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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 27, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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>> reporter: cnn, antwerp. and i'll meet you right back here at 5:00 eastern on "the situation room." the news continues right now. brianna, thank you so much. great to be with you on this friday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. on this black friday as the holiday. shooing season kicks off, protesters are disrupting business as usual outside the high-end luxury stores along chicago's famed magnificent mile. >> the whole system is guilty as hell. 16 shots. >> these protesters are chanting "16 shots" as they march along michigan avenue. 16, that is the number of times a chicago police officer shot 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in october of last year. video of the shooting released
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just this past week after a judge ordered it to be released and after officer jason van dyke was charged with first-degree murder. reverend jesse jackson alleging a cover-up. >> those who saw the tape and held it up for 13 months must be held accountable. the police chief no doubt saw it and sat on it, and the nine police who were here, accomplices, who saw it, were not fired. and the state's attorney all need to go. >> let's go great to chicago. there he is along michigan avenue, ryan young standing by. and let me ask you this. when you've been talking to these different protesters, what is it they are specifically calling for there in the city of chicago? >> reporter: we've got a long list here. they want the state's attorney to step down. they want the superintendent to step down. some people want the mayor to step down. but the number one they're saying besides "16 shots" is not
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going to spend your money take on black friday. in fact, as we walk here, i'm in the middle of michigan avenue to the side. and that is neiman marcus. they have shut down the front of the store. they're making sure no one who wants to spend their money can go inside the store. walk with me, if you will. we're going to go back across the street. every mall in america has this. there's a tiffany right there. there's a victorivictoria's sec. these stores are shut down. michigan avenue is shut down. look down that direction. you can see everyone standing in the middle of the street. we thought this would last an hour, hour and a half. but it's gone on for quite some time. one of the protesters, you came here today to say what? what did you want to see happen? >> here's what i wanted to see happen. here's what i think the city wants to see happen, but i can only speak for myself. there was a grave injustice inflicted on laquan mcdonald. this tape was sat on for 400
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days by members of the police, the administration. the state's attorney took 400 days to bring charges. this is unacceptable. look at this city. they thought we would respond by burning it down, the precious magnificent mile would be up in flames, but look at the city. we're out here peaceful. we want peace, justice, opportunity. to see people locking their remember as together, a lot of these folks don't know each other. how does that make you feel? >> it's beautiful. it makes my eyes well up with joy. look at the diversity, old, young, rich, poor, white, black. we're all out here fighting for the same thing. we love this city. this is our home. and people in this city feel like they've been abandoned. and they want the opportunities to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and so we're just out here together, united as a city, not even just as one ethnicity demanding that. and i think our administration should give it to us. >> reporter: thank you, brother. i appreciate your time. i want to show you something that's happening right now. this is just happening.
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they're walking up the street. another march that just started. the police officers, as you look, are just maintaining a safe distance. we've seen no sort of back-and-forth, no arrests. but people are making sure their voices are heard. they stop at every single intersection and they scream "16 shots." we didn't know this was going to happen. people started coming down this direction. and all of a sudden started. if i could ask you just in terms of why do you think this is important for all of this to happen right in the middle of michigan avenue? >> no comment. >> reporter: no comment? he didn't want to say anything. people are walking, making their voices heard all afternoon. it's probably not going to stop for quite some time. >> ryan, we're going to keep it on you, and i just want to roll with this here. i know so many people want their voices heard. we understand some of the frustrations. but ryan, can you hear me, ryan? >> reporter: go ahead. i can hear you. >> i'm just trying to understand, if they want leadership change and their
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frustrations with the police department, why do some of these demonstrators think by stranding in front of these stores, that that's moving in a positive direction? >> reporter: look, people talk about this all the time. the idea of chicago, the idea that people protect michigan avenue and don't help folks on the other side of town. that is being stopped. they want to make sure that economically things are shut down so everyone in this city understands they want changes. they don't want to wait 13 months for more changes. they want changes now. >> we want an investigation right now. >> reporter: go ahead and say what you want. what do you want to see happen? >> the people of chicago are out here on black friday, demanding justice or else. we want to see indictments on rahm emanuel, garry mccarthy and anita alvarez for corruption, concealment and covering up these heinous crimes. we see how many more videos? how many more cover-ups? does it take before they investigate and indict rahm emanuel? >> reporter: when you see people standing along the street, locking everything here, how does that make you feel on this
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day? to see everything that's going on? >> this is just the beginning. we know that this is a struggle. we know that over the next 30 days, we're going to be hitting a lot of economic sectors of chicago. rained down on this city and get rid of the corruption. we're tired of hearing about the black-on-black crime. there is none. these are police committing murders, blaming them on gangs. we're tired of the economic discrimination and the poverty in our communities. it's time for a federal investigation. it's justice or else. >> reporter: that's what i was telling brooke just now. people say there's two sides of chicago. >> separate and unequal. two sides of chicago. say it again. >> we're in it for the black people! >> you see this shirt right here? >> what's in it for the black people? >> what's in it for black people? >> reporter: so you can hear people obviously upset. you can see the new march that's starting, coming down, going south back down michigan avenue. so brooke, this is happening
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live. we didn't know this was going to happen. we were just in the middle of the street doing this report, and it took place. >> live television, to be able to see and follow along as michigan avenue is shut down on this black friday here. ryan young, we'll stay in close contact with you and check back in in chicago. another huge city in that very city, the arrest of a suspect in the murder of 9-year-old tyshawn lee. lee's heinous slaying. investigators say the young boy was lured into an alley as he walked to a park to play basketball and then murdered. in cold blood by gang rivals of his father. authorities have charged now 27-year-old corey morgan with first-degree murder. police say he is a gang member, history of violence, and now his gang and its rival are in the crosshairs of police. >> but i can tell you this, they're going to be obliterated. that gang just signed its own
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death warrant because all along, from day one, when we knew the circumstances of this being gang interaction, i said prepare the plan. don't jeopardize the investigation. but we're going to go and destroy that gang now. and by the way, the rival gang, too. we're going to be -- i'm sorry, mike. i'm sorry, please. i just really want to get this out because this has been bothering me for quite some time. we're going to assign resources to ensure that neither one of those gangs can raise its head again. >> police are still looking for another suspect in this little boy's case. let's go to rosa flores who's been following this for us today. rosa, you hear garry mccarthy essentially declaring war on these gangs here. they say that they are looking for three suspects involved in this little boy's killing? >> they are.
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they said three different suspects, first of all, corey morgan, like you mentioned. he was arrested with first-degree murder charges in connection with the killing of tyshawn lee. and then you've got kevin edwards who they're looking for. and then they have someone else in custody on unrelated gun charges. now, they're not releasing that man's name. so how did they find these guys? that's one of the big questions. well, according to authorities, they were able to find a vehicle. that vehicle led them to these three individuals. they say that they have forensic evidence. they have witnesses also that have identified these individuals and, of course, they continue to hunt for more and more leads to make sure that they can cross all their ts and dot all their is. now, brooke, we also learned some more gory details about how this killing happened. now, we've learned this. authorities today revealing that this boy was playing in a
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playground. these gang members approached him, started a conversation, and then lured him into the alley and then shot and killed this 9-year-old boy, shooting him in the head and also in the back. and the superintendent of police here calling them monsters for assassinating this boy. brooke? >> 9 years of age. rosa flores, thank you. breaking news into cnn here. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we are getting reports of a possible active shooter in colorado springs, specifically on centennial boulevard. a police and fire departments are responding to the call right now. police are warning the area is not secure. again, reports of an active shooter in colorado springs. we are on this breaking story next. ♪
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this is cnn breaking news. >> let's stay with some of this breaking news we are just now getting. we don't have a lot of information, but here is what we are hearing from colorado springs, colorado, that police have now responded to calls in an active shooter situation in colorado springs. this is happening, if you're familiar with the area, centennial boulevard. centennial boulevard, colorado springs. the police and fire department responding to the call right now. and police are warning -- let me repeat -- the area is not secure. they're telling media, in fact, to stay away. again, reports of an active shooter in colorado springs. so with what we know, which, again, is not very much, art roderick is on the phone with me, cnn law enforcement analyst and former u.s. marshal. so art, we don't know much, but when you hear active shooter situation here, and we know
11:16 am
fire, you know, ems, police are responding, what are the first few steps in terms of securing this area and keeping people safe? >> well, brooke, this is an absolute nightmare scenario for law enforcement. i mean, this is black friday. this is happening in downtown colorado springs. i'm sure there's a bunch of people out there shopping, trying to get in on the christmas deals, which makes it all the more difficult for law enforcement to secure that area. so i think the first thing they're going to have to do, obviously, is make the inner perimeter secure. so they're going to have to back all these people off and basically tell them to get out of the area, evacuate the area and then try to form a secure perimeter around the location where the shooter is located. and then, of course, they're going to have to determine, is this a barricade situation, or are there possibly hostages involved? >> as they set the perimeter, art, and they then work to
11:17 am
determine if there are other people inside of wherever this is happening, and cnn hasn't confirmed exactly where this active situation, this active shooter situation is happening, how do they attempt communication with the shooter inside of this location when they know nothing? >> well, they could, you know, they could locate a phone, a cell phone to the individual, or place a call into a phone that's inside the business or the residence where the individual is located. but they do have to open up some form of communication with the individual and then try to negotiate and find out exactly what's going on. but this is a real bad situation because of, you know, it being black friday, and if it's right downtown colorado springs, this is an absolute nightmare for them. >> yeah, i'm not familiar with centennial boulevard. i'm sure we're going to get somebody on the phone soon who will know this area.
11:18 am
but in the meantime, as you've been speaking, art, i've just gotten information from our control room. for all of us listening here, specifics on this act i have been shooting situation in downtown colorado springs, this is the 3400 block of centennial boulevard near planned parenthood. i'm not sure if this is inside of planned parenthood, but we're hearing precise language from police that it is near planned parenthood. i just got handed this from a sergeant with colorado springs police. let me quote the sergeant. we have an active shooter, 3400 block centennial block near planned parenthood, right now, he goes on, we don't know if there are any hostages. it is an ongoing situation. we cannot confirm if an officer has been shot. we do not know if there are any injuries. so far it is one shooter that we know of. it's a very fluid situation. art? >> yeah. >> art roderick? >> well, it seems like they're starting to get information in at this point.
11:19 am
obviously we don't know about any injuries. hopefully there isn't anybody injured, you know, from the law enforcement side. and again, that sounds like it's probably a pretty populated area if it's right downtown there. at the centennial building. i would say this is, you know, obviously we'll know more information here in the next couple of minutes, but it seems like law enforcement is trying to get a handle on this right now as quickly as they can and figure out if they've just got a barricade situation or a hostage situation. >> art, stay with me. i have bridget wolfe on the phone, across the street there on centennial boulevard near this planned parenthood. bridget, tell me where you are -- or tell me more importantly what you see. >> i am at work, and what i see right now is i see about five s.w.a.t. officers behind a building with their guns drawn. and then i see about eight or
11:20 am
nine police vehicles including two s.w.a.t. vehicles. >> and this area of centennial boulevard, is it a strip mall? a lot of businesses? a lot of traffic because people are out and about shopping? tell me more about the area. >> it's like a grocery store/strip mall. but across the street, you know, we have medical buildings and a couple banks. >> okay. and as we're hearing from police that this is on centennial boulevard, 3400 block near the planned parenthood, can you tell from your perspective where this is happening, where police are huddled around? >> they're actually scattered everywhere. >> i'm sorry, you just went out. could you repeat that? >> they're actually scattered pretty much everywhere. >> scattered pretty much everywhere.
11:21 am
how many people would you guesstimate would work in these different businesses that you're looking at across the street? >> oh, at least -- more than 1,000. >> more than 1,000. all right. and what is it, about lunchtime where you are in colorado? >> yes. yes, it's noon. >> what's traffic like right there? >> people look like they're trying to get through, but they can't. they've got three police vehicles blocking the entrance. i don't know about the rest of the, parking lot. >> okay. so blocking the area. lunchtime. colorado springs. there's this active shooter situation. so you're telling me in this general area, you have a grocery store, you have a bank. can you see where this planned
11:22 am
parenthood is that police are referencing? >> yes, it's right across the street from us. because we are on the corner of the strip mall. >> and what are on either sides of this planned parenthood center? other businesses? >> they have a medical building. >> a medical building. and guys, tell me in my ear, are we looking at the planned parenthood building? what is this on the right side of the screen? okay. i'm being told this is a google earth image of the building. so for people at home who can understand what we're talking about as police are saying this active shooting situation is happening near planned parenthood. again, i don't have confirmation that this is happening inside. we also don't have confirmation if there are any hostages. we can confirm this is from colorado springs pd. they cannot also confirm if an officer has been shot. don't know if there have been any injuries. brigitte, let me go back to when you were describing the police and you specifically said s.w.a.t., do you see ambulances? >> i do not see any ambulances.
11:23 am
i see about three s.w.a.t. vehicles as of right now from my window. and about seven police cars. >> can you tell if they've set up a perimeter? >> they have. >> or police barricade? >> they are hiding right behind a chase bank with all of their, like, shields and guns. >> how many people, brigitte, live in this area? >> they live in this area? >> yes, live in this area that we're talking about. >> oh. well, we have a huge community behind us and probably a few hundred. >> i have a couple hundred thousand people who live in colorado springs specifically, but is it -- so you're describing the sort of business
11:24 am
area along this stretch of centennial boulevard. are there homes nearby? >> yes, there are homes -- yes, down the street from us, there is a residential area as well. >> can you tell yet thousand with s.w.a.t. presence on the ground, i'm curious if there are helicopters. i'm sure you can't tell. i'm wondering if there would be police helicopters above. do you anything buzzing up in the sky above you from where you are? >> you know, i don't see anything. if they're out there, the weather is really bad today. >> really? is it raining? >> it's snowing. >> oh, wow. wow. okay. so snow on the ground, midday, lunchtime, colorado springs. we're talking to brigitte wolf here on the phone. she happens to work just across the street from this planned parenthood. we're talking about this, and we're showing you these pictures on the screen. and again, we don't have a lot of information, but police in colorado springs are telling us
11:25 am
that they have responded to calls of an active shooter situation, 3400 block of centennial boulevard, colorado springs. police are saying the area is not secure. they want folks in the area to please stay away. you know, a lot of questions including could this involve more than one shooter? could there be -- are there any officer-involved injuries? police aren't telling us, are there hostages, other injuries? we don't quite know. brigitte, stay with me. i believe we have kyung lah up, a cnn correspondent gathering more information. kyung, what more can you tell us? >> brooke, all of this began to unfold and all of this concern was starting to rise because of a tweet that was sent out by the centennial police department. the address that they specifically gave out was 3480 centennial boulevard, saying that there was some sort of an active shooter situation at that address. that is the address for the planned parenthood colorado springs westside health center. so then fire department also began to tweet. so people began to be very concerned about what this meant.
11:26 am
we don't have any further information other than now we are hearing that there is some sort of an active shooter near colorado springs. the police department still trying to piece together what is going on. they are saying this is an ongoing situation. there are concerns that there may have been an officer injured. the police department says that they cannot confirm at this point. so far they will say it is one shooter that they know of right now, an ongoing situation. they are asking people to avoid this area including the press. we do want to remind people that if this is an ongoing situation, if you are in this area, stay inside. try to avoid this area. you need to make sure that you stay away from this area, especially if this is still ongoing. brooke. >> yeah, they are saying specifically, i'm now glancing down on the colorado springs police twitter page, centennial
11:27 am
and fillmore, avoid that area, active shooter not secure, shopping center shelter in place. kyung, stay with me. brigitte across the street talking about how the police have established a barricade. art roderick is with me, former u.s. marshal. art,s we continue to get information -- and again, we don't know a lot right now, so i don't want any of us to get ahead of ourselves -- this is what police departments across the country have been doing, retraining officers for situations such as these, active shooting situations. >> yes. i do know my old agency that i just recently left was funded to do 88 active shooter classes by congress last year. so the federal law enforcement training center has been putting those courses out on a fairly regular basis. you know, this training has been going on for years. and it has developed over the years, you know, starting with the colorado shooting some years
11:28 am
back at the high school. and it has morphed into a pretty good -- real good active shooter course that a lot of police departments and federal law enforcement agencies have taken over the years. i think one of the biggest changes is instead of securing the location and then sitting back and trying to assess the situation, now usually in active shooter scenarios, the first responding officers automatically go in. and i know that there are unconfirmed reports that there might have been a police officer injured, but it would be interesting to hear, you know, what the outcome of that situation's going to be. because they do automatically respond directly into the danger zone based on how the training goes now. >> by the way, we are just now seeing, art, i don't know if you have a monitor near you, but these are the first pictures coming in. brigitte said it's snowing, and indeed, you can see the weather
11:29 am
here. you can see police, the presence there on this road, presumably in the centennial boulevard area, responding. and we heard brigitte, you know, describing how -- describing seeing s.w.a.t. she hadn't seen ambulances, but she had seen s.w.a.t. she said she saw police sort of hiding behind some of the trees, crouching down as presumably, art, they are trying to establish some kind of communication with whoever is inside this building. >> yeah. you had the google earth picture up prior that showed possibly where the location -- i'm not sure if that's been confirmed or not yet -- but that picture that you had up before that showed the actual building actually lends itself to an area that you can secure. but as we're looking at these pictures now, you can see this looks like a fairly large strip mall plaza area which obviously is going to be very difficult based on not only the weather that we're looking at but also with it being black friday. >> right. so she, brigitte, who i keep
11:30 am
going back to because she's been incredibly helpful in describing what this area is. so it's this main drag, colorado springs. you know, grocery store, banks, businesses. and then you have on the left side of the screen what you mentioned, that google earth rendering of this planned parenthood. obviously not the current snowy colorado springs planned parenthood, but we understand what we're dealing with. and to your point, perhaps it advantageous because if this is happening inside of the planned parenthood -- and by the way, we don't know. you see on the screen police are being very precise in their language that it's an active shooter near planned parenthood. the fact that this is not -- that this building, art, is not attached to a strip mall, at least from my vantage looking at this, has to be a good thing for police. >> it is, if it's in that location. but if you look at the picture on the right, it looks like they're trying to actually set up some type of perimeter around the strip mall itself. >> that's right. >> which is going to be difficult to do.
11:31 am
obviously that's going to require a lot of resources and staffing and stuff. >> do we still have brigitte? brigitte, are you still on the phone with me? >> yes. >> brigitte, let me just bring you back in. if you could explain to us as we're looking at these two different pictures. so is planned parenthood, this center planned parenthood and the medical building you were describing, is it next to what appears to be the strip mall? >> what they have on screen right now is actually the medical building, and it's on the right side of that medical building. >> that is planned parenthood itself? >> right. it's its own building. >> okay. so on the right side of the screen, these look like businesses to me and separate from what we're looking at on the left side. >> on the left side, yes. >> so on the right side, this is all in the same area, and this is, you know, strip malls and restaurants and banks, as you were describing. >> yes. >> so what are you seeing right
11:32 am
now? as you are across the street from all of this? >> they have gotten more police officers with guns drawn. but otherwise it hasn't changed. >> police officers, guns drawn, are they, as we're looking at some of these pictures, still kind of crouched behind their patrol vehicles? are they walking around? can you be more specific? >> no, they're in a standstill position behind a building. but none of them are in their vehicles, i don't believe. >> okay. brigitte, stay with me. brigitte wolf happens to work across the street, and she is, you know, our eyes and ears right now. i'm so grateful to you, brigitte, for walking us through this area of colorado springs and specifically the 3400 block of centennial boulevard. art, when you're looking at these pictures, the weather, the cold, the snow, how is that impacting the response here?
11:33 am
>> it's very difficult. i mean, obviously, the weather is going to have a huge impact on this issue. and you can see the fire department lined up there with the rescue squad trucks and response vehicles ready to go once the area is declared safe. but yeah, obviously the weather's going to have a huge impact. i just saw someatf. it looked like atf snipers carrying their weapons, responding. so you're going to have not only, you know, local police, sheriff's offices, but also, you know, federal law enforcement responding, and here comes the command vehicle right now that they'll be setting up pretty soon. so this looks like it's going to be -- this situation could if on for a while with this type of response. >> yeah. >> you know, it's either a hostage situation or it's a barricade situation at this point. >> when i saw that command vehicle as well pulling up, i am wondering, you know, when you have those sorts of vehicles pulling up, that could mean a while. tell me, for people who aren't as familiar, what is that
11:34 am
vehicle capable of? >> well, what that vehicle will be doing will be handling all this ground traffic which you're seeing coming up. it also will be the main command post where everybody will come to get briefings and where all the information will flow into. and from there they'll go out and make decisions on what they're going to do either with s.w.a.t. or uniformed police officers. but as you can see, there's just more and more people arriving at the scene. so there has to be a command post. there has to be a command-level officer in that command post to go ahead and handle all this ground traffic. >> okay. let me just reset for everyone, it is just a little past half past the hour here. and you are looking at two different pictures on your screen here. we're following this breaking story out of colorado springs. on the left side, this is a medical facility along a main area in colorado springs. and on the right side, according to our eyewitness on the ground, is the planned parenthood center itself. we are getting reports from
11:35 am
police. calls have been coming in in the last half hour that there is an active shooter scenario near planned parenthood. on the right side of your screen, you can see it is a cold, snowy day in colorado springs. you see this command post, this command control vehicle that art was just describing that will really be the headquarters for police briefings as likely federal and local and state law enforcement will be responding to this scenario. a lot of unknowns right now. number one, we don't know how many shooters could be involved in this active shooting situation in a building. we don't even know where this is happening specifically as it's been described, there are homes in this area, but this main area is banks and grocery stores and strip malls and businesses. we also don't know if there are hostages being held inside with this active shooting situation. and we don't know -- we were talking to kyung lah, corresp d correspondent who's been working the story for us well, we don't
11:36 am
know if officers -- there was perhaps one report that an officer was injured, but that's not confirmed. just to be crystal clear with all of you as we're working this together, not a lot is known. i have kyung lah who's been working on this. we've been talking to brigitte wolfe who happens to work at a business across the street and has been truly priceless in giving us information as far as what's happening and where. and also art roderick is on the phone with me, former u.s. marshal and cnn law enforcement analyst. so if we have brigitte still on the phone, for people who are just tuning in and learning what's happening -- and i know i sound repetitive because we've been talking for a while but bear with me -- tell me what you see across the street. >> i see 11 to 12 police vehicles in total including the s.w.a.t. vehicles. as of right now, i see six officers with guns drawn and with shields.
11:37 am
and they're in a standstill position. and -- but otherwise i don't see anything else. >> and again, describe this area for me. what kinds of businesses and shops? >> so we have a grocery store and a couple of banks, a restaurant, and then there's a residential area behind us. >> and as it is black friday and it's lunchtime in your neck of the woods, how busy is the traffic flow along centennial boulevard and in these different shops across the street? >> there is -- well, there was a lot of traffic until they blocked everything. people still trying to get through but obviously can't get through. >> art, brigitte, stay with me. art, do you have a monitor? are you able to watch these
11:38 am
images coming in? i couldn't tell if it was atf, but clearly -- tom fuentes, i'm told you have you, former assistant director of the fbi. are you watching what i'm watching? >> i don't have a monitor. i'm on the phone. >> okay. i see a lot of, you know, suvs. we've seen a command control vehicle roll up. i've seen, you know, some of these guys with vests, with large guns, back and forth sort of crouched behind some of these vehicles. tell me what's happening right now in terms of securing the area, setting a perimeter and keeping everyone else safe. >> well, normally the police would set up an inner perimeter which would be for law enforcement only to go in. they would set up an outer perimeter to keep all of the public and the media outside the outer. and then in between would be their staging area to set up a command post, to set up, you know, gearing up to find out what they have going on. the big issue now for the commanders would be do they have a barricaded subject which would mean a subject that's in some
11:39 am
kind of a premises with nobody else with him, or do they have a person holding hostage? that's a much more difficult situation, obviously, because you have innocent people that may be held at gunpoint. >> how, tom -- how would they determine -- how would they determine whether there were hostages? >> well, a combination of by observation from the people -- they will put people all around that perimeter to have eyes on the location, front and back and above, if possible. and then if they can get communications into it, if they determine it's a specific business, call into that business and see if the person will talk to them and just try to assess from that whether or not they have people -- innocent people in that business as well. >> yep. tom, stay with me. >> as you mentioned earlier, the time of day, black friday -- >> yes. >> -- the odds are that if it's in a retail location, there's going to be people in there. >> right. lunchtime, black friday, lots of
11:40 am
people out and about on this friday afternoon. stay with me, tom. pamela brown, let me bring you, another voice in, justice correspondent. and i thought i saw atf there on the scene. can you request i remember that for me? >> absolutely. i can confirm that atf agents are on the scene. atf has an office there in colorado springs. we see the law enforcement there. so among them, you have the local officials as well as federal officials. so far we're being told from the homeland security division in colorado that state assistance has not been requested yet. and i can tell you that right now, brooke, as tom just said, they're just trying to assess the situation and figure out how to proceed. we see the command, the mobile unit there on the scene, presumably the fbi will be there soon. the fbi has an office in denver not too far away. and just in terms of planning for this kind of scenario, law enforcement has been coordinating efforts between federal, local, state levels and these active shooter scenarios. this is something that they're well versed in. and i can tell you law
11:41 am
enforcement has been on heightened alert especially recently, brooke, given the threat environment. so you can bet that these officers are well trained and ready to handle the situation. >> i am sure they are. pamela brown, thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break here from our breaking news, active shooting situation. colorado springs, colorado. stay with me. back after this. ♪ if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call to enroll in a plan that could give you the benefits and stability you're looking for, an aarp medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare. what makes it complete? it can combine medicare parts a and b, which is your hospital and doctor coverage with part d prescription drug coverage, and more, all in one simple plan for a low monthly premium or in some areas, no plan premium at all. an aarp medicarecomplete plan
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11:44 am
presumably fbi will be on the scene as they have an area not too far away in denver. obviously police have responded. we've been talking to eyewitnesses who work just across the street describing how police have barricaded. we've seen atf invest guns, crouch behind vehicles, trying to determine what exactly is going on in this pretty busy area of colorado springs, how many shooters could be involved, could there be hostages involved, and where precisely is this happening? a lot of unanswered questions at the moment. let me begin with kyung lah who's been digging a little bit more on the story. what more can you share? >> we've gotten in contact with an employee at the grocery store directly to the south of that building that you're looking at. that is the planned parenthood building in colorado springs. and she sounds quite calm. the way she explained it was that they couldn't really see anything, but the grocery store directly to the south of the planned parenthood building is a king super's grocery store, and she says that the manager made
11:45 am
an announcement that there's going going on. all of the shoppers were told they could not get out. people are not being allowed in. there are about a dozen employees inside the store who are working. everyone has been corralled to the back of the grocery store. so they're not near the front, not near any glass. they can't see anything. but you've been talking about, brooke, that this is a busy area. this is a, you know, sizeable grocery store. if you have several dozen employees working inside that grocery store, a lot of people being impacted by this. a lot of concern. they just don't know exactly what's unfolding here. >> yeah, we're hearing from police specifically it's a shelter in place situation, so that would vibe with what grocery store coming over the loudspeaker and saying you can't leave. and now we know from an eyewitness across the street that police have barricaded the area as they're trying to secure the situation and keep people as safe as possible. they're even urging media to stay away. pamela brown is our justice
11:46 am
correspondent. she's reporting on exactly who's responding here. we were talking, pamela, about atf. tell me who else. >> and the fbi, we know, is en route from the denver office to handle and help assist with the situation. so we have atf, fbi. we reached out to the homeland security division there in colorado. we're told that so far no state assistance has been requested, but they are monitoring the situation and ready to provide help as needed. so you have a plethora of law enforcement on the scene that we see in this video here. we have local police who are the lead investigative unit in this case as well as federal officials who will provide the support more on the periphery. and s.w.a.t. teams as well if this is, in fact, a barricade situation where there are hostage, that will play a key role. just to point out here, we don't know what the motive is, if there is terrorism related or something completely different. but i will say, brooke, just in this past week, the fbi sent out a bulletin to law enforcement
11:47 am
across the country asking them to revise their active shooter training, to go back and take a look. the fbi did a study not too long ago on active shooter scenarios. and so they've advised law enforcement to go back and practice their active shooter training. this is something that these types of drills they do all the time. and of course, we see it playing out in realtime with what appears to be an active shooter situation in colorado springs near that planned parenthood. brooke? >> pamela, thank you so much. i'm just glancing down, as i'm talking to you, i have one eye on the colorado springs police twitter page. if you are in the area, here are specifics. centennial boulevard where this is happening is closed from garden of gods to fillmore, both directions, avoid area. and just one more tweet from there, active shooter scene is not secure, shopping center shelter in place. art roderick, former u.s. marshal, current cnn law enforcement analyst, here's my question. you know, when we cover these
11:48 am
sorts of active shooting situations, i know that the most recent incident that comes to mind, you know, involving a similar setting, strip mall, businesses, remember it was chattanooga, tennessee, that that recruitment center back in july. i'm just curious, in terms of police preparation in the wake of that shooting, what's changed? >> well, i do remember the incident in chattanooga. usually what happens is not only does this active shooter training involve law enforcement, but it also involves mall security. it involves the private sector. it also gets involved in this training to make sure that if these types of scenarios occur, whether it's a ballpark or a mall, that we have everybody on the same sheet of music and everybody knows what the training is and what's involved. so a lot of it now does involve the private sector, especially in areas where you have large
11:49 am
malls, ballparks, things like that. so the private sector is brought in on a lot of this training now. >> so i'm curious, to use your words, being on the same sheet of music, what would these private businesses -- what would be their go-to, their steps one, two and three in this case of an active shooter? >> yeah, it really wouldn't be that much didn't than what you see law enforcement do, you know, obviously based on the type of private security you have at any of these facilities, they would also respond as a law enforcement. but definitely make the call out to 911, secure the area as best they can, and then, you though, help law enforcement out when they arrive on the scene. so a lot of this training is done in concert with private security -- private security firms that are responsible for security at malls or strip plazas and stuff like that. so a lot of that training involves them. and bringing them in obviously is a big help to law enforcement. >> art roderick, you are invaluable with your expertise.
11:50 am
i appreciate that. actually, i was just handed this piece of paper. let me just read this for you. fbi agents, they are now on the scene as they have a colorado springs resident agency nearby. reported shooting site at this time. they are not necessarily coming from denver. so there you go. fbi now on the scene in addition to, as we've seen atf, local police, et cetera. so quick break. we're back with this breaking news, active shooter situation they're the planned parenthood in colorado springs, colorado. woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about new once-a-day namzaric™. vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are currently taking, and can continue to take certain doses of both namenda and donepezil. new namzaric is the first and only treatment to combine 2 proven alzheimer's medicines into a single once-a-day capsule that works 2 ways to fight the symptoms
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11:52 am
welcoming our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is colorado springs, colorado. this is a city of about 400,000 people. keep in mind, it is black friday. so a lot of people out and about shopping. it is lunchtime. it is cold. it is snowy in this part of the country, but that's not keeping people away. but police are keeping people out of this stretch of
11:53 am
centennial boulevard in colorado springs, specifically because they're responding now to reports of an active shooter, an active shooter near the planned parenthood along the 3400 block. got a lot of voices we've been talking to for the past half hour or so, specifically describing the scene. this is near a grocery store. people in the grocery store are being told to shelter in place. they can't leave. others can't come in. and that is the same situation for anyone up and down this stretch of centennial boulevard. shops, banks, grocery stores, it's all the same because police are trying to set up this perimeter, this barricade, and try to determine what exactly is happening. a lot of questions as this is still very much a fluid situation. are there hostages? are there officers wounded? and i can tell you that atf, police, they're on the scene, fbi as well trying to make sure everyone stays safe and they can lure this individual out with no casualties whatsoever.
11:54 am
kyung lah has been watching this for us. and kyung can shed a little more light on what's happened, the area, and any more on the officers' involvement in this active shooting situation? >> well, we were able to reach the mayor's office, the mayor of this town, and he says he's, in fact, just getting on board, just trying to learn what's happening. we're monitoring some scanner traffic, some police scanner traffic, and we don't want to give away anything tactically, but we are hearing them start to go through checklists, and they're making sure everyone is okay. this is part of the active shooter drill. they want to make sure that n anyone who's in that area is locked down. we've heard them go through the various businesses. we've been able to reach a couple of the businesses. one of them is an eyecare center. they said very briefly they're all okay, that they are staying inside the store. we were able to reach that grocery store. and the store says they're staying away from the front
11:55 am
nowhere near the glass. they're all in the back. they have about a dozen people working, all shoppers have been told to stay inside the store. as far as what we've been able to learn about this particular planned parenthood center, it appears, brooke, that the very last protest was in summer, in august. i may remember all the national discussion about some of those videos, those planned parenthood videos, whether they were fake, how much they were doctored. there was a national outcry. there were a number of cities that had protests. in late august, there was a week-long protest at this particular planned parenthood center. on saturday, august 22nd, there were 300 people who were near the center protesting because of those videos. entirely peaceful. there was no clash between protesters or police or even the locals. so very, very peaceful. that is the last major protest we could find at this particular planned parenthood center. brooke. >> okay. stay with me. i have one more question for you, but i was just getting some
11:56 am
information as we've been discussing the different, you know, law enforcement presence there on scene. i am being told now from colorado springs pd that they have not requested assistance from the fbi, not requested assistance from the fbi, but the fbi telling us they are prepared to help. kyung, back to you. i think the language is very precise from police, that the active shooter situation happening near the planned parenthood. so at this point in time, we still don't know where exactly this is happening, correct? >> you're right. near is the critical word here. >> yeah. >> and the reason we became very interested in this originally is that the first tweet that came out from the centennial police department was the actual address of the planned parenthood center, that that is the address that there was some sort of a shooting occurring. so that really raised some antennas. but then now they're saying that it's near the planned parenthood center, that the address is in this particular hundred block.
11:57 am
we don't know if that means that the police have now recognized that the shooter may be on the move or if the original information they got was inaccurate. but in the early part of something that's active like this, a lot of the information does tend to change. so the first tweet that came out from the police department was the actual address. now they're using the word "near," and that is very important. especially when you consider the number of businesses that are around the planned parenthood center. and we've heard a number of your guests here saying that it is black friday, so that's the concern. >> black friday, and it's lunchtime. so a lot of people out and about, and police don't want them caught in the crosshairs of this active shooting situation. kyung lah, thank you. k quick break. we'll be right back.
11:58 am
11:59 am
top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we are in this breaking news here, watching the situation unfolding here in colorado
12:00 pm
springs, colorado. it's a city of about 400,000 people. and when you think about this time of day there, it is lunchtime, black friday and also cold and snowy. and this is all important because police are responding to an active shooting situation. the call came in just a little while ago. and we don't know a lot. let me be totally transparent. we don't know a lot right now. we're showing you pictures because we want to be careful of what we're showing you and what we're not as this is an active situation, but this is all from moments ago. you can see the police presence. the s.w.a.t. teams who have arrived, atf on the scene here, all responding to an area as described by colorado springs police as near the planned parenthood center. but again, it is -- it's important that i point out that it's, you know, black friday. so there's been a lot of traffic in the area. they've had to barricade this stretch of the 3400 block of centennial boulevard. there's been a shelter in place for a lot of the stores, the grocery store, the banks, the businesses in this area just to make sure people don't get caught in any potential
12:01 pm
crosshairs during the situation as police are really swooping in. so let me begin this hour with our correspondent, kyung lah, who has been in touch with the mayor there in colorado springs. she has a little bit more background as far as this specific planned parenthood center. as we are at the top of the hour, can you bring us all up to speed as far as what you've learned? >> well, the original tweet that first came out which got the public very concerned about this came from the police department. and the police department used the address of the planned parenthood center, saying that there is an active shooter, an active shooting situation happening at this particular address. it happened to be the address of the planned parenthood center in this town. so there were a number of police cars. you can see some of these first images as officers are responding to this two-story brown building. and then the language changed. that the active shooting situation was near the planned parenthood center.
12:02 pm
we don't know exactly what's happening. the latest information we've gotten from the police department is that this is an ongoing situation. they are still trying to determine, according to the police department, if any officers have been hurt. they cannot confirm if any have. we've spoken to a couple of different businesses in that area. you had an eyewitness on earlier. we've spoken to a grocery store that is directly to the south of the planned parenthood building. the grocery store says they're not being allowed near the front. the manager came on the loudspeaker and said everyone remain inside. no one is being let out. no one is being allowed in. there are about a dozen employees. they're being kept at the back of the business away from the windows. we spoke to an eyecare clinic. the eyecare clinic says that they are fine. they're also not being allowed to leave. as you can see from the images, a lot of police cars. quite a bit of response. we have not found any major internet traffic about this particular clinic. the last protest there was at
12:03 pm
the end of august when there were a lot of protests around this country because of some of those planned parenthood videos. videos which have been allegedly edited, that the content, though, did create an outcry on social media and led to hundreds of protests around the country. there were 300 protesters there, brooke, that very last one, we found that major one, but that was entirely peaceful. brooke? >> kyung lah, all incredibly helpful information as we're trying to put some of these pieces together with regard to this active shooting situation near this planned parenthood in colorado springs, colorado. so stand by, kyung. i have jonathan gilliam seated next to me, with your years in law enforcement and you see the presence, we've been talking atf, police there on the scene. you see massive suvs rolling up. i saw the command center, you know, rolling up as well. >> sure. >> what's happening on the ground? >> well, so it appears, from
12:04 pm
what we're hearing, that there's an active shooter situation. this response that you're getting with this many people tells me that first off, this is something that they're taking very seriously. you know, a lot of times when they have an active shooter call and they roll up, if there's nothing going on, they're not going to have time necessarily to pull out all that you see here, command center. >> they've pulled out a lot. read between the lines. >> i'm going to have to read between the lines here and say that there must be something serious going on here because of the fact that the response kept coming. now, if there is an active shooter and they end up killing this guy or whoever this possibly could be, you'll see this start to downgrade quickly. >> so obviously, the response changes depending upon whether there are hostages, and that's one of the unknowns here. if there are and, again, you know, as someone had pointed out earlier, it's lunchtime. there's a lot of traffic in the area. there very well could be hostages. if there are, how are these
12:05 pm
officers there trying to communicate with the shooter to try to determine how many? how are they? >> depending on where they are and the eyewitness accounts, you can almost guarantee that they're going to assume that there's hostages as they move into this. >> you assume until you know otherwise? >> that's correct. >> yeah. >> you were just over in paris. >> yeah. >> you know that when an active shooter starts shooting, you have to continue to move towards and in through that target until you are able to eliminate that threat or if they start talking and you confront them and they start talking about hostage to the point where you can get into a conversation. but even then, if they still have reasonable suspicion that they're continuing to shoot, they're going to continue to move forward because you can't negotiate with somebody who's continuing to shoot because that's -- that is -- people are still going to be dying. potentially. >> back up five steps.
12:06 pm
how do you even, as law enforcement trying to communicate with this individual, how do you even establish that communication? >> well, there's different ways. if the person's held up in an office building and they pull somebody out, they may be able to get a phone number to call in there. of course, they're going to have -- fedepending on how deep they are in the building, they'll have the ability to talk with them, if they have a tactical vehicle up there or just yelling. sometimes with active shooters, you're literally around a wall from them or just down the hallway. so you can yell at them. they also have different technologies where you can throw -- they have phones that you literally can throw in that are portable phones that people can pick up. but as long as -- the attempt here, what they're trying to do when they move in on an active shooter is get to the source of the shooting and either stop that threat as quickly as possible or get there, and if they're not shooting and they have hostages, establish communication. but in this day and age, that is the difficult thing to determine
12:07 pm
because as we see when it comes to terrorism and a lot of people these days, they are not there to take hostages. they're there to shoot and kill. >> jonathan gilliam, stay with me. >> sure. >> i now have another voice i want to add to this conversation, eric singer, local reporter, colorado springs gazette. eric, i understand you are near the scene on the phone with me right now. tell me what you know. >> well, thank you very much brooke. we're here in the albertson's parking lot which has become the new staging area. and earlier we were about a half mile away from the planned parenthood. the staging area here is controlled chaos. we have the el paso county sheriff's department. we also have the mobile s.w.a.t. units here. fountain police and colorado springs police are all here staged. earlier within the last five minutes, officers were gearing up, suiting up, getting their weapons ready to go -- they were loaded for bear as they were headed to go to the planned
12:08 pm
parenthood center, which is probably about a half a mile to three quarters of a mile north -- excuse me, south of us. >> okay. so let me -- i have so many questions for you. when we're hearing the language from colorado springs pd, they're saying that this active shooting situation is happening near the planned parenthood, can you confirm it is happening within the planned parenthood? >> i can't confirm that because as close as i got was about within, say, a half a mile of the planned parenthood building which is at the crest of the had i will in northwest colorado springs. i did see at least 10 to 12 police units there, and we were cordoned off further north of that location to make sure for our safety and for the officers' safety because their guns were drawn. all i know at this moment is according to the colorado springs police department information officer and tweets from our reporters, "the gazette" reporters out in the field, it's believed to have been at the planned parenthood
12:09 pm
center in colorado springs. >> are you, eric, hearing any reports of shootings coming from the woods in this area? >> at this point, i have not heard of any reports, colorado springs police department continues to tweet out information. the last tweet that i saw from the colorado springs police department was at least one officer was hurt. don't know the extent of that officer's injuries. of course, the situation continues to evolve. and as soon as we know more here in the staging area, because we were asked to come back for our safety and for the officers' safety. so we're in the staging area. earlier, i had shot numerous vines and was going live on periscope for "the gazette." that way people could get a feel for the situation. >> do you know if there are any hostages? >> i do not know the situation on site itself.
12:10 pm
all i know is this area is cordoned off probably for at least a two to three-mile radius for the safety of the officers, the safety of the people inside of that building or that location and around this area. >> okay, eric. as we're looking at some of these pictures, police vehicles, snow, parking lots, strip mall, tell me about the area. >> well, the area itself is a pretty densely populated residential area. this is the albertson's shopping center. there are numerous store. this is a busy area of northwest colorado springs located in the northwest corridor of garden of the gods and centennial. very well-traveled area. if you were going, for example, on garden of the gods which runs east and west, if you're going further west, you would be running into the garden of the gods park which is a huge park traveled by -- traveled and hiked by tens of thousands of
12:11 pm
people every year from all around the world. so this is a densely populated area. there are a lot of hills. there are a lot of homes. and there are potentially probably officers know this if this is an active shooter investigation, potential places for someone to hide. >> eric singer, excellent information, reporting from the k "colorado springs gazette." stay with me. i want to get new information from tom fuentes, one of our law enforcement analysts. what do you know? >> brooke, i've just been told by a source that the police heard shots fired coming from inside that premises, and therefore they made the decision to go ahead and enter by breaking down the front door, injecting smoke. some of the people have been running out of there. they're attempting right now a tactical rescue of the people inside that because they believe that the shots fired were against the hostages. >> so, then, with the information you're breaking here on cnn, then this is the first we're hearing that there are, in
12:12 pm
fact, individuals inside this center? hostages? >> apparent -- if that's the exact location. i didn't hear the exact building they were in, but the premises where the hostages were being held, the police heard shots fired from outside, and therefore no longer had the option to negotiate or try to talk to whoever was doing this into surrendering peacefully. they decided to go ahead and attempt the rescue bier interesting the front door and entering the premises. >> can you explain to me as former law enforcement that that sort of split-second decision to then determine we've got to go in and get these people? >> yes, i've run these situations before as the on-scene commander. what decision you have to make as the commander is if you have the option to be able to negotiate with whoever's holding hostages and extend this out, find out what they want, see if you can talk them into a peaceful surrender, you try to do that. but at the point where you believe that the hostages are in
12:13 pm
danger, and certainly if you hear shots from inside the building, that would indicate that hostages may be in the process of being killed, then you order the rescue attempt immediate. it's not the best circumstances, but you're not going to sit back and listen to shots fired from the outside and not attempt to rescue the hostages. >> jonathan gilliam, do you want to add to that? >> no, that's exactly what i was saying before. and i think tom said it perfectly. it appears as though rs , as wee saying before, when you come up to an active shooter scene, if you continue to hear shots fired, you have to assume that they're still killing people, which at that point, they're not really hostages as much as they are targets that this person is going after on the inside, and that's completely different. you're now trying to get in to confront where this aggression is coming from, where the shooter is versus trying to establish a dialogue if there's no shooting going on to get him to release these hostages. there's clear evidence now that they have enough intel to
12:14 pm
believe that shooting was still going on inside, and it was immediate imminent threat, and they had to enter into that building. >> i was just getting reports in my ear from my producer, local media is, in fact, reporting -- and this is jibing with what eric singer was telling us from the newspaper -- that officers have, in fact, been injured. officers have been injured here as part of this active shooting situation here in colorado springs, colorado. tom, what's the next move? once they hear the shots and they break down this front door and they send the smoke bombs in, what's next? >> well, next is try to take care of all of the innocent hostages that were in there. if hostages are wounded, get them the medical care you can as quickly as possible. the ones that can be evacuated, get them out of there. and then neutralize whoever was doing the shooting and putting them in danger. and in this situation, if they're shooting at hostages, then the police are going to shoot them. and then once they've determined
12:15 pm
that there's no other active shooter, then they can secure the premises, and they'll want to do that as quickly as possible, especially if they have wounded people inside that can't be moved, that they need to get the paramedics in there to properly attempt to treat them and save their lives, then they're definitely going to want to stop having the threat. neutralize whoever was causing the threat in the first place by whatever means are necessary in order to save the lives of the hostages. >> so in your own past experiences, even if the shooter -- and again, we don't know if that's plural, shooters, are unknown, locations are unknown within this area, you're telling me that police will absolutely continue in and locate those hostages? >> oh, absolutely. the main concern here is going to be, from the beginning, is going to be the rescue and safe recovery of all of the hostages that are in there. and if any need medical treatment, to get that to them as quickly as possible, as well
12:16 pm
as if officers are wounded and need immediate medical care, to get that care to them also. then they have the task of going through all parts of that building to ensure if they've encountered one shooter and neutralized that person, they have to make sure there's no others, that the person didn't have others. and they'll be able to determine that pretty quickly from the hostages that made it out the door. the ones that were able to run out during the confusion will be able to tell the police right away who they were dealing with, how many people were in there, what kind of gun, what kind of location. so they would be providing that intel directly to the police right now as we're talking. that would be going on. >> and jonathan gilliam, i have to imagine, as this is all unfolding now, time is of the essence, getting inside. >> absolutely. you know, this is very interesting having tom on here with myself. tom has been the commander. he's been the guy who's in charge of a scene like this. and you are going to have to
12:17 pm
triage this very quickly. and then you're going to have tactical guys like myself that are going to go in there. and what's going to happen is, you're going to have to determine, can we get these people out, or do we have to continue to fight whatever this threat is? because if you don't eliminate the threat, people continue to die. and then as you try to rescue people, you may get killed yourself. so this is where the difficulty for on-scene commander comes in because you're having to weigh all these issues. you're having to triage the situation. and when it is truly an active shooter -- and that's what it stands for, somebody who is actively shooting, you have to try to penetrate into that building deep enough towards that shooter to eliminate them, at the same time preparing people to come in and pull these injured people out. and then you're going to have to look at who's injured and who's injured worse so that you can triage the situation. >> right. >> all this is going down at the same time that potentially bullets are flying. that's why you have to eliminate that threat as quickly as possible. you may have to step over people
12:18 pm
who have been shot in order to go after that shooter, where you're bypassing an officer in front of you get shot. you may have to pull him out of the way, or you may have to step around him and continue to engage that shooter depending on the ramifications. and i will tell you, if this is where it's happening in a planned parenthood, these officers know that location. they know that there's threats against places like that. so they're not showing up thinking oh, we've got to figure this out. i'm sure that they know about that facility. >> mm-hmm. if you are just joining us here, we have been covering this active shooting situation really for the better part of the last hour here. the call came into police around lunchtime there. as you can see, it's a cold, snowy day on this black from colorado springs, colorado. about 400,000 people live in this city. it's still very much a fluid situation as we've been trying to get some pieces of this puzzle, this story we've been covering together. but a lot of unknowns. it was a huge piece that we just got from tom fuentes, former
12:19 pm
assistant director of the fbi, telling us specifically from one of his sources that they have, in fact, heard some shots fired from within this -- within a building. i want to be precise in my language because police are saying that this was an active shooting situation near the planned parenthood and also near the planned parenthood, you have a grocery store and banks and businesses. so we still don't have a specific location as far as where this is happening. but because of the shooting inside, according to tom and his sources, they have september police. and by the way, we know atf. we saw the command center. we saw the massive vehicle rolling up. we know several different local police jurisdictions are responding here as well to try to get presumably any hostages out to safety. and as jonathan was pointing out, to make sure the triage is set up, the prioritization of any victims set up immediately. but a lot of unknowns. i'm looking over at harry, former nypd, as a first voice in all of this here as we've been
12:20 pm
watching this unfold. i mean, what a horrendous situation that, you know, of unknowns for police walking into something like this. >> right, exactly. i think -- i think i'm hearing an officer was hurt or shot? >> we were hearing a report of at least potentially one officer injured, yes. >> right. i'm trying to think if they have contacted the shooter through a hostage negotiation team. it seems to me by what i was watching before i got here is they have surrounded an area here. usual the typical protocol for active shooters is to go right in and eliminate the shooter. but since now the fact that it looks like there's hostages there, they're going to have to try and speak to that shooter. thousand, we don't know the location. it's near planned parenthood. as soon as i heard planned parenthood, i thought wow, maybe some anti-abortion persons went crazy and hit the location, but we don't know yet.
12:21 pm
this is half a hoafter a holida would a place have that many employees at any location? looking at this as an attack, it looks like some kind of personal attack to me. if it is the planned parenthood, it's probably like i said, an anti-abortion person or the fact that somebody personally has got something against somebody in that location. because we don't see somebody just going in and shooting the place up and then taking their own life or escaping here. so there's a lot more to this than we're looking at right now. >> yeah. as you well know, we don't know motivation. those are maybe possibilities but way too early to tell. >> but we can tell by looking, the way things are going right now. >> sure. also i think to jonathan's point, tremendous police presence. this isn't one or two patrol cars. in another shot, i saw multiple fire trucks, police, atf, several police jurisdictions.
12:22 pm
you can see the command center they've set up. so they're prepared potentially to go for hours. again, this is all what we're learning right now. >> i'm kind of wondering why atf is there right now. is there a chance that this guy put explosives down somewhere? that's definitely a possibility because this isn't something atf would just show up. probably law enforcement, maybe fbi, but the atf? unless later on when they want to track the weapons or something like that. >> we also don't know how close the federal building may be, where other agencies may be located, and that would increase the response. but i'll tell you from the live shots that i've been watching here, action has started to speed up a little bit since we've been -- i've been seeing officers, typically when you have a command post, people are standing around and then they move their vehicles. i've seen several people starting to move faster. i saw an armored tactical vehicle depart that area. when you add that to what tom was saying, they deployed smoke and moved in, you're looking at
12:23 pm
a tactical entry here, and you're looking at something that, it appears to me, is ongoing and escalating. >> okay. actually hang on. i've got -- thank you, eric. talking to the control room. just let me interject. some new information. four people have been injured. eric, do we know specifically officers or just individuals? we don't know. okay. so i have four injured. pinrose hospital, three patients, memorial hospital, one patient and that patient specifically gunshot wound to the arm. >> they knew there were gunshots before, but now we know people are being targeted by these gunshots. right now to be honest with you, and you know this, motivation, when it's an active shooter, is less of a concern until they get to that. as long as the shooting and they continue to hear that shooting, the motivation of this person is probably less of a concern for the tactical groups entering than anything else. >> here's a quick update from an officer of colorado springs police. here you go. >> i don't know. i don't know.
12:24 pm
at least three officers have been injured. and i don't know how many civilians right now. >> any fatalities? >> i don't know yet. i don't know -- i don't know that much because we haven't been able to get into the scene yet. >> okay. so there you go. short and sweet. but that sort of answers some of our questions when we were reporting some of the injured. he was saying three officers specifically injured. so perhaps those were officered who were trying to breach the location, the facility. >> no doubt they probably responded right away and the active shooter protocol for police now is to respond quickly to the location and put the shooter out. we just saw some tactical movement here. if that shooter keeps on shooting when they're in there, they're going to have to just take that location. go in there and take that shooter out and breach the location. >> i was just told that that same officer said that they are still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat. >> that means that this person, for one, it's ongoing and he's still -- this individual is still a threat. and most likely still shooting
12:25 pm
because if they're -- that language tells me that they are not setting up for communications. they're setting up for movement and penetration into that building. >> eric, do we still have tom fuentes? tom, do we still have you? no, no tom fuentes. >> he's here. >> tom, did i hear you? >> yes, i hear you. >> just quickly before we go to break, i want you to reiterate the piece of news your source told you as far as shots fired from the building? >> what i've been told is that the police outside the premises heard shots being fired inside, believe that hostages were being shot or endangered and decided to go ahead and perform the rescue. went through the front door. breached the front door. injected smoke, flash bangs, and made the entry. and that some of the hostages were able to run out the door or out the back of it. and they were inside attempting to rescue and attempting to locate and neutralize all shooters that were involved in this. >> okay. all right. so that's what you're getting from a source. we are trying to confirm that here at cnn. i appreciate it, tom.
12:26 pm
we're going to take a quick break. but again, active shooter situation still unfolding here, colorado springs, colorado. 3400 block, centennial boulevard. we're back after this. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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we're back with the breaking news here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let me catch you up. so for the better part of the last hour and a half, we have been covering this active shooting situation which, by the way, is still ongoing in the colorado springs, colorado, area of the country. specifically the 3400 block of centennial boulevard. this is an area -- this is a main drag within the city of about 400,000 people. we're talking banks and grocery stores and businesses and homes back behind this area. and also significant here near a planned parenthood. very precise in the language from colorado springs police that this active shooting situation happening near the planned parenthood center. you can see the flashing lights here. tremendous police presence.
12:29 pm
several local jurisdictions and the atf as well. fbi not there but offering up their assistance if, in fact, needed. just coming out from local police, three officers have been injured. the extent of the injuries unknown. are there hostages? we have not been able to confirm that either. and we haven't been able to confirm whether or not it's more than one shooter. but we have heard that there are two separate hospitals, three people who have been injured have been taken to one. the other hospital, memorial hospital, they have received one patient with a gunshot wound to his or her arm. that's what we know right now. still a fluid situation. i have these two still sitting next to me providing incredible insight from law enforcement perspectives. harry houk and jonathan gilliam. harry, in addition to knowing that three officers have been injured, we know that they, being police, still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat. so that tells you that --
12:30 pm
>> they're engaged with the shooter, correct. it looks like -- this looks like a really well-planned attack based on what we're talking about. >> why? >> they were able to shoot three police officers entering that location, and they're still trying to find him or get to the location he's at now. there's a good chance they're shooting it out with him or he's found another location to hide and they're trying to search for him. we haven't seen any video of hostages coming out that i can see. i'm not so sure if any of the hostages have been rescued as of yet. so that's -- that's a very important part. >> we haven't heard. >> and i tell you what, brooke. this -- we have too many of these going on. the fact is that a lot of these businesses need to start developing protocols for active shooters. >> some of them do have them. >> some of them do, but a lot of them don't. they think it can't happen there, and they need to develop some kind of protocol that people will know how to react, escape and protect themselves from gunfire. >> what about -- guys, let's put
12:31 pm
the picture back up on the screen of the google earth. by the way, it's currently 17 degrees and snowy as we've been watching all of this there in colorado springs. >> which tactically throws a whole another -- >> wrench into the whole thing, i imagine. but if we can show the google earth image, because i think it will be interesting to talk to these two takcticalltactically, eyewitness i was talking to me, she was explaining this is a medical center. i don't know where all of this is in conjunction with police and the shopping mall, but by looking at that -- >> that's a pretty big building to actually go into as far as a tactical operation goes. i don't know if that's the building or the one they were just showing, but that building that's the medical center, there are so many places in that building on the left that you can hide. as you move through there. and also, if it's a medical center, it's going to be pretty full, the day after thanksgiving. >> or it could have been closed. we just don't know. we don't know.
12:32 pm
we don't know. jill lavelle is on the phone with me. i'm sure she was hoping to go about her black friday business at a nail salon. jill, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. hi. >> jill, thank you so much. i appreciate you hopping on the phone with me as we're trying to put some of these pieces together. so you're at a nail salon in this area that's now sheltering in place, meaning you can't go anywhere. >> no, we are on lockdown. >> what have they told you specifically? >> basically, that a police officer came here about 12 -- i got here about 11:30, and everything started to take place about 15 minutes after that. and a police officer, two of them, came and stood in front of our salon -- the salon here and told us that it was an active shooting and that several police officers had been shot and possibly some civilians. and that we were to stay put and
12:33 pm
to lock everything. and he stood actually in front of the building here for quite a while until he got called. and he ran off. so we haven't seen him since. >> so he told you a couple of things. this is news to us. >> yes. >> we knew that three officers had been shot, but he said in addition to officers, he said possibly civilians? >> yes. and this was about 40 minutes ago. mm-hmm. >> okay. actually, let me hit pause on this conversation. let's listen to this officer. >> -- gunfire. >> looks like the internet. slow connection. we'll try to get that back. jill, so back to you. so at this nail salon, tell me exactly where you are. are you part of the strip mall where we've seen all the patrol units? >> yes, yes. >> are you anywhere near the window where you can describe where you are? >> business or just to the north of that. again, we don't have the suspect
12:34 pm
yet, and we do consider this still an active situation. >> what kind of gun does he have, do we know? >> the in was that we received initially is that it was a long gun. we don't know what type or what capacity or anything at this point. >> is this connected to planned parenthood or do we know? >> we're not sure what the connection is to planned parenthood, but that was the original address that we received for the call for service. >> is the shooter contained inside the building right now? >> we can't confirm where the shooter is at at this point. we had them earlier, but we're still trying to confirm where the shooter is actually at at this point. that's why this is still very much an active situation. >> how many businesses were the shootings occurring? >> we're still -- we're not even into our investigative phase at this point. the phase that we're into right now is that we are trying to provide emergency medical services to anyone that was injured, and we're trying to make sure that we have contained or that we can find the shooter. >> any fatalities?
12:35 pm
>> at this point, i can't confirm any of that. >> only ones here? >> again, at this point, we had information that there could be a second one. we always plan and train for additional one. >> can you tell us how many victims have been transported? >> i do not know at this point. >> do we know, has the gunman been wounded? >> i don't know. >> numbers of personnel that you guys have out here now between pd and fire? >> we have brought, between us, the el paso county sheriff's office and the surrounding departments including the state patrol, we have brought all of our resources to bear in order to address this situation. >> have you had officers inside the building? >> i don't know. the question was, is there a possibility of a second shooter? we always plan and train for that. and we don't know whether there is just one or two, but we are
12:36 pm
addressing it. >> there's some neighborhoods a little further to, i guess, to the north. anything being done? >> we are not evacuating any of the neighborhoods to the north. we ask that people stay off of centennial boulevard because it is closed. >> is there anything else? >> okay. sorry about that. >> did you say he was contained at one point? >> we do not know whether he is contained or not at this point. we cannot verify. >> do you know if there's still what would have been customers inside? >> there are people inside some of the different businesses. we have put -- we have put officers and detectives into the different businesses at this point. >> is there a possibility of hostages? >> there is that possibility. there are a lot of possibilities with this scenario. as i said, it is very active and we are working our way through it.
12:37 pm
okay? >> everybody good? >> that's it. >> okay. >> all right. so new information there. new nuggets definitely from colorado springs police specifically harry, and i'm looking at you, the fact that she said we can't confirm where the shooter is. >> exactly. and they said that the call came in at the address where the planned parenthood was. it doesn't say that's where the shooting occurred. and another question is did this shooting occur outside or inside the building? this is a shopping area. so now i'm starting to change my mind about things that are going on here. you know, that this might be the typical active shooter, a guy going out there trying to shoot shoppers, you know. >> on black friday. at lunchtime. >> exactly. >> huge soft target. >> because if he's not in the building right now, they're probably searching that whole area, and all those stores are probably on lockdown. for you, where is this guy? because he's such a potential danger right now because there's so many people in that shopping
12:38 pm
area. >> all -- this whole area on lockdown. jill, are you still with me in the nail salon nearby? >> yes, i am. >> i don't know if you could hear that, but from police, the issue is they still don't know where the shooter or possibly shooters could be. so how many people are in your nail salon right now just sitting there and unable to move? >> about ten. ten of us. >> ten people. and did police tell you to stay away from the windows? >> yes. stay away from the windows, yes. yes, stay away from the windows. and we can see, you though, we kind of peer out every so often, but we can see police officers behind the chase building with their gear and their guns out. hiding behind -- kind of hiding behind a corner there. so yeah, it's definitely an active situation from where we sit. >> can you get a view of the whole shopping center from where you are? >> not the shopping center, but
12:39 pm
i can get a whole view of where planned parenthood is and the bank where some of the police are behind a wall there. and they have a view towards planned parenthood, yes. >> okay. >> i can see them right now. >> okay. jill lavelle, one of ten people just crouched inside of this nail salon, can't move because this whole area is on lockdown because of this active shooting situation, as we just heard from the officer, they cannot confirm where the shooter is. can't even begin to start talking about it. the investigationive phase. they're still trying to neutralize this individual. planned parenthood rocky mountains from the ceo. at this time our concern is for the safety of our patients, staff and law enforcement. this is a developing situation, and we'll continue to share updates as we have them. quick break. back after this.
12:40 pm
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12:44 pm
this is cnn breaking news. >> and we are back with our breaking news on this black friday here. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm brooke baldwin. and we have been honing in on colorado springs, colorado. 17 degrees there right now. snowy colorado springs despite all of those elements here, you see police presence is tremendous in this 3400 block of centennial boulevard. this is the main drag, colorado springs. police responding for the better part of the last really two hours to this active shooting situation that's unfolded near planned parenthood. we know that according to police, three officers have been injured. so in total, four people have been injured, three at one hospital, one with a gunshot wound to the arm has gone to a separate hospital. we just got an update from colorado springs police saying that they do not have a suspect. they cannot confirm where the shooter is. the shooter is on the loose.
12:45 pm
could there be more than one? she says of course that's always a possibility. and she described the shooter's weapon as a long gun. what would the connection be to planned parenthood, she did not know. said that they are providing ems to treat those who are injured. don't know if anyone has been killed, has no idea if there's a hostage situation unfolding. still a lot of unknowns. i don't want to get ahead of myself. i just want to report what we know which are the facts. pamela brown is our justice correspondent has been helping in our coverage. let me bring you in and you tell me what more you know. >> i can tell you from talking to sources, from hearing from the colorado springs police spokesperson, an active manhunt is on the way for at least one shooter as we heard the spokesperson say. there could be more, although i will tell you, brooke, most of the time these active shooter situations, it turns out to be one person, a person acting alone. still too early to know, though, if that is the case here. i'm told by officials that they are looking for this gunman
12:46 pm
possibly in the hedge row around the area. the ridge there in the area around the buildings. so they're searching that area. i was told the shooter may have been shooting from that area, targeting police officers. we know that at least three officers have been wounded. they are currently at the hospital. this is what we know right now. again, manhunt under way and could be an additional shooter. as you see, brooke, just hearing from the spokesperson, they're still trying to gather the facts. i've been listening to the scanner traffic, and it's very clear from listening to that how intense the situation remains at this hour. >> all right. pamela brown, thank you so much. we have to take a quick break. we're back in 90 seconds.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
-- that they shelter in place either at the businesses to the south of the planned parenthood or in the actual business or just to the north of that. again, we don't have the suspect
12:49 pm
yet, and we do consider this still an active situation. >> what kind of gun does he have, do we know? >> the information that we received initially is that it was a long gun. we don't know what type or what capacity or anything at this point. >> is this connected to planned parenthood, or do we know yet? >> we're not sure what the connection is to planned parenthood, but that was the original address that we received for the call for service. >> is the shooter contained sho inside the building? >> we can't confirm where the shooter is at at this point. where we had him earlier but we're still trying to confirm where the shooter is at at this point. that's why this is still very much an active situation. >> how many businesses where the shooting's occurring? >> we're not even into our investigative phase at this point. the phase we're in right now is we are trying to provide emergency medical services to anyone that was injured. and we're trying to make sure we have contained or we can find
12:50 pm
the shooter. >> any fatalities? >> at this point i can't confirm any of that. >> only one shooter? >> again, at this point we had information that there could be a second one. we always plan and train for additional one. >> how many victims have actually been transported? >> i do not know how many have been transported at this point. >> do we know if the gunman has been wounded? >> i don't know. >> numbers of personnel you guy haves out here, p.d., fire -- >> we have brought between us the el paso county sheriff's office and surrounding departments including state patrol we have brought all of our resources to bear in order to address this situation. >> have you had officers inside the building? >> i don't know. the question was is there a possibility of a second shooter, we always plan and train for that. and we don't know whether there
12:51 pm
is just one or two, but we are addressing it. >> there's some neighborhoods a little further to -- i guess to the north, anything being done in sort of -- >> we are not evacuating any of the neighborhoods to the north. we ask that people stay off of centennial boulevard because it is closed. >> is there anything else? >> sorry about that. [ inaudible question ] >> we do not know whether he's contained at this point. we can't verify. >> do you know if there are still what would be customers inside -- >> there are people inside the businesses. we have put officers and detectives into the different businesses at this point. >> is there a possibility of hostages? >> there is that possibility. there are a lot of possibilities with this scenario. as i said it is very active. and we are working our way
12:52 pm
through it. okay. >> are we good? >> that's it. >> that was lieutenant buckley there colorado springs p.d. bringing all of us up to speed here on this situation that's been going on for quite a while. i want to bring in former fbi hostage negotiator. danny, i mean, before you can even begin to talk about negotiating, police you just heard her say they have no idea where this shooter is. >> that's exactly right. and in most crisis situations you know where the bad guy is, you know where the good guys are, you know where the medical people are and hostages. so they're pretty easy to do. when you have an unstructured crisis -- where you don't know where the shooter is, where the victims are, got a lot to do here. it's the most difficult tactical situation that any commander can face. most important thing they can do is getting clear that place. i'm sure they have a perimeter. i'm sure they've started it. but the essential thing to do is
12:53 pm
clear that place. go through it room by room, building by building to be sure that you have this guy. he could be dead. he could have committed suicide. he actually could have escaped. that's also a possibility. so this commander is doing a good job. she's got her hands full. >> yeah, i mean, i think it's important to point out police keep saying it was near the planned parenthood, which says to me it may not have happened in the planned parenthood. when you look at the google map as we've been looking at strip malls down the road talking to a local newspaper reporter sitting in the staging area saying to me, brooke, they've established a two to three-mile perimeter, which is huge. >> no, it is huge. and it creates all kinds of problems. and that's why they need so much manpower. that's why the public needs to cooperate. >> i think we just lost danny. harry, go ahead and jump in. >> look at the perspective what we're seeing right now. now, we know from active shooter incidents that somebody will go into a location, shoot it up, kill people, either get caught
12:54 pm
in that location when the police respond or then leave and somehow wind up shooting themselves. what we have here is we've got three police officers we believe are shot. >> right. >> one other person we don't know who that person is. now, it doesn't seem to me that an active shooter, this shooter, went into a building and shot the place up because we only have -- we have three police officers shot and only one civilian. >> could be a fourth officers, we don't know. >> right. we're not seeing a lot of people being shot here. we'd know about that. so it seems to me based on everything we're looking at right now that this guy did not go into a building that was full of people. that maybe his target was the poli police. i don't know. it looks like this might have been a possible police ambush situation also. or maybe he decided he was going to maybe shoot some people. remember, he was there first before anybody with that weapon. >> we have no idea. and this is a huge area. look at that, one, two, three, four, five ambulances on
12:55 pm
standby. there you go. fire, police, atf, multiple jurisdictions all there. active shooter situation colorado springs, colorado, on this black friday. 17 degrees, snowy here. a lot of complications for police. we've got to take a quick break. we're back with more breaking news after this.
12:56 pm
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we are following breaking news, an active shooter situation, the situation is fluid, not contained.
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they do not know where the shooter is. they do not know if there are hostages. police say at least three officers have been injured. at this time investigators cannot say even if anyone was killed. a short time ago we heard a police spokesperson on the scene. let's listen to that. >> what kind of gun does he have, do we know? >> the information that we received initially is that it was a long gun. we don't know what type or what attached anything at this point. >> is this connected to planned parenthood or do we not know yet? >> we're not sure of what the connection is to planned parenthood, but that was the original address we received for the call for service. >> is the shooter contained inside the building? >> we can't confirm where the shooter is at at this point. where we had them earlier but we're still trying to confirm where the shooter is actually at at this point. that's why this is still very much an active situation. >> how many businesses were the shootings occurring? >>


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