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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 27, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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er. discuss coordinated access over isis. the downing of the russian fighter jet continues. and two weeks to the day after the attacks that shocked the world, parisans gather to remember those lost. thanks for joining us. i'm max foster in paris. this is "cnn newsroom." we begin with the global threat of isis and international
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effort defeated and the cultural set in berlin on thursday. two men are accused of plotting a significant criminal act against state security. it has been two weeks since the deadly attacks here in paris. a ceremony of remembrance is set to begin in an hour and a half to honor the victims. actually half an hour from now. meanwhile, cnn heard that french authorities have been monitoring rail workers with ties to radical islam. one counterterrorism source says more than 100 staff from the french transit public company have traveled to syria since 2012. on thursday, french president francois hollande sat down with his russian counterpart vladimir putin. he has been meeting with world leaders to rally support for the war on isis. french president hollande is pulling citizens together at
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this hour to mourn the lives lost. families are gathering at this hour for the national ceremony. cnn's jim bittermann is at the war museum. what is the process, jim? >> reporter: max, i want to show you the picture of the flags in the windows that we're seeing coming up all over paris. officials asked people to put flags in the window as a show of patriotism. the french are not glued to their flags the way americans are. for them to come out like this and the president to ask them to make this gesture is something. the president said the country is at war. i think there is a feeling that may be the case where at this war museum, which is the burial place of napoleon and the place
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which has been used for military honors. this is the first time we are seeing civilians honored here. the ceremonies are about to start in a half hour. we think there is about 1,000 people all told who gathered inside watching and filing in slowly. families of the victims. families of the injured who survived as well as the first responders and security forces and entire political class of the country. the government is here along with politicians on all sides of the political aisle. >> in terms of getting the tone right, it is a military affair. this is a sort of service, a sort of ceremony you would expect someone who had been at war to receive. that is the tone the president
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is trying to reflect. >> reporter: absolutely, max. we are seeing the former defense minister going in to the ceremony. she was the defense minister under nicolas sarkozy and former president nicolas sarkozy is supposed to be here as well as the current serving ministers. it will be a morning of music and solemn music. and as i mentioned, the victims will be honored by the names red off and the honor guard will hold each one of the victim's pictures. >> the french president says since the attacks, france has been at war. the militant group came out quickly. he said he vowed to destroy it and on campaign to recruit world
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leaders. we have the french editor of "24" with us. do you think president hollande's got it right? >> it is controversial to make this symbol and statement of a military service or ceremony. mostly for soldier whose have fallen in the line of duty. he is making a strong statement. you are watching the pictures of the paris mayor arrive with lots of the families of the victims who are taking seats in the avenue. not all families are there. there are a couple of victims' families who said they will not attend the ceremony. their reasons are interesting. underlining two objections the way the ceremony has been organized. the family of one of the victims will not take part because they
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believe political capitalism is taking place. you could not have a ceremony without the president presiding over it. yet, there are those that it makes uncomfortable. political parties in a sense, the president representing the socialists should be in charge of a ceremony on this occasion. the other objection that has been raised by the other families victims' that are not among those you see, not enough was done after the january attacks of "charlie hebdo." the authorities should have made it impossible for jihadists and the subject of arrest warrants to go to and free syria. those are a couple of areas of controversy you are hearing in the french press this morning about the ceremony and the way it has been dealt. >> i hear the phrase the
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bataclan generation. describe what that means. >> president hollande says this is a ceremony held in memory of those who died, but also speaking about those beyond the direct victims. it is a generation of young people probably who never felt -- the concert hall. >> defined by this incident. as they grow older, bataclan will define them. >> he is speaking to them. he said this is about you and about your future. generally to get more involved. it is also behind the call for the french to put flags on balconies. >> you could see them all around us. >> it is an unusual sight. president hollande is trying to pick up on what has been the extraordinary nationalism. >> president hollande asked
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people which are able to go to the service to evngage in the service by putting flags outside their homes or offices. they have been turning up all around paris all day. is that a hard thing to do? it is a difficult relationship with the flag. >> it is a difficult relationship. of course, now the attitude of the french is very much behind what the president has done. two weeks ago today this all happened. france is still very much in shock. shocked by the scale of attacks. violence of the attacks. and the fact it is going back to what you are saying to the particular generation. multicultural and out in the terraces. this is a soft target. france is still in shock and president hollande is trying to get the public behind him. he is trying to get outside of
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france for the islamic organization which is controversial, but within france to get the country rallied around him behind him this time. needs their support. what he is pushing through the legislature is controversial aimed at france's surveillance laws and security laws. he needs the french public behind him. the message is reaching out to him. french security is what matters and these lives that were lost need to be brought together. >> melissa, we will be back with you. on thursday, president hollande met with vladimir putin to discuss the fight against isis. for more on that, let's go to cnn's matthew chance in moscow. this was a highlight of the global talk. did he get what he wanted in moscow? >> reporter: it is interesting, francois hollande came here shortly after the paris attacks to put together the coalition.
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he went to washington and met with angela merkel and the british prime minister as well. it was always going to be a difficult challenge to bring russia on side in the coalition to work with the coalition more closely in tackling isis inside syria. the whole matter was complicated by the shooting down by turkey, that russian war plane. russians furious about it in the incident overshadowed the meeting with francois hollande. vladimir putin said he did not feel the turks didn't know they were firing at the russian plane. serious consequences. that is what vladimir putin suggested will take place or vowed will be the result of this incident. already, russia has moved to put some of its most powerful anti-aircraft missiles inside syria. bringing in an unprecedented
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level of fire power to the syrian battle field. suddenly russia's war planes in syria looked much less vulnerable. this is the first highly sophisticated s-4 missiles ready to be deployed to the combat zone. these missiles could give russia control of the sky in the hard line response to the shoot down of turkey by one of its planes. it has been a hard line response to this, too. images of rebels shooting the air crew killing the pilot and drawing the kremlin furious. defense officials say intensive air bombardment coupled with artillery killing isis and otheo
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share intelligence and coordinate air strikes, but the loss of the russian plane has complicated the deal leaving the kremlin angry and betrayed. >> translator: it did not even enter our minds that we could have been struck by a party we considered to be our ally. >> reporter: and amid signs that russia is preparing economic sanctions against turkey for this progress toward a grand anti-isis coalition, it may have dealt a serious blow. and with the foreign minister
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speaki speaking, he says they have 48 hours to come with areas targeted if and when sanctions are planned. max. >> matthew chance in moscow. thank you. ever since turkey shot down the russian plane, relations with the countries have been called abruptly. we have turkey's president insisting russia is in the wrong. >> translator: well, i think if there is a party that needs to apologize, it's not us. those who violated our air space are the ones who need to apologize. our pilot and our armed forces, they fulfill their duties which consisted of responding to a violation of the rules of engagement. i think this is the essence.
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>> sergei lavrov has called this planned provocation. and putin has accused of you deliberately driving relations between your countries to a standstill. your response. >> translator: first of all, there is no deliberate effort from our side to bring relationship to a standstill. i think these are emotional attitudes to the issue. i don't think it is the right thing to say. we have never had this kind of incident to bring the relationship to this point. >> they do keep coming. putin has accused of you effectively stabbed him in the back is the line he used and as turkey being an accomplice of terror. this is pretty fiery stuff,
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isn't it? >> translator: well, the expression, i don't know if he used or not. if mr. putin is saying that we are cooperating with da'ish as accomplices, i think that will be a huge mistake because we are doing the exact opposite. that is and russia is not engaged in a fight against da'ish in syria. on the contrary, there are actually targeting moderate opposition. turkey is a country that fights against terrorism. calling turkey an accomplice of terrorists is the worst thing to do. >> turkish president speaking to becky yesterday. now this in to cnn. two men have been arrested in connection with the attacks on
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the radisson hotel that left 20 people dead. the gunmen were killed in attack. the other two are accomplices. their roles in the attack have not been made clear. both men were taken into custody. you are watching "cnn newsroom." we will have more on the memorials on the terror attacks in around 15 minutes from now.
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live pictures of the remembrance ceremony gets ready to take place at the bottom of the hour in paris to remember the victims of the attacks two weeks ago. just a few hours time, pope francis will bid kenya farewell before departing for uganda. he stresses to help poor. the pontiff is giving the third warning about an issue close to his heart. the environment. he says no country can act
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independently. this comes days ahead of the conference climate here in paris. we have more with robyn kriel. >> reporter: max, to give you an idea of what is going on here at the stadium in nairobi, the pontiff has wrapped up the question and answer session with young people off the cuff. he spoke and was outspoken on a number of issues. i want to get reaction on what he said about tribalism from young people here present during the speech. he asked us about tribalism. he asked the stadium to stand up and tribalism is an issue in kenya. he asked the stadium to stand up and do something. tell us about that. >> okay. once again, my name is eric. i'm from catholic university
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here in africa. we all come together to see the pope. and he was talking to us he emphasized us to be united and become united together and not divided by tribalism. one of his comments was unity. the pope asked us to come together. as a show of unity and show of the means to become united. our faith should unite us. >> reporter: and kenya faced issues in 2008. the older said corruption was like sugar and we cannot have too much sugar otherwise our country will become diabetic. what did you think about that?
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>> corruption is the killer in our country right now. it is the beginning of every problem. our view of the country will go in one direction. when he spoke about corruption, we were delighted. it was powerful. the president knows his government had been split on issues of corruption. not to test the sugar as he put it. i want to tell the youth heard him very well. we want to stay away from that sugar. we hope that the kenyan government and the people who are working in the public sector to do all they can to stay away from that sugar. you can stay away from it and we will have a good kenya.
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>> reporter: thank you very much. he spoke about corruption in the vatican. the message was heard loud and clear by the kenyan youth. there is a gentleman from tanzania here. max. >> robyn, thank you very much. expected the issue of gay rights in uganda. the pontiff has made remarks before and ugandan church lea r leaders disagree on the gays in the church. david mckenzie has this exclusive report. >> reporter: in uganda, god isn't hard to find. in it, cafes and boutiques and stores. at tuesday's sermon for thousands. >> does god love uganda?
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>> he does. >> reporter: it should be fertile ground for the visit. >> he is hypocritical. he must take a stand. >> reporter: some ugandan priests are angry at pope francis' attempts to reach out to christians. >> you say this is the proof. this is the way. >> reporter: these two are afraid to move together in daytime. they can't go back home. their families have abandoned them. >> people screaming outside. hey, gays are here. >> reporter: they live in fear of being attacked again. they face years in prison for acts of homosexuality and the
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colonial-era laws. is it hurtful that people hate you so much? >> it is so hard that people hate us so much because we are gays. >> reporter: this has done nothing to slow politicians and preachers in uganda. >> it is like any other crime in the nation or the world. >> reporter: and they say they are proud of who they are. >> i have a confession to god. is it that man is praying to god over things happening? >> reporter: they say no matter what happens, they will suffer together. david mckenzie, cnn, uganda. we are in paris and minutes away from the france national remembrance ceremony.
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we will bring it to you live here from "cnn newsroom."
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here in paris, it is the remembrance ceremony being held for those involved in the paris attacks. you have victims' families there and survivors and members of the emergency services and key politicians as well. that service is about to begin with the national anthem.
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jim bittermann is standing by outside. in terms of what they are trying to express here, they are trying on remember what happened, but the sense of the ceremony here, jim. >> reporter: absolutely. this is a military installation here. this is where napoleon is buried and armies used this over the years as a hospital. it is where former presidents had lain in state. i see the motorcade on the bridge. the alexander the iii bridge. the motorcade just coming across the bridge now. the president will arrive and the ceremony will start when he gets in place. you probably will be able to see the motorcade going behind me here. some of the outriders are arriving now. the president wanted to do the ceremony once all the victims had been identified. some people complained too many days after the events.
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two weeks later, now the victims have been identified. they were able to gather the families of the victims. not all of the families wanted to come. some families are protesting this. one family member wanted to boycott this. suggested it on facebook that other family members should do the same. they felt the government hadn't done enough to prevent the attacks in the first place. there is the motorcade going insi inside. once he is in place, the ceremony will start, max. >> as president francois hollande gets inside the military installation, jim described, talking about the war on isis. this played into that narrative. this is where the victims of war are buried and honored and in many ways, the victims are seen as victims of war as well. as he arrives in there, we will
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see him take his position. we expect to see the national anthem be played and silence and read all 130 names of the victims involved in the paris attacks. very powerful moment for the people of france. also people from other countries as well who had their citizens caught up in the attacks. over the last week, we have seen president hollande take this war as he described it, around the world. meeting david cameron. then going to america to meet president obama. then meeting angela merkel and the italian prime minister and then yesterday in moscow to meet vladimir putin. this is an international campaign. we will listen in as the president arrives for the ceremony to honor the paris attacks. ♪
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[ france national anthem ]
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>> you were hearing a song very well known here in france. "we only have love" as images of the victims came up on the big screen. you saw the president looking obviously very emotional as he looked at the images. 130 in total. some died that night and others died days after. we expect to hear the names, 130 victims read out, as a national ceremony as people from across france and around the world two weeks after the horrific attacks across paris two weeks ago. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> the very well known soprano well known here in france singing at the ceremony. >> translator: jean jack, 68. 46 years old. and 36.
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toma, 32. 62. claude, 27. max farr, 26. mac, 40. gigli, 32. 29. jon max, 34.
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nicholas, 37. nikola, 43. manuel, 63. angony, the wife of guermo, 35. cisily, 37. mahed, 34.
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mata, 32. nikola, 37. fran, 35. francois, 38. edgar, 35. philip, 27. fabrias, 36. duma, 30. christine, 34.
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matisas, 22. salli, 28. jean, 36. crystal, 39. garson, 32. malu, 30. mitchell, 29.
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sedric, 30. nomi, 23. juan alberto, 29. stefan, 52. terry aldo, 41. pierre, 36. matta, 37.
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mohamed, 29. pierre, 41. natalie, 31. mario, 24. nico, 47. natalie lohan, 39. guermo, 33. jean-leclare, 32.
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christof, 33. sissy, 33. antwan marie, 34. charlotte, 21. isabel, 44. yannik, 39.
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marie, 24. viktor, 24. christoph, 48. ellen, 35. omar, 31. christopher, 39. manuel perez, 40.
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francois, 29. sebastian, 37. victor, 54. esta, 25. isabelle, 36. sardi, 35.
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anna, 36. karen, 29. leslie, 29. igor, 23. marie, 28. paul, 21.
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antella, 24. olli, 34. stella, 37. >> just read out 130 names there at the national mourning of the paris attacks. they also gave the ages. the youngest is 17 going right up to one name here at the age of 63. that is the expressive scale of the attacks. many in the 30s and 40s. what is also striking, so many in their 20s at the bataclan
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generation. something the president has spoken of trying to make the point that this is a common threat. a war against isis in his words, which effects every generation, including that bataclan generation. the president looking very emotional as he considers the names that have just been read out to him. not just french family members there. family members from other parts of the world as well. and they sit there and take in the moment as they remember their loved ones. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> in a moment, the president will stand up and speak to the nation and world as he tries to
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encapsulate what this means for france and the paris attacks. they weren't just in france. just before the memorial, the parents in the u.k. issued a statement. we extend our love and condolence by those affected by the indiscriminate act. our lives are linked forever. very much playing in to what the president has been saying. >> translator: friday the 13th of november is the day we will never forget. france was struck cowardly in an act of organized war, organized from far away. and acted


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