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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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then and make some great memories then. >> great to have you this morning five hours. much more aread. >> you were feeling that five hours. >> turn it over now to fredricka whitfield. this definitely feels like a thanksgiving weekend. you have your green. i have my brown. we have our turkey theme going on. >> you had a good holiday? >> yes, you too. >> it is still going. >> it always does. it is going to go to the end of the year. >> you guys, have a good one. it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. "newsroom" starts right now. we begin with new developments in that deadly shooting in colorado springs, colorado, where a gunman killed three people and wounded nine others at a local planned parenthood clinic. police say 57-year-old robert lewis dear first opened fire in the parking lot wearing a trench coat and carrying an assault
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rifle. i caused a neighboring shopping center and hospital to go on lockdown for nearly six hours. he surrendered to police and is now in custody. the motive is still under inve t investigation. the mayor told couus it could happen anywhere. >> this could happen in any big sit any in america. it happened in ours this time. it will happen in other communities the next time. we, as a community want to make sure that our officers and our first responders are prepared, for instance, like this. yesterday indicated they were, being in the command center yesterday and seeing the performance of the first responders. particularly, the colorado police department. the calm and professional communication between those in the command center and those in the planned parenthood center. i'm absolutely convinced that lives were saved as a result of the skill that the police brought to this terrible tragedy.
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i don't think that information has been released in terms of the investigation that we're at a point where we can say exactly what the motive was. you can certainly infer what it may have been in terms of where it took place and the manner in which it took place. we don't have any confirmation from any of the investigation yet as to what the precise motive was. >> investigators are still processing that crime scene at the planned parenthood clinic. stephanie elam is live nearby. tell us about that extremely delicate process of extracting the gunman without injuring any of the hostages. >> reporter: it is amazing that there weren't more casualties involved with this, fred. if you take a look behind me, you can see in the distance where that planned parenthood building is. as you heard the mayor say, the question of motive is still up there specially since this shooting began in the parking lot. >> he fired through the window.
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one of the guys got hit in the leg. >> you might be able to get a sniper shot through this open window. >> tense moments at a planned parenthood clinic at colorado springs. as two civilians and a police officer are killed in a nearly six-hour standoff. it ended when the gunman finally gave up. >> we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him. at that point, they were able to get him to surrender and he was taken into custody. >> one of the dead, 44-year-old officer, garrett swasey, worked for the university of colorado. he apparently rushed to the scene from the campus ten miles away. two more victims have not been identified. five police officers and four other civilians were injured in the attack, including one man who was waiting in a parked car. >> he was aiming at me.
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i just hit the gas. he started shooting. i was looking at his face. then, the shots came through the glass. i started bleeding. >> a law enforcement official confirms to cnn that the suspected gunman is 59-year-old robert lewis dear. woman experts are making sure he didn't leave behind any explosive devices inside or outside the clinic. >> once the suspect was taken out of the building, our process is to go through and clear the building, room by room and then we turn it into a crime scene. >> as the investigation into his motive goes on, police are being credited with saving lives by using security cameras to keep track of the gunman and those trapped inside. >> the officers were monitoring movement within the building on security cameras and communicating to the officers who were in the building and it was the most incredible work on behalf of officers trying to
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minimize the number of fatalities. >> reporter: now, what we do know about the nine people that survived this. we know they are in the hospital and said to be in good condition and are expected to live, which is the good news, but still, very, very tragic here in colorado springs. there were three lives lost here, fred. >> stephanie, president obama just released a statement about the shooting. what do you know that he said? >> reporter: it's interesting. through the years, we have heard president obama get more and more direct about how he feels about these kind of shootings. the same tone, you can see it is amped up a bit in his tone. i am going to read for you part of what he says. he says, quote, this is not normal. we can't let it become normal. if we truly care about this. if we are going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again for god knows how many times with a truly clean conscience, we have to do something about the easy accessability of weapons of war on our streets to people who
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have no business wielding them. period. may god bless officer swasey and the americans he tried to save and may he grant us the courage to do what he tried to do for others in this circumstance. when you listen to the tone, more direct, more tense, more terse. it sounded like president obama, more fed up with the gun violence here in the country. what about the people that work at that clinic? >> reporter: we have seen it all over twitter where people have come to the support of planned parenthood while the shooting was still happening whether it was unclear whether this was a target of planned parenthood. a lot of people affected by those that have lost their lives. people rallying around and saying they will not be scared. it was the day after
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thanksgiving. people don't expect this to happen in their town, in colorado springs. a lot of shock here still. >> stephanie elam, thank you so much. >> we are also hearing the dramatic police scanner audio showing the drama that unfolded as police talked about the best way to take out that gunman without hurting anyone else. >> there are three people hiding in the bathroom at planned parenthood where they seemed to hear the suspect. >> we are in contact with the party, one of the three hiding in planned parenthood. >> they are going to hide in the back closet until this is over. we have people hunkered down in the northwest corner of the building. >> to confirm we have people still inside planned parenthood. >> we are trying to find the victims at the back. we haven't found them yet. >> there is at least one, maybe
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two. >> is that safe to do? i don't want anybody else hurt. >> if you need to drive that through any of the doors. >> let's get a description. he saw the suspect, a similar hat with the fuzzy stuff on the side, a tan jacket, a white male about six-feet tall and a white beard. this gentlemen has seen another person shot at planned parenthood that went down as well. he is describing boots for the footwear and a hunting outfit. >> they can come in by the south side of king soup percent and we can open up the back door and they can access it that way. >> the victim at planned parenthood, one of the parties heard another shot.
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>> we need to clear the channel for outside traffic. >> the medical team stays on the south side. >> we are going to get the setup and clear for them to come in. >> we are about to roll the target right now. >> we are just going to have you run in front of that building when i tell you. that's my medical team. >> we are going right now. >> now, as we go to break, we want to take time to remember the victims of the clinic shooting, two civilians and one police officer with the university of colorado in colorado springs were killed. while we tried to identify the civilians, we do know more about the 44-year-old officer, garrett swasey, who was a husband, a father of two and was once a champion ice skater. our christi paul spoke earlier this morning to eric singer, a reporter for the colorado springs gazette. they talked about officer swasey. >> well, as you can emergency, watching officers salute their fallin comrade, it is certainly
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an emotional moment and learning a little bit more about officer swasey, he grew up in massachusetts. he competed with his partner, rachel myer, with the skating club of boston in the eastern sectional championships. he and nol-up baltimore native living in the springs in the early '90s, won the junior dance competition, the original and pre-dance programs. he and hillary tompkins finished 13th in the 1995 u.s. figure skating championship and performed in ice shows in northern maine. he was a man of faith and an elder in hope chapel, a northwest colorado springs church overseeing the care groups and participating in the teaching team and playing guitar as part of the worship team. you both were saying a few moments ago, he is survived by his wife, rachel and a young son, elijah, and a young daughter, faith.
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a strong warning from turkey's foreign ministry telling its citizens not to travel to russia unless absolutely necessary. just yesterday, they said they would start requiring visas for all turks traveling there, all fallout for a downing of a military jet by turkey which claimed russia violated turkish air space. let's bring in wesley clark. good to see you. turkey has been striking a more conciliatory tone with russia suggesting that the leaders of the two countries meet this week at the climate summit. so far, russia is giving up the cold shoulder. what will happen to relations or
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how might this impact relations between russia and turkey. >> i think it is going to continue to be a burr under the saddle, so to speak. i don't think it is going to result in a large escalation of the conflict at this stage. i think it indicates that russia and turkey have opposing objectives, opposing policies, opposing outcomes they are seeking in this conflict and russia has weighed in by striking these villages and these civilians in a north part of syria or southern part of turkey. depending on how you draw that border and threatening the turkish grip on the northern part of syria and turkey has responded by shooting down a russian aircraft. russia has stronger anti-aircraft in northern syria. it is a standoff militarily, politically and at this point,
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neither side wants to escalate the rhetoric or the fracture. both sides are playing very complex, nuanced games. >> so a standoff for now. is this a prelude to something else? yes, you underscore russia and its air strikes there in northern syria just on the turkish border. do you see retaliation by russia on turkey proper in any way? >> well, not yet. not military retaliation. what you can see is that there is economic retaliation, diplomatic retaliation and this, of course, is embarrassing to turkish president. on the other hand, turkey has received strong support from president obama and nato but no one wants this to escalate. instead, turkey and the united states would like to see russia join in the attacks on isis. russia, of course, is not prepared to escalate attacks on
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isis, despite rhetoric. it wants to clear out the resistance fighters that are near the syrian occupation, occupied areas of northwestern syria and around there. so we have got conflicting policy object jeb tiffs, conflicting military activities. it is a stalemate right now as both sides jockey for leadership and greater influence. >> turkey is a nato member. what is the relationship between nato and russia? >> it is strained at this point. nato has seen what russia has done in eastern europe. of course, russia seized crimea and put its military forces in there. russia supported the fighting in eastern ukraine with large number of troops and equipment and leadership over the last almost two years now. and nato has supported the european union's sanctions, economic sanctions against
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russia for these activities. so nato is on alert. nato-member countries in eastern europe foe what happened in eastern ukraine could for tell some trouble for them with their minorities and with russian influence. nato is not about to roll over and say to vladmir putin, you are our savior in syria. this is what putin would like. what he would like to do is get control of the refugee situation and remind the europeans that the europeans rely on him militarily and then come back to him and say, let's get rid of these sanctions on russia. this would fracture nato and this is also something that putin would be very happy to see. he has a lot of cards on the table. he doesn't want to start a war with turkey but he wants to put turkey, so-called, in its place z on notice. >> he yes. >> general wesley clark, always good to see you. thank you so much.
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appreciate your time. a republican presidential candidate is overseas on a, quote, fact-finding mission to two syrian refugee camps. cnn's orn leiberman is there. >> reporter: this is a very secretive and surprise visit announcing it at the last second. what does he expect to learn and what does he expect to gain? we'll have that coming up for you. a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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republican presidential candidate ben carson is in jordan visiting the refugees to better understand the crisis stemming from the civil war as the white house race returns to a focus on foreign pol sichlt o orren lieberman joins me now. the u.s. embassy has known about it. this has been secret in large part. why does this seem to be so under wraps. >> reporter: difficult to say at this point. of course, we have our ideas. this came together from our perspective very quickly. it was announced only very
8:24 am
recently. it wasn't even announced so much as it was discovered and reported and carson went into one of the refugee camps here. he was there for about three hours. he came out. we were not allowed into that refugee camp while he was there. the only video we had of him was from the refugee camp. with he know wh we know what he was support ed supposedly there to do. he was there to view the facilities and all the other presidential candidates are opposed to bringing in syrian refugees to the u.s. he was caught comparing them to rabid dogs. this may have been carson attempting to boost his foreign policy credentials to learn more about foreign policy and also in a secretive way to control the mediacoming out media coming out of this. he wanted to go in and ask him questions and see if his
8:25 am
understanding of syrian refugees and the camp evolved. they made it impossible by not allowing us to interview him, to talk to him or allowing us in while he was there. >> it is true his camp is saying there were two journalists accompanying him that are videotaping his trip. do we know to what extent, what is happening when he is at the camps? what kind of interaction? is there anything from his medical expertise that is being shared there at the camps? >> at this point, we simply don't know. we know he went in. we know he came out. we were hoping there would be some sort of statement or media photos, pictures, video put out from his visit. he reportedly went to a second refugee camp in jordan, in northern jordan, and has four times as many people. in terms of what he did while he was there, the carson camp hasn't been out any of that information. what he said about these
8:26 am
meetings, as you mentioned, the debate for president has switched to foreign policy. this is seen as one of carson's weak points. this trip is meant to boost those credentials. if so, nothing has been publicized about what he did while he was visiting those refugee camps and meeting with those refugees. >> thanks so much from aman jordan. when we come back, a new terror arrest in belgium. plus, details on the results of new security measures in france after the paris attacks. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo!
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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good morning, again. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we are following new developments at the deadly shooting at a planned parenthood clinic in couldle clorado sprin. the gunman has been identified as 57-year-old robert lewis
8:30 am
dear. one of the victims has also been named, a veteran police officer, 44-year-old university of colorado police officer garrett swasey died along with two others yet to be identified. a procession took the body of officer swasey away from the scene. his colleagues pausing to salute as he went by. a witness known as judy called into kakk tv from her car to describe the scene. >> i heard what i thought was gunshots. i kept thinking, is that gunshots? i was walking over to the planned parenthood area. i seen a car. i saw somebody leave and somebody going inside with the bag. i didn't think a whole lot of it. i watched this car, kind of like a van car in my head. they -- it kind of drifted from
8:31 am
the driveway over at planned parenthood, between that and the next building and it kind of went up a little hill and kind of drifted back. i knew from watching it, there was nobody steering that car. so it came to a stop. as it rolled backwards, it stopped. a guy got out and actually fell on the ground where you could see all the gun shots. oh, my god, it terrified me. i pulled to the back of the parking lot. i friday to call 911. i couldn't get through. pulled up to this building and tried to get out and go inside. they came out and said, get back in your car, we want you safe. get back in your car. i have been hear ever since. all i have heard the whole time i have been here is gunshots. it varies at different times. the last i heard was like a
8:32 am
machine gun. it has been very scary. i'm not sitting up. i'm kind of down in the seed where nobody could see me if they was to look this way. i'm telling you, i guess i'm as safe as i can be without being inside. these cops in front of me have came out and used one of the pillars here to actually hold guns up. i don't know who they were pointing at, because i haven't got it up. i don't know, 10, 15 minutes ago, four of the cops came out. and kind of was in the front of my car. a couple of them were by the pillar. one knelt down and went between my car and the car next to me. that really scared me. i'm thinking, how close is this guy? then, they all went back in the building. since then, a couple of times, they have pointed a gun out the
8:33 am
door. that's it. i don't know what's going on. all i know is, i'm pretty scared. >> unless the guy that i seen walking in there with that bag on his shoulder was the gunman, i have no idea. it was like he had lost control. it was like he lost control and would no longer have control of the vehicle. it was kind of rolling on its own. >> you know that person has died or did you see that person get transferred? >> he got out of that car and fell to the ground full of what i know was bullet shots, because there was blood at different areas on him. >> what a horrible thing to witness, judy. >> we are learning more about the officer killed in this shooting, garrett swayze was 44 years old, married with two children. he is described by those that know him as a courageous man and loving father who drew strength and inspiration from his christian faith. sarah gannam joins me with more
8:34 am
about his life and who he was. >> officer garrett swasey was the father of two, a former championship ice skater and an elder at his church. he leaves behind his wife, faith and his daughter sarah and his son, elijah. he was an officer at the nearby uflt of colorado, colorado springs campus. when he heard of the report of shots fire, he went over to assist. he rushed to the scene to help. he was a six-year veteran of the force joining law enforcement after a career as ia figure skater. in 1992, he and his couples partner won the junior championship in orlando. it was after that that he moved his family from the melrose, boston area where he was a graduate of melrose high school over to colorado springs so he could train at the olympic training center. after retiring from his career as an ice dancer, he became a
8:35 am
law enforcement officer. he was an elder at his church and played guitar there. his family was very active. take a listen to what his co-pastor said this morning about who he was. >> i have known him for about ten years. throughout that entire time, watched him faithfully serve others and place others before himself in nearly every situation. >> the co-pastor also talking about the horror of having to help officer swasey's wife inform their children that their father was not going to come home again. today, the university of colorado will participate in several moments of silence at every sporting event in his honor. fred? >> sara ganim, thank you so much. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes.
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it has stopped nearly 1,000 people were entering the country since the paris attacks. the people who were turned away from deemed, quote, security risks to public order. he also said there are 15,000 officers currently stationed along france's borders. martin savidge joins me now live from paris with the latest. >> reporter: this took place in
8:40 am
belgium, another person who had contact with salah abdeslam. he is believed to be the sole surviving terrorist from the isis attack that occurred on friday the 13th. authorities know he survived because they detained him for a short while at a checkpoint before he drove into belgium. at that time, authorities didn't know he was connected to the terrorist attack and, thereby, they let him go. a total of three people that at some point had contact with him in the first 24 hours after the attack. so authorities have naturally been pulling them in to see if they can tell him any more about where abdeslam may be now. the point here is that he hasn't been seen for over two weeks. the fact that he has been able to get away and remained out of reach of law enforcement would imply he has had help at this time. >> the climate summit beginning monday in paris. president obama and other world leaders are expected to be
8:41 am
there. how have the paris attacks changed the dynamic of that meeting and security surrounding it? >> reporter: in a lot of ways. security, of course, had to be tightened and the concerns are that in some way, this event could be a target that's always a concern but probably ratcheted up more because of what happened. as a result of those security concerns, there was a large public dimension that was going to be part of this, very large demonstration, so people were going to be a part of. they have been canceled or greatly scaled back. they haven't gotten the manpower to look over those events or guard the world leaders that will be here starting on monday. security concern. some wonder as to whether the leaders that have gathered here will be focused on the environment or terror and whether the funding they plan to contribute will go to fighting terror. there is a whole shift that is feared that people's mind-sets won't be focused on what it was
8:42 am
all originally about, which was the environment. >> fredricka? >> martin savidge in paris. thanks so much. republican presidential candidate, ben carson said his trip to visit refugees in jordan is strictly a learning opportunity. we will take a look at how this could play out here at home. that's next. almost half,mbers by but despite the great progress that we have achieved, there are still too many veterans who still need a place to live. this project is a comprehensive rehabilitation of the center's facility here in downtown boston to create permanent supportive housing, transitional housing and service spaces, a facility that really delivers on society's commitment to people who have served in the military. citi® was the financial partner because they were able to come with the resources, both the capital resources and also the human resources, the experts in their fields,
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and without citi's partnership we probably would not be in construction right now. the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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republican presidential candidate, ben carson is in jordan. he said, i find when you have firsthand knowledge of things as opposed to secondhand. it comes after he has been faced with growing scrutiny for his lack of grasp of foreign policy. his campaign office said he meant there were chinese weapons
8:47 am
being used in syria. he was unable to answer that country that he would call first to build a coalition to fight isis during an appearance on fox news sunday. so let's bring in cnn senior political reporter, cistephen col colinson. is this trip all about optics? >> reporter: we spend a lot of time as journalists criticizing presidential candidates. the fact that one has decided to go over to jordan to see what is a grave situation himself should get some political credit. there is clearly a motivation for this. he has struggled on foreign policy questions and on the syrian civil war. this is also a way of getting him something to talk about on syria where he can feel on solid ground. there is a debate coming up on cnn among republican candidates in a couple of weeks. this trip could, therefore, be a fallback situation for him to talk about the refugee situation
8:48 am
to say, yeah, look, i have been over there and seen the resultings of this civil war. it is a political way of him getting out of a difficult spot he has found himself in on foreign policy. >> it is quite the tight rope. >> on one hand, isn't it admirable to see someone who wants to assess, see for themselves, or is there a great risk there is this appearance that you are not looking contrite and using a horrible situation to benefit yourself? >> that's always a danger. i think perhaps that's one of the reasons why there has not been a lot of media coverage so far in this trip. i believe he is going to issue a statement, some photographs later on. we have seen republican presidential candidate ns this election and previous election cycles, mitt romney, go abroad and on foreign policy listening tours that are supposed to enhance their credentials as statesmen and they end up making gaffes and missteps and it
8:49 am
becomes a detrimental to their campaign. i think they are wise to keep this fairly constrained and not let political reporters get there and ask him difficult questions along the lines he just mentioned. >> because, in large part, it might backfire? we have seen other candidates going overseas and maybe the right things were not necessarily said or the dynamics were criticized later which really could harm a candidate more than it does serve them well? >> that's right. let's not forget. this is a very difficult situation, not just for dr. carson. no americans or western politician has really come up with a good answer about how you fix this situation, how you end the civil war, how you stop these refugee flows. it is going to be very interesting if dr. carson moderates his language on refugees. he's been outspoken about the
8:50 am
need to keep more refugees -- to keep them out of the united states. i would expect he would probably say it's up to the countries around syria, countries like jordan, lebanon, the arab states to do more to look after these refugees. it's not really the west's problem. the problem with that, is that a lot of these countries are already overwhelmed. there are more than a million refugees estimated in jordan, many more in lebanon. these are fragile countries and these are countries that don't want these destabilizing refugee flows coming into their nation. it's a very difficult situation and i don't know how dr. carson can come up with an answer just during this trip. >> so i'm wondering, what's the picture? because every campaign has to envision the outcome of every action. so what's the picture this candidate or this camp wants to see as a result of the refugee, you know, camp visiting? is it interaction with people? is it talking to the medical team? what is that picture that would serve him well?
8:51 am
that's a very good yes. i imagine given dr. carson's background as a pediatric neurosurgeon, he has a very good and developed bedside manner. you've seen that on the debate stage, you know, his whole political style as a politician is that of a surgeon, of a gentleman, perhaps putting him in a scenario with some children. perhaps talking to a medical team would be the good picture that would come out of this for them. and it would, you know, help turn what has been a bit of a liability for his campaign, so far, some of his statements on syria, into a much more positive image, for, you know, for the public to digest and to consider as they consider his candidacy, as we come up with the first votes in this campaign. >> stephen collinson, always good to see you. >> thanks, fred. still ahead, her brother was one of the terrorists a to the bataclan theater in paris. >> i was screaming in despair and sadness and when i gathered my thoughts, i thought this information was wrong. that there was a mistake.
8:52 am
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as investigators dig into the background of the paris attackers, some people who knew the assailants are coming forward and providing information on their past.
8:56 am
cnn's hala gorani talk a sister of one of the terrorists. she asked cnn to disguise her voice and hide her face. >> translator: he was one of the terrorists responsible for the worst attack in france in half a century. one of three shooters at the bataclan concert hall on november 13th. his name revealed days later, sammy amimore. for the first time on international television, his sister is speaking out. >> at what point did you learn that your younger brother was one of the attackers? >> at first, i was shocked. i was screaming in despair and sadness. and when i gathered my thoughts, i thought this information was wrong, that there was a mistake, that it was impossible. >> reporter: a man who grew up
8:57 am
to be a mass murderer, was whose life, according to his sister, started very differently. she shared personal pictures of her brother with us. >> the samy, you knew, you're saying was a nice guy? >> exactly. he was a nice person, a sensitive person. a bit shy. somebody you can rely on. a generous person. someone nice who loved to laugh and joke. >> reporter: but then that man disappeared, she says, literally, traveling to syria to join isis. his father reportedly went after his son to try to convince him to come home to no avail. amimour's family actually stayed in touch with him while he was in syria. the last message from him was sent in august of this year. in your last contact with him, was it just an ordinary conversation? >> yes. >> reporter: with absolutely no sign that anything like this could happen? >> no. no sign.
8:58 am
totally normal conversation. i asked him how he was and he told me, listen, i am very well. i have a lot of things to deal with at the moment, so i will call you very soon. send kisses to everyone and to my cat. >> how do you reconcile the -- your brother, who says, kiss the parents, kiss the cat, you know, i'll call you soon, the little boy you grew up with, with the man who so coldly murdered dozens of helpless people in a concert hall? >> to me, there is no link. it's almost like it's not him. there's no chance. i know it's real, but -- >> reporter: so what happened to a man who worked as a bus driver, led a seemingly normal life in the northern paris suburb of draci that turned him into a mass killer and suicide bomber? >> it started with the internet.
8:59 am
he visited websites that were sort of controversial. then it continued with videos and then it stayed that way. then, beyond the world of the internet, there was also the real world. people came to talk to him. >> where? where? >> in the area, here, below the house. they came to talk to him more and more and told him that he should attend the sermon at the mosque more regularly. that he should be more devoted to his practice of islam. then they led him towards mosques that are more radical. >> reporter: these are some of the pictures of amimour's victims, some of the 89 people ruthlessly killed that night. does hi family feel any responsibility for amimour's actions? >> of course, there's part of us that says, maybe it's our fault. maybe we could have done something different. maybe, just, maybe. >> if you had an opportunity to speak to the family of one of the victims, what would you say
9:00 am
to them? >> sorry for your loss. we're sorry, because we didn't want all of this. we understand the pain they feel and we know that nothing will bring their families back, whatever we may say. so we just hope that they can mourn their dead. >> reporter: hala gorani, cnn, paris. and still so much more straight ahead in the newsroom. it all starts right now. hello, again, everyone. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. new details in that shooting in colorado springs, colorado. where a gunman killed three people and wounded others in a planned parenthood clinic. robert lewis dear first opened fire in the parking lot carrying an assault rifle. he caused a neighboring shopping center and hospital to go on lockdown for six hours. he


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