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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 29, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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on record in dallas, over five feet. >> that's incredible. what, just about a month ago that was a very sizable huge storm, remnants of the hurricane. >> that's correct. >> derek van dam, thank you very much. that's it for me. poppy harlow has much more in the newsroom starting right now. >> happening now in the newsroom, heroes first. >> he not only courageously went into that building and backed up other officers, he gave his life. >> colorado springs police officer garrett swasey. >> garrett is or was the most selfless person i knew. >> as new details emerge about the suspected gunman. >> he seems to be sort of all over the place, sort of a loner. they said he's kind of off the grid. >> agents tonight swarming his home searching for clues. >> he gave us some anti-obama
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sort of flyers, pamphlets. paris on edge. >> what we've watched through the afternoon have been the police trying to drive people out of this square. >> hundreds detained. protests at the climate meeting. tear gas flying through the air. trump, the pastors and the monday meeting. >> i believe mr. trump, his motive and his intention really is to provide leadership. >> african-american pastors, the nonendorsement and the reaction. >> what donald trump is representing right now, insults, the degrading, is not what we're all about. >> let's talk. you're live in the cnn newsroom. good evening, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. thank you so much for being with me. first of all, we want to focus on honoring the heroes. this show is committed to honoring and shining a light on the best of this nation even,
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even at the worst of times. there are a number of new developments coming out of colorado springs this evening. before i get to that, i want to make sure that you know all about officer garrett swasey. he's a fallen hero. he's 44 years old. he was a church elder, a devoted husband, a father of two children and a former skating champion. he was nowhere near the clinic when gunfire erupted friday. he was ten miles away at his campus post at the university of colorado. he could have stay there. instead he picked up and ran to the clinic to help fellow officers who were dodging bullets. that is where he was killed. now, we're hearing from his widow, rachel swasey, for the first time. she writes, our loss cannot be expressed in words while the nation now knows garrett as a hero who gave his life for others, he was always devoted husband of 17 years and a wonderful father. we will cherish his memory, especially those times he spent tossing the football to his son
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and snuggling with his daughter on the couch. for all of you watching, if you want to help swasey's widow and children you can donate to a special memorial fund set up at i'll put that link on my facebook page so you can go there as well. swasey was childhood friends with u.s. figure skating icon nancy kerrigan. the two shared a close bond on and off the rink. >> he was two years younger than me but became literally one of my very best friends. and like a little brother. did a lot of teasing back and forth. very loyal. and loving, caring person. good listener. he was sort of passionate about everything. everything was done with great big giant smile and he had fun in life. so sad. he's got two young kids that they literally run to him every time he comes in the door.
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>> we've also learned that two civilians were killed in that shooting rampage. cnn can now identify one of those civilians as ke'arre stewart. nine others were injured including five police officers, four civilians, the latest update we can give su that four of those injured have been released from the hospital. five patients are still being treated. now to the suspected gunman. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the suspect did mention, quote, baby parts, to investigators after the shooting. later he expressed views, they said, of opposing abortion and big government. authorities say it is too soon to determine the motive and they note the suspect views might not be the reason why he allegedly opened fire. law enforcement found propane tanks near his car. they believe that he was trying to shoot at those tanks and trying to spark an explosion. also today colorado's governor made an emotional plea on "state of the union". >> the frequency is unacceptable.
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and i don't -- you know, i'm not willing to say we just have to sit back and accept this as a cost of freedom. ipg we have to really look at how do we address, you know, how do we make sure that people who are unstable, who have violent histories, you know, if somehow a level of domestic violence made it much more difficult to get a weapon, maybe we'd not only keep our community safer but also cut down on domestic violence. >> governor john hickenlooper there is at the justice department investigating the shooting. whether it will be deemed a case of domestic trim. i want to bring in the executive vice president for planned parenthood association of america. >> hi, poppy. >> hi. thank you for joining us. it's a complete tragedy. and i'd like to first hear from you on whether or not you
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learnlearn ed anything as to whether or not the suspected gunman may have been targeting the clinic from the beginning or not. what do we know? >> poppy, i just have to start by saying our hearts go out to the swasey family, to all of the families of those who were lost and to those who are injured and our great thanks at planned parenthood for the first responders and the law enforcement people who were so important to making this less of a tragedy than it could have been. what we know is a lot of what you all know. the gunman did express some anti-abortion sentiment, and we are certainly concerned about that. the health and safety of our patients is our number one concern and so the heated rhetoric that we've seen of late, you know, greatly concerns us. >> let me read part of the statement for our viewers that you just released this afternoon. there have been a number of different statements. this is from you directly
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nationally. you wrote it is offensive and outrageous that some politicians are now claiming this tragedy has nothing to do with the toxic environment they helped create. can you name what politicians, dawn, you're talking about? >> i think we've heard quite a bit from the republican candidates for president who have been criticizing planned parenthood often not with the facts that have been out there, and they've been discredited for those kinds of attacks. someone like senator cruz who today denounced the violence but within the same week accepted the endorsement of anti-abortion extremists who had spent time in prison for violent acts. >> i do want to be very careful here because it's important when you look at this, you can't generalize all the candidates in either party either way on this. i mean, we had ben carson coming
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out on cbs "face the nation" this morning saying the rhetoric needs to be toned down on both sides. i do want to play for you what mike huckabee said today. >> what he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominababominable. especially to those of us in the pro life movement because there's nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way at something like this. there's no legitimizing, there's no rationalizing, it was mass murder. >> do you agree with him? he called it domestic terrorism. >> well, i think that whether or not we call it terrorism, we can definitely call it terrorizing. and that's what often happens to women who are seeking medical care, reproductive health care, whether it's protesters that are encouraged by groups and organizations and sometimes
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candidates to go out and be intimidating toward women or someone who acts in this extreme way and creates a violent environment where people are trying to seek health care. at the same time we have 700 health centers in planned parenthood most of which were open yesterday, again today. thousands of people being seen, almost all of our health centers operate without any protesters or any violence and again, that's our number one priority. >> i do want to get your take as well just on whether or not planned parenthood as a whole -- because you speak for the organization at a national level -- does deem this domestic terrorism. because one of the first statements that came out came from your colleague who wrote, we share the concerns of many americans that extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. is that how you would qualify it? >> yes, i think vicky's statement was quite accurate. you've heard law enforcement. you've heard the mayor of
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colorado springs, you've heard the governor of colorado, you've heard mike huckabee. i think there's a lot of belief that this qualifies as a form of domestic terrorism. and we know that a lot of incendiary rhetoric here and around the world contributes to terrorism. >> but you know, there's clearly a difference between rhetoric and very opinionated people on both sides. and crazy people. and look, we don't know the mental history of this gunman, but to see something like this happen is unimaginable, despite how one side your views are on either side. i do want to listen to it. because you brought up some of the gop candidates. i'd like you to listen to carly fiorina on fox news sunday. >> what i would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is this is typical
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left wing tactics. >> dawn, your response to that. >> i thought it was pretty amazing that she tried to, in the midst of this moment, bring in things that she's been thoroughly discredited around in terms of charges against planned parenthood. and of course, the gunman is now quoted as having said almost exactly something similar to what carly fiorina just said. and so i do think you have to go back to your statement, poppy, where you said both sides. i don't know anybody who supports women's health or safe legal abortion who goes and protests to prevent other people from getting health care that they want. so i think it is again disingenuous to say we all need to step back. we're not the people who are out there telling other people what to do. we're not out there protesting as they try to receive health care. and we're not saying things that
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are being quoted by the people who perpetrate this kind of violence. i'm not saying that they endorse this violence. i just believe that this kind of rhetoric can, in fact, create a climate where that is more likely. and that taking the endorsement of people who spent time in jail for plotting to do violence to abortion and other health care providing centers says something about where you fall. >> whose endorsement are you talking about? >> operation rescue endorsed and troy newman endorsed senator cruz this week. >> before i let you go, dawn, i want to talk about the victims. obviously that is the most important part in all of this. and we learned more about the officer killed today. you still have five people in the hospital. can you tell us anything about their condition, anything else that people should know about these individuals? >> the reports coming out, thankfully, are that all of the people that remain in the
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hospital are in good condition and are expected to make a full recovery. i can't speak to anyone's individual case. >> that is very good to hear, dawn. i think that's the first time we're hearing that. so thank you very much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, poppy, appreciate it. >> still t come tonight on the program, tale of the tape. new enhanced video in the shooting death of the 12-year-old tamir rice. what new clues from the video, what could they lead to? also, closing in, investigators hot on the trail of the paris bomber. >> this is a new isis, a new chapter for them to be able to conduct three external operations in just recent times. >> the latest from paris straight ahead. also, i will take you to los angeles and introduce you to father greg boyle who is helping gang members find hope and a new path through homeboy industriesp this jesuit priest tells me he's
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our mobile app would let you file a claim and help you find one of our service centers where we manage the entire repair process. things will go your way if you hold on. [ sighs ] someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye. ♪ say goodbye no, you just made it weird. protesters in paris tonight throwing bottles and shoes at police, this just a day before a huge summit on climate change set to begin in paris. officials there ban a major climate march that was scheduled for today. that's what precipitated this. they did that because paris is still under a state of emergency after those terror attacks and that bans all major protests for the next months. all this while 150 world leaders arrive to what has become called the cop-21 meeting. jim bittermann joining me live from paris.
2:18 pm
when you look at this, jim, obviously, i spent days in paris with you. we saw how they were restricting these large demonstrations. what are they doing to make sure they don't have hundreds of arrests again tomorrow when you have the leaders of china, the united states, all around the world descending on paris? >> well, they've moved in pretty quickly today, i must say. they were ready for the demonstrators who wanted to cause trouble today. one of the things they've done is picked up 24 environmental leaders who they thought were perhaps bent on trouble, which is kind of unusual. they put them under house arrest, something that's unusual for a socialist government that got elected on the basis of the environmental vote. so kind of a draconian measure, but they've taken others. for example, they've sealed off the roads to and from the airports and basically to get to the actual conference site, which is at the airport, you can only go but public transit.
2:19 pm
you have to take public transport of some sort to get out there and they can keep control over that in a little better fashion than what we saw this afternoon when the scuffles broke out with police. poppy. >> what about security, jim? when we were there together, obviously, they deployed 1500 troops, you saw them with automatic weapons, on the corners all over paris. but now leading up to this conference just 2 1/2 weeks after the terror attacks and 150 world leaders all descending on paris, what are they telling you about security measures during the summit? >> well, they're going to do their utmost to protect these world leaders. one of the things is that the window that the world leaders will be here will only be two days long. most will be gone by tuesday night. john kerry will stay here throughout the conference, so there will be some who stay on. but the major heads of state and heads of government will be leaving, so really only this
2:20 pm
two-day window they've got to worry about. and for those two days they're going to have the site ringed with several thousand security agents as well as security agents on the street. now, the protests in paris are a long way away from the conference site. probably seven or eight miles away from the conference site. so not too much of a problem. but they don't want that overshadowing what's going on at the conference. >> this has been a long time in the making and they have lofty goals to try the achieve there in climate change. jim bittermann, thank you. donald trump not backing down from his claim that thousands of muslim americans in new jersey celebrated when the twin towers fell on 9/11. that's despite pushback from city leaders, police officials, many, many, all news organizations that have fact checked that and said that's not the case. they say those public celebrations never happened. trump addressed the controversy this morning on nbc's "meet the
2:21 pm
press" insisting he is correct. listen. >> i've had hundreds of people call in and tweet in on twitter saying that they saw it and i was 100% right. now, "the washington post" also wrote about tailgate parties. we're looking for other articles and we're looking for other clips. and i wouldn't be surprised if we found them. but for some reason they're not that easy to come by. i saw it, so many people saw it, chuck, so why would i take it back? i'm not going to take it back. >> one thing that he's not addressed yet is that several black pastors invited to meet with him in new york on monday are now denying what his campaign had previously said, that those pastors were planning to endorse trump at the event. our national correspondent sunlen serfaty joins me now. some of the pastors who were invited to this event at trump tower say now they're not going
2:22 pm
to attend and we're hearing that the campaign, although they're still going to have the meeting, have canceled the press conference for tomorrow. >> that's right. the meeting is still on as planned according to the trump campaign. but they did cancel the press conference. this is a press conference that was originally billed as one where trump would appear with many of those religious leaders for their endorsement afterward. certainly this move, this change comes after, as you reference, there's been this fierce and vocal criticism and pushback from many of the invitees that they did not believe that this meeting was sort of equal to an endorsement. many saying that they thought it was just a chance to talk to him, open a dialogue but not necessarily potentially lead to an endorsement. one of those invitees spoke to cnn earlier today about why he will not attend this meeting. >> what donald trump is representing right now, the insults, the degrading, is not
2:23 pm
what we're all about. so for me to endorse somebody like that where you have no respect for people, i mean, with the women, i think that was a disgrace, and just the disabled reporter, that is unbelievable. even the way they pulled the man out, black lives matter. it's like a bully in the 21st century. >> now, meanwhile, another one of those invitees also announcing why she plans to not attend this meeting with donald trump saying in a posting, quote, trump is an insult and an embarrassment, but he represents the country we have become. zero experience. so certainly poppy this is a growing controversy, a dustup, of course, coming just a few days after black lives matter activist was physically roughed up during one of trump's events in alabama. so certainly an interesting dustup after that. >> we'll be watching, but that
2:24 pm
meeting still on taking place here tomorrow in new york city. we'll, of course, have coverage of that, see what comes of it. sunlen, thanks very much. stay with us. our political panel weighs in next. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way.
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leaders who made it clear even though they're sitting down with donald trump tomorrow in new york, that meeting is not an endorsement. i want to bring in our cnn political commentators. thank you guys for being here. just to be clear, the trump camp has amended their statement initially saying this was an endorsement. now saying they expect some of the leaders to come out after the meeting and endorse donald trump tomorrow. the trump campaign hasn't really explained why in the first place they thought this would be an endorsement. and i'm curious on your take on all of this if it really matters in the large big picture in terms of the african-american vote. >> well, this is typical of what the trump campaign does, right? the whole trump campaign has been about being grandiose, exaggeration, inaccuracy and then turning it around and telling everyone else that we're crazy because we misinterpreted
2:29 pm
what they said or he said. >> they didn't say that this time. >> no, i know. but this is something again that they knew that this wasn't an endorsement meeting, per se. they knew that. i mean, when you run a presidential campaign nothing you do is deliberate unless you're completely income fe tent. i don't think trump's folks are completely incompetent. they're conniving. but to have black leaders come out and endorse him, that would have been eyebrow raising. >> to be clear, you're a conservative. on the other side, let's go the mark. >> i'm not a trump supporter. >> let's go to mark. i want to show you this. news of this meeting happening tomorrow with trump and some of the african-american religious leaders led to an op-ed. trump's racially inaccurate insensitive and incendiary rhetoric should given those charged with the care of the spirits and souls of black people great pause.
2:30 pm
putting aside that you personally are not a trump supporter or conservative, mark, do you believe that he can garner a meaningful amount of the african-american vote? >> no, i don't. and it's not just because he's conservative. there are black conservatives who will support ben carson. there are moderates and independents who may support marco rubio or jeb bush or even ted cruz perhaps. i think donald trump doesn't resonate with black voters because of the things that he says and the things that he does. and that when it comes time to go into that booth, whether in iowa, south carolina or whether in ohio or pennsylvania, people won't support donald trump because of what he said about immigration, because of how he talks about the blacks and the weird positions he takes on other issues. black people are open to candidates. i just don't think they're open to donald trump. we need room to critique donald trump as the minister should, but we should be critical of some of the black ministers who aren't going in there to offer
2:31 pm
stern critiques of trump policy. they're going in there because they want to be in the room. unfortunately, that desire for power can corrupt and it's what led to many black ministers siding with conservatives against their own interests. >> i want you to weigh in on this. this is a fascinating turn of events, the quinnipiac poll showing ted cruz closing the gap with trump in iowa. that's within the margin of error. a few weeks ago it was ben carson because he was resonating so well with evangelicals in iowa. what do you make of this? is it all about the evangelical vote in iowa? >> yeah, the evangelical vote in iowa is very strong, very important. i want to address something that mark said. i don't agree that donald trump can't garner a percentage of the black vote. early on there were a lot of black voters who looked at what he had to say on immigration because illegal immigration hurts the lower income brackets
2:32 pm
of the black community more than a lot of other people. they looked at that and said, yeah, that's right. they were agreeing with what donald trump had to say. so on the aspect of business and creating jobs, there is an element in the black community that may look and turn to donald trump and say that's our guy. now, more so than any other republican candidate? i'm not quite sure, but i would not completely discount the fact that donald trump could potentially garner some of the black vote because of his position on immigration. >> and this poll, mark and ted cruz closing the gap there? >> to that point, i think that ted cruz -- i mean, ted cruz is in a very interesting position. he decided he wasn't going to criticize donald trump. instead he would be donald trump's besty and hope that trump drops out of the race or makes a huge gaffe. trump hasn't made a huge gaffe at least not one that's cost him the race yet but he's getting some of the trickledown effect. so ted cruz could be the person. we saw this happen with huckabee and santorum. it would not shock me in ted
2:33 pm
cruz came in first or second. >> let's remember ted cruz has not been criticizing donald trump at all. >> that's true. all strategic. >> i'm out of time. great to have you on. the next republican presidential debate right here only on cnn, tuesday december 15th, hosted by our very own wolf blitzer. 9:00 p.m. eastern. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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the cuyahoga, ohio, prosecutor's office has released an enhanced version of videotape showing the shooting of tamir rice. a cleveland police officer shot the 12-year-old boy just over a year ago now. this new video, this enhancement, we're told, shows 326 separate still frames it. includes two additional camera angles wloong the timeline of events and it will be presented to a grand jury for evaluation. rice's family, after seeing this video, released a statement in
2:37 pm
part saying the enhancement definitively disproves prosecutor mcginty's experts' claims that tamir was reaching into his waistband and lifting up his jacket. the video continues to reveal police officers rushing upon 12-year-old tamir without assessing the situation. they criticized the prosecutor for releasing the tape to the media without first giving them a copy and their handling of this case. jury selection begins tomorrow in the baltimore trial of police officer porter. he's the first of six to go on trial for the death of freddie gray. sara ganim has been following this from the beginning. when you look at this, six officers charged, facing from 30 years to ten years in prison. however, this is the first officer who be tried and they'll all be tried separately. >> that's right.
2:38 pm
this is officer william porter. his jury selection begins tomorrow. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say he ignored freddie gray's pleas for help when he was in the back of the transport vehicle. porter's trial is the first because he may later testify against his fellow officers in the trials that follow including the officer who is charged with murder. now, the baltimore sun is reporting that porter actually told investigators that he and his fellow officers weren't sure if freddie gray's complaints about his pain and injuries were real or fake. the state's attorney, marilyn mosby said it was the 45-minute rough ride in the back of a police van that caused gray's death. rough ride is a term that's used to describe this form of police brutality when police drive erratically with prisoners in the back of a transport van often cause them to get roughed up. prosecutor assist gray, who had been picked up on a weapons charge, suffered a severe spinal
2:39 pm
cord injury in that van, that's what led to his death. the interesting thing about william porter, his officer, he's 25 years old, same age as gray. his life parallunparalleleparal many ways. talked about growing up in the same neighborhood as gray. saying this, if i had made different choices, i would have been freddie gray. if he had made different choices he could have been an officer porter. poppy, we saw several months ago, the riots, the arrests in baltimore, this is where the case for justice for freddie gray moves to the courtroom. >> everyone remembers when marilyn mosby got up there and said these are the charges. we'll be watching. we'll have live coverage in baltimore tomorrow for all of this. i want to go to cnn legal analyst, criminal defense attorney joining me on the phone. when you talk about these charges that he's facing, i'm
2:40 pm
interested in how high the bar is here for the prosecution. you've got the charges of one kind of involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, reckless endangerment. what's the penalty if found guilty? how high is the bar? >> poppy, good to be joining you this evening. well, the prosecutors, of course, as we know, have to establish the case beyond a reasonable doubt. we know that bar in itself is significant in that, obviously, it's beyond probability. it's beyond a reasonable doubt. so therefore the prosecutors have their jobs to do. in terms of what they have to prove, when you look at involuntary manslaughter, what you're looking at is not something that was done purposefully, it's an intentional act. not that there was any meaning to kill freddie gray but the argument or consciously disregarding that if you ignore his medical attention he could die. and the allegation against port
2:41 pm
ser that although he was on notice by freddie gray himself, that he did need medical attention, he thought he was faking it and as a result didn't provide it. as we know he subsequently a week later died. they'll be looking at that. and it goes along the line of the other charges in terms of misconduct in office, recklessly endangering him. all of that will be the argument that the prosecutor will be making will be as a result of their failure to act when you have a legal duty as a police officer to act, this is what occurred. that's what the prosecution's theory will be moving forward. obviously the defense will have much to say about that. >> absolutely. and this is the first of what will be six separate trials for these officers in baltimore. thank you very much, joey jackson. still to come here tonight, we have new information just breaking about the paris terror suspect on the run. you see him there. salah abdelsalam. what sources are telling us he purchased. what did he buy in paris before the terror attacks? wait until you hear this next.
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♪ at florida's natural, our "straight-from-the-grove" taste... and our straight-from-the-heart holiday greetings... go directly from our family... thank you. yours. great taste. naturally. florida's natural. all right. checking top stories. a man has been arrested following the shooting death of a pennsylvania police officer. lloyd reed was killed while responding to a domestic abuse east of pittsburgh. investigators say 31-year-old ray shetler jr. shot reed and then ran. shetler was captured six hours later. deadly winter weather
2:46 pm
slamming the united states on this post-thanksgiving travel day. right now some 11 million people currently under flood warnings, 8 million more under winter storm warnings. ten weather-related deaths have been reported in texas and kansas. colorado shooting suspect robert dear due in court tomorrow. he shot and killed three people, injured nine more. killed a police officer at that colorado clinic on friday night in a bloody standoff with police that lasted nearly six hours. pope francis making his first visit to a war zone. he met with refugees at a camp in the capital of the central african republic. thousands have been killed and displaced in that country's war there. a christian president was ousted by muslim rebels. it may be the most dangerous place a modern pope has ever
2:47 pm
visited. del delia gallagher traveling with the pope. >> reporter: he visited the most affected by the decades long civil war and armed conflict in this country, the children of the refugee camp. they're only some of the 1 million people that have been displaced or fled creating one of the largest humanitarian criessies in the world. my wish for you and for all central africans is peace, the pope told them. it was a message he took to the leaders, too, meaning the eye man of the capital city. security has been very tight with u.n. and french peacekeeping troops. but it hasn't stopped the pope from riding in an open popemobile and mixing with the crowds. the pope opened the doors of the catholic cathedral. this gesture is connected to the pope's call for a special jubilee year. he made an appeal that all people waging war here and around the world put down their instruments of death.
2:48 pm
delia gallagher, cnn, central african republic. >> delia gallagher for us tonight traveling with the pope. quick break. we're back on the other side. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression...
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meantime, the investigation continues in the wake of the horrific attacks. cnn learned from a source close to the investigation. the fugitive suspected of being
2:53 pm
part of the terror cell that carried out the attacks in paris bought detonators in france before the attacks. we're talking about salah abdeslam. the attacker on the run. the french newspaper reporting that he made the purchase in a fireworks store in a town just north of paris. the paper adds the manager of the store alerted security services approximate that purchase after abdeslam's name and photograph were released to the public in this wanted poster. cnn counterterrorism analyst and official philip mudd. when you talk about buying these at a fireworks store, who can buy these things? any tracking done when you're buying them? >> i think this would be difficult to track. what we're learning is how informal the orchestration of this attack was. >> yeah. >> it looks like isis is taking a step towards the sophistication of isis a decade ago. but not controlled and directed
2:54 pm
from syria. look at what we've seen. you mentioned purchases of detonators from a fireworks store. it doesn't look like abdeslam had an exit plan. they chose targets you would not recognize as iconic. isis is stepping up its game saying we want to stage attacks in europe but not getting to the level of that kind of preparation we saw from its predecessor al qaeda 10 or 15 years ago. >> you do see the coordination, six coordinated attacks flying under the radar of intelligence. philu take a listen to what representative mike mccall said earlier today. >> mr. chairman, do you know whether investigators may be closer to finding abdeslam? do they have a sense whether he's still in europe or made his way to syria? >> i can't get into that level of specificity. i don't want to compromise our investigation. i do think they're closing in on him.
2:55 pm
that's the good news. there are many involved with this plot. a very sophisticated plot and external operation that we see from isis. you mentioned the bombing of the russian airliner. this is a new isis, a new ch chapter for them to conduct -- >> he's the chairman of the house homeland security committee. when you listen to him and he says the new isis, phillip mudd, what does that look like? partly off the cuff, partly sophisticated. >> you got to think where we were a month or two ago poppy. they were saying look, wherever you are in place, you can conduct an operation. we might not train or fund you, but we support what you do. then we learned over the past, i don't know, month to six months going back to the operations that we've seen in belgium and france earlier this year that isis developed an internal cell not only to passively support
2:56 pm
operation this is europe or the united states, but to train people in syria to conduct those operations. let me give you one bottom line on this. when a terror group dedicates an internal cell, including leadership, to conduct operations like this by training people from overseas. that is typically all they do. so we can anticipate that the cell that trained these guys and supported these guys from paris are sitting back saying, for us, in syria, that was a tremendous success. how do we build on that by running the next operation? they will not stop with this operation. >> phil mudd, thank you for joining us. a scary thing about a detonator in paris. still to come, her son murdered at a gas station in 2012. you know the trial, it was called the loud music trial. the murderer sentenced to life in pris on. it's now the subject of a new documentary. ahead, we'll speak with the mother. her son, jordan davis, killed at
2:57 pm
17 years old. that's ahead. it's called home boy industries. i traveled to los angeles to meet this guy, a jesuit priest who is literally turning miles an hour owe miles an hour ackles. pulling gang members out. that's ahead. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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