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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 30, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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ashleigh? >> thank you, rosa flores, live for us in chicago, and the judge wanted all unedited videos, and the television is not doing the trick for him and he wanted the real raw material, and rosa is going to be covering that for us. thank you for watching, everyone. wolf starts right now. wolf starts right now. p -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer and # 1:00 p.m. here in washington and 8:00 p.m. in raqqah, syria, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we begin with the emergency warning for americans, the em bas si of kabul, afghanistan, have received credible reports of an imminent attack in the city. no word on what the attack might be, but it will happen in the next 48 hours. and now, sources are now telling cnn that other the at attacks
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were ready to go and aimed at jewish neighborhood, transportation and schools by those attackers in paris. and now police are operating under the theory that the suspect salah abdeslam may have already escaped to syria. and right now, paris is in a lockdown, and thousands of police officers are keeping a grip of lockdown on the city as hundreds of leaders are there for a e global conference. and this conference is an act against terror. >> we stand here in solidaire not om to deliver justice to those terrorist networks responsible for the attacks, but to protect the people, and uphold the enduring values that keep us strong, and keep us free. we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on.
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an act of defiance that proves that nothing will deter us from building the future for our children. what greater rejection than those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best effort efforts to save it. >> all right. let's get some more now on what is going on in paris. phil black is joining us from paris right now. phil, what else can you tell us a bt these other terror threats that have just emerged against the jewish neighborhood, schools, transportation? >> so, a source, wolf, close no the paris attacks inis vestigation has told cnn that the group responsible for the attacks that took place here on the streets of paris two weeks ago had other plots, and the phrase they used is "ready to go." and you are right, he believed in the case, the transportation networks, and jewish a areas and schools are the targets. and this is information from a
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man who presented himself voluntarily to the police saying that he had been in contact with a member of the group that plan and carried out the attacks here. the woman who was killed in that police operation on an apartment in the paris a area of saint denis after the at a tacks that took place here, and this is on top of the information that we have heard from the french officials who said they carried out that raid on the apartment just in time to disrupt the group from preventing another attack on the financial district of france here. all of this suggests the likelihood of the ambition of the group is far greater than the attacks they did successfully carry out here two weeks ago, wolf. >> why do they now believe that salah abdeslam, the most wanted suspect has escaped to france or belgium or wherever he was and is now back in syria now in the isis-controlled parts of syria? >> so he has not been seen
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since, and you are right, we have a line from the french sources that suggest a that the french intelligence are now working under the theer are ri that basically it is possible that he may have already slipped the net here in europe and somehow traveled back to the isis controlled territory in syria. that is an extraordinary development if true. we don't know what precisely has led them to suspect it, and it is a working theory, but they believe that possible somehow he has traveled to syria, and that is meaning traveling to a country neighboring syria, iraq or syria, that would involve air travel and that is extraordinarily disturbing development if true. and also, belgium authorities, and it is believed that he traveled back to belgium directly after the attack, and witness accounts is that he was last seen following the attacks here in paris and they are looking for him, and it is likely to desire to get back to syria, but at the moment they have no concrete reason to believe he has done, so wolf.
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>> phil black for us, and thank you very much. and let's turn now no the state department emergency warning issued today for the american citizens, and in kabul, afghanistan, they have received what is credible reports of attacks that could happen in the city in less than 48 hours. jim s jim sciutto, our national security correspondent is joining us now, and what do we know now about this supposed imminent attack. >> well, it is credible, and it does meet the 48 hours, and it is not credible and specific as you will be hearing from intelligence, that they don't know the target or the means of attack will be, but all they can say to the u.s. citizens here, and this is the words of the statement of the embassy there, is to exercise extreme caution moving around the city, and so it is something obligated to share with the american citizens when they get this information are from the local law enforcement, from the military counter terror there as well. they are take it seriously, but
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they can't say more that is what is going to happen or that they believe it is going to happen soon, and somewhere within the bounds of the capital. >> and the u.s. has a large embassy over there, and a big em bas si staff and americans serving in the nongovernmental agencies at the same is time. do they know if the threat is from isis, al qaeda, the taliban or some other group? >> well, they don't know, and to be honest, you and i, we have spent a lot of time there, and it is the kind of information and threat that you will hear often there that they will get information about, and typically the main actors are the taliban, a nand have been able to carry out attacks in kabul fairly frequently in the last couple of years which is alarming, because i have been to kabul recently, a and the they have a very high presence of security. and isis is getting a inkreescrg presence there, but typically the attack threats come from the taliban or the pakistan taliban. >> and sometimes they cooperate with each other, and the various groups at the same time.
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and jim sciutto, thank you very much. let's talk about more of this as dan coats is going to join us a rep from indiana, and a member of the select committee on intelligence. thank you for coming in, and a crazy world that we are living in right now, and what have you been told about the so-called imminent threat to americans, and embassy in kabul? >> well, currently i don't know more than the correspondent knows there. but we know that there is a high threat potential attack on the embassy. this is not unusual. we are seeing it all over the world. these, i think that the civilized world right now, the free world is on a high state of alert. isil has clearly demonstrated the ability to either inspire or to plan for attacks. this may be a al qaeda, and you talked about the taliban, but we are looking at the numerous intelligence groups vying for publicity, and trying to be number one, and it is very dangerous for people throughout
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the free world who are potentially subject to attacks. >> are they competing with each other to see who can cause the most casualties, if you will, because occasionally, the various groups cooperate with each other at the same time. >> and a it is both. and clearly, everybody wants to be number one, and in doing that, they are yuzusing the mets and the social media to demonstrate how effective and brutal they can be. and it is perverse, but it attacks a lot of people from around the world who want to know that kind of everett. the world has to bon the high alert here, whether it is paris or somewhere in the united states or kabul. when i served in the embassy in berlin as ambassador, we didn't have anything like this, and this is post 9/11, and we were on high alert, but things settled down, and we seemed to have cooperation with the germans as far as knowing the threats, and what it is going to
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be, but today, it is a new threat everyday. >> and how does this guy like salah abdeslam escape from belgium over to syria? >> well, this is the feeding of the narrative that we don't have the act together in coordination of protecting the borders, and so those who are raising the issues of how do we know that the visa program is not being breeched or that the terror groups are getting into the united states, and if the terrorist who the entire law enforcement community is looking for, and blocking everybody leaving one country to another, and can't find him, think of how ea easy it would be about somebody that we don't know about coming into europe or trying to get into the united states. so those who are questioning what our level of security can be to prevent the terrorists from getting to the places where they can do arm har, have a legitimate basis on which to raise the concerns. >> and you have serious concerns about the whole visa waiver
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program if they are coming from france or belgium or other friendly countries with the visa waiver program, and what do you want to see? >> well, it was designed to expedite travel for commercial purposes, and it works in a number of ways effectively, but what you don't is have is someone going before the counselor or somebody from the state department face-to-face, why do you want to go to america or here or there or whatever before we give you the visa waiver. so we want to tighten up the rules, and make sure that the all of the 35, and actually 38 nations under the visa waiver program are on the same high level standard. also, we want to make sure that the counselor people are trained so that they can better identify potential suspects.
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>> and if they do it to them, they will do it to the u.s. as well, and millions of people travel for business and tourism from europe to the united states, and vice versa. if you force people to have interviews and go to the embassies, and go to kouns lats, and go to the eyeball to eyeball discussionings that is going to slow things down dramatically, and slow down commerce and tour it tourism. >> and for places that can do it very quickly. >> like germany? >> and how about belgium? >> well, i don't have any confidence in any of it, and we are looking at salah abdeslam po ten shally going back to syria, but what about the people trying to go in the other direction? we need people to be in a high alert. i'm not mandating that everybody have a counselor, but what we are doing is to make shure that every country that is part of the visa waiver program is going to have the standards in place. and there are watch lists for intelligence people to get put
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together so people can't get on planes, but it raises concern, and literal ly, everybody in europe is trying to find the guy, and they can't find him, and that should give us concern about the people coming the other way, fit is true indeed that he has made all of the way back to syria. >> and from france to belgium, and maybe through turkey into the board of syria, and that is a huge, huge development. >> and apparently worked through a checkpoint and wasn't discovered. >> senator, thank you for coming in. senator dan coats of indiana. and now, europe's most wanted man, and now the french officials are believing that he is in syria right now, and what if anything can the authorities do to track him down, and bring him to justice? we are getting more information in, so stand by. and now the jury selection is under way for the first police officer to go to the trial.
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let's get back to one to top stories the state department issuing an emergency warning for americans. the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan, has received what are described as credible reports of an attack in the city that could happen in the next 48 hours. let's talk about this and some of the other big security stories happening right now. cedric layton is a former military chief of staff, and also joining us is paul cruickshank. when they say 48 hour, and a specific time like that, that is more worrisome than a threat out there, and we don't have the details. >> absolutely, wolf. what that indicates to me is that they have precise intelligence, and some degree of intelligence that is specific to the nature of the threat, the location of the potential threat, a whond is going to be -- and who is going to be planning the attack. and so this is a specific wa
10:18 am
warning for the military personnel in kabul, and it means that they not only en guard, but they have to be shelter and minimize the movements. >> there are always alerts that are issued, worldwide travel alerts, and a specific deadline on it, and does that mean they have more threats on it, and seens by taliban or isis. >> they are not clear by the afghan taliban is by far the biggest threat, and isis with a small threat compared to the afghan taliban, and isis has been fighting each other in some districts in eastern afghanistan. but the afghanistan taliban have been stepping up their attacks inside of the country. a few weeks ago in the beginning of the autumn, they briefly took police of a provincial capsule, and took goods and increasing goods and weapons and troops on
10:19 am
their side. they may be planning something against the capital. >> we know that the iraqi mi military is a huge disappointment to the u.s., and nearly 3,000 personnel in the iraq, and trained by the u.s., and they sort of disappeared when isis came into mosul, and what about the afghan military, armed and trained by the u.s., can they get the job done? >> highly doubtful, wolf. obviously, because there are elements of the afghan military very food and willing to stand up and fight, but the problem is that they are fighting for a state they don't believe in. afghanistan is a tribal culture, and ethnically-rifen culture, and not a culture in which a unified entity like in kabul can survive in a long time. and they are not in a position to truly protect foreigners, and especially american, and also not in a position to protect the government and themselves for a long time. >> that is a sad commentary thinking about 14 years that the
10:20 am
u.s. has been involved in afghanistan spending tens of billions of dollars training the military there, and the u.s. starts to pull out, and they can't get the job done themselves. >> and renewed concern about al qaeda in afghanistan, and some of the a al qaeda operatives coming over the border from pakistan, and more pressure from the pakistan military, and the drone strikes in the recent weeks that the afghans went in, and there was a major operation games at sprawling al qaeda training base in the mountains of the southeastern afghanistan, and renewed concern about al qaeda threat in afghanistan, and all of the years later, and the initial decision to go in because of the al qaeda presence, and they are back to some degree. >> and paul, trying to track like much of the world salah abdeslam, and the terrorist in the french attack ashs and the french and the authorities say that not only he got from france to belgium, a nd made his way t turkey, and maybe in a safe haven in syria in ice i
10:21 am
sis-controlled parts -- in isis-controlled parts of seer is ya, and what are you making of that? >> in is ale for of the intelligence that the belgiums are more skeptical and they believe that he is still in brussels or belgium, and it is not somebody who exhibited a great amount of terrorist trade craft in the days after the attack, and he e got a couple of his friends to pick him up from paris, and another friend to pick him up, and take him to brussels, and popped into a cafe for a few minute, and i mean, this is not the trade craft that is going to be getting you all of the way to syria if you are the most wanted man in europe, and across the channels there. and it would be stunning if he did. >> and if he is alive and well in syria, it would be. thank you, paul cruickshank and senator leighton. and now, we will go back to baltimore where six officers are charged in the death of freddie gray. we have more on the potential
10:22 am
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jury selection began today in the trial of baltimore police officer william porter who is the first of six police officers that is going to be tried in the death of freddie gray. he suffered a spinal injury in the back of a police van and died a week later. his death sparked rye r eed rio protests across the country. just before the jury was brought in, they walked over to the window where there were protesters chanting "all night, all day, justice for freddie gray." >> set the scene for us miguel
10:27 am
marquez. >> well, we have had 75 silt zens of baltimore going into the courtroom, and as they walked in, they heard the chant, and surreal moment as they took their seats in the courtroom. more than half of them are african-american, and 33 of them are white and almost far more than half, 58 or 60 of them perhaps have answered questions at a one point in the questioning by the judge that said ta they could not for some reason be on the trial, but the judge is not going to let it go there, and he is now taking them in small number, and twos and threes and fours and some by ones to bring them into a conference room off of the courtroom and questioning them more deeply about why they believe they cannot be on the jury. he said that during the trial he believes that the trial will start, that opening arguments will begin in the next day or t two, and he expects to have the first trial wrapped up by december 17th. wolf. >> why was this specific police officer's trial the first one? >> this is an individual who as
10:28 am
we understand it, particularly from the reporting in the baltimore sun that saw parts of the investigation into this as a part of the larger story they were doing, this is an individual who made statements about what some of the other officers were up to. incriminating statements possibly on their behalf, saying things like, well, you can't take mr. gray to lockup, because he has to go to the hospital. he asked him if he needed a medic at one point, and gray responded yes to porter, but at the same time porter also indicate tad he was not sure whether or not gray was lying. so two very different stories there, and we are very, very interested to hear the full statements of officer porter made to other officers and investigators after this death of mr. gray. wolf. >> miguel, as you know, by maryland law, no cameras are allowed in the courtroom for criminal trials, but what other restrictions has the judge placed on the news media? >> the restrictions are quite
10:29 am
broad. everything from how we access, get into the court area, using, i mean, in this day and age not to be able to use your cell phone in any way to have to turn it off entire ly or it will be confiscated from you in the courthouse to only be using electronics to one small section of the courtroom, and to not be able to discuss it or tweet it or do anything of a live nature. also, we admonished the jurors, this large group of individuals who may be on the jury eventually, do not talk to anyone. a great degree of, i think, distrust of the media and the role it is playing all of the way along through the protests, and through the rioting and now up into this proceedings of a real sense of agitation and distrust of the media, wolf. >> thank you, miguel, thanks very much. we will stay on top of this trial day one. >> and in other news, a online threat has prompted the
10:30 am
officials of the university of chicago to close the campus. there was specific mentions of a campus quad in the hyde park where the university is. in response to that and recent tragic events in other campuses around the united states, the officials decided to err on the side of caution, and they have canceled all classes today, and all campus activities as well. they have increased the police pres mens the area, and no word yet on whether the classes will be canceled tomorrow as well. very disturbing development in chicago at the university there. coming up, the suspected gunmen in the shooting of a colorado planned parenthood appears in court in a couple of hours. we will have the latest on the possible motive and why some are saying that political rhetoric may have contributed to this attack.
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the suspect in the deadly shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado is due in court in hours. robert lewis dear is accused of killing three people, and injuring nine other. one of the dead is police officer garrett swasey, and one of the two civilians is an iraq war veteran and father of two, and also jennifer markovsky, a stay-at-home mom. and police is have not determined the motive of the shooting yet, but a law enfor enforcement official says that the suspect did make remarks about so-called baby parts after he surrender ed to authorities. the deadly shooting is going to be highlighting the heated rhetoric of planned parenthood here in the united states. and political candidates said
10:36 am
they blame the gunman and not the candidates. >> i would say to anyone who links this tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts, this is typical left wing tactics. >> what he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abdom nibble, and especially to those of us in the pro life movement, because tluz is nothing about any of us that would condone or any way look the other way at something like this. >> this is an extremist, and a man who obviously, and they said prior to this that he was mentally disturbed, and so he is a mentally disturbed person, and no question about it. >> and get a wway from the rhetoric, and talk about the real problem. the real problem is that we have become coarse and hateful toward each other. >> our chief analyst gloria
10:37 am
borger said that they need to tone down the rhetoric, but what about is this about the issue of guns in colorado and the issue of abortion in this area, and what about carson calling for people to tone down the rhetoric? >> well, perhaps they will tone down the retic in the wake of the shooting b one thing that is pointed out, and you have pointed out in the intro ooh that police have been careful not to assign a motive yet to the shooting. we know that he the man clearly has mental health issues, and we also know that he has not been an anti-abortion activist throughout his life. i believe his ex-wife spoke about that, and at some point over the weekend. so we can't really assign motive to this. but what we can say in terms of the political debate, and carson is right, it ought to be toned down. i think that the problem is that the planned parenthood, itself, has become a lightning rod in
10:38 am
this debate over abortion, and that has become a problem. >> it is certainly an issue presumably and will continue to be an issue in the republican presidential campaign. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the democratic candidates also spoke out about what happened in colorado. >> we should be supporting planned parenthood and not attacking it. here in new hampshire, republicans on your executive council cut off funding to planned parenthood. and in congress and on the campaign trail, republicans who claim they just hate big government are only too happy to have government step in when it comes to woim's bodies and health. -- when it comes to women's bodies and health. >> and bernie sanders obviously condemned what is going on and martin o'malley called it domestic terrorism if you will.
10:39 am
and democrats have been a little bit different tone than the republicans. >> well, look, the democrats support planned parenthood, and by the way, if you look at the polling in the country, 65% of americans support federal fund ing for planned parenthood. the controversy all occurred after the undercover individuvie revealed, and i think that what you will see democrats doing is to play the to the base. and that is what the republicans are doing here as well. the democrats understand thatted for to win this election, they have to win the women, and the younger voter, and both of those demographics, you will see a huge amount of support for plan ed parenthood, and obviously, an issue that is near and dear to hillary clinton's heart, because she has been talking about it for years, and she is not going to stop now, and try to use it to her advantage, wolf. >> and she is spending the day here in washington talking about the women's issues, which is critical to her base. >> and it is critical to her base, and it is very critical to the democratic base overall.
10:40 am
republicans do better with the older more suburban women, but they have to try to get the younger women voters who are supporting planned parenthood in large numbers. >> thank you, gloria, we will see how this plays out politically. coming up, investigators are finding out that the paris attackers had far-reaching goals for other attacks planned in jewish neighborhoods, transport networks and schools. new information is coming in. stay with us. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. this is just coming into cnn an
10:45 am
update on the war against isis. the white house has announced it is taking a new step in the anti-terror campaign. president obama gets a a new senior adviser who is going to be e focusing solely on the fight against isis. robert mali was previous senior director of the council for the middle east, and this is going to be following the announcement that the visa waiver program is beefing up against tourists coming in from syria, and tourists as well. and now, recapping the top story, the french intelligence services are operating under the theory that the key suspect at large salah abdeslam has e escaped to syria. and also, sources tell cnn that he bought ten detonators and batte batteries from a fireworks shop outside of paris in october. also, in in addition to paris attacks, other attacks were ready to go include manage the jewish areas, and transport network
10:46 am
networks and schools, and that a according to a source close to the investigation. all of this is happening as 150 world leaders are gathering in paris for pivotal climate talks. the focus is to agree on a legally binding reduction of gas emissions. also joined by bill gates who is going to be launching a $1 billion initiative to aim at research and investment to cut carbon emissions and reduce global warming. we spoke to christiane amanpour and chris cuomo. >> and mr. gates, the fellow philanthropist and owner of cnn ted turner said if if he had any advice for young people, he would say to go out the find renewable energy, and you are putting $1 billion of your own money into green innovation, and what does it take more than 28 to spending on the r&d, and
10:47 am
doing the things that you are doing is a great investment for their the own pockets as well as for humanity? >> well, the returns will come partly through the benefits to society. and so, energy investing is risky enough, and takes long enough that it helps to have people who believe in the cause, and so they are really getting two benefits out of this. i'm optimistic because of the gigantic commitment from governments here today in these partners that we will solve the problem that we can get that premium down so that the idea of a clean energy generation doesn't require the poorer countries to slow down their development. they can go full speed ahead. >> and hem us to dream a little bit here. you have used five years as a horizon, and ten years as a horizon, and when you look into the future, what do you see happening that we could not imagine today? >> well, i see the price of energy actually being lower than
10:48 am
today the, and that is for clean reliable energy. and i see huge benefits to everyone particularly the poor. >> and pope francis is wrapping up the final leg of ohis african tour with a mosque in a muslim neighborhood in the central african republic, and the area has been a flashpoint for violent clashes with christian militias in recent years, and the pope continued to deliver his message of religious tolerance "360" and the first time in modern era that a pope has stepped foot in an active conflict zone. right now, donald trump is meeting with a group of black pastor coalition. and last week he said that they would endorse him, but now to dday show up. we will get the latest information right after this.
10:49 am
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the trump campaign is back pedaling. let's bring in our political panel a former member of the house of representatives. also joining us is political commentator s.e. cupp. jeffrey you're a donald trump supporter. was supposed to be an open meeting, but some will endorse him. did the campaign get misinformation? >> i've been around the block and this kind of thing happens all the time with group a, b or c and confusion over what they are going to do and say and there's disagreement frequently
10:54 am
among the groups. the notable thing is that he's meeting with them to begin with. this is the kind of thing that ronald reagan used to do. they wound up with an endorse ment from the number two. this is also the kind of thing that jack advocate d. good for donald trump and we'll see what happens. >> we'll see what happens what these clergy ask other black religious leaders say they emerge. what's your analysis of what's going on over here? because some of these black clergy members were upset in a facebook post he was called an insult and embarrassment. you think he has a chance of making some end roads with african-american clergy? >> absolutely not. and just to my friend mr. lord, i have never heard donald trump compared to jack kemp let alone ronald re begun. what you have in donald trump is using language at best.
10:55 am
so when these african-american ministers when it was made out they were going to meet with mr. trump, people appreciated the outreach, but when it was made to be an dorsment, they said, wait a minute, this is not the language of someone who represents the ideals and values of this country and let alone the plight of african-americans struggling day by day. i'm glad that this was put on pause. but what donald trump is showing is this is just not just a trump issue but a larger republican party issue and if they are going to expand their base as donald trump as the front runner, it's going o to be harder. >> talk about the bigger problem for republicans attracting minority african-american hispanic report. >>. i don't know how they get from a to b. republicans have had problems demographically in years past, but almost to a a number they have condemned the kinds of rhetoric that donald trump has
10:56 am
use us used against any majority. he doesn't leave anyone out when talking devisively about large swaths o of americans and non-americans. so i think what actually donald trump has done is give other republican candidates an opportunity to separate themselves whether you are jeb bush or carly fiorina or marco rubio from the kinds of attacks that donald trump has levied. and a lot more serious than they could have if not for someone like donald trump and i'll butt ben carson in that same category as well. >> why do you believe donald trump is not only drubling down but tripling down about the assertion that he saw thousands and thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> i don't know about the thousands, but i can tell you i have a college friend who was not a supporter of donald trump
10:57 am
and she called me out of the blue to tell me that she herself is is from new jersey and she remembers seeing the same thing that donald trump did in the day. so all i'm suggesting is he saw something. there are other people who saw something. it's interesting to have that "washington post" story alluded to that and they are saying we couldn't corroborate anything. then why print the story? clearly there was something of it. he saw it and others did. we'll find out at some point, i guess. >> this is the problem. the lack of discipline on the trump campaign. which is evidenced whether you're talking about a meeting with black pastors that he categorizes as an endorsement or describing thousands upon thousands of muslims cheering when maybe the numbers were there, but certainly not in the thousands is really dangerous. and i think what more and more
10:58 am
people are starting to see is that the things that trump says should matter and we should hold him to his words and he doesn't get to backtrack and say i saw something. that's not the same as saying thousands and thousands of muslims were cheering. >> let me let others weigh in. we did see video of people celebrate iing what was happeni on 9/11 in the middle east whether in the west bank or gaza or other places, but go ahead and weigh in on this controversy. because donald trump when he's pressed, he continues to insist it was in jersey city or some place in new jersey. he's not confusing what e he saw on television from the middle east as opposed to what he saw in new jersey. >> donald trump conflates everything. recently as early as sunday morning stated that although he
10:59 am
saw this, there may not be pictures or proof. donald trump can say he rode in new jersey on a unicorn and saw people chanting and screaming and 35% of the republican party who believe him today will believe him tomorrow. how do i get from point a to point b in talking about donald trump being a gop problem. the reason he's a problem is because he is the front runner. he is the standard barer and the person controlling the conversation. with that being said, it's going to be hard for a a republican to be number 45 talking like donald trump. >> you think his numbers will go down as a result of this controversy? >> gosh, it's impossible to prognosticate the numbers. it's really hard to predict if this is going to be the final thing that wakens up his supporters. i doubt it. >> i heard him say this morning in 2001 video cameras were not as prevalent as they are today
11:00 am
and that's why we're not seeing video of what he saw. thanks very much for joining us. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with poppy harlow starts right now. >> i'm poppy harlow, thank you for being with us. we begin this hour with disturbing new developments in the paris terror investigation. a series of massacres and suicide bombings we have now learned could have been even worse, even more deadly. that's what sources are telling us here at cnn and apparently more attacks were, quote, ready to go. this as other sources tell cnn that a key suspect may have already escaped to the isis safe haven of syria. you have seen his picture, we're talking about salah abdeslam. in september of this year, the