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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 30, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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and that's why we're not seeing video of what he saw. thanks very much for joining us. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with poppy harlow starts right now. >> i'm poppy harlow, thank you for being with us. we begin this hour with disturbing new developments in the paris terror investigation. a series of massacres and suicide bombings we have now learned could have been even worse, even more deadly. that's what sources are telling us here at cnn and apparently more attacks were, quote, ready to go. this as other sources tell cnn that a key suspect may have already escaped to the isis safe haven of syria. you have seen his picture, we're talking about salah abdeslam. in september of this year, the frenchman was spotted in paris
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ahead of the attacks. as of today a new piece in the puzzle was tell iing us that so time in october he bought ten detonators from a fireworks shop north of paris and then in november his movements get much more clear. he's spotted on cameras at a gas station along with another fugitive. november 13th that's two days later, the day of the attack. he's believed to have driven that dropped off three suicide bombers outside. and the following day, november 14th, at 9:00 a.m. he is stopped by french authorities right near the french-belgium boarder and e was let go. it's believed that a friend says they even stopped at a cafe. the belief by some now is he managed to make his way into syria. let's go straight to phil black, live for us in paris.
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just to be very clear here. there's one working theory from some intelligence experts that he may have gotten back into syria. that's what they are saying. however, it's just a working theory. belgium authorities have come out in the last two hours and said there's no indication right now that he is in syria. which is this? because this is clearly conflicting intelligence. >> what's clear is that no one knows where this man is. that's the concerning thing. two weeks after the attack, as you say, he's been on the run for that length of time. and simply hasn't been found beyond having returned to belgium in the days after the attacks. as you mentioned, what we have heard from sources is that this theory is something that french intelligence are working on. that is the likely possibility that he may well have returned to the syria across the syrian border into isis-controlled territory. a working theory, but if it is
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true, what it means is that europe's most wanted man whose name is and photo have been everywhere since the attacks has slipped the net here and traveled to a country bordering syria like turkey or iraq and crossed the border into isis-controlled territory. certainly you'd think within the time scope would have involved international air travel. an extraordinary development, if true a concerning one for security officials. but you're right, as you say belgium authorities aren't entirely sure. they are the ones that have been looking for this guy because he was last known to have been in belgium. they say they have no concrete reason to say he successfully traveledsyria, but that's a place he could be trying to get to. >> what we have also learned incredibly disturbing is that apparently he and the other alleged attackers not only planned to hit those cafes, but
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they also wanted to hit other specific targets in the city. what do we know about now? >> so this is information that comes from a french source close to the paris attacks investigation. they have information that suggests that group responsible for the attacks here had other plots in. the phrase that has been used ready to go. targeting jewish areas and schools. we're told the information comes from a man who presented himself voluntarily to french police saying he had been in contact with a member of that group responsible for. the attacks here. the woman who was part of that group who was killed during that police raid in paris in the days after the attack. this is on top of what we have been told that the raid had been carried out just in time to prevent the group from launching a strike on the financial area
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of paris. all of this suggests that the ambition of this group was very likely greater than the attacks they successfully carried out killing 130 people two weeks ago. >> phil black live in paris, thank you. that city is certainly on high alert. that's because 150 leaders from around the world, the u.s. president, china's president, they are all there right now for this climate summit. a little more than two weeks after the string of attacks. today they are focusing though on global climate change. cnn learned that president obama has used the summit to continue those sidelined talks with russia's president putin about isis and the crisis in syria. also speaking about ukraine. a lot to talk about. i want to bring in a former fbi agent and also founder of the south asia middle east consultants. thank you for being here. i want your take on what we have learned that these attacks were
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according to someone who knew some of the attackers very well. ready to go and that they were going to target schools, transportation, jewish sites. i was in paris outside of a jewish school french military with assault rifles. they wouldn't let us film the school. this is a huge concern. >> they are behaving like most terrorists do. it was the al qaeda or the new isis. they like to do multiple attacks and have their traditional targets that they like to go after. religious organizations have been always high on their list. something new that we're seeing are the schools. this has come back in the last few years with the kenya university attack. so the schools are somewhat new. they had the old attack, but the schools they feel like they can do more hit the heart of the community by attacking the children. >> when you look at this eighth
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atta attacker still on the lam, which is pretty incredible, salah abdeslam. one operating theory right now coming from a source in the intelligence community saying he may have made it back to syria or be on his way back to syria. if that'ses the case, talk to me about what happens to him there where his role falls in isis now having carried out these horrific attacks. >> so i do find it a little hard to believe he's made it all the way to syria. the amount of countries he would have to go through unless he took an immediate flight, but we would have heard if he was in syria because he would have put out a propaganda video. he's a big hero going back to isis. they can use him as a big propaganda tool to say look what we did and imagine all the knowledge that he's gained by carrying out this one attack. he's learned what were the mistakes they made as a group, what were the successes so he can take a lot of knowledge back
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to isis to plan future attacks. >>. if he is on the ground in syria, which you say is hard to believe or on his way there, because many made it by foot or boat, how does u.s. intelligence find him? because this has been the issue in syria in fighting isis. we don't have eyes on the ground. >> so then we use our traditional technology advantages, which is the technology. what did we do? we have cell phones and other tracking methods. occasionally we have informants, but generally it's the old fashioned wait until the person makes a mistake and mostly its through his communications and we go through that. if he hasn't made it back to isis, there's a good chance he's smart to enough to hold up in a safe house location where someone is bringing him food. not too many people know about so he's waiting and may have to wait for months in a a single bedroom apartment. >> all you need is one person to crack like this friend coming to
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authorities telling them about the other attacks. thank you. so nice to have you on. coming up next, minutes from now we'll get a look at the suspect in that planned parenthood attack on friday. he'll make his first court appearance. liberals and conservatives debating whether rhetoric inspired this insane rampage. we'll talk about that. also the university of chicago shutting down today over a direct threat to its campus breaking moments ago. an arrest has been made. we'll tell you who has been arrested, next. baltimore is on edge. the first trial of one of the officers accused in the death of freddie gray is officially under way but is finding an impartial jury an impossible task? you'll hear what potential jurors are saying and hear from inside the courtroom, back in a moment.
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breaking news out of chicago. . this involves the police officer who was charged with first-degree murder. bond set at $1.5 million for the officer. dash cam video was released last week of this 2014 shooting of the 17-year-old shot 16 times in a matter of 15 seconds. cnn's rosa flores just in the courtroom where many bond was announced. we know he's been charged with first-degree murder. he hasn't entered a plea yet, has he? >> reporter: let me take you inside the courtroom because i just left the courtroom when the judge decided that bond was set at $1.5 million. jason van dike entered the courtroom shackled by his hands and his feet and he faced a judge and the judge asked for the viewing of the graphic video
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that everybody has been talking about that has triggered protests here in chicago. so after a little while because there was some technical difficulties, and i was in a spillover room with some of the people there that are mcdonald supporters. some say they know the family. so there was a lot of tense moments, as everybody waited for the judge to actually view this video on a laptop. soon thereafter, the state asked the judge to keep the bond at no bond like we had heard during the original bond hearing and then the defense attorney for jason van dike said, you know what, judge, this defendant is not a flight risk. he said he will not be performing in his duty as a former police officer in chicago. he says he does not have a criminal background. and in this country, he said, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
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and that bond should not be punitive. shortly thereafter, the judge decided that bond would be set at $1.5 million. and a lot of people in the crowd didn't understand because the microphone muscled. so a lot of them didn't even know that bond was set. they thought bond was denied like in the original hearing. i caught up with a few people once they realized that that made them sad and upset. so we don't know what's going to happen now because, as you know, protests were triggered because of the release of the video and now that this police officer could post bail then he could be back out on the street. >> absolutely, we know he won't be work iing as an officer, but. we'll see if he posts that bond. rosa flores with the latest from chicago, thank you very much. also staying in chicago for you, because we have more breaking news. an arrest now made in the threat against the university of
11:17 am
chicago. the fbi first picked up the threat which promised a shooting on the campus university of chicago right in the quad, the main student area at 10:00 a.m. students and staff were evacuated and told to stay away from campus. let's kbo to ryan young, who is there on campus. did they track that person down? >> reporter: they did make an arrest. this is an off campus student they arrested. we have been here since 5:00 this morning knowing that the fbi was still working on this that threat that was made online. this is the quad right here, normally packed around this time because a full week of classes left. we were expecting something to happen today, but we weren't sure what. we know someone tracked down the student and saw police officers leave this area about an hour ago. and since then we have now learned that a student has been arrested who was living off camp
11:18 am
campus. we are not told when class will resume, but we did find out this information that the student has been arrested of making that threat toward the campus. not sure the motivation yet as we get this information. >> i think it's interesting. everyone is on heightened alert given the numerous mass shootings we have seen in the country and the attacks in paris. the fact that they completely evacuated campus and told people not to come, is that some standard protocol or something stepped up that we were seeing. >> it felt heightened. we have all seen pranks like this before, but people are taking this very seriously. we have seen officers both from the campus and from chicago police working this area all morning long. but i think it also speaks to the fact if you look around this campus and we have done a couple drive arounds, it's a ghost town. so everyone is taking this seriously. i think with all the violence that's happened on campuses just this year, we went to oregon
11:19 am
after that shooting, you have to think when people hear of these threats, they are on extra guard about this kind of information and that's what we're seeing. as you can see, i'm the only one standing in this entire quad area. >> ryan young, thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up next, minutes from now, we'll get a look at the suspect, the suspected gunman in the planned parenthood attack. he will make his first court appearance. liberals and conservatives debate over the rhetoric and all of this. we'll talk about that, stay with me. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. next hour the man accused of opening fire all the a planned parenthood clinic on friday and killing three people will stand before a judge. it will be robert deer's first court appearance since the deadly rampage on friday that
11:24 am
lasted six hours in his standoff with police. investigators have not said publicly what his motive may have been, but a law enforcement source tells cnn that he said something about, quote, baby parts after the shooting and that he expressed anti-abortion and anti-big government views. we have also just learned that the funeral will be this friday for the university of colorado police officer who was killed in the attack. officer garrett swasey was a married father of two. two civilians died in the attack. a 35-year-old stay at home mother and an iraq war veteran. he also leaves behind a wife and two children. we are live where dear is being held without bond. do we know a what we might learn in court today? >> reporter: we may learn some of the charges. what we do know is that while he is being held here at this criminal justice complex, he's
11:25 am
going to be arraigned via video link to the courthouse. we understand that where the judge is, there will be some of the victims that are in the courtroom as well. and what we may learn some of the charges and bond available to him. the district attorney has ten days to get their full charges put together and to charge dear in this case. >> we have learned about the victims in terms of their names. this officer also these two civilians, what more do we know about the injured. i believe at last check last night, 5 were still in the hospital? >> right and you're talking about nine people injured. so that number going down to five. we also understand everyone injured outside of the three people that lost their lives are expected to recover and be okay. not to say they will be okay dealing with this. and one other thing, the iraq
11:26 am
war veteran is he had gone o outside and use edd a cell phon because he didn't have a signal inside and he made a call to 9/11 to help get some support there and to protect the other people that were at planned parenthood. that's what his sister has told cnn about what police told her about his effort. so learning more about the courageous last moment of a couple of these people as they were facing their last moments of life and dealing with the pact there was a gunman on the loose outside. >> a hero always, iraq war veteran and trying to save others. thank you for that. friday's attack on that planned parenthood clinic is raising a lot of political debate. people talking about whether political rhetoric contributed at all to what happened. is it even fair to point to that or not. republicans and democrats, presidential candidates alike condemning the attacks. republicans saying their criticism of planned parenthood is in no way linked to the rampage. >> what i would say to anyone
11:27 am
that tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is this is typical left wing tactics. >> i think he was probably a person ready to go. we don't know of the purpose. he hasn't come out, to the best of my knowledge, with a statement as to why it happened to be at that location. >> the real problem is that we have become course and hateful toward each other. we have allowed the per vaers of division to put us in separate corners and have us hurl hand grenades at each other. >> regardless of why he did it, what he did is domestic terrorism and absolutely adom nabl. especially to those of us in the pro life movement. >> we should be supporting planned parenthood, not attacking it. and in congress and on the campaign trail, republicans who claim they just hate big
11:28 am
government are only too happy of government step in when it comes to women's bodies and health. it's wrong and we're not going to stand for it. >> i am running for president because in these difficult times against visit y'allic republican rhetoric we must protect a woman's right to choose. and we must defend planned parenthood. >> i'm joined now by people on both. sides of the abortion debate. charmaine yoes leads american united. she's also a former adviser to president reagan and mike huckabee. laura is an abortion rights political consultant. thank you very much for being
11:29 am
here. i'm glad we're having this discussion. it's early days still in this investigation. and we know that investigators are still trying to pinpoint an exact motive. you have attorney general loretta lynch calling this an attack against women saying, quote, this attack was not only a crime against the colorado springs community but a crime against women receiving health care services at planned parenthood. charmaine, what's your reaction to what the attorney general said? >> i'm really horrified and appalled to hear that our top law enforcement agent is making a sweeping statement like that when unless she has information that hasn't been released to the public, none of us know why he did what he did and what the target was. i think that when we're facing the loss of life with someone who was a first responder, an iraq war veteran, a woman, the loss of their precious lives, the grief of their families is what should be at the top of everyone's minds right now. it's really kind of horrifying
11:30 am
to e me to see the amazing rush to judgment we're facing when all of this heated rhetoric and pointing fingers is coming out before anyone actually knows what happened in this situation and i think it's really down right slanderous and appalled that loretta lynch would escalate the language around the situation so quickly and so egregiously. >> laura, does it concern you given that we have not officially heard a motive at all from law enforcement. we know a law enforcement source telling us here at cnn that dear said something about baby parts in the aftermath of this, but that's really all that we know at this point. >> what we do know is that there are not protesters screaming at patients outside vasectomy. cl clini clinics. women's health care is a unique target of people who feel like they have a right to scream at
11:31 am
people they don't know, to attack them and frankly, what politicians do is give license to the unhinged. >> that's outrageous. >> it has a 12-foot high security fence, an armed guard, i have been chased going into that clinic for meetings. i had a friend who went there for a breast cancer screening. they threw fake doll parts on her car with fake blood. >> one voice at a time please. >> charmaine, your response. >> abortion is a contentious issue in our society. in america we have a time honored tradition of engaging each other with civility and through the efforts of our elected representatives and the pro-life movement has been working hard to engage constructively through the rule of law. and what we're seeing here is
11:32 am
a -- >> laura, let charmaine finish and then you can jump in. i want to let charmaine finish and you'll have time to respond. >> it it's really important to emphasize here the rule of law. law enforcement in colorado is doing their job and to see the plitization of a tragedy to broad sweepingly make an indictment of a whole class of americans that disagree with you on a contentious issue is really not right. you don't know for a fact that that's what this it shooting was about. frankly, it's antidemocratic to say that people shouldn't be able to engage on an issue that is important to them. and what the pro life movement does is actively engage in the political process constructively and peacefully. and what's really, really tragic about this situation is our movement is characterized by
11:33 am
valuing life. our continual emphasis is that all life is precious. so it's an absolute slander to associate this deranged individual with an entire movement. >> so laura, i want you to respond and you want to ask you this as well. there are millions and millions of americans who are pro life. they oppose abortion. some of them make it their si single voting issue. it matters deeply to them just as it does on the other side. those people don't go attack innocent people, take lives, attack clinics. your response. >> the response is, again. there is no other aspect of the medical profession where patients and doctors are routinely threatened and harassed. and i find her arguments particularly disingenerous. the laws she helped pass in texas have resulted in, according to a recent study, between 100 and 200,000 texas women trying to self-induce
11:34 am
abortion. if you want to reduce abortion, you do what we did here in colorado, which is provide free birth control and good information to women. we actually cut the teen birth and abortion rate in colorado, a pro choice state, by providing reversible contraception. so if her organization is serious about trying to improve women's health care, i'd suggest she get behind those efforts. >> i think that's not the issue. >> ladies, hold on. this is a critical issue, obviously, you two are never going to agree on abortion being pro life or pro choice. but what i am asking, laura, is about the rhetoric here and the ties that some have made saying some of this rhetoric out of some republicans is affecting this and had some r sort of
11:35 am
impetus for this attack. do you think that's fair, laura? >> of course, it is. >> why isn't this just a deranged individual? >> can i jump in? >> because this is exactly. >> i'm sorry. >> i want laura to answer that and then charmaine can. >> again, there are not protesters screaming outside of men's clinics. there are not doctors who practice any other form of the medical profession who have to change their routes going to work because of physical threats. there are not any doctors in this country who is an abortion provider that they are daily dealing with threats to their lives and their profession. this is not acceptable. i've talked to doctors who work at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado. some of them have conceal to carry permits. >> my concern is she's articulating a lot of what we have been hearing over the last
11:36 am
24 hours. they are trying to politicize a tragedy to advance a political agenda and indict the entire legislative process. we have to keep in mind here that the american tradition is for legislators to respond to what their constituents want. we have seen pro life legislators passing laws because that's our system. that's a great system. it's a way of channelling differences of opinion. so for her to slander people who disagree with her in the wake of a tragedy is really outrageous. and her description of what's going on is completely inaccurate. >> ladies, a lot to be said. a lot to talk about. i'd like to have you both on. in the midst of all this, let's remember three lives were taken, three innocent lives, nine more injured in this mass shooting. thank you both so much. next, the u.s. embassy on high alert. officials warning there are credible reports of an eminent attack within the next 48 hours. we'll tell you which embassy we're talking about.
11:37 am
also breaking news out of the state department making a big revelation about that russian jet that was shot down by turkey. we'll give you the latest on that, ahead. stay with me. ♪
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you can even enroll right over the phone. or visit us online. don't wait. call now. ♪ ♪ ♪ breaking news, the state department saying information they have indicates that the russian fighter jet that was shot down did, in fact, violate turkish air space. that's a huge development. let's bring in jim sciutto. this is very big. this is u.s. intelligence when vladimir putin was insisting that his jet was only over syria. >> that's right. for the state department to come out saying this publicly this
11:42 am
might be information that they keep private. to say privately, it doesn't show they are taking sides, but when you put together this with public comments from the president last week making a point of saying that turkey has a right to defend its air space, there's something of a message there. the u.s. certainly does not want to exacerbate this it situation, but it's part of a broader message that it's not comfortable with and doesn't think it's a positive to have russian war planes flying there and russian troops on the ground as they have been for a number of weeks makes a difficult, dangerous and complicated conflict even more so. >> what does it do to the appliance against isis with russia as a critical player? on another note, this threat that we have learned about in kabul. the u.s. embassy received credible reports of an eminent attack within the next 48 hours.
11:43 am
they are putting americans there on high alert. i think it's interesting that they would get so specific to say within 48 hours. what kind of intelligence would they have to have to lead to that? >> specific on timing, they say it's credible in the next 48 hours. they don't have a specificity to the target. for instance, we have been told they don't believe that the u.s. embassy a target of this, but an attack planned somewhere in the confines of the capital of afghanistan and telling u.s. citizens to exercise, in the words of the statement, extreme caution when moving around the city. i will say this. you hear this from security sources on the ground as well. this kind of information sadly they get very frequently because the groups principally in the past have shown their ability to carry out attacks in the capital. we have seen a number of them with some frequency over recent months. so they have this kind of threat warning relatively frequently.
11:44 am
the sad fact of kabul today. but this one serious enough they wanted to share with american citizens. they have an obligation to share that with american citizens. it showhouse the consistent level of a terror threat on the ground there. >> absolutely, jim sciutto, thank you for reporting on both of those breaking stories. next, more than seven months after the death of freddie gray, today the first of six baltimore police officers goes on trial. we will take you live to the courthouse. also ask our legal panel if it's possible for the officers in baltimore to get a fair trial. stay with us. &t and directv are. which means you can watch in the house, in a treehouse, or even in miss pepperpie's house. pause in your pjs and hit play during a pb&j. nice! and enjoy some cartoons instead of listening to dad's car tunes. (dad) ♪meet you all the way!
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one of the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray is now on trial. jury selection began today in the case against 26-year-old william porter. he's charged with involuntary manslaughter, and also reckless endangerment in the death of gray. you'll remember gray died on april 19th in police custody after a ride in a police van. prosecutors accuse porter and the other officers and porter specifically of ignoring his pleas for medical help. lawyers for porter have asked for a change of venue. they deem if he can't get a fair trial in baltimore. a small crowd of protesters rallied outside the courtroom today as jury selection began. miguel marquez is on the ground. you have been following this case for the last seven months from the very beginning.
11:50 am
talk to me about the jury pool. >> reporter: i think one of the most surreal points of the morning is when the jurors, 75 of them, mostly african-americans, pretty equally split between male and female and the first thing they heard were the protesters outside shouting all night, all day, we're going to fight for freddie gray. it's something we have heard for months now and that was the first thing that greeted them in the courthouse. the next was the judge telling them that he expected that the opening arguments, that is the trial would begin in the next day or two. that's tomorrow or wednesday and all be wrapped up by the 17th. he went through a bunch of questions with the jurors. the one that caused the most concern was when the judge asked is there anybody that has been investigated, charged with a crime, pending charges, victim of the crime and about half of the people stood up. on another question is there anybody that couldn't attend the
11:51 am
trial for health reasons or a preplanned trip. many stood up for that. now he's taking them one by one to a conference room to a side of the courtroom and questioning them more deeply. this judge seems intent on getting a jury here. he believes he can and seems that in the next several hours we'll probably know what sort of progress they are making. >> miguel has been inside the courtroom. thank you very much. joining me is sunny hostin. they have heard of freddie gray and the case. you were on the ground there. i was on the ground there throughout. but also the fact that they could hear the protests inside the courtroom. symbolic or meaningful. >> i'm a little troubled by it. you want to choose can the impartial jury and be able to listen to the evidence and make a decision outside of all the
11:52 am
media coverage, outside of what they think they know about the case. so i'm a little -- i'm comfortable by the fact they can still hear the protesters because it even raises the stakes higher for these jurors. they know that the world is watching and i'm troubled by that. but again, having try ied cases some high profile, i think that jurors general ly do the right thing. i think that jurors can, once they are in the process, put aside everything that it they knew about the case before that they think they knew about the case and take the facts as they get them and apply them to the law. >> why try porter first? he doesn't face the stiffest charges of the six officers. what's the game plan here? >> there is one. the prosecutors have indicated they are trying porter first because a material witness against some of the fellow officers. so he didn't take a plea.
11:53 am
generally you want porter to take the plea. >> you think they offered him one? >> i think so. and in return, some sort of leniency to testify against fellow officers. he didn't do, that but he's going to stand trial first and we'll see where the chips fall. he's facing manslaughter. i often tell people it's difficult, i think, to convict police officers because most people trust police officers. they believe police officers. they understand that most police officers are good. >> but is this a different environment? is the last year a different -- >> that's what i was going to say. there's a different environment now. so any time for a police officer in prison is too much time. they usually have it the worst along with child predators and that sort of convicted defendant. so i think we're just in a different place now. prosecutors often times are very concerned about trying to get convictions against police
11:54 am
officers. this is a significant moment. porter needs to be concerned. >> but when it comes down to it, he should be judged on the facts of the case, not the surrounding environment. >> that's right. that's the hope. my guess is that if this kind of thing continues where you're hearing protests, and we know the jurors aren't se kwquestere. if i'm a defense attorney, i'm going to move for a change of venue. >> thank you, good to have your analysis. coming up next, we're going to get a look at the suspect in the planned parenthood attack as he makes his first court appearance. we'll bring that to you live. also it was a a chilling threat of gun violence that forced the university of chicago campus to completely shut down today. moments ago an arrest was made in the case. who is behind. it, we'll have a live report from chicago, next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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it's time to start thinking about who you want to nominate for next year's cnn heroes. here's a look at our special all-star tribute to this year's top ten nominees. >> our heroes don't fly, they soar. >> i don't see barriers. i see solutions. >> connecting with the communities along the way helped reestablish your faith in humanity. >> love you. >> love you too. >> don't give up on yourself because you still worry. >> see the stars come out to celebrate the change makers. >> we love to pay tribute and this is a way we can. >> people living the work they are doing every day. >> welcome to cnn heroes. >> please join me in honoring
12:00 pm
cnn hero -- >> there's no time to waste. >> the top ten cnn heroes of 2015. >> it's an honor to be recognized. >> this is an amazing honor. >> thank you. >> join anderson cooper sunday night at 8:00. >> it's a special night, sunday, december 6th at 8:00 p.m. eastern. tom p of the hour, i'm popp harlow. moments from now, the man accused of killing three people at a colorado planned parenthood clinic is expected to stand for the first time before a judge. robert dear will make his first court appearance since friday's standoff. that deadly stand off lasted six hours. three lives were taken, five
12:01 pm
still in the hospital. investigators have not said publicly what his motive may have been, but a law enforcement source said dear said something about baby parts after the shooting and he expressed anti-abortion and anti-government views. e we have also just learned that the funeral will be held this friday for the man you see on your screen, the university of colorado police officer who was killed in the attack. his name is garrett swasey, a married four of two. we also know the names of the two others killed. you see them on your screen. a 35-year-old stay at home mother and a 29 iraq war veteran. he also leaves behind a wife and two children. cnn's stephanie e lumbar is live where dear is being held without bond. we're going to find out the charges against him. anything else? >> reporter: that's right, we are going to find that. we are outside the jail where he's being held and we understand he will be arraigned via up link to the courthouse.
12:02 pm
at the courthouse, there are some of the victims that will be there that will be present there as cnn does have someone there as well. we'll get some idea of what goes down inside the courtroom here. i also want to just alert you to something else we just learned about here on the ground. where we are is outside the jail, but also outside the coroner's office. what is about to happen is there's a procession lining up and they are going to bring the body of officer garrett and take it to the funeral home. his funeral is going to be on friday. they are lining up to give him the due respect that they believe he deserves and they are lining up to start coming down the road here to honor him as they prepare to say their final good-byes to him. >> it's interesting you said that some of the survivors, really victims of this attack will be there. do we know if they are going. to be able to say anything in this initial court appearance? >> reporter: i don't know yet how this is going to play out.
12:03 pm
these are victims or family members or survivors, all of that we don't know. this is just the initial indication we have been given that they will be in the courtroom. whether or not it will be like something we saw in south carolina after the church incident, we don't know. but that's why we are waiting to see what will happen in a few minutes and to find out what his fate will be. we know that the d.a. has ten days before they have to finish filing all of their charges against him. in that time, they may add more or decide what they want to do. police say iing it's going to te six to seven days before they fully finish working the crime scene before they are able to put together exactly why they believe dear did what he allegedly did on friday afternoon. >> stephanie, outside the jail where robert dear will make that court appearance through video. we'll e see if any of the victims or family members will speak like we saw in south
12:04 pm
carolina. thank you very much. more breaking news also out of chicago. this involves the police officer there charged with first-degree murder. bond being set at $1.5 million. you'll remember this case all caught on dash cam video. that video coming out last week showing a shooting in 2014. the deadly shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. rosa flores is following this. bond set at $1.5 million. what else happened? >> reporter: i was trying to get reaction from some of the religious leaders here in chicago. i got a text message moments ago from one of the reverends and his reaction was one word and that was outrageous. like you said, bond set at $1.5 million for jason van dike. he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the kill
12:05 pm
ing of laquan mcdonald. bond came down to the judge viewing the video of this shooting. let me take you through this video. you know it's very graphic and triggered protests and was viewed in the courtroom by the judge. that's how he set bond at $1.5 million. before this he had denied bond. in that video, you see mcdonald walking through the street with a knife. several cruisers responding to that scene including the officer. 6 seconds after jason arrived on scene, he started discharging his weapon shooting 16 times. according to the autopsy report, he hit mcdonald 16 times. so upon the judge viewing this in court, i was in the spillover room with some of the supporters and there was a little confusion because the microphone was a
12:06 pm
little muscled so they didn't realize there was actually bond set, that bond was not denied like it was originally denied. they were discouraged by the fact that bond was set. i talked to his attorney and he said that they are done doing interviews, he will not release a statement whether bond is posted or not. poppy? >> rosa is flores, thank you very much. also more breaking news to tell you about out of chicago. we know an arrest has been made in that threat today against a university of chicago. the fbi first pick up the threat which promise d a shooting on campus at the quad at 10:00 a.m. local time. officials not naming the suspect, but he or she goes to the university of illinois in chicago. so a student there. it's separate from the university of chicago. this is the university of
12:07 pm
illinois in chicago. the suspect's school releasing a statement. quote, we are monitoring the situation closely and concerned about the impact this has had on our campus and on the university of chicago. we should point out the threat was not made to the suspect's own school, only made to the university of chicago. right now, a a manhunt widening for one of the most wanted isis terroristst. sour sours sources is saying that salah abdeslam, the eighth suspect who has been on the run ever since shs he may have escaped to the isis safe haven of syria. is that possible? could he have made it all the way back to syria with the world looking for him? here's what we know about his movements thus far. in september of this year, sources say the belgium-born frenchman was spotted in paris. as of today, a new piece in the puzzle that some time in october
12:08 pm
he bought ten detonators from a fireworks shop on the outskirts of the city. then in november his movements get a lot clearer. on november 11th, he was spotted on camera at a gas station. november 13th, the day of the attack, he's believed to have driven the black vehicle that dropped off the bombers. then the following day, the day after the attacks, november 14th, 9:00 a.m. local time, he's stopped by french authorities on the the highway right at the border, but he is let go because they don't know he's tied to the attack at that point. he escapes to brussels and picked up by a friend. apparently they stop at a cafe and the belief is now he potentially has managed to make his way back into syria. that's one working theory they are look at. joining me is alexander field. alex, to you first. that's what one intelligence
12:09 pm
official is telling cnn. but then the belgium authorities have come out in the last few hours and they are debunking the talk that he would be back in syria. is that right? >> nobody can say this indefinitely. but we have sources saying the french authorities are operating under the assumption that he has made his way to syria. conversely, you have the belgium authorities who say they have always been operating under the assumption that salah abdeslam would try to make his way to syria. so what does that mean for practical purposes? the terror alert level remains high in belgium. authorities here continue to respond to any possible leads or tips, which could bring them towards salah abdeslam or anyone in a network that could be helping to conceal him while he could potential ly remain in belgium. even last night there were more raids in this city as officers respond ed to a tip possibly
12:10 pm
alerting them to salah abdeslam's whereabouts. it came from somebody who was pulling a prank here. that person could be charged. but it shows you how significantly police are responding to these tips here. it does underscore the fact that they have every reason to believe it is possible that salah abdeslam does remain in belgium. >>. if only they could find him. live for us in brussels. steph fon, to you. another hugely disturbing development. the fact that one of the friends of one of these attackers has now come forward of their own will to authorities and said that these attacks were not the only ones that were plan ned. this web of terrorists had planned to attack schools, transportation hub, jewish sites specifically. when i was there in paris, i was in front of a jewish school.
12:11 pm
they wouldn't let us film in front. members of the french military were incredibly concerned. what's the feeling among parisians knowing there were more attacks planned? >> it's unfortunately it's a reality we have to live with. since the attacks at "charlie hebdo," we knew there would be more attacks. but the attacks on the scale of november 13th, that's something nobody really counted upon. we know that the danger has not gone. so jewish schools and supermarkets can be targets of next attacks. there's another development today that probably the mastermind, the one who gave the orders to commit the attacks is a person that is a syrian and a high ranking officer in the so-called isis. this is one of the persons
12:12 pm
believed to be one of the guy who ordered these attacks. so that's a new development in the french investigation. >> what about the fact that it turns out that salah abdeslam bought ten detonators at a fireworks store just a few weeks before the attack just in the north of paris. one of our military analysts telling me yesterday just how this shows the contrast within isis rooight now. some things very sophisticated. the fact that they coordinated attacks under the radar. but at the same time, buying ten detonators at a fireworks store. >> that's an incredible detail. it was discovered by accident because the owner of the fireworks store called police because he recognized salah abdeslam from a photograph that he saw on the tv.
12:13 pm
it also shows how careless they prepared these attacks. but just buying detonators in a normal fireworks store, which are many in france, there was also the fact that they used a normal cell phone sending each other text messages, so it does seem these people are prepared, but the details they really didn't think about it. so it shows that maybe. they carried out attacks in haste and it also shows how easy it is to commit these attacks in europe. >> it surgecertainly does. thank you so much. coming up, we're going to talk about a critical meeting donald trump is having today meeting with black pastors across the country. some of them support him, some do not. some refuse to go. you see all the attention outside of trump tower here in
12:14 pm
new york as they walked in for that meeting. we're going to have a pastor on who declined an invitation to be there. also chris christie responding to trump's insult a after he picks up a major endorsement from the key state of new hampshire. we'll talk about that. . and the plifolice officer w saved a newborn. this is a a remarkable story you have it to hear the story behind this photo, next. now that we've added an adjustable base, my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit... ...and it feels like i'm just cradled. at mattress firm get zero percent apr financing. and there you have it. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today.
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donald trump wrapping up a meeting at trump tower in new york with a a group of black pastors from across the could be try. he will not appear in a news conference. the event was cancelled after several clergy members denied reports they were planning to endorse for president. my next guest got an invitation to the meet iing.
12:19 pm
e she opted not to attend. she joins me from detroit. thank you for being with me. >> thank you so much. >> let's begin with this. it's one thing not to endorse him. doesn't have to be your candidate. why not just go to the meeting and hear him out? >> i think that we represent a community of people that believe, as i believe, that on his turf in his town in his towers, that we really may not get a good opportunity to express our real feelings. i didn't think it was a fair opportunity for me at that point to go even to the meeting. >> so if he came to detroit and said i'm going to come over to your house and sit with you, what would you say? would that be the right venue? >> i would say absolutely. come to detroit, walk the streets with me. come inside of our church. let this be an opportunity for you to be touched by one of
12:20 pm
these and let's even the playing field so that you can really be touched by what our issues are. >> i want to play some sound for you to listen to of what some pastors have said who it do support donald trump in his candidacy. let's roll it. >> the african-american community should be ashamed of themselves. they accuse mr. trump of being an insulting individual, but they are flinging insults at us that i wouldn't levy against people i hate. >> i'm tired of being at the bottom of the barrel and the poorest people in. america. we need to create wealth. donald trump knows how to do that. so i'm here to speak to most of the black ministers and encourage everybody to vote for donald trump. because we need more entrepreneurs. the way to create wealth is
12:21 pm
through business. we only have 2 to 3% of black americans that are self-employed or do business. and we need a movement to create wealth, develop self-employment, independence and get our people off of welfare. >> they say, bishop, he's the one that can best help the african-american community. what do you say to them? >> i say that they got to be kidding. first of all, wealth is not create d in the white house. wealth is created in the community. wealth is created on the ground level, in the grass root community where people are involved. people are touching on the lower levels. that's just a misconception of where wealth begins. certainly, he is an economic genius. he's a wealth magnet. that's not all we need in our white house. and i'm very sad to hear that some of our constituents feel that he is our candidate. i do not believe he is. >> i want you to listen to this.
12:22 pm
donald trump was a gift on msnbc. he brought up the black lives matter movement and potential role in this. let's roll it. >> i think what happened probably it gets pub lis si as everything i do gets publicity, some of the black lives matter folks called them up and say you shouldn't be meeting with trump because he believes that all lives matter. i believe all lives matter. >> what do you say to that? >> this is an african-american preaching woman that black lives matter constituents did not reach out to. i make my own decisions. i don't believe we are being bullied by any group of people. we made our own decisions. those that wanted to speak with mr. trump, i thu it's a great thing. for those that choose not to, that's a great thing as well. we were not bullied into making
12:23 pm
a decision. i think mr. trump is a great economic person. he's a businessman. i also think he's divisive. i have not yet seen him kind to women, and i'm concerned about the women and children issue. i'm very concerned about sex trafficking. i'm very concerned about 1.5 million black men that are taken away because they are in prison. i'm very concerned about the economics of our community, particularly with the black men missing. i'm concerned about other issues, not just money. what they try to do is they raise these moral issues and try u to ring the bells of christianity with say iing, oka what about abortion? what about the same sex issue? they raise moral issues. i personally go to church for my religion. i don't want religion in my politics. >> it's nice to have you on, bishop. thank you very much for your time this afternoon. happy birthday.
12:24 pm
>> thank you so much. coming up next, is the alliance over moments ago, strong words from ted cruz about donald trump and the billionaire. 's chances of becoming president. this as cruz creeps higher and higher in the polls. also the police officer who saved a newborn buried alive under concrete getting ready to speak live about that miraculous rescue. you won't want to miss that story, next. are you on medicare?
12:25 pm
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12:28 pm
republican presidential candidate chris christie just picked up a key endorsement in new hampshire. a leading newspaper there the influential new hampshire union
12:29 pm
leader backing his 2016 run for president. the publisher saying christie was right for these dangerous times. after the news broke, it did not take long for donald trump to react tweeting "how is chris christie running the state of new jersey, which is deeply troubled when he's spending all his time in new hampshire. new jerseyans not happy." chris christie shot back. here's what he said on cnn today. >> i'm really glad that donald noticed me. that's so nice. i'm happy to take any observations he has. even if he can only do them in 140 characters or less. so that's fine. >> joining me from washington, chief political analyst gloria borger. i want to get to chris christie in a moment. just cross canning the wires ted cruz, who is now running second to donald trump in iowa, just came out and told a room of voters in iowa, look, you guys in iowa take politics seriously. i don't think donald trump is going to be the normminee.
12:30 pm
i never did. what do you make of that because in the context of the fact that cruz has held back from criticizing donald trump at all this entire time? >> when it work ed for him to hold back, he held back. and he hemd back because he understood that some trump supporters could be peeled off and could become ted cruz supporters. now the situation is that he's number two in iowa. iowa is cruz's best shot here. and he's got a lot of support among evangelicals. trump is number one for now. it's in his interest, this is politics. it's in his interest now to take on trump rather than kiss the ring. he's taking on trump and saying you know he's not going to win. i can win iowa. i can take it to the south in a way that perhaps trump can't. so i think that that friendship is one that now has been broken and maybe we'll see donald trump
12:31 pm
start tweeting about ted cruz any minute. who knows. >> we see that happen certainly after the key endorsement in new hampshire by the union leader there. big picture, new hampshire, chris christie, he's still only polling at 4% in the latest new hampshire poll. he's been running for months and months. he's done interview after interview, town hall after town hall holding one in new hampshire today. so where is the traction in new hampshire and nationally? >> his game plan was always to take new hampshire. cruz is iowa. christie's is new hampshire. he was going to appeal to independent crossover voters in new hampshire to the more moderate voters in new hampshire and that it hasn't been working for him because of, first of all, donald trump. donald trump has really taken over this race in a way that nobody anticipated. kasich is in his lane, jeb bush is in his lane. you have a bunch of moderates there. one other thing about trump and
12:32 pm
christie was that christie was supposed to be the kind of tell it like it is candidate. and then trump came in the race and kind of took that over for him. remember, it wasn't six months ago that we saw chris christie was going to be the bully in this race. remember that? now suddenly donald trump comes in and christie looks like a pussy cat here. he's had a lot of things happen here. now post paris, he's touting his credentials on national security, foreign policy, having been a governor in the state of new jersey post 9/11, and he's hoping that will get him back in the conversation. >> here's going. to be potentially an issue in new hampshire. that is his stance on guns. it has shifted. he finally admitted that 1993, let me read you a quote what he said. he said the issue, which has energized ne to get into this race is the recent attempt by legislators to repeal new jersey's ban on assault weapons. . he said in today's society
12:33 pm
nobody needs a semi automatic assault weapon. that's come up on recent interviews. let's listen. >> is it true that the issue of gun control inspired you to get into politics? >> no, that's not true. >> well, in 1993 you said you were motivated to run for office by supporting preserving new jersey's assault weapons ban. >> i don't remember saying that. >> the issue has motivated me to get into this it race as the recent attempt by certain republican legislators to repeal new jersey's ban on assault weapons. that was 1993. >>. that's 22 years ago. i don't remember. i could have. it doesn't sound like me. >> but you did earlier in your career support the ban on what gun control advocates call assault weapons. >> yeah, but i was 31 years old.
12:34 pm
listen, i think it's a lot more complicated than i thought it was at 31 years old. i have learned a a lot in the last 21 years. >> we are going to get back to chris christie in a moment. i want to take you live to listen to some of those black pastors who met with donald trump. speaking live in new jersey, let's listen. >> but to have compassion as well. concerning the issue of the racial slurs and the racial k t comments that he has made, it was addressed head on. it was addressed head on and we are walking away with the feeling that perhaps after more conversation we will be able to echo the tone at the top as a voice to those that are lacking a voice. thank you. >> what comments are you talking abo about? >> we had a very constructive meeting. we made history today because we
12:35 pm
had had meaningful dialogue from mr. trump and voiced concerns that were essential in the african-american community. the questions were answered and we were satisfied with the answers. we're a unified front. we had a wonderful dialogue and fellowship and interaction. it was a great day. >> what were your concerns? >> i didn't have concerns because i was already convinced, but there were concerns that the liberal media can that put out portraying mr. trump in a light that i know he's not the type of person he was depibted to be. what we were able to do today is allow to see for themselves and make up their own minds about him. they find out that he's not the person that the media has depicted him to be. >> are you endorsing him? >> i support donald trump and everybody knows that. everybody knows that.
12:36 pm
>> that was a confusing part. >> some ministers are meeting hi him for the first time. they are going to pray to god about it. nobody in this meeting came out with a negative reaction in any kind of way. everybody came out positive. it's a great atmosphere and spirit in the room. everybody in that room likes donald trump. >> what do you say to "ebony" magazine? >> they need to do some responsible journalism. they should have called me first. >> can we get a reaction from mr. trump about the meeting with. >> i thought it was an amazing meet iing. i met some fantastic people. i thought it was an amazing -- it lasted for two and a half hours. we came up with lots of good ideas and lots of future ideas,
12:37 pm
but i thought it was an amazing meeting. >> how did you address some of the concerns raised? >> i think we'll be addressing them over the coming months and coming years. these are deep-seeded difficu y difficulties that certain communities have. we're going to address them. if i'm put in a position where i can do something about them, which in this case happens to be president, we will be working very, very closely with everybody. we're going to be solving a lot of problems. right now you have black youth, if you look at african-american youth where it's 57% unemployed you have african-american people of different ages where it's double and triple other numbers. we're looking at a lot of different things, but this meeting was amazing. amazing people. we had had close to 100 people in the room. i just want to thank you. i want to thank both of you. and in particular, the whole group of people standing behind me, we actually didn't think we were going to be having a press
12:38 pm
conference. but we all thought it was such a good meeting we would do that. we have many endorsements that came out of the meeting. i don't want to discuss that. i black lives are very important. white lives are very important. to me, aulg lives are very important. >> what about the backlash? >> i don't think we have backlash. i saw love in that room. i see love everywhere i go. i see tremendous amounts -- like right now i'm getting on a plane and going to georgia. we're going to have a tremendous crowd in georgia just like we did in sarasota. 12,000 people, an all-time record but double. we're going to have a tremendous crowd. i'm literally leaving right now. because the meeting went so much longer, and it went longer because of the love. it didn't go longer for other reasons. there were unbelievable solutions, i think, to problem that we will solve that other people won't be able to solve. >> what were the concerns
12:39 pm
raised? >> the concerns are you look at unemployment. you look at african-american youth. you have 51% unemployment. there's tremendous concerns and they have a right to be concerned. >> are you going to change your tone? >> the tone has taken me to first position in every single poll, including state and including national polls. the beautiful thing about the meeting is they didn't ask me to change the tone. i think they want to see victory because it is about we want to win and we want to win together. and i will not forget the group of -- i met with 100 people. . i will not forget these people. they are really, really smart, sharp amazing people who love their community, who love the country and love their community. >> muslims celebrating in new jersey on 9/11. today he said that never happened and you should stop talking about this it. >> he didn't say that the other
12:40 pm
day. he was very weak the other day. he said it like, well, he doesn't know. and now i guess he feels emboldened. he must be careful with what he says. >> why do you think? >> we'll see what surfaces. let's see what surfaces. ive i have had hundreds and hundreds of calls and tweets of people that saw it. and plenty of people saw it. >> ted cruz said today you're not going to be the republican nominee. can you react to that? >> he's got to say that. i think i will be. i'm leading in every poll and lead big wide margins. i think i will be. >> how are you going to poll ahead in iowa? >> i'm not tied with him. i'm 2 points ahead. anybody else would say you're leading. >> i think i'm going to win in iowa and i think we're going to win in new hampshire and i think we're going to win just about everywhere we go and every poll is indicating that.
12:41 pm
having the help of you folks, it's been an honor. i appreciate it so much. >> we had a wonderful time in the meeting. we made a lot of progress. it's not. the last one. >> i'm going to georgia. i'll see you in georgia. >> have you made a commitment to give a financial contribution to any of these churches? >> no, i haven't. zero. such an important question. zero. >> have you personally been surprised during this campaign to hear some people say your rhetoric that it they find it racist welcome. >> no, but that's the way they say. they say it about everybody. >> i have many endorsements today. perhaps you can speak to them. i have had many endorsements today. >> over 100 people here today.
12:42 pm
>> we had over 100. >> i don't know the number. some committed. the rest are praying about it. they said we have to go pray about it and then they will come back and endorse at a future time. >> the next few months are crucial for the primaries. are you ready to go? do you have the energy? >> i have a lot of energy. i'm leaving right now for georgia. thank you, everybody. >> there you have it. the press conference that wasn't going to happen, well, it happened live. you saw it here on cnn. donald trump meet. ing with what they say is over 100 black pastors for two and a half hours time calling it a very successful meeting. an amazing meeting according to trump. standing to his right you may have seen a.marosa, a former
12:43 pm
contestant of his. we thought we weren't going. to have a press conference. we had a press conference. he said he did not make a financial commitment to any churches. he said that this was about issues that are important to black voters, naumly unemployment. >> right, he didn't get into specifics at all about what was discussed or the potential solutions discussed, but from everyone who spoke, it sounded like it was a very positive session. they are going to be more meetings and donald trump couldn't have been more pleased with the response he was getting in this meeting. >> how important is the african-american vote for donald trump? >> well, look, it's important for any presidential candidate. the republican party wants to appeal to urban areas. if you're going to win the
12:44 pm
presidential election, anyone who is the nominee has to appeal to people who live in big cities. that includes a demographic of younger voters, a demographic of african-americans, a demographic of hispanic voters. the african-american vote is very, very important, particularly as you head into the south and as you head into southern primaries. so of course, it's important to anybody who runs, particularly as you're heading into the south now as donald trump would be say in south carolina. it's important to him because he has been called derogatory terms like racist. nobody wants that and this is a way for him to say, you know what, i'm not. here are black pastors i have spoken with and had a productive and positive conversation with them. again, we have to hear what they discussed and what's going to come out of it, but from just by looking at it, it looked very positive for him. >> and this context is critical
12:45 pm
thp. comes days after the black lives matter protesters say they were shoved at one of his events. so this a very deemed successful from some of the pastors and trump. gloria borger, thank you so much. we're going to get a quick break in. on the other side, we'll take you live to trump tower. you heard mj lee asking questions. we'll have more, next. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation,
12:46 pm
and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
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12:48 pm
12:49 pm
gop front runner donald trump just wrapping up a press conference at trump tower in new york city meeting with more than 100 black pastors e today. a few headlines. he called it an awe maizing
12:50 pm
meeting. had he wasn't within the african-american american one of the pastors who attended calling it a productive meeting saying we made history today. also addressing some of the other controversies surrounding him. trump was asked about his claims that on 9/11 some celebrated on rooftops in new jersey, some of the muslim community. he kept saying in the face of zero evidence of that, quote, let's see what surfaces. and reaction to senator ted cruz just saying earlier this hour that he does not think donald trump will be the republican nominee. donald trump insisted i will be. i will be the nominee. and interestingly asked by a reporter about his tone, whether we might see a change in tone. donald trump said, and i quote, tone has taken me to first position in every single poll. let's go to mj live.
12:51 pm
you are the dogged reporter as always running after donald trump. you asked him a question about any financial contributions made to these churches. what did he say? >> reporter: hey, poppy. that's right. i asked him whether he had committed to make any financial contributions to the religious leaders or their churches. and he answered, no. so clarifying that this was not the purpose of the meeting. really fascinating what just happened behind me. remember that we were not even supposed to have a press conference today. this initially started as something that was supposed to be an endorsement meeting. but that got walked back a little bit when some of the folks attending this meeting said, wait a minute, we're actually not ready to endorse trump yet. but after this meeting that lasted at least several hours trump and some of his supporters came downstairs to the lobby of trump tower and it ended upturned into an impromptu press conference, which i think is actually very classic donald trump. that he feeds reporters and
12:52 pm
feels inclined to answer our questions. >> mj lee live for us outside trump tower. thank you very much. also i want to get to this breaking news. you're looking at live pictures of the courtroom that is the suspect -- the suspect there robert dear in the planned parenthood shooting on friday in court for the first time. let's listen. >> in the present case, mr. dear, the initial charge is murder in the first degree. that being said, there is no bond set. at a later date we will have a hearing to determine if a bond should be set. any pleas that you make the charges must be voluntary and not result of any other influence or coercion. you have a right to a jury trial on the charges against you. as i stated earlier, the initial charge against you is murder in the first degree. the penalty for that charge is minimum of life in prison and
12:53 pm
maximum of death. you also have the right to a preliminary hearing. a preliminary hearing is a hearing before a judge in which the district attorney must prove there is probable cause to believe that you have committed the crimes charged. you should be aware also in this case like in all criminal cases there is a temporary restraint order against you. you are hereby restrained from harassing, molesting, intimidating or retaliating against any victim or witness. the restraint order will remain in effect throughout the term of your case. your case has been assigned to division 10. do you have any questions about any of these rights, sir? >> no questions. >> okay. does the public defender wish any additional advise?
12:54 pm
>> no, your honor. >> the next step is that we'll have another hearing in division 10 at the next court date will be the formal charges -- formal statement of charges against you. does the district attorney know when that will be ready to file the charges? >> in talking with staff earlier i think we talked about next wednesday at 1:00 or 1:30, whatever the court's docket allows. >> okay. does the public defender have any objections to the final charges being next wednesday -- >> a week from wednesday. >> yeah, not this coming wednesday but a week from wednesday. >> that's fine. >> so that would be the 9th, is that right? >> i think that's right. >> december 9th at 1:30.
12:55 pm
december 9th at 1:30 in division 10. i have received a number of other motions. did the public defender -- >> judge, the only one i wish to address are the motions for preservation of physical evidence. i would ask the court to grant that motion just so we can ensure that any physical evidence in the case has been preserved. i am willing to defer ruling on some of the others until the next court date. i would ask the court to grant the motion for access and preservation of the crime scene. i have not had a chance to discuss with law enforcement what their intentions are of the crime scene or when they would be done. but we would want to be able to visit the crime scene and conduct our investigation as soon as possible upon their completion. >> okay. let's take one at a time. titled d3 the motion for
12:56 pm
preservation of physical evidence. have you seen that? >> i have not, your honor. that has not been provided to us. >> do you want to take a quick look at that? >> yes, sir. >> on the crime scene i can't say it's something i've discussed with the police department already. and they're anticipating -- they're still working the crime scene. at the point that they feel they have completed that we anticipate the defense may be requesting access to it, and so that's something they can do. we are reaching out though to planned parenthood because it is their facility. and they may have some privacy issues around hippa and other things. they may or may not want to be present during that also. or secure things they may have some privilege concerns about, which should not effect a lot of what i would assume their interest in the crime scene.
12:57 pm
so arrangements are being made. those are the two issues i see. >> some of you make arrangements with the council they can go to the crime scene once the police are finished? >> that's correct. >> the court is going to grant the motion for access for preservation of the crime scene, that's d5, and i will leave it up to council to make those arrangements. >> will do. >> okay. >> the only motion we've been provided today, your honor, is the indication. it's not a motion, just a notice of indication of rights. so we have not seen actual written any of it. >> jeff lindsey, we do object to the paragraph that says defendant with access on an ongoing basis to any and all items of evidence. we obviously would give them access -- i'm sorry, it's the
12:58 pm
first paragraph, judge. >> okay. >> we would give them access, but it would have to be probably through an investigator in our office or investigator with the law enforcement agency. >> okay. >> and then we do object to paragraph f, which includes e-mail and text message correspondents by law enforcement and prosecution concerning the investigation of the case. we typically object to that, judge. and we believe that is mostly work product. if there's information within any text or e-mail that is rule 16 material, we will provide that. but i don't think there's any other requirement that we would have to provide just all e-mails and all texts. >> okay. >> thank you, sir. >> any other comment from counsel for public defender's office? >> no, your honor. >> all right. the court is going to grant in part the motion preservation of physical evidence.
12:59 pm
i am -- will grant paragraph a, paragraph b, paragraph c, paragraph d, paragraph e. the court finds that paragraph f can contain work product information, however if there's rule 16 information the court obviously orders that be provided. and i will grant also paragraph g. so it's a, b, c, d, e, part of f and all of g. anything else from counsel? >> no, your honor. i'm assuming that if the court is going to entertain any further motion for extended
1:00 pm
media coverage that we would be able to discuss that before the media coverage started at the next hearing. okay. thank you, sir. >> anything from the district attorney? >> nothing at this time, your honor. >> all right. thank you. >> please rise. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin today with our world lead, but before we get to that obviously we were just watching tape coming in from colorado from the beginning of the case against the shooter at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. we'll have much more on that later in the show. but let's start with the world lead. right now the desperate international manhunt for one of the world's most wanted isis terrorists, cnn h