hide, and i will speak about this in more detail in the coming weeks, but let me remind you of what the coalition of 65 countries is doing to defeat these people. and so far, we have conducted over 900 air strikes on the area, and those strikes along with the troops on the ground have taken out key leaders and taken back strongholds in iraq and syria. we choke off the financing and the supply lines, and counter the recruitment and the messaging, and even as america iser already supporting french
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air strikes in syria, president hollande and i agreed yesterday to step up our coordination more. so we are stepping up the pressure of isil where it lives, and we will not let up. adjusting the tactics where necessary, until they are booent. that is the first goal. second, we continue to do everything possible to prevent the attacks at home and abroad and to prevent foreign tryst fig fighters from entering the united states or other nations. since 9/11 we have taken extraordinary measures to strengthening the homeland security from aviation to border to information sharing. we have improved upon these actions over time. any time that there there's an event, we learn something from it, and we continue to refine t it. we continue to improve upon our approaches as we speak.
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now, right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. that is based on the late are est information that i just received in the situation room. it is similar to the briefing they received on saturday before i left on my trip last week. so as americans are traveling this weekend to be with their loved ones, i want them to know that the counter terrorism, and security and law enforcement professional professionals at every level are working overtime, and they are continually monitoring threats at home and abroad, continually evaluating our security posture. they are constantly working to protect all of us. their work has prevented attacks. their efforts have saved lives. they serve every hour of every day for the sake of our secur y
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security. they did so before paris, and they do so now. without fanfare or credit and without a break for the holidays. so the bottom line is this, i want the american people to know that entering the holidays that the combined resources of our military, our intelligence and our homeland security agencies are on the case. the they are vigilant. relentless and effective. in the event of a specific credible threat, the public will be informed. we do think it is useful for people as they are going about their business to be vigilant. if you see something suspicious, say something. that is always helpful. but otherwise, americans should go about their usual thanksgiving weekend activities. spending time with family and friends and celebrating our blessings.
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while the threat of terrorism is a troubling event of our age, it is in the face of our being resilient, and in the wake of those who are protecting us from harm. happy thanksgiving, everyone. you can hear the press yelling every question in the bookt ta high level security team as they exit the room. that is one short, concis -- conpendous statement are from the president of the united states, go about your travel this thanksgiving holiday d, and we have things under control, and no credible threat here in america. having just emerge prd the briefing from the situation room. i want to bring in our cnn anchor wolf blitzer, and our pentagon correspondent barbara starr and pam brown who is our intelligence correspondent and
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j justice correspondent, and also joining us is paul cruickshank our cnn terrorism analyst. to me, wolf blitzer, that is to calm the nation in a very uncalm time. is there anything more to it? >> no, that is exactly right. the president wants everybody to go about and do their thanksgiving activities as normal and try to be as responsive as possible, and once again, if you see something, say something, and it is important ashleigh, he was backed up there by the fbi director james comey, and the secretary of homeland security, and the adviser was there and lisa monaco, and all of them were there to show that as far as the national security on the dealing with counter terrorism, and dealing with the threats from isis and al qaeda and other terror groups, they have been meeting and convened in the white house situation
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room, this is a balanced message to go ahead and do your thanksgiving activities. if we learn that there is a significant credible threat, we will let you nknow. and meanwhile, the slick propaganda video that isis has put out with threats, they don't regard that as specific credible threat. the president had a soeber, but balanced message to the american people, enjoy the thanksgiving weekend. >> i want to bring in barbara starr, because it is not necessarily a military issue talking about the homeland security, but the president did bring up the fact that the come bind intelligence between the homeland security team, and the intelligence professionals means that quote we are equipped to keep you safe. tell me a little bit about that side are from the pentagon, and the stepped up effort to attack isis where they live. >> well, those words by the president ashleigh, were e key, attacking isis where they live,
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overseas, mainly in syria, and iraq. you know, it has been a longstanding sort of a principle of american counter terrorism to strike the terrorist networks where where theyley to theoretically keep them from coming to the homeland. he went through all of the statistics of the air strikes and striking isis, but right now, people are looking at the fact that isis has moved far beyond the borders of syria and iraq. a week ago friday in paris and brussels with the lock down and the downing of the russian airliner over sinai, and the attacks in north africa, and in tunis, in mali, and all of it shows us that, you know, isis, and isis-inspired and the isis affiliates or whatever you want to call them have moved far beyond the range of the daily u.s.-led coalition strikes in syria and iraq. and that is one of the key underpinnings of concern. and where could to next attack come from outside of the area,
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and the people that are inspired by eisis, and the lone wolf is big worry. >> and so, pamela brown, let me bring you into the conversation, and when the president says that there is no specific credible threat on the radarer here, and that they would let the public know if there were one, those ki killers in paris were using the messaging apps that disappear and not traceable which means no credible threat there either. how are we to actually know that there is no credible threat when the killers are getting so stealthy. >> exactly right. i was thinking, had you asked the french officials before the attacks if there was any specific credible threat what would they have said? likely no, because had they known that the people were going to be launching the attacks in paris they would have moved in to make the arrest, and that is the quandary facing the law enforcement right now, ashleigh. they have the capabilities, and even if they can't see into the communications, that i can boost surveillance and use other
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investigative means, but the problem is, that, ashleigh, part of this is dark, and part of the people in the united states are using encryption, and communicating with isis in syria, but i will tell you that, ashleigh, the fbi in particular is more aggressive with moving in and making arrests if they have concern, and enough evidence to prove that someone has ties to terrorism, because they don't have the luxury to sit and wait that they used to have in the days of al qaeda with more planning, and more time that the they would use to perhaps launch the attack. they are going in to make an arrest more quickly. we have seen 50 ice ssis-relate arrests so far this year. >> and so it is intriguing, paul cruickshank to hear the president saying to go on with your business because there are thousands of people head ed ed
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the airports and the bus station and the highways, and they want to hear those words, but at the same time they want to know that things are different now. yesterday, the report that there is ip creased radicalization of airport workers and transit workers in france, and why do we belief that there is nothing different here in the united states, and what with are we not seeing that the government is doing about it? >> that is right, ashleigh. there is concern that there could be radicalization at u.s. airport, a a nd in fact, a clea that worked at minneapolis/st. paul's airport and went to fight with isis and killed there in 2014. and drew griffin in the cnn investigations has been doing e excellent reporting on this, and have reported that when it comes to the ground staff, baggage hand handlers, and people with access to the tarmac and the plane, and very few airports do the people get screened everyday through x-rays when they come into work. it is very, very different in europe, and it is a significant vulnerability at u.s. airports
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in terms of the insiders working at the airports, and that is something that the terrorist group like isis will be be looking to exploit. >> i want to bring in joe johns who is standing by live at the white house. joe, you were present at the white house when this extraordinary news conference with the big executive show of force effectively told the nation that everything is okay, don't be worried, happy thanksgiving. give me a bit of the behind the scenes as to the decision to launch in news conference with those players. >> i think it is pretty clear that this is a message that has been coming out of the white house now at least three times over the last 4 hour24 hours. the president talked about some of it in the press conference with france president hollande yesterday, and the national security folks put out a press release last night indicating that there is no specific threat to the homeland from isis, and then the today, the president
9:16 am
coming out with his national security team. so, they are trying to put a public face on this, and it is difficult for them, because it is a duel- -- dual-edged message. on one hand they want to say no credible threat, and on the other, be vigilanvigilant, and a third prong, if you see something, say something, and otherwise, live your life on thanksgiving, and so they are trying to cover all of their bases, and let america and the team know that they are trying to take care of this and who knows who takes care of this over the next 72 hours. it is important to the put the public face out there and try to allay some kernconcerns, becau e recently, a cbs poll that suggested that the president's confidence from the public on the issue of handling terrorism has slipped quite a bit.
9:17 am
that is of course a problem for him, too, in the legacy, ashleigh. >> and well, as he wrapped up the news conference, joe, he said that there is no break over the holidays for those trying to keep us safe, and it is important to let uw in the wake of it that terrorists' number one goal is to terrorize and make people afraid and so that is going to mitigate how people feel this weekend. th thank you all. i do appreciate your insight on this breaking news. we just heard the president addressing the national security issue in the wake of the paris attack, and what is going on in the airports? maybe you are headed to the airports today. we will go the one today and see if anything looks or feels differently and talk to the passengers and get an inside story on the the airport security in the wake of paris.
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just heard president obama live telling the nation that we are safe as we can be on the eve of the thanksgiving weekend. joining me with more on the worldwide terror threat and the response from the civilized world, joining me is former cia analyst and operative bob barre, and military pilot justin green is here, and live at a laguardia airport in new york, cnn national correspondent jason carro carroll. jason, i want to go to you first if i can, because this is one busy place if it is not already. are you seeing things differently or is most of it behind the scenes? >> well, when you hear about the tsa doubling down on the security in reare spons to the worldwide travel alert, i are will say that we have seen more tsa officers out here, and for example members of the national guard and not where we are now, but just down on the left where
9:23 am
where i am in the area of the airport of laguardia over there, and so we have seen an increased level of security out here. i know that the passengers have noticed it as well, ashleigh, in terms of talking to the passengers about traveling in this period of time, and i think that one passenger said it best. he said, look, are there concerns? obviously, yes, there are and we are paying attention to what is going on in the world, but if we don't travel and if we don't go to see is our loved ones, we are letting them win, and so that is why the people, many of the passengers who have come out here today say, we are not going to be letting what is happening in the world change what we need to do, and i think that is very much in step with what the president was saying earlier. it is very clear from being out here today even before the president gave his speech, a number of people had decided that they would go about with their plans. ashleigh? >> yes, i expect that the scene are behind you is more frenetic and longer lines as the day
9:24 am
progress progresses, because it is a busy travel day. justin, i want to bring you in on the issue of what we learned about in france. yesterday, the reporting coming out that there is an increased presence of radicalized workers in the transportation system in france. that includes bus driver, train op erators, metro operators and maybe the most fearsome of all of it airport workers. that is france. with what is the story in america when it comes to all of those kinds of employees that we depend on, and we assume will keep us safe, and how are we watching them and how good of a job are we doing? >> well, first you have to identify who we are talking about. tsa are government employees and thorough background check, and long-term employees and people go to the tsa and stayt ta tsa for their careers, be beyond them, and beyond the security you have people taking out the garbage, and people moving people from, you know, place to place. >> and so selling the coffee
9:25 am
inside of the secure part of the airpo airport. >> and the baggage handlers, and a lot of the jobs are low-paying jobs and much more turnover, and the background checks are supposed to be done on the people, and they are supposed to, and they do go through the security, but what you have to do, the security is only as good as the people there doing the security, and the safe and sterile area of the airport is only good beyond the safe area, and so the tsa is looking at who we trust, and allow back there. they have identified some problems in the past. they have made steps to make sure that someone who has a tie to radical islam or any sort of terror kind of, you know, problem would not be allowed back there, but we the still have to be vigilant. >> yes, bob baer, jump in on that with the knowledge of the security protocol post-9/11 and
9:26 am
we had a plane crash over the sinai and it is lockerbie all over, and a bomb aboard more than likely by an airport worker who was a able to sneak it through. in america, could that happen? >> well, ashleigh, absolute ly. i mean, the ground staff, baggage handlers are not as vetted as well as tsa or the government employees. they are low-paid. they are not being watched as they move around the airport. security backgrounds may, you know, the fbi may approach a suspect, and say, are you radicalized? no. what can the fbi do about it? in a place like minneapolis where you have the airport worker who had access to airplane, and picks up to go the syria, and killed in the attack. that was somebody radicalized and just as easily, he could have slipped a bomb on the airplane. the airplanes are vulnerable, and, you know, the fbi is doing a great job and so is tsa but at the end of the day, how do you
9:27 am
vet thou nd sands and thousands of people, because as we always say, they have to be lucky once to close the aviation down. this is a real threat. that is why the president is out today saying, reassuring the americans, we have no credible threat. but again, we know that the islamic state can go dark, and the followers won't go up on the net admitting the allegiance, and so it is a threat. >> they can communicate via the game devices, and the disappearing mobile apps as well like telegram as used in france. i am going to have to leave it there for now, justin green, jason carroll and bob baer, thank you all. i want to go back to paris, because the other paris tryst that we have found out about has ties to the syria which is not so much of a surprise, but the more we learn about the attack,
9:28 am
the more surprising it is getting, and also, have you seen this face? belgian police are sharing these pictures everywhere. killers before the killing, killers on the loose.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. late this morning, we learned that a new wanted suspect in those paris attacks had been to syria just last year. here he is, and his name is mohammad abrieny and he was named yesterday publicly in a global arrest warrant for having allegedly dropped off one of the bombers who struck the stade de
9:33 am
france. two days before those attacks were carried out, this is what he is up to. he was spotted on surveillance at a gas station, and shopping and getting gas and hanging out with another sordid person, the other person wanted, the paris attacker who got away, abdelhamid abaaoud abdeslam. and now he is have slipped from authorities, but now the surveillance is being circulated. it looks like he could walk amongst everyone, but that is a danger killer walking among us. i want to bring in counter terrorist analyst phil mudd, and it is distressing to know that the two extraordinarily dangerous men could be anywhere in europe or back to the syria, and who knows if they have gone to further shores at this point,
9:34 am
but when i haer that france has 20,000 s-files, dangerous people they are looking at and almost half of them are part of the radical islamist movement, it makes me think that saleh and mohammad may not be the biggest worry, and they are deep undercover, but it is the others that we should be worried ab. >> yes, and every time you see a ce cell, and people say, how could you not find the cell of people. but you cannot go from the cell to the broad assumption that people can find them, and you have to go from the 20,000, and say, how do you sort through them everyday and say, who has the capability to do something, and what is going on inside of their head, the intent to do something. but ashleigh, the biggest concern is not what we are seeing in terms of the new identification, and my biggest concern is what we are learning with all of the new travel to the syria is that isis is not passively sitting back, and saying, people in europe, and
9:35 am
people in the united states, if you are sympathetic to doing some, but they have developed people in syria who are purposely training and developing the capability operationally to reach into the euro europe. that is a change into the new series of threats in europe, and the fact that they are not just encouraging people to do something, but training them and giving them operational capability to attack like what we saw in paris, and that is remarkable. >> and europe is surprisingly easy to travel. and it is euro-free zone and you don't have the krocross borders but there is some talk that it might change or pressure to put the things the way that it used to be and make it tougher to get between france and germany and make it tougher and more checks available to not have this vast zone to share their underground killer network. >> that is going to be difficult to implement for a few reasons, because the pendulum always swings in these sich igs was. the publ
9:36 am
-- situations. the public always says do more, and as we just talked about in the airports. and there is a cost. how much to cost businesses for trucking if the borders are tighter, and the cost for information sharinging. if you want to the share information on the radicalized person in france who has not committed a crime, do you want to share that citizen's information to another country when you are passing information on a sovereign citizen who has not done anything. the first is security, but then second, the implications of more security is dangerous as well. >> we have heard the expressions from the founding founders, those who expect to be free are ignorant and will never be free, and yet, you are tested on that everyday. thank you, phil mudd for your insight on that. and cnn impact your world has been compiling ways to support the victims and the friends and family in paris.
9:37 am
to find out more go to, and a great thing to do on this thanksgiving. we will be right back. attention americans eligible for medicare.
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9:42 am
russian media conra tra dikts what turkey is saying happened that the russian jet was violating the air space, and only shot down after receiving repeated warnings over five minut minutes. here is the deal, whatever did happen, we know that the pilot was rescued. that happened by syrian soldiers. after russia's attempt to find him went terribly, terribly wrong. i have the pictures, and i want to show you. this is the dramatic moment when a syrian rebel launched a missile at the rescue helicopter, and there is the effect. blew it up. inside of that helicopter or very nearby was one russian marine who was there to find that downed pilot. that marine is now dead as well, and so two. two dead pilots, and one rescued and one of them talk, and one of them saying that we were never told at all that we were in that air space that we were violating turkish air space. does that change the dynamics?
9:43 am
cnn international correspondent matthew chance is going to join us now live from moscow. that has to have the people of russia seething mad, and is that going the change the russian response after we are hearing that there won't be escalation, and now that we are hearing the direct account from the pilot? >> yes, you are right about the russians being seething. in fact, today in moscow outside of the turkish em bbassy, there was a crowd chanting that they were murderers and throwing eggs and rocks at the embassy and had to be held back by the russian police. that fury is reflected in the russian government. they said they don't plan to go to war with turkey over here, and striking at turkey or anything like that, but putin is not going to be letting this slide. there's a russian plane been blown out of the sky. two of its servicemen, and one nav
9:44 am
navigator on board, and sorry one pilot on board killed, and the marines on the ground that was trying to rescue them killed as well by rebels firing at them. and there is obviously going to be military measures and other measures that the russians are going to be taking in response to this. the united states would, you know, you can imagine what it would do in it were their situation. what the russians have said so far, the bombing missions in syria whether attacking isis or other h rebel groups, that is going to continue. what is going to be different though, they will have fighter plane escorts, and if they are approach approached by by any turkish planes, they will bet shot out of the sky, and they have deployed 400 missiles there which are the most sophisticated missiles that gives russia once they are are operational complete command over to the the air space over syria, and that means that no airplane whether it is turkish or american or french or anyone else can fly in
9:45 am
syria unless they get the tacit approval of the russian military, and that is a massive escalation, ashleigh. >> thank you, matthew chance from moscow. i want to bring in our military analyst retired general mark hertling. i have to ask you about the mechanics of how this rescue went down, because the russians tried to rescue their downed pilot, and you saw the result of what happened to the helicopter. it was blown up by the rebels on the ground. it was the syrians who came to the russians' aid and rescued their guy. all of this at a time when globally, very few people want this alliance between russia and syria to be akneeled, strengthened and if anything, they want it to be the opposite. will this small act, general, play a big role in concreting that relationship between syria and russia and make it difficult in this war gaiagainst isis?
9:46 am
>> the soldiers on the ground are always going to cooperate like this, and there are syrian special forces, and the special forces who are the critical people protecting the assad regime working with the forces, and the combat search and rescue mission with the helicopter that was destroyed by syrian rebels. that is the important point. that also was destroyed the picture that you showed aom ago, ashleigh, was a u.s. toe missile, and accurate 3,000 meters. and when i saw the video yesterday, i was surprised, because it takes a long time to set that system up, and it is a lucky shot that the helicopter land and shutdown in an area where they could be engaged by that t.o.e. missile, but what you will be seeing is that there is already a coordination of the syrian army under mr. assad and
9:47 am
the russian army, and they know that are russian army is there to help them, and mr. putin has been providing help with the aircraft. that is cemented. the thing that is tenuous now is the movement of ships into the eastern mediterranean by russia that have air defense missiles, and the missiles that are going to be placed around a lot the air base in the skies which is going to be posing challenges to the coalition forces who are going against the isis targets in northern syria. >> yes, more surface to air missiles in syria could spell more downed jets, and that is something that turkey is worried about. general hertling, thank you por your insights, and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you, ashleigh. same to you. >> i appreciate are it. coming up, graphic video has been streaming across the tv screen, and just released more than a year, a yearf after a chicago police officer actually
9:48 am
shot a 17-year-old boy 16 tims.s why did it take so long to see that video? why did it take so long to see charges? is there anything to the fact that the charges and the video came on the very same day? you will see laquan mcdonald's final moments, and you will hear the officer's attorney explain the reason that officer shot him dead.
9:49 am
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the video that you are about to see is extraordinarily difficult to watch. it shows a 17-year-old boy named laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times by a chicago police a officer. this is the only picture that we have of laquan so far. laquan has been dead now for more than a year, but the
9:53 am
officer who shot him was only charged yesterday with first-degree murder. you will hear a lot about laquan's actions and how he had a knife, and how he was high on pcp, but this is what else you should know about him. -- he is a troubled, troubled boy, a ward of the state at the time of the death, and he was the alleged victim of two abuse investigations when he was a baby. the video of the shooting was just released last night by court order. stephanie elam is going to be taking us through it, and again, i want to warn you, it is very graphic. >> reporter: demonstrators converged on chicago streets by the hundreds outraged over this graphic dash cam video showing laquan mcdonald being shot 16 time times in october of last year. the disturbing footage shows mcdonald falling to the ground after shot, and then hit multiple times on the ground.
9:54 am
>> and the officer in this case, he took a young man's life, and he is going to have to account for the actions. >> reporter: the 37-year-old officer jason van dyke has been charged with first degree mur her e der and taken awe of the payroll. for now, he is out on bond, but his attorney says that he is fearing for his life. >> and it is not a murder case, and we feel that we are going to be justified in this case. >> reporter: they say that mcdonald was wielding a knife with a three-inch blade which he used to slash the tire of a police ka car, and then police say that mcdonald who had pcp in his blood stabbedwas shot and f the ground. >> all evidence is that he began shooting approximately six seconds after getting out of his vehicl vehicle.
9:55 am
>> reporter: the city officials have been preparing for mass protests upon the release of the video. >> this opportunity for healing is beginning now. >> reporter: dozens blocked off an intersection and interstate 94. officers made some arrests, but the tense moments between the crowd and the police never escalated out of control. >> our stephanie elam reporting on this story for us. laquan mcdonald's death is not just a tragedy for those who loved him, but also for the family of the police off isser who shot him. officer van dyke is marry and two children of his own aged 14 and 9, and if he is convicted of first-degree murder, that family is going to lose someone, too. we did not hear from van dyke himself, but we spoke to his attorney about the perspective on the situation. he says that van dyke feared not only for himself in the situation, but also for his fellow officers. >> again, you have to look at
9:56 am
what my client jason was experiencing at the time in which he fired the weapon. at the time in which he fired the weapon, he had been made aware of the fact that this individual had been walking through the neighborhood, and waving a knife, had caused a disthe tur bans at a couple of businesses, had stabbed the windshield of a squad car where police officers were involved, had popped the tire of a squad car where police officers were sitting in that squad car. people had called for the taser, but no taser was available. so, at the point in which my client got there, this had been going on for i believe 18 minutes, and when he jumped out of the car, the subject made a motion which put my client in fear that this individual is
9:57 am
going to perhaps attack him with the knife. >> cnn law enforcement analyst jonathan gillian joining me now sh, a former police officer, and former fbi, special agent, and joining him is hln legal analyst and attorney joey jackson. joey, that lawyer has been working very hard for a year to mine every aspect of what we could and couldn't see to come up with some kind of defense. we give the benefit of the doubt in this country to those who are accused of crime, but you are not buying anything that he says? >> i am not. and also working hard are the prosecutors who put together the case, and ultimately decided it is a first de gree mu-degree mu. and step back to the analysis of what he is saying, that the client was protecting himself and the other officer, and why didn't the other officers protect themselves to shoot as well. why do i bring it up? the reasonableness of the action. and there is a three-prong assessment of the case. was there an immediate threat.
9:58 am
we will evaluate the videotape and a jury is going to be looking at it, and did that t n teenager a at the time he was shot and killed pose an immediate threat to the officer or anyone else, and the answer appears no, serious problem s for the defense. ste step two, was the force use bd by the officer proportionate to the threat posed. when you fire for 15 second, and the suspect is down after two second seconds, and you continue to fire, talk to me about the proportionally of the shooting. it is going to the reasonableness not of who you shot, but the reasonableness of an officer in the particular situation, so i say it again, if he is the only one of eight officers there, and you are only one firing a shot, that is how reasonable? so that is what they will be focusing on. >> and this counselor, these are called bad facts, and uphill
9:59 am
val value. but look at the video, there is certainly, a statef of mind and i have not responded to the scene, and you have, and some arguments that can be made, and clearly this attorney has to make them, and really make them vigorously, and what are the arguments? >> well, if i well have to be defended, i am going to employee you, counselor. and we are jovial about it, but it is a serious fact that when you look at the tragedy of this young man's life, and the fact that the things that led up to this, and led up to him making bad decisions to go down the street with the knife, you have to remove those thing, and remove the emotion that people have when they watch this video, and look at the tactics, and the policies of the department, in which they are laid out. and the laws that have been set by the supreme court for the use
10:00 am
of lethal force which what i am seeing is that where you are saying there is no imminent threat. statistics show, and we are talking about law enforcement within 21 feet if an individual a has a knife and he is within 21 feet, and it does not say that he is walking at you, but it could be anywhere. >> i would love to address all of those thing, and we have to do it some other time. and wow, no immediate threat whatsoever, and the supreme court says that he acted unreasonably, and look at the other alternatives. >> you have to take the emotion out. >> and talk to somebody before you shoot them after six seconds. >> and we could debate it, and it is a tough case to overturn, and that is wolf blitzer's turn, and that means that i am done, and happy thanksgiving to both of you. of you. wolf blitzer starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 9:00


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