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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 25, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. happening now, show of force as americans take to the sky or hit the road for the holiday. police are flooding airports and train stations amid fears that the bloody attacks in europe will be repeated in this country. and in a rare carefully worded statement president obama urges americans to keep their thanksgiving plans. is there cause for concern? terror hunt. with european capitals on alert after the slaughter in paris, belgium authorities are now searching for ten -- repeat ten suspects. and france has put radicalized transit workers under scrutiny. are terrorists trained abroad now at large in europe? planned provocation, russia says turkey intentionally shot down its fighter jet and it's
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deploying sophisticated missiles nearby now in syria. will the u.s. be caught in the middle of a showdown between a nato ally and vladimir putin? and call for calm. after a night of protest, chicago's mayor urges residents to keep the peace after a stunning video shows a deadly police shooting. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking news with european capitals on high alert amid new revelations that another attack was barely averted in paris, president obama says it's understandable that americans are worried. but as security is stepped up in this country for the holiday, the president is urging people to go about normal activities. he says every possible step is being taken to keep americans safe. and on this new development in the fight against isis as two of the terror groups are now fighting among themselves
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accusing turkey of a planned provocation in the downing of one of its fighter jets, russia deploying an advanced missile defense system inside syria close to the turkish border. a rescued russian pilot says his jet did not enter turkish air space and did not receive any warnings from turkey. but turkey's military has released what it says is a recording of the warnings sent to the russian warplane. i'll speak with congressman garamendi. our analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's stories. president obama says every possible step is being taken to keep americans safe. let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown. what's the latest, pamela, that you're hear sng. >> well, wolf, the concern tonight among u.s. law enforcement is that a home grown violent extremist will be emboldened to act out in the wake of the paris attacks with so many americans traveling for the holiday today, president obama urged calm while saying
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there is not a specific or credible threat in the homeland people need to stay vigilant. tonight as thanksgiving travelers stress the u.s. transportation system and isis operatives remain on the loose in europe, the president flanked by his national security team made a rare appeal to americans telling them to carry on with their holiday plans. >> right now we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. and that is based on the latest information i just received in the situation room. >> despite those assurances, sources say law enforcement remains on heightened alert, ramping up security at airports and train stations. >> there is a reinforcing of existing security measures. and it should be obvious to the public that there's a heightened presence in places like here -- like union station here, at airports, other places, other public events. >> reporter: as the u.s. offers
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a show of force, in europe police are out in force. belgium authorities say they are searching for ten people suspected of being a, quote, terror threat. key among them, this man, mohamed abrini. he was last seen in a car two days before the paris attacks. abrini was spotted with alleged paris attacker salah abdelsalam. cnn has now learned counterterrorism authorities in europe knew abrini was in syria last year but lost track of him. tonight, cnn has learned paris police are now focused on that city's transit system after learning one of the terrorists who attacked the bataclan theater had been a bus driver until 2012. for the past two years the french have been investigating transportation employees who may have been radicalized. cnn has learned just since january 50 employees at paris' main airports have been denied access to the tarmac and aircraft allegedly after accusations they had become too radicalized. >> security's only as good as the people doing security.
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>> reporter: cnn has learned in the past week alone french airport police conducted searches at several companies whose staff work at the airport. and dhs announcing today it is launching a bigger public awareness campaign. if you see something, say something, this is in partnership with westfield shopping centers because, wolf, a terrorist going from flash to bang so quickly now with little to no warning, officials say the public's help is more important than ever especially during a holiday week like this, wolf. >> it certainly is. pamela, thanks very much. now to the dangerous situation that's brewing after turkey's downing of a russian warplane. as the two sides trade accusations of what really happened in the skies over that turkish-syrian border, russia's now deploying sophisticated missiles nearby. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr's following all of this. barbara, there's a major dispute over the warning message that turkey supposedly gave those russian warplanes. >> definitely, wolf. a he said/he said situation here. now, the russians contend their
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pilots never got any warnings before they potentially according to the turks entered turkish air space. the turks say the russians were in that air space for 17 seconds and they gave them ten warnings as they entered and as they were in that 17-second window. the russians say it didn't happen. the turks responded today issuing some audio recordings of the radio calls that they say they made. have a listen. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> reporter: now, you know, the russians are still contending that this was a pre-planned provocation. they very firmly believe that basically the turks were lying in wait for them. >> as these tensions are clearly rising between turkey and russia, the u.s. is encouraging
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de-escalation. but is that really happening? >> well, you know, the u.s. is. you're absolutely right. the u.s. position is turkey and russia need to settle this and not cause more tensions in the region. that said the russians clearly are putting more capability into their bases in syria. moving specifically this advanced, very advanced anti-air missile system known as an s-400 into their base in northern syria at a place called latakia. this gives them the capability, if you will, to exercise a good deal of control over a lot of syrian air space. the question is what is the russian intention? is it to provoke the turks? is it to take any action against u.s. pilots? right now u.s. officials tell me they don't see any hostility from the russians. but look, nobody knows what vladimir putin may plan next. all of this being watched minute by minute, wolf. >> yeah, a lot of people didn't anticipate turkey would shoot
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down a russian warplane along the border either. let's hope it calms down. thanks very much, barbara, for that. the russian president vladimir putin is warning that turkey's downing of that warplane will have very serious consequences. brian todd is here with us. he's taking a closer look at the fallout. how dangerous could this get, brian? >> very dangerous, wolf. vladimir putin is under pressure to respond strongly to this. tonight we're told by officials here in washington there is real concern over putin's unpredictabili unpredictability. now, what is predictable is his anger. the images of his bomber plummeting from the sky. and if one of his pilots being shot at as he parachuted down. [ gunfire ] have left vladimir putin furious. in a meeting with jordan's king abdullah just after the shootdown, putin seemingly tries to exude the body -- but he's consistently abrupt with the questioner. he keeps looking down. often avoids eye contact. and appears to be seething. putin calls turkey's downing of
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a russian warplane a stab in the back by terrorist accomplices and vows serious consequences. >> translator: we will never tolerate such crimes like the one committed today. >> reporter: vladimir putin is not known to back down. and tonight analysts warn he's under pressure to respond strongly. >> there are some russians who feel like russia's response was very soft. >> vladimir putin and turkish president erdogan, they're a lot alike. they both have big egos. they both seek to portray themselves to the public as strong men who have a tough guy image. and they're the kind who are less likely to back down than they are to escalate. >> reporter: putin's also unpredictable. his invasion of ukraine, deployment of warplanes and ships to buzz nearby rivals indicate he could push this to a dangerous place. what could putin do to retaliate? analysts say he could use oil as a weapon. >> putin's next move is probably going to focus on the energy
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markets and perhaps ties with turkey, turkish oil market is highly dependent on russia. will suffer because of it. >> reporter: but it's his potential military aggression that's scaring leaders from the middle east to washington. putin is moving anti-aircraft missiles what could hit planes over turkey to a base inside syria. experts say putin could bomb the ethnic turks who live inside syria and are allies with the turkish government. a u.s. official tells cnn there's concern tonight for the safety of american pilots flying in the area who could be caught in a crossfire. >> the russians for example have now said that their bombers are going to be flying with fighter escorts. one could imagine without too much difficulty even by mistake a dog fight involving six or seven turkish and five or six russian planes. >> now, steven piefer says an incident like that could escalate this into a broader conflict or could be a wakeup call to avoid more hostility
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between putin and the turkish side. russian official we spoke with the idea russia provokes is misleading. they're only moving those anti-aircraft missiles to the base in syria as a precaution to protect their forces, wolf. >> brian, there's also concern tonight that to retaliate putin could escalate tensions between the turkish president erdogan and kurdish factions erdogan's been fighting against. >> real concern tonight, wolf. analysts believing putin it's possible he could allow a syrian kurdish group that erdogan's been fighting against, democratic union par toy to open offices in moscow and putin could maybe give them weapons. that would incite president erdogan. something to watch for tonight. >> brian todd reporting. thanks very much. joining us now a member of the house armed services committee, congressman of california, congressman, thanks very much for joining us. i want to get to the discussion of what russia and turkey may be up to in a moment. but quickly your response to what president obama said today. he was very clear that there's
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no specific credible intelligence, he said, of a terrorist plot. those were his words to the u.s. homeland. but how high is that threat level potentially to the homeland right now? >> well, we used to have the amber and then orange and then red. now we have these words. i think it's in all of our interest to be very aware of our surroundings, aware of what's going on. be aware of what's going on in our neighborhood or in our apartment building. and see something, say something. i think that's where the president was taking this home grown some sort of an individual who is troubled or perhaps radicalized or just crazy engaged in some sort of activity. i think that's really the concern that all of us have as to a plot emanating from isis, the intelligence is probably correct about that. but nonetheless all of us ought to be aware, we ought to be looking over our shoulder. >> explain this, if you can, a lot of viewers have asked me this question.
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isis releases these sophisticated propaganda videos that specifically say we're going after times square, or herald's square in new york city where macy's is or going after the white house or washington monuments and their track record and what they say they're going to do is pretty good. why isn't that considered a specific credible threat? >> well, it's more than just a video. you're going to have to have the people there, you have to have the communications, all of those things. and that's where they come down to credible, the word credible. nonetheless in all of those areas you'll notice heightened police activity, other kinds of security going on. because the local police as well as the federal government is aware that those are targets and therefore hire security in those areas. the same as you've reported earlier in all of the terminals, airport terminals, bus and train terminals. so all of those things are the most likely targets. but once again the most likely
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is a home grown terrorist, possibly could be somebody that came in on a visa waiver out of europe. but that's probably something that we would know about. >> somebody who might have been inspired by these isis videos. >> exactly. >> on social media. i know that's a huge concern right now. congressman, we have more to discuss including this latest rift or battle, whatever you want to call it developing between putin and erdogan in turkey. much more right after this. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
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welcome back. we're joined once again by the democratic congressman john garamendi of california, member of the house armed services committee. congressman, show you an animation and to our viewers as well of what the russian warplane did. this is the border. take a look at this between syria and turkey. there's a small little sliver, less than two miles at the southern tip there that russian plane, if you believe the turks, they went through that little area in 17 seconds, that was it. here's the question. was turkey justified in using an air-to-air missile to shoot down that su-24? >> i guess it depends whether you're a turkish or a russian. at this point both would say certainly russia say no and turkey would say yes. >> but what do you think? >> i'm not in a position to answer that question. but what we do know is this is not good at all in the effort to
2:20 pm
get after isis. we have to have all of these countri countries heading in the same direction doing away with the same goal of defeating isis. neither erdogan or putin are fools. they're very smart. they are certainly strong, but they're not foolish. and they, i think, understand that it's not in the interest of either country to see this escalate. certainly russia wants to push back. they want to have recognition that they were wronged and they may never get that. but at the end of this -- or everyone at the beginning of this process who is the real enemy here? is turkey going to be invading russia? no, not really, not at all. but isis is a clear threat to russia. >> certainly is. it's a clear threat to the whole world. i would go even further than that. as you know the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he said this looked from russia's perspective, very much his words, like a planned
2:21 pm
provocation. and the russians now say there will be serious consequences to what turkey did. what do you expect russia will do now to retaliate, if you will? they may have been irritated at the turkish government for bringing down that plane, but i think they were more irritated at the ethnic turks inside syria who shot and killed one of the pilots as he was parachuting from that downed warplane? >> well, they certainly should be. i mean, that was horrendous. that was certainly uncalled for and frankly it's a war crime. but beyond that is turkey responsible for those men that were in syria that shot at that pilot? that's a connection that's going to be very difficult for russia or anybody else to make. however, this is a very dangerous part of the world. now, the united states does have a memorandum of understanding with russia with regard to their airplanes, both america and russia flying within syria. but not within turkey. so what we need to do here is
2:22 pm
to -- everybody take a step back and say what is our real goal here? is our goal to fight amongst ourselves? or is our goal to deal with the syrian civil war, get that negotiated and those are the negotiations that are going on in vienna. and then get isis. now, that's a common goal of all three of these countries, united states, russia and turkey. so keep in mind the price. keep in mind the goal. these kinds of incidents are terrible. they're certainly disruptive. but they cannot become a game changer. and the end game itself. >> here's what a u.s. officials and analysts have expressed concern to me about. now, i'll run the scenario by you, congressman. >> sure. >> that russia now retaliates against those ethnic turks inside syria for killing that russian pilot as he was parachuting down. the turks have warned the russians don't go after their fellow turks in syria. if the russians start bombing
2:23 pm
those positions big time, will the turkish f-16s and other warplanes go after those russian planes even if the russian planes don't invade turkish air space? >> neither erdogan or putin are fools. they're smart men. they know what the consequences are for any action. and i suspect certainly putin is a chess player and he's thinking about the second, third, fourth move out there. and erdogan is probably too. and certainly their advisers are. and while russia clearly would like to have some sort of revenge if you will, to create a war situation or a hot war with turkey is not within either countries' interests and certainly not within the united states' interests. we cannot be diverted. i'm certain the united states diplomatic and military leadership are talking to both parties and say, listen, we've got a much more important goal here than to fight amongst
2:24 pm
ourselves. there may be some sort of retribution. maybe there will be a payment. there certainly should be from it'd seem to me that there can be something worked out here in which both countries can save face and move back to the core mission. >> let's see if they can calm things down. a lot of people are concerned. everyone is very, very nervous right now. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, european cities they're on high alert right now as a massive manhunt continues for suspects in that deadly paris terror attack. plus, outrage in chicago over a teenager shot 16 times by a police officer. that officer charged with first-degree murder. tonight, city officials are anticipating protests. and they are urging calm. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets.
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even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. our breaking news, with european kbals on high alert after the paris terror massacres as the search is stepped up for the suspects including the driver for the fugitive salah abdelsalam, our senior international diplomatic editor nic robertson is here with us. he's been watching what's going on. it's now known salah abdelsalam driver mohamed abrini was in syria last year but didn't know when he returned to europe. what are you finding out about this? >> well, he was spotted caught on cctv camera at a gas station
2:30 pm
two days before the attack driving a car from belgium to france presumably en route to the attacks. it's not clear the full journey of the vehicle, but he was with salah abdelsalam at the time. this is why he's recognized as his driver. his whereabouts now unknown. how did he slip back into europe? this is the emerging question now for many of these suspects. we know that six of these men who were involved in the attack had been to syria. the soft borders of europe seem to indicate the answer because that's what we're hearing from the politicians now that they need to firm that up. but precisely how he got in, that's not being explained. >> what also isn't being explained "new york times" is reporting this and i want to be specific, the mayor of molenbeek, this area outside of brussels, he received a list that says of suspected islamic militants, terrorists, living there a month before the paris terror attacks including the abdelsalam brothers and
2:31 pm
abdelhamid abaaoud, the so-called ringleader, nothing was done about this? >> what the mayor has said this is something beyond her control. what we know the nature of molenbeek itself to go in as a mayor to try to find these people or with city hall officials would be a joke in a way. having been into that neighborhood before, knowing how hard it is even as a journalist to go in and operate there, you get swarmed by crowds of angry young men. they don't want you in there. they control parts of the neighborhood. it would be even with those names it would be very difficult. there are neighborhoods there in brussels where there are known islamists, i've done stories on them for a number of years going back to a decade with al qaeda radicals recruiting in those neighborhoods as well. they don't want you in there. there are common criminals in there. so the police when they do go in to raid need to go in in force with riot gear on on occasion,
2:32 pm
the mayor had a list of names and quite possible how she could not progress with that list of names to going in and tracking these people down. it would have required more information, more precise information to know that it was necessary to go into a community that was going to be openly hostile to large numbers of police. and to make it worthwhile. >> nic, stay with us for a moment. i want to bring in our counterterrorism analyst phil mudd, former cia official. also joining us julia yaffi and cnn contributor michael weiss senior editor of the daily beast, co-author of "isis inside the army of terror." phil, it's almost two weeks. abdelsalam is still missing, still at large. what does that say there's a huge manhunt underway in france, belgium, elsewhere, this guy is still at large. >> tells me a couple things. first, you get two questions when you start acquiring information. that information is all these people being brought in for questioning and all the digital information, cell phones.
2:33 pm
the two questions are is there a thread of information from those people that suggest there's a following attack? and the second is, where is this guy? after two weeks they must have raided or looked at every location he was familiar with. so you got to step back and ask yourself, brussels isn't only a place he's familiar with, it's an avenue for recruits back to syria. did he take that recruitment path early on after the attack sns is he gone already? >> michael, what does it say about this small town outside of brussels, molenbeek, that so many jihadists apparently emerge from there? >> well, i was just going to say nick kind of hit the nail on the head, didn't he? you had this district in a european capital, or just outside of one, that resembles some of the most skruf louse areas in beirut or baghdad. fighting for al qaeda and now isis, a terror watch list handed to the mayor includes what two or three of the suspects who are said to have perpetrated this horrible atrocity in paris and there's simply nothing we can do
2:34 pm
about it. europe has a significant crisis on its hands, wolf. i've mentioned before i lived in london for three years. there are areas in downtown or central london that very much resemble molenbeek. places where police are fearful to tread. and local mayors run the areas as though it was some kind of thief out of the third world. if these guys are living amongst, you know, our own population, if they're recruiting, if they're building bombs, if they're traveling back and forth from syria and then sort of using apartment buildings in these cities as safe houses, this is going to be a colossal task for counterterrorism, you know, personnel. but also for policymakers, right? i mean, what does this say about the domestic politics in a country like belgium? and indeed in a country like france. >> julia, you would think that the whole world would be united right now, single focus get after isis, destroy isis right now. the russians for example and you're an expert on russia, they
2:35 pm
lost a commercial airliner with 224 people supposedly an isis affiliate in sinai in egypt responsible. you would think that that would pull the russians together with the europeans, with the u.s., everyone else and focus in on isis right now. but unfortunately that's not happening. >> well, it's what the russians are trying to do very, very much. you'll notice by the way that the sinai plane crash the russians for weeks were denying that it was a terrorist attack or trying to muddy the waters. and then right after the paris attacks they said, hey, that was actually terrorism. we're in the same boat with you. we're victims of terrorism. let's fight together. let's forget ukraine, let's forget crimea, let's do this together. and actually they've been in the russian media if you look at how the shootdown of the russian plane in turkey was covered, it's that the turks are trying to fracture the coalition that's been formed between nato and russia to fight isis. this is how they're spinning it at home. >> so standby. everyone standby because there's
2:36 pm
real concern this friction between turkey and russia could escalate big time. much more with our terrorism experts when we come back. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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2:41 pm
border. we're back with our experts julia, putin has a lot on the line right now. how far do you think he's willing to go? >> i don't think he's willing to go this far, but so far it's coming up aces for him. he's played the situation masterfully. nato and the -- brussels, nato, the u.s. have thrown so much cold water on the turks in the last 24 hours or 36 hours. saying you guys have to calm down. you could have escorted the plane out. you didn't have to shoot this down. and russia can say, look, we're a reasonable partner in the fight against isis. let's not let the turks derail this. let's work together. again, let's forget crimea and ukraine. and let's focus on the threat -- the problem at hand, which is going after isis. so so far this has only brought him into closer cooperation with the west. it's what he wants. >> what do you think, michael weiss? you've been digging into this part of the story, the tension between turkey and russia right now. >> you mentioned earlier will russia start bombing the turkmen. in fact, wolf, they were bombing
2:42 pm
the turkmin before the jet was brought down. i think this is one of the central motives for why turkey responded to aggressively. there's another component worth mentioning. yesterday it wasn't just a russian su-24 that got shot down. the search and rescue helicopter that the russians had sent to look for their pilots crash landed and then was sat on a helipad and was blown up with an anti-tank missile. and the rebel group responsible for that is called the first coastal division. guess what, the first coastal division is backed by turkish intelligence and the cia and the anti-tank missail they got came from the united states. so this has become -- it's beyond just a turkish-russian, you know, sort of skirmish or confrontati confrontation. nato has been drawn into it. julia's quite right. they're throwing cold water on it so it doesn't escalate. behind putin's rhetoric he said turkey is an accomplice of terrorists, this is a stab in the back. he's not just talking about turkey. he's talking about the west,
2:43 pm
he's talking about the united states which he thinks is going down this erroneous path of backing a muslim insurgency group to unhouse his client. so i think this is about how do we kind of lower the temperature on what russia might do next. to be honest with you i actually think erdogan is not done yet. i think he's going to escalate. there's reports he's very serious about imposing a safe zone in northern syria. he will absolutely back the turkmen to the hilt. >> these turkmen as you note, phil, and our viewers know, they live inside syria. russia's been pounding them. they oppose the bashar al assad regime. russia supports the bashar al assad regime. i could easily see this fight escalating big time. >> that's right. but the turks stepped in it today. here's the problem, the turks said tactically we had a penetration of air space and we have a responsibility to defend ourselves. those two in my mind are not connected. the answer, the solution to long-term peace in syria partly goes through moscow.
2:44 pm
and now we've given moscow with nato the turks in particular who try to draw nato in se we can't trust you guy ifs you're going to shoot down one of our aircraft. so the turks are saying we can shoot them down because they violated air space. nato is saying don't we have bigger fish to fry here. i think this is a tough situation for nato. >> nato is invisible right now. they're m.i.a. you wrote an article this may be the biggest crisis nato is about to face. >> it is. i mean, turkey has tried several times over recent months to draw nato closer into the situation because of escalations along the border with raussia, other iss s issues. nato even supplied missile systems along the border to help the turks out. right now when you're looking at a coalition, which remember back to september last year in wales, nato summit, leaders all stood there and said we're going to double down on tackling isis. we're going to increase intelligence sharing.
2:45 pm
we're going to confine them and contain them. that really hasn't emerged and evolved at all. and this was the narrative coming from those leaders. >> let's not forget this is the first time a nato ally, turkey in this case, has shot down a russian warplane since the early 1950s during the height of the cold war. that didn't happen. it has happened in recent days. stay with us. much more on this story coming up. also coming up, the city of chicago on edge tonight after officials release video of a police officer shooting a teenager 16 times during a confrontation. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too.
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2:50 pm
killing him more joined by the president and ceo of the national you aren league. mark, thanks for joining us. >> wolf, thanks for having me. >> we went back and checked the chicago tribune the day after laquan mcdonald, the 17-year-old was fatally shot by this police officer october of last year. the story says chicago police shot and killed 17-year-old boy in the southwest side after the teen refused to put down a knife authorities said. here is the question, without that dashcam video, would there have been a first-degree murder charge filed against police officer van dyke? >> there would have been another coverup, wolf, and i think the
2:51 pm
anger and angst you see has so much to do with how this case was handled by the chicago police department and the united states attorney, or rather the states attorney in chicago and i think the problems of the chicago police department are long standing. one fact that really stood out for me was that in less than one to 2% of citizens filed a complaint, was the officer ever disciplined? there is a systematic problem there in chicago and the protests ignited by the handling of this case, i think have been building up for many, many years in a great city of chicago. >> in that same chicago tribune article, the police officers, representatives of the police union say mcdonald was shot in the chest and didn't mention the fact he was shot 16 times including while he was lying on the ground in the street.
2:52 pm
we know some of the statements made by police on that day after are directly contradicted and we've seen the dashcam video right now. so here is the question, with some local residents say they don't trust police. you understand why they say that, is there truth in that? >> well, i think that what we've seen in this case, which once again, we've seen it in many of the high profile cases we've seen is there is an effort to spin the story or really, wolf, to tell a false story about what occurred, and but for the dashcam and we can see that this young man seemed to be walking away from those police officers, but for the dashcam and but for the pressure from the community and from the courts, that video may not have been released. so i believe that the trust is broken there in chicago and it's up to the leadership of chicago to take the steps to rebuild the trust.
2:53 pm
the trust cannot be rebuilt without systematic police reform in chicago and that's why today the chicago urban league asked the justice department to initiate a pattern and practice investigation, which i think is the first step and i would hope that not only community activists but leadership of chicago would go along with that necessary, something is broken. that young man did not deserve to die. >> have you gotten any reaction to that request, that recommendation from the chicago mayor rob emanuel? >> the request from the chicago ushen league, no responses as of yet but i truly believe in this instance, if you look in this pattern, john burg torturing people and being exposed later. this incident, the failure to discipline its members. the high rate of violence in
2:54 pm
chicago, over 400 murders, over 2,000 shootings, this is a crisis and i say to people that police community relations go hand and hand with public safety and it's difficult to have poor relations between the police and the community and have a safe city, so this is an important time for chicago. we want people to be peaceful in their protests but one must understand that these problems have been building up over time and it's going to take not only an appeal for call but it's going to take systematic changes there, i think, to bring about the type of healing that that great city desperately needs. >> we certainly do. we're showing live pictures from the streets of chicago. protests continue, peaceful protest let's hope as you say they remain peaceful. i'll leave the viewers with this thought. 64% of americans believe racial or ethnic tensions in america have increased in the last ten
2:55 pm
years. that's a disturbing number right there. mark, as usual, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, russia says turkey intentionally shot down that war plane and it's deploying advanced surface air missiles right now nearby in syria. will the u.s. be caught in the middle of a showdown between vladimir putin and a nato ally and european capitals on high alert after the slougter ersla paris, the hunt is stepped up. is america facing this same kind of threat? the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
president obama makes a rare statement on national security reassuring americans there is no specific and credible terror threat over the thanksgiving holiday but as the president calls for calm, stepping up security. what is the greatest threat facing the u.s. more suspects, france and belgium tracking suspected terrorists and two paris attackers a month before the pa massacre. there is word another fugitive previously traveled to syria, how much training did the terrorists get before isis slipping back from isis i should say before slipping back into europe. premeditated shootdown, russia accusing turkey of targeting a russian fighter jet to flex its military muscle. the pilots say he had no warning at all but tonight, turkey says it's offering proof the tension is rapidly rising.
3:01 pm
will the u.s. be drawn into the conflict between his nato ally turkey and vladimir putin? and tale of the tape, a second night of protest beginning in chicago right now over the shocking video of a whit police officer shooting and killing a black teenager. will the upcoming holiday bring calm or combustion to a city reeling. we want to welcome the viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're "the situation room". >> this is cnn breaking news. we're following the breaking news, federal and local law enforcement across the united states ramping up security and isis threats to strike new york and washington. president obama is trying to reassure nervous americans saying there is no specific and credible threat to the u.s. homeland as millions of americans take to the roads, rails and skies for the
3:02 pm
thanksgiving holiday. we're also following the situation in chicago right now where a second night of protests is beginning over a very disturbing dashcam video showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times killing him. that officer now charged with first-degree murder. the release of the video prompted hundreds of demonstrators to take to city streets yesterday, five people who were arrested have now been released. we're covering that and much more this hour. analysts and standing by. let's get straight to paris first where a source is telling cnn about some ties between terrorists and isis in syria. martin sal martin is in paris tonight. >> reporter: the more french investigators dig, the more problems they seem to uncover.
3:03 pm
another one of these terrorists appears to have been travel easily to syria, come back to europe undetected and new fears in france, that possibly their transportati transportation system has been infiltrated. with an international manhunt, there are new details emerging about a second suspect on the run last seen here at a gas station in france with salah abdeslam shortly before the november 13th attacks, traveled to syria in 2014. and was able to make his way back into europe investigators. new fears radicalized islamic workers are infiltrating the french transportation system and revealing concerns about airport employees with access to commercial airlines at france's two main airports. since january, 50 employees at charles degall have been denied
3:04 pm
access to locations due to suspicions they may have been radicalized. some bus drivers refuse to acre knowledge women and been found praying inside their bus when they were supposed to be driving their routes. one of the bataclan theater attacker was a bus driver, as recently as 2012. french military jets are stepping up the battle against isis pounding tar ggets in syr and iraq. >> translator: there is no alternative, we have to destroy isis. >> reporter: fear about that infiltration, thank of charles degal international. it's a hub for so many airlines, especially airlines that come from the united states that has to worry them, wolf. >> thank you. heightened terror fears ahead of a very busy thanksgiving holiday prompting president obama to
3:05 pm
speak out and law enforcement to ramp up security. rene marsh is working the story. this is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. >> a record number of people are expected to travel when it breaks down, we're talking about almost 42 million people traveling by car, 25 million on u.s. airlines and more than 770,000 by rail. now today, president obama and his national security team assured americans there is no specific credible threat to the homeland. >> so as americans travel this weekend to be with their loved ones, i want them to know our counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement officials at every level are working over time. they are continually monitoring threats at home and abroad. >> despite that, there is a worldwide travel threat in effect. we know that police officers nationwide have been briefed on responding to active shooter
3:06 pm
situations on mass transit, travelers will see a show of force at train stations, bus stations and airports similar to what you're seeing here, heavy weaponry, bomb-sniffing dogs and the tsa will conduct random checks and will screen 40% more passengers. as we speak, this is the united states here and all of the white markings you see, those are aircraft in the air at this hour. if you really drill down to see if they are all on time, you see a lot of green here. that's a good sign. however, in places like new york city, you see a little orange there, a little in chicago and atlan atlanta. there are delays. the big picture, things look good if you're traveling by air. the roadways, these will be your travel spots in chicago i-90 that is a congested area, los angeles you have all of their trouble spots here, new york
3:07 pm
city, i-95, lyndon tunnel and the list goes on. we're expecting a lot more people to be traveling by car, wolf, as opposed to flying. >> just drive carefully as they say. thanks very much, rene for that. we're following the rapidly rising tensions right now between turkey and russia over turkey's downing of a russian fighter jet it says violated the air space and tonight, turkey says it's offering proof of the russian pilots that they were actually warned by turkey. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. the incident looks like a plan provocation by turkey. >> they do contend that and the u.s. is watching this closely hoping russia won't push things too far but no one can predict when vladimir putin will do. >> sparking rising tensions from moscow to washington.
3:08 pm
one pilot shot dead by turkish supported rents as he parachuted to the ground, the other rescued but only after a first failed attempt when a helicopter was hit by a u.s. made-toe missile fired by rebels on the ground. turkey insisting the shootdown was justified. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: today the turkish government releasing audio of what turks say were ten warnings to the russian pilot. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: russia disputed any warnings were given broadcasting an interview with the rescued pilot his back to the camera presumably to protect his identity. >> translator: not via radio, not visually, there was not contact whatsoever. >> reporter: according to the turks the russian yet flew just
3:09 pm
over a mile into russian air spi space and was there 17 seconds before they shot it down. >> was it an attack poise tour and threatening or violating the air space of turkey? >> reporter: the u.s. pressing for calm. >> the most important thing right now is fdeescalation of tensions. >> reporter: russia tends to agr agree. >> translator: we do not intend to wage a war. >> reporter: in recent days russian long-range bombers flew two extraordinary attack missions leaving northern russia to fly into the med titerranean and both launching crew missiles into syria. additional missiles will be placed. tonight, the u.s. is looking at allegations of what appears to
3:10 pm
be the air strike bombing of a humanitarian aid convoy just six miles south of the turkish border inside syria, not at all clear yet whose airplanes may have struck that convey. >> thank you very much. i want to talk about this with democratic congressman adam smith of washington state a ranking member of the house armed services committee. congre congressman, i want to start by showing live pictures, protesters on the streets of chicago reacting to the very disturbing dashcam police video showing white police officers shooting a young black teenager. that police officer now charged with first-degree murder. we're going to keep showing the viewers images but let's talk about the disturbing situation. what is going on in the world. congressman, the president, president obama announced today the u.s. knows that his words of
3:11 pm
no specific credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland but there was no specific threat apparently warning paris officials of the terror attacks there. was the president overly careful in his language because u.s. officials don't necessarily have 100% confidence? >> you'll never have 100% confidence, what the president was doing is reassuring there is no specific threat. there have been times since 9/11 we had specific warnings and we don't have that now. that's not 100% guaranteed. you know, isis is trying to motivate people in a variety of different ways. many of these people simply act on their own so there would be no specific warning. we have to be very, very vid vigilant in tracking down anybody that could threaten us. the president put it in the proper perspective.
3:12 pm
we can't live in fear every second. people are working very, very hard to prevent these and knock on wood have done reasonable well for the last ten, 15 years. >> in the president's statement today, we're going over isil, isis, how is that strategy working out so far? >> it's very difficult. i think that strategy is probably the best approach but look, this ideology with dash, with al qaeda, with al sha bob, it's spread and hard to keep track of. in some weighs al qaeda as osama bin laden built it was harder because they built a structure. if we could figure out that structure and network we could
3:13 pm
break it down which under the bush press sidency we've done a good job of. these people are self-motivated and in terms of the organization. it is very difficult and it's going to take the defeat of ideology. >> i spoke with one of your democratic colleagues, democratic representative of massachusetts, an iraq war veteran served four tours of duty and told me bluntly, he says he doesn't think administration, the obama administration in his words has a serious enough political strategy right now and doesn't think they have a strategy for all practical purposes given what's going on on the ground. what do you say to weather molten? >> yeah, i think representative molten raises a descent issue. the president himself said we don't have a strategy yet.
3:14 pm
i think that's unfortunate because i think they should be much clearer into how they deliver and that strategy is to go after d.a.s.h. but the people calling for ground forces, that's not going to help. that's only going to fuel the fire. what we need is we need to support mouderate sunnis in the nation and get reasonable governments in baghdad and damascus so the sunnis don't feel like they are under attack. so we've got to work with them on that. agree with representative molten, the white house could be much clearer, much more straightforward in what his strategy and they have a better strategy than what they frequently describe to the media. >> president obama said we'll hear more about his strategy in the coming weeks. we're anxious to hear that. congressman, stand by. i want to talk about tensions between turkey and russia. these are live pictures by the way of protesters on the streets of chicago right now.
3:15 pm
so far fapeaceful protests and we'll have more what is happening in chicago when we come back. you totalled your brand new car.
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3:20 pm
breaking news, take a look at this live pictures from chicago, protesters taking to the streets there. the city is on edge tonight following the release of dramatic dashcam video, the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer. that police officer has been charged with first-degree murder. we're going to continue to monitor what's happening on the streets of chicago so stay with us for that. but we're also following other breaking news. the turkish military releasing audio of what it says were ten warnings to a russian fighter jet that entered turkish air space. that jet eventually was taken down by turkish war planes, f-16s in a move russia says looks like it was a planned provocation. we're back with the democratic congressman adam smith of washington state, the ranking member of the house armed services come pi s committee. i want to show an mission of wh
3:21 pm
happened. it went over a tiny strip of southern turkey according to u.s. and turkish officials for maybe 17 seconds as it was maneuvering there. didn't take too long, two miles, was that justified to do that? did turkey do the right thing? >> well, i don't know. we'll have to get more facts to know if this was justified. this was part of a pattern. if this had been the first time they had gone into turkish air space, i doubt this would happen. this has been going on for quite skp and not just in turkey. russia is flaunting international law and been sending submarines into territorial waters. there have been many instances where they sent aircraft into air space and putin is trying to
3:22 pm
provoke nato by going anywhere he wants to go. it's part of the pattern. if this had been the first time a russian airplane went into turkish air space, you wouldn't have turkey react this way. it's happened frequently and turkey warned russia about this. the response basic and russia has done and russia needs to stop doing that not just in turkey but places where they shouldn't be. >> as you know, those ethnic turks in syria, turkmen aligned with turkey actually started firing machine guns as the two pilots ejected from that downed war plane and one of the pilots was killed. this is considered to be at least by some a violation of international law, war crime, if you will and by all accounts, russia probably is going to go after those turkmen, those ethnic turks inside syria.
3:23 pm
the turkish government wants to protect their fellow turks in syria. this could escalate this crisis, couldn't it? >> yes, it's dangerous situation. keep in mind, independent of the violation of turkish air space. turkey is backing rebels that want to remove assad. russia is trying protect assad and there is a clear potential for a conflict here and i think it is really important that we try to work together to get on the same page. russia says they are concerned about isil, though to this point mostly they have been bombing rebels that are not associated with isil. mostly, russia wants to protect their interest in syria and what we have to convince them is that assad is not the solution to that. we need an alternative to president assad and we need to work with as many different groups as possible to get that alternative in place. that's not going to be easy but yeah, russia and turkey are on opposite sides of the conflict
3:24 pm
directly to the south of turkey and there is definitely a huge risk of escalation given that reality. >> you say the u.s. should consider partnering with russia in syria if putin demonstrates his commitment first and for mo foremost to isis. >> actually, the precondition is that russia understands that assad has it because understand the biggest thing in syria that fuels isis is the presence of assad. as long as assad who is just, you know, he has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people is a horrific leader should not be in charge of that country. as long as he is in power, that's part of what is the biggest thing that sends fighters to fight with isil. assad has to go for us to ultimately defeat isil and if russia is in there trying to property him up and protect him,
3:25 pm
they are perpetuating the problem and we have to work together to find an alternative to assad if we have a hope. that's part of the larger issue of what is the strategy. we're fighting isil but also fighting assad and to truly understand the situation, we have to know as long as assad is in charge, we are not going to be able to defeat isil because of what assad represents. >> complicated and very dangerous and apparently escalating situation congressman adam smith in washington state, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf, appreciate the chance. there is more breaking news ahead. we're watching the second night of protests taking place on the streets of chicago and the city reeling from that disturbing video of a white police officer shooting and killing a black teenager. people don't have to think about
3:26 pm
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3:30 pm
we're following breaking news. take a look at the looifz piives coming into "the situation room." demonstrators expressing outrage at the killing of a black teenager by a whit police officer. that police officer now charged with first-degree murder. video of the shooting dashcam video, which shows the officer firing 16 bullets at the teen just been released that video, obviously, very disturbing. we're going to continue to monitor what's going on in the streets of chicago right now.
3:31 pm
there is other breaking news we're following. this breaking news from paris tonight. source close to the terror investigation telling cnn newly identified suspect traveled to syria last year, the subject of a worldwide manhunt right now. our diplomatic editor nic robertson is here and joined by cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank and hope lamb security clark kent irving. all these suspects on the loose in syria and came back to belgium, went to france, traveled around. their names were known. but nothing was done. you got to wonder how good is that intelligence system over there given the tragedy that happen in paris a couple weeks ago? >> it's fatally flawed because people were killed. leaders are talking about
3:32 pm
securing the external border of europe but what needs to be addressed and what is beginning to be realized is that once you have a secure outer border, you need to have much better oc cooperation within that common boarder and share information quickly in a timely fashion, data bases that are mutually compatible. that's why these people were able to perpetrate the attack because when they came, for example, if their names were spotted coming back into europe, france might have been told that they were living in belgium and never arrived in france and authorities wouldn't have known. there are so many loopholes and time delays this is one of the things that's being flagged up. many, many problems but this is perhaps going forward the most serious. >> as you know, bob bear, french officials, they are not very happy with their counter parts in belgium. they think the belgium security
3:33 pm
service doesn't do a good job. you've heard that. >> absolutely, wolf. belgiums don't have a good police force and don't have a competent fbi. it's always been a problem. they have a disaffected north american community and arms are very easy to buy but going back to your comments on the boarder, the real problem is turkey because it's very easy to get into turkey without a visa if you have a european pass board, crossing the border is very simple. the turks don't keep track of people going into syria, getting training on weapons and coming back and perpetuating an attack like the one on paris. i listened to that gunfire and their trigger control was quite remarkable. those people have been in some sort of combat or intensive training and this is really the problems for the europeans is controlling these borders, which right now they can't do. >> how easy, is it, paul, to buy weapons, guns, clis clish ka
3:34 pm
accomplish thka, ozzies. >> they were involved in gangsterism before they spent time in jail so they have a lot of connections to quite easily buy these heavy weapons from criminal associates. one counterterrorism official just telling me there are also concerns that terrorists may find it easy to buy weapons online through the dark web, sites on the dark web to get these delivered to your door. there was a warning that just went out on this, very concerned about new ways to get weapons. >> clark, if you see what is happening in europe in the aftermath of the attacks and working in u.s. homeland security, you used to work at the department of homeland security. you have to ask pointed questions to make sure it doesn't happen here. >> absolutely. you got to ask yourself are we
3:35 pm
ready for it? it's concerning because in france the concern is that there are radical airport workers. there are some 73 here in the united states that have ties to terrorism. tsa didn't know about that because the watch list was not fully shared. a few weeks before that, tsa failed a number of tests with the ability of screenings to get guns and knives and bombs and spot them. so there is real reason to be concerned here in the united states. >> bob, we're learning also today that france is investigating transit workers who actually may have becomra become radicalized. they say french officials say they don't know precisely what is going on beut reviewing that and maybe they infiltrated the transit system there. that's pretty disturbing. >> wolf, that's very worrisome. a lot of north african people are working, muslimers, believers, the rest susceptible
3:36 pm
to recruitment and they man those airports, both charles degal and other french airports and should be worried and denied clearanc clearances, it's easy for a worker to put a bomb and set the timing and arming switch and that's it. so they should be worried as we should. >> paul, that security alert in brussels it's gone down a little bit. schools resumed for the kids and transit resumed. they still haven't discovered anything, a specific plot that they were so worried about. >> there seems to be specific information that has come and pointing to the idea of ten plotters being -- >> still at large . >> still at large, launching gun and bomb attacks on the belgium capital ocpotentially in shoppi malls connected to the wider network behind the paris attacks. there is still huge concern in
3:37 pm
belgium. >> and clark, you worked for the u.s. department. for the worldwide travel alert and u.s. embassy to tell all u.s. military personnel and nato head quartered there stay in place and tell all american systems stay in place, don't go out. they don't do that unless they have some specific credible information. >> that's exactly right, wolf. that really is concerning, you know, if there were specific concerns about a particular region, the alert would be focused on that region for it to be a worldwide alert means that even is tremendously concerned about what could happen next. >> they certainly are and for good reason. obviously, the intensity continues. guys, stay with us. to our viewers by the way for more an what you can do to help the victims of the paris terror attack, go to you'll be able to impact your world. just ahead, following breaking news, tensions high in chicago right now, a police officer charged with shooting and
3:38 pm
killing a teenager. you're looking at live pictures from the streets of chicago where protesters are moving. people don't have to think about
3:39 pm
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we're following the breaking news out of chicago, another night of protest after a white police officer has been charged with first-degree murder for shooting a black teenager 16
3:43 pm
times during a confrontation. you're looking at live pictures from the streets of chicago now. ryan young is on the scene for us. ryan, what is the latest? >> well, wolf, i can tell you we're at the site he was shot and killed. about 75 protesters left here saying they will join the other protests going on throughout the city but so many people have have been coming here today to pay respects. this shocking police dashcam video released tuesday shows the fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan donald. 16 shots fired, all by one officer. the video's release sparked protest and outrage overnight. >> people have a right to be angry. people have a right to protest. >> reporter: demonstrators chanting 16 shots referring to the number of times mcdonald was shot on october 20th of 2014.
3:44 pm
>> we charged chicago police officer jason van dyke with first-degree murder in the connection of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. >> reporter: 37-year-old jason van dyke turned himself into authorities tuesday after being charged with first-degree murder, more than a year after the fatal shooting. >> in this case, took a young man's life and he's going to have to account for his actions. >> reporter: investigators say van dyke was on the scene mere seconds firing all 16 rounds and was reloading when another officer told him to hold his five. >> all evidence indicates that he began shooting approximately six seconds after getting out of his vehicle. >> reporter: van dyke's attorney says this is not a murder case at all, that his client was justified in shooting mcdonald who was welding a knife at the time of the shoots and slashed the tires of a police cruiser and an autopsy found mcdonald had pcp in his subpoena.
3:45 pm
>> you have to look at what my client jason was experiencing at the time he fired the weapon. when he jumped out of the car, the subject made a motion which put my client in fear that this individual was perhaps going to attack him with a knife. >> reporter: chicago police never wanted the video released. it's release came only after a freedom of information act request and judges' ruling declaring it must be made public by today and prosecutors say it's not unusual to wait over a year for charges in cases like these because police shootings are always complicated. >> this investigation was tenacious, it was meticulous. we did everything to make sure that we were not going to jeopardize our case. >> reporter: the city's mayor says now the healing process must begin and is calling for peaceful protest. >> we must work together to bring the peace and understanding and the bridges of
3:46 pm
understanding together. >> reporter: last night we walked over four miles with protestors. i can tell you-all last night they kept telling us they would protest again today and we talked to more protestors that said they would go downtown and shut down traffic. >> but they were peaceful last night, right, ryan? >> reporter: completely peaceful. we saw police officers getting up in people's faces and all they said was excuse me, excuse me. they did block traffic and blocked michigan avenue. >> ryan young, thanks very much. for more on the breaking news, let's bring in our guests, we're joined by sunny hostin, a black lives matter activist and cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. after watching that disturbing video, that clip from the police dashcam ra of t, you tweeted, i clear that it was an execution, your words, and you're also
3:47 pm
calling now for the mayor rob emanuel, the chicago police superintendent to resign. what do you believe they specifically did wrong? >> yeah, remember not only did we see a killing but we've seen over the past year with this case specifically has been a coverup. there are many people who saw this video and didn't do anything until the judge said that it had to be released in the threat of unrest. i'm left with so many questions, why has nobody else been responsible for whoever deleted footage out of burger king. why did it take for the threat of unrest to lead to the charges of the officer. laquan is walking in the street and gunned down so casually. again, we saw like a killing and coverup and both lead us to questions. >> sunny, i spoke to mark, the president of the national urban league and he told me in the last hour the chicago urban league is now requesting that the department of justice here in washington open what's called a pattern and practice investigation into the chicago
3:48 pm
police department. a, do you think that is necessary, b, do you think it is likely? >> i think it is necessary and very likely. let's face it, these pattern and practice investigations are conducted by the civil rights division of the department of justice and they look into whether or not there is systemic police misconduct going on within a police force and i think when you look at the history, wolf, of this officer, someone that already had over 18 civil complaints against him, many accusing him of excessive force and using racial slurs and the fact that given his history, he was still on the force and after this incident of shooting someone 16 times and having been paid for the past year remaining on the police force can be indicative of a culture in that police department that needs to be investigated and corrected.
3:49 pm
>> tom fuentes you're a former fbi assistant, director, police officer out side of chicago before that. why did it take over a year to charge this police officer with first-degree murder? >> you know, wolf, i have no idea. i don't see where this investigation should have been that complicated to take an entire year to do it. and i agree with sunny in this case that, you know, this is bad in the fact that, you know, that it took so long to take action in this case when it was so clear and officers that friends of mine that have talked about this case that are knowledgeable about the investigation said all of the officers involved in the investigation were sickened by what happened and unfortunately, when an officer that will do something like that is allowed to stay on the force, is allowed to keep, you know, being on the streetc carrying a gun among th people, it shouldn't be. there's got to be more done to
3:50 pm
discipline bad cops and actually, we've heard so much about discipline and training it has to start at the selection process. you can't train a pit bull to become a chihuahua. you can't hire psychopath follo rounds that were pumped into laquan's body is just horrific. there is no justification for that. none of the officers at the scene thought it was justified. and unfortunately, they are as horrified as the rest of us. >> do you have confidence in the cook county prosecutor? she finally did file first-degree murder charges yesterday. it took her over a year. but do you have confidence in her? >> i'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. the question remains y. did it take the threat of unrest for charges to come? and then we also should look at, what are the provisions in the police union contract or other policies that allowed this officer to be protected for over a year? there are a lot of questions
3:51 pm
that remain. no confidence in anita alvarez or people who had access to this material. >> guys, stand by. we're going to stay on top of these new protests emerging on the streets of chicago. much more on the breaking news that we're following when we come back. don't let it conquer you.. with the capability and adaptability of lexus all-weather drive. this is the pursuit of perfection. during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon.
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. we're following the breaking news out of chicago. you're looking at live pictures. protesters spilling into the streets, outrage of the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer. jason van dyke has been charged with first-degree murder. and a dash cam video shows van dyke firing 16 shots at the teenager. we're back with our guests. it's been a year, as you know, since the protests in ferguson. what's your message to the protesters on the streets of chicago tonight? >> to keep the pressure up. you know, what we've seen is the power of protests is to hold the system accountable and if it was not for the threat of unrest in chicago, they never would have charged the officer in this case and that's really important. to the protesters in chicago, there's a great organizing culture there. keep up the pressure in the system and keep asking questions. >> tom, as you know, the police officer's attorney, van dyke's attorney said on cnn today that
3:57 pm
the police officer, quote, felt that mcdonald, the young black teenager, made a motion, he said, which put my client in fear that this individual was perhaps going to attack him with a knife. that's a quote that the attorney said. looking at the video, did you see mcdonald posing any threat, make a motion as if he was going to attack him with that knife? >> no. and i've watched that video over and over. in fact, the more i watch it, the more i believe that mcdonald made no such aggressive move toward that officer and even if he was carrying a machete down the street, if he's not threatening and especially if he's down -- it's one thing if he was coming at the police officer or another person on the street. but he didn't appear to be. he appeared to be just meandering down the center of the road and walking towards the officers. i didn't see it in any of the times that i watched that video.
3:58 pm
again, once he goes on the ground to shoot 14 more bullets into his body, that's the part that is never going to be justifiable, ever. >> all right. sunny, i want to ask you, laquan mcdonald's family, they didn't want that video released. it was only released because of freedom of information request coming in from a freelance journalist. but i'll get to that in a moment. we're just getting a statement in from president obama on the shooting of this young teenager in chicago. let me read it to our viewers, like many americans, the president says, i was deeply disturbed by the footage, the fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. this thanksgiving, i ask everybody, the president says, to keep those who have suffered tragic loss in our thoughts and prayers. the president adds to be thankful for the overwhelming majority of men and women who protect our communities.
3:59 pm
he concludes, thank you to the people of my hometown for keeping things peaceful. your reaction, sunny? >> you know, i think this is something that every parent, including the presidencies and therefore by the grace of god go i. you see the gunning down of a young life, of a teenager. this thanksgiving we hold our loved one as little closer and i completely understand why the family would not want this video to be released, because it truly shows the killing of their child and that is just -- i'm just -- it's just so disheartening that this is happening in our country. >> very disheartening, indeed. and those protests obviously spilling over into the streets of chicago right now. sunny hostin, tom fuentes, deray, thank you for joining us. please tweet me @wolfblitzer.
4:00 pm
be sure to join us again tomorrow in "the situation room." to our viewers here in the united states, happy thanksgiving. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news, new fears, radical islamists have infiltrated airports around the world. and more breaking news, vladimir putin deploying anti-aircraft missiles to syria. the surviving pilot from the downed russian jet speaking out for the first time. and new protests erupting in chicago after police released the video of gentlemlaquan mcdo shot 16 times by a white police officer. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. new york city deploying the most officers ever for the thank giving holiday.


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