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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i'm john berman with breaking news. new information on an arrest that shocked and appalled the nation. a crime police officers in chicago call unspeakable, unfathomable. we're talking about the murtd of 9-year-old tysean lee. police believe he was lured into an alley, fatally shot because of his family's relationship with a gang member. we are waiting on a police news conference due to start any second. you're looking at live pictures from inside that news conference. cnn's rosa flores is in the room right now on a phone from
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detective headquarters in chicago. what do we expect to hear? >> reporter: hi, john. we're expect police to announce the arrest of -- corey morgan for first-degree murder charges in relation toty ysean lee, the 9-year-old you described moments ago. authorities tell us he was lured into an alley, shot and killed. we have learned a few more details. they say this man, corey morgan, was the same man that was questioned after lee's killing and then released and later arrested on unrelated gun charges. again, we're expecting to learn more information in moments. now, i can tell you, i was on the scene covering this story from the get go and it was just so eerie, john, to be in that alley. authorities telling us this boy was simply going to play basketball, that he was just walking through aalley and that
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in a gang-related targeted killing, that boy was lured into that alley and shot and killed. gerngs a man by the name of corey morgan arrested on first-degree murder charges in relation to the killing of tysean lee. >> we say tysean lee was 9 years old. if that's not enough, this kid was 83 pounds. he was truly just a little boy, targeted in some kind of gang -- possible relationship between this man now under arrest, corey morgan and tysean lee's family? >> reporter: the other thing we've heard from authorities, and we're expecting to hear more, but they tell us this was a gang-related targeted killing. a gang-on-gang type killing, instead of going for the family member, they actually lured this little boy into the alley and shot and killed him. it's very disturbing.
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from the get go, from talking to investigators, they told me, rosa, this is one of a series we're following. we really hope this is not true because it's so gory. and, indeed, that's what they found. now, you know, this man is arrested on first-degree murder charges in relation to this killing. we don't know this man was the man who lured this boy into that alley. again, we'll learn more in the next few moments. >> stand by. we'll bring you that news conference the second it happens in chicago. i'm joined by danny. in this case, corey morgan was brought in for questioning virtually right away. he was then -- you get the sense police have had their eye on this guy for a while. >> they definitely did. not only knowing about them,
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knowing them personally, cultivating informants. i have no idea -- i would expect, i should say, they had someone on the inside giving them information that led them rel livety quickly to this defendant. >> if they knew then or thought they knew then, why the month? why the four weeks from the killing to make the formal arrest? >> there are several different reasons that could happen. on the one hand, if there's someone currently and presently dangero dangerous, police would and should go out and arrest that person. at the same time, they want to make sure they have enough to amount of probable cause to hold him for trial. so, it's a delicate balancing the prosecution has to engage in. it's difficult and it's a judgment call. a month is not completely surprising, especially with the intel they had on the front end was not reliable. >> what about the bigger significance of this? we're waiting for a news conference. you're looking at a live view of
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the detective headquarters. an arrest made in the 9-year-old boy tysean lee, lured into an alley and apparently killed, assassinated in some type of gang-related activity. what do you think authorities to want do with this arrest today? what message do they want to send by doing this in such a high-profile way? >> it's interesting. studies show gangland killings are less likely to receive the death penalty than rape murders or other kind of killings. it's an interesting phenomenon. but law enforcement has been wanting to send the message gang killings are unacceptable. in the recent decade we have added gang killings to the list of aggravating factors that would qualify someone for the death penalty. again, illinois is not a death penalty state anymore. but, without question, it is a
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growing concern for law enforcement and legislatures who have added enhancements for killings in the gang sphere. >> an arrest made in the awful, awful murder of 9-year-old tysean lee. in the meantime, major new developments in the battle against isis. russian president vladimir putin says he's ready to cooperate with the u.s.-led coalition to defeat the terrorist, but he warns another attack like the shootdown of the russian plane, could destroy the cooperation. that attack left a pilot dead dead. the turkish leader says he wants to meet with president putin on monday on the sidelines of the climate change commission. the kremlin says no plans on-r in the works for such a discussion. we're joined from the russian
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kpt, a current searcher for the international center of defense and security. at this point, do you think -- the kremlin paris, but do you tk it's president president erdogan and putin meet in paris? >> reporter: it's likely. they're not saying no meeting, they're just saying no meeting is planned. really the relationship, i can feel it on the streets in moscow. average russians are very angry, they angry about what happened when their pilots were shot down and one killed. and russia has to show that anger. way they're doing it is a lot of economic action, sanctions, retribution against turkey. today they ended for the time being visa-free travel. that's a very big deal. there are like 3.3 million
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tourists who come from russia to turkey. and the overail trade is enormous. you know, $44 billion. they're using economic leavers to show their anger. >> it's interesting, too. you have some personal politics at play here as well. president putin and president erdogan of turkey, both used to being the toughest kid on the playground. neither willing to give up much ground in terms of the pr here. let me ask you about what's going on in syria right now. president putin, some suggest, he opened the door to cooperation in syria. is that how you read it? >> reporter: i do not read it that way. what they're saying is we are willing to cooperate -- cooperating because russia -- russia and the united states as the head of the u.s.-led coalition already signed a military agreement to avert accidents in the air. that's cooperation. would they actually get to the point they would share intelligence? i don't think so.
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especially when in the same breath, president putin is extremely critical of that coalition. i mean, especially he's saying, the united states knew that our plane was going to be there. why didn't they pass that information on? now, the u.s. is not necessarily saying that's correct. but he's criticizing the united states and criticizing the coalition for saying at worst ma never lent dwai-- >> thank you for being with us. i want to go back to chicago, a news conference. an arrest in the shooting of tysean lee. this is the police superintendent gary mccarthy. >> everybody ready?
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ufrtsdz great to stand here in front of you with good news. i'm happy to be joined by chief of detectives dean andrews, deputy chief from detectives, gene roy and joe, who led the great team bringing this case to fruition. and a couple of the investigators and team, as i said, a lot are upstairs, they would much rather be doing their work than standing here, quite frankly. this is a crime that shook our city. as i talked about it, it was an act of barbarism. the assassination of a 9-year-old child as a gang retaliation to get back at his father. tysean lee was failed on many, many levels. at the end of the day, our detectives rn unrelentless in pursuit of justice. i can't tell you how hard they worked. after conducting a thorough investigation into this unphat
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amable crime, as i've described it, that was both targeted and calculated, they are bringing this case to conclusion. there's still an awful lot of work to do. again, corey morgan, 27-year-old from lansing. mr. morgan was charged with first-degree murder as a result of an arrest warrant based on two things. community assistance and intelligence and incredibly hard work by our detectives to develop evidence that supports the charges that we're able to bring forward. morgan was in violation of a bail bond. at sim he was taken into custody. obviously, going to have a lot of questions about the investigation but there's still a lot of work to do. i want to highlight the background of this individual, as i told you. when we solve this case, we're going to find an individual with an extensive, violent criminal history who likely should not
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have been on the streets. that's the way it happens almost every single time. corey morgan is a documented gang member, a convicted felon. as you know, we picked him up just a couple weeks ago with yet another firearm. so, he has a pending gun arrest along with a history of violence. and i just can't tell you how hard and how involved these -- eye been down here a couple of times with them and their spirit never wavered, the confidence to solve this case. there's an awful lot of work yet to do. i will tell you that we know there are three individuals involved in this. at least three individuals, let's put it that way. one is in custody right now on an unrelated charge. and we're confident he's not getting out any time soon and there is a third person we're going to reveal to you now.
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a male named kevin edwards is a third person wanted in connection with this han nous crime. we've been looking for him for quite some time. we have photographs we'll distribute to you. i'm going to turn it over to the chief of detectives, dean andrews, and then we're going to hear from the sergeant who supervised the investigation, and then i'll kol back and take your questions, okay? >> one of the things we're going to do and provide for you today is a recap and timeline of the investigation and what got us here today. before we do that, i want to thank the detectives, the supervisors involved for their service, their professionalismism, and their integrity was just exemplary. they worked literally 24 hours, 7 days a week. never waifrd wavered. all of our cases are important, extremely important to us. this one was a little different.
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it's truly an act of barbarism. it's a 9-year-old boy targeted and executed. police officers have families as well, they have feelings as well. this one was a little different. and i truly want to highlight their professionalism, their integrity, their dedication. i mean, they went days and days and days without sleep. so with that, actually, i'm going to introduce sergeant will, and he's going to provide a timeline and recap of the investigation, as i said, that got us here today. >> s-v-i-l-a-r. >> thank you. >> first name? >> will, william. i don't think anybody wants to here here talking about the murder of a 9-year-old. unfortunately, we were tasked to take care of this investigation. the people standing behind me, the people upstairs and conscientious members of the community came forward. people understand that when you have a bad element in your
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neighborhood, you don't run from the neighborhood. you get rid of that element. and because of that, we were able to clear this case. it started in the alley in the afternoon of november 2nd. basically from that day on, we developed leads through interviews, through people coming in, both here and the suburbs. we developed leads that led to the vehicle and eventually led to the individuals we identified. one is charged today. that's a good start. we have a warrant on kevin edwards and a third person we're hoping we can develop more on and charge them as well. >> one of the things i think you should know is we got an awful lot of intelligence from the community. this was very clearly not a case of no snitching. but there was a lot of fear. which is completely understandable. if you have a monster who's willing to assassinate a 9-year-old, who is that person
8:16 am
likely to do if they know somebody is cooperating with the case, detectives working on that particular murder? so that's something, if there is a positive in this, maybe that -- the community was very helpful in there. unfortunately, over time by putting together some incredible work, our detectives have been able to make this case. questions? >> reporter: can you talk a little bit about any of the retribution factor between this person's family and tyshawn's family. >> there's a number of events that precipitated this particular murder. a couple of them are murders. a couple of them are nonfatal shootings. and i really don't want to reveal too much on that because we're getting close to solving a number of those and we don't
8:17 am
want to yepdijeopardize it righ now. >> reporter: what role did they play in this, and what about mr. edwards? >> well, it's a little bit -- i don't to want say unclear but it depends on who's speaking who did what. at this moment i don't think we want to reveal any of that, right, chief? there were three people, we're pretty certain, acting in concert. let's put it that way. who pulled the trigger is all being worked on to delineate it. we do know, in fact, these are the individuals who were involved in this. >> reporter: did one lead the victim from the apartment into the alley and the other two were involved? >> he was definitely lured from the park where he was playing basketball with some friends. i guess that's the best way to describe it. >> reporter: can you describe the background?
8:18 am
what was it between the families? >> this goes back to a number of violent episodes, including a murder. at least -- no, actually, two murders. two murders that we know of. this was the third murder we know of that we're able to identify in a series of events. >> reporter: the gentleman, the second one who's in custody but not yet charged, what is he being held on and what is his name? >> he was arrested for a gun charge, surprisely, right? there are gun charges in each one of these individual's backgrounds, which is why you hear me spooking about this all the time. until such time as gun offenses in the state of illinois, we're not going to get sentencing to keep them in custody and dissuade -- >> that's chicago police suptd gary mccarthy announcing first-degree murder charges in an arrest made against 27-year-old corey morgan. this in what he calls the
8:19 am
unfathomable targeted execution of a 9-year-old boy, tysean lee. who was killed at the beginning of november, lured into an alley, the police superintendent says, killed as part of gang retaliation to get back on that boy's father. 9 years old, 83 pounds, lured into an alley and executed as part of some gang retaliation to get back at that child's father. an arrest now made. another person apparently in cushion today. a third person police are putting out for a guy named kevin edwards, we'll put up his picture in a little bit, they are searching for him, a third suspect in connection with in killing. a killing that the police superintendent of chicago calls unfathomable. next up for us, isis launching a new terror attack. this is the seventh major attack in just three weeks.
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plus, shortly, two different protests in two different cities against police actions and the death of an african-american teenager. they're targeting shoppers and people out to buy on this friday. moments ago at the white house -- well, i'll do a mime for you. behind that black, a puppet show just arrived at the white house. michelle obama greeting the white house christmas tree. it's now there safely, you'll be thrilled to know. we'll break it down for you next. ♪ ♪
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8:25 am
today marks two feet since the terror attacks in paris. this morning france honor the 130 people who lost their lives that day. >> 62. >> the names of the dead were read. president francois hollande led the ceremony and reiterated his vow to destroy isis. >> translator: i want to say quite simply these words. france will be alongside you. we will unite our forces to calm the pain. and after burying the dead, we have to repair. to all of you, i promise you solemnly that france will do
8:26 am
everything to destroy the army of the fanatics who carried out these crimes. >> let's get the very latest. i'm joined by paris-based journalist, stefan devries. thank you for being with us. the external battle and internal battle against isis. french officials today have said, and i believe somewhat for the first time, that they're okay with the notion of syrian regime forces. that means the guys working for bashar al assad fighting isis inside syria. this seems to be a significant statement by the french that they're willing to have the syrian regime in this broader coalition against isis. >> yeah, it is, indeed, interesting because until now the stance of france was assad has to go. last night president hollande visited the russian president putin. during that conversation probably the two agreed upon some kind of mutual understanding that a solution
8:27 am
without assad is maybe not feasible at this very moment. russia also announced they won't bomb any rebels any more that are fighting against isis as well in syria. that was one of the demands of france. so, francois hollande has diplomatic world tour this week, it looks like it has more result than we thought yesterday. and there was france and especially russia -- are getting their noses into the same direction. >> internally, another development. cnn has been reporting for a few days about concerns of radicalization inside major transportation hubs. people working at major french airports, including charles de gaulle. we heard an a french official saying 57 people have lost their jobs or been taking off their jobs at french airports because of fears of radicalization. that seems like a very high number.
8:28 am
>> well, yes. 57 sounds like a lot of people but you should know at the two major international airports in paris, oerp over 130,000 people are employed. it's not that much. and the people working on these airports and also at the transportation companies like the metro or the railways, it's basically -- it reflects society. so if there's radicalization in society, it's logical that it also takes place inside large companies. this shows, however, the government is working to find radical elements and get rid of them, simply. >> stefan devries in paris for us. thank you so much. in just a few minutes, we're expecting protests in both new york and chicago. protests over the video just released of a white police officer killing a black teenager. the protests today are different, though. the idea to disrupt holiday
8:29 am
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russian president vladimir putin says he's ready to cooperate with the u.s.-led coalition to defeat isis. but is he really and how many conditions? while he says all of that, is he on the offensive rhetorical rhetorically -- -- an act of betrayal by shooting down a russian airplane. joining us is javeed, author of "how to catch a russian spy," so
8:34 am
vladimir putin with a range of responses. i'll help you if you do it my way and turkey, a bunch of criminals. >> i'm a former adversary of working with russians. i want to express my sympathy store the loss of their crewmen and speedy return and home the other crewman recovers soon. >> that's more than the turks have done. >> that's right. >> they have not apologized or mourned over loss of life. >> there's a lot of debate whether the plane was overish air space. >> what does that have to do, then, with the battle in syria right now? is russia going to get involved in the u.s.-led coalition? russia is in syria doing its thing. largely battling against forces fighting bashar al assad. not primarily battling isis. does this mean or -- >> i think we have to look at
8:35 am
this from everyone agrees they want isis out. the other thing is, though, they always -- there's always a but. they always want something else. they want assad in power. they want their footprint in syria. the americans want -- the french want assad out but they don't want to send troops. why can't they get isis out? there's no reason we physically with the military coalition we can't push them out. i think the russians want that footprint. it's very, very important. they need assad in power. if isis was wiped out tomorrow, there's a vacuum. until we have a solution, what's going to happen with syria, no one is going to push isis out. >> how far do you think vladimir putin and the turkish president erdogan will push this macho battle over the plane? >> they put the s-400 which is a fairly integrated -- it's a game-changer. it poses quite a dilemma and quite a threat to the air crews flying in the region. that being said, i think this is just posturing. the russians do not want to go
8:36 am
to war with turkey or war with nato. the turks called putin's bluff on this. the plane violated their air space. they were within legal limit to shoot it down. i think cooler heads will prevail but they'll do public posturing. >> we'll see, if cooler heads prevail. thank you for being with us. at any moment, we're expecting protests here in new york and in chicago, trying to disrupt the holiday shopping. this is all over the shooting of a black teenager by a white officer. we'll go there live in just a moment. on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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happening right now, demonstrations in chicago. looking to disrupt -- this follows the release of the video showing a white police officer shooting and killed teenager laquan mcdonald in chicago. our ryan young is there where these protests are getting ready to kick off. ryan? >> we know protests will start around 11:00. a gathering has already started here. people say they're ready to do some work and get out in the streets. they want voices heard. i want to introduce you, i already know who you are, most people already know, reverend jesse jackson, here with a lot of people about what's happening in the streets of chicago. >> the demonstration, maybe civil disobedience and boycotts until fundamental justice occurs. we look at laquan whose revelation of the tape getting killed is 13 months later. by a policeman who had been charged 18 times before.
8:42 am
this is a pattern and practice of this corruption. 450 killed this year. 2700 shot this year. and 75% unsolved murders. you have recycled murderers walking the streets. we want a special prosecutor. we cannot accept the state attorney's being the prevailing lawyer. we want to know about the tape and who covered it up for 13 months. >> what kind of change do you want to see in the next few months? people are upset when they see those 15 shots. >> the police department has to change, the infrastructure. it's not just the guy who killed him, it's the nine people who watched it and did not stop him and did not charge him in their report. it's the infrastructure. if you change the head, don't change the heart, nothing really happens. we need a new police
8:43 am
infrastructure. secondly, a state attorney that's credible again. this state's attorney has no credibility. we also need to know about the cover-up. the killing is one thing, the cover-up is another one. this was strategically covered up. $5 million paid sight unseen. a half million for cop misconduct. that's not the teachers being laid off. we deserve justice and we deserve it now. >> reporter: a larger conversation is happening. we'll be here throughout the afternoon. peep are marching up michigan avenue. we want to show you how the gathering has already begun before the 11:00 hour. >> ryan young, we'll check back with you. thank you. coming up for us -- a major party nominee for president collects turkey carcasses. here's a hint. he ran against the guy you just heard there. we'll have the answer for you right after this. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein.
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all right. you are looking at pictures from moments ago and that is the first lady, obviously, michelle obama, and moments ago at the white house, she greeted, accept or was there for the delivery of the white house christmas e tree. it is an 18 1/2-foot frazier fir grown in pennsylvania by jay and glenn buster, and so this is the white house christmas tree. it is not douglas fir, and if that is controversial, please tweet me and tell me why.
8:49 am
so i don't know any other way to put it, but i will. mike dukakis collects turkey carcasses, and we learned this by reading an article in the "boston globe." and it is said that he hordes as many turkey carcasses for as long as he. and why, you might ask? well, let's ask him. the fom former governor of massachusetts, michael dukakis. >> good morning. >> and so you were three-term governor of massachusetts, and why do you horde the turkey carcass carcasses? >> well, when i was a kid, my o mother used to love the turkey soup as a kid. so when i was married i began to make the turkey soup from our own carcass, and then throwing
8:50 am
the carcass caway and i said, hw could you do this? and pi the way, my grand kids love it. i said you have to hang on to it and freeze it if you have to and then turn it into soup. our granddaughter, and our oldest granddaughter who was in washington was talking to matt pfizer who is the writer of the article in the "boston globe," and he called me shortly before thanksgiving and said, are you still collecting the turkeys, and i said, yes. and then throughout the course of the year, i have been making suit. and now, we have had over a dozen carcasses clifr deliverede door. a and so we will have to do something to the community to do
8:51 am
something with this and the reaction has been marvelous. >> and 12 carcasses so far and the morning is young and only noon here on the east coast, and so there could be a lot more. >> yes. >> and now, how do you save the carcass and for how long? i understand that you just finished last year's turkey soup last week? >> well, you freeze these things for a year anyway so i freeze them or i have so many of them that i put them in the freezer of the next door neighbor and thinking of doing something in the community with some of these to share good turkey soup with others, but periodically, you know, when the grand kids are over and they love this stuff, i will pull out one of of the frozen carcasses and toss it in a pot of water and quarter an onion and lots of salt and pepper, and simmer the thing for three the hours, and then throw in some rice and throw in the leftover vegetables from the
8:52 am
feast or anything else that you have got and let me tell you, you have got the great meal. combine it with a greek salad and freshly baked bread, nothing better. >> you ran for president in 1988, and if you had won, do you believe that this could have been a white house thing, and some kind of national the turkey day carcass dropoff at the white house. >> i never thought of it, john. but lots of people out there who could use some good meals and nutrition, and maybe we could have a national, what, turkey soup cookoff or something and encourage people to use these things. a lot of people are throwing them out, and they are missing a fabulous meal. so maybe if i had become president of the united states we could have had thousands and mill yobs of people out there making turkey soup and sharing it with otherothers, but it is
8:53 am
for us. give given the reaction to us, maybe i will suggest it to the president. who knows. >> e grew up in massachusetts, and people may not know what i know which is that you hate waste. there is nothing that bothers you more than people who waste things, and throwing things out, so this is right up your alley. >> let me tell you as the son of greek immigrants, you waste nothi nothing. i heard from my dad over and over, and he would use a word that means be thrifty and save it and never waste anything. i grew up with that, but i also are love the turkey soup, but it is fabulous. so it is a nice combination of not wasting and having something delicious. >> so thank you, mike dukakis, from the great city of brookline. and if you get more turkey carcasses, we hope that you
8:54 am
share them with the friends and relatives of the city. >> thank you, john. >> that is the most fun thing ever. and next week, cnn will air our top ten heroes tribute. you will hear about how people were inspired to change things all around the world. watc watch. >> i'm anderson cooper, and hopefully by now you have had a chance to check out the ten remarkable people, the 10 cnn heroes and each one of them is proof that one person can make a difference and this year, we are making it easy for you to soup port their great work. go to and go to the donate button to make a contribution to amazon or one omore of the honorees. it is fast and security and it
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will be sent to your designated donati donation. your donation is tax-deductible in the united states. cnn is proud to celebrate all of the the everyday people changing the world. and through december 31st, you have a wonderful way to contribute to their cause. so from the tablet or phone go to, and any e donation in any amount will help this them to help others. >> do not miss the all-star tribute next sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. thank you for joining us here for this hour, and on behalf of mike dukakis, that is all for us. ashleigh banfield will start after a quick break.
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