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tv   Wolf  CNN  December 1, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> well story, leave it there, and you know that wolf blitzer is coming up next, and i'm not about to walk over his hour. i want to turn the helm over to i want to turn the helm over to wolf, and he begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitz er an it is 1:00 p.m. in washington and 7p:00 p.m. in paris and 9:00 p.m. in baghdad and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining us. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> a lot of news happening today, but let's get to the breaking news out of chicago. first, the the mayor are there rahm emanuel has fired the city's police superintendent garry mccarthy and the move come comes after a week of protests of the city's handling of the shooting of a black teenager laquan mcdonald by a white police officer. >> after this weekend, and effectively handling both the
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protests that followed the rele release of the videotape, and the arrest of lashaun's killer, then we spoke about the direction of the department, and the undeniable fact that the leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded. this morning, i formally asked for his resignation. the superintendent garry's record at the chicago police department is a strong one. and one that he can be proud of. i am grate fful for his serviceo the city. he has modernized the police department and brought real results for the people of the city of chicago. >> and public outrage erupted after of the the police delayed the release of a dash cam video. i want to warn the viewers, it is disturbing, and very dist disturbing capturing the police officer shooting the teenager laquan mcdonald 16 times.
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the judge ordered after 400 days for the video to be made public. ryan young is joining us from chicago, and what is the breaking ne breaking news reaction that the police e chief had been fired? >> well, some are walking by and screaming yes, and others are confused, because garry mccarthy is at-will city. and jason van dyke was there for 400 days before being charged. and he walked out of jail after posting bond. and people want to e foe why it took 400 days before this was released and some are calling to speak to aniknee ta alvarez, th city prosecutor. the superintendent went on a
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tour this morning going to the radio stations, and police stations saying that he does not think that he should be fired, because he was doing the job that the mayor put forth, and he thought that the mayor had his back. there is a large mistrust between the community and the police department. you are talking about the 16 shots of laquan mcdonald and two of which standing and 14 on the ground, and people were marching up michigan avenue on friday chanting "16 shots, 16 shots" and now the fallout of this is like an onion, because people want to know what is going to be happening next in the city government, and if the investigations in the city will change, and what tangible will they have about a timetable. >> thank you, ryan. many have questioned if the mayor has done enough in the case. l listen to exchange in the case of rahm emanuel, and the reporters a while ago. >> mr. mayor, how do you build trust and transparency when it
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appears that the tapes have have been tampered with, and will we find out the truth of what happened to the audio lines? >> well, it is why i addressed the first part, but let me repeat it. there were three elements here. there was a civil settlement, there was a criminal investigation that is now charges have been brought, and an ongoing u.s. attorney/fbi investigation. questions like that the exist to the burger king, and the conduct at this point by the police department, and other things that the police department took afterwards, and all of that is being looked at by the justice department. and so when you say that, i would say that there are three separate distinct parts. one is civil, and one is criminal and one is civil rights, and like wise, when they conclude, a lot of what you are asking, which is totally legitimate, they will have the answers to those questions. >> mr. mayor -- >> and the task force going to
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be a distraction? >> have i? >> have you and your office become a distraction? i. >> i am responsible to the public for the job of mayor and you do that job everyday -- >> and the video, a nd if you hd seen it -- >> excuse me. mr. mccarthy had become a distraction, and there are a lot of questions in this room about you and your office, and have you become a distraction as w well? >> well, you will make that judgment, i try to do my job, and do it everyday and try to do it in a professional way. >> and let's get some reaction from the alderman of the chicago 5th district joining us on the pho phone, and leslie, thank you, and i know that you are a vocal critic of the mayor and the police chief now has been fired and what is your reaction to the announcement? >> well, i have been calling for the superintendent's firing since october if not before. so i am glad to have seen this
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move forward. >> is it enough? >> no, it is not enough. it is the beginning. i mean, you have a whole system that has failed in the chicago police department, and we we aro ing to have to fix that internal structu structure. >> do you have confidence in mayor emanuel? >> well, i do not have confidence in the mayor, and what i am seeing here is more of the same. if you keep doing more of the same, and expecting different results, that doesn't happen. >> and the appointment of a task force to look tat the entire structure of the police in chicago. to you have confidence in a that? is that going to make a difference? >> well, that is the first action that i have seen thoo he is not serious about this, because some of the members that were appointed were part of the police review authority that allowed this to go on, and failed to make recommendations for the policy changes in the
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police department which is what they are supposed to be doing. >> what do you anticipate the e reaction on the streets of chicago as to what is going on? >> well, the reactions is that people are going to be continuing to push for more transparent any the police department. we are just starting to see the beginning off a movement towards accountability. >> leslie hairston, now the 5th ward alderman, and thank you so much. >> thank you. and now, more on this subject, joining us is the former fbi analyst tom fuentes who was also a police officer before he joined the fbi. in chicago, do you believe this is going to be calming things down? >>, now don't believe so. there is still going to be a concern in the community of how people conduct themselves, and much of what the mayor said was contradictory as to the
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decision-making, and he said, i can't give you all of the answers, and then he fired the police superintendent, so that might be prematurely. >> and people have lost confidence in him? >> well, he has for sure. and whether it is the people or other issues, but it is a classic case a that the superintendent is being held, but not all of this is his fault. the fact that it took 400 days for the state's attorney office to bring criminal charges against the officer, and we don't know the decision-making for holding the video for the 400 days, also, and the mayor says, i did not want to look at the video, and taint the investigation, but they went to settle with the family which is saying, well, the officer was at fault, so he has made many contradictory statement s s in decision-making po process of this. >> what is the reaction of the rank and file police officers in chicago as to the what going on?
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>> well, they are going to be thinking that superintendent mccarthy is sacrificed, and that it is just mayor emanuel to appease a segment of the public and throw him out and bring in somebody else later who may be more politically acceptable. >> thank you, tom fuentes. coming up, more on theer story, but other breaking news here, and more american special forces ready to head to iraq and syria, and bolstering the fight against isis, and now more on the mission and the decision behind it. we will go inside of syria right after a quick break.
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we are break news coming into cnn on the war on isis. u.s. war operation forces are headed to iraq and syria, part of what is being described as an expanded effort to defeet eyes is on the ground. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter and the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford
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announced the decision earlier this morning before testimony before the house armed services committee. this is secretary carter a little while ago. >> in full coordination with the government of iraq, we are deploying a full expeditionary targeting force to assist the iraqi and the kurdish peshmerga forces to put more pressure on isil. these special operators over time will be able to conduct raids, free hostage, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders. this the force will also be in a position to conduct unilateral operations in syria. >> let's go to the pentagon correspondent barbara starr joining us from the pentagon, and also joining us is ben wedeman inside of syria right now. barbara, what do we know about the special forces that are going to be deployed to syria, because earlier the president authorized up to 50 special operation forces, and how many
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tro troops is the secretary talking about? >> well, it could be a couple of hund dread, but about 50 special forces are scheduled to arrive in northern syria at any time now, and they are well on the way to getting there in the coming days. those troops, those 50 will be to assist the opposition forces in northern syria in the fight against isis. and secondly, what sek taur carter spoke about is to try to show some forward progress in the fight against isis. again, a group of special force, and their own backup, and helicopters, and surveillance, and intelligence, and search and rescue if you need it, so it is a new element of upwards of 200 additional forces. they will operate out of the secure location in northern
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rauk, and the u.s. is not saying exactly where. they will be able to move quickly either in northern iraq are or over into northern syria to go after high-valued senior isis leadership to gather intelligence, to stage raids. and one of the big things that they are trying to accomplish at the pentagon is to increase their ability to get intelligence on isis. they feel that they have made a lot of progress on that recently, but nothing really beats the eyes and ears on the ground, and they are hoping that the new troops can contribute to the effort. w wolf? >> so theoretically not just 50 are u.s. troops burk as many as one time 250 troops inside of syria, is that right? >> well, wolf, you are absolutely right. and as you say right now, but theoretically, if there is a big enough target or mission, a nd they will base out of northern iraq, but they are going to be very mobile, and rapid, and we believe they will be able to get
10:17 am
into northern syria if that is what is needed. wolf? >> let's check in with ben wedeman, and you have been there in syria, and watching what is go ing on, and you have spoken to some of those who are fighting isis inside of syria, and what will they think of? will theed a drigsal troops make much of a difference? >> well, they have welcomed the possibility of the arrival of the u.s. special forces. they are saying they have a fairly good connections or communications with the coalition forces. we were speaking to one comma commander today who said, told us that they have very good coordination at the highest levels when it comes to calling in air strikes in the offensive against isis. when you go to the front lines, it is interesting, wolf, because i spent a long time with the iraqi army, and other militias fighting, and in iraq, you could see a lot of deficiencies in terms of morale, and leadership.
10:18 am
here that doesn't seem to be the case. they seem to have very high morale, and the men and women fighting on the front lines. what they are really looking for, and what they would like to receive is which girl from the coalition and partners is more and better weapons that. i is a i think that they have received ammunition for machine guns, and more tars, and what they are looking for is equipment, and heavy we upon ap and what we have been seeing in syria, isis is pushed back dramatically in the areas where the kurd can ish and the other force, the anti-isis forces have had good coordination with the air forces. when it comes to the call ingin the air strikes, but what they need really is heavy weapons to fight isis.
10:19 am
>> yes, i am sure they do. and ben wedeman there inside of syria, and be care canful. let's talk more about the emerging strategist with former required terrorism analyst general mark hertling and paul cruickshank. so general hertling, the bases could join some u.s. special operation forces, and is it going to be making a difference? >> yes, i won't put a number on it, but it is the plan as we have said from the beginning a year ago as the rebel and the iraqi forces stood up, we would continue to contribute more and more to their capability. that is what is happening right now. when you have task organizing
10:20 am
which the army does, and the military does it really well, and the special operations at the next high level than the rest of the military. you are putting a group on the ground with task-oriented to accomplish specific tasks tha. that is what is occurring right now, a group of individuals to act very, very quickly, and contribute to the fight on the ground, and help the indigenous forces that they might not have had before. >> and it sounds like they have had boots on the ground which the president has request ed ovr the past several years. and so, the president had a news conference in paris just before leaving to come back to washington. he was very blount, and candid in criticizing turkey for keeping a huge part of the border with syria open. listen to. this -- listen to this.
10:21 am
>> there is about 98 kilometes s that are still used as a transit point for foreign fighters, and isil shipping out fuel for sale that helps to finance their terrorist atta terrorist at -- activities. so we are trying to figure out how to do a better job working together than sealing off the border, and president erdogan recognizes that. >> he may recognize that, but turkey is a huge ally, and a huge material. and it would be easy for isis to ship oil from syria and iraq into turkey to make money, to fund additional terror
10:22 am
operation, and the president is say all of this, and that is a damning indictment of turkey. >> and it is not just at the border, wolf. after the turks downed a aircraft, the president of nato calling out the turks publicly, and this is going back to the beginning of the turks' involvement, because they said they were involved in the bombing campaign, and most of the activities were there to survey, and then the downing of that fighter plane. and so president erdogan said get on line or we will call you out. >> and the russians have made it, a putin has made it clear that turkey is making money taking the isis oil into turkey, and selling it on the black
10:23 am
market. is that a tough talk about turk turkey. >> well, there are some middlemen that took the oil. >> and the 98-kilometer part of the border, they have the pan power to do it. >> and the man pow, and the power, and not the focus of anybody else. the focus has been on the pkk or as phil was saying, the whole security is hardwared to combat the ppk threat. they have not been doing enough to control isis inside of turkey. they have a growing safe haven inside of turkey, and inside of the turkish cities like istanbul, and they have a network of safehouses, and fund raise ers and opportunities for people to take trips into syria. and increasingly, we will seeing
10:24 am
the isis plots in turkey itself. not even needing to go to syria anymore, wolf. >> were you surprised, general hurtling, the blunt criticism of turkey, an aol li lie, and for cooperating with isis? >> no, i think that it is a long way coming. turkey has improved along the border, but as paul said, the rat lines going through turkey, and going through for the last several year, and where turkey has shown the appearance of trying to track down on them, a and they have not done a good job. the intel sharing when we talk about sharing information, and turkey has not been good about sharing information about radical extremists in this their country. the president has attempted to be nuanced about this, and the
10:25 am
statement today is probably more avert than anything that he said in the past. >> the frustration, obviously, trying to be diplomatic, and he had met with president erdogan, and when he said that the shipping out fuel for sale to helpp finance the terrorist activities, phil, that is a strong statement from the president that turkey, a nato ally is in effect making money h helping isis. >> that is what the turks hoped when they called for the nato meeting to get broader support for something that put nato in a very political situation. and putin dug in the heels, and now that is where we are today. they are trying to battle gai against the diplomatic battle against the russians, but the turks f they don't line up, the germans and the brits and french are going to say come out
10:26 am
publicly to helpp allies, or we will hammer you. >> and this could potentially affect the turkish airplane, but there are a number of u.s. airplanes in that area, and this could trigger further concern. >> yes, a lot of concern about what happens next. >> a lot of concern indeed. thank you, guys. we will stay on top of the of the story, and up next, the joint chairman of the chiefs of staff says that the strategy is work working, and he is not afraid to ask for more combat boots on the ground, and now, one member of the armed forces committee will join us live right after this. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress then it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels so comfortable. it feels like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. find the feel that's right for you. give yourself the gift of your best night's sleep.
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10:31 am
the 50 who were originally deployed some week ago. they are on the way right now as a result of the potential of 250 u.s. troops, combat boots on the ground at some point could be in syria at any moment. earlier up on capitol hill, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joseph dunford testified before the house committee on the are strategy against isis, and he spoke of some 130-plus troops in iraq. >> i don't believe that we are lim limited by the number of 3500, and we are managing 3500, because that is the number of the troops that the president has ap prproved the date, but i assure you that i don't feel at all inhibited to make recommendations to vus grow beyond 3500 or the defeat isil. the enemy does not respect boundaries, and neither do we. we are fighting a campaign across iraq and syria, and we will go where the enemy is, and
10:32 am
we will go the where they degrade the capabilities of the enemy. >> and now sh, joining me is th representative are from colorado who was there at the hearings, and are you satisfied by what you heard from the chairman of the joint chiefs? >> well, i think that we are moving in the right direction, and the notion of putting the special op erators in theater t take out the high-value targets is positive. going after the revenue sources such as oil tankers or trucks, it is positive. we could still be more aggressive in pursuing that the oil infrastructure which fuels isis and the local e e on conmy, but the footprint has shrunk, but popping up in places like libya, and we are moveling in the right direction, but albeit, showily. >> you nknow the criticism, because you are bracing for it, and originally the president said 50 special operations forces would be deployed inside
10:33 am
of syria, and now another 200 base based in iraq, and they will go into syria and that is going to be bringing it up to the 250, and the phrase mission creep comes to mind. are you concerned about that? >> well, it is a commander in chief who has been very slow to grasp the magnitude of the problem. he assessed them at one point in time as the j.v. time, and we know that is not accurate. but i think that we have to degrade and destroy isis, and we are on the road at least to doing that in iraq and syria. >> how frustrated are you that the turkey apparently, if you believe the president of the united states is not doing what it should be doing, and sealing off the border between syria, and turkey? >> well, it is very frustrating, because it is key to the sustainment of isis. that is where they are able to sell oil to turkey. >> and why would they cooperate with isis, just to make the money? >> well, it is so complex, this
10:34 am
region in terms of where people cooperate, and where the countries don't cooperate with us on the war on isis, but the president is certainly right in that pressing them. i think that the president needs to do more. we need to knock out the toil infrastructure that is within eye is sis-controlled territory. >> and general dunford and s secretary carter said that they are going to diminish their oil production. >> but we can do more than just diminish. their view is that we need to not destroy it for the post isis period, but i disagree. i served in the first gulf war,
10:35 am
and saddam hussein did that. >> and it was a disaster for years and years, and it is still a disaster to some magnitude. >> well, they don't have that in the isis-controlled area, and it is something that needs to be considered for economic reasons. there are three contributions, one from contributions of abroad and the ability to sell oil, and the taxing of the economic activity within the controlled territory to support them. we can have a dramatic impact on the economy, and the ability to govern. >> but in the end when you hear general dunford say that he may ask the general for deployment of the combat troops on the ground and syria as well, and are you with him on that? >> well, i don't support the notion of conventional troops on the ground, but as a former
10:36 am
combat operator, i would support taking it out. and also, going forward with those indigenous persons on the ground who have sight of it and they can exact damage. >> i nknow a lot of members of congress, democrats and republicans, want to see you supply weapons directly to the kurds who are fighting with the u.s. and not go through the central government in baghdad. in i progress there on that front? i know that you serve ob it, and the chairman max thorn berry wa wants the arms directly to kurds? >> well, there is a customs process that we are going through with the baghdad government. but we are able to according to the briefing today, to give the arms directly to the kurds who have had a tremendous impact in
10:37 am
terms of moving the isis back, but i think that we need to verify that, that it is occurring. >> and the kurds, you know, they are using old weapons, and feel frustrated because the good stuff stays in baghdad and they get the bad stuff. >> when you go through the baghdad government, and we were doing that, giving it to the shia-dominated baghdad government who were reluctant to give anything to the kurds as you mentioned. that is not what the briefing today said they will e expeditiously get the right equipment to the people who need it. >> and the kurds start to get the good stuff as we were calling it. we will monitor. thank you for coming in. and now, the mayor of new york weighing in on donald trump's claim of thousands and thousands of muslims cheering
10:38 am
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it is a story that donald trump is sticking to. he insists thousands of muslim americans in new jersey celebrating in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. he has not provided evidence to back up the claim that there were thousands of people involved. though there were news reports at some time of some muslims celebrating in new jersey. on c nshgs nshnn's new day, rud called trump's claims exaggeration. ju yanni said that they did set up a special unit to watch for
10:43 am
violence against muslims. this is giuliani. >> we kept tracking it for three or four weeks, and we had some celebrating, and that is true. we had bokt pockets of celebra and some in queens, and some in brooklyn. >> how many people? >> 10, 12, 30, 40. >> and those were not just rumors, you went out to check it out. >> no, no, we had a situation in which a candy store owned by a muslim family was celebrating that day right near the housing development, and the kids of the housing development came in and beelt them up. both facts were corroborated to be true, they were celebrating the towers had come down, andle is of the kids in the housing development got upset about it, and they came in and did a good job of beating them up. >> a handful of isolated
10:44 am
incidents you are saying. >> e yes, wiz proud of that, because we expected a lot of it. bern bernie car rick was the mayor back then. >> so you expected violence against muslims, aed not to be able to celebrate. >> right. very, very little, and we had yelling, and screaming. i can't give you a count of the number of acts of violence, but very, very serious. we did have some reports of people celebrating that day while the towers were coming down. >> but if there had been thousands of people. >> i would have known it for sure. >> and donald trump is therefore not telling the truth? >> well, what he is doing is to x exaggerating. and so people were celebrating, you are right about that. >>p but a handful of people. >> i did not see any thousands
10:45 am
of people. >> why are you hedging, and why aren't you saying, that it didn't happen. >> i wouldn't have known it. >> you don't think that would have come through your office that thousands of extremists would have celebrated? >> i don't think that i would v but i don't think that it happened. he continues to say that it did. i don't want to say that he is not telling the truth about it. >> why not? >> let him do it, and let him show the evidence of it. if thousands of people were demonstrating, and he saw it on television, there has to be some tapef of it somewhere. if it shows up, it will corroborate him, and if not, he is going to be looking really bad. >> why is donald trump a allowed to say things that if you had said that while you were running for president, what would have happened? >> well, i would have basketball thrown out of the rac-- i would
10:46 am
thrown out of the race. maybe it is because of his background as an entertainer and "celebrity apprentice" and he speaks in headline, and then gets your attention, and then, a lot of the points that he makes are substantive, but the headline turns out to be exaggerated >> giuliani also said that trump's headline-making comments are helping other republican candidates get more media attention than they would otherwise. just ahead, more on the race for the white house, and donald trump with kind words for senator ted cruz, but that so-called bromance may be over soon. our panel will discuss the race for the white house, and how it is shaping up.
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we're just two weeks away from the next republican presidential debate. two months away from the iowa kcaucuses. donald trump's dominance in the polls have pundits scratching their heads. he's still on top nationally and in key battleground states. an article poses the question, could trump win the gop nomination? senator ted cruz who is gaining on trump in the polls doesn't think so. >> i don't believe donald trump is going to be our nominee. i don't believe he's going to be our president. and i think the men and women in this room have something powerful to say. because in iowa, you all take
10:52 am
politics seriously. >> let's bring in our commentators donna brazil and amanda car pent. ted cruz is being pretty blunt. is that bromance between cruz and trump sort of ending? >> these comments are fair lly benign. i have seen personally what he's saying on the stump is there's a big difference between the people who view politics as entertainment in the hard core grass roots organizers who have been so horrified by what's happened during the obama administration when it comes to the economy and who will walk through glass to go for a proven conservative like ted cruz on a told night in iowa in february. >> trump is predicting that these other republicans are going to start hitting him a
10:53 am
little harder. listen to his remarks last night in georgia. >> rubio has to hit me. there's only one way you get to the top and it's it all through trump. let's face it. they have to. they have to. even i think cruz is going to have to hit me because he's a nice guy. he's been so supportive. everything i've saud he's supported. and he's been so supportive, but at some point he's going to have to hit me. >> cruz and rubio have been hitting each other, but you think they are increase iingly going to hit trump? >> donald trump is on top for one reason. e he knows the audience and played very well with that conservative audience. two months from now. the voters in iowa are going to caucus and can donald trump get people to caucus for him? that's the big question. u don't think so. we'll see in a couple months. this has been a very entertaining phase. donald trump has a lot of support out there, but it's all about delegates.
10:54 am
>> steven collins has an article. let me read a couple sentences from the article. controversies and outrages that would topple ordinary plut call candidates leave trump without a scratch. in fact, the republican front runner seems to be deliberately stoking the outrage among his supporters that sustains his campaign. the question is, though, can he go the distance? will he be the republican nominee? > >> he thrives on controversy. that's why you saw him begging them to punch at him so he can engage on the personal attacks. and when he doesn't have the oxygen feeding the fire, that's when he goes away. he kind of fades away to the sidelines. >> there's no substance. the last time we heard some substance was about the so-called wall. we haven't heard much since the wall. we hear donald trump ready to
10:55 am
fight, but we don't hear donald trump ready to propose, how to fix things other than to call people nasty names. >> hillary clinton, he's the democrat cannic presidential front runner. she had an event last night. all the democratic women sena r senators with one exception stood alongside her and endorsed her. elizabeth warren of massachusetts was absent, missing in action. why wasn't she there? >> u don't know, but i can tell you this much. the fact she has the support of 13, i'm not focusing on the one person who is not there. i think people should understand that hillary clinton has broad support within the democratic party. they are her colleagues, they know her. elizabeth warren signed a letter for her to run. elizabeth warren is not running. senator warren will have her day and e we welcome that. >> we'll leave it on that note. we'll see what elizabeth warren winds up doing. >> she's a great lady. >> thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m.
10:56 am
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