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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 27, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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encapsulate what this means for france and the paris attacks. they weren't just in france. just before the memorial, the parents in the u.k. issued a statement. we extend our love and condolence by those affected by the indiscriminate act. our lives are linked forever. very much playing in to what the president has been saying. >> translator: friday the 13th of november is the day we will never forget. france was struck cowardly in an act of organized war, organized from far away. and acted out in cold blood
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where assassins killed 130 of our people and more than 350 others were wounded in this day of betrayal. today, the nation, the entire nation, is struggling to live. 130 names of the victims, 130 lives taken away. 130 wasted lives. 130 lives we no longer hear. and 130 joys. these women, these men, taken away the happiness of their lives because they were life. they were killed. it's because they were france they were shot dead because they were freedom that they were
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massacred. at that such serious moment in this such painful time, with the nation in accord with itself, i address in its name our compassion and our affection and our feelings toward the families, the nearest and dearest of all those gathered here. the parents who no longer see their children. the children who will grow up without their parents. couples broken apart by love letters and brothers and sisters separated forever. 130 dead and so many wounded. forever marked. traumatized at the deepest level.
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so, i want to say quite simply these words. france should be alongside you. we will unite to campaign and after burying the dead, we have to repair to all of you. i promise you, solemnly, that france will do everything. destroy the army that carried out these crimes. it will act without bending down to protect these children. i promise also that france remain herself such as wanted france to remain and if there is a need, a reason for us to stand up today, a reason to fight for
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our principles. a reason to defend this republic. we find it in their memories, these women, these men, to come from over 50 areas of france, from cities, from suburbs, from villages and towns, they also came from the world. 17 countries sharing their grief with us. these women, these men on that friday the 13th where paris, a city which lives in the day and shines at night, there are on the terraces of cafes and open in meeting of ideas they were
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sharing with the world. that evening where autumn seemed not to finish and singing at bataclan with a band of an american group showing of friendship in the concert hall for two centuries embodied the spirit of paris. these women, these men, of all ages, but the majority were less than 35 years old. they were children when the berlin wall came down. they had not had the time to believe in the end of history. and it already caught up with them. where in september of 2001, they had then understood the world was faced with new danger with the attacks of the beginning of this year upset them.
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many, i know, had demonstrated on the 11th of january as millions of french people had. they had refused to be faced with fear or faced with the threat of terrorism. they knew that france was not the enemy of any people. but they will go where they're called to protect the weakest and be against any kind of termination. these women, these men were the youth of france. the youth of a free people. and cherish culture of its own. all cultures at the bataclan where people made music their work. music was unbearable to terrorists. it was this harmony they that wanted to break this passion and
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this joy that they wanted to destroy with their bombs. and they will not stop it. and we can only respond to them by multiple songs and concerts and shows. we will continue to play in stadiums and in particular the stade de france in saint-denis. we will participate in the great sporting events where the most modest meet. we will also share the same emotions and different origins and cultures and confessions and faiths because we are one nation only carried by the same values. what the terrorists want, to divide us and throw us one against other. they will fail, i assure you.
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they believe in the cult of death. we have love. love for life. those who fell on the 13th of november were france. all france. they were students, journalists, teachers, people who worked in restaurants and engineers. architects, professionals, carpenters, waiters, people who worked in advertising, artists. they were all france. the talents of the world. all of them wanted to succeed for themselves for their family and for their country. let us remember their faces and names, but also their hopes and joys and dreams and we will act tomorrow. we know the enemy.
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it is hatred. that which kills s in copenha and london. the enemy. fanatics to submit people. that is to say islamism which is this enemy which we will defeat with our forces. those of republic with our weapons and with bombs and democracy and institutions with rights and law and this fight, we can count on our military undertaken engaged in operations in syria and iraq. we can count on our police
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officers together with justice who carried out admirable acts to put terrorists out of harm. we can pounce on the parliament to adopt all the measures of defense in the interest of the country and spirit of national agreement and respect of fundamental freedoms. then above all, we can count on every french woman and french man to show vigilance to show humanity and dignity. we will carry out this fight to the end and we will win it. being loyal of every idea of france it is the art of living. a wish to be together and
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attachment belonging to the nation and common destiny and i will tell you here, we will not change. we will be united. united on the main thing. >> you have been watching french president francois hollande speaking at a remembrance ceremony for the 130 victims of the paris terrorist attacks which happened two weeks ago today. senior europe than correspondent jim bittermann joining us. jim, the french president speaking and very moving. he talks about children without parents and couples broken apart. >> reporter: alison, he was s e solemn during the ceremony. he said he would destroy the enemy and destroy the people responsible for this. i make you a solemn promise, he
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said, we will destroy them. the president wanting to make sure the country knows that france is going to go out after the people responsible for this bloody attacks here two weeks ago. around him were a lot of the family members of the victims, 130 victims killed and also some of the survivors. 350 injured in the attacks. a lot of them in the ceremony today as well as their families and first responders and the honor guard. the ceremony that was very politically correct because we had all politicians, the entire political class of france gathered here. former presidents and his governments. any number of members of political parties and leaders from political parties all here today to show unity which is what president hollande has been asking for the last few weeks since the attacks happened. alison, boris.
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>> very strong words from the french president. jim, thank you. russia's president declaring himself ready to cooperate. vladimir putin sitting down with the french president in moscow yesterday. the latest on the world of parade of leaders that hollande met. hollande saying putin is ready to strike only against isis and only against jihadist groups. left unsaid is bashar al assad. left open by putin. will this be the sticking point in building a coalition? for the latest, let's bring in matthew chance in moscow. matthew, from putin's perspective, the moderate syrian rebels are a jihad group. does this change anything in
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russia's strategy? >> reporter: i don't think so. the use of the phrase jihadist groups covers a plethora of factions on the ground in syria. the other various rebel factions of the groups fighting against the assad regime. that lack of discrimination or discernment has been reinforced over the last couple days. the rebels. the turkmen backed by turkey, filmed themselves on a cell phone shouting akbar is great. one of them, the pilots of the aircraft killed in the russian jet shot down. the russians to deal with and brought in to talks to form a
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authorities in chicago bracing for a black friday protest march along the magnificent mile. the aim is to disrupt holiday shopping. the latest in the largely peaceful protests since the release of the dash cam video showing laquan mcdonald shot 16 times. police officer jason van dyke is being held on a first-degree murder charge. we get more from rosa flores. >> reporter: boris, up to now we
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have seen up to 200 protesters demonstrate at one time. they tell us on black friday, that will be different. because they will descend on the magnificent mile here in chicago. they are expecting hundreds of stores to be opened. thousands of shoppers to be around. protesters will tell us they will have a bigger group of demonstrators up and down the avenue. we should add the mcdonald family and religious leaders are asking for calm along with city leaders. they want people to express emotions and demonstrate, but demonstrate peacefully. we should add van dyke is expected to face a judge on monday for another hearing. alison, boris. >> rosa, thanks for that. thanksgiving day in the nfl, a treat for some teams. turkey for others. coy wire has the bleacher report next.
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former packers quarterback brett favre brings lambeau field fans to their feet one more time. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. >> alison, the packers and bears have the oldest rivalry. they never met on thanksgiving day. this had a bit of a special feel. at halftime, packers honored brett favre by retiring his number on the wall. then wall of famer bart starr
2:26 am
was in the house. and producers brian and robert here, cheese heads at cnn, were choked up. jay cutler and the boys became the bad news bears. in the soaking rain, chicago holds on for the 17th upset. now golden state warriors are looking for the best start to 17-0 tonight against the suns. cnn sports anchor rachel nichols sat down with steph curry. >> is there any spot on the floor you feel you could not make a shot from? >> really? i was hanging my percentages. i know where i can make it. i was crossing half-court, and for a second, if i tell you this, i'm going to make it. i pulled the trigger. i had some self control. that confidence is at an
2:27 am
all-time high. >> steph curry is on fire. he had three-pointers by himself this season already than two other entire nba teams. he and the team are going for an nba record of 33 straight wins. that's the next goal. lakers did 44 seasons ago. guys. >> impressive streak. he can hit from anywhere on the floor. when they won the championship, people said they were lucky. now out to prove something. >> absolutely. you know, the sky's the limit for the team. we look unstoppable. >> they are. coy wire, thank you. russia says it is ready to work with europe and the u.s. to fight isis in syria, but this won't come easy. we are live next. thioh my god. friday. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long. that's a great idea. what if you could get up to 20% cash back when you bought it? bam. twenty percent back? that's awesome.
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work together to fight isis in syria? and russia unleashes new retaliati retaliation. and france remembering the victims of the attacks two weeks ago. i'm alison kosik. >> i'm boris sanchez. russia says it is ready to cooperate battling isis. vladimir putin sitting down with the french president in moscow yesterday. the latest the parade of world leaders hollande met with since the paris attacks. hollande said putin is ready to strike against isis and only jihadist groups. left unsettled, but left open by putin. will assad be the sticking point in the coalition against isis? for insight, let's bring in senior correspondent matthew chance in moscow.
2:33 am
matthew, bashar al assad, the sticking point in the discussions. what will it take to get putin to ease on support of assad? guarantees that russia's base in syria can remain open or relaxation of sanctions in ukraine? >> reporter: i'm not sure that for the kremlin these issues are linked. the russians have strong military presence. it is getting stronger by the day. they have strong economic ties there. it is more than that. they see syria as the last foothold in the middle east. this is about russian powers abroad. it is maintaining the influence on the global stage. the russians will be reluctant to let go of that. any assurances from washington will not change their mind. when russia is divided over bashar al assad, russians are backing into the hills.
2:34 am
saying he doesn't have a future or role to play in syria. that problem has not yet been resolved. it is standing in the way of the grand coalition with russia and the west over syria. >> and matthew, the syrian people should decide. how can there be an election or a status quo by the syrian people on who should lead them? >> reporter: well, it is going to be extremely difficult and it is not practical for any election. i imagine it to be at this stage. what putin is saying it is for the syrian people to decide, he is talking about not allowing the united states or nato to come in with a change. that is something russia wants to avoid. the iraq scenario. they don't want to see an arab
2:35 am
spring scenario. they want the situation to maintained. the status quo is what russia wants. to make sure they support the regime of bashar al assad. >> matthew chance, thank you. we are getting new details this morning on russia's retaliation against turkey for shooting down the war plane. a russian cargo plane unloading an anti-aircraft missile at the russian base in syria. economic sanctions also rolled out. targeting everything from turkish imports to russian tourism to joint energy projects. turkey will not apologize for downing the russian jet. in the meantime, word that iran was instrumental in rescuing the plane's co- pilot. cnn cannot confirm the report that the head of iran could force special operations unit
2:36 am
was behind the rescue. let's bring in more with cnn's ian lee from istanbul. >> reporter: alison, the rescue mission was made up of members of the lebanese militant group hezbollah as well as commandos from the bashar al assad government. and behind enemy lines. they knew the gps of the pilot. they were able to go in and get him out of there. it is interesting, though, russia would lead the fate to other commandos. they tried to launch a rescue mission that came under issue where one marine died. it shows close trust between moscow and tehran that the russians would allow the operation to take place. >> back to the retaliation now for downing the russian fighter jet. now russia putting the economic
2:37 am
sanctions upon turkey. turkey and russia tight trading partners. how is this upping the tensions with the two countries? >> reporter: this has the real possibility of being devastating for turkey's economy. russia is turkey's second largest economy. they get 60% of their gas from russia. and people here are worried that tap could be turned off. especially in the winter. they also have a multibillion dollar nuclear power plant they are working with. to put the squeeze on turkey between turkey and moscow is very much heated. turkey is more conciliatory. they are saying they are right. becky anderson talked to the president of turkey yesterday. take a listen. >> was it a mistake and will you apologize? >> translator: i think if
2:38 am
there's a person that needs to apologize, it is not us. those who violated our air space needs to apologize. >> reporter: both sides are saying the other needs to apologize. it is important to point out the turkish president on the day of the incident tried to call putin to talk to him about it. all he got was silence. at the end of the month, there is another opportunity at a climate summit in paris for the two to meet. it is not known if it will happen. also, later next month on the 15th, the turkish president is scheduled to go to moscow to meet with putin. we do not know if that trip will go ahead. >> we shall see if they will make friends in the other meetings. ian lee, thank you. breaking news from paris. french president francois hollande just spoken at a remembrance ceremony for the 130 victims of the paris attacks
2:39 am
that happened two weeks ago today. this as alpolice keep up the manhunt for the attackers. we have more from jim bittermann. jim, the president saying france must repair. >> reporter: he said he wanted to restore the spirit of paris. he made a solemn promise, as he put it in his remarks, that they would capture the people responsible for threatening people in france. this ceremony just ending. a parade of vehicles coming out. an amazing display of unity. not only were all of the members of the press government, but politicians of every stripe. this was about the victims, the 130 people killed, the 350 injured. for much of the ceremony devoted to the reading of the names of the 130 people who were slain
2:40 am
and their ages and one of the things that struck all of us here was the ages. some of these people were as young as 17 years old who were killed. and mostly very young people indeed. president and members of the community looked solemn and saddened as the names were read out for us. >> very solemn moment, jim, especially with two suspects still on the loose. thank you. retailers are hoping record sales as 30 million shoppers line up for black friday deals. that's next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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time for an early start on your money. ugly friday for stocks around the world. china stocks plunging today. shanghai down 5.5%. cracking down on violations of trading rules.
2:45 am
european shares and u.s. stock futures in the red. black friday is in full swing. lots of retailers opened yesterday on turkey day. target, walmart, best buy and toys r us are joining in the fray this morning. good news. shoppers seem to be ready to spend 25% more this year. some items with deals are gaming consoles and tech gadgets. if you are heading out, brace yourself. retailers are seeing a good turnout so far and online sales are soaring. let's bring in cnn's cristina alesci outside h & m outside harold square. good morning, cristina. >> reporter: already a huge line about 200 people here in front of h & m in front of harold square. the people here in front of the line have been here since 2:00
2:46 am
a.m. private security making sure that people are orderly. we expect that to change. alison, this is one of the busiest shopping areas in the city. it is only going to be busier. you have the most major brands in the country. victoria's secret, h & m, mac s macy's. we are talking about some of the retailers here. this is a make or break time for them, alison. right now, analysts are expecting them to bring in $8 billion. consumers, perhaps feeling better and ready to spend a bit more money this holiday season. that, of course, against the back drop of the weak consumer spending number just last month. we have to see how this plays out. alison, keep in mind. we see people with all sorts of bags and merchandise, at the end of the day, about 75% of the money that is spent over this
2:47 am
holiday season is spent on just one personal product. tvs, electronics. we will see a lot of retail today, it is really a big story for electronics and gadgets and tech, alison. >> put on that gear. it looks like you need it. cristina, thanks. >> maybe some tactical gear on. authorities in chicago bracing for black friday protests on the city's magnificent mile. the aim is to disrupt holiday shopping. this is the latest in the largely peaceful protest this week since the release of the dash cam video of laquan mcdonald shot 16 times. jason van dyke is being held on a first-degree murder charges mu. here is more from rosa flores.
2:48 am
>> reporter: alison and boris, we have seen 200 demonstrators at one time, but on black friday, it will be different. they will descend on the magnificent mile. they expect thousands of shoppers to be around and they will have a bigger group of demonstrators up and down the avenue. the mcdonald family and religious and city leaders in chicago are asking for calm and asking for peaceful protests. they want people to express their emotions and demonstrate, but demonstrate peacefully. we should add that van dyke is expected to face a judge for another hearing on monday. alison and boris. >> rosa, thank you. firing back at the new york times and one of the reporters after he was accused of mocking the reporter's physical
2:49 am
disability. donald trump said i merely mocked what was a flustered reporter. if he is handicapped, i would not know because i do not know what he looks like. if i did know, i would not say anything about his appearance. trump said he the reporter should stop using his disability to grandstand. for his part, the reporter rejects trump's claim that he doesn't know him. he has known him for years and spoken to him at press conferences about a dozen times. the gop rival ben carson looking to bolster his credibility. carson's grasp of foreign policy has been questioned plans to visit a clinic in northern jordan. he says when you have first hand knowledge of things as opposed to secondhand, it makes a
2:50 am
stronger impression. >> that makes sense. the pope unleashing a scolding this morning on his trip to africa. we will talk about what triggered his anger next. ugorn , the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. the indomitable nature of the human spirit. that's what's happening here. because there's something out there something better and bigger than here and with 80 thousand people to help you realize your wildest dreams... we'll get you there. because there is no stop in us.
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pope francis in africa giving a stern warning about climate change. after celebrating a mass in kenya, he called for people to come to agreement on fossil fuel emissions. his messages comes days before the climate change in paris. robyn kriel joins us live.
2:55 am
the pope speaking to a group of students where you are located. >> reporter: i'm at the stadium in nairobi where the pope held the final public event in a very off the cuff marks with young people. they have a number of issues. one of which was corruption, which the pope was outspoken about. what he said about corruption is corruption is everywhere. it is not just in politics. he mentioned it occurring in the vatican. he likened corruption to something that eats you inside like sugar. it is very sweet to eat. it is easy. we end up being sick and that he you could become diabetic and ,- your country could become diabetic. he says it is not limited to the politics. he spoke out about radicalization. a huge issue in the united states and across the world. here in kenya, we have al
2:56 am
shabaab, the terror group, that every now and again launches attacks. uganda is the next place for the pope to visit. finally, he also spoke about corruption and he mentioned the issues of radicalization and the issues of tribalism. tribalism is a major issue in kenya. you saw post election violence in 2007 and 2008. that turned into ethnic cleansing. >> clearly having trouble with robyn's signal. he talked about income inequality and corruption. great trip for the pope. let's get an early start on your money. it is an ugly friday for stocks around the world. china stocks down today. shanghai down 5%. regulators cracking down on violations.
2:57 am
u.s. stock futures and europe stocks are in the red. wall street closes at 1:00 today. are you ready for black friday? the shopping mania is in full swing. retailers kicked off in the middle of turkey day. walmart, best buy and target joining the fray. many more joining this morning. retailers are seeing big crowds at brick and mortar scoretores. shoppers spend $1.7 billion on thanksgiving day. the expectations, the number will grow today with shoppers ready to shell out more this year than last. while you are out, do you plan on treating yourself? almost 60% of people are self gifting this year instead of waiting for santa. the average amount spent is $130 with the improving job market and cheaper gas prices, you have
2:58 am
more to spent including on yourself. retailers are catering to self serve special deals. >> you have to gift to yourself. >> now it is time for us. is russia ready to work to fight isis in syria? "newsroom" starts now. >> vladimir putin saying he is ready to work with the u.s. on fighting isis. >> new details in russia's retaliation against turkey. >> weapons could bring significant control of the skies. >> this relationship is deteriorating rapidly. neither side is backing down. protesters tell us they will descend on the magnificent mile. >> this is going to be a long battle. an all-out battle across the nation. >> i'm ready.
2:59 am
>> good morning. welcome to a very special edition of "cnn newsroom." it is friday, my friends. november 27th. 6:00 in the east. the one and only john berman joins me. up first, the potential game changer in the war on isis. vladimir putin declaring russia is ready to cooperate with the united states. it promises to wipe out the terror group. in the but this spirit comes with a caveat. >> the russian leader assists the syrian people must decide assad's fate for themselves. in other words, he's not going to do anything to push them out. all of this as we learn more about the dramatic downing of the russian jet. >> is russia going to join the coalition? probably not anytime soon? are they going to cooperate?
3:00 am
putin says they're ready to do that. but u.s. officials say there are a couple of big ifs out there. and one of the biggest is that s-400 anti-air missile system that we've now seen the pictures of. russia says it's shipping these parts into syria. this is a massive anti-air system. if the russians actually turn it on, make it go operational, they will be able to control a large swath of syrian and, indeed, turkish air space. and for u.s. pilots, that's a big issue. they need to understand what the russian intentions are here. they need to have some understanding that the russians are not targeting them. they need to figure out if they need to change their operations to deal with what the russians are doing. so while the political talk may look pretty conciliatory, on the ground, there are a lot of military issues to iron out before anybody can really talk about real cooperation. >> john? >> barbara, what are we learning ab


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