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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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didn't know he was a toy. voters, they say the darnedest things. we'll see you soon. "state of the union" starts now. new details on the planned parenthood shooting that left three people dead. >> he was in front of me and he was aiming and he started shooting. i was looking at his face. >> how did the gunman choose his target? the president pleas enough is enough. plus, more arrests in the paris terror attacks as officials warn of radicals working inside airports. what is the u.s. doing to prevent a plot here? and trump under fire. his comments about muslims in america send fact checkers into a frenzy. >> i watch when the world trade center came tumbling down where thousands and thousands of
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people were cheering. thousands of people were cheering. >> then he mocks the physically disabled reporter who disputed his claim. >> the poor guy. you center to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember! i don't remember! >> but will any of it damage his frontrunner stay us? plus, the top political minds will be here with insights from the campaign trail. hi i'm brianna keilar filling in for jake tapper in washington where the state of our union is tragic. baby parts. that's the phrase that the investigators say the shooter used at surrendering at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. robert lewis dear who killed three people and injured nine others told police he had anti-afworgs and anti-government views. his most recent address was the trailer here. his neighbors say people go to
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this mountain to be left alone. >> gave us some anti-obama fliers, little policeman febroc. i didn't read them. >> he lived here in this remote cabin in north carolina. it includes complaints and animal abuse and an accusation he was a peeping tom. he'll appear in court on monday to face charges. to talk about this we have governor mike huckabee. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> delighted to be here, brianna. >> i want to begin with this shoot out that took place on friday at this planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. you heard the law enforcement is now telling cnn the shooter has anti-abortion, anti government views and he referenced baby parts involving the attack. planned parenthood of the rocky mountains put out this following statement we share the concerns of many americans that
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extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. what do you make of this argument, governor? >> we don't know fully what the facts are. they're still being tedetermine. we don't even know some of the victims' names yet. what he did is domestic terrorism and what he is did is abomble. especially to those of us in the pro life movement. there's nothing about any of us that would condone or any way look the other way at something like this. we're not going have a kind of language you heard from john kerry where he's talked about legitimizing or racitionalizing this. it's unfathomable. there's no excuse of killing other people whether it's inside the planned parenthood or inside their clinics where millions of
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babies die, or people attacking planned parenthood. every life has value. this is an incredible tragedy. i don't know of anybody who will say anything other than just outright condemnation for this horrible, horrible act of murder. >> planned parenthood seems to be -- well, it is blaming the rhetoric that popped up following the videos that came out that were taped -- various videos of planned parenthood. they said the rhetoric created this environment where this happened. do you agree with that? >> brianna, i don't know any pro life leader, any, if you can tell me one, please correct me. i don't know of anybody that suggested violence toward planned parenthood personnel or some act of violence toward their clinics. i've not heard that. i've heard universal condemnations whether it's the
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centers for medical progress who put out the videos, and pro life advocates, i consider myself one of them. i know of nobody who has ever suggested that planned parenthood be the target of some type of violent attacks. so i think that's a little bit disingenuous on the part of planned parenthood to blame people who have a strong philosophical disagreement with the dismembers of human babies, and with the selling of body parts to say we would like to retaliate by sending some madman into a clinic to kill people. god knows that's not what anybody would want. and this person, apparently from everything we know is a very unstable person. and just a terrible tragedy. especially for that police officer and his family. >> this shooting has certainly revived the debate over abortion. you support banning abortion by declaring that a fetus is a person that has rights under the constitution. can you explain under your plan
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what the criminal penalty would be for a woman if she did get an abortion? >> there wouldn't be a criminal penalty against a woman. i've said, brianna, there are two victims with every abortion. one is the unborn child who loses its life and the other is often the woman who is talked into the abortion, pressured into it, maybe feels she has no other option. there's no reason to criminalize her. i personally think that would be a useless and, frankly, a harsh and unnecessary kind of attack on a woman who needs love and support and assistance. not criminalization. >> i do want to turn to the fight against isis, governor. i want to ask you about something that you actually tweeted last week. you said after today's attack in mali, the obama proved domestic terror plan give up your guns and memorize a koran verse. memorize a koran verse?
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>> after the attack in mali there were numerous reports that the gunmen were going around and saying can you quote a verse from the koran. if they said yes, they could go free. if they couldn't they were shot. the point was that the president said we need to disarm law-abiding people, it was just a reminder that we are at war with radical islam. whether we want to admit that or not. it's not that we are at war with all islam, but we are at war with those who believe that the purpose they have on earth is to declare a worldwide caliphate. to kill all the infidels and the unbelievables, which would be everyone and other muslims who don't agree to their harsh, intense, anti-woman, anti-human being approach to life and who want to take us back to the seventh century. >> did you men -- mean, then, to lump the president and the terrorists in mali together? >> oh, heavens no.
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i don't think anybody suggested that. i certainly didn't. i'm simply pointing out the irony. this president has shown considerable more intensity of anger toward republicans than he has toward isis. i mean, i remember those press conferences. the one in manila and the one in turkey prior to that where you can see the visible visceral anger this president has as he spoke about republicans. there was not a universal accept tense of his point of view calling people who disagreed with them un-american. it was harsh. and i just wanted him to show the same kind of anger directed toward the isis terrorists and the radical islamics that we saw from french president hollande where he clearly said let's close our borders. let's get a handle on this and go after these guys with everything we have and be
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unrelenting in destroying them. that's what we all need to do. the family of civilized nations need to get together and we need to destroy this threat once and forall. >> you have called finish sanctioning countries that don't join the coalition against isis. we've often heard the phrase the coalition of the willing. are you proposing a coalition of the unwilling? >> if you mean coalition of the unwilling, those who refuse to lift a finger to stop this aggression. they should be isolated. yes, we should put sanctions on them. there's no excuse, especially for middle eastern nations, especially for muslim middle eastern nations to simply sit back and do nothing and let america, the united kingdom, france, nato countries to let the rest of the world attack this maing lignant cancer. there has to be a concerted
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effort. this is a world battle, and we're fighting not so much for land, real estate, and the color of our flag. we're fighting for whether or not we're going to be a civilized world or savages. because what is represented by islamic jihadism is nothing less than savagery and uncivilized behavior. when you cut peoples' heads off because they don't agree with your faith. when you put them in a cage, pour gas on them, and set them afire. that's not civilized behavior. that's savagery. >> governor huckabee, thank you for being with us on "state of the union" we appreciate your time this sunday morning. >> thank you, brianna. one governor orders police to patrol planned parenthood or other locations being threatened. we have that next. people don't have to think about
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welcome back to "state of the union" i'm brianna keilar. new york police will begin patrolling planned parenthood clinics on monday.
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governor cue momo called for it this weekend. joining me now is colorado governor john hickenlooper. thank you for being with us. we are thinking of your state during the aftermath of this terrible holiday weekend. we know at this point that a police officer was murdered during this attack. there's two other people who were killed as well. they haven't been identified. do you know if either of them were patients or staff of the clinic? >> we can't talk about that quite yet. they haven't released that information publicly. certainly, the police officer garrett swasey was a wonderful person. two kids. i'm sure you've seen the news clips on him. a wonderful skater and a wonderful human being. i mean this world is the worst for his loss. that itself is unfathomable. >> yeah. six years on the force. he was responding immediately as he could to the shooting there.
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we did hear from the attorney general calling this an attack on women. so i know you can't, certainly we respect this, you can't identify the other two victims, but were they women? >> again, i believe one was a woman. one was a man. i think that misses the point to try to get into whether the perpetrator -- and to be honest, i don't like saying the guy's name. i don't like making these mass killers into celebrities in some twisted way. i don't -- whether he was successful or not is beyond the point. it's he was trying to do this is, i don't know, it's a very, very hard reality to understand and get our arms around it. in colorado we passed universal background checks, but at the same time in colorado springs it's a more conservative part of the state we probably have more people that have licenses for concealed weapons. probably more guns around that
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didn't help. i think as a state but as a country we have more thinking about this and how to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of people that are unstable. >> you're saying those efforts that you help spearhead obviously didn't prevent this, as you're saying. president when he responded to this attack it was with a call for gun control. and first of all, can you tell us anything about the weapons that were used here? all we know at this point there was a long gun and we don't know much else. >> yeah, i think, again, the mayor of colorado springs, john southers, a former u.s. attorney general of the state, former district attorney i'm letting him reveal the evidence. he knows it better. >> i guess my question is, is there an argument to be made. obviously you pushed through legislation in the wake of other shootings in your state, but is there an argument to be made as the president is making that
6:18 am
there is a role for increasing gun control in reaction to this specific shooting? >> well, i think, i mean, we're still -- colorado springs and i think the whole country is still grieving on this so, you know, detailed plans probably aren't appropriate. i think we have to come back and look at all aspects of why these shootings have continued to occur, you know, oregon or south carolina and colorado. the frequency is unacceptable. i don't -- i'm not willing to say we just have to sit back and accept it as a cost of freedom. i think we have to look at how do we address, you know -- how do we make sure that people have who are unstable, who have violent histories, you know, if somehow a level of domestic violence made it much more difficult to get a weapon maybe we would not only keep our
6:19 am
communities safer but come down on domestic violence. i'm just throwing that out as one of many things we've got to think about of how to try and keep guns out of hands of people that are violent and unstable. >> governor, we've reported there were propane tanks near the suspect's car that he intended to explode. that is something that could have caused tremendous damage. do you think the carnage could have been even worse here? >> well, i think the first responders, and i visited three police officers in the hospital yesterday, their efforts were remarkable, and the level of courage and bravery they exhibited, i mean, when they got the call they went right into action. so without question it could have been worse on a lot of levels. >> i do want to ask you a final question here. planned parenthood almost immediately, even before we exactly knew the facts or anything about the motivation here, we know that the shooter referenced baby parts when he
6:20 am
was arrested. planned parenthood is calling this domestic terrorism. do you agree with that assessment? >> well, certainly it is a form of terrorism and maybe in some way it's a function of the inflammation rhetoric that we see on all -- i mean so many issues now there are bloggers and, you know, talk shows where they really focus on trying to get people to that point of boiling over. just intense anger. and i think maybe it's time to lock at how do we tone down some of that rhetoric. no one is going to try to reduce free speech in this country, but that rhetoric clearly is -- if people are in some way emotionally unstable or psychologically unbalanced that intensity of rhetoric sometimes seems to pull a trigger in their brain that they lose contact with what reality is.
6:21 am
>> are you calling just to sort of see what you're saying here a little more clearly. are you calling for a change in blogging and video games? >> no. i'm in no way trying to limit free speech. i think that our community, right, the united states of america ought to begin a discussion looking at how do you begin to tone back the inflammatii inflammatory rhetoric, in some ways it might be good for selling products and advertisements or whatever, but in some way it is inflaming people to the point where they can't stand it and they go out and lose connection with reality in some way to commit these acts of unthinkable violence. i'm not saying we restrict peoples' freedom of speech. nowhere near that. i think we should have a discussion, you know, at least urging caution when we discuss these issues so we don't get
6:22 am
people to a point of going out and committing senseless violence. >> governor hickenlooper, thank you so much. we want you to know our thoughts and prayers are with your state and certainly the people of colorado springs. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. a secret document shows french authorities have been worried for years about islamic radicals. what is the risk to u.s.-bound flights? i'll be asking a top homeland security official after our break.
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welcome back to "state of the union" i'm brianna keilar filling in for jake tapper. president obama leaves for paris this morning. he'll join over 150 heads of state to talk about climate change. the french government has arrested 300 people since the attacks in paris, and police are
6:27 am
still hunting for salah abdeslam, one of the terrorists who fled. joining me now is congressman michael mccall, a republican from texas. he's the chairman of the homeland security committee. we're hoping to get some information about some of the latest we're hearing out of paris. mr. chairman, do you know anything about whether investigators may be closer to finding salah abdeslam? do you think they have a sense of whether he's still in europe or if instead he may have made his way to syria? >> i can't get into that level of specifics. i think that's a good news. i think they're closing in on him. it's a very sophisticated plot, and external -- this is a new isis. a new chapter for them to conduct three external operations in just recent times. we're very concerned about their
6:28 am
capability against the united states as well. >> you're saying that authorities are closing in on this terrorist at large in europe or perhaps in syria at this point. can you talk about that further? you're saying you're encouraged about where this investigation has gone. >> i am, but obviously i don't want to jeopardize an ongoing investigation that is so important. look, you know, belgium, paris, they have rounded up a lot of suspects right now. they're really cracking down on security, as they should. europe is so wide open, brianna. they had 5,000 europeans that have gone to iraq and syria with western passports. many of whom have come back. and the paris attacks were the classic case of the foreign fighter. the united states we've had hundred of them travel over there and 50 have come back to
6:29 am
the united states. i think europe has a far greater problem than we have in the united states, but, however, we still have made many arrests in the united states over 70 isis followers last year. we have a thousand investigations in all 50 states. so we take it very seriously in the homeland as well. >> let's talk about how europe's problem could become the problem of the u.s. cnn was actually able to see a document from the french interior ministry this week and it has intelligence that shows concern for the radicalization for airplane workers. stunningly it goes back to 2004 more than a decade past and a source is telling us that more than 100 public transit workers have left for syria since 2012. how concerned are you about airport workers getting a bomb on to a u.s.-bound flight. we're talking about cities where they have direct flights to the u.s. >> yeah i'm very concerned about this. we have ramped up security at last points of destination.
6:30 am
those are direct flights into the united states, but what happened at shar mel shake is an insider threat. someone was comprised or radicalized or perhaps bribed to put a piece of luggage, a bomb on the airplane, that is a worker at the airport. we can have the best screening technology but if we have an insider threat out there, that is very, very hard to stop. that kind of scenario playing on an airliner flying directly into the united states is what i'm most concerned about. and isis has demonstrated they have that capable. we only thought al qaeda in the arabian peninsula had. so this is something now we're vetting employees, i think a lot more strictly. i had a bill that passed out of congress to do that as well. but this is one of the biggest threats to the aviation sector. >> are you confident that the
6:31 am
u.s. will be able to stop a threat like this especially when it seems like this is very old intelligence that may or may not have been shared or certainly been a concern for the u.s. >> we know originally they wanted to target a western airliner when russia invaded the region into sir yap nay turned their sights on to russia. but al baghdadi when he was released from prison in iraq, in his words he said "i'll see you in new york." that shows you the intent behind isis. do they have the capability? i think their capabilities have ramped up recently far beyond what we thought they were capable of doing. i think the bottom line is until we deal with that threat where it exists, until we drain the swamp in syria, with the swamp will come to the united states. i think that's with a we need to be focussed on. our national defense authorization bill requires a president to come up with a strategy to defeat and destroy
6:32 am
isis. present that to the congress. so hopefully while he's talking about climate change in paris, he's talking about how can the nato forces and the u.s. coalition forces and possibly the russians work to defeat and destroy isis. >> i want to ask you about friday's shooting in colorado springs. the shooter there at the planned parenthood clinic made reference to baby parts after he was arrested. planned parenthood calling this an act of domestic terror. do you think that women are safe going to planned parenthood clinics? >> well, this is a horrible tragedy. it doesn't advance the pro life movement killing any lives doesn't advance that. i think this is a case of mental illness. we have found under current law if you're ajute candidated mentally you can't purchase a firearm. we found that too many of the
6:33 am
cases haven't gotten into the system like the navy yard shooter. we need to look at there's legislation to put more of this -- more of these cases into the system so that we can try to prevent something like this. but, you know, i mean it's a sad event that, you know, i can see why women would be concerned, and i know that with clinics that the security is being heightened. >> we know that's happening in a number of cities. congressman mccaul, thank you for being with us. we appreciate your time this morning. enough is enough. that is what president obama said following friday's shooting in colorado springs. the president vents his frustration after yet another shooting. after the break. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals.
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welcome back. i'm brianna keilar in for jake tapper. planned parenthood called attack on its clinic in colorado springs an act of domestic terror. the attorney general called it a crime against women, and the president used it to, again, call for gun control. joining me now to talk about the political fall out of this shooting we have sean spicer, the chief strategies of the republican national committee. we have cnn commentators donna brazil, and bakari sellers. i want to talk about the shooting at planned parenthood in colorado springs. this is what hillary clinton tweeted about it. she said today and every day we stand with planned parenthood. this is her recent tweet about it. i wonder, though, se, when you look at the debate. even just this morning talking to republicans i certainly noticed a change in the tone. do you think this changes the tenor of the debate over abortion right now? >> i think it's a terrible idea
6:39 am
to blame debate for what is a horrific act of violence. if you're going to do that, you have to say that leftist rhetoric was to blame. that's just a wasteful exercise and to hear your former guest john hickenlooper, the governor of colorado suggest that we need to somehow change our tone or police our rhetoric because of the abilict of assuming a madma a distractions and waste. >> planned parenthood said that there's been an alarming increase in hateful rhetoric and smear campaigns against abortion for providers and patients over the last few months. what they said this is creating a toxic, poisonous environment. women have the right to have an abortion and the full range of reproductive health services. >> in your view, is that part of the reason why it happened. >> we don't know.
6:40 am
>> first of all, there was one little sentence. one snippet. we don't really know the motivation of this madman, this murder, but we do know that there is an atmosphere out there, not just in colorado springs, but across the country where women want to have the opportunity to go to these ch a clinics. our men, too, planned parenthood is open to everyone. ? >> we have to acknowledge that the rhetoric in this country has gotten out of hand. i think that's what people are talking about. whether or not we're in debates. the way we communicate with people, the right and left, has gotten out of hand. i don't want to just let this guy off and say he was deranged and a loner. i want to actually have a conversation about guns in this country. i want to have a conversation about mass shootings.
6:41 am
when we discount them as somebody who is a loner, somebody who is going to do it anyway it takes away from the discussions we need to have. >> about mental health. i agree it's a mental health issue. one thing we've had a lot of discussion about law enforcement over the last month. and incorrectly so lly -- corr in terms of use of force. it's a reminder of what law enforcement does every day. >> it is tremendous. and not to take away from that at all, sean. you say it's an issue of mental health. yet the overall bill is in a republican house committee. if it's such a priority then why is nothing being done? >> i think it should. you've heard a lot of folks and maybe this shooting is the impetus for that. but the fact of the matter is one thing all of us, i think, can agree on is this guy is nuts. he's crazy. he's mentally unstable.
6:42 am
we don't know anything about the particulars of this incident. there's no way that anybody sane could commit such heinous act. that's the number one thing we have to concentrate. governor hickenlooper himself talked about all the lengths that colorado has gone to, you know, universal background check s when you have shooting he said this is not normal. we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets. enough is enough. but does anything change? >> and that's why i can't let sean get away with it casting it aside. if we were going to do something in this country about guns, we would have done it after a madman went into sandy hook elementary school and killed 20 kids and six adults. we didn't. we keep having the discussions. whether or not it's charleston, oregon, or now colorado.
6:43 am
it seems as if we're having trouble getting our friends on the right to actually want to do something substantiative about guns in our community. >> there are a lot of people with mental disabilities and we stigmatize people with mental disabilities and mental health issues. many of them are not violent. >> we have to be careful about doing that. last night i went on the website -- there were five people murdered in this country. 14 injured due to gun violence. we have to figure out how to strengthen the background system. we have to do everything right. everything right. we have an issue in this country. we have to talk about it. >> governor hickenlooper detailed all of the lengths we have gone to in colorado. >> it's a fact. dylann roof would not have gotten a weapon but for a loophole in our gun laws. it was a failure. >> no -- >> to the fact we have -- >> federal gun legislation in the wake of the shootings. we've had local and state gun legislation in places like
6:44 am
colorado and new york that have been in many cases have been repealed and drawn back because they have to be unenforceable, unproductive. there's a sensible conversation to be had. when you're a democratic candidate calling the nra, and law-abiding gun owners enemies. you can't have a conversation that is productive. >> we have a lot to talk about ahead certainly with an important trip that ben carson made overseas after krcritics cl out his lack of experience on foreign policy. is it going to beef up him up on international affairs? we'll ask the panel next.
6:45 am
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if donald trumps says muslims must register with our government because you're not one. you might not care if donald trump says it's okay to rough up black protesters because you're not one. but think about this, if he keeps going and he actually becomes president, he might just get around to you. >> that is a new web video from the john kasich campaign targeting donald trump. it's if the language sounds familiar it invokes a famous warning about nazis. i want to bring in our panel to talk about this. donna brazil, john spicer, and bakari sellers. sean, if republicans, for instance, kasich, in this instance -- if republicans are successful in this line of attack, are you worried that donald trump will turn around? he hinted last week, you know, a third party run isn't out of the realm of question.
6:50 am
are you worried? >> i'm not. i think mr. trump made it clear. we've had conversations with him. we understands the importance of staying a republican. he signed the pledge. he understands that any break in the republicans will help hillary clinton get elected. i think getting to the video. it's no surprise we at the rnc really invoke republicans. >> that's the only thing that keeps republicans together. look, donald trump is the leader of the choir. as long as he's going to get the support by raising his voice and demonizing his people, he will continue -- >> you've had a lot of republicans come out against what he's said. he's got 35% of the vote. that means 65% of the party is not with donald trump. i think attempts to paint donald trump as a nazis gives his too
6:51 am
much credit to assume he's not kind of kinding principle leading him through any of this is giving him way too much credit. i think he's purely acting on reflex and responding to the crowds and we are just kind of along for the crowd. >> i thought the video was really good. we're talking about him this morning. people are talking about him across the country. donald trump does use language that is xenophobic. he's offend eed anyone in the country except rich, white men. >> rich, white men too. >> i was going to say i think so. hillary clinton is painting
6:52 am
republicans with this donald trump brush. >> every one of our candidates beats her head to head not just nationwide but key battleground states. what i would be concerned about is they put all their eggs in one basket and the basket is broken. her unfavorables are so off the charts it's unbelievable. she has no trust. she flip-flops in every set of issues. they have a set of rules. >> the republican brand is unfavorable. donald trump is unfavorable. look at your candidate. >> i think sean can't say with a straight face that donald trump will beat hillary clinton. >> donald trump will beat hillary clinton. >> no, no. i'm not mitt romney. i've got $10. the truth is we do have a nominee in the democratic party. >> yes, you do. >> no, we don't.
6:53 am
>> you're saying martin o'malley can pull it out? >> we're having a different kind of debate. >> going through the motions. >> good. that shows democracy. >> let's talk about some of other candidates. it's cruz, not ben carson who is donald trump's chief rival. there he is at 23%. he thinks it's the terrorism issue that is making voters say maybe he's not the guy. >> i think there's a lot of
6:54 am
volatility that will exist in new hampshire and iowa. you'll see people go up and down. that's been the case. i think we'll see more volatility between now and when iowa goes to the caucus february 2nd. new hampshire goes february 9th. there's going to be more volatility. that's always been the case. fully expect it to be the case this cycle. >> what do you think about the terrorism issue and hold up this is affecting the polls? seems like it's really shaking it up. >> it is. any time foreign policy is front and center, i think it benefits republicans. most think republicans are able to handle issues like terrorism and foreign policy issues. that's a good thing for our side. for folks like ben carson who have zero experience with any of this and he can take as many field trips abroad as he wants, he's not going to get the experience that he needs. this is clearly turning some voters who liked him off and
6:55 am
onto someone like ted cruz. >> i've heard democrats in the clinton campaign athey're not a worried about ted cruz. >> i haven't talked to the clinton campaign about who they are afraid of. ted cruz is the slow candidate that is building strong support and strength. he has the support of the evangelica evangelicals. he's the guy organizing in the deep south now. he's clearly onto something. >> thanks to all of you. thanks so much for spending your sunday with us. go do fareed starts next. whatever you're doing, plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare.
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