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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 26, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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i'll be back here for our viewers. amanpour is next. very happy thanksgiving to you and your family. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> and happy thanksgiving to you. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thanks for being with me here on this thursday. let's begin with news just in, involving the biggest parade in america today between hello kitty and spiderman, you probably miss this had on television this morning. tune in right now. in custody for flying a drone alongside those balloons. so, let's look at some pictures here just in to us. you will see the drone is that little white speck in that frame there. here you go. we've circled it for you. as you know, security on the highest alert after the terror attacks in paris. renee marsh will be joining me
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momentarily on what's happening here with regard to this drone in a moment. first, any moment we expect to hear from the leaders of both french and russia. french president francois hollande has been meeting with russian president vladimir putin. today's meeting with putin is the latest by hollande as he is pushing for a broader, more correlated international support in the fight against isis. as you know, he was at the white house recaller this week and just yesterday meeting with the german chancellor, angela merkel. whirlwind week for diplomacy for the french president. he has also met with british prime minister david cameron, obama at the white house, angela merkel and today he met with the italian prime minister before meeting with putin. tomorrow will mark two weeks since those coordinated attacks in paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds more injured. isis has claimed responsibility.
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hollande is urging his citizens to display flags at their homes tomorrow as a day of mourning. two suspects are still on the run. the war on terror will not be over any time soon, hollande's warning, saying the threat of more attacks is still possible. matthew chance is where hollande and putin are meeting. it is late there in moscow. i'm a little surprised we'll be seeing this joint news conference after, i suppose, this dinner. what do you think the headline will be, matthew? >> reporter: yes, it's just after 10:00 in the evening here in moscow. look, i mean, they're here. francois hollande is here to try to put together this grand coalition team, to unite the world against isis, diplomatic initiative he started after the paris terror attacks. he has come to russia, affected by terrorism recently as well, downing of one of the airliners
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in egypt with the loss of 224 people on board. so, they've got common cause. vladimir putin said as much in the meeting beforehand. and vladimir putin said look, we need to unite together to fight this common evil, exactly the kind of words that francois hollande has been spreading around the world as well and exactly what he wants to hear from vladimir putin, that russia and the west could combine their forces and use them to focus the fire power and the intention on isis, to eliminate that terrorist group. there's a complication. and that's turkey has, in the past 24 hours, shot down a russian bomber, a russian plane in the skies over the turkish/syrian border and the russians are furious about it. and it's complicated this effort for a grand coalition. >> given this complication, quick follow-up for you. how, then, would hollande bring this up with putin, this downing of this plane, this
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complication? >> it's going to be very difficult. we don't know whether it will derail any possibility of coalition between russia and the west. certainly the russians have taken decisive action, zploiing s-400 missiles to syria, massive advantage to controlling air space there. all their bombers are going to be companied by fighter jets. yeah, they still say they're going to be attacking the same rebels that the west is attacking as well. it brings them potentially into greater risk of confrontation with the united states, with the french, with the other nato members carrying out air strikes in the skies over syria. >> matthew chance, thank you very much. confronting isis, not the only problem facing putin here. as matthew just mentioned, he is embroiled in this showdown with trky over the downing of this russian warplane. just today in an exclusive interview with cnn, the turkish
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president doubled down. turkey is not the one who needs to apologize. turkey insists two russian pilots violated their air space even after repeated warnings. becky anderson sat down with erdogan. she joins me now from turkey. huge interview. tell me what he told you. >> reporter: he reiterated that the turkish officials, military officials had provided ten warnings to this fighter jet before they downed it. and it had occurred into turkish air space for just some 17 seconds but that breaks the rules of military engagement. and his military men were told in a position to carry out what would effectively always be done if, indeed, a foreign jet flies into sovereign territory. look, i asked him whether he
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thought, given the ratcheting up of the rhetoric, given the risks that this incident might really derail any sense of this sort of grand bargain so far as countering isis is concerned. i asked him whether he thought it was a mistake and, indeed, whether he thought he should apologize to the russians. this is what he told me. >> translator: well, i think if there's a party that needs to apologize, it's not us. those who violated our air space are the ones who need to apologize. our pilots and armed services simply fulfilled their duties, which consisted of violating the rules of engagement. i think this is the essence. >> reporter: so, if we drill down on this, to a certain extent if you ask anybody involved in diplomacy in the u.s. and in the west, they say
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they could do with moscow, they're courting moscow effectively to help them out in this fight against isis. when you get to this region, there is much talk about whether russia and syria, at present, has got any interest in fighting isis or whether they're not just a cover for the syrian regime against the other opposition. so, the turks have said that they it shall this is what president erdogan said to me again and again in this interview. we want to deescalate the situation, echoing what the u.s. president said and what nato has said. however, he is defiant about the fact that he won't apologize, defiant about the fact that it's not turkey, he says, who are operating with the isis militants in turkey. that's what russia has accused turkey of. but, in fact, he accuses russia of doing the same. so, this is an incredibly messy,
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an incredibly complicated situation. i can tell you, though, brooke, i asked president erdogan whether he had spoken to president putin since that incident. he said he hasn't and he would like to and he has asked president hollande of france to talk to president putin in paris to get a conversation going. he wants to speak to president putin in paris. they're all meeting for cop21 this weekend. he wants an opportunity to speak to president putin. i asked him, have you spoken to him on the phone? he said i tried to call him. he wouldn't take my call. >> how about that? becky anderson, we're waiting to hear from both hollande and putin. you have one piece of this story. we wait for putin's response. thank you so much, in turkey tonight for us. meantime, you have british prime minister david cameron making a direct appeal today to lawmakers in his nation to join the air strikes against isis and syria. his big push is coming three
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days after he met with the french president, francois hollande. after the terrorist attacks in paris, the time to act is not and not to stand by and wait for a regime change in syria. cameron says britain owes it to the united states, to the french to intervene. >> my first responsibility as prime minister and our first job in this house is to keep the british people safe. we have the assets to do that. and we can significantly extend the capabilities of the international coalition forces. that is one reason why members of the international coalition, including president obama and president hollande have made it clear to me that they want britain to stand with them in joining air strikes in syria as well as iraq. these are our closest allies and they want our help. >> cnn global affairs analyst and daily beast contributor kimberly dozier joins me now from washington on this holiday.
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thank you so much for spending some time with me. we know that the british parliament could vote on cameron's request as early as next week. but i have to imagine cameron is thinking, you know, my gosh, what happened in paris could happen here, could happen in london. >> absolutely. and that's the case he's trying to make. but he's facing a parliament that doesn't want to get into another iraq war situation. they want to hear that there's some sort of plan to end this. and in the statement that cameron put out, the multi-layered strategy that he explained, it sounds a lot like the american strategy hitting isis on a number of different fronts but it's not clear what the end game is. yes, it's to try to get assad out of power through negotiations but it's not quite clear in this plan that's been articulated how striking isis will bring that about, which everyone looking at the situation says is the only way to ultimately resolve it, and
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the war on the ground. >> britain has been involved in air strikes against isis in iraq and syria. i'm curious what this expanded role would entail. >> i believe it's mostly symbolic. adding british strikes to the u.s. and other strikes inside syria will add a certain level of capability. but a lot of this is being enabled by american intelligence, american surveillance and reconnaissance, their drones going overhead. what it could plus up is the amount of special operations forces available to conduct operations and training inside syria. that is a plan that's not really being talked about. the u.s. is also asking france and britain to consider expanding their campaign to places that the u.s. can't currently or doesn't currently want to go, like libya, where isis is growing by leaps and bounds and influence and numbers. so perhaps they could extend their campaign there.
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>> while i have you, and i'm thinking about isis but really just mindful about this conversation i had with becky anderson, who spoke with erdogan. here we are, and erdogan is saying we're not the one who needs to apologize with regard to the downing of this russian airplane and turkish air space and the fact that she said erdogan has asked hollande to talk to putin about all of this, what do you make of everything that is at stake here? >> well, erdogan is striking out for turkish sovereignty. a number of russian jets along the turkish border have been hitting that area, backed by turkey but an enemy of the assad regime. they've been hitting them since they started their campaign. this is bringing this all to a head. it's also making russia think twice the next time they think about flying near the turkish border. but you don't want to open warfare. so the turkish leader is trying
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to use another nato member to a arbitrate. >> kimberly dozier, thank you very much, in washington. involving the biggest parade in america today, we now know that two men are in custody for flying this drone alongside the balloons here. we have the pictures for you of the drone along this macy's thanksgiving day parade this morning. there you go. white speck, that's the drone. security on highest alert in new york after the terror attacks in paris. renee marsh is joining me now. renee, what were they thinking? >> reporter: that's a good question. nypd will be asking that very question, brooke. these two people in custody, as you said, you have the photos there from nypd chopper flying over the macy's day parade this morning. when nypd first noticed the drone, they used their helicopter to track the two people who were operating it.
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they were taken into custody without any incident. nypd says they are not releasing the names of these individuals. here is what we do know. it was a father and son. the father was 41 years old, received a summons. the son, 14. you know, so -- i don't know. perhaps they didn't know the rules. but the rules are pret he clear. faa says you cannot operate a drone above 400 feet. you have to stay away from other aircraft. of course, faa advises you have to stay away from large crowds. and with more than 3 million people there, that would definitely qualify as a large crowd. >> yeah. that would be a no-no. file that under the don't ever try that. renee marsh, thank you so much. we told you extremists infiltrating the public transport system in paris. also ahead for the first time, the ban that was on stage
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at the bataclan theater is now speaking out. you'll hear their emotional account of what happened and how they're feeling. new protests including a face-to-face confrontation between a protester and officer with regard to that shooting death of an african-american teenager in chicago. those dramatic moments ahead. you're watching cnn on this thanksgiving day. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back. ce again, going off list. and knowing right when my packages arrive. so that's two things. introducing real time delivery notifications. sign up at if you have moderate to severe ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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>> as the threat of terror grips the world, americans are facing more screening and longer security lines. could the terror threats be coming from within? forced to examine the possibility that its own worker s with access to planes and to baggage may be radicalized. let's go to martin savidge, live in paris.
11:20 am
the notion that they've been concerned for years with regard to islamic radicalization at paris' airports and transit systems. now it gave cnn some pretty grim numbers of how many transit workers left for syria. >> right. absolutely, brooke. according to this source, as many as 100 or more of the members of the transportation system here in france, employees, have made visits or trips to syria since 2012. now, remember, the conflict there began in 2011. so it's not like this is a time many people would choose to go visit friends or family. so the question is, what were they doing there? now that's not to say that everybody was there for terrorist reasons. but it has to be another concern for the french authorities. and this is something that cnn has continued to expose and reveal all week long. today, cnn was able to review a document that came from the
11:21 am
french interior ministry that talks about how the french government has been concered about this kind of infiltration of islamists, if you will, into the transportation system all the way back to 2004. specifically at charles de gaulle international airport where it was discovered there were what were called illegal prayer sites and a number of employees then that had belonged to mosques that were concerned to be preaching very fiery, radical, islamic faith. so this is a problem that goes back a long way. and now we continue to see is one that could incorporate a large number of people. and especially when you're talking about people who have access to an aircraft. since january, we're now told, there are at least 50 employees at the airport denied the security clearance they need to work out on the ramp because they do not have the clearance, and it appears there are radical beliefs. it's a huge problem here and, i have to say, quite a frightening one, brooke. >> it is, indeed, when you think
11:22 am
about access that employees have to planes, buses and to trains. martin savidge, thank you. new surveillance of a police shooting of an african-american teen anler that has chicago on edge. this, as a protester and officer come face to face. we will show you exactly what happened here. plus, donald trump facing stiff criticism for mocking a reporter with a disability. this rare medical condition. is the republican front-runner going to apologize? nope. hear his response. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good... and low-calorie. keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples.
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second night of angry protests on the streets of chicago ended in four arrests. hundreds of people took over the streets of downtown chicago late wednesday, marching to decry the kill i
11:27 am
killing of a teen. the officer no longer on the force, charged with first-degree murder. the mood of the demonstrators and police are getting more intense, as we're about to show yo you. >> the whole damn system they're guilty as hell. >> experience a good family meal tomorrow. >> a good family meal tomorrow. >> is that right? >> i need help! >> help, help, help! pulling the trigger on us. you're killing us. and it's time you need to hear this. this is the only way we can tell the difference.
11:28 am
[ indistinct shouting ] >> excuse me. excuse me. can you put the camera on? >> man, seriously? that's a police camera. that's okay. that's okay. >> don't put your hand on me, sir. >> back up. >> that's what the mayor want to do. i'm dr.e j. flint. >> that's what parts of chicago has felt like this week. dash cam video row leased of the police pursuit. officer jason van dyde was riding in the car moments before
11:29 am
that deadly encounter last october, october 2014. another angle shows mcdonald's bullet-riddled body on the ground surrounded by police officers. officer van dyke is being held without bond and these protests could only be the beginning. right along the main drag of michigan avenue there. quiet right now, it look s like. but i know president obama, he said he was grateful to the people for keeping protests peaceful. is that still the case? >> reporter: he probably said it best, brooke. these protests have, indeed, been very, very peaceful. we've been walking with these protesters for a few days now, up and down michigan avenue in chicago's magnificent mile. i can tell you, while sometimes these protesters do confront police and speak to them very closely in their faces, the police officers have exercised a lot of constraint. they just stand there. they make sure that the protest
11:30 am
is peaceful, that people are allowed to demonstrate. and then they walk along the protesters to make sure that everything is well and that people are safe. now we definitely should add that overnight there were a few instances when with one protester grabbed the christmas lights of a tree that's just up the street and also tried to pull a bike from one of the police officers. other than that, that's the only instances we've seen of any sort of tussle with either property or with police property. but tomorrow is black friday. you know that there are hundreds of stores here in the magnificent mile and thousands upon thousands of shoppers are expected to descend on this area to shop. now, brooke, i've talked to a lot of these activists. they want to have an economic impa
11:31 am
impact. that's why they want to protest again here tomorrow. >> rosa flores, in chicago. next, hear from the band who was playing in paris two nights ago at the bataclan concert hall. eagles of death metal speaking out now about the horror of that night. donald trump publishing a brand new response over his mocking of a reporter with a disability. it's over five paragraphs. he doesn't apologize. in fact, he references the quote all time greatest memory. please stay here. i'll read part of it for you. woman: my mom and i have the same hands.
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just past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn on this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to you. i'm brooke baldwin. we are now hearing for the first time from all these members of the band, eagles of death metal. they're talking since the tragic night of november 13th in paris. that was the band on stage in that parisian concert hall when those attackers, murderers entered the bataclan and opened fire on the crowd, leaving 89 people dead. it was an emotional conversat n conversation. the band, reliving those moments when the gupman stormed and started shooting. i heard these firecrackers, it sounded like, behind me. >> so they were behind you? >> yes. instantly, people started
11:37 am
dropping to the ground, injuries, death. and also running -- there's nowhere to go. so, they basically ran into me, towards me and jumped down below my console. i was still standing up and i can see the gunman and he looked right at me and he shot at me and he missed. >> i cannot wait to get back to pairs. i want play. i want to come back. i want to be the first band to play in the bataclan when it opens back up. >> why? >> because i was there when it went silent for a minute. >> our friends went there to see rock 'n' roll and died. i'm going to go back there and live. >> the band plans to finish its tour. members say they are grateful for their fans and for all the love and support they have been getting. a warplane, as you well know, shot down. and in an instant, the war in the skies of syria takes another turn here. turkey's president refusing to back down, not at all
11:38 am
apologizing for taking down that russian warplane. telling becky anderson that russia should apologize for violating turkey's air space. >> translator: well, i think if there's a party that needs to apologize, it's not us. those who violated our air space are the ones who need to apologize. our pilots, our armed forces, they simply fulfilled their duties, which consisted of responding to a violation of the rules of engagement. i think this is the essence. >> one of the big questions now, will vladimir putin join with coalition forces in the war against isis, or will they continue to go alone with air strikes in syria? author of isis, historyfawaz ge.
11:39 am
we're awaiting this news conference with hollande and putin. my number one question is how might this downing of this plane derail this coalition between russia and the west? >> i think you put really your finger, brooke, on the pulse of the problem. the downing of the russian plane has exposed major fault lines among regional powers and fwloebl powers. you have clashing interests. russia is supporting the syrian president while turkey is supporting the syrian opposition and naturally does not want to have the kurds to have this entity. no wonder why isis has been able to exploit the divisions among the regional powers and the global powers. and the united states, brooke, insists that russia cannot join the global coalition against
11:40 am
isis without giving up an assad. the united states wants assad basically to accept the departure of the syrian president while the russian president, putin, insists that assad should not be a priority, that the fight should be on isis and other militant groups in syria. so, i don't think you're going to have a comprehensive, broadly based coalition to take war to isis in syria. >> what about bigger picture? we know this meeting, hollande, going to putin, happened before the downing of this russian warplane. becky anderson was just talking to turkey's erdogan and he was saying that if anyone needs to apologize it's certainly not us. he says yes, i would talk to putin but put sin not returning my phone calls. we have these world leaders and it feels a little juvenile. is that the word? >> yes, i think so. you're talking about erdogan and
11:41 am
putin, two strongheaded leaders, two sides of the same coin, egos bigger than life and authoritarian. they're just juvenile. but more importantly here, they're basically positioning themselves for their domestic audience. remember, what happened, the downing of the russian planes with a major slap in the face for putin. it is humiliating. for edogan, he has to play the big guy, that somehow russia allegedly violatd turkish sovereignty. the challenge here, regardless what -- i mean, the fact is that you have two strong-headed leaders. there's a real danger for escalation. you asked me about the likelihood of a broad coalition against isis. i would go further and say there is a real danger of escalation between turkey, which is a fully fledged member of nato, and putin. and make no doubts about it.
11:42 am
putin will most likely retaliate. he will choose time and space and most like ly he will retaliate against turkish interests inside syria. because turkey has vast interests inside syria. and in the days and weeks coming will show that putin will basically have his day. >> all excellent points, fawaz. thank you. we know erdogan asked to talk to putin. so much at stake. thank you so much, sir, from london. coming up next, donald trump releasing a brand new response to backlash after he mocked a reporter with a disability. how the republican front-runner is responding to his critics on this holiday full of love and family and kindness. we'll be right back. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks.
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. "the new york times" is calling it outrageous, comments that donald trump made ridiculing the disability of one of its reporters. campaigning in south carolina, donald trump claimed he saw thousands of muslim celebrating in new jersey on 9/11 and took aim at journalist serge kovaleski who wrote a story back in 2001 who included a reference of a number of people questioned in jersey city for allegedly celebrating the twin towers coming down. later the reporter said he could not recall talking to any
11:48 am
witnesses who saw those large celebrations. here is what trump said, apparently imitating kovaleski's disability. >> written by a nice reporter. now the poor guy -- you ought to see this guy. uh, i don't know what i said. uh, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago. they didn't do a retraction. >> kovaleski has a disability which limits the mobility of his arms. "new york times" told cnn -- and i'm quoting them now. we find it is outrageous he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters. so, let's chat about this with two people who have been covering the trump campaign in great detail. jeremy diamond in new york and m.j. lee here with me on set. so before i get to both of you, i have this response. i'm shoor you both read this this is one, two, three, four, five graphs from donald trump. let me read the first two graphs. quote, i have no idea who this
11:49 am
reporter, serge kovaleski is, what he looks like, or his level intelligence. i don't know if he is j.j. watt, muhammad ali or someone in his prime. i have great respect for the way he wrote the story on september 18th, 2001. and in particular, he writes, the paragraph talking about muslims and tailgate parties taking place in new jersey. he continues. somebody totally biased "new york times" said over the years i have met mr. kovaleski, despite having one of the all-time great memories i certainly do not remember him. what i do know is that after 14 years and no retraction, this reporter tried to pull away from the tailgate party paragraph he wrote many years ago for the washington post. m.j., reaction. >> this is classic donald trump, which is to deny, deny, deny. we've seen him do this before, where he has made questionable or potentially offensive comments and his statement afterwards is, look, that's not
11:50 am
what i meant. we saw him do this after he made comments about carly fiorina and her looks, fox news host megyn kelly, questionable comments i do not want to repeat again. our viewers can decide on their own whether or not he was mocking the physical disability of this "new york times" reporter, who has covered trump over the years before. when trump says i have never heard of this reporter before, i was certainly not mocking his disability, i think people can watch this video and decide on their own. and i think it's also important to point out that trump has a pattern of going after people for their physical looks. he has done this with carly fiorina when a protester was led out of his campaign event just this week, i was there, he made fun of him for being overweight. this is an attack line that trump likes to use. and he has gone there before. i think it's important to make it clear to viewer. >> this is, jeremy, what mr. trump says.
11:51 am
if mr. kovaleski is handicap pe, i do not know because i don't know what he looks like. if i did know, i certainly would not say anything about his appearance. your response? >> i think mj hit it on the nail. it's true, he has talked about people's appearances in the past. you watch the tape of him talking about kovaleski, it certainly appears is he mocking his disability. maybe he wasn't. maybe that was just his way of talking -- mocking somebody in general without remembering. but clearly, he did know this reporter at some point, because he covered him for almost five years at the new york daily news. and so that's what he's going to do. he's going to deny this and he's going to say that he did not, you know, know that this reporter had a disability. i will say it is notable he put out such an extensive statement on something like this. it shows that he sees it as a potential vulnerability. it's rare when we see these kind of long statements from donald trump, especially on something where it looks like, you know,
11:52 am
he could play it off as the mainstream media trying to go after him. >> jeremy, i'm going to stay with you. for people at home who are reading and watching all these different political -- who has never been to a donald trump rally, to see mr. trump up there, to see the crowds and hear the protesters, take us inside one. what is it like? >> there's certainly tremendous energy in the room. his supporters are hanging on his every word. of course, there can be a danger to that as well, especially when trump kind of consistently, in the way that he talks about protesters at his events, is certainly, you know, diminishing of them and sometimes insulting of them. and he can see that sometimes this turns into violence, you know. donald truch hasmp has a lot ofd rhetoric on the trail, when he talks about immigration, for example.
11:53 am
we've seen that devolve in some ways at these events. a rally in virginia a month ago, there was some anti- -- some protesters against his illegal immigration policies and one of those protesters was spit at by a trump supporter. this weekend when i was in birmingham, alabama, i was the reporter on the ground when this black lives matter protester was punched and kicked and shoved by several white attendees at this rally. and so it certainly raises questions about what the role of trump's rhetoric has in the way that his supporters react and in the way that they act toward protesters or other people and in the way that -- >> talked to that protester friend who was there and saw the whole thing. on this thanksgiving, i appreciate both of you for coming in and working and let's be nice and play nice, shall we, and be grateful on this thursday? mj and jeremy, thank you so much. we are also just getting
11:54 am
breaking news here. the white house on lockdown after someone just tried jumping the fence. details are coming in. they are next. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal?
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. all right. breaking news on this thanksgiving here. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. let's get to it. white house is on lockdown after someone tried jumping that white house fence. athena jones is standing live for me in washington. athena what do we know? >> reporter: hi, brooke. information is still coming into us that secret service apprehended a man who jumped the white house fence on the north side of the white house. it's the side we're looking at right now. so the fence in front of the north portico there, the front door.
11:59 am
he was almost immediately apprehended by secret service officers and detained. the first family is in the residence, celebrating the thanksgiving holiday. we're still awaiting more information from secret service. the white house itself is still on lockdown. but we know that this man has been detained and so the situation is not ongoing. you know, brooke, this is not the first time we've talked about a fence jumper at the white house. this has happened, unfortunately, more times than secret service would like. there was a fence jumper in september of 2014. in october of 2014, in march of this year and again in april. that was a 54-year-old man who was carrying a suspicious package that turned out to be harmless in the end. but you'll remember another time a jumper made it all the way into the white house. so this is the kind of thing that secret service takes very, very seriously. >> yeah. no, it is serious. i don't mean to roll my eyes. just the notion of someone
12:00 pm
thinking they can jump the fence at the white house and not get caught has another thing coming. don fuentes, you jumped in here and former director of the fbi. we know the first family is home as this jumper jumped the fence on thanksgiving. what is happening to make sure everyone is safe and secure. >> they are safe and secure will remain that way. but they have to find out who is this person, what was the motivation? is it a lone nut who wants to get his 15 minutes of fame or is it a coordinated situation where others may jump, or was it going to be a froop that was going to make an assault on the building? sounds like that's not the case but they'll be extra vigilant to make sure, especially after all the precautions that athena mentioned, all the prior incidents and they were elevating that fence from eight feet to 12 feet, putting in curled bars similar to
12:01 pm
buckingham palace in london. the idea was that that would really make it difficult to get over the top of it. you have millions of tourists that come to look at the white house from the sidewalks around it. they don't want to put a 50-foot barrier wall to block that off. they are trying to combine the accessibility of trying to see the white house with keeping it secure. it sounds like they apprehended this person immediately, what you would expect and what you would hope for. >> tom fuentes, thank you. athena jones, thank you. file this one under as well what you shouldn't do here. between the big balloons and the macy's day thanksgiving parade, hello kitty and spiderman, you might have miss this had on tv this morning. two people were taken into custody for flying a drone alongside these balloons. we have pictures in to us. you see this white speck? this is the drone itself. in the wake of what happened in paris, you know, fears are high.
12:02 pm
you know, security is on highest alert. renee marsh is joining us more on this drone at the parade here in new york. what happened? who are these people? >> reporter: well, we're learning more about these two individuals, as you said, taken into custody, flying this drone over the parade this morning. nypd first noticed the drone. they then used their helicopter to track the two people who were operating it. that's where the photos are from. they're not releasing the names. cnn has been told it was a father and a son. the father is 41 years old. he received a summeons. the son is 14 years old. do they know the rules? faa has pretty clear rules for operating drones. they are not allowed to fly them above 400 feet. they have to be away from other aircraft, including police choppers. and you cannot fly them over large crowds. and that -- no dispute there, that was a large crowd. obviously, we've seen them flown
12:03 pm
over stadiums before. you know, they come crashing down, they can cause some serious injuries to the people below. there is a safety concern as well as the heightened security concern that you brought up there. so, that's what we know. a father and son. again, that father receiving a summons from nypd. >> not a way they want to spend their thanksgiving, i'm sure. renee marsh, thank you for the update out of new york. french president francois hollande is in moscow right now, meeting with russian president vladimir putin. in fact, the two just held a joint news conference. putin says it is important for the countries to work together against the terror group. cnn political analyst bloomberg columnist josh rogan is with me now. thank you for joining me as we're learning some of the headlines coming out of this meeting today. first, how important is this
12:04 pm
face-to-face between hollande and putin, which by the way this meeting was set long before what happened with regard to russia's warplane being shot down over turkey. >> well, this meeting couldn't come at a more crucial time for the french leadership, which is struggling not only to figure out what happened in the devastating attack on paris a couple of weeks ago, but to prevent further attacks from happening. the only way they can do that is by bringing together all of these countries to fight isis in one grand bargain, one grand coalition. but as the current dispute between russia and turkey shows, a grand coalition is impossible when all of the members of that coalition are working across purposes. russia wants to fight the moderate rebels. turkey wants to fight assad. france wants to fight isis and assad. and france only wants to fight isis. >> i've been told in my ear -- this is how quickly this information is coming down
12:05 pm
between the meeting between hollande and putin. two points, josh. roll with me. number one, putin has said that assad's fate must be decided by the syrians themselves and hollande has said assad has no place there in syria. and we know, of course, what president obama has said, would be echoing what hollande said. number two, putin has said he is ready to cooperate with the american-led coalition. your response to both of those points? >> right. these are the longstanding russian positions. when putin says the assad's fate must be determined by the syrian people, he's saying only through elections can assad be deposed. that puts him on the opposite side of the equation from france and the united states, who believes assad should go first and not stand in elections. that's not something new. that's what the russians have been saying all along. as for the second part, the bottom line here is that there is a process being led by john kerry to come to a diplomatic
12:06 pm
agreement on the future of syria. that process depends on russia, turkey, france, the united states all being on the same page. and there just is no way that you can argue, especially as the turkish planes are shooting russian planes out of the sky, that they're on the same page. until that happens, those diplomatic negotiations are likely to stall. >> josh rogin, keep with me. let me bring in becky anderson, live in turkey, who had this incredible interview with the president of turkey, president erdogan. becky, you tell me. he essentially is saying if anyone is to apologize for taking this plane down, it's not the turkish. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and he described, once again, the circumstances of the downing of that russian jet so far as turkish officials are concerned. the jet was warned ten times. and then it incurred into
12:07 pm
turkish air space for all of 17 seconds. i did put it to him that a lot of people, including the americans, that this is not an overreaction. 17 seconds is not an awfully long time but he said, listen, this plane was warned. it was warned ten times. it incurred into turkish air space and turkish military, according to the rules of military engagement, had a job to do. and when i put it to him as to whether he believed now knowing that this was a russian jet -- because at the time they weren't sure. they just -- they had shot down an unidentified plane. once they knew it was russian, i said do you think that was a mistake? and ought you to apologize to the russians? he said, no, it is not for us to apologize to the russians. it is for them to apologize to us for flying a plane into our air space. and that is our sovereign air space and we have a right and a duty to protect that.
12:08 pm
it was an interesting interview, brooke, in that he was very defiant but did want to make the point that he has said for the last 24 hours, 48 hours said to me again today and echoed what the u.s. president and the nato head has said. they want to de-escalate this situation as your guest so rightly points out. the risk to what is already a very messy, very complicated situation on the ground. this is a proxy war. lest us not forget, with so many stakeholders. it couldn't be a more difficult time for the turks to have shot down this plane. i asked him if he had spoken to president putin. he said he hadn't and asked president hollande to get into contact with him.
12:09 pm
i said have you spoken? he said no, we haven't. things are very difficult at this point and the turkish/russian relationship is an extremely important one. and they are diametrically opposed when it comes to president assad. >> erdogan wanted you to deliver this message to putin via hollande and i don't know if putin has spoken or if we have any reaction from him in this meeting with hollande whether or not anything has happened there. josh, finally to you, what -- you know, given all of this at play that becky sort of outlined, what's to come of this? will this de-escalate? >> hopefully there won't be any more military clashes. the situation between russia and america's allies will continue. as the obama administration looks at this situation, they're open to this russian offer of cooperation against isis. yet they see a gap between russian actions and russian statements. when russia started bombing in
12:10 pm
syria, they didn't tell anybody. when they put a new base on nato's southern border, they didn't tell anybody. when they started crashing into air space, they didn't tell anybody. we will see actions that will indicate he's serious. until that happens, turkey, france and the u.s. will remain skeptical will and have to act under the assumption that putin is not doing what he says he's doing. >> skepticism noted. putin has just said he is ready to cooperate with this american-led coalition. josh rogin with the perspective and becky anderson with the big interview there in turkey. thanks to both of you. david cameron says it's time for the uk to join the fight against isis in syria as they've already done in iraq. the prime minister met with the french president francois hollande. after the terror attacks in paris, the time for britain to act is right now. >> we shouldn't be content with
12:11 pm
outsourcing our security to our allies. if we believe that action can help protect us, then with our allies, we should be part of that action, not standing aside from it. and from this moral point comes a fundamental question. if we won't act now, when our friend and ally, france, has been struck in this way, then our allies in the world can be forgiven for asking, if not now, when? >> that was david cameron. back, though in france -- we've been in paris and have been talking these last couple of days also now that the fears of extremists and fears of radicalization in the transit system and paris' airports. now we're learning that dozens of workers have made questionable trips to syria. we have those details for you next. also ahead for the very first time, we're hearing from the band on stage, that american band on stage at the bataclan two friday nights ago when the
12:12 pm
attacks happened. we will hear their accounts. and this face-to-face confrontation between a protester and officer in chicago over the shooting death of an african-american teenager. the dramatic moments. how they have played out in this city, straight ahead. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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12:16 pm
if you are hopping on a plane and still racing to make it to turkey dinner tonight, you better leave now. officials in paris specifically are forced to examine the possibility that its own workers with access to planes and baggage may be radicalized. let's go to my colleague, martin savidge. we're talking specifically paris here, what are you hearing about this potential for radicalization for years there?
12:17 pm
>> reporter: right. brooke, good to see you again. cnn, since the beginning of this week, has been focusing and looking at what has been a growing concern. that is the possibility of radical islamists somehow infiltrating the transportation system. for most americans, their concerns would be to the airport here. the international airport, charles de gaulle, because they fly through it or when they come here to paris, they arrive at it. there's a number of very disturbing reports there that cnn has uncovered. today, for example, a source tells cnn that all the way back to 2004, french officials have been concerned about the possibility that you had islamic radicals that somehow were working at the airport. isis didn't exist back then. you did have something called al qaeda. clearly that's been a long-running concern. now comes additional information that since 2012 about 100 or more members of the transportation industry in this country have made trips to syria. the civil war in syria began in
12:18 pm
2011. so, people weren't traveling, let's say, for family purposes. at least you wouldn't expect. so that's a worry. and then we also found that since january, at least 50 members of employees out at the airport have been denied special access to the ramps because, again, it's feared that they may have become radicalized. so over and over, the airport has this very common theme. it isn't just planes. now they find the train system, subway system may be even the buses. all of that is a really, really concerning trend. brooke? >> it is. i was in cdg this morning. i'll tell you there, the security is fierce. martin savidge in paris tonight. thank you, marty. meantime, members of the band eagles of death metal, that american band, are talking for the first time since the tragic, tragic night friday november 13th there in paris. that was the band who was on stage there at that concert hall at the bataclan. those gunman just stormed in and
12:19 pm
opened fire on the crowd, leaving 89 people dead during an incredibly emotional interview, the band talks about wanting to play at that venue again and reliving the terrifying moments when those gunman just stormed in and started shooting. >> kids were having a blast. they were having a great time. i mean, the smile and the dancing and the singing along with each song. it was such -- you know, it was heartfelt. >> then out of nowhere, i just heard these -- what i thought were firecrackers directly behind me. >> so, they were shooting from behind you? >> correct. they came in the door. instantly walked in and just started blasting. there were two of them. >> random or -- >> random. that's instantly -- people started dropping to the ground, injuries, death. >> fear. >> and also running -- there's nowhere to go. so they basically ran into me, towards me and jumped down below my console. i was still standing up and i can see the gunman and he looked
12:20 pm
right at me and he shot at me and he missed. he hit my console. and buttons went flying everywhere. the console went shot and that's when i went instantly down on the ground and we all just huddled. and i think he thought i probably got hit because i went down so quickly. and everybody else around me was injured. there was blood all over. he stayed there and continued to shoot and shoot and slaughter and just scream at the top of his lungs, allah akbar. that's when i instantly knew what was going on. >> great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. so -- and so many people put themselves in front of people. >> you're stuck doing this. >> yeah. everyone's name that didn't make it that we have so far. >> you're stuck writing down names and you doesn't know why.
12:21 pm
like i'm writing these down. you know, i'm writing these down and i'm thinking, man, it's hard to even believe. i just wanted to write it down to see, for god sake, their parents -- i wish i could talk to their parents. >> what would you tell them? >> i don't know. i don't know what the right thing to say is. sorry. >> i think this is like such a delicate situation. it's so unfortunate. i sort of just want to get down on my knees, you know, and say whatever you need. >> right. >> because there's nothing i can really say because words just fail to like grasp the thing. and that's okay, too, you know. it's okay that there aren't words for that. maybe there shouldn't be.
12:22 pm
>> i cannot wait to get back to paris. i cannot wait to play. i want to come back. i want to be the first band to play in the bataclan when it comes back. >> why? >> because i was there when it went silent for a minute. >> our friends went there to see rock 'n' roll and died. i'm going to go back there and live. >> wow! the band plans to finish its tour. members say they are grateful for their fans and for all the love and support they have been getting. coming up next, emotions running high in chicago. >> this, as new video emerges of the african-american teenager being shot. we'll have a live report for you. also, breaking news. white house on lockdown as someone tried to jump the fence. we'll take you there live.
12:23 pm
you're watching cnn.
12:24 pm
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12:27 pm
let's go to chicago here. night number two of protests on the streets there, ending with four arrests. hundreds of demonstrators took over downtown streets late wednesday, condemning the killing by police last year of the 17-year-old. the officer, jason van dyke no longer on the force. charged with first-degree murder, being held without bond. new dash cam video of this police pursuit. this is from the patrol car that the former officer was actually riding in. the car following mcdonald, who you will see moments before that deadly encounter. the tension between police and protesters is palpable in the city. [ chanting ] >> ain't no justice in this
12:28 pm
town. [ chanting ] >> chicago. >> shut it down. >> this is the only way we can draw attention. >> he's okay. we're not okay. >> we are not okay. >> 16 shots. [ chanting ] 16 shots. >> i need help. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. [ chanting ] hands up. >> don't shoot. >> the whole damn system is guilty as hell. [ chanting ] [ whistle blowing ]
12:29 pm
[ indistinct shouting ] [ chanting ] >> the whole world's watching. >> keep moving! >> let's go now to chicago, a much quieter scene at the moment. rosa flores is there on beautiful michigan avenue. tell me, though, when we talked last hour, these protesters have plans for black friday? >> you know, some context about the video we just saw about these protesters, at the height of this protest there was about 200 people. we were walking behind them with our cameras, going up and down michigan avenue. and i wanted to show this
12:30 pm
anectdote. i think it really shows some of the peaceful conversations between police officers and the protesters. i walked for a few blocks behind two young protesters in their teens, talking with a police officer. they were laughing. you know, they were -- i couldn't exactly hear what they were saying. but then i got a little closer. when they said good-bye, they said happy thanksgiving. while you see that a lot of these protesters were in the faces of the police officers, there were also these conversations happening that were very peaceful, that were allowing demonstrators to demonstrate but also police officers to serve and to protect. like we said, we are expecting more protests tomorrow. right now, it's very quiet here. you can see that there are shoppers around me. you know, hundreds of shops in the magnificent mile. there will be thousands of shoppers here tomorrow. and we hear from protesters that they do plan to march up and down this avenue to voice their
12:31 pm
concerns. of course, they want transparency in this city. brooke? >> rosa, thank you. rosa flores in chicago. let's move ton more of our breaking news. vladimir putin just responding to turkey, calling on russia to apologize over the jet shootdown. hear what he says and whether he's ready to join this american-led coalition fight against isis. more on our other breaking news out of washington. the fact that the white house is on lockdown. someone tried to jump the white house fence. we'll take you there live. this is cnn. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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12:36 pm
the white house is on lockdown after someone jumped the north fence, running on to the lawn. athena jones, tell me what happened. >> this is a here we go again. we're getting more information in. we know that the white house is still on lockdown but the man has been apprehended almost immediately by secret service when he jumped over two barriers. i'm getting this information in by our photo journalist. you can see the pekt of a man wearing blue shirt, white pants and wrapped with the american flag. he jumped over that bar cade and then he proceeded to jump over the big fence you see there. that is a fence, brooke, that has newly installed metal spikes, supposed to be seven-inch steel spikes put in place to guard against precisely this sort of thing. it was meant as a temporary measure while they work on longer term designs on how to
12:37 pm
buttress those barriers and make the fence much more difficult to scale. those new spikes installed a few months ago clearly didn't detain this young man. our photo journalist there says secret service agents immediately started yelling at him as soon as he breached the barrier there, had their guns drawn. told him to get on the ground. he did get on the ground with his hands up. and in one of his hands, he was holding a white envelope. now we don't have any more information about what may have been in the envelope. we don't know anything about this man at this point. that's still information we are waiting for. we know that several agents responded with their canine dogs, as would be expected. brooke, this is not good news. this is something that secret service does not like to see. the main problem is that it keeps happening. perhaps the most famous or infamous breach was in september 2014 when, you'll remember, a jumper not only made it over the fence but made it all the way into the white house, as far as
12:38 pm
the east room. so this is a repeat -- a problem that's repeating itself far too much for the secret service's liking. brooke? >> but minor detail that's significant, the first family was home when this all happened. >> absolutely. they are celebrating thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> of course, we don't know what room they may have been in. but it's a serious thing, having someone be able to jump over that reinforced fence on a day when the president and his family are there. some of these past jumpers have jumped when the president was ov overseas or otherwise not home. he was home with his family celebrating thanksgiving. making this all the more concerning. you have to imagine, for secret service officials. brooke? >> just don't do it. as you said, file it under here we go again. athena jones, thank you so much. the other huge story we're watching, two days after trky downed that russian warplane, neither side is showing any sign of backing down, turkey's
12:39 pm
president talking to cnn in an exclusive interview today, the president saying his nation is not the one who needs to apologize. here we finally have it. moments ago, russian president vladimir putin with french president francois hollande in moscow. saying the downing by turkey caught moscow totally off guard. >> translator: i repeat again because we considered turkey to be a friendly country. we did not expect such previously we informed our american partners where, when and where our pilots would be working. the american side which leads the coalition in turkey knew about these missions. and then at that time we received a strike. so, we can be asked why did the americans not give us that information. >> let's bring in cnn local
12:40 pm
commentator peter arnott. thank you so much for coming in. there are short term implications and the broader context of this coalition, what's happening with isis. short term first. how might or will putin and russia, since they're obviously irked -- both sides are irked. how would putin try to punish turk sni. >> there's already talk of economic sanctions, preventing import of turkish produce, telling russian tourists not to go to turk. >> i pretty big deal. >> it's pretty big deal for both countries because turkey is the number one russian destination. and there's even talk -- and this is the biggest deal -- of them putting on hold a pipeline that would bring oil into russia through turkey bypassing the ukraine. >> how might this derail the coalition between the west and
12:41 pm
russia? >> frightening thing here is that you have two leaders in turkey and russia fuel bid nationalism. they're very adept at using nationalism in their countries to support themselves politically. the conflict between the two of them may be bad economically but it could help both leaders because they've been riding a nationalist tide. >> you are the first person who has said that. everyone else says no, no, no. >> you know, you can see putin has not backed down on ukraine, even though it's hurt his country's economy because it's actually helping him in the polls. this is worrying. it illustrates a border problem. the only way of defeating isis is by bringing together a coalition that also moves toward a political solution with the syrian government toward assad. turkey badly wants assad out and russia wants him in. >> putin has just said it's up to the syrian people to decide whether or not assad stays or goes. we know what france, turkey and the u.s., how we feel about
12:42 pm
assad. what happens there? >> i think it makes it all the more difficult. it illustrates the difficulty in bringing together all the difficulties that have a stake here at the table and figure out a political transition post assad. the differences are very deep. and syria has become this battleground for so many different countries, resentments. national yearnings, desires for imperial control. it's really a remarkable and frightening thing, which is playing out here. syria is becoming a kind of magnet for a global competition that we haven't seen in this way in a very long time. >> peter beinart, thank you very much. >> donald trump can say anything and it will not hurt his support. he has offended latinos, women, muslims, prisoners of war, journalists, the people of iowa, black activists, heidi klum. fact checkers and rand paul's hair. and, well, the list just got longer. trump now in hot water for
12:43 pm
mocking a reporter with a disability with a rare medical condition. is trump apologizing? what do you think? the backlash. and his brand new response. next. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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all right. let's get to politics now with republican front-runner donald trump doubling down on his attacks against "the new york times." let me back up. this whole thing started. he was down in south carolina, campaigning where donald trump imitated this "new york times" reporter with a physical disability. while continuing to insist he saw thousands of muslims
12:48 pm
celebrating in new jersey back on 9/11. and trump specifically took aim at this journalist serge kovaleski who wrote a story a week after 9/11 that mentioned a number of people questioned in jersey city for celebrating the attacks allegedly. kovaleski said he could not recall talking to any witnesses who saw those celebrations back in 2001. let me play this for you. this is donald trump imitating kovaleski. >> written by a nice reporter. now the poor guy, you ought to see this guy. uh, i don't know what i said. uh, i don't remember! he's going, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years old. they didn't do a retraction! >> kovaleski has a disability which limits the mobility of his arms. this is what "the new york times" has told cnn, quoting them now. we find it is outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters. so, to washington we go, to our
12:49 pm
cnn senior political correspondent, brianna keilar. if i may say, my friend, we have this statement response from donald trump himself. this is how the first two graphs read. quote i quoting, i have no idea who this reporter, serge kovales kichlt is, what he looks like or his level of intelligence. i don't know if he's j.j. watt, or muhammad ali in his prime or someone of lesser ability. i have great respect to how he wrote the article and in particular the tailgate parties of muslims taking place in jersey city. someone at the totally buy biased times said that over the years i have met mr. kov a. leski. despite having one of the all-time great memories i certainly do not remember him. what i do know is that after 14 years and no retraction, this reporter tried to pull away from the tailgate party paragraph he wrote many years ago for the washington post. brianna, i mean, donald trump, he's like run out of people to
12:50 pm
offend at this point. though, so many people are absolutely standing by him. >> yeah, that's >> a list of groups of people he had offended, iowans, mexico women, african-americans, muslims, i mean, the list goes on and on, but it is interesting you point out, brooke, his supporters are standing very much by him. they seem to like his unfiltered the way he speaks. and certainly i think they're not necessarily fans of the media or fans of the "new york times." so this is a safe political space for him to operate in. i want to let you know we have an additional statement from donald trump's office. and actually he's now demanding an apology from what he calls the failing "new york times" for accusing him of mocking a reporter's physical disability. and it says, in fact mr. trump does not know anything about the reporter, anything about what the reporter looks like, says he was just merely mocking the fact the reporter was trying to pull away from a story that he wrote 14 years ago. he accuses, and quote this
12:51 pm
reporter, as thinking a lot of himself if he thinks i remember him from decades ago. i will point to the fact that this reporter, serge kovaleski, actually covered donald trump for many years. so i think his expectations that donald trump does know who he is but donald trump is saying actually i don't. >> so just so i'm hearing you correctly, it's donald trump who is asking for an apology. >> yes. >> from the "new york times." >> that's right. he's demanding an apology from the "new york times." >> okay. let's move on. and i want to play this new ad. this is from republican contender here john kasich, governor of ohio. i should mention the person being quoted in the ad is a renowned pastor who spent time in concentration camps and spoke out publicly against the nazis. so here's the ad. >> i would like anyone who is listening to consider some thoughts that i've paraphrased from the words of german pastor ma martin nimov. you might not care that donald trump says muslims must register
12:52 pm
with your government because you're not one. and you might not care if donald trump says he's going to round up all the hispanic immigrants because you're not one. and you might not care if donald trump says it's okay to rough up black protesters because you're not one. and you might not care if donald trump wants to suppress journalists because you're not one. but think about this, if he keeps going and he actually becomes president, he might just get around to you. and you better hope that there's someone left to help you. >> so now add cay sikasich to t growing list of republican candidates attacking trump. >> yeah, he's part of the growing list. and i think if a candidate punches at trump, they should sort of expect a counterpunch here. it's interesting the sort of attack line there that you're hearing in that ad though, brooke, which is sort of saying he's insulting these groups.
12:53 pm
eventually he's going to insult you. i've been talking to republican sources about what they think candidates should do. i spoke with a couple who said that's really not the way to get at him. instead they think candidates should try to attack whether he is presidential. attack things like when he says that he gets his national security information from watching television. and they should hammer on that over and over to say that he's really disqualified for being president. but we'll see. >> we'll see. we'll see you later on cnn as well. thank you, my friend. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> in washington, thank you. still ahead, we're following breaking news. white house on lockdown after a fence jumper reached the north lawn. that jumper now in custody. we'll be right back.
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as we celebrate thanksgiving and join family to share a meal, i'm often reminded of the people i have met this year who will have empty seats at their
12:58 pm
tables. in 2015 i have spoken with so many families who lost loved ones to gun violence. and on this day, the day we express gratitude for all that we have, i wanted to share this from two incredibly strong women. alana lost her grandfather in june to the charleston church shooting, among five charleston survivors selected as glamour magazine's women of the year recently here in new york, and here you can see why. even in perhaps their most difficult year they express forgiveness, grace, perseverance and gratitude. >> the children have told me that the only changes mommy is in here. so they're very comfortable. i'm not necessarily saying that i'm looking forward to the holidays yet. i'm a little nervous about it. but i have my family. and i have extended family.
12:59 pm
i'll get through it. the pain was just really a very good big sister for me and she taught me so many things. so her spirit is guiding me through calmness and patience and learning in our faith. i've learned that there's strength in my faith and how to just stand still sometimes and not say a word. >> though i lost my grandfather who was there every thanksgiving and christmas, i have his extended his family now. and so now we have more people to celebrate with. and just people who understand what we're going through. and who can really help us with healing or further healing. and i'm also grateful that -- or thankful that i've been put in a position that i know my grandfather would have loved to have.
1:00 pm
because although, you know, something terrible happened, a lot of good has come from it. and we're working to make sure that a lot more good comes from it. >> and with that happy thanksgiving to you. brianna keilar's up next. thanks for watching. new terror fears and new efforts to fight terrorism. i'm brianna keilar, welcome to cnn "newsroom." france reeling after bloody attacks, french president francois hollande is making the rounds of major powers, seeking a stronger coalition against isis. today he took his case to moscow, but nicole ligs building is threatened by growing tensions between russia and turkey. russia is demanding an apology for the downing of one of its warplanes. and turkey's president is saying no way. now russia is stepping up the pressure to point sophisted